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United States of America 1963 : Lee Harvey Oswald N.S.A. 1957- 1963.

Origins of the U.S.A. Military Complex

It is much easier to believe a lone crazed gunman changed history than a group of secret individuals with endless money, technology and power and very solid ( thus very narcissistic) families. - 1:52 p.m. Studio City, CA. 14 Nov. 2013.

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On the last days of June 1914 Arch Duke Ferdinand was assassinated by a mentally ill assassin. Later we found out that this mentally ill assassin was a trained youth who happened to be considered mentally challenged, and sent on this mission by a very sophisticated secret military squad. This assassination was no small mater, it launched The Great War ( a.k.a. ) World War I.

U.S.A. Military Complex 101

U.S. Military Complex (MAEMIC) near identical  Coup d’état models.

Highlighted nearly identical


1953 Iranian coup d’état

1954 Guatemalan coup d’état


1963: United States of America coup d’état. 22 Nov. 1963.


James ‘Jesus’ ( e.g. miracle worker) Angelton was the top counter intelligence N.S.A. or Navy-Army Intel who wrote his Yale Thesis on war ‘ambiguity’ a style of covert disinformation in the media and creating chaos or too much information as a way to hide the facts. He studied this stuff, and to more depth as it has variables going back to the earliest war manifestos from all cultures; he brought his academic ideas to his job placement. He practiced this stuff.

The coup d’état model used on President John F. Kennedy had been used prior on multiple occasions and was used after Kennedy’s assassination because the model for this coup d’état for any secret government successfully worked. Edward Lansdale used this model in U.S. lead Guatemala coup d’état. He, Angelton told Hoover this would work. On the last day, at a meeting toward midnight, Lyndon B. Johnson, His long time personal lawyer, J.E. Hoover and Army Intel told Lyndon B. Johnson we will use this model for the coup d’état. Dwight Eisenhower warned in his Military Industrial Complex Speech ( the directive for world control came form him, ironically) that academia was a main branch of the U.S. Military Industrial Complex. Angelton’s academic learning was the key to the U.S.A. Coup D’état success. The advanced psychology, sociology, administrative government, communications, technical development and the Liberal Arts transformed a simple minded human into an advanced machine that could process and create complex scenarios to win agendas.

12:41 pm News Man R. MacNeil talks to Lee Harvey Oswald

So on the day of the assassination the lead car in the Presidential Parade were two Dallas private Military Army Intel officers who stopped their lead car to talk to a chief of the Army Intel, asking for directions. This stop forced all following cars to slow down to a near stop, as seen twice with Greer, he turns his head twice to look back at John F. Kennedy as he slams on the breaks and jets forward, moving the bodies as if at sea, he is  the driver of the Presidential Limo. This was no first car asking for directions, it was a walkie talkie confirming the patsy was in the nest, thus the shots began to ring out and umbrella began to animate. Within twenty five minuets from the time of the two secret Dallas Army Intel officers stop to talk to a chief Army Intel blocking the car’s pathway near the triple overpass, Lee Harvey Oswald was Indentified as the lone assassin, case closed. Within 38 minuets, half of Oswald’s life was being broadcast around the world. Within four hours, the gun, evidence of photos and three different Oswald wallets with different info that linked him to the shooting of the U.S.A. President had been solved. By 4:30 Dallas time, at Christ Church, New Zealand, almost half way around the world,  an entire News Paper ran the complete Warren Commission biography on Lee Harvey Oswald. Here was the lone killer, the crazy commie, the ever filthy name in the book. This is Angleton protocol coup d’état disinformation working on the world.

Jacobo Arbenz, a professional Army officer who was the son of a Swiss pharmacist father who migrated to Guatemala, took over the leadership of the country after a successful military coup.

Warren SATANmission Gun Witnesses:

TSBD from about 12:15 until the time of the shooting:

  • 4 witnesses saw a man in a window, holding a gun.

  • 2 witnesses saw a man in a window, but no gun.

  • 4 witnesses saw a gun in a window, but no gunman.

For details see source: Who Saw Lee Harvey Oswald in the TSBD Sixth-Floor Window?, in An Intro. To J.F.K. Assassination,  22 November 1963 Org.

Reality & Human Rights Gun Witnesses:

  • 51+ witnesses saw , a man, two men, guns in Daeley Plaza Knoll Section: 11:00 a.m.- 12:45 p.m.

  • 1 witnesses saw  saw dark completed man discharge a rifle, west sixth floor window.

  • 0 witnesses saw a gun dischard from the east or patsy window.

The Gunman’s Clothes [Investigation of shooter nest DTSBD]

Five of the six witnesses who saw a man on the sixth floor of the TSBD were able to describe his clothing. All of them said that he was wearing light–coloured clothes:

  • Howard Brennan: “He had on light colored clothing”; “Light colored clothes, more of a khaki color”.

  • Arnold Rowland: “He had on a light shirt, a very light–colored shirt, white or a light blue or a color such as that. This was open at the collar. I think it was unbuttoned about halfway, and then he had a regular T–shirt, a polo shirt under this”.

  • Carolyn Walther: “a white shirt”.

  • Ronald Fischer: “light in color; probably white … it was open–neck and light in color”.

  • Robert Edwards: “light colored shirt, short sleeve and open neck”.

Oswald did not wear a light–coloured shirt with an open neck on the day of the assassination.

Edward L. Bernays  the U.S. Wall Street and Sullivan and Cromwell (Allen Dullas works for as a layer)  consultant whose 1928 book “Propaganda” was openly admired by Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels who used this book to organize the NAZI propaganda department. At that time, a CIA operative E. Howard Hunt ( Nixon Watergate, and U.S.A. coup d’état) uncovers the biography of Arbenz. He married a San Salvadorian daughter who the C.I.A. branded her a communist. Allen Dullas ( He and his family work on Wall Street) decided to purchase a large share of  stocks for United Fruit stock, then the largest banana and other fruit importer/exporter corporation. These corporations like the oil companies take over foreign lands. So Arbenz, the Military Complex blames his wife, took back those hijack lands from the international corporation United Fruit, and this broke the camel’s back, so-to-speak. So the gambling institution, called Wall Street, which created the global ‘market place’ was the greed hyway for Dullas whois crystallizing  The United States of America’s secret military. Like F.D.R. giving Manchuria to the Russians ( Seven days after U.S./Japan signed peace agreement for World War II, Russian invaded Manchuria for conquest, and had a signed agreement for proof, if the U.S.A. sought to stop this imperialism), the U.S. Military Complex believed the world’s lands were theirs and their money making machines, the international corporations relied on the MAEMIC ( Military Complex) in order to function. In order to overthrow Arbenz, a model needed to be used. This model comes from the MAEMIC Iranian coup d’état.

Before & After Oswald's Warren Commission Evidence:

Hoover, L.B.J. and Angleton in the assassination plans. It was not only Oswald, but three mentally confused youth, one in Miami, One in Chicago, and One in Dallas ( Oswald). Two gunman were arrested at Chicago and an assassination of Kennedy was thwarted.

Lee Harvey Oswald


Who Linked a shooter to the sixth floor window?

Arnold Rowland had noted the large "Hertz" clock atop the Depository, 12:15 (2H169-72): there was a motorcycle parked just on the street, not in front of us, just a little past us, and the radio was on it giving details of the motorcade, where it was positioned, and right after the time I noticed him [the man on the sixth floor] and when my wife was pointing this other thing to me . . . the dispatcher came on and gave the position of the motorcade as being on Cedar Springs. This would be in the area of Turtle Creek, down in that area. . . . And this was the position of the motorcade and it was about 15 or 16 after 12. (2H172-73; emphasis added). At this time, Lee Harvey Oswald was seen near the outside front door by Mrs. Carolyn Arnold. c.f. (17H460; 21H390; 23H911).

The story gets better. Rowland also said he saw another gun, another window, another man, this was the opposite side of the building. The Warren Commission then discredited Rowland, rejecting his story under a section entitled "Accomplices at the Scene of the Assassination". So one-half of his evidence was used to finger the 'sniper perch' window constructed by the U.S. Military Complex's coup d’état model narrative. (R250-52).

Mrs. Carolyn Walther  testified she say two men, one with a rifle at the sniper nest window and the other as 'the accomplice,' the Military Complex calls these men without guns, 'spotters!'. The Earl Warren Commission claimed women are insane, so her testimony was dismissed as non productive (24H522) such as the case with Mrs. Carolyn Arnold's.

Within 15 minuets after the assassination a Police Dragnet over the radio announces to seek and individal that has lived in Russia. This dragnet comes immidiately after a roll call of the people who worked in the DSBD and Oswald had not been counted. Therefore, almost all the cops and media know that the shooter had lived in Russia. This means Oswald was ID for the assassination less than 15 miunets after the event. Oswald has just left, talked to his boss ( the same boss gave a roll call) asked if everyone was allowed to leave for the day, and his boss said yes. Then he meets an agent who asks where he can find a payphone. So as Oswald is now leaving to go home and has not left Daeley Plaza, he has been framed for the Murder of the U.S.A. President on the public police radio.  This then alerts Officer Tippet, not a junior but senoir and accomplished police officer. He is gunned down, two shots over the hood, and one excecution style to the head ( no bullets matched Oswald's gun, Warren Commission findings; but at this time, the issue was to look for Oswald's evidence in the President's murder, Tippit was a different sub commission. 

As Dragnet, 1:15 Tippit is ordered to follow a suspect. He is shot and killed, eyewitnesses confused if two or one person were involved. However, immediatly, Police radio says a police officer has been shot.  An officer was reported shot so all the Dallas Police department descended upon the scene. While police arrived on the same street as the suspect described as Oswald , was said to duck into shoe shop owner John Brewer who statements are often conflicting, looked suspitious and followed him, all the way into the theater ( no mention of him or Oswald buying tickets. One Brewer spots Oswald in the theater, he hears police banging at the back door, he opens it and police descend upon him, but he protests that the suspect is in the second back row. The movie theater audiance lights are then half light and Bewer taking on police man with him, approch Oswald, while the movie continues and no one notices. Then the only testimoney is Brewer and the police man. He says Oswald hits him in face, a sckuffle occures,  and then Oswald reaches downward under neath his shirt and pulls out a hand gun and points it at the officer and pulls the trigger but the officer's finger jams the trigger and five officers jumping empty seats to the back second row beat up Oswald for pulling a firearm on a police officer. He is then majically handcuffed.

The first Dallas dispatch to the public Oswald held a shootgun at the Police Officer's face. You can hear this on all the normal documentaries and on film.

The Police Officer heared Oswald say twice: " I protest this police brutality."

 Bewer heard Oswald say twice: " I'm not resisting arrest" [ meaning there was no gun involved or Oswald was completely insane, he had just pulled a pistol to try to kill a cop] .

People outside were screaming "Kill him" which implied even the evil were amoung the population. How do they know this man killed  or even shot anyone? They do not.

