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United States of America 1963 : Nostradamus Poem On Coup d’état 

Origins of the U.S.A. Military Complex

Assassination of J.F.K Changes America and identifies Evil in the Places that it should not be, our lives!

by Archangel Michael: major updates, 14-17 (21-24, 31, nov. 4-5 th, 7-9 th)  Oct,Nov 2013; Dec. 2-3.  Comet ISON 2012 Conjunct Mars Conjunct Alpha Leonis. Lyndon B. Johnson born with this star at culmination PED

The Poem/ Prophecy of the events at Daeley Plaza about noon on 22 November 1963 were publically promoted in 1981 A.D. with the first comprehensive link of poem C 6 Q 37 indicating the U.S. Military Complex was in control of the United States of America and not the U.S. government.

Also, a large missile terrorist attack was said to be scheduled around 1,999 A.D. or 2,000 A.D. with New York, NY, U.S.A. as its target, and the Middle East as the adversary. This commentary of poem C 10. Q 72 and a few others was a major theme of the movie. Academic Critics panned the documentary and claimed there will be no terrorist attacks on New York around the Millennium, because Nostradamus was some drug addict Jew, thus completely discredited.

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow is a 1981 documentary-style movie about the  predictions of French astrologer and physician Michel de Notredame ( Nostradamus), and it is narrated by Orson Welles, and holds views and studies by Robert Guenette, Paul Drane, Lee Kramer, David L. Wolper and Peter Wood.

Robert Guenette
Produced by Paul Drane
Alan Goland (associate producer)
Robert Guenette
Lee Kramer
David L. Wolper (executive producer)
Peter Wood (associate producer)

If the critics panned The Man Who Saw Tomorrow as pure fantasy, it brought a lot of people asking serious questions on why lies were all over the world about what happened at Dallas on 22 Nov. 1963. It proved one of the closest individuals to the President's limo was a government employee, in fear of real criticism and potential career destruction that ‘went along with the U.S. gov. daddy narrative that a crazy commie alone killed J.F.K.

Abraham Zapruder's film and Mary Sitzman proved Sutton was a liar, he did not hear three shots form the furthest window of the DTS Book Depository, he heard them from behind him, thus he was running up the knoll steps and was caught on film by Zapruder looking over a bush that can be a part of the Nostradamus term taillis, used in the poem. 

by Archangel Michael 2013 Oct 16




















Long Before investigators realized that Human Emmett Joseph Hudson, the pruner of Daeley Plaza was accidently captured in the Zapruder film, he was suggested by the authors of the documentary to 'perhaps' be one of the guilty, hiding in the 'misty woods?' Hudson who needed to remain employed by the city of Dallas claimed he only heard three shots from the front of him, and never behind him. However, the Zapruder film ‘proves’ he was a liar. Emmett Joseph Hudson was not the only one, but of the first of many to descend upon the knoll and about 30 seconds after the fatal shots, we have film and photos of crowds that ran after the assassins up these stairs of the colonnade at the knoll of Daeley Plaza, and others toward the east knoll corner near the train tracks and the triple overpass.   

The Events, Circumstances, Fall-out, and Revelations of this event are all Found in a 16 th Century Poem.  

Michael de Nostredame ( 1557 A.D.) :

The ancient work accomplished, Evil ruin to fall upon the great one from the roof, Innocent accused of the mortal deed, The guilty hiden, in a pruned garden during a mist. C6. Q37.

Original Michel de Nostradame ( Nostradamus) poems of Century 6 Quatrain  37.


L'œuure ancienne ſe paracheuera,
Du toict cherra ſur le grand mal ruyne:
Innocent faict mort on accuſera,
Nocent caché taillis à la bruyne

(Lyon, Chez Antione du Roſne, 1557
Utrecht -- Michel Chomarat edition, as reproduction)



L'œuure ancienne ſe paracheuera,
Du toict cherra ſur le grand mal ruyne:
Innocent faict mort on accuſera,
Nocent caché taillis à la bruyne

(Lyon, Vincent Seve/Benoist Rigaud, 1605
Los Angeles, U.S.A., Original Book. M01)


Numerological coding: Assassination around 12:30 p.m. 3+3= 6 .  

