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Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation"

a © Michael J. McDonald 19 October 2010.



Topic: The Maya Stela # 6

2012 Mayan Calendar Date from Rare Find.

Ancient Cyclonic Clocks


2012 Mayan Calendar date from Rare find. PAGEREF _Toc275520432 \h 1

Ancient Cyclonic Clocks PAGEREF _Toc275520433 \h 1

Mayan Calendar Does not Point to 2012 -- First Reported Here at The Book of Life PAGEREF _Toc275520434 \h 1

What is the 2012 Craze? PAGEREF _Toc275520435 \h 2

What is the Galactic Center? PAGEREF _Toc275520436 \h 5

What Source(s) explain to use the year 2012 in Mayan artifacts? PAGEREF _Toc275520437 \h 5


Mayan Calendar Does not Point to 2012 -- First Reported Here at The Book of Life

I was the first to report that the so-called Mayan date for the Galactic Alignment of the winter solstice of 2012 will not happen for another 216 years. I put up the webpage and its link form the front page on 09 September 2010.  I achieved this by hard investigative data. I used the ephemerides of NASA and provided data when no one else would. Some California Universities are following in step and reporting that perhaps the Mayan Calendar is incorrect. After searching the web on 20 Oct. 2010, I did find some wiki contributor which has a private account and they had linked the date to year of 2226, however, without any data to back up the claim. Never the less the date is now in dispute by the Mainstream media that are beginning to question the accuracy of the Mayan Calendar. Since I put up the data and the argument, which is sound, it provides a more confident assessment for the alignment of the Sun, winter solstice and the Galactic Center. Many people from around the world check in to this website. I do not track them, but after a comprehensive search only two results for this claim of 2226 comes up, the wiki site and mine. I find the wiki page ( accessed 20 October 2010) suspect because it provides no hard astronomical data, such as declination, and longitude and latitude – and accompanying coordinates. Plus it is a locked account, so I suspect the ‘creation date.’ The hard data is at the bottom of this page of the Eclipse of 2010 page here.

What is the 2012 Craze?

A fifth century B.C. civilization  situated in modern day Mexico perhaps calculated a period for an endtime, not the end of the world, but an endtime for some type of global change, in which by the mid-1990s became associated to the Mayan civilization. They were one of the few ancient Mesoamerican civilizations that were literate and were perhaps less warlike than the more militaristic Aztecs. It is more likely the Aztecs borrowed calendar sequencing from the Maya. Furthermore, the lesser known Olmec, a pre-Mayan civilization located more anciently in the same area perhaps were the original calendar enthusiasts. Still John Jenkins promoted Meso-American culture as predominate in foretelling the future when he wrote: “Despite the dearth of recognition, I have grown to understand that the Galactic Alignment is the underlying reason for the unprecedented transformation currently sweeping the globe, and therefore the Maya win the best prize for prophecy.”[1] Despite for not providing hard astronomical data, the preference to the Maya is overstated. First, reincarnating souls do not embody on a specific local of Earth –over and over, so nationalism is just an illusion. Second, The Galactic Alignment is subjected, and it is only a point in the heavens and has no reason to exist until we give it coordinates. Thirdly, if we say that this alignment must take place at the winter solstice, and we use the standard Galactic Century of Sag. A., then this alignment takes place in the year of 2226 A.C.E (A.D.). How it is linked, I cannot say except that our world is increasingly speeding up technology wise and population wise and people are getting nervous to what it all means. Previously, populations were not  an issue on the climate or global environment. However, now we are awaiting India’s and China’s modernization where they will begin to consume like the industrial nations of Europe and Americas’. This will overstress the minerals we trade between countries, so that we perhaps are forced into depopulation wars. For example, China controls 95% of the Earth’s rare minerals to which fashion our high-tech products and needs. If they choose, as it has been hinted in the mainstream news media ( New York Times, 20 Oct. 2010, page B1 of the New York Edition, “China Said to Widen Its Embargo of Minerals, by Keith Bradsher ( China came out the next day to deny this accusation)), then countries perhaps might be forced to begin a world war. It is this fear that drives humans to reach out and proclaim that we need a global solution and 2012 perhaps is such a wish.  

