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South America -- Part 2: Inka South America

By Michael Johnathan McDonald

2000 miles was the Empire of the horrendous breed of humans. It was said there was no starvation or poverty, yet alone any hunger. This is highly doubtful as most civilizations have classes who work the poor and have slaves in whom the Inkas were accustomed to have slaves of rounded up other tribes forced into submission. Inca is the English spelling of the word. They called them selves the children of the sun. Their mythology has them descendants of the Suns, son, and daughter. This played heavily in their daily lives and culture as the brothers were forced to marry their sisters, although the men were aloud as many mistresses as they desired. Son and sin were the respected names of their gods and the Empire geographically ran from Peru on the Pacific side all the way down to the place where Chili is today. They are said to have inhabited the first valley on the inland side of the mountain range Andes. They were not a coastal people. This happened also to protect them from the outside world’s discovery and they had good communication roads to run their bookkeeping.

The roads had roadrunners who like a decathlon ran up and down the empire with bookkeeping of the Empires monthly records of who is doing what and trading this and that. There were along the way warehouses to store food in case a certain area needed emergency food do so minor catastrophe. They also had what would be considered fast-food stands along the rout to feed the runners whenever they were hungry. The runner’s job was to bring stats to the Emperor. Most runners average about 10-2o miles before the baton handing off the next runner.

Work included taking care of the fields, then the Priests desires and then their own. Everyone was required to work and sometimes a local Emperor representative would show up un-expectantly to make sure no one was slacking-off.

There is said that there was little if no crime. The Capital was in what is called the city of Cuzco, which means “Navel of the earth” in their language.

Their leader was named El’ Inka, and he taught the arts while his sister the Queen taught girl things. Now the Emperor had expensive prostitutes who were of course the best looking around and they lived in “the Chosen house,” or “ the house of the Chosen.” They served him in whatever capacity he desired. Some say that these chosen ones were and had to all the time virgins or they would be buried alive. Yet, I doubt that this was the case as in Roman times and other the term virgin was a cover for high classes “Sugar Daddy” whores. It was only the public that needed to believe the women were chaste.

These women clipped his nails, bathed him, and even collected his spit. Something that brings to mind humiliation in darker sex themes of life. The women lived better than most of the other Inkas.

Servants of the King would commit suicide with him. Possibly and most likely forced, so not to tell the truth after he is gone on how evil and corrupted his administration behind the screens were.

The Inka’s metallurgy was considered very high and the masonry found in their buildings was also considered high tech. In fact in some stones, a dime cannot fit in between the crevices. The Inka’s had aqueducts and irrigating systems.
The Inka also, like to party with what we call today Cocaine, an illegal drug in most pats of the world yet the most sought after drug for its euphoric feelings people describe of being like a “new man.” It was said that only the higher- ups were aloud to poses the drug, they knew back then of the significant health issues, yet many in the fields could just pick off the coca leaves and place them into the mouth to get high. Nobody was there constantly watching over you. However, the Emperor was said to be such a fan that he through parties where his guest would all consume the drug and I guess after that explicit sex would follow. They also called this drug the greatest luxury. This parallels the term the Greek mythology used as their greatest luxury of Ambrosia, possibly the same drug, nowadays mimics to a fruit medley with marshmallows and sugar. You can find explicit tales of Greek gods giving this ambrosia to a score in order to make the apprehension diminish before the conquest occurred.

Ande’s means “Terraces.” This is where the planting of food in ditch out layers on the mountainside began. Inka’s used bird droppings as fertilizers and quite possibly fish heads. The Guano droppings were the main bird source they used.

Slavery: As we seen all the Indians had slavery and none of them were exempt. When the Inkas captured their other Indian enemies that placed them in only loyal Inka households and from the monet they were captured that had to forget their past and culture and adopt Inka language and ways – no exception’s this is viewed like modern-day leftist. (Communism)

Inkas spoke Nahuatl.

Twelve months of lunar time substituted fro the Inka’s calendar.

Inka politics

The Incas governors resided over 500 subjects, all reporting to runners back to the Emperors cabinet on a monthly basis. The Governors had the power in their selected areas. To move of the societal stepladder was accomplished by lawyers and not military as Aztec system was devised. Inka’s look upon lawyers as special learned men that could be trained in keeping stats like the governors.

Inka punishments were not as severe as Aztecs and the including flogging, burying people alive in the snow and of course what else sacrifice.

In 1490-1524 came a different Inka, his name was Huayna Capac, and he was a Emperor. He had 200 sons and daughters and he did what no other Inka had ever done. He divided his empire between his sons, Huascar, the legitimist, and Atahualpa, the more loved by illegitimate. His name in Indian means, “ well loved.” The Emperor was ding of small pox and on his death bed told his son Atahualpa to listen to Huascar “ when I divide you will take the north.”

Atahualpa after his father’s death took his army and killed off all of the supporters and his brother in order to be the lone Emperor. This set off a revelation of loyalist and sympathizers that the Empire would never recover from. Imprisoned Huascar while thinking what would be the best rout fro his conspiracy, then killed off the entire royal family. In history the reasoning for this is that all rulers kill off their enemies so that they cannot claim dynasty. (Notice, Samuel in the Bible telling King Saul that he sinned when he didn’t kill off every person and animal in a battle with Palestine’s.) It was said that King David kept this practice, but was probably curtailed after he became a legitimate warlord and was in order respected in this regards.

Conclusion of the Indians: Aztecs fell when natural disasters put the living fear into them.
Inka were in the Civil war over the brother debacle, so not in coherence to fight the conquering Spaniards.

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