1963 = 37 ( 1 9 6 3 ) = 6 +1 = 7 and 3. reversed. 37. and then flip the ‘9’ to make it a ‘6’. So Century 6, Quatrain 37. This is like C 10 Q 72, where as 7+2 = 9, so month 9, and 10 flipped and added the millennium 2001. So, the year of 2,001 + 9 months = September 2,001, and the poem says, Terror will come from the sky, and the location, is New York ( the first name given to New York, nouvelle angouleseme  is the word Nostradamus uses, in Columbia University archives. more about this can be found here!).

1: L'œuure ancienne ſe paracheuera, = an historical phrase most often used for a coup d’état.  

2: Du toict cherra ſur le grand mal ruyne: =  Evil ( assassination) to ruin a great one, from the roof.

Roof Top Arcs

Kill shot comes from a rooftop?  So if it is indeed the Repository, the rooftop has a better angle (48° at north side rooftop, inset photo) or a  35° Records Bld.,  or a 37° Court bld.) to the position of Kennedy's head at z312 ( data below). the Warren Commission angle of sixth floor edge room at 36° [41° roof top n/e corner ] for z313.

Kennedy's head at z312 ( z = timeline) is at 51° downward and tilted 40° to his left form the level and vehicles’ position on Elm. The back top of the head is blown-off (autopsy and film) and a hole above and to the right of the right-eye is the only visible enter or exist wound. If Doctors say this is a fragment hole, they have not offered an exit hole. No bullet was said to have been found lodged in Kennedy’s head, so it must have existed somewhere? If this hole is the trajectory hole, then to the closer these degrees to the position of the head, such as 48° at the north roof top of the Book Repository (± 3° ), will supply an angle (called here 'an arc')  and therefore scientifically we can engaged the trajectory of the bullet and align these trajectories to altitude positions. The Book Repository rooftop at the north end nearly aligns geometrically to the level of the trajectory of the fire weapon.

Dallas County Records + Police Dept: 124-foot-tall building was built in 1913-15.

Limo z 189 = ~ 140 feet lenght, and 60 high, not accurate but here is the arc: 66.801°.
The fatal head shot occurred when Kennedy was 265 feet from the window. 15376 + 70255 = 85361. Therefore, 292.5764857263823 = lenghth of bullet if at sixth floor window claimed to be the assasin perch by Warren Commission. Angle A = 25.076° +  Angle B = 64.924°


120 +265 = 290.904 / 90 = 3.232266 or 36°

Angle B = 64.924° angle from sixth floor last window of the Book Repository to Kennedy's head. Kennedy's head is at 51° downward and turned 40° to the left.

3: Innocent faict mort on accuſera, = Innocent(s) accused of the mortal deed.

4: Nocent caché taillis à la bruyne = the Guilty Hidden (cover-up); pruned garden , during a mist ( it was lightly raining just prior to the parade, the rain stopped about 11:30 a.m., rain coats can be seen alone the parade rout worn by young children to keep them dry. This means the prunned garden shooters are  looking for their spots at least as late as 11:30 a.m.).

taillis is of Gaelic and of French origins, the Driver, W. Greer, the Kennedys and many others are of Irish descent during this time in American leadership administration. The driver was born in Ireland. So this word-use is connective. Most associate taillis to a grassy knoll, a more literal interpretation is a pruned garden at the foot of a forest or a knoll, as was such a case all over Ireland. It was not rare for Nostradamus to write in different languages. Some quatrains are written entirely in Spanish. Tallis is also associated to a pyracantha bush that is directly in front of Abraham’s view and seen on all photos and films that catch Sitzeman and catch Zapruder. This tells us to look at his film footage, it gives the best perspective. Zapruder's importance is his private film gave a timeline to the events that transpire and also the film gives some geometrical angles because of his vantage point of being almost directly in front of the limo during the main shoots to Kennedy’s head. Nostradamus' word-use of taillis therefore proposes to us an evidence of anything found with this term.