Major General Edwin Anderson Walker had his home shot up, an attempted assassination. Marina Oswald, living with Ruth Paine, and two other close associates of Paine and Marina apperently knew before it happened, Oswald left a note. Marina Oswald was a K.G.B. asset who happened to be married to an ex military guy. In Russia, Oswald fell in love with a pretty Russian, but Oswald was considered peculiar, so not marriage material. He then met Marina; she said, heah, dude!, can you get me to the land of milk and honey. We got that here too, but you have to wait in line for about a year! The ever ingenious Oswald said, yeah, just give me some, I’m a grown boy. So Marina gets a free ride out of Hell Hole #1, and getting Oswald out of her life, as is proof today, she is Americanized, Liberal Party, e.g. ‘ do what you want? Kill presidents, we will help cover it up, party, party, more party, dudes. Criminals Are Us.’ 

The reason Marina did not go to any authority and report Oswald to anyone (or if all four knew) was trying to run around and hurt or assassinate people in his state of Texas gives us the prime ‘clue’ she is a black sheep. I mean the C.I.A. paid her when she arrived in the United States of America. It is not like she is in fear of being deported. The MEAMIC has classified ' common' material like Lee Harvey Oswald's Tax Returns. They believe this common identifying human archive will be a national security threat today! At times, Oswald was on the F.B.I. payroll, his contactee was the same department George H. W. Bush contacted 7 minuets after the kill-shot 12:30:08!

The U.S.A. Government destroyed its findings as Commission member Allen Dulles, the former CIA director, even suggested "this record ought to be destroyed, " [as] On January 22, 1964, the members of the then two-month old Warren Commission were hastily assembled for a top-secret meeting." In this meeting, General Counsel J. Lee Rankin, explained the basic problem to the Commission: "That is that the FBI is very explicit that Oswald is the assassin . . . and they are very explicit that there was no conspiracy."

Roffman, Presumed Innocent 1975 A.D.


Julia Ann Mercer: Witness, all officials take statements, multiple F.B.I., Dallas Police, Warren Commission statements: Jack Ruby and the Rifle: All officials to Mercer:  Look beyotch, you are a women, you saw nothing, get it? She claimed changed statement and forged her signature! She gets spooked!

Asssassin Team Gun Delivery at 11:00 a.m. To Grassy Knoll. 

Asssassin Team Gun Delivery at 11:00 a.m. To Grassy Knoll. Sheriff, Dallas, Doc(s).

[Julia Ann Mercer saw Jack Ruby in a pick-up truck delivering a rifle in Dealey, see page on Lee Havery Oswald and her Dallas Sherrif ( JAM Doc 1 of 2, JAM Doc 2 of 2 ) statements to authorities.]  Later statement claiming she could not identify Ruby she claimed were falsified, including her signature. She got spooked, made an nicity exscuse and did not appear for the HSCA trial. 


Julia Ann Mercer: Shortly before 11 o’clock on the morning of the assassination, Julia Ann Mercer was driving through Dealey Plaza. Her car was held up in traffic on Elm Street, close to a parked pick–up truck containing two men. She noticed white man in late 20s-early 30s, gray jacket, brown pants, tight wool hat with a tassle afficked, and a plaid shirt of the two men take a package, the size and shape of a rifle case, out of the back of the pick–up. The man carried the package to Daeley Plaza grassy knoll edge near the triple overpass and disappeared.

Shortly before 11 o’clock on the morning of the assassination, Julia Ann Mercer was driving through Dealey Plaza. Her car was held up in traffic on Elm Street, close to a parked pick–up truck containing two men. She noticed one of the two men take a package, the size and shape of a rifle case, out of the back of the pick–up. The man carried the package to the top of what would later become famous as the grassy knoll.

Julia Ann Mercer’s Official Statements

A few hours later, she gave a statement to the Sheriff’s Department in which she mentioned “what appeared to be a gun case”, and that she felt able to identify the two men: Warren Commission Hearings, vol.19, p.483.

The next day, Mercer was interviewed by the FBI. The FBI’s statement of the interview is essentially a third–person version of her earlier, first–person, account: Warren Commission Document 205, p.313.

After Ruby’s public killing of Oswald, Julia Ann Mercer had two further encounters with the FBI, on the 25th (ibid., p.315) and the 27th (ibid., p.316), in which she was shown photographs of two men but was unable to identify either of the men as Jack Ruby or Lee Harvey Oswald. (source 22 Novermber 1963, , Was Jack Ruby Involved in the JFK Assassination?, U.K., accessed 5 Nov. 2013.).

Mercer gave a deposition to the Dallas sheriff's office which stated that the man who got out of the truck carried what appeared to be a gun case. Mercer estimated that the case was around three and half to four feet in length. She signed an affidavit before the sheriff's department on November 22, 1963. Mercer was not summoned as a witness by the Warren Commission, which investigated the murder of John F. Kennedy.

Mark Lane tried to speak with Mercer, who left Dallas later. Lane told Playboy Magazine  in 1967 that he had been unable to find Mercer, and that she no longer resided in Dallas, Texas.

Julian Ann Mercer claimed in 1968, in November, that her statements about not identifying Jack Ruby, who she believed was on of these men, her signature was forged by the FBI ( MAEMIC) to say she did not see Oswald nor Ruby in the gun delivery truck, the one she thinks she saw. MAEMIC see women as trash, toys to be used the thrown away, something to play with and abuse. The misogynist aspect of MAEMIC is on par with barbarianism.


Mark Lane on J.A. Mercer sources: Playboy Magazine, February 1967, 44.

Forgive My Grief: A Critical Review of the Warren Commission on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Penn Jones, Midlothian, Texas Mirror, 1966, 27.


Julia Ann Mercer’s Later Statements

In January 1968, Mercer came to the attention of Jim Garrison, who had begun to investigate the New Orleans aspects of the assassination. In conversations with Garrison, and later with other researchers, Julia Ann Mercer claimed that the official versions of her statements to the Sheriff’s Department and the FBI were false. In particular:

  • On Saturday 23 November, she had positively identified a photograph as that of the man in the driver’s seat of the pick–up truck. She had turned the photograph over and saw Jack Ruby’s name written on the back.
  • After seeing Ruby murder Oswald on television, she contacted the FBI and told them that Ruby had been the man sitting in the pick–up.
  • Her signature on the statements had been forged.

Mercer was wary of publicity, and did not appear before the House Select Committee on Assassinations, so her claims remain untested.


Oswald framed as guilty at 38 minuets after the assassination

Media: Oswald framed as guilty at 38 minuets after the assassination. The F.B.I. official statement, Oswald guilty in less than three weeks of investigation. Lyndon B. Johnson stated it could never been anyone else than Oswald.

  1. The Warren Commission considered no possibility other than that Oswald was the lone assassin, and consciously endeavored to fabricate a case against Oswald. - Howard Roffman 1975 A.D.

On September 24, 1964, the Warren Commission submitted an 888-page report to the President. (This report was later to become known as the Warren Report.) The Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald alone had assassinated President Kennedy, and maintained that it had seen no evidence indicating that Oswald and Ruby, together or alone, had been part of a conspiracy to murder the President. Two months after the issuance of its Report, the Commission published as a massive appendix the evidence upon which the Report was allegedly based, including transcripts of witness testimony, evidential exhibits, and thousands of documents. This evidence is contained in twenty-six volumes.
      Immediately upon its release, the Warren Report was met by an overwhelmingly favorable response from the nation's "establishment" press.[16] This response, analyzed objectively, was in fact a blatant instance of irresponsible journalism, for newsmen lavished praise on the Report before they could have read and analyzed it -- two months before the evidence upon which it rested was released to the public.

Who Was Oswald?

" I don't know what dispatches you people have been given, but I emphatically deny these charges. I have NOT committed any acts of violence." -- Lee Harvey Oswald

Number one Witness to Oswald's character.

(other than his family members) Number one Witness Marina, Oswald’s former girlfriend. estranged Wife with two children, then during the Dallas Presidential Parade, and Oswald lived across town in a boarding house that was being redecorated/'renovated, and was photographed by the media without curtain rods. Marina was an K.B.G. contactee, they allowed her to migrate with Oswald, thus the state side C.I.A./ F.B.I. allowed Oswald to return without a passport and it gave him $5,000 to help pay for the transportation of Marina. This was not well known because it comes from Oswald’s mother who went to Washington D.C. to seek the address of her son, she stopped at the central C.I.A. office and within six weeks they gave her all the information. This would have been impossible if Oswald had not already been contacted, in Japan, by the Military Complex.  Marina knows covert military  behaviors, when they show up to her house three days before 22 Nov. 1963 and Ruth Paine, her translator is away from the home; Marina complies to U.S. state intimidation. If she does not cooperate, she will be killed. Every question posed to her is in a form of an affirmation that will mirror the biography of coup d’état patsy model. The weapon must be linked to the patsy, so a back story for Marina is created. She notices a blanket in Paine’s shed, she sees only a nozzle of a rifle ( not what kind, ambiguity, Angelton ), so when the police get their after the coup d’état assassination of the leader, they can check the shed, grab the blanket, contaminate it ( even the Warren Commission understood it contaminated all the evidence), say they retrieved three photos of Oswald from the garage, that have both the tippet hand-gun and the carcano rifle ( they do not match, F.B.I./Military Complex fake, Carcano 32, the rifle of the Warren Commission is a 38.) in Oswald’s hands, all the while to claim that Marina took the photos, herself.  the Military Complex tells Marina Oswald is in deep trouble ( although she did not see him that morning

The Military Complex agents also gave a back story that Oswald was leaving her forever and he was not coming back, he would be in jail or killed. Witnesses testified Oswald was visiting her on the weekends, and this was the direction he was traveling when he went into a movie theater, actually to make a phone call to the Huston F.B.I. President 41 George Herbert Walker Bush, called the Huston F.B.I. office 8 minuets after the assassination from Daeley Plaza. Lee Harvey Oswald visited his children from Friday after work till Monday morning. So on Monday mornings he takes what he needs back to his weekly boarding house and, again, at this time, the room or cubicle  was being renovated.

Oswald put his ring and money to try to win her back before leaving to work. He said, I want to buy you a washing machine. This does not sound like a doomed man leaving forever.  They were not a couple, they had separated. She moved on and is quite stupid even though she became an academic. She came here for asylum, and lying in the Soviet block was a common permissiveness for how to survive. She does not want any thing to do with J.F.K or Oswald because political activism, Oswald is engaged in, is not her lifestyle. She just wants to blend into her new home. The media descends upon her each year to force her to continue the lone-gunman theory because the media makes its money off war, enemies, competition, evil and a large reason it did not run Oswald’s AP photo of him watching the assassination on the ground outside, because watching Asians getting their heads blown-off ( Vietnam was the only war Televised, and it brought in trillions of dollars to the U.S. media, rating out of the world profits).



