Bush BridgeWater Aviation by Bush Clinton cabal. Twice this happened. video

Matthew Abraham Groening  b. Feb 15, 1954 Portland, OR, sD He had a role in creating 911 attacks  #confirmed 9:17 PDT p.m. #03182018AD

03182018 AD?
The Oklahoma City bombing was done by Bush and Clinton to cover up 400K lawsuits against the Army . #confirmed

The Oklahoma City bombing was a domestic terrorist attack by George H.W. Bush and William J Clinton #Confirmed. A truck bombing on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States on April 19, 1995 was carried out by CIA who assisted upset US citizen Timothy McVeigh. Tim was approached by CIA to bomb the building because the section that was destroyed had 400,070 Gulf War I lawsuits: Depleted Uranium, Radiation poisoning, picking up Bush defrayed nuclear materials to the Middle East and what not. .#03182018AD 2:39 PDT pm

Lockheed Martin = former FBI Director James Comey worked for them and they defrayed nukes with Clintons 1990s to Jakarta and Trilaterials and Pak, India too.

I have been tracked since a child by these demons in the streets today. cabbages. 1000s of them harass me and my buddies daily.

This is my spiritual son, his Identity is Lucifer.

Mason 33 ( World Trader Towers) Built for demolition and Mason ritual.  33 years before 911, and Mason luciferins call themselves level 33. This is why these symbols make it prior into the Simpson episodes. #03152018AD

Pentagon says we deleted all of the Bush Era Government Documentation. #01212018AD.

Update 01222018AD
Jay Edgar Hoover orders assassination of U.S. President John F . Kennedy citing religious concerns because he rapes and eats little boys up the Northern California coast and at Los Angeles, Laurel Cyn. Deep in the Los Angeles Mountains a part of Operation Paper Clip.   #DonaldTrump released these documents in November 2017 A.D. and Bush documents are still withheld because Bush Sr. was a shooter and involved and photoed on scene, standing out side awaiting for Edward Landsdale, the architect of the Vietnam war, hours after the assassination. He will leave with Landsdale after Oswald is carefully ‘blamed’ as a patsy.  All Blacks know this and say FXXK you to all the white people. The assassination was racism at 100% and Dullas was so scared he hid in his secret bunker away from Dallas and the commotion.

Hillary Leaving USA? WIll she be back? 7:44 PST pm #SheO 11202017AD. John Podesta threatened the department of justice against investigating Hillary Clinton in his November 15th Washington Post article. StateofNation. George Walker Bush ⟨ 43 ⟩ fired Attourney General to cover up Washington D.C. Pedophilia ring. Well that is not a democratic politican that is strait-ass Ganster! John Podesta threatened the department of justice against investigating Hillary Clinton in his November 15th Washington Post article.
George Walker Bush ⟨ 43 ⟩ fired Attorney General to cover up Washington D.C. Pedophilia ring. Well that is not a democratic politician that is strait-ass Gangster

Bush fired several U.S. Attorneys to help cover up a pedophile ring being run out of the D.C. hotels involving Congressmen, Senators and reporters. 11 17 2017 Humans are Free.com

7 women accuse George Herbert Waker Bush ( born as G Walker Bush) of Sexual Harrassment or sex crimes. Link New Jersey .com

"He grabbed my butt and I was like 'wow,'" she said. "I remember being really grossed out." 
"I was just disappointed," Lewis added pointing to Bush's alleged comment about Barbara Bush just moments before. "You just implied to me that you love your wife very much."
Lewis said she also decided to speak out because she was upset to read that a spokesman for Bush seemed to partially attribute his behavior to the fact that he uses a wheelchair.—New Jersey

Trilaterial Connection to Vampire Boy Confirmed. youtube . Queen Elizabeth ii is related to Vlad the Impailer. Lolz. Putin has proof that She, da blue turban beyotch, Murdered Ladi Diana. Prince Charles loves sex and Child Abuse, the Occult and here are naked boys escaping their rape— deaths by the Royal NAZI Queen's chambers.

Bush Sr. Accused of Sexual harassment or more: 7 women if you count Cathy Obrien but nobody wants to talk about her. British Federation of Truth. No wonder the Bush's came out swinging against Trump and widely exclaimed the non-support of their Republican leader!