Albert Merriman Smith of UPI, in his second dispatch, and of the first of all news alerts that the President has been shot, mentions that cops and citizens are running up the grassy knoll of Daeley Plaza to pursue an (some) assassin(s).



Rosemary Willis' Two Head Snaps (she hears shots, west edge TSBD, and looks and then about z-214 while looking at roof west edge TSBD, begins turn at z-315 to Knoll gunshot sound, head snaps radically to powerful exploding bullet sound).

[Donald Roberdeau 2001]



Grassy Knoll gunman Ignored by F.B.I. , Military Complex, Oprah Winfrey, Wolf Blitzer, Tom Hanks, and other Military Complex demons.

Since the day of the shooting to current, the media, U.S. Intel agencies and Washington D.C. establishment have ignored narratives that are not the U.S. Academic, Hollywood, Media, Industrial Complex: The film “Killing Kennedy,” based on Bill O'Reilly's book and Parkland is a 2013 American historical drama film that recounts the chaotic events that occurred following John F. Kennedy's assassination. The film is written and directed by Peter Landesman, produced by Playtone's Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman, and Bill Paxton with Exclusive Media’s Nigel Sinclair and Matt Sinclair. The film is based on the book Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, by Vincent Bugliosi.

The premise of reclaiming history is to ‘reclaim’ white racism or ‘reclaim’ pan Europeanism and to offer an faux-apology to killing millions of Asians so Tom Hanks and so Bill O’reilly can live like kings and have bank accounts like robber barons. The world will heal when these people no longer have any material or any influence. These people are a part of Satan’s Army.

Tom Hanks was in a Movie that proclaimed Jesus and his followers were a sick joke to the human race. Dan Brown took most of his material without permission nor acknowledgement from Michael Baigent (born Michael Barry Meehan, 27 February 1948 – 17 June 2013), Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln. and it seems that stealing, capitalism, not caring for anyone else, is a standard for Satan’s Army.

Gun Discharge Seen at Grassy Knoll, Ignored despite continuous attempts to tell F.B.I. and U.S. government intelligence agencies.

Virgil E. Hoffman claims to have seen a Grassy Knoll gunman in the act shooting ( he is near deaf, he claims to have seen smoke from the knoll, and concluded this came from a gun shot.). His father tells him not to report this to anyone, but his son recants and on advice by  On June 26, 1967, Mr. Jim Dowdy, 725 McLenore, Texas he want to the Dallas Police and later the F.B.I. He also sees two men running from the D T S Book Depository, clutching something to their chests, one wore a white T-shirt or a shirt.

If Ed Hoffman's account is accurate, there was a Grassy Knoll shooter and a conspiracy.

A deaf mute, Hoffman now claims to have stopped above the on-ramp of the Stemmons Freeway, hoping to get a view of the presidential limousine as it drove past. He thus had a view of the area behind the Stockade Fence at the time of the shooting in Dealey Plaza. He claims to have seen a man, dressed in a business suit, shoot from behind the fence, and then toss the rifle to a man in a man dressed as a railroad worker, who disassembled it, put it into a case, and walked off.

Hoffman at various times has accused the FBI of offering him money to keep quiet.( McAdams).

On November 22nd, 1963, Ed Hoffman claims he stopped his car on the north-bound shoulder of the Stemmons Freeway just west of Dealy Plaza where President Kennedy's motorcade was soon to pass through. From where he said he was standing he was approximately 150 yards from the back side of the fence on the grassy knoll with a clear view of the entire area behind the fence. From Sloan's interview with Hoffman in 1992, the following is Hoffman's account of what he saw told through a sign language interpreter due to Hoffman's profound deafness and inability to speak English.

The train man was standing there behind the fence and beside the electrical box of some kind . . . He was holding a brown bag, and I thought it had something to do with his work at first. But then I noticed that he and the businessman kept walking around and they weren't staring down the street in the direction of the coming motorcade like everyone else was. They seemed more interested in the fence than in anything else.