Arlen Spector was the person that came up with the lone gunman theory. He is former Philadelphia District Attorney and five-time senator who helped reauthorize the Patriot Act. The 'reauthorize' Patriot Act re-categorize  Christians as humans not allowed on Earth. Specter was a Democrat from 1951 to 1965, but today it best said he is a part of the Washington D.C. establishment. He was then a moderate Republican senator from Pennsylvania who famously switched to the Democratic Party in 2000 A.D.


N.S.A. Spook Lee Harvey Oswald:

 Secret Service chief James J. Rowly, Chief U.S. Secret Service sends a request letter to the C.I.A. John McCone Head of the Central Intelligence Agency 3 March 1964 stating Oswald began his N.S.A. training in 1957, with desires for social reconnaissance in Mainland China ( Oswald states he is a Marxist, not a communist, these are two different things) and a Soviet Spy. The memorandum, deemed confidential ( a code-word at this time for top secret) implicates Lee Harvey Oswald as an asset of the U.S. Government. The report known by L.B. Johnson requests that this be forwarded to the Commissioners but stated that legally they cannot use this information to the public. Documents below!

released previously classified F.B.I. secret reports of Oswald on 1 st floor during the assassination http://www.giljesus.com/jfk/alibi.htm.

Documents newly released by the ARRB, the interview notes taken by Will Fritz, the homicide detective who interrogated Oswald, however, show that Lee told him he had been “out with Bill Shelly [the assistant manager of the Texas School Book Depository] in front” during the assassination.

click for WC original scan full

This photo also reveals a bullet hole in the front windshield, which was never solved by the Warren Commission.

Lee Harvey Oswald, as secret F.B.I. documents show, is looking directly at President Kennedy moments before shots ring-out and kill the 35 th U.S.A. President. This collage was done by another J.F.K. investigator, so please give credit due to them.

Billy Lovelady drew an arrow in Warren Commission on this photo; it was in the white section (Disregarding orders by Warren to put it into the black because he stands next to the Oswald Doorman so no confusion but with also a black marker)  points to him but is above Oswald's head causing confusion. The line of the arrow points to Bill and not Lee.



This is a part of a real A.P. photo that the N.Y. Times, Chicago Tribune, and Washington Post refused to print, thus causing me to believe the media is a part of the U.S. Military Complex, and that add revenue for killing Asians live on T.V. was more desired for capitalistic profits. The Media believed that airing the first live war on Television, which happened, would bring in trillions of dollars, and it did and this is why Oswald was set up to be the fall man, so that ‘spectator murder’ excited the genitals of the rich lazy American. There is no other reason.

F.B.I. helped cover up this as a conspiracy. In the Warren Commission Charles Givens lied and told the FBI he did not see Oswald in the Domino Room at and at 11:50 a.m. ( compare F.B.I. document below that states an interview with C. Givens he saw him at 11:50 a.m., eating lunch with the other employees.).

Charles Givens warren Commission testimony, Givens lied.

Mr. BELIN. Did you see Lee Oswald anywhere else in the building between 11:55 and the time you left the building?
Mr. GIVENS. No, sir.
Mr. BELIN. On November 22d?
Mr. GIVENS. No, sir.
Mr. BELIN. Did you see him in the domino room at all around anywhere between 11:30 and 12 or 12:30?
Mr. GIVENS. No, sir.
Mr. BELIN. Did you see him reading the newspaper?
Mr. GIVENS. No; not that day. .... I didn't see him in the domino room that morning

Givens also reported that Oswald was seen by him at 7:30 a.m. in the Domino Room reading a newspaper. This is another lie. However, Oswald gets a ride from a neighbor who lives near  his estranged Russian Wife’s house, where Oswald went that morning to pick-up  shower rods for his boarding room; and the driver retold the story in documentaries for over 30 years and by all accounts, he said he and Oswald were  late that day. This is well documented. So even the F.B.I. is lying, which means the U.S.A. government is run by a secret government. 

Witness Arnold Rowland saw a man [ not Oswald] in a sixth floor window with a rifle at 12:15 pm. but this window is to otherside of the building, where the birds flew off the roof at the sound of the automatic gunfire.  ( 2 H 169 ) Here Givens says he see Oswald at 11:50 a.m. still reading a newspaper and not working, in the domino room. Then Compare to the Warren Commission Testimony where he changed his story and said he never saw Oswald? 

The real reason the U.S.A. people see a conspiracy is that the links to Oswald were made up of lies and misconceptions. And then Jack Ruby who it has been documented working for Richard Nixon who is in Dallas during the assassination, walked into a  secured Police Headquarters’ basement and assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald within 48 hours after John F. Kennedy died. So it is the compounded evidence of contrary that sparked the conspiracies surrounding the assassination of J. F. Kennedy.



Oswald spotted on near outside on first floor at 12: 15 p.m. What was left out of the public Earl Warren Commission Report ( part of the classified report) Harold Weisberg investigation an FBI report : [Mrs. Carolyn Arnold] she was in her office on the second floor of the building on November 22, 1963, and left that office between 12:00 and 12:15 PM, to go downstairs and stand in front of the building to view the Presidential Motorcade. As she was standing in front of the building, she stated that she thought she caught a fleeting glimpse of LEE HARVEY OSWALD standing in the hallway between the front door and the double doors leading into the warehouse, located on the first floor. She could not be sure this was OSWALD, but said she felt it was and believed the time to be a few minutes before 12:15 PM. (CD5:41) . Mrs. Carolyn Arnold, a secretary at the Depository, was the crucial witness. Her story was omitted not only from the Report but also from the Commission's printed evidence because they said, heay! We do not need your story, get lost! So she feeling patriotic, the kind where one fights for the people, pressures the F.B.I. to take her testimony!  ( Guns of Dallas). 


Lee Harvey Oswald Worked for the N.S.A.  and later for the C.I.A. as his Mother first announced.

photos from L.B.J. killed J.F.K. viewzom Oswald file.

Lee Harvey Oswald C.I.A. File: 3 March 1964 ,  For the Warren Commission ( Left out of court and then classified for national security measures). by James J. Rowly, Chief U.S. Secret Service to the C.I.A. Cheif, John McCone, dated 3 March 1964.  Here is just a portion of the transcript.

“[A]t least for this time, remains under wrap... [next gragh] Oswald subject was trained by this agency [ N.S.A. C.I.A. F.B.I.] under cover of the office of Navel Intelligence [ this would be today, the N.S.A.] for Soviet assignments. Preliminary training, in 1957,  subject had motive [ Oswald’s desire to discover Marxism] in social reconnaissance of Mainland China and maintained a security clearance up to the “confidential level.” Mix [ed] military reports during this period are open to your agency and I have [ James J. Rowly, Chief of Secret Service] directed they be forwarded to the Commission.”




4B Posner on Oswald Movements:  A challenging Case Robert Gordon posted Jim Fetzer


Oswald said on live TV, "I didn't shoot anybody, no sir . . . I'm just a patsy."

The Assassinations Records Review Board (ARRB) of notes from the interrogation of Lee Oswald by Homicide Detective Will Fritz, during which Oswald told him he had been “out with Bill Shelley in front”,, and this takes place during the shooting, captured by Associated Press photographer James “Ike” Altgens. To compare we look to the photo of Oswald being taken into custody by the Police at the Theater, and we see the same unique shirt. Bill Shelley told F.B.I. and the Warren Commission that Billy Lovelady “was seated on the entrance steps just in front of me” (4-7-64 testimony before the Warren Commission, 6H327-334) during the shooting. 

This man, Billy Lovelady, who worked in the Texas School Book Depository along with Lee Oswald, stands besides Oswald in the Doorway of the Repository during the shooting of the President, and was used by the Warren Commission to disclaim Oswald was where he told the Dallas Police Dept. He wears the shirt to the F.B.I. at their request to show what he had on that day.

James William Altgens click 5.


Lyndon B. Johnson removed the head and placed a shirt of white over the plaid lumber shirt Lovelady, wore, clearly seen in the F.B.I. photos. How to tell it was doctored, the head is missing! Billy Lovelady striped shirt can still be seen on both of his upper arms in this doctored photo by L.B.J.

The Claims that this AP photo was published the day of the assassination remains inconclusive. The New York Times, The Washington Post nor The Chicago Tribune and of the three major papers did not run this photo which would have cast serious doubt to implicating Lee Harvey Oswald, who is clearly seen in the photograph.



Oswald: Dallas Police Found No Gun Powder on hands or body after Scientific Text. Warren Commission purposely said, let us leave out this inconvenient evidence of innocence.

After arresting Oswald and collecting physical evidence at the crime scenes, the Dallas Police held Oswald at the police headquarters for interrogation. Oswald was questioned all afternoon about both the Tippit shooting and the assassination of the President. He was questioned intermittently for approximately 12 hours between 2:30 p.m., on November 22, and 11 a.m., on November 24.[97] Throughout this interrogation Oswald denied any involvement with either the assassination of President Kennedy or the murder of Patrolman Tippit.[97] Captain Fritz of the homicide and robbery bureau did most of the questioning, keeping only rudimentary notes.[98][99] Days later, he wrote a report of the interrogation from notes he made afterwards.[98] There were no stenographic or tape recordings. Representatives of other law enforcement agencies were also present, including the FBI and the Secret Service, and occasionally participated in the questioning.[100] Several of the FBI agents present wrote contemporaneous reports of the interrogation.[101].

"We don't have any proof that Oswald fired the rifle. No one has been able to put him in that building with a gun in his hand," said Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry, quoted by United Press International, November 5, 1969.

During the evening of November 22, the Dallas Police Department performed paraffin tests on Oswald's hands and right cheek in an apparent effort to determine, by means of a scientific test, whether Oswald had recently fired a weapon.[100] The results were positive for the hands and negative for the right cheek.[100] Because of the unreliability of these tests, the Warren Commission did not rely on the results of the test in making their findings.[100]

  1. Oswald was never told he was held for the attempted murder of a U.S. President.
  2. Oswald was beaten up severely by the Dallas Police, he told the press.

  3. Oswald said I cannot answer questions I have not been charged with anything.

  4. Oswald was smart enough to know he was set up to take the fall for the Evil Empire.
  5. Oswald learns he is being held captive by the media for shooting the U.S. President.
  6. Oswald was supposed to be shot before his capture. That is why Oswald ran into a crowded theater so if he was shot down there would be tons of witnesses.
  7. Oswald never went home  nor killed officer Tippet. Oswald was supposed to be killed before being taken into custody. L.B.J. did not pay for officer Tippet’s funeral; A. Zapruder did who had extreme nightmares based on what he saw and the false narrative outcomes that came over the years. First hand witnesses interviewed on Tippet's shooting: Acquila Clemmons, she said on T.V. two men fired 4-5 shots, at least one like an execution to the head, and then ran off. The other witnessed claimed she never saw Oswald.
  8. Oswald ran guns with Ruby for the C.I.A. and the Italian Mob. Ruby either kills Oswald or becomes the blamee for killing Kennedy and the Mafia takes him out.
  9. Lyndon B. Johnson a long time friend of the mafias of the U.S.A. John F. Kennedy was to out Johnson’s assassins on his payroll and force L.B.J. out of his administration.
  10. Rose Kennedy said Lyndon Johnson and John Kennedy loved he each other, That was just a mother trying to make peace after a terrible coup d’état.