After I have had this piece released before anyone else, finally there is buzz in the science community to agree with me, except they are still unable to hit the hard data accurately. But they are progressing. “Professor Gerardo Aldana, an associate professor of Chicana and Chicano Studies at U.C. Santa Barbara, said the date could be inaccurate by 50 to 100 years or even more,”[2] reported Alex Johnson working for ‘Epoch Times Staff’ on 20th of October, 2010.  I first reported this data after a few days crunching the astronomical numbers on the 9 th of September 2010. Although I do not at this time receive wide readership the people that do come are of the literate type. In addition, there are people out there that want to see what is really happening then just a Latino hype that is taking place across Northern America. Many investigators wanted to link ancient native Meso-Americans and their current inhabitors, the former Spanish barons who are exclusionist and in power in Mexico that now support the group of richest capitalists in the world according to the Forbes 500 list in the last few years’ editions. The Sun passes through the dark rift each year at some point of perspective from the earth, but persons promoting an ancient calendar with a long count of over 5,000 years as intervals sought to take advantage of dominating the knowledge discourse. Expressions such as Nostradamus did not mention this famous calendar and its date thus he is not as good as a prophet as we have believed. Well Nostradamus may not have mentioned this galactic—winter solstice alignment for the year of 2012 because it actually does not take place at all.

The Maya left behind many writings; much of it was destroyed by the Spanish during their imperialistic slave –gathering missions and exploration of the New World. However, monuments and at least four copies of codices have been preserve which tell us that these Mayan were well advanced in astronomy, math, written symbols, and architecture and they apparently had no contact with the rest of the civilized world. However, I suppose that these are relatives of a more ancient group of reincarnating souls which left a rich tradition in these presciences. There are differing opinions on what this civilization predicted for the year of 2012. In fact, there are multiple calendar systems which posit the question that unity was perhaps not as important as investigating the different concepts accepted at that time. This event is communicated to these proposers of this event as the winter solstice of 2012, which happens under our modern Gregorian Calendar system from 20-23 December, depending on years and decades as the varying movements of our solar system make it impossible to align our calendar dates to a synchronicity of celestial events. This date is linked to an astronomical event, where the Sun in the tropic of Capricorn passes the point closest to the Sun and forms right-angles to the equinox points and an opposition to the tropic of Cancer.  This point and the Sun must be in alignment at the very same time for this to be called. The Galactic Alignment that the Maya speak about. However, did actually anyone crunch the numbers for this alignment? Apparently not, so I did and came up with a figure that will make many unhappy. At the Winter Solstice of 23 Saturday December 2226 (e.g. two-thousand and twenty-six) A.C.E., at least for Beijing China, a major city of a major civilization, will be the Galactic Alignment. Another way to understand this is to go to NASA and pay them to crunch their numbers and they will come up with the same figures. However, Hollywood has already made a movie and a plethora of books, and papers have been written about this date, so we may have to make some type of event to satisfy our expectations. From my investigation, I do not see how or where the Maya related the time for 2012? The 13th Baktun, the reference to a new age, is calculated by some back-timing of one of the calendar systems – there are many. So I wrote this to give the hard data on what is actually the case for this source, and there is only one source for this date and it is rare and suspicious. It is real, but it appears not in the main theater of artifacts or archeological sites of the Maya – but in a rare steam bath do we get the fated date of our demise, according to all this literature out there in our world.

What is the Galactic Center?

Sagittarius A is a system of dim stars,  dust and dark matter between the zodiac constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpio. Stellar investigators looking for a massive black hole as predicted in the early twentieth century which could possibly be at the center of our Milky Way, Sgr. A was discovered on February 13th and 15th 1974 by astronomers Bruce Balick and Robert Brown, using the baseline interferometer of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Since then the University of California, Los Angeles ( UCLA Galactic Center Group)  has been in a thirty-year study of this point in the heavens which consists of a cluster of dark stellar objects or a mass of degenerate fermions. The Galactic Center is the rotational center of our own Galaxy, called the Milky Way galaxy. The coordinates of the Galactic Center were first found by Harlow Shapley in his 1918 study of the distribution of the globular clusters, which he presumed an Equatorial coordinate system. Today, they are 17h45m40,04s, Dec - -29° 00 28.1 (J2000 epoch). This means that in 2012 the Sun will not pass the galactic center on the prescribed Winter Solstice which is professed to happen in numerous best selling and general words that are published to the world. In fact, I did the year coordinate system for a 12 minuets of arc and you  can find it here. Does this mean that 2012 will not be any type of specific event. Well the world will do something as it always does do and in fact the global scientists and the scientists at the United Nations are using scare tactics to enslave the world in order to save it. So obviously there is something afoot.