I saw the man in the dark suit bend down and pick up something but I couldn't tell what he was doing. Then the train man came around and squatted down beside the other man for a while. A few seconds later I saw the businessman raise back up, and I was amazed to see that he was holding a gun- a long gun like a rifle. I thought 'How strange! What's he doing that for?' But then, almost in the same second, I thought, 'Well maybe he's a guard or something.' Then I noticed that the train man was armed, too. He had a pistol in his hand.

I could see that the top was down on the president's car and I could see the people inside waving to the crowds, although I couldn't make out who was who. Part of me wanted to concentrate on seeing the president, but I couldn't keep from looking back at the two men behind the fence. Just as I did look back the man in the business suit raised the gun. I saw him rest it on the pickets in the fence . . . and just then I saw spark of light and a puff of fluffy white smoke. The first thing that crossed my mind was that it might be from a cigarette but it was much too big for that.

When I realized it was a shot, I was totally shocked. I couldn't believe it!

An instant later, I saw the businessman turn back away from the fence, and as he turned around, I could clearly see the gun in his hand . . . Then, very quickly, he tossed the gun to over to the train man and started running. He ran past the parked cars and kept on going, running north into the railroad yards.

I saw the limousine with the flags coming very fast. I saw JFK and Jackie slumped down in the car as they passed right below me, and I saw the blood. I saw blood everywhere. I saw the president's foot hanging over the side of the car and I saw his head blown open. The side of the president's head looked like bowl of Jell-O.

I felt sick and I said to myself, 'Oh, my God, he's dead. With his head like that, he's bound to be dead.'

The train man was still standing there. I could see him very plainly. I watched him take the gun apart. I don't know how he did it because I don't know anything about guns, but he dismantled it and put inside a brown suitcase. Then he started running, too. He ran to the north into the railroad yards. I managed to keep him in sight until he ran behind a train. He ran right around the caboose and disappeared . . . .

Hoffman claims that he has tried for several years to tell this story to the authorities but to no avail. He maintains that he has been misinterpreted and ignored because of his inability to speak English. Immediately following the assassination, on November 22, Hoffman says he tried to explain what he saw to his uncle Robert Hoffman who was a Dallas police officer but Hoffman could not find him at the police station. He then says he went to the FBI's Dallas office but states that the office was practically empty except for a secretary who told him that no one was available to speak with him. There is no official record of this visit to the FBI.

Hoffman vs. the FBI

Three key FBI documents fail to show Hoffman mentioning a shooter behind the Stockade Fence during the 1960s:

Hoffman supporters believe that he was describing a Grassy Knoll shooter from the beginning, and was a victim of miscommunication. Hoffman skeptics believe that, as was the case with several other witnesses, his story got "better" over time.

Hoffman  source: by Mark Panlener , Struggling with Silence, accessed 30 Nov. 2013, available form http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/hoffmanx.htm ; Internet.




FBI investigation vs. The Warren Commission


Witnesses to Shots from the Grassy Knoll, Huston st., Rail Road tracks, and from strange things from the rooftops -- all other places but the Book Repository!

Here is a list, in alphabetical order by surname, and no doubt incomplete, of those witnesses to President Kennedy’s assassination who claimed that one or more shots came from the general direction of the grassy knoll:

  1. Victoria Adams
  2. Danny Garcia Arce
  3. Virgie Baker (née Rackley)
  4. Jane Berry
  5. Charles Brehm
  6. Ochus Campbell
  7. Faye Chism
  8. John Chism
  9. Harold Elkins
  10. Ronald Fischer
  11. Buell Wesley Frazier
  12. Dorothy Garner
  13. Jean Hill
  14. S. M. Holland
  15. Ed Johnson
  16. Dolores Kounas
  17. Paul Landis
  18. Billy Lovelady
  19. Cheryl McKinnon
  20. Austin Miller
  21. A.J. Millican
  22. Luke Mooney
  23. Thomas Murphy
  24. Jean Newman
  25. William Newman
  26. Kenneth O’Donnell and David Powers
  27. Roberta Parker
  28. Frank Reilly
  29. Arnold Rowland
  30. Edgar Smith
  31. Joe Marshall Smith
  32. Forrest Sorrels
  33. James Tague
  34. Roy Truly
  35. Harry Weatherford
  36. Seymour Weitzman
  37. Otis Williams
  38. Mary Woodward
  39. Abraham Zapruder

Source: 22 November 1963 Organization

The FBI was the first authority to complete an investigation. On December 9, 1963, the FBI issued a report and gave it to the Warren Commission.