F.B.I. Provided Steven Paddock with all weapons #Paddock is good buddies with #Clinton family. Clint + ton = etymology = #deeppit . Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud is a Saudi businessman, billionaire, investor and philanthropist, and a member of the Saudi royal family. he owns #mandalaybay as is #Bush tight family Friend. #swamp #Obama was able to ascertain #stevenpaddocks private airplane, since he would no longer be needing it. #Clinton #jerrybrown #Paddock run a child chop shoppe at Oregon, both were inventoried as going there and Paddock often went to the C.I.A. offices around America. He was plugged in and working directly for them. My son, #Lucifer controls the entire #militarycomplex and he calls the shots. He now has 6 women accusing him of sexual harassment, bad boy. :)

#Trilaterals 1917 - 2017 A.D. GooglePlus
#Michael 600 PST #11142017AD


A string of Liberal Arts majors and corrupted Harvardites led to a rich vs. poor and no middle class ( 1947—2017) Most people that work for our government are liberal arts majors or had a poor propaganda education and are bigot robots by design. Majority of the Californian Population are Latin Americans who denounce America every second of every day. Bush's pleas for the last ten years is to subjugate American Europeans to the new low wit barbarian races because their rich pay them off handsomely.

.— Arc Michael. 7:30 PST 11 14 2017 A.D. UFOs dropping plazma 25 th Sept 2017 Youtube ; updated 11.15.2017.

Trilaterals 1917 — 2017 A.D.  

F.B.I. Declares War on Americans.

29 Holistic Doctors were reported to have overdosed of  a hallucinogenic drug.  Sounds Like FBI and Shadow Crews drumming up business for corporate pharma.

Micro biologists, bankers, doctors, and I think amateur astronomers. Hmmmmm all done very mafioso style.



Usāmah bin Muhammad bin ‘Awad  bin Lādin 

FBI Supplied all the weapons for the Steven Paddock Las Vegas Massacre, as Alwaeed, Saudi Prince owns Mandalay Bay Resort and worked in cooperation with Deep Doo Doo State. ( video and news) — U.K. Business Insider, major paper. Urbanian ISIS worked directly for N.A.T.O. commander and chief who runs global pediophile markets for the elite. US News.

1,000 Points of Light Organization: 11% went to grants, the rest went to promotions, salaries, conferences, management. Luficer's Speech: Sharon Tate, who was married to convicted Pedofile Roman Polanski, and Jerry Sandusky, & all were all mentioned by Bush Sr. in his 1,000 points of light speech. LOLZ.

Alefantis' grandparents were order of Ahepa.…the Order of Ahepa were directly mentioned in BUSH's acceptance speech when he first spoke about the thousand points of light. Ray Gricar investigated Pizza and Noodle Mafiosos in U.S. Government.

Julian Assange twitter: Almost all "terror" plots are created by the FBI as part of its business model.

What is the business of the FBI? Extracting tax. What does it need to do that? A stable threat. Prob? Real terrorists are sporadic & make FBI look weak. Solution? Make …—— Julian Assange.

Statefort.com reports: The FBI is giving guns to the mentally ill to attack people then leaping in to save the day, cameras rolling. What a bunch of jerks. In many cases, agents will seek out people who have somehow demonstrated radical views, and then coax them into plotting an act of terrorism – often providing weapons and money. Aaron Rouse, the special agent in charge for the FBI’s Vegas investigation is likely the only one that knows the answers to the questions keeping many American up at night. He also doesn’t seem inclined to reveal them anytime soon.

Who is ? Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud is a Saudi businessman, billionaire, investor and philanthropist, and a member of the Saudi royal family.

Kosovo 1999 Christian, 2000 Shariaites.

Bill Clinton ( Beast = Bible Revelations) wanted Kosovo to be eradicated from Christians. Today it is fully 100% eradicated. So celebrate Bill Clinton’s success. US officials have already met with the local Muslim leaders and obtained assurances from them that they will put a tight lip on their Islamic activities. Kosovo Albanian influential Imam Ternava has issued his assurances that all the mosques in the Islamic Community in Kosovo are “under control” meaning that, in the future, upon request of the United States, we should expect less spectacular media forays of local Albanian Muslims Jihadists that the Islamic Community of Kosovo is grooming.global politics. us.

