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United States of America 1963 : Lyndon B. Johnson & Hoover F.B.I. Meet the Night Before the Coup d’état  

Origins of the U.S.A. Military Complex

Assassination of J.F.K Changes America and identifies Evil in the Places that it should not be, our lives!

Jim, James Sutton, James Files et al. Story

by Archangel Michael:Jim, James Sutton, James Files et al. Story

Virgil E. Hoffman is the only one to repeatedly go to the U.S. authorities to tell a story of him that day observing two men behind the picket fence of Daeley Plaza Grassy Knoll and a gun discarding. Here is some film and photographic evidence. Seven witnesses about 15 minuets after the shots tell a local T.V. station they seen two men running to the train tracks from the area behind the stockade fence, and after hearing shots.

James Files Claims to be the Knoll Shooter

How did the name James Files ( née James Sutton) come to be linked to the J.F.K. assassination?  

His story implicates Jack Ruby as the Key to the Assassination.

James Files calls the F.B.I. and claims he is a shooter in the J.F.K. assassination. The F.B.I. says, yeah, we have about 10 calls like you today, alone! So nothing was done. F.B.I. Zack Shelton takes up the case and goes and finds Files in jail, and interviews him on normative Chicago Crime Family history, not the assassination. Shelton had already worked for the crime division of the Chicago Mafia families, and few other mob influenced cities, he knew what others usually did not know, so he questioned Files. He claims that Files was wrong on most ‘general’ things that mobsters know about their Mafia. But Files make an off-handed remark that Shelton remembers. Then private investigator Joe West enquires to the F.B.I. about general things relating to the assassination, and Shelton gives Joe West, James Sutton’s biography. Joe West subsequently located James Files in Stateville penitentiary, which ultimately led to his confession of being the gunman on the grassy knoll. West alerts the F.B.I. and they say James Files is a liar, the case if closed.  Still, Zack Shelton gives his data and permission to Joe West, because he believes more info can come from James Files ( this will come later and the narrative changes in Files’ story, which give critics a field day. ). In 1994 Shelton understands that Files claims the U.S. government, including the C.I.A. were never involved at all; and then in 2003 he claims that his assassin team was trying to be called off from doing its murderous deeds by the C.I.A. but it came just too late. So in 1994, the C.I.A. was not involved, and by 2003, the C.I.A. was involved and tried to stop it.

James Files claims Charles Nicoletti made the kill-shot from the Dallas Texas Bld., open window from his own office, a near exact moment he shoots form the knoll's picket fence, see z-313-z - 317.

Published by the Saturday Evening Post on the weekend of November 23-24, 1963, as the Shooter's possible position. ( source for photos John. F. Kennedy for truth.).

James Files used the same argument of Military Complex supporter Vincent Bugliosi’s Reclaiming History, and both claims fail in basic science and sound  logic.

Charles Nicolleti view point as James Files claims.

Reasons that this could not have been a timed kill-shot: There are four  SS (  Secret Service ) men on the ledges of Demon Lyndon B. Johnson’s limo. They are directly in the way of any shooter. But the most complicated problem that Vincent Bugliosi and James Files totally ignore remains the non-blood and non-brain matter, NOT found on John Connolly, sitting almost directly in front of John F. Kennedy. Lilly, Connolly’s wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, seen on film, the Secret Service Agent behind Kennedy’s limo and the motorcycle policeman following the Presidential Limo, on the left and just behind the limo, all claimed to have been splattered with Kennedy’s body parts and fluids.

Joe West upset the U.S.A. Military Complex because he had filed lawsuits to exhume Kennedy's body to prove there was more than one shooter. He did not offer James Files anonymous or immunity. Joe West had heart trouble, and after a successful operation, an attending doctor that was never located again game him some medication, he died quickly, from an Acute Deficiency Respiratory Syndrome. Joe West was still in the process of interviewing James Files. And just before he went into coma and could not talk anymore, he scribbled a note for his family "Get me out of here, they are trying to kill me!" Bob Vernon said he asked a doctor that claimed Joe West was killed because the operation was not successful so we had to kill him to cover up the error, according Wim Dankbaar. Bob Vernon took over the role of West, and Files' testimony became confused.

