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Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation"

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Topic: CUBA


Government jobs produces inefficiency, Raul Castro has complained.

Raul ran the Florida Cowboy Cocaine Operation from air strips out of Cuba, that is how a dictatorship survived, for a while, about 1.2 tons of Cocaine went to Griselda Blanco and later routs found their way to Hollywood, a huge consumer of the product.

update: Cuba and U.S.A. relations have been normalized, except Raul is demanding Millions or billions for whatever reason. Obama or the U.S. Congress gives stimulas all over Earth, while I starve and live on the streets.


Obama anti-Democracy plan: I did not field an economic budget so I could get reelected. The masses believe all economic problems are from Republicans who do not want to raise taxes.


1.300 days since U.S.A. passed a Budget Bill. What this bill did yesterday, delayed this need for two more months.


Raul Castro called for term limits of Cuban officials. At California, for example, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, and Diane Feinstein (all have oversee bank accounts and pay little to no taxes) have ruled the high government offices for more than 30+ years. This means I lived in a dictatorship of the insane. They were voted back into office, over and over, because for the most part, none of their challengers had the financial backing or the feudalistic media. Raul Castro understood that long-term office holding runs states into bankruptcy because humans are essentially evil and greedy animals.


Raul Castro’s plan is to eliminate 1,000,000 government jobs by 2016. In 2012, Raul accomplished 6% cut in government jobs. Cuba’s Unemployment, late 2012, at Cuba is 3.6%.


Raul Castro to simplify the Cuban tax code, turned to liberalizing his Island, as American politics turns toward feudalism – the tyranny of the few. The U.S.A. $71,000 page tax – code is full with cheating for the rich government and their private supporter benefits on greed.


For America, tens of thousands of pages of the current U.S.A. tax code are littered with special interest exemptions and deductions. The special interest are the very wealthy groups represented by lobbyists.  Obama has created 10% national unemployment ( largest percentage of out of work persons since last socialist president F.D.R.) because one person, not the demos makes all the decisions to whom gets what government assistance and whom does not. Socialism and Feudalism are the same. The people with power and money keep the general fund in their bank accounts and not to the people.


The same for this (faux) Deficit Reduction Act (passed 1.1.2013) a 153 page bill with no spending cuts and no law maker had read the bill. The bill was passed in the U.S. Senate 1st January 2013 after reading the Bill for 3 minuets. No-one knew what was in the Bill. Obama snuck in provisions to give Vice President, and all his cabinet and his buddies massive salary increases, while sticking the homeless and others with a 2% increase in their taxes. Obama does this because he is neither a Democrat nor a Republican, he is a tyrant. Obama spent $7,000,000 (Obama claimed $3,000,000 but Obama actually stole $4,000,000 of that to make it $7,000,000) of the U.S. tax payers monies on an Hawaii Vacation while the Senate, House of Representatives, worked over the holidays to pass an economic bill ( the first for over 3 years).   The price tag to fly a family to Hawaii is less than $1,000 so most believe Obama stole the U.S.A. tax-payer monies, yet again.


39.5% for Federal Taxes for homes making over $450,000 ( combined) or individuals that make $400,000. However, Obama’s bank accounts in the Cayman Islands will not be taxed at all, and Romney has an off-shore tax shelters (e.g. what these off-shore banks are called in the global financial communities), so the rich pay no taxes but the poor get a 60% increase in their poverty monies.


Obama raises 60% tax burden on the poor.


Obama plan: Increase taxes to 60% of all income on the poor to pay for Joe Biden’s salary raise, earmarked in the Bill.


Obama, the tyrant forced $14 percent increase in taxes on the poor; higher taxes on gas, phones, electricity,



01.02.2013 Government Bill: These private business’ of Hollywood get $400,000,000+ dollars because anti-white and anti-Republican propaganda films are not coming out on a daily basis, Nancy, Harry, and Barack believe must be done so they can steal more monies form all the poor.


U.S.A. 71,000 pages of tax giveaways to the wealthy.








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