Dallas authorities were not able to complete their investigation into the assassination of President Kennedy because of interruptions from the FBI and the murder of Oswald by Jack Ruby.

The free Lee Harvey Oswald movement remains huge in the world, the world knowing the U.S.A. government continues to frame an innocent person of the deeds of assassinating a U.S.A. President. Nostradamus helped out this claim by stating an innocent will be accused of the crime. Today, even today, the U.S.A. government intends a lone shooter; Lee Harvey Oswald killed not only a U.S.A. president but Officer Tippet during his escape. Oswald was held for two days in the Dallas prison and no transcripts or conversions were ever released to the public. The only thing we ever heard from Oswald,  before his assassination by a Nixon Employee ( a Document by R.  Nixon exists today, linked below,  with his employment request) Jack Ruby, was his claim he was a patsy (innocent fall guy). 

Oswald Ruby and Guns & French Connection Routs.

The French Connection (Marseille, France, to Mexico City, to South Texas boarders and to Toronto or to Calgary, heroin trade, was also used as a gun running operation. Cardano bolt action rifles, the one said owned and used by Oswald, were coming into the U.S. by the bundles. This is where Oswald and Ruby have connections, and thus Ruby’s motive to silence his own convictions. If Oswald goes to court, then Ruby is discovered to work for Richard Nixon, and have been involved in running guns from the French Connection corridors.

In September 1963, the C.I.A. lied, according to Philips claiming Oswald was in Mexico City going to the Russian Consulate for some secret meeting.

The Oswald rifle was an Italian Fucile di Fanteria (Eng: Infantry rifle) Modello 91/38 (Model 1891/1938) manufactured at the Royal Arms Factory in Terni, Italy, in 1940. These were the guns being moved through the famed south of France port of Marseilles to Mexico City, then on through Texas boarder crossings ( where Ruby and Oswald ran guns, for pick-up cash, not major contracts of large amounts of cash, thus the French Connection) and this is a type of gun the U.S.A. government had claimed was used to shoot the U.S. President. The problem is when they found the gun or picked up the plant, its scope was broken. This led a need by the C.I.A. to make up a story that Oswald was some world class sniper-marksman, and forged a practice sheet indicating his aim was better than 0.001% of all humans.

According to the Warren Commission he supposedly had just fired both a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle and a revolver (officer Tippet). No gun residue was found on Oswald, done at the Police Station, and of some scientific tests performed when Oswald was taken into Custody.  Gun Residue Tests (GRT) are standard scientific procedures to indicate powder residue that is microscopic and a part of firing weapons that use forms of gun powder.

In addition,, and also According to the Warren Commission, in March of the year of 1963 A.D., Lee Harvey Oswald, using the alias "A[lex]. Hidell," purchased a 6.5 mm Carcano Model 91/38 rifle (also improperly called Mannlicher-Carcano) by mail order.[1] . The Warren Commission also intends that a magic bullet did pirouettes like a ballet dancer moving in and out of John. Kennedy and John Connolly!

The magic bullet was fired
from the front east-end window of the 6th floor
of the Texas School Book Depository building,
entered JFK's back;
exited from JFK's throat;
entered Connally's back;
exited Connally's chest near the right nipple;
went through Connally's right wrist shattering the radius bone;
entered Connally's left leg
embedding itself in Connally's thigh bone,
then dropped out later,
in pristine condition,
on a stretcher in Parkland Hospital.

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, all the Ivy Leagues and even better schools had their people stacked on the Warren Commission, as well as Allen Dullas, the former head of the C.I.A. John. F. Kennedy fired, because Dullas demanded we go to nuclear war with Russia because invading Cuba is the only course of action. They all argued this narrative below.

John Connolly Maintained his whole life he was hit by separate bullets.

The Warren Commission's "Miracle Bullet" theory has the first shot hitting the president in the back of the shoulder, to the far right, then exiting his trachea (in a strong right to left and upward trajectory), then going downward upon exit again and to the right to penetrate the car seat of Governor Connelly, then entering Connelly's rib cage and right wrist, then exiting and going to the left and downward, then entering his left knee, etc., etc. then finally being found virtually unscathed on JFK's stretcher at Parkview Hospital.

( source: J.F.K. for Truth)

However, as the C.I.A. documents tell us, Oswald is in Mexico City doing something, but it was here that bundles of carcano guns were picked up and moved north to the boarder, a day-labor type of pick-up work, perfect for a financially struggling Oswald. Jack Ruby, not an Italian, he is Jewish by heritage, therefore he could not find Mafia work, also run guns for pick-up monies. Before the highly lucrative Drug Trade ( still going on south boarders of Texas, even today, and by Mexican police moving good across the boarder), Guns were a quick lucrative weekend gig. The boarders were much more unsecure than today, and even today, the Mexican boarder towns use their official government police to move the drugs across the borders.

For example, under 43 rd U.S. President, G. W. Bush, there were four U.S. cities involved in running guns to Latin American Drug Cartels, in an operation called Fast & Furious ( loosely based on incorrect interpretations of a Hollywood movie franchise) and under Eric Holder, of the 44 th U.S. illegal President, B. H. Obama these gun running operations exploded to 16 U.S. cities (sixteen cities) and these guns were found to be used to kill Americans – Holder, like the former U.S. administration, runs fully automatic guns to Latin Warrior Drug Cartels so they can try to trace these purchases – but are so retarded because these pick – up men and routs are never direct paths to the leaders of these organizations – so the U.S.A. government remains imbicilic and causes innocents deaths to occur.

Lee Harvey Oswald told the Dallas Police he did not own a firearm. The carcano seen with Oswald was the Secret Service who glued a head photo of Oswald on another human's body, Russian-Lenin style; as seen Oswald appears to be holding a gun. This is similar to the fake Osama bin Laden C.I.A. video ( now the C.I.A. admits it was a fake promotion) released world-wide in 2003 A.D. of a man admitting to organizing 9/11/11. The C.I.A. continues to be a fraud and do the bidding of the U.S. Senate and U.S. President(s). The C.I.A. promotes fakes to help hide the insidious power struggles for greed and fun. The Secret Service claims they found two photos of Oswald in his garage, one has the carcano model. Then the secret service took a photo from the room they claimed Oswald took the shots, and from this sixth floor of the book repository that was full of box cartons, so Oswald must have had wings to fly, a tree is seen directly in front where Kennedy receives his kill shot. This photo was taken one week after the assassination, the tree had not been trimmed down.

Warren Commission Chair, Allen Dullas, just former C.I.A. chief, fired by John F. Kennedy, stated: “ bullets fly around trees, everyone knows that, if you disagree you are a racist!”     

Just after hearing the first gun fire, Phil Willis snapped this photo (#5), z202 in reaction to z189. An HD photo can be found above under "Unknown Grassy Knoll Human(s): circled. "


Secret Service evidence one week after assassination the sixth floor Book Repository view- finder.  timeline z189.



The bullet of the Kill Shot?

Location: on the top of the Dallas County Records Building at the base of the rampart overlooking Daely Plaza, under a tar-flap near an Air conditioner.

Keep in mind evidence has been planted over the years, all over Daeley Plaza -- at least what has been assumed.

Working on an Air condition unit on top of Dallas Criminal Court Building over looking Daeley Plaza ( the place where Oswald and Ruby would be held for trial if they had went and the trial was in Dallas, these are the top floor, and it was very insecure ( today it is a criminal archive building)), a person named Dean Morgan claims to have found a 30.06 (30-30 hull) shell casing with a sabot slug, a system used to put a smaller round into a larger round to mask the real bullet and are said to explode leaving fragments. This change gives 600 fps ( speed of the bullet) over the carcano model of a 6.5 mm said to be used and Oswald's rifle. A Carcano claimed to be used here as a  Feet Per Second ( fps) at 2,000 while this modified ( at this time only the military could do this job, and it is not until the late 1970s that citizens could make these types of conversions) 30-30 round clocks in at 2,600 fps. When we watch Zapruder frames 313-316, the top head of J.F.K. explodes, and multiple fragmentary orbits are captured at z 313, as well as Mary Moorman's photo click #5. John. Conolly’s wife claims brain matter and blood are scattered all over her clothes, while John F. Kennedy’s wife claims part of her husband’s brains fall into her hands and she also goes to the back of the limo and retrieves bone and other body parts of her husband. This intends that J.F.K.’s head was hit by a military weapon with a very powerful bullet. When you look at a sabor slug, you can instantly tell why a fragmentary dispersement  would take place upon impact.

There is an online debate that these modified bullets, described above are not stable and therefore not accurate, especially from such a distance as a rooftop. However, USR snipers and an ex Green Berets have all stated that this is untrue, they said they have actually practiced doing this and shoot these and if done correctly are quite accurate. The idea of accuracy is the ‘packing’ and making sure the weight is as normal as the real bullet’s form(s). It is most likely a civilian would have difficulty in achieving this balance, a need for practice and much monies ( such as the military has an abundance) can train an expert in packing a bullet into another and tricking the rifle to make it seem that this is the weight and size of its manufactured ballistics. This allows the bullet to fly out; it circles, with the same feel as the normal ballistic made for a rife. And there is no proof that this rifle was not modified for such an operation. This is not a backyard shooting, this was a high profile assassin job.

The question a sabot round being fired at the motorcade has been around for a long time. from what I recall, the wound to Connelly’s back produced a "probability cone" which included the DRB. This is the bullet that explodes Kennedy's head at z313. Connolly is sitting at 15 degrees below and to the left of J.F.K. and the enter-exist wound so well seen in the autopsy drawings and subsequent autopsy photos reveals that if the bullet passed this wound (rt. above rt. eye), then Connolly's shoulder would be in line with the Dallas Criminal Courts building, rooftop.

The cartridge was supposedly crimped in a way that suggested a sabot round had been used in it. The seat of the cartridge was stamped with "Twin Cities Arsenal, 1954" . The Twin Cities Arsenal is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. And according to some they say another place to look is to St. Louis Missouri. Here a special division of the arsenal at St. Louis Missouri, which was known for engineering special rounds and weapons, stated records for sales are kept but that if it has something to do with John. F. Kennedy's assassination then no access is allowed. ( source post by Guest_Wim Dankbaar_* 26 November 2004 - 10:44 AM, accessed 24 Oct. 2013, available from Shell casing on the roof - JFK Assassination , Debate - The Education Forum ;http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/ posttopic=2388; Internet. ).