James Files and Bob Vernon both claim that the Mafia and that U.S. government have given warnings to them to stop. Both believe Joe West was murdered by the U.S. Military Complex. There has not been anything new since 2,003 A.D.

James Files Historiography

James Files  claims to be the knoll shooter, about 33 feet from the courner of the picket fense, seen in some film and photogragh stills, heard and seen by a few witnesses, the shots heard by many, but ignored by the Military Complex Commission, a.k.a. Earl Warren Commission.  According to his 2013 Book. " Who Really Killed Kennedy" that identifies the correct suspects, Jerome Corsi mentions key peoples that James Files mentions, but only in circumstantial evidence. Armas was assassinated just four days after trying to close a casino owned by an associate of U.S. mob figure Johnny Rosselli. At the time, Rosselli and Carlos Marcello, the “godfather” from New Orleans, were expanding their presence in Guatemala. According to James, David Atlee Phillips ( C.I.A. head of The French Connection, however, E. H. Hunt was operations commander in the Guatemalan coup d’état.) was the operations chief of the J.F. K. assassination. James Files, just a youth out of the Military was involved in the Kennedy foiled Bay of Pigs ( an evil U.S.A. give us anyone’s territory we own the world, or you will die syndrome!) had met David A. Phillips.

  James Files changing narrative:


1993, First Interview w/ F.B.I.:  the U.S. government was not involved at any level.


2003,  Citizen Interview: James Files is convinced he will never be tried for the assassination of JFK. A trial would expose the government’s involvement.   


Historiography : Edward Jay Epstein, email to Barb Junkkarinen (24th April, 2001)

In brief, NBC retained me as a consultant for their planned story on Files. I hired the detective firm of Jules Kroll. JK established from telephone records Files was in Chicago, not Dallas, on November 22,1963. We then placed a call to Files from Dick Clark's office (DC was producer), and I interviewed Files about Kroll findings. He said he had a twin brother, who no one knew about, and whom he met shortly before November 22, and who he murdered after November 22. He said it was his twin brother in hospital with his wife, not him. His wife, however, said there was no twin, and Kroll confirmed there was no twin. My view then and now is that Files invented the story for the money it would earn him. ( web-source sparticus school net UK).


J. Files  says it was the FBI (Zack Shelton) who brought files out-of-the-closet, prior the mob had threatened him if he talked, and he was convinced the FBI was just performing a covered-up management.

Criticism:  Claimed to be in Laos with C.I.A.  as a 17-year-old recruit. His mental capacity would be suspect. It takes years and training before legal measures can allow an American to operate in sensitive military areas such as Americans working with Laotians. There is no military record of James Sutton, Jim Files, James Files and his birth year of Jan 1942. There is no record of any military service,  let alone service in the 82nd Airborne.

claimed gun: Claimed used Remington XP-100 Fireball manufactured in 1963, so it is a brand new model. Files claims he used a . 222 round, the gun takes a .221 round. However, Files claims he made his own bullet for the head shot. This was a silver mercury soft-tailed bullet, made to explode upon impact, which can been seen as part of Kennedy's skull is flung about 150 feet from him landing in the Mall, called the Harper fragment. However the trajectory of this frag. comes form the sixth floor window ( opposite side where the Military Complex claims Oswald is perched) where Roland claims to have seen a gun with a discharge. Prototypes were available as early as 1962 and Files had connection to the underground and D.A. Phillips who would have connections to the top of the line, off the assembly killing weapons.

James Files claims the F.B.I. knew he was an assassin of the J.F.K. coup d’état sometime in 1964. So why would they not bring it to the American people's attention?

Criticism: The Profit for lies issue: J. Files: " Nobody has paid me any money for this interview and I have asked for nothing." In fact, I [ ]  understand that Files's daughter was paid $50,000 immediately after the project was sold to Dick Clark/MPI. (John R. Stockwell published this story 23 January 1997.).

Conflicts: James Files claims that the Mafia planed some aspects on the morning of the assassination of John F. Kennedy (morning of 22nd November, 1963.). This conflicts the Assassination Party the night prior where all the usual Military Complex 'celebrities' show up and have a F.B.I. meeting close to midnight with L.B.J and his crooked lawyer who had a history of covering up L.B.J. crimes. Unless the MAEMIC, Hoover, the night before got confirmation of Nicolleti’s role for the next day events, which then put everyone’s mind at east as the plan was in full action by midnight, the night before the coup d’état.  