The FBI stated that three bullets were fired during the Kennedy assassination; the Warren Commission agreed with the FBI investigation that three shots were fired but disagreed with the FBI report on which shots hit Kennedy and which hit Governor Connally. The FBI report claimed that the first shot hit President Kennedy, the second shot hit Governor Connally, and the third shot hit President Kennedy in the head, killing him. In contrast, the Warren Commission concluded that one of the three shots missed, one of the shots hit President Kennedy and then struck Governor Connally, and a third shot struck President Kennedy in the head, killing him. Both the Earl Warren Commission and F.B.I. acknowledged a fourth bullet that hit a curb and a fragment injured a Dallas citizen who had to retrieve medical attention for the wound, but the Military Complex ignored this bullet as if it did not exist.

The F.B.I. claims that three bullets ( two are fragments found inside of the limo) and one on the gurney at Parkland Hospital of Connelly's bed were from an A 6.5 × 52 mm Italian Carcano M91/38 bolt-action rifle.  This is the gun said to be found on the sixth floor just after the assassination, and a notch marking with Oswald's partial hand print linked him to the gun, retrieved from the morgue that housed Oswald, according to the X-ray photographer who witnesses the Oswald's finger and palm prints being taken with a rifle carried by U.S. Army Intel. agents. .


Grassy knoll

Located near the north grassy knoll on November 22, 1963, were several witnesses, three large traffic signposts, four sidewalk lamp posts, the John Neely Bryan north pergola concrete structure including its two enclosed shelters, a tool shed, one 3.3 foot (1 m) high concrete wall connected to each of the pergola shelters, ten tall, wide, low-hanging live oak trees, a 5 foot (1.5 m) tall, wooden, cornered, stockade fenceline approximately 169 feet (53.6 m) long, six street curb sewers openings, their sewer manholes and their interconnecting large pipes and numerous 2 to 6 foot (0.6 to 1.8 m) tall bushes, trees and hedges.

The words "grassy knoll" to describe this area were first used by reporter Albert Merriman Smith of UPI, in his second dispatch from the radio-telephone in the press car: "Some of the Secret Service agents thought the gunfire was from an automatic weapon fired to the right rear of the president's car, probably from a grassy knoll to which police rushed." These words were then repeated on national television by Walter Cronkite in his second CBS News bulletin. [gn7].

Virgil E. Hoffman is the only one to repeatedly go to the U.S. authorities to tell a story of him that day observing two men behind the picket fence of Daeley Plaza Grassy Knoll and a gun discarding. Here is some film and photographic evidence.

http://jfkmurdersolved.com/knoll.htm | http://jfkmurdersolved.com/figure.htm

knoll shot: Abraham Zapruder sequence between z 313 - z 314.

The Misty Woods



There are plenty of websites that discredit the Grassy Knoll evidence. They claim the geometrical angle could not of happened from a science perspective. However, there is no sound logic to their claims. Kennedy’s head, holding an Ear wound, as seen Jackie comes to his aid, as John is holding his ear, thus a wound to the ear has already happened before the massive explosion on the front top, right side of head, these websites and authors simple do not know the difference between left and right. To the right of the motorcade is the grassy knoll, and this is where the bullet hits, even they say that, but they intend the grassy knoll is on the left side of the motorcade, and they happen to get angry when people do not believe their delusional compasses.


Zapruder told authorities and T.V. news that sounds of gunfire came from behind him.


At his Warren Commission deposition, [Sam] Holland testified that he viewed the motorcade from the railroad bridge overlooking Elm Street, and that during the assassination, he heard four shots,  9 Warren Commission Hearings, Vol. VI, pp. 243-44.