What Source(s) explain to use the year 2012 in Mayan artifacts?

In the mid-1990s, John Major Jenkins became the first person to link the restart of the Mayan Calendar to an astronomical event concurring with some form of concept of the precession of the equinoxes, Thomas Razzeto[3] relates as he asks about why the Mayan has picked the date of 2012. “John picked a range of years centered around 1998 as what he calls the “alignment zone”. This zone goes from 1980 to 2016 and it obvious [sic] includes 2012.”[4] Many people since then have written works relating the same theme over and over again, but without satisfactory evidence? John Major Jenkins writes, “The Galactic Center is the alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic Equator. This alignment occurs as a result of the precession of the equinoxes.”[5] From Jenkins’ charts and diagrams from his website it appears he uses the ‘elliptical degrees,’ which will not take place for another 216 years. He defines the Galactic Center as “The precise mid-line running down the Milky Way. Analogous to the earth’s equator, it divides the galaxy into two hemispheres, or lobes.”[6]  This does not explain anything if you are a scientist. You need to place the community’s collectively accepted data system coordinates, refute these systems if wrong or illustrate that they agree. Jenkins does neither. In absence of these empirical ‘utterances’ that were not bound by scientific propositions, I felt the need to calculate it myself. Jenkins does use the tropical 27 degrees of Sagittarius as the Galactic Center.[7] For the date of 20 th December 2012 and around 11:00 pm, local mean time, at Los Angeles, the Sagittarius A has a longitude of 27° 01’ 52”, and it has an longitude of 05° 36’ 34”. This would be the Galactic Center that Jenkin’s is refereeing too. Yet, if the Galactic Center is no-where close to 00CAP00’00” there is no-way that we can assume this would be an alignment. This is where the Sun resides at perihelion, or when the Earth approaches the closest it comes to the Sun during its revolution around the Sun in our solar system, for each year. Approximately the Earth moves about 200,000 miles closer to the Sun during end-days of December. The ancient Greeks had understood this system by placing sticks into the earth and counting time. Therefore in the northern hemisphere receives about 3-5 days longer for the Summer and hotter months ( note the reason why most of the earth’s populations moved to the northern hemisphere, and the southern hemisphere receives about 3- 5 days of a shorter hotter summer period than the northern hemisphere.  This is due to gravity, explained by two astrologers, first Johannes Kepler claimed that ‘The line connecting a planet to the sun sweeps out equal areas in equal amounts of time.”[8] This was his second law, although he did not formulate them in order. This and his third law explained to Newton, who understood gravity first could explain that the earth moved at a faster pace in the winter of the northern hemisphere, because it was 200,000 miles approximately closer to the Sun’s gravitational pull. Therefore, the orbit of the earth, first postulated by the astrologer Kepler in his ‘seven-year-war’ with the orbit of Mars, proposed that planets do not have a circular orbit but an elliptical orbit around the Sun. So when the ancients understood this they calculated the mid-point of these phenomena and devised it as the winter solstice. These people too were perhaps their own astrologers. So Jenkin’s needs to follow the community meaningful data or propose a different data system and argue for it. Otherwise there will be no ‘alignment’ for his date. He does allow a degree and a half for the sun, but this still will not cover the other one and half degrees.  

At Thursday, 20th December 2012 at 11:45 pm. LMT, Los Angeles, 118w15, 34w03 (Universal Time of 21 December 2010: 7:45), sidereal time at 5:53:09 the midpoint between the Sun and the Galactic Center will be the Orion star of Betelgeuse ( actually the time between them is 59 minuets). This perhaps allows for immortality of the event, at least for the Los Angeles people who will perhaps be celebrating and remember their celebrations as memorable, if in fact they can remember then at all. Otherwise Jupiter will be in a conjunction ( >5°) and over Aldebaran (4° 50’,s), Ain ( nebula Hyades,  1° 50’,a) Hyadum II (3° 43,a). Neptune will be in conjunction ( >5°) with Ancha ( 4° 14’,a).

If we move away from sidereal coordinates to a more general ‘elliptical degree’ used for convenience, then the Sun makes aspects to a conjunction to Sinistra (0° 05;13° 40,a), which as with its name brings sinister events, and as with opposition to Menkalinan ( beta Aurigae, long. 0°CAN 06’06”, lat. 21° 30’36”) at 0° 15, 158° 29,a), and a trine to Regulus at 0° 10, 119° 50,a). Sinistra will be ‘visible all around,’ a Ptolemy phrase which means that this conjunction which in a paran degree will be of only 0° 05’, both at lower culmination, will rise before the Sun on this day and will set after the Sun on this day, thus it is associated to twilight.