Conflicts: Warren Commission and Citizens-to Dallas-Police-Officials  witnesses see shooters in multiple windows of the DTSBD, one on the sixth floor east and one of the sixth floor west.

Fireball Pistol: first postulated by Josiah Thompson

James Files owned a Remington Fireball pistol ( they are not rifles) they have rounds like an M16, have a mean kickback, so peering through a scope after a shot would be rather difficult. These pistols were for sale, dispite some early attempts to say they were not available in late 1963. However, James Files claims to have made only one shot, bit the cartridge, and left it at the scene.  John Rademacher found 2 Fireball cartridges, and "
Files did apparently own a Fireball.... but the serial numbers clearly indicated that it's manufacture substantially post-dated the assassination," according to John R. Stockwell story. Rademacher and Joe West had been working on the Fireball aspect of the assassination for one year prior to finding Files. Then Joe West brought a photograph of one of the Fireball cartridges found to the jail. So this revelation was tampered. Files would have found out about the topic.

First Person to desire, ‘let us kill Kennedy’ and carry-out the assassination of John F. Kennedy, according to James Files :  Johnny Rosselli, Mafia.

Jim Files, confession made to Robert G. Vernon (22nd March, 1994) intends one day, his boss ( James Sutton/Files is a chauffeur and sometimes a get-away-driver for the Mobman ) comes out and blurts, heah, let us kill Kennedy. Then also according to Jim Files, Johnny Rosselli sets up the first assassination destination at Chicago, but later changed his mind.

Miraculously, Rosselli would have then forced the C.I.A. to become involved, because also and again, according to Files, David Atlee Phillips gets the C.I.A to be the cover-team. This would mean James Sutton claims the Italian Mafia controls the U.S. C.I.A. and no one know it!  While others have claimed he is a good con-man mixing truth with fiction.

Yes, Charles Nicoletti was a 'master' rifleman and a long record of assassinations.

MAEMIC killed Armas by the same coup d’état model used on John F. Kennedy, but in addition Armas  was assassinated just four days after trying to close a casino owned by an associate of U.S. mob figure Johnny Rosselli. At the time, Rosselli and Carlos Marcello, the “godfather” from New Orleans, were expanding their presence in Guatemala. Still, E. Howard Hunt and the PB/SUCCESS Team were on tight schedules. They did not have time for the Mob to open up in Guatemala and then allow them to get angry just to assassinate its leaders. When MAEMIC put Armas into power he allowed Communist membership to skyrocket. the C.I.A. said, "heah! we made a mistake with this dude!" Armas confiscated 225,000 acres of property from the United Fruit, an international corporation that the Dullas Family ( they helped build the U.S Military Complex) nearly owned all its stocks. Dullas, Nixon, and Eisenhower discussed the assassination of him with the Military Council. So the assassination + coup d’état was on schedule. International Corporation and the Wall Street Stock Robber Barons, the Dullas Family, made the decision to kill their puppet master, Armas, at Guatemala.

Allen Dullas and John F. Kennedy got into a near physical fight. Allen Dullas told J.F.K. we own the world, and kill who we want too, that is how we do things. John said, you are fired! This too takes places mere weeks before John F. Kennedy is assassinated. The only reason Allen Dullas had the best attendance out of all the Warren Commission chairs is because he was unemployed, thanks to Kennedy. Allen Dullas was America’s Adolf Hitler.


Robert G. Vernon (22nd March, 1994): James Files Interview from his jail location.

James Sutton/Files:  I was racing stock cars and driving at a local track [ age 16? or 15? years-old?] [ and met]  Mr. Nicoletti [...]. He admits then that he becomes Nicoletti's trusted and personal driver by taking a spin in a New Ford car, bought by Nicoletti, to test drive on the track. I was not away that major Mafia men pick up people off the street and make them their trusted get-away-drivers, and at 15 years old or was this after his tour in Laos, when he is in his 30s?  Laos: when Presdient and MAEMIC major player, Richard Nixon is in office, Files is way past his 20 or 21 years-old, the aged claimed when John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Richard Nixon is running let us wipe the Asians off the world map bombing campaigns in Laos and other south Asian states. This takes place long after Kennedy, and L.B.J. already was place into the seat of puppet master, so he is confusing. Perhaps, Robert G. Vernon was in a hurry or could not conduct a standard and simple interview. Who, What, Why, When and Where!