Close three of which sounded like they came from “the upper part of the street,” towards the Texas School Book Depository, 10 Warren Commission Hearings, Vol. VI, p. 245.

Close but one of which (either the third or the fourth) came “from under those trees” on the grassy knoll ( marguette univ. archive, arnold4 ; is a Catholic, Jesuit University located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. ). Sam Holland also testified that he saw  Smoke on the grassy knoll.


This position of the knoll, someone delivers the kill shot, which explodes the top left and frontal part of John. F. Kennedy, frame 52 of the Zapruder film. Smoke is seen around the car indicating the shots were nearby, as reported by over 40 witnesses, ignored by the Warren Commission, toward the grassy knoll.  Orson Welles, Nostradamus, the Man Who Saw Tomorrow (Presenter/Narrator), January 1981 (U.S. release). shows a frame near the end of the Zapruder film where clearly someone's head, with a hat, peers through the shrubs on the grassy knoll. This persons has been identified as the pruner of Dealey Plaza, he is E.J. Hudson, the Grounds Keeper, employee of Dallas Parks and Recs. His job is to prune the plants and cut the grass, a perfect description of the local, as Nostradamus uses the Irish ( Gaelic) word, taillis ( pronounced in phonetics, as  tay-lee.


Other photos of the knoll after the assassination. jfkmurdersolved.com/knoll narrative from James Files, thus problematic, but the photos are real.

C.I.A.   Contract Terrorist: d'Orlando Bosch Avila , Silhouette figure in background

James Files believes this is him, exiting the scene like in his own words, just have been eating lunch, and walking briskly, and with a briefcase and holding a hand gun to shoot my way out if necessary.  ( see Silhouette figure in background walking in front of The Dallas Texas Book Depository, just after the shots).  C.I.A.   Contract Terrorist: d'Orlando Bosch Avila sits next to umbrella man who hated Kennedy, thus why he protests and it was raining just prior and will rain later at Dallas, thus umbrellas were common this day. umbrella man testified he went to many John F. Kennedy events to protest, this was his natural pattern. What Umbrella-man did not tell you was he was seriously against ending senseless war, carnage, greed, murder, destruction of families so that is why he hated The Kennedy Family.  d'Orlando Bosch Avila had a two way radio, he is the C.I.A. under the direction of Allen Dullas.



Who were the closest?

William and Gayle Newman, who were both 22 years old on November 22, 1963, were probably the closest witnesses to President John F. Kennedy when he was assassinated. Immediately after the assassination, the Newman family was driven to Dallas television station WFAA-TV to be interviewed on live TV. At approximately 12:50 PM CST on 11/22/63.


How the Zapruder Film Created a Time Clock
for the Assassination in Dealey Plaza

Abraham Zapruder's camera was running at a determinable speed: 18.3 frames per second. The camera had a governor control, so its speed was constant. Each frame of the film was 1/18th of a second apart. Since John Kennedy appeared in every frame of the relevant sequence of the film, the FBI was able to plot on a surveyor's map of Dealey Plaza, Kennedy's exact position at each frame number. This "map" perfectly coordinated two functions: time and place—where Kennedy was at each moment, within 1/18th of a second accuracy, and a distance error of no more than 7.3 inches. The Zapruder film was used to determine the speed of the President's car, the elapsed time between events, especially between the first and last shots (6.8 seconds), and the timing of events in the background.

—Richard E. Sprague

Z denotes Zapruder film and frame number.

13. 26% of all the  evience of photos and reports by photograghers used at the Warren Commission:

4/30 or 12% of the total population of photograghers gave testimony.

The Commission principals interviewed only four of the thirty professional photographers  - Richard Sprague 1976 A.D.

Democratic Party chief and U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, Earl Warren, and non commissioners, F.B.I. chief Hoover proclaimed the Abraham Zapruder film contained no evidence of the assassination.

Satanic Demons inside the U.S.A. Government, too much  Proof!