Arc Michael
Apr 5, 3:29 PM

#Pentagon still missing a combined amount of $7.4 trillion #USA dollars.
#arcMichael comment on this new 10% increase in military spending!
U mean 162 careerist will not get their $10 Billion Dollar bonus checks this year ? FU #RINO = #pentagon = #illegalarmy we never voted as #democrats ( small 'd' ) for draconian #state careerist surveillance from 260 super high secret Islamic Intel members. Wonder why #NSA and #CIA import 200,000,000 brown latinoarabs? Because they are paid off #pigs = #fakehebrews = #wasa - #Nazi , appear white but have little-to-no white dna.

avril 5 th 2017ad

Blaming Moslems is not factual .The 1%er in all cultures control the immigration global schemes

lies, like EU since 1950s, the white arab jew traitors in power, and ashkaNAZI bush jew white arabs are #defrayers called #sellouts 11 th - 16 th century Europe. Brown bags from third–party sourced Mexican drug cartel to Californian politicians and Muslim oil money too schools and industry to kill off white people or American jobs. that is a common theme in #reality . but 90% of the Republicans live in a fantasy world controlled by the #jewbrains and they do not even know it. :( 04052017ad)


Blaming Moslems is not factual .The 1%er in all cultures control the immigration global schemes #arcmichael #bookoflife #04052017ad

Bush family were funded by the leaders of #Bahrain #oil ,. they purchased a #texasbaseballteam for #bushjr or I call him #antiChrist

lies, like EU since 1950s, the white arab jew traitors in power, and ashkaNAZI bush jew white arabs are #defrayers called #sellouts 11 th - 16 th century Europe. Brown bags from third pary sourced Mexican drug cartel to Californian politicans and Muslim oil money too schools and industry to kill off white people or American jobs. that is a common theme in #reality . but 90% of the Republicans live in a fantasy world controlled by the #jewbrains and they do not even know it. :( 04052017ad)


Laptop with Trump Tower floor plans stolen from Secret Service agent 03 17 2017ad

Bush crews will try to switch Mike Pence the way The Bush CIA switched Lyndon Baines Johnson to kill nordic white people.

Laptop with Trump Tower floor plans stolen from Secret Service agent; White House jumper on grounds for 15 minutes before caught.

Yale is the Ivy League #liberalarts college.

#Yale is known as the easiest of all top Universities on planet earth. You must fall asleep and not finish or attempt to finish your assignment in order to get a B+ and not an A+* Don't bother going to class you can get a C grade ( Bush). #Yaleites are retardians:
DATA: *Why Prescott Bush, Malcom Wallace, George Walker #Bush, George Herbert walker Bush, John Jihadi Kerry, all went to this #liberalarts failure of a school. So the dummies go here and #CIA #NSA says get the spook grunts form liberal arts colleges because they can be controlled by their weak minds. 

George Herbert Walker Bush, C.I.A. Cheif at Dallas and perhaps the shooter at Dal Tex during the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

∫ yupdate ∏ #bush Obama are DNA NAZI, ashkaNAZI ( Barack's mom side) and Bush 'father's side. They role Latin Spanish and Islam and attack Finland, Ireland, Scotland and Nordic and scando and White Russia and white china, that be the NAZI Hitler people trying to assassinate Donald trump. the niggers are on the NAZI side, so we take them all off the planet earth. and the semitics too. The world is out of control with colored low IQ bullies with nuclear weapons.

#USA is only a color war place. #nationofimmigrants = #colormob rules, period. Nationalism = #citizenship which browns and blacks appose because that means giving respect to innocent victims these browns and blacks falsely blamed for 7,000 years.

#projectedeclipticaldegree #pluto #PED at IC puts Sign of #AntiChrist on the cusp of the #sixthhouse Mangini Padua early modern era , trig modern house system. not astrology but #biblical #astreology or Biblical astron. #DNA of Bush clan are #ashkaNAZI white arab jews, not white white and why they attack Nordic white donaldtrump and all Nordic peoples and these NAZI German, including taking part in the assassination of Nordic #johnFkennedy and his brother here at #LA later, the NAZI = #ashkaNAZI DNA are but #Spanish dna; and why germans including judgeships are voting against trump who is a Nordic. #secrets to why you will all die. Bush are anti #Christian and lie about it, because they import the Godless latin to win political points against the global dwindling #whitechristians #bookoflife #arcmichael #02132017ad

in 2004, The British media revealed that secret Bush documents leaked illustrated why Bush(s)' 41 & 43 are strait aimed Racist NAZIs.

