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South America -- Part 4

Bartolome de las Casas
By Michael Johnathan McDonald

At the end of the conquering of the New World ( South America) there are three steps that the Spanish Crown makes the commanders observe.

1. Keep Supply routs open
2. Reward the soldiers ( men )
3. Administrate the New World

These were large tasks and involved many aspects.
Encomieda is a 26 square mile section of land given to the conquistadors (soldiers) who conquered the New World by the crown. It was there reward for their services. On this piece of land are given indians to work them (slaves). These will constitute an equivalent of the serfdom populations that encompassed Europe in the dark ages. There will be no money circulated for 400 years, and this will have profound affects as progress is stilted in a one dimensional system of aristocracy and slave classes (no middle class).

What does it mean to not have money circulating? This means no progress (i.e. incentive) to create and build, which in turns no manufacturing, no businesses except barter Crown trade. The Spanish crown provided all your materials, like furniture and building materials, for your payments to the crown. No money exchanged hands. On thing the Spanish made a huge error is when they through out the Arabs and Jews, they essentially got rid of all the intelligent people. Another way of looking at it was America started quickly to get money in use with the settlers because this was the incentives to build and create and to start business. Remember that the dark ages were highlighted by no money being circulated.

The owner builds his castle and works the lands with indian slaves. A hacienda is the name that takes over the encomieda term as some become as large as Rode Island itself. As more and more Spanish came to live a live of slave master, “new aristocracy styles,” more and more smallpox is spread among the Indians. Small pox was carried in pigs and other animals and even the feces and breath of the animal carried the micro-germs. As European animals proliferate, the spread becomes worse. For example, estimates are that by 1532, at least 17,00o,ooo indians are left in Mexican who died from exposure. This is biowarfare in the extreme. By 1548, only 6,000,000 are left, and then by 1580 only 1,000,000 are left alive. So you will see coming up that Casa may have not been far off as in the numbers. On thing to keep in mind that the Spanish needed the indians for slaves.

The Indians actually had to pay the Spanish tribute to work for them. The Spanish too advantage of the Indians systematically. If the Indians didn’t pay of the Spanish, the, the Spanish took more of his lands – simple as that. (Like typical New York Mafia business protection money schemes)

Cabildo, means making sure the Indians rotated in order working the fields then the silver and mineral mines. There are elections that bore on strait fraud. For instance the ruler is always elected, then his sons and family inherits the positions of power and no one can come from the outside to rule. This is reflected in the 20th Century Mexican politics.

Hernan Cortez added the symbols “de,” meaning equivalent to English “sir,” for his men owning encomiedas.

If the Indians were not useful for the Spanish, they died – plain and simple. This was seen as a great opportunity of free labor and a relaxed lifestyle, as New World nobles now with “de’ in their names could become aristocrats because first off they were so far from Spain to have any relevance to power struggles of the established. If you gave money to the king of Spain, you were granted a title with an encomieda and given Indians to work the land. The going Spainsih thought was if you are noble you do not work, other work for you. So this was a good money making ploy by the Spanish.

The encomieda can still be seen today in parts of central and south America, as ranches. They consisted of horse stables, and agriculture area, modest accommodations for slaves (indians) . A church was built for pacifying the slave force as in Europe’s serfdom methods, and fences or boarders and guards kept the force entwined.

It is said that the encomieda did not work in the Caribbean areas, like Cuba or Bahamas, because the Indians were not used to being servants as poor/ common Inka Indians were. Citing that they were nomadic.

The concept of the middle ages of middle and south America lasted until the mid-20th Century. For example, in Mexico it lasted until 1911 Mexican revolution, Peruvian revolution and ’54-‘55 Bolivia revolution. Cuba was liberated by Fidel Castro, but one could say things are not much better as he is like the only head of the large encomieda country. Another comparisons is the Democratic south of North America (United States) was an encomieda with southern plantations and the Africans as slaves. This is puts a dent into the propaganda from the left that they are pure from slavery, which is contrary to historical facts.

Only education could free oneself from slavery and people who want to destroy a civil society first attack the learning institutions as seen in academia today in America – the dummying down of America. Another facet is that to see freedom one has to travel abroad to witness others living in it. So in conclusion a feudal system, with no progress from a capitalism system, will dormant the south Americas for merely 500 years.

It will eventually be the aristocrats in the 20th Century who seen the light that will over through the overlords of human rights abusers in South America.

A sad note as well as the evil overlordic law of Droit de Seigneus, in which a hacienda/encomieda head could take any indian women who is about to be wed and have first sex with her. This was applied of coerce in Middle Ages. The term is called “ Prima Nocta,” or first night.

Leyenda Negro
Black Legend

Bartolome de las Casas is an interesting character in that he will battle his home fighting for Indian rights of freedom, and a footnote of irony in that he suggested as a solution in the 1550, Charles I appointed, ‘great scholar forum’ , that the Spanish should import Africans to replace the indian slaves.

Bartolome de las Casas was an ordained monk who came with the conquest, given land and power in Cuba and through himself int an big argument with Spain over the use of indian slaves. (Note to reader: American academia Circa 2003, wants you to believe the Indians were willing participants and mearly loved there servitude to the Spanish)

Bartolome de las Casas also fought knowing that the smallpox disease already immune Europe was devastating the indians who never were exposed to it before. It will take 200 years for the Indians to become immune to smallpox. By that time 95% of the population was either murdered by conquerors, or died of smallpox and depression.

Cahrles I did not attend the forum with the scholars, yet he initiated it, because of his awareness of political sentiment on how he was treating the new founded people of the new world. You can imagined that he spun the facts to Europe to show he was as treating the Indians like a brother – which was opposite to the truth.

At the meeting Jaun de Sepulveda, went to the sources of Plato and Aristotle, who wrote in approval of a slave-classes society. Socrates was ever against a slave society and this was one sticking point to Socrates/Plato relationship. Spepul;vida argued that the Indians should be forced to work for Spain and Purtugal, while Casa argued against it. So a fabricated new law said that the Indians would be paid a little money, that never happened, for an resolve of the issue. Casa new it was a political spin lie and that the facts was life went on as normal in the New World.

Freakish wording of the evil ones wrote in the 1550 treaties, that, “the inidans are obliged to work for their masters, and could not do away with the encomieda by law.”
When this law came into effect, all Indians died of overwork.

Zealot as he was, Casa wrote a book entitled, “Recital destruction of the Indies.” Many anti-Spanish Europeans took to the book as fodder to anger other nations that the Spanish as exploiters other humans made atrocities of a relatively brutal type, in the new world. This was truth and the Spanish condemned the book. Casa says that the Spanish are responsible of killing 17 million Indian peoples. He even wrote that one soldier killed 10,000 with a lance, so some say he was exaggerating; yet this was early in the new world episode and in fact this figure is small when numbers are added up at the end of the conquering times. The British pick-up the book and spin it some more adding a new title and figures. The new title appeared as “Tears of Indians being a true account of massacre and slaughter of 20,000,000 innocent people.” This produced a term called the black legend that the theory still exists to this day. (Note: Were talking three times the Hitler numbers and on the Stalin of Russian level) The spin from England was trying to prop-up the protestant church and this was surely a case as the English propaganda machine was promoting everything Protestant was human, pure and right.


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