Charles Nicoletti: claimed 'other' shooter and J. Files is the other, so only two people involved at the assassin team numbers, according to J.F.

Charles Nicoletti, according to Files was not well known, just an 'up and coming' figure, not made, but known to be an assassin.

Q: What Mafia family did [Charles Nicoletti] he work for?

A: He was out of the Chicago family.

Q: Who would have been the boss of the Chicago family?

A: At that time, Tony Accardo. [ Files is claiming his is 15 years-old or younger, around 1955, already driving race cars? The years he is referrencing in 1957, the year Sam Giancana becomes the head of the Chicago Mafia . ]. There is dispute between Outfits if Giancana becomes Outfit top-leader in 1955, rather then two years later.

Q: That's before Giancana or after Giancana?

A: Tony Accardo handed it up... headed it up... then Giancana came after that. Giancana at that time was one of the underlings, I guess you might say he was the... one of the top lieutenants at that point. Things were handed out in different branches in organized crime such as someone might handle the liquor license, someone would handle the loan sharking and booking, someone would handle the contracts for murder for hire and anything like that...

[ FACTS: Antonino Leonardo Accardo; April 28, 1906 – May 22, 1992), also known as "Joe Batters" or "Big Tuna" does not become Outfit authority until 1972 ( mob Boss), but by 1947 his position was a day-to-day boss of the Chicago Outfit ( Mafia), and in reality, he shared power with Ricca, who remained in the background as a senior consultant. Accardo and Ricca had a philosophy to stay out of the limelight. Giancana, on the other hand, loved the limelight.   Salvatore Giancana (born Salvatore Giangana; June 15, 1908 – June 19, 1975), better known as Sam Giancana, was an American mobster and boss of the Chicago Outfit from 1957–1966. Among his other nicknames were, "Momo", "Mooney," "Sam the Cigar," and "Sammy."]. 

So James Sutton/Files claims to be born in 1942, in January. Therefore he meets Charles Nicoletti before his fifteenth birthday, apparently racing cars on professional race tracks, and immediately becomes Nicoletti's driver, all at the age of 15 years-old of before. By 17 years-old, he is in Laos in a adult and experianced unit, a unit that would have been trained for years?  These are the same dislogical statements that first the F.B.I. claimed James Files was a habitual liar, just a con-man that mixes facts and fiction.

Files then claims that  all was set for the rifles and bullets and they had already cased Daeley Plaza ( a conflict with statements by Files below as casing the Daeley Plaza surroundings on the morning with Nicoletti.   , but on the morning, Johnny Rosselli picks up James Files, according to Robert G. Vernon (22nd March, 1994) about 7:00 a.m.,  and these two drove from the Dallas Cabana to Ft. Worth, Texas to a pancake house they had there just off the major highway. Here, Rosselli tells him to eat and relax, he meets Jack Ruby, and Jack Ruby brings in an envelope which is the U.S. Military Complex’s ‘proof or rout’ and personal identification codes to the U.S. secret service. I guess, this means if you are stopped by the F.B.I. or C.I.A. or someone in on the conspiracy in Dallas, you can give an oral code-word to get communicate you are on the same team.

Mr. Nicoletti and James Files leave Fort Worth, Texas, and go back to his hotel and then leave for Daeley Plaza arriving around 10:00 a.m.

A: From there we parked the car... it had been drizzling rain that morning... kind of a cool morning out... I had parked the car beside the Dal-Tex building, Mr. Nicoletti and I got out and we walked up and down the complete area of Dealey Plaza, we covered every corner, walked by the buildings, looked over several different things. We were just talking, having casual talk about the weather and everything.

At about 10:30, Mr. Nicoletti asked me how would I feel in supporting him... in backing him up on this... and he told me I wouldn't fire unless it became extremely necessary. I told Mr. Nicoletti, Jesus, I'd be honored to do anything to back you up. He asked me if you was to be outside here, where would you position yourself at in Dealey Plaza? I told him, I said well, from looking everything over and from walking it in the week I've been down here, I think I would choose up there behind the tree behind the stockade fence on the high ridge by the knoll up there.