In August of 2012, Mercury passes Praesepe as the Sun conjunct Regulus – which will be a little after Mars passes Saturn which has been in varying aspects of a conjunction to Spica. One will note that all the planets are ‘splattered’ around the horoscope and these models bring world events. There was a significant ‘splatter’ just before 11 September 2001 attacks on New York and Washington D.C. Two outer planets, Uranus and Pluto will form a square (Mon. 20 August 2012, LA) Uranus at 07ARI57’48”r and Pluto at 07CAP08’46”r.

Saturn aspecting Spica happens as it rotates around the sun, which is  a varying figure rounded off in general to about 29 years.  The last aspect for this time was in the early part of Ronald Reagan, the 40 th President of the United States of America beginning in the Summer of 1981.  This grand-conjunction happened between the two leading virgonian bright stars, Zavijava and Zaniah. Then as the year progressed and into 1992 Saturn moved over Spica. This next aspect of Saturn over Spica will not be associated to a grand-conjunction. The last one was in 2000, in May and each grand-conjunction is approximately every twenty-years. Mao Tse-tung was born with Saturn conjunct Spica.

The Galactic Center to which Jenkin’s changed his story, which now rests upon the band of stars which make up the Milky Way is a slippery slope. Yes, the Sun will be in this band, but it will be in it for centuries, not merely a few decades. For example, the width and the brightness of the band of concentrated light from the majority of stars in the Milky Way differ greatly.  So what century would the Maya refer too?

From what symbols or writings do we concur this concept of an ending ( never the end according to the Maya or in fact most cultures or in fact all!) but a restart of some ‘great period?’ I myself was puzzled because first, the Galactic Center is defined as Sagittarius, A. which is an arbitrary point but the University of California, Los Angeles has been studying the various ‘frequencies’ in which from this direction we believe that a massive black hole is the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. You will recall that a ‘dark rift’ which is a reference to many ancient writings which entails a large black and empty space in the middle of a section of the milky way band appears as anomaly encompassed by massive bright and tightly clustered stars. Our Milky Way has approximately 200,000,000 stars. Plato, the Greek philosopher stated that each soul ( the human species) is connected to a single star. So under this pretense, if our Galaxy has only two-hundred million stars than obviously there are massive groups of people that are not even from our galaxy system? So where are they from?

Anyway, the point is that this date comes not from the massive amounts of artifacts and buildings of the Maya warning the humans of this date for some type of change, but a rare find of recent that may have been linked to a sect that was not a part of the mainstreamed Mayan culture. So why place so much importance on this find? Who knows, but archeology and archeoastronomy has fascinated the modern humans. 

What I did was go to NASA in which most of the world uses for space flight and launching of satellites – they have an excellent ephemeris, and calculated this Sun passing this dark rift. It should be noted that the people promoting 2012 intend that this astronomical conjunction takes place when the Sun at the winter solstice passes through this dark rift.

I came up with using Beijing China, on 23 December ( UT 22 Dec.) 2226 at 6:01:48 the Sun passes Sagittarius A, ( a theoretical point as this dark rift has no complexion as we think it is a black hole which swallows light) at the Winter Solstice of 23 Saturday December 2226 ( e.g. two-thousand and twenty-six) A.C.E. Currently the Winter solstice passes with a 4°-3° difference and will be so for at least the next fifty-years. Still on my day, there are twelve minuets of arc. Yet it is not four to three degrees of arc.

Geoff Stary ( author of Beyond 2012) who studied the meaning of the year of 2012 since 1982 provides valuable information onto a topic I do not hear discussed on late night radio programs. He wrote an article which appears at Graham Hancock’s website wining the March 2010 Author of the Month, related the rare symbols to which the world based the date of 2012 upon. He writes, “Before 2006, many anthropologists, archaeologists and other Maya scholars stated that there was nothing in the Maya inscriptions about the end of the current 5,125-year era of the Long Count calendar.”[9]

It should be noted that when Spanish Imperialist Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro ( Medellín, Spain, 1485 –d. 2 December 1547) invaded the Mayan lands killing native Americans he burnt much of their codices ( their archival histories). Think of it as the accidental fire that burnt down the massive Library at Alexandria’s repository ( not the actual library building itself, but often great libraries have off-site storage facilities as a repository, and apparently about 40,000 scrolls were lost at a repository near the shipping docks at the port of Alexandria, Egypt;  when some of Caesar’s soldiers set a fire to ward off Ptolemy XIII’s forces) , which lost many of our collective ancient books. What Cortez’s writers described, it later was concluded that the Maya living during the Spanish Imperialism and murder/slave campaigns on Americas these natives were using the Short Calendar, and had been in use by them for sometime.