(5) Ben Aris and Duncan Campbell, The Guardian (25th September, 2004)

George Bush's grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany.

The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism.

Bush Sr. orchestrated the Nixon China meeting to open China.

He was born with classical anti Christ Biblical signatures. Click on Photo collage for High Definition 10 mg, slow load for slow connections.

At Milton we put George Herbert Walker Bush's soul signatures ( at birth) and see what is paraned = east horizon + western horizon over you head ' culmination point ' and/or 'anticulmination point' what was under your feet?

The day prior to Kennedy's visit to Dallas Bush perhaps was a part of the group that posted flyer's of Anti Kennedy, like Martin Luther's demands or even the Declaration of Independence --- a litany of complaints to Kennedy's world views. The trick in the C.I.A. was to blame a non real enemy but make it appear to be real, as only Satanic Demons can often perform!

The Main Charge, Kennedy was a Secret Communist (only Catholic) and he would start world war III.

Prescott Bush was the chief of the Ordnance Small Arms and Ammunition Section of the WIB.

Prescott Sheldon Bush was born in Columbus, Ohio, on 15th May, 1895. Like his grandfather, James Smith Bush, he went to Yale University in 1913. While at university he became a member of the Skull and Bones Secret Society. A fellow member was E. Roland Harriman, the younger brother of W. Averell Harriman.

His father, Samuel Prescott Bush became General Manager of Buckeye Steel Castings Company, which manufactured railway parts, in 1901. The company was run by Frank Rockefeller, the brother of oil magnate John D. Rockefeller, and among its clients were the railroads controlled by E. H. Harriman. In 1908 Rockefeller retired and Bush became President of Buckeye.

Samuel Prescott Bush was also closely associated with Samuel Pryor, who, along with the Rockefellers, controlled the Remington Arms Company. During the First World War, Clarence Dillion, a senior figure at the War Industries Board, arranged for Bush, to become chief of the Ordnance Small Arms and Ammunition Section of the WIB. This involved giving out contracts to supply arms and ammunition to the United States Army. Over half of the small-arms ammunition and 69% of the rifles used by the United States in the war were supplied by Remington. ( sparticus Education web, accessed 10th Apr, 2015, this section is updated).

Military Recruiting and bases made Gun Free by Bush

This stupid arab dude ( G.H.W.B.) was busy battling cocaine cowboy illegals ( Raul Castro coke air fields) into the USA, and the crack down showed threats to military recruiting centers, and as a favor to castro ( Bushs are arab DNAer oild freakos and Remington rifle and ammo producers ( one new model used to kill Kennedy) made sure the US mil was not protected against his cocaine buddies.

Ronald Reagan, then funded south American coups with drugs and weapons, weapons to Iran and Drugs to USAers, whom are brown and black, or light skinned arabs.


When al ghoul ( beta persei) flanked by two of the largest 'invisible holes' in our local universe has rulership above the luminaries, the native will be a murderer. Source, form the ancient times to a plethoric acceptance within the wider astrological community. However, they just robed the Biblical 'real-time' & real location method and applied it incorrectly to modern astrology. They use the Pole to the Ecliptic method of measurement, meaning when you look in the sky their calculations are incorrect. Now go to the most ancient of astrology, and we find it is not astrology ( Nineveh, Southern Iraq, archeology, many tablets sent to the British Museum!) contains the type of Chart above and how they saw the sky. Astrology was developed much later than these more older systems of star catalogues and accompanied omen texts. The early successful Mongalis ( Mongols 13th Century A.D. launched or restricted attacks upon the blinking of this also called, 'Demon Star.' Interesting that the Muslim Abbassīd 'expert' mathematicians and astronomers, renamed this star to something they do not believe in, thus demons. They did not name it a Jin star, but al ghoul misapplied by English Livy as Algol, now recorded in the Modern Bayer Star designation often widely used in pedagogical applications.

GHW Bush + boys  In Dallas as a Texas Oil Man who called the F.B.I. as a citizen when he was chief of the C.I.A. in the same day document written by J. Edgar Hoover.