Oswald was in contact with C. Nicolleti.

Charlie Nicoletti sent Oswald  to Mesquite, Texas [ date not specified] where Sutton was staying on suggestion by Nicoletti. There , he and Oswald went to southeast of Mesquite to test fire weapons and calibrate the scopes. Then Oswald took him riding for two days around Dallas to get familiar with get-away-routs. (Jim 'James' Files, interview made to Robert G. Vernon (22nd March, 1994).

Serious Criticism: Files had complained about talking, it would bring about his demise. However, as more people approached him, he then started talking movie deals. Movie companies did pick up on the story but found too many holes in Files’ claims. The F.B.I., who would never admit a coup d’état in the first place, at least from orders of higher-on-up, the basic narrative and here, what, when, where and why were often conflicting.

MAEMIC coup d’état guide: Break The Chain of Command.

The only real credible evidence to James Files claims are how he demonstrates the breaking of the chain of command. Files story implicates Oswald and Ruby as passers of sensitive information and operational guidance that will not involve a meeting between the Mafia and the MAEMIC. Other than this, Files gives a fantastical story, where decisions of sniper perches are not figured out until 10:30 a.m. on the ground of Daeley Plaza. It is true that most assassinations are planned well in advance and according to the Military Manual, at least two people, one a spotter and the other the shooter to make up one cog of what otherwise would be a normal six-man assassin team. This means usually a triangulation with each shooter having at least one scouter or spotter.


James Files story, so well destroyed but often mixed with some credible inside information.

James Files (Sutton) was born in Alabama in January 1942. His family moved to Chicago and he lived there until joining the United States Army and served with the 82nd Airborne in Vietnam (1959-60). After leaving the army he met Charlie Nicoletti, a leading figure in the Chicago Mafia. Files was involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion. In 1962 Files claims that he met Lee Harvey Oswald in Clinton, Louisiana.

In 1963 Files was recruited by Nicoletti to take part in the killing of John F. Kennedy. Nicoletti claimed that the assassination was being organized by Sam Giancana, Johnny Roselli and David Atlee Phillips. Files claims that Lee Harvey Oswald was involved in the plot and speculated that his role was to plant the Mannlicher Rifle and shells in the Texas Book Depository.

On 22nd November, 1963, Files drove to Fort Worth where he met Johnny Roselli, Jack Ruby and Jim Brading. At the meeting Ruby handed Rosselli an envelope that contained Secret Service identifications and an updated motorcade route map of Dallas.

Files and Nicoletti went to Dealey Plaza at about 10 a.m. It was agreed that Files would use his Remington Fireball gun from behind the fence on the Grassy Knoll and that Nicoletti would position himself in the Dal-Tex Building. Files believes that Nicoletti's bullets hit both John F. Kennedy and John Connally. However, Files claimed that his bullet that hit Kennedy in the head. Apparently Files was given $30,000 for his role in the assassination. Files continued to work for Charlie Nicoletti until he was murdered on 29th March, 1977.

Files was arrested on 5th August, 1991 and charged with attempting to kill a policeman called David Ostertag. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison and is currently a prisoner in Stateville Prison in Illinois.

In 1994 Files told his story to Joe West. After the death of West the project was taken over by Bob Vernon. The story was eventually appeared in a video The Murder of JFK: Confession of an Assassin (1996).

The confession made by Files was undermined by research carried out by Edward Jay Epstein. With the help of private detective, Jules Kroll, Epstein established from telephone records Files was in Chicago, not Dallas, on 22nd November, 1963.

James Files Prime Sources: http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/JFKfiles.htm


During 1961-'63 The C.I.A. and the Italian Mafia ran the same operations, both had desires to annex Cuba. Giancana reportedly said that the CIA and the Cosa Nostra were "different sides of the same coin." ( See , The Church Committee.).


The C.I.A. first offered money to the Italian Mafia to assassinate Fidel Castro (http://www.udel.edu/leipzig/texts2/cnn03077.htm). This evidence comes out at the Warren Commission.




algens photo of Oswald at the Door outside watching the parade.



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