So these persons asked to which archeological site or of the four remaining copies of ancient Maya codices remain what tells us that the long count ( which would pertain to the processional phases as the short count is focuses on dividing up what westerners perceive as centuries) canont be found anywhere?

A site later named “Tortuguero was discovered in 1915,” but it was no earlier than 1978 and then later in 1980 that the first published papers described the inscriptions there. These papers were in German, published by Dr. Berthold Riese, and remained nearly anonymous until Sven Gronemeyer’s 2004 Thesis which was also in German. Then in 2006 an updated version and translated into English appeared in Sven Gronemeyer, The Maya Site of Tortuguero, Tabasco, Mexico: Its history and Inscriptions, in “Acta Mesoamericana” vol. 17, Verlag Anto Saurwein, Markt Schwabe, Germany, 2006).[10] A cemetery factory was built upon many sites Tortuguero in 1981.[11] However some of the artifacts remained visible. The pertinent artifact is the Tortuguero Box – a well preserved carved wooden box inscribed with glyphs that describe, amongst other things, the burial of the Tortugueor ruler, Bahlam Ajaw ( Lord Jaguar). Monument 6 is broken into seven parts, four of which are in the Villahermosa museum, not far from the Tortuguero site. Another part is in the Metropolitan Museum of New York, and two other fragments are thought to be in the hands of a private collector. The monument was originally a T-shaped stela, and one of the wings –the left one that starts the narrative –is missing. It is the other wing – the final part of the narrative –that refers to the end of the thirteenth baktun.”[12] Gronemeyer takes a guess that this monument was set up in “669 AD to commemorate a building known as a pibnaah that was built around 160 years earlier in 510 AD. A pibnaah,” Stray writes, “ is often translated as a steam bath or sweathouse and this is how Gronemeyer has translated it.” [13] The T-shaped stela alerted its patrons of the steam bath to whom the architect artist was, Ahkal K’uk, and that this monument was completed “ [...] 2 days, 9 Uinals, 3 Tuns, 8 Katuns and 3 Baktuns before the 13th Baktun is completed on 4 Ahau  3 Kankin. Then it will happen –darkness, and Bolon - Yokete will descend to the (destroyed section)...[14] So out of all the Maya architecture and artifacts all over the world and in middle Ameirca(s) this is the only reference to 2012. It is amazing how a cultural wide phenomena was produced by a single rare steamhouse stela. “Bolon Yokte is the God of Nine Strides ( or the God of Numerous Strides, since Bolon, which means ‘nine’ is often used as ‘many’).”[15]

What is more interesting than the only world reference to 2012 is that the number ‘nine’ is a part of the sexigesmal system of Mesopotamia ( used until late period Babylonian times, and in fact the most common dividing system of the many realms of all religions. What all these religions seem to concur with the symbol of ‘nine,’ heavens, domains, compartments, realms, places, stages, initiations, etc.... dividing into that all the figures for representing the processional ages and times in all accounts of varied religions of the world pertain to ‘nine.’ Stray does a decent job to name the major religious and provide a short synopsis of their reasons and meanings behind the nine –levels. Most mystics or shamans intend that only under certain rituals can these ‘levels’ be perceived.

Today in modern physics, super-string theory which is now just ‘string-theory’ propositions us to investigate if all is not strings as connected other strings, but each string will have time position its different frequencies (or domains, levels, dividing here again) and one day we will find that these points of distance on strings are but a continuance of a  resonance or a vibration of every single unique ‘particle’ of all – including matter and energy. Therefore, to by God, one can manipulate the string(s)!  This notion posits the reality that on a higher plan, fatalism is real and we are all in some sort of videogame which appears to use as real when in fact we are controlled by fate.