So with al Ghoul is above and at culmination Mars at Milton, MA, lays on the western horizon. So in Ancient interpretation the soul destroys his home. For a modern interpretation, the murderous soul destroys western civilization. That has been very evident. Dullas prosecuted Nixon because Nixon was close to Bush, of whom Nixon confessed to confidant Stone, 'the Texas Oil Men' , Bush, Brading, Johnson, and compliant Nixon understood business above global social solutions -- the role Kennedy would have followed and changed America to succeed rather than fall from grace. What does George H.W. Bush have in common with Lyndon Baines Johnson ( he became what today would be a multi billionaire, making a quick $100,000,000 for Halliburton, laying air strips, building torture centers in South Asia beginning in 1964.) They both were born with al Ghoul at Culmination!


John Edgar Hoover ( Chief F.B.I.) calls George Bush the C.I.A. Chief in Titled Document of Assassination of the U.S. President ( appeared in 1988 as Bush was Reagan's Vice Pres.).

1988 leaked CIA/FBI Doc for Bush was going to run for Presiident, and Bush has notoriously been silent on his past. So  who was this bush

Al Ghoul resides in the Constellation of Perseus and is an Orphan Hero of Hellenic lore. Hollywood has made some movies on these topics, one just recently. During the personalizing of star names by the Arab  scholars they left the Greek archetype and  early civilization constellation identification in place. Nobody will rename the Lion Constellation because it is the widely believed to be clearest representation of all the animal Constellations.  However, hydor, lambda aquarii, a major Gizah  large Pyramid foundation star was renamed to  Ekkhysis by Abbassīd contributions. So when using this  system we have a clearer scientific body of interpretation than Astrology which is not based on reality but fantasy. That is why it is banned in the Bible. I have done astrology in past lives and in this life (  in this life for learning) but I did so to make money, where I did not use  this as the main system for my poems. I'm a natural enemy of all Astrological Communities.

To make matter's worse, the anti dark rift ( Mayan  or meso-American nomenclature) the clustered band of stars which make our breath of the Milky Way ( European medieval ascription to our Galaxy)  begins at al hecka which was identified by Danté using ancient ideas brought forth by Plutarch.  To the Greeks, this place was the lowest of the domain of Hyades, not even Pluto  would sojourn there!  This is where George Herbert Walker Bush’s Sun lay = whoops.  

Black Moon Lilith ( just a calculation) and Lilith the Astroid lay directly in Haydes with his pri'a pus opposing close to sabik ophiuchi 13th const., which co-aspects Jupiter counter-parallel ( relative near) the King Star, indicating his intense , very intense passion and even 'obsession' to rule from either behind the scenes or in front ( which he was always unconfortable). His behavior, while technically confident speaker had shied away from behaviors like Obama or Clinton's ' you can have a beer with me,' type of relationship, open to small talk and banter. Whereas during Bush's (41) time in the White House peoeple were clearly devided, either you loved him or hated him. I never voted for him, I chose Dukkas, Bush struck me as a liar. An audacious " Read My Lips" was rather threatening rhetoric speech, (= sub-title-subjects) ' No New Taxes" and to me it was not the direct object but the 'Authoritarian tone' to such a demand to be respected.

 Celestial coding is so far beyoung any astrology practiced, so it will be to you too confusing; but here is an example. Deneb Kaitos,ioCet a 0° 9'54" RA 10° 1'16 lat " is at George Walker Bush ( jr.)'s soul enterance signature. This star will be on the angled of terrorist events, from Boston bombings to 11 September 2,001 A.D. as well as the mystical different demenional string maths prediciton charts ( e.g. the 2001 Judical Chart of Manhattan New York Sol =RA 00) will be eitherr on the east or western horizon.

*B43: Mean Node Al Hecka ( 4°57',s)
*B43:True Node Al Hecka ( 4°05',a)

Bush Jr's Soul Connection to Father's solar position. which is interpreted by Greek philosophy as from the bottom of HELL. The Problem with this historical narrative was the Egyptians had this same interpretation, and they lived much earlier than the Greeks; ;;;;;;;;;showed up on the historical scean. So this star, al hecka is just a place where we histoircall have ideas connected to actions. I mean while we practived democracy, there was always powers behind the scenes that ran America. Prescott had to undertand the Rosevelte family ruled for more than fifty years and the Dullas replaced them, while Bush and the Kennedy's battled it out for the replacement. The Bush's won, and when Bush is the Cheif C.I.A. officer at Daeley Plaza for the J.F. Kennedy Assassination as two Hoover Memos, now public, mention a Gorge Bush as the Daeley Plaza C.I.A. Cheif in titled memos 'The Assassination of the United States Presideent" warns us that Iraq Wars I & II were all long period scripted interpretations for the direction of conflict-exploitation, and we as Americans never ask why Bush Sr. sat on Global Oil Executive Board Meetings with World Known Terrorists. The United States Baby Boomers decided relaxation caused by technology over weighed the games of slaughter, the fictitious Cold War.