Dankbaar wrote, All three [ interviews in 1992 at this manufacturing plant], in separate interviews, said that a sabot round for that cartridge required special equipment that was only available at U.S. Army munitions plants; that sabots could not be hand loaded into that type of cartridge until the early seventies when the equipment first became available; that none of them were ever aware of special rounds being loaded at the TCA, though it was possible.

 Windshield Bullet already by Z 225 makes it near impossible for Oswald to make a bullet fly around a tree ( as Secret Service and news gave contemporary views, days after the assassination. A tree was in the Patsy window's perch, the eastern window of the DTSB Depository. So he has to wait until 228 before a view of the president re appears.

This research, which as been available since 2000, has been confirmed by more recent studies by Doug Horne, “Photographic Evidence of Bullet Hole in JFK Windhsield” (4 June 2012) and “JFK Conspiracy: The Bullet Hole in the Windshield” (28 June 2012) and, even more recently, by Dennis Cimino, “Tampering with the limo in the Altgens6″ (20 March 2013).  Indeed, as other students have observed, it can also be seen in Zapruder frame 225:

Firecrackers were heard by witnesses:  these were a flurry of bullets ricocheting, hitting car windshields, deflecting to puncture and bounce off of car metal. Confirmed witnesses to guns of Daeley Plaza indicate by raw tabulation, A Shooter at the north end of knoll, almost buttressed to the triple-overpass, two men behind the stockade fence, about 33 feet from the colonnade steps that go toward Mary and Abraham, and then to whom Summers directly sees shoot the president and confronts him, he is told to go back, be shot or die, then police officers apprehend them, they screamed and show F.B.I. documentation, the Dallas police converse for a few seconds and they go their separate ways. The reason no one is on the knoll or behind were MEAMIC threatening them openly with being hurt or killed. The Chain of Command Was Broken, because in 1947, the F.B.I. had immunity form being arrested. So the gunman that Summers’ sees, he is in many films and can be seen in Abraham Zapruder toward the end of the film, looks directly at a discharge, a gun, a man’s face and his body and clothes. We have the Dal Tex missed bullet, thus the trajectory does link to Oil men’s offices in side of Dal Tex that were collaborating, there is the g fragment, about 10 cm. found about 150 into the Mall grassy area, clear position by F.B.I. reenactment the next day, on photographic evidence. The trajectory of this fragment, being so powerfully flung is only possible from one of the west column windows of the Dallas Texas School Book Depository. This intends at least four shooters or a better interpretation four shooters that took shots.


the changing gun story:

Gun story:

The Warren Commission says that the only weapon involved in the shooting that day was found by Deputy Sheriff E.L. Boone on the sixth floor by the staircase. [20] After Boone found the rifle, Captain Fritz, Deputy Roger Craig, and Deputy Sheriff Weitzman also examined the rifle. [n].

22 Nov. 1963: Gun Story: ( 3:00 p.m. to 11:45 P.M.) = 7.65 Mauser & a Johnson 30.06 rifle, an unknown rifle on the roof of the Depository  ( sources police, news, journalists) and one Mauser on fifth floor reported on Dallas T.V. before the carcano was introduced.

22 Nov. 1963: Gun Story: ( 11:45 P.M. - current) = Italian carcano  with a defective scope,  non-semi or non automatic, single boalt action. 

November 22, 1963 at 1:22 p.m. The Dallas police quickly established that A.J. Hidell was a cover name for Oswald. This is less than one hour after the assassination.

GUN SACK and Fake Fingerprints

Of two different detectives, Robert L. Studebaker and Lt. J.C. Day each claimed in FBI reports to be the one who found the Gun sack. F.B.I. said it found the sack alone somewhere around the sixth floor, did not photogragh it,  and stated Roy Truly witnessed it, and Truly told the F.B.I. no I did not witness it. The Warren Commission told Truly to get lost, we do not need your help.  Documents show two conflicting documents exist.  http://www.giljesus.com/jfk/the_bag.htm.

But what about finger prints? Latona's description of what part of the left index finger left the print is equally silly. He testified that the part of the finger that left the print was on the LEFT SIDE ( thumb side ) of the left index finger at the first joint ( distal phalanx ). ( 4 H 8 ) ( CE 634 ).In fact, you cannot see a finger print, it is so black, look at exibit WW CE 634!

How Lyndon B. Johnson and C.I.A. Set Up Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald and others handing out "Fair Play for Cuba" leaflets in New Orleans, August 16, 1963. Photo by C.I.A. Morales, and L.B.J.  plans to set up patsy already in play!

Because of his Latin heritage, this C.I.A. spook helped run Cuban guns into America for a covert Cuba operation after Kennedy had dismantled American Imperialism. This C.I.A. had French Connection, Mexico City wing as a part of his itinerary.

Oswald was so poor, only receiving $33 dollars unemployment he left to the Mexican American boarder to run guns for pick – up monies in September of 1963. This is how he gets involved with Jack Ruby, who works part time for Congressman Richard Nixon on Nixon’s original plan called Bay of Pigs. .

This photo (and film) was taken by David Sánchez Morales (August 26, 1925 - May 8, 1978), a Spanish native, Mexican descent,  was a Central Intelligence Agency operative ( began 1951) who rose to rank position of world leader assassin.

Here is the proof:

Warren Commissions Lone Gunman conclusions:

The Warren Commission, created by President Lyndon B. Johnson to investigate the assassination, concluded that Oswald acted alone in assassinating Kennedy (this view is known as the lone gunman theory). The Commission could not ascribe any one motive or group of motives to Oswald's actions:

It is apparent, however, that Oswald was moved by an overriding hostility to his environment. He does not appear to have been able to establish meaningful relationships with other people. He was perpetually discontented with the world around him. Long before the assassination he expressed his hatred for American society and acted in protest against it.

The Dallas Police said they found two negatives in Marina's storage where Oswald kept his personal belongings. One of the photos was never accounted for, lost in the Dallas Police Dept.:  CE 749, the original negative to CE 133-B, was the only negative recovered from the possession of the Dallas Police Department; consequently, it was the only original negative available to the Panel for analysis. There is no official record explaining why the Dallas Police Department failed to give the Warren Commission the other original negative. (159)" .

Marina confessed she had taken photos of Oswald in the back yard, but was very intimidated because everyone was dying around the investigation, and she would be next, unless you do what they say. Today, at her 50 th anniversary, she opens up, not in total fear anylonger, she says, Oswald did not shoot anyone. "CE 133-A and 133-B were considered to be drugstore or photofinisher prints because they appeared to have been produced on the type of commercial photoprinting machine used by photo finishers for camera stores, drugstores and mass-produced prints "( more here at JFK Lancer). So the "most reliable photographic information; subsequent generation materials tend to lose detail in highlight and shadow areas, suffer deterioration of tonal quality, and are prone to include new defects that may impair the accurate representation of the photographic image. " ( most investigations ignore damage from endless copies and call them originals, even the experts; Missing Negatives, The Warren Commission misled us to believe that the Dallas Police found only one negative of the backyard photographs. They reported the negative of CE 133-A was never recovered. Posted June 28, 2003 http://hdblenner.com/missing.htm).

The original found photos of Oswald by the Dallas Police were blurry, faded, poorly produced. Tampering could have been rampant.  The Warren Commission photos given to the investigation then appeared as if some paparazzi with a $12,000 camera set up Movie film shoot, and took state of the art photos, as totally clear photos now existed. This led to Robert Gordon’s charge that these are fakes. The photos Marina took were of Oswald with Guns, the guns he ran for pick-up cash, and the second photo that the Dallas Police claimed they confidently lost was probably another photo of Oswald with a gun not a carcano but perhaps another of the French Connection gun running weapons. This would have raised an ire at the findings and opened up a can – of worms, so – to – speak, that the Nixon Congresman was evading Kennedy’s mandate and was planning to invade Cuba with a rag-tag set of C.I.A. operatives and native Cubans.


The carcano Oswald holds in the Marina Oswald faux photo

 (used as a fact in Warren Commission, et al.) was a 32 while the plant in Dallas Texas School Book Depository, that carcano was a 36. There is no proof Oswald picked up or signed for a carcano at the U.S. Post Office, where code name A. Hiddle purchased a carcano in another state, when over 25 Dallas stores sold carcanos for just as cheap or cheaper and with not trace, no identification, no back ground checks and no surveillance. The Warren Commissin claims well a 32 is close to a 36 so Oswald is still the lone shooter.


Oswald While In Custody said, that is my head pasted onto another person's body!


How to Cut-&-Paste Carcanos for Mom's Arts and Crafts Afterschool Activities for the world’s  children, so they can be as murderous as the U.S.A.'s Military Complex!

Lee Harvey Oswald had no scare near his mouth, nor anywhere on his face. This is the official Warren Commission photo said to be retrieved at Marina's residence, R.Paine's storage complex. Marina, a K.G.B. agent, and adopted N.S.A. assets, claimed she took these photos. The House in the background was not hers but the back alley of  Major General Edwin Anderson Walker's home. This is because the N.S.A./F.B.I. Dullas as C.I.A. had been setting up Oswald as a patsy for Dallas, and two other Patsies in other cities, one in Tampa, and one in Chicago.


“Plausible deniability” was sanctioned by the June 18, 1948, National Security Council directive NSC 10/2. “Since NSC 10/2 authorized violations of international law, it also established official lying as their indispensable cover.


NUMBER 27.* These two photos are enlargements of the two photos found in the garage. The line where Oswald's real head was glued onto the two photos of another man's body at the chin line can be seen. A whole series of mistakes was made by the team who did this work. One of the most obvious is the way the shadow under Oswald's nose in the two photos tilts with his head. This shows that the same head photo was glued on at two different angles. These fake photos taken with a camera that didn't belong to Oswald were accepted as totally valid by the Warren Commission and the FBI. Marina Oswald was forced by the assassination team to testify that she took these two photos. ( daveus rattus , c.f. Guns of Dallas, 1975. 


Les fameuses photos de l'arrière-cour (Backyard photos.) How to fake the photos and make them appear original.

C.I.A. Heah!, we found photos in less than one hour, WoW, we are good, really good!

All the photos that come down to us are looking like 10 th generation copies and told to us these are the originals from the negatives. Oswald said these photos were real but were faked, he did not own a carcano. Oswald ran carcanos with Ruby, and posed with guns to Marina, as she had said; but he did not own them or use them, according to Marina. Moralas, C.I.A. is already setting up Oswald by September 1963, as history proves.

Once you edit, cut-and-past, then take a new photo with a super high quality camera, as admitted too by the C.I.A. and then developed that film and it will not have grain nor evidence to show it was doctored.

How to Cut-&-Paste Carcanos for Mom's Arts and Crafts Afterschool Activities for the world’s  children, so they can be as devious as the U.S.A.'s Military Complex!

30 mars, 2006 Backyard photos - Quelques précisions afin d'éviter toutes méprises... Modif. 09/07/2006

Mars [March] 2006 par [by] Marcel Dehaeseleer . La Petite Gazette : Les nouvelles de Copweb JFK en français. 

full list of photos and investigations



(381) On review of 133A-deMohrenschildt (see figs. IV-2O and IV-21, JFK exhibits F-382 (front) and F-383 (reverse)), the panel noted that it had been probably made in a high quality enlarger with a high quality lens. Below was presented as original to the Warren Commission.


