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Obama signs NAZI law into power Christmas Eve

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 Greek despoces, the Roman dominus, and the Russian gosudar'


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA

Thank you all for the Archangel Michael dedication, building (s) and artworks to me in the heart of the seat of Rus’ Power. Saros 136 Eclipse



1,000 checks to The Democratic National Committee Gen. Guangkai

™ Campaign Contributions ϒ foreign to one political party & only 17 minuets from all major A.B.C. N.B.C. C.B.S. F.O.X. news