In 19

*B43: Mars to Ekkhysis (Opp 1°38',a), a pyramid signature star.


Below Chart Applies to All who Lived at Milton, MA, on the day : this is a chart indicating parans at this period of history.

The Son, G. W. Bush has the largest star of the zodiac on his western horizon, the major Bully Star, Antares. This has issue with the U.S. Sibly Chart 5:00 p.m. too as the U.S.A. is the Bully State of the World Currently. So Bush had an affinity to the U.S. foundation chart. To make matters worse, he has the classical Jupiter with Moon = Anti-Christ signature. In the Bible, the literal interpretation of anti Christ pertains to Liars. With such strong signatures, we see the controllers of Satan’s Army. Bush’s last two years in office were the least liked president in over 90 years. He bailed out Wall Street, there were over nine million important jobs lost, and his explanation of speaking Democracy ( Alexander of Macedon stylin’) was a joke when the  U.S. Iraq War II, post capture of Saddam was consistently polled by the American people to be highly unpopular, thus How can Bush Promote Democracy when does not practice it.  Bush Jr.’s 2014 Biography of his father is a joke book, full  of lies.  Bush tried to pull a Romantic Period expression, ‘he lived a full life,’ when he wrote little of his father’s real life as the controller of Satan’s Army.  Bush is involved in Vietnam’s creation, Afghanistan , then Iran-Iraq War, he ‘helped’ put Saddam Hussein into power, fake the Kuwaiti invasion by trickery, then his best new buddy Bill Clinton signed  the assassination Executive Order in November of 1998 A.D., then we had  the 11 September 2,001 Attacks in which the media was predicting during the Summer of 2001, and Bush then campaigned for years  to re invade his father’s domain, and remove what he had  put into power, in the first place. There were no Democratic processes absent of Congressional  Funding for all  wars mentioned, by both political parties despite propaganda, rhetoric on the contrary.


cartoon is a lie below. they helped John McCain start ISIS with Barack Obama who they are close friends now. ISIS origins are the US Military Complex which includes the entire IDF and House of Sauud! ISIS Arc

#bush Obama are DNA NAZI, ashkaNAZI ( Barack's mom side) and Bush 'father's side. They role Latin Spanish and Islam and attack Finland, Ireland, Scotland and Nordic and scando and White Russia and white china, that be the NAZI Hitler people trying to assassinate Donald trump. the niggers are on the NAZI side, so we take them all off the planet earth. and the semitics too. The world is out of control with colored low IQ bullies with nuclear weapons.


Bush was such a LIAR ( i.e. Anti-Christ) he placed a long time establishment Washington D.C. black political figure in front of the world to convince all the countries that an 1970s Van full of medical glass tubes was a full blown nuclear weapons laboratory, thus Cowboys Must Fully Charge the ancient lands of Mesopotamia and set up the states of Exon, Halliburton Int.. the ME state of Mobile and other hallucinogenic experiences by this Anti-Christ.


Black peole again became the laughing stock of the world.

The K.K.K. Daddy ( R. Byrd, Sen MA, was even honored in speech by illegal President Obama, which illustrates the corrupt ideologies of all parties of the U.S.A. when we speak on racism) tells how papa Prescott moved away from these negroes to the Southern U.S. States, leaving behind traditional leaders form the North East. The Bush family are some of our earliest examples of White Flight! It is no secret, Arkansas' Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush and Bush Jr. are all good friends and emote on Twitter how they are the last two presidential persons from the Deep South, the UNION against the black skin Voodoo people.

Almost every ethnicity, including many native Americans had already received 'Reparations,' all but the Black Africans of America. This fact remains true in 2015 A.D. So America was supposed to be solved by J. F. Kennedy, but they hated him over his promotion of multiculturalism. To Avoid Charges  of Racism,  the Bush family picked a fight with Whitish Ruled Russians, pitting them as the arch  enemy of the human race.