In 1963, a gun could be purchased in the state of Texas without a permit or any record of the purchase. We know by C.I.A. information Oswald was down in Mexico City running guns for the French Connection. These carcanos are old types of weapons, just post world war two guns,  and they are not reliable to do the job that was witnessed at the assassination. They were for some vagabond attempt to invade Cuba now that Kennedy had refused U.S. Military intervention. It is wishful thinking the Italian and mainly the Chicago Mafia were going to field a small military and invade Cuba on their own with these deplorable old fashion Italian made weapons.

The Warren Commission argued that Oswald  had a national security card ( how did he get this and who he had worked for?) and purchased a carcano by mail from Chicago. This took them about 52 minuets to figure out ( 12:30 p.m. - 1:22 p.m.).  This is how he was linked to a gun; and he said he never had owned a gun. If one will use a weapon they do not want a paper trial, and there was no need to order it by mail, because if Oswald did not want to be caught or did not care about the aftermath of traitorship actions, he would have purchase any gun at one of the many local gun stores in Texas. The story was made up, just as the Commissoin argued bullets fly around trees, and dance in the sky. The Warren Commission treated humans on earth as chumps.

John S. Craig recorded in his web page The Guns of Dealey Plaza ( a part of a wider narrative) that  What the people ( Police and first responders) found near the stairway was a 7.65 Mauser bolt action . The 6.5 Mannlicher-Carcano rifles were from the French Connection and found all over crime scenes across the U.S.A. the fact the C.I.A. and working parties had no imagination, they used the most popular underground, hardly reliable gun.

On the afternoon of the shooting, KBOX, a Dallas television station, broadcast that "a rifle has been found in a staircase on the fifth floor ... Sheriff's deputies identify the weapon as a 7.65 Mauser ... " [25] To add to the confusion WBAP-TV reported that a British Enfield 303 had been found in the Depository. [26].

Dallas police officer Lt. Day took the rifle to police headquarters on Friday afternoon and dictated a detailed report of the weapon's description to his secretary, but the report was never included in the Commission's exhibits. [27] Later that night at a televised press conference, Dallas District Attorney Wade declared that the rifle found in the Depository was a 7.65 German Mauser. [28] Lt. Day released the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle to the FBI at 11:45 p.m., November 22, 1963.

Where is Lee Harvey Oswald?

Marrion Baker and Roy Truly on the 2nd floor some 70 seconds after the shots encounter Oswald and they testify he is not sweating nor is he out of breath. 12:31:10 p.m.

WHEN THEY KILL A PRESIDENT by Roger Craig, a Dallas Deputy Sherriff who was on duty in Dealey Plaza on November 22nd, 1963. Craig summarizes what the Warren Commission expects people to believe regarding Lee Harvey Oswald's whereabouts between the time he allegedly shot President Kennedy and allegedly shot policeman Tippit:

"Dallas police Officer Baker talked to Oswald at 12:35 p.m.
in the lunch room of the Texas School Book Depository.
This would give Oswald 30 minutes or less to
finish his coke, leave the building, walk four blocks east on Elm Street,
catch a bus and ride it back west in heavy traffic for two blocks,
get off the bus and walk two more blocks west and
turn south on Lamar Street, walk four blocks and
have a conversation with a cab driver and a woman
over the use of Whaley's (the cab driver's) cab,
get into the cab and ride to 500 North Beckley Street,
get out and walk to 1026 North Beckley where his (Oswald's) room was located,
pick up something [allegedly a jacket or handgun];
and if that is not enough,
the housekeeper where Oswald lived, testified that
at 1:05 p.m. Oswald was waiting for a bus in front of his rooming house
and FINALLY, to make him the fastest man on Earth,
he walked to East 10th Street & Patton Street, several blocks away
and killed J. D. Tippit between 1:05 and 1:08 p.m.
If he had not been arrested when he was, it is my belief that
Earl Warren and his Commission would have had
Lee Harvey Oswald eating dinner in Havana!"


(shots take place at 12:30:00 - to 12:30:08.4) 

seven-mile adventure in one hour and seventeen minuets, amidst snarling traffic and multiple stories.



Within seconds of the shooting, Officer Marrion Baker ran into the book depository; he had noticed pigeons flying away from the roof of the building the moment of the gunshots. Baker encountered Roy Truly, who identified himself. The two men ran toward the upper floors. When they reached the second floor, Baker noticed Oswald calmly standing by the soda machine in the snackroom, stuck his service revolver in Oswald's abdomen, and asked Truly if Oswald belonged there. Truly said that Oswald indeed worked for him, and the two men continued up to the sixth floor. Truly later stated in his testimony that Oswald was told, then, that the president had been shot. Oswald did not rush away. He bought a bottle of soda, and, rather than running out the back stairway, which was just a few feet away, he calmly walked through the room with the telephne switchboard to the front of the building and down the front stairs to the first floor.( Jackie Jura, in Orwell Today: U.S. Government Believed Oswald was a Superman!).

Oswald co-worker no longer silent about JFK assassination role. Dallas Morning News, Nov 16, 2008.

...Buell Frazier drove Lee Harvey Oswald to work that fateful Nov. 22....Mr. Frazier helped train Oswald at his new job (Oswald was hired at the book depository Oct. 16) and had driven him to Irving several times soon faded from most people's memories. But another factor remained noteworthy. Officials assumed that the package Oswald carried to work that morning was the Italian-made rifle he used to kill Kennedy. Mr. Frazier still doesn't believe it. When Oswald got in his car that morning, Mr. Frazier hardly noticed the bundle Oswald laid on the back seat. "He told me he was taking some curtain rods for his room," Mr. Frazier said. "I didn't think much about it." Mr. Frazier parked his car behind the depository building and revved his engine for a few moments, charging his low battery, and watched Oswald walk about 200 yards into the building with the package under his arm. In his testimony before the Warren Commission, Mr. Frazier said the brown paper package Oswald carried that morning was too short to contain a rifle. Oswald cupped the package in his hand, he said, and it fit under his armpit. In Washington, Mr. Frazier said, he was "pressured" to change his recollection. In the days afterward, he was badgered by the media, harassed by people who didn't understand his relationship to Oswald and even became fearful for his life...."I know what I saw," he said, "and I've never changed one bit."... ibid.,
Jackie Jura, in Orwell Today.

Lee Harvey Oswald and John F. Kennedy saw Eye-to-Eye on the Cuban matter and communism. Lee Harvey Oswald and John F. Kennedy were ideologically in sync.

 How Did Oswald Become Known to the U.S.A. Government?

“Hands off Cuba” incident of the summer of 1963. He was ruffed up by pro-imperialists in New Orleans who were taking down his signs he posted, and the incident was debated on the radio, just near the offices of Guy Bannister, former head of the Chicago FBI, and perhaps the most virulent anti-communist in the Delta. some of the fliers had been stamped with the New Orleans address 544 Camp Street, a unit in the same building as the office of Guy Bannister.

David Sánchez Morales (August 26, 1925 - May 8, 1978), a Spanish native, Mexican descent,  was a Central Intelligence Agency operative ( began 1951) who rose to rank position of world leader assassin. Morales had filmed Oswald passing out pamphlets, the ones we see on these documentaries about Lee H. Oswald. As part of the French Connection, New Orleans offered a port of call for meeting fellow compatriots. Also, at these ports are the C.I.A. monitoring pro-freedom parties of Cuba -- to which the Military Complex saw as a real threat to American imperialism.

Lee Harvey Oswald was set up as patsy and JFK was murdered by several hit-teams in corssfire instead, the whole thing and Dealey Plaza was prepared for the assassination by a mud-pool of corrupt CIA-assets, police-men, “secret-service-men”, Cuban exile fighters and a lot of extra, for example TSBD employee Jack Dougherty, who was on the 6th und 5th floor, when the shots rang out. You can see one of the real assassinators in the Bothun photo walk away. Learn more about him on http://www.jfkmurdersolved.com. CIA-mastermind David Atlee Phillips was the main orchestrator, CIA-general Ed Lansdale supervised the scene, he is on photo on Dealey Plaza even, together with the “3 tramps”, as well as “radio man” Orland Bosch, “firestairs man”, “apron man”, “umbrella man”, Lucien Conein, Milteer, Hemmings. - Christoph Messner, post,  December 28, 2009 at 10:47 am

Marina Oswald says Oswald was a hero and did not kill Kennedy ( 2013 a part of the 50 th annv.). When someone goes to work, lifting boxes, they do not wear their weeding rings.

The C.I.A. claims if anyone takes off their wedding ring it means they are about to assassinate the president. The C.I.A.'s IQ is near zero!



The case against Oswald

http://www.giljesus.com/ Was Lee Harvey Oswald REALLY Guilty ? An Examination of the Evidence in the Case Against Oswald.
By Gil Jesus


(http://www.giljesus.com/) According to several government investigations, including the Warren Commission, as Kennedy's motorcade passed through Dallas's Dealey Plaza about 12:30 p.m. on November 22, Oswald fired three rifle shots from the sixth-floor, southeast corner window of the Book Depository, killing the President and seriously wounding Texas Governor John Connally. Bystander James Tague received a minor facial injury. According to the investigations, immediately after firing his last shot, Oswald hid and covered the rifle with boxes and descended using the rear stairwell. About ninety seconds after the shooting, in the second-floor lunchroom, he encountered police officer Marrion Baker accompanied by Oswald's supervisor Roy Truly; Baker let Oswald pass after Truly identified him as an employee. According to Baker, Oswald did not appear to be nervous or out of breath. Oswald descended using the front staircase, and left the Depository through the front entrance just before police sealed it off. Oswald's supervisor, Roy Truly, later pointed out to officers that Oswald was the only employee that he was certain was missing.

At about 12:40 p.m., Oswald boarded a city bus but (probably due to heavy traffic) he requested a transfer from the driver and got off two blocks later. He took a taxicab to his rooming house, at 1026 North Beckley Avenue, arriving at about 1:00 p.m. He entered through the front door and, according to his housekeeper Earlene Roberts, immediately went to his room, "walking pretty fast". Oswald left "a very few minutes" later, zipping up a jacket he was not wearing when he had entered earlier, and that she last saw Oswald standing at the northbound Beckley Avenue bus stop in front of the house.

Oswald was next witnessed near the corner of East 10th Street and North Patton Avenue, about nine-tenths of a mile (1.4 km) southeast of his rooming house—a distance that the Warren Commission said, "Oswald could have easily walked". According to the Warren Commission, it was here that Patrolman J. D. Tippit pulled alongside Oswald and "apparently exchanged words with [him] through the right front or vent window." "Shortly after 1:15 p.m.",  Tippit exited his car and was immediately struck and killed by four shots. Numerous witnesses heard the shots and saw a man flee the scene holding a revolver. Four cartridge cases found at the scene were identified by expert witnesses before the Warren Commission and the House Select Committee as having been fired from the revolver later found in Oswald's possession, to the exclusion of all other weapons. The bullets taken from Tippit's body could not be positively identified however as coming from Oswald's revolver.