NUMBERs 17-20. This sequence of Zapruder frames shows that the final and fatal shot striking JFK at Z-313, which caused an enormous explosion, drove his head and upper body back and to his left until he bounced off the rear seat cushion at Z-321. The acceleration back to the left in the first two frames following Z-313 have been calculated by Josiah Thompson in Six Seconds in Dallas at more than 75 feet per second per second. The shot came from the grassy knoll, right to front. ( The Guns of Dallas, 1975, Subject: "The Guns of Dallas" by L. Fletcher Prouty).

Archangel Michael: If you look closely, there are two separate shots. The first pushes the head of the President downward and forward and then almost instantly, his head has sustained a separate shot to the side of his right temple, and the President's head violently snappers backwards and falls leftward, dead, into the lap of President Kennedy. Parkland, all the doctors claimed, he was dead at 12:30: and some seconds because his entire top and back of his skull was blown off. 

The Zapruder Film was known, interviewed on live T.V. Zapruder mentions he has it on him. The fact that only three members of the Warren Commission ever saw the Zapruder film in motion indicates no evidence was taken into consideration at the Warren Commission. This U.S. government agency was an epic fail, the most disrespectful of Democracy. Military Complex spokesman, no different than actual murders, Wolf Blitzer, Bill O'reilly, most of Hollywood, Most of the People that work for the U.S.A. Government, even today. They are the ones covering up the murderous kill the people across the Earth plan.  

This was the point to correlating to witness testimony, first seen and heard on Television, of the automatic gunfire from a man and a women ( the black couple, Mary Stizman testified positive for black couple) on the Grassy Knoll Colonnade pathway,  the point of the assassination. This was the very first position pointed on out on national Television.


We know of at least 510 photographs taken either before, during, or after the shooting—all within the space of one hour. Richard Sprague (      ) has accounted for seventy-five photographers on the scene, thirty of whom were professionals from newspapers, television studios, and photographic agencies. Other men, such as R.B. Cutler, Ray Marcus, Josiah Thompson, David Lifton, Fred Newcomb, and Jones Harris, working both independently and together with Sprague, have done the most professional work on this case. Ed Berkeley[6] published much of this work in his magazine Computers and Automation, notably in the May 1970 and October 1973 issues. [see Sprague's book, The Taking of America, 1-2-3 ratitor],

It is astounding to learn that in their entire work the Commission was permitted to see only twenty-six of these pictures, and that the FBI limited its examination to some fifty of the 510.

Gayle holds hands where she claims she saw blood flowing out and J.F.K. holding his ear, this is prior to z 313, can be clearly seen in z312 and before. Blood comes out of any side of a wound after the fact; Kennedy's head is caressed by his wife, tilted, with this section of the wound(s) toward gravity. 

In the second of his two WFAA interviews on November 22, Bill Newman said he heard only two shots fired during the assassination. And in his 11/22/63 affidavit, Newman said that the "shot" (singular, as in kill shot) had come from "directly behind me".... Zapruder's initial claim is the same.

In 2013 they support the government narrative.

Zapruder’s first claim is that to his left and back comes the fatal head shot. He will change his mind after myriads of people associated to the event mysteriously began to die. Gayle and her husband, the closest of all humans on the planet besides the riders in the car,  are first hand witnesses. Their first claims are that the head shots came from directly behind them, thus the pergola.

Oswald’s claim of he was  a patsy tells a tale of first responces. Everyone tries to discredit what these persons honestly said, claiming they are morons, and just too stupid to function.

Charles Bronson ( not the actor) filmed his home movie on top of a pedistal on the northwest corner of Main and Huston st.

Sam Holland, signal supervisor for the Union Terminal Railroad, who witnessed the assassination from atop the Triple Underpass, he believes the shoots came from  "the north end of Houston Street." Mrs. Connally testified that just after hearing a first loud, frightening noise that came from somewhere behind her and to her right [ pergola, Huston street buildings or the Bood Repository, she immediately turned towards President Kennedy and saw him with his arms and elbows already raised high, with his hands in front of his face and throat. She then heard another gunshot and John Connally started yelling. Mrs. Connally then turned away from President Kennedy towards her husband, then another gunshot sounded and she and the limousine's rear interior were now covered with fragments of skull, blood, and brain matter.




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