When the  Russians detonated the Czar Bomba, it was not to show the U.S.A. a new  cold war, they were just doing their science, and of course, petty competition. They have not bombed humans like the  white devils.  The Cold War was created by Johnson who beamed out radio waves form Texas, constantly Anti Castro and Anti-Communism ( no  such government system exists) as a propaganda tool that was picked up as a fact by the moronic robots hired by the Bushes in the Media. So paranoid  were U.S. Bush and MEAMIC that they believed the Russians were bombing outside of the Milky Way, they had no  idea of what a Supernova ( common, most are too  faint for eyes on Earth, but were duly captured by technologies, new at that time) so the Americans believed the  Russians were very advanced and a threat to survival. This sparked a Cold War which was then used as an excuse to kill races that this  white devils would tolerate in their ‘Little World.’  The U.S. Navy ( became N.S.A. post 1947, an arm of it) put out pamphlets to U.S. and  allied countries guides to understanding GOOKS, the name they called the Asians of South Asia. When Dooley and Annals of  France decided to make  U.S.  text books into their visions

of feudalistic propaganda teachings, the U.S.A. turned out Baby boomers as robotic and stupid as school-kid bullies.
These Demons from hell say things like: “You must pass the Bill ( U.S. Legislation) First before you know what is in it.”

#POTUS #41 is a real living #Nazi #bio and his daddy built the #germannazi machine by using the US #wallstreet and GE, ford, Dupont, US Steel, and six other conglomerates .now mobile coded. When Roger Stone asked to his face, Richard Nixon to whom killed John F Kennedy , Nixon replied it was the Texas Oil men. two come out of Dal Tex and the bullet is seen before Oswald was suppose to start shooting, about 10 secs. prior. So we know this hole appears on the Zupruder film, 10 secs before Oswald is supposed to shoot. these are Braden ( Jew ) and Bush ( AshkaNAZI jew) white arabs and why they kill Nordics like John F Kennedy and target #donaldtrump



Democrats hold government payrolls hostage for Enemy Combatant Army ready to go kill at will all over the U.S.A. Democrats hold government payrolls hostage for Enemy Combatants. & massive sleeper cells in America to back up the DINO RINO establishment that threatens Americans to die;

David Murillo ( youtube comment)
Sounds like everyone in the Obama administration and DNC had their own servers to keep it away from Freedom of Information requests.


to get their foreigners into The U.S.A; to take it over for bigotry groups who cannot build any civilization so they must immigrate and steal it.


. most are Spanish Arab DNAers. Diane Feinstein implies a slaughter of Americans if you do not follow their enemy combatant army from a foreign  country.

Oakland’s Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan says that Californians will not follow Federal Laws and she says she has Mexican army to back her up. #wow.

Liberals like this  brown Arab Latin Lesbian illegal immigrant, she  gives no origin of birth & her role for sticking up for blacks at Oakland are because she uses blacks and never cared for them and  I HAVE PROOF.

Rebecca Dawn Kaplan: #seconddeath here is why. I go to a Homeless continuum. It  is  a duel homeless and mental health facility.  We have 70% American born Black Africans, with no job or opportunities and no homes.  We have 30% of Angelo or Angelo Saxon whites and at time about 2% others. Your entire life’s work has never addressed this issue so you will be losing your Soul. #JesusChristReturned

Liberals enact a LAW: Jail or Death Squad for any Americans Standing up for your Civil Rights.

Diane Feinstein, Gavin Newsome, Jerry Brown, most of the Mexican Parliament, Nancy Child trafficking Pelosi ( brown gets a cut of Child Trafficking)  and  who is Diane Feinstein? a real Criminal for illegal dossier fakeleaks  signed a law to charge Americans who complain their homes, lives and bodies are being destroyed by the Illuminati gang of hellbounds.  Her hubby since 1980s has sold nuclear weapons from Livermore, CA to Jiang Zemin personally. China knows and this was the 1998-’99 impeachment. So she is a nuclear weapons proliferator for the  Illuminati.

On top of this: Edmund Gerald Brown Jr. b. April 7, 1938, San Francisco, California, U.S , sD. #seconddeath ( California lifelong politician and betrayer of GOD’s people worldwide) — 07312017AD 2:04 PDT Noho.