Shoe store manager Johnny Brewer testified that minutes later he saw Oswald "ducking into" the entrance alcove of his store. Suspicious of this activity, Brewer watched Oswald continue up the street and slip into the nearby Texas Theatre without paying. He alerted the theater's ticket clerk, who telephoned police at about 1:40 pm.

As police arrived, the house lights were brought up and Brewer pointed out Oswald sitting near the rear of the theater. Oswald appeared to surrender (saying, "Well, it is all over now") then pulled a pistol tucked into the front of his trousers, pointed it at an officer, and pulled the trigger. However, the officer (Nick McDonald) stated that the hammer came down on the webbing between his thumb and first finger of his own left hand as he grabbed for the pistol, and it did not fire. Oswald also struck the officer with his left hand. However, the officer struck back and Oswald was disarmed after a struggle. As he was led from the theater, Oswald shouted he was a victim of police brutality.

At about 2 p.m., Oswald arrived at the Police Department building, where he was questioned by Detective Jim Leavelle about the shooting of Officer Tippit. When Captain J. W. Fritz heard Oswald's name, he recognized it as that of the Book Depository employee who was reported missing and was already a suspect in the assassination. Oswald was booked for both murders, and by the end of the night he had been arraigned as well.

Soon after his capture Oswald encountered reporters in a hallway, declaring "I didn't shoot anyone" and "They're taking me in because of the fact I lived in the Soviet Union. I'm just a patsy!" Later, at an arranged press meeting, a reporter asked, "Did you kill the President?" and Oswald, who by that time had been advised of the charge of murdering Tippit, but not yet arraigned in Kennedy's death, answered "No, I have not been charged with that. In fact, nobody has said that to me yet. The first thing I heard about it was when the newspaper reporters in the hall asked me that question." As he was led from the room, "What did you do in the USSR?" was called out, and "How did you hurt your eye?"; Oswald answered, "A policeman hit me."

Oswald asked for legal representation several times while being interrogated, as well as in encounters with reporters. But when a representative of the Dallas Bar Association met with him in his cell on Saturday, he declined their services, saying he wanted to be represented by John Abt, chief counsel to the Communist Party USA, or by lawyers associated with the American Civil Liberties Union. Both Oswald and Ruth Paine tried to reach Abt by telephone several times Saturday and Sunday, but Abt was away for the weekend.

On Sunday, November 24, Oswald was being led through the basement of Dallas Police Headquarters preparatory to his transfer to the county jail when, at 11:21 a.m., Dallas nightclub operator Jack Ruby stepped from the crowd and shot Oswald in the abdomen. Oswald died at 1:07 p.m. at Parkland Memorial Hospital—the same hospital where President Kennedy had died 48 hours and 7 minutes earlier.

A network television camera, there to cover the transfer, was broadcasting live at the time, and millions thereby witnessed the shooting as it happened. Ruby later said he had been distraught over Kennedy's death and that his motive for killing Oswald was "...saving Mrs. Kennedy the discomfort of coming back to trial."

Ruby's murder of Oswald in front of 75 armed police officers caused an outcry of conspiracy, both from the left and the right. 

http://www.giljesus.com/ Was Lee Harvey Oswald REALLY Guilty ? An Examination of the Evidence in the Case Against Oswald.
By Gil Jesus


Enter the Warren Commission

The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, known unofficially as the Warren Commission, was established on November 29, 1963, by Lyndon B. Johnson to investigate the assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Its 888-page final report was presented to President Johnson on September 24, 1964,[2] and made public three days later. It concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the killing of Kennedy and the wounding of Texas Governor John Connally, and that Jack Ruby also acted alone when he killed Oswald. The Commission's findings have since proven controversial and been challenged by later studies.

In November 1964, two months after the publication of its 888-page report, the Commission published twenty-six volumes of supporting documents, including the testimony or depositions of 552 witnesses and more than 3,100 exhibits.

The Commission had no investigative mechanism for finding out facts. It depended on the FBI for all of the information it received. Its was never meant to investigate the assassination. Its mandate was to pass independent judgment on facts collected for it and witnesses presented to it. 

The Commission emphasized evidence that pointed to Oswald's guilt, while ignoring evidence that pointed towards his innocence. A whole series of conclusions were based on carefully selected evidence, while the full body of evidence did not point to those conclusions. They chose to ignore a great deal of evidence which not only didn't prove their case, but actually disproved it. In addition, there was evidence that the Commission never saw, evidence the FBI never brought to its attention and evidence the Commission did not think worth hearing.

It is this evidence that I present to you, the reader.

One purpose of the due process of law is to protect the rights of the accused. A second purpose is to ascertain the truth. Each one insures the other: the rights of the accused are guaranteed by the fair presentation of all of the pertinent evidence. Some rules of evidence do not pertain to the truth alone. For example, a wife cannot testify against her husband in most jurisdictions. In this case, the Commission overlooked this rule.

It is generally improper during the examination of a witness in an ordinary trial for counsel to pose leading questions. But Commission counsel regularly and persistently asked leading questions in order to develop a favorable record consistent with Oswald's guilt. Some witnesses were intimidated while others were prepared by the FBI, Secret Service, Commission counsel or all three.

A rule against hearsay evidence, that which a witness has heard and repeats without knowing it to be true, exists in every jurisdiction. Yet nearly all of the 552 witnesses who gave testimony to the Commissioners and their counsel contained hearsay, not to mention the thousands of FBI and Secret Service reports which were  entirely comprised of hearsay.

There is no more serious threat to the truth than an attempt to tamper with a witness. The integrity of any judicial or administrative proceeding is predicated on the ability of a witness to testify freely. Powerful influences from local police, the FBI, Secret Service and Commission counsel tended to discourage testimony that did not conform to the accepted conclusion.


The Commission and the witnesses

The Commission ignored witnesses who had unique evidence to offer, like Walter Kirk Coleman, the 14 year old neighbor of General Walker, who said that he heard a shot and ran outside to see two men in the church parking lot next to Walker's house and neither man resembled Oswald.

Reasons of relevance and/or economy alone cannot account for this type of omission. 

The Commission called and took testimony from Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, a right wing author and speaker. Dr. Oliver had no relevant information about the assassination to give the Commission, yet his testimony covers 35 pages ----- more than the combined testimonies of Jacqueline Kennedy, Gov. Connally and Mrs. Connally !!!!!

The witness list, the list of those witnesses who would give testimony for the record, was completely controlled by the FBI. Witnesses were often available to the Commission only after they had been questioned, sometimes repeatedly, by the Dallas Police, FBI or the Secret Service.

As a result, hearsay evidence was admitted, while crucial eyewitness testimony was excluded. Opinions were sought and published, while important facts were rejected, distorted or ignored. Friendly witnesses gave testimony without fear of cross-examination and were led through their paces by lawyers who helped to prepare their testimony in advance and asked them leading questions, while those who challenged the government's case were often harassed. Important witnesses with invaluable evidence to give, like those who stood on the overpass, were never called.

Not only was the FBI's selection of witnesses slanted towards Oswald's guilt, the Commission ignored evidence that indicated that witnesses had signed affidavits identifying Oswald from a police lineup before they had even seen the lineup !!! This didn't happen once, but three times !!!   ( Whaley, Guinyard and Callaway )

How did the Commission handle the affidavit issue ? It concluded in its Report:

"Guinyard and Callaway viewed the same lineup of four men from which Mrs. Markham had earlier made her identification of Lee Harvey Oswald. Both men picked Oswald as the man who had run south on Patton with a gun in his hand." ( Report, pg. 169 )

What the Commission did not report was that the three other men in those two lineups with Oswald were police employees. Unlike Oswald, none of them were battered and bruised.


The Commission and the physical evidence

The Commission's approach to physical evidence was also unsatisfactory. Federal authorities mutilated, destroyed, suppressed and reconstructed evidence. The Commission ignored it.

An example of mutilated evidence was the brown paper "gunsack" allegedly found on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. It was chemically discolored by the FBI before any of the witnesses could see it and was ruined as evidence. An example of reconstructed evidence was the brown paper gunsack the FBI constructed in its place, which was the bag shown to witnesses.

An example of destroyed evidence included the original Kennedy autopsy notes first prepared and then burned by Commander Humes. Another example is the premature destruction by the Dallas Post Office of the third part of Oswald's post office box application. 

An example of suppressed evidence included the X-rays and photographs of the President's autopsy. It is shocking to note that although medical evidence of such importance was not published in the 26 volumes or in its Report, the Commission found the room to include a dental chart for Jack Ruby's mother revealing the condition of her teeth in 1938.



The man sent to take the x-ray photos said strange men ( perhaps SS) came into room to get at the body, and brought a rifle and placed Oswald’s dead hand to the gun to form prints, and they did not mind anyone was watching. After they did their business they just walked out. Jackie ordered L.B.J. to fly her husband’s body to John Hopkins because the best autopsy doctor was practicing in Dallas, and the next best location for world experts were there, and L.B.J. told Kellerman  that is not happening, we will get it to two novice medicos who never had viewed a dead corps with bullet wounds, Hoover told Johnson at the Assassination Party; so this happened. The importance is that Bethesda is the N.S.A. Navy Army Intel facility, thus the Military Complex, it is used for cover ups and thus employees struggling yes men, such as the two pathetic doctors. It is like our modern Join Chief of Staff public statements, you need us we run our own program [secret government]  but we aim to make America safe.

Then after these men left, others arrived and after getting the X-rays, the X-ray man's film was confiscated. He had no authority to protest.



The Commissioners themselves had little contact with the evidence. The majority of the Commissions witnesses were questioned by its lawyers. Most of the witness testimony was done by deposition, with only Commission counsel, the witness and a person to record the testimony present. The Commissioners had day jobs, but one, Allen Dullas, fired because he and his family had built the Military Complex, he had no full time employment after John had sacked him. But Hoover and Johnson the kings of Murder Inc., Military Complex chose Allen Dullas to be on the judge and panel so he could block all evidence that Ford, Specter and others would never see or know about.

The Testimony vs. the Commission's Report

The Commission ignored the testimony of its own witnesses, some of them experts, in order to conclude that Oswald was guilty as charged. Tests conducted at the Commission's request were often inconclusive, irrelevant or proved the opposite of the Commission's position. In addition, the Commission flat out lied in its Report about what the witnesses said.

The Case for Oswald is a mirror of this site below, please give all credit and visit this page.

http://www.giljesus.com/ Was Lee Harvey Oswald REALLY Guilty ? An Examination of the Evidence in the Case Against Oswald.
By Gil Jesus


Lee Harvey Oswald's Daughter Speaks out near 30 th anniversary.

1995 April

Q: But are you comfortable with the fact that Lee Oswald played at least some role?

A: I think there definitely is circumstantial evidence that could imply he had something to do with it because of the characters he was hanging out with in New Orleans. But you know, just because you're hanging out with a weird group - they could have set him up, and he could have had no idea what was going on that day.

Q: After all this time?

A: Part of it was the big anniversary, the 30th. There were a lot of things leading up to that that they wanted Mom to do, and Mom in recent years has gotten more and more involved, I guess because she's getting older and trying to rectify some of the things she may have done unintentionally-like stating publicly that Lee did it. I've never seen her act like that, like she needed to become more of a crusader, and it's taking its toll.

Q: On your relationship with her as well?

A: It has put certain strain on it. Mom accused me one day of being ashamed of who I was. I don't think that's true. It's not a matter of being ashamed, it's a matter of wanting to be judged as June Oswald and not "the daughter of Lee Harvey Oswald."

Q: Do you and Rachel argue much about this?

A: Yes. Just in recent years; but yes. We are very close - except when these kinds of things come up.

See, this is the difference. We vis­ited the set of “JFK" when it was going on, and somebody said, “Your father was a hero." Well, that's what Rachel wants to believe. Rachel loved listening to that. She got all caught up, because she wants so badly to have this identification with her father.

That didn't set well with me. If they could prove somehow that he was innocent, he'd still not be a hero, he'd be a martyr. I have to remind Rachel that this is the man who beat our mother, who didn't provide for his children. I tell her, "Rachel, for all we know, we could have been living in the streets." Because that's mostly what I think of when I think of Lee. As for what his exact role in the assassination was - well, he'll have to be judged for that before God.

Steve Salerno, From The New York Times Magazine, April 30, 1995. Lee Harvey's Oldest June Oswald, As America's obsession with her father, goes on, a daughter tries to set the record straight. ( accessed 13 Nov. 2013, available from : http://jfkassassination.net/parnell/june.htm ; Internet.


What about Oswald's adult life?


Date Residence Activity
Oct. 26, 1956 San Diego Reports to Marine Corps Basic Training
March 18, 1957 Jacksonville, FL Naval Air Technical Training Center
May 1957 Biloxi, MS Keesler AFB
July 1957 El Toro, CA Marine Corps Air Station
Aug./Sept. 1957 U.S.S. Bexar Pacific Crossing
September 1957 Atsugi, Japan Marine Air Control Squadron No. 1
November 1957 Atsugi, Japan Shoots self with derringer / Court-martialed
Nov. 57/March 58 Various Pacific Maneuvers with Marine Unit
June 27, 1958 Atsugi Court-martialed for fight with Sergeant / Confined until August 13
Sept./Oct. 1958 South China Sea With Marine unit
December 1958 El Toro, CA Marine Corps Air Station
Sept. 11, 1959 Released from active duty
Sept. 20, 1959 New Orleans Sails for Europe
Oct. 10, 1959 London Takes Plane to Helsinki
Oct. 16, 1959 Arrives in Moscow
Oct. 21, 1959 Hotel Berlin Apparent suicide attempt
Oct. 31, 1959 U. S. Embassy Attempts to renounce U.S. citizenship
Jan. 7, 1960 Arrives in Minsk
Jan. 1960 — May 1962 Minsk Oswald very closely surveiled by KGB
Feb. 1961 Minsk Writes U.S. Embassy / Wants to return to U.S.
March 17, 1961 Minsk Meets Marina Nikolayevna Prusakova
April 1961 Washington D.C.

Oswald's Mother goes to Washington D.C. to the C.I.A. to find her son. Six weeks later she revives all information of his whereabouts. Televised interviews with Mother.

April 30, 1961 Minsk Lee and Marina Married
May, 1962 Oswalds leave Minsk, travel to Fort Worth
June/July 1962 Fort Worth Live with Robert Oswald

Assassination researchers Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann, in their 2005 book “Ultimate Sacrifice,” point out that Oswald was “a seemingly communist ex-Marine who was able to get a job at a sensitive firm – a Dallas company that helped prepare maps on U-2 spy plane photos – even after he returned from his ‘defection’ to the Soviet Union.

July/Aug. 1962 Fort Worth Lived with Marguerite Oswald / Gets job at Leslie Welding Co.
Aug. 1962 Fort Worth Move to 2703 Mercedes Street
Oct. 1962 Dallas Begins at Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall Co.
Nov. 1962 Dallas Move to 604 Elsbeth Street
Feb. 22, 1963 Dallas Oswalds meet Paines
March 12, 1963 Dallas C.I.A. Counter Intel, so not true Lee orders rifle from ad for Klein's Sporting Goods in American Rifleman
March 1963 Dallas Move to 214 West Neely Street / Lee receives pistol and rifle
March 31, 1963 Dallas Oswald, in black "hunter of fascists" outfit, gives cheap Imperial Reflex camera to Marina, is photographed with rifle and pistol and infront and backyard of General Walker's house
April 10, 1963 Dallas Assassination attempt on General Walker. Lee leaves note for Marina, telling her how to deal with his death or arrest. This is the first page of the note, and this is the second.

witnesses: a 14-year-old boy in a neighboring house claimed that immediately after the shooting he saw two men [ Just as witnesses claimed they saw two men shoot officer Tippet!), in separate cars, drive out of a church parking lot adjacent to Walker's home.  A friend of Walker's testified that two nights before the shooting he saw "two men around the house peeking in windows."  General Walker gave this information to the police before the shooting, but it did not help solve the crime.

Robert A. Frazier, an FBI ballistics identification expert,
testified that he was "unable to reach a conclusion" as to
whether or not the bullet recovered from Walker's house had been fired from the rifle found on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building.

Firearms identification.---In the room beyond the one in which
General Walker was sitting on the night of the shooting the
Dallas police recovered a badly mutilated bullet which had come to rest on a stack of paper. The Dallas City County
Investigation Laboratory tried to determine the type of weapon which fired the bullet, but could not.

April 24, 1963 Lee leaves for New Orleans / Marina moves to Paine home
May 10, 1963 New Orleans Gets job with Reily Coffee Company
May 11, 1963 New Orleans Marina joins Lee at 4905 Magazine Street
July 19, 1963 New Orleans Oswald fired by Reily Coffee Company
August 9, 1963 New Orleans Oswald arrested in altercation passing out Fair Play for Cuba leaflets C.I.A. world class assasin David Sánchez Morales, filmed Oswald.

When Oswald was arrested in New Orleans, 9 August 1963  as he had left his wife at this time,  he uses his only call to the F.B.I. head office and is out of jail within hours.


Sept. 23/25, 1963 New Orleans Marina leaves for Dallas with Mrs. Paine / Oswald leaves for Mexico City

David Atlee Phillips official position was chief of the Mexico C.I.A. unit, he maintained Oswald was never In Mexico City.


Oct. 3, 1963 Oswald arrives in Dallas
Oct. 15, 1963 Dallas Oswald Hired by Roy Truly at Texas School Book Depository
Oct. 16, 1963 Dallas Oswald begins work at Depository
Nov. 22, 1963, 12:30 pm. Dealey Plaza, Dallas Kennedy Shot, fatally wounded
Nov. 22, 1963, 12:40 pm. (approx.) Elm Street Fleeing Oswald boards Cecil McWatters bus, then gets off, taking transfer.
Nov. 22, 1963, 1:15 (approx.) 10th and Patton Streets two Oswalds shoots Officer Tippit
Nov. 22, 1963, 1:30 (approx.) Jefferson Street Johnny Calvin Brewer, shoe store clerk, sees Oswald acting suspiciously, follows to Texas Theater
Nov. 22, 1963 Dallas Oswald arrested in Texas Theater / Taken to police car / Booked, charged with killing Tippit
Nov. 22, 1963 Dallas Phony Selective Service Card found on Oswald
Nov. 22, 1963 (afternoon) Dallas Police Headquarters Marina tells police that Oswald owned rifle, which is now missing.
Nov. 22, 1963 (late evening) Dallas Oswald faces press in news conference

Did you shoot the president? Oswald:

"That is ridicules." Both J.F.K. and Oswald were specified Marxists or saw things about the world on a same ideological page, He had no reason to want to kill him. . Oswald wanted a free Cuba, J.F.K. wanted a free Cuba, just as America was free. Oswald said he was not a communist because no such thing exists. The Soviet Union, means what it means in Russian. An elite advisory board over its state population. I guess you can cite a dictatorial oligarchy of a special class and privileged to which controls the military.

Nov. 24, 1963 Dallas Oswald shot, killed by Jack Ruby
Nov. 24, 1963 (afternoon) Dallas Lee's dead body lies in Parkland morgue
Nov. 25, 1963 Fort Worth Oswald funeral, Lee buried at Rose Hill cemetery, by Miller Funeral Home.

sources for Oswald activities and biograghy and Commission findings and false claims


How and why the Warren Commission framed Lee Harvey Oswald
A factual account based on the Commission's public and private documents

by Howard Roffman

©1976 by A.S. Barnes and Co., Inc.
©1975 by Associated University Presses, Inc.

ISBN 0-498-01933-0


[16] E.g., see Anthony Lewis's coverage of the Warren Report and editorial comment by James Reston, New York Times, September 28, 1964; Washington Post coverage of the same date, including praise by Robert Donovan, p. A14, Roscoe Drummond, p. A13, Marquis Childs, and an editorial saying the Report "deserves acceptance as the whole truth, and nothing but the truth," a favorable editorial in the Washington Evening Star, September 28, 1964, p. A-8; Time (October 2, 1964) and Newsweek (October 5, 1964) carried lengthy "news" features praising the Report.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer who earned his Ph.D. in the history and the philosophy of science, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the Duluth campus of the University of Minnesota. He co-edits assassinationresearch.com with John Costella.


(@SheO 10282017AD) I approve withholding some 600 or 6000 documents from the #johnfkennedy assassination. Everyone has an opinion. My primacy opinion was that our government peered down a 16 year #Kennedy *dynasty* ; first 8 years from John and then 8 more years from BobbyKennedy. I believe that terrified these Shadowers. What I disagree with was the shadowers used immigrants to do the job. Then in 2015 — 2016 the same shadower meme, *Yo, American, train Foreigners and leave your job and then get the fxxk out of* #Mexico = #usa NOW CALLED Mexico. #Whitegenocide by #traitorwhites

Reality is that since #RonaldReagan the rich got richer and the poor got desolate and this became so obvious by the time of #BillClinton two terms. It went on steroids under #Bushjr and kept on steroids under #barackobama . that is an horrible legacy. There are no longer white middle class workers and science is being deleted form our schools because whites ( *Summers* findings and Harvard 1999-2000) are the only ones in all of history that engage in real hard core science. so #United States should go barbarian form now own and thank those liberal arts military majors.

just my opinion. It is old news now.

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