When you reincarnate your memory is wiped-out for reasons that are too complex to write here at this time. I will do this in the future so that you can understand the reason why. More and more non-academics which are spearheading the world’s great ancient religions and ancient people are turning up evidence that the procession of the equinoxes’ were known and analyzed and they all corroborated with a notion of cyclical timed events.  The idea that the cosmos had its own re-birth mirrors the discourse of the nine manifestations of levels or realms and concurs to the soul’s eternal journey. The soul, today communicated as consciousness and not a part of the function of the brain, as academics and modern scientists guess at – they have no idea – now is understood as something more complex and trans-solar-system phenomena. The globe is having a difficult time with the advent of the common masses accepting the leftist propaganda which ever slowly reveals that big-corporations are consolidating into mega-global-corporations to which the humans will become mere slaves to these scientists who run them. At U.C. Berkeley, many of these scientists believe they are the saviors and the dictators of policy for our modern world. They know better than the common ignorant which make up the masses. Therefore they need to be controlled, both by economic means and by thought control. By thought control the promulgation of the leftist ideology pertains to a human incapable to think and make decisions for itself, it needs a master to make those decisions for them. This of course would become the ‘State’ the state implies a world body organization of truth. Its first policy in the 1950s was to destroy Christianity around the world. In Europe it has achieved this, but Islam replaced the monotheistic social lifestyle. It appears we are headed for a clash of ethno-economic civilizations. The left appear to champion divisible communities based upon ethnic and cultural divisions, and pit them –off each other so that a few scientists and academics can make the allusion that they can step in and solve the solution thus they have a foothold for their continuing importance of economic stranglehold.

2012, in most of the literature, speaks to a changing mass consciousness where people wake up and save the world they are currently destroying. However, a more progressive problem is appearing and that is this elite who see themselves as superior ‘intellects’ and are but snobs, and haters. Yet they have the control and they may well lead the world to a final solution.

posted to front page on 09 September 2010

Is There a Reason that Nostradamus Never Mentions 2012?


2012 is not the Galactic Alignment Period !

The Sun Intersects the Galactic Center within 3 seconds of Saturday 23 December 2226!


GALACTIC CENTER DATA: 2226 A.C.E. ( 09 September 2010). Posted on the front page on this date and then moved here. Now the media and academia are picking up on this data and promulgating it. 

Note: Galactic Center (G.C.) defined by U.C.L.A. from a 30 year study, for the star of Sagittarius A. However, in reality, the G.C. is an arbitrary point, and invisible . This page, however uses the G.C. standard as it promulgated in most ephemerides, all across the world.

2012 December 25 is one ending point of the Mayan Calendar, a section to pass to a different age, many people had claimed. Yet, what is it based upon? If it is based upon the Sun passing through the Galactic Center, as been written about in so many books; however, there is an important question: This will not happen until the year of 2226 of the Gregorian calendar system. In order for the Sun to intersect the Galactic Center at the Winter Solstice certain criteria must be met. (1) the Sun must be in the Tropic of Capricorn at its zero point 00CAP00’00”, and (2) the Galactic Center must also be at the winter solstice at a longitude of 00CAP00’00” and,  (3) Both of these positions must be represented as occurring at the same time if we are to assume this is what the Mayans had spoken about – as the Great Alignment. Below I provide the data for the scientific claim that this will not take place for a few centuries from now. Why conclude that the Mayans were off by 3-4 degrees of precession is beyond me. The Galactic Center is nowhere near the longitude of 00CAP00’00” in this century or the next century.

The Sun Intersects the Galactic Center within 3 seconds of Saturday 23 December 2226 ( Two Thousand Two – Hundred and Twenty-Six ), data for Beijing China, 116e24.39n55, 12:13 am, LMT, Universal Time 22 December 16:13 am, Sidereal Time 6:01:48; Sun at longitude of 00CAP15’56” δ 23°24’39”S; Galactic Center longitude at 00CAP00’51’; ASC00LIB21’32”, M.C. 00CAN24’43” δ 23°24’37”N. On this day, the Galactic Center conjuncts the sun to 0° 12’. ( data from precession model P03 ( Capitaine/Wallace/Chapront, 2003).  For more visit the link below.

Usefull links:

[[??Note the Galactic Center’s axis runs through the 17th hour and perhaps 45 minuets 40 seconds of Right Ascension (J2000). So if we are looking for a an opposing angle, we need a Right Ascension RA of ~ 07h14m20s for the winter solstice alignment. That will happen in the year of 2226, but will be off by 12 minuets and zero degrees.  ]]]] see


To see the Galactic Equator, see


Sven Gronemeyer website: is some website perhaps associated to Stray, but has many different topics and is a difficult interface to read.



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