Confession on US Congress Illuminati ANTIAMERICANS WOW! Video

US Congressman Dick Durbin:“ I Work for the Illuminati UKers. Not any American . FU. ” Basically about 90 HOR and Congress do not work for the American People and we are fleshing these traitors out, OK?

The Senate Minority Whip, a top leader in the Democrat Party, was recently asked by a reporter to respond to allegations that he had lied about President Donald Trump making the now-infamous “s***hole” remark during a recent closed-door discussion in the White House about immigration reform efforts.LINK

A reporter for Chicago’s CBS affiliate, Mike Puccinelli, shared Durbin’s response on Twitter:

apparently 90 HOR & US Congress work for the #illuminati and are open about it. S..thole comment was an Illuminati lie . #video confession of an Illuminati member, #antiAmerican

Climate Change taxes are 100% Illuminati programs.

#Michael #bookoflife #01182018AD

Sanctuary City: LA is first in 1979 A.D.

Oakland’s Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan says that Californians will not follow Federal Laws and she says she has Mexican army to back her up. #wow.


Huma Abedin found at Hawaii during the fake Incoming missile attack.

link . Same night of false flag Clinton's were in the news about Haiti. they robbed Haitians and Child Trafficking and then stole Billions after the Haitian Earthquake. Jan 14 both Clintons and Huma are photoed and put in local News. They also steal taxes from Australia, we learned today. #globalcriminals

Citi Group was a Sauudi Prince ploy and he and John Podesta hand picked the Entire Obama' cabinet. — wow, saw that Email. I said John Picked them but then again, they were all #AntiWhite

Mexico Legal Official Government Office does not allow white to migrate to any Latin Countries unless you are a white traitor. Policy since they defeated the French. Solution. eradicate the race.

MEAMIC will never allow us to speak about this so we take you Spanish off the world forever. #01222018AD #IAM

John Kelly has a problem with his white privledge. so let us send him to live on the streets, take all his money and move his family far away so he has no one. New York. Kelly supports endless DACA and he is a liar too. DACA throws Americans to the gutter & this is what DINO RINO baby rapers want more than anything else because white people in America will kill you so they usher in Mr. Non — white DACA brainless welfare baby and chain migration of low intelligent populations across planet earth . Those countries officially barr white–white migrants. It is a rigged system at 100%. Illuminati for the temporal win.

At CornerStone today about 40 people, all black and all white, two possible Latin Arab DNAers. That is your American homeless populations. Thanks America, you are dead. #Dragon goes bye bye in BIBLE. USA is DRAGON by title AM e RICA ≡ winged serpent. USA loves to put people of GOD onto the street and put in gogless Latin Arab pedio demons in our place. So we take out USA, and all of the Americas.

Pentagon Deleted all the Bush Era Documentation ( apparently NSA did not make a back up lolz) #pentagon just declared white are deplorable. you have white, get out of Earth now. #01212018AD #bookoflife #michael

Obama Gate Memo: Wikileaks offers $1 Million Reward: From what I know.
Obama Gate Memo: Wikileaks offers $1 Million Reward:

Clapper To attaché to C.I.A. then C.I.A. to Rice who records it or views it and the memo is given back to the   attaché and he returns   to the CIA ? and destroyed or hidden.  10,000 #unmasked as part of that plan.  #michael 2016 A.D.
10,000 #unmasked as part of that plan. I take 14 hard assassinations, 300 harassment, snares  or rendition attempts. Four since Oct 15 th 2017 are not counted in this assessment.   How did I survive. UFOs dropped the Matrix For me. What does this mean. Without seeing the bad people, I could feel their locations, even blocks away and anticipate their moves.

#michael 2016 A.D. #arcmichael #bookoflife #01212018AD 3:30 p.m. PST.

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Anderson Cooper Tells Conan Haiti Is ‘Among The Richest Countries I’ve Ever Been To’ Huffington Post.  They have more wealth than Beverly hills or Bel Air or Martha’s Vineyard communities. #lolz.

This final step is to at last accept the truth; there is no such thing as race
The Idea Of Race Is An Outdated, Invalid Scientific Concept. Let’s Discard It

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#jerrybrown to dissolve #California and turn it over to #Mexico #MS- 13 . California now is the poorest #USState in the #union , wow #Michael g/night #01172018AD they've been spraying over head for a few days, hospitals full of the newly sick. #bookoflife

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we need to erradicate the nazi dna for a while. — arc 02 13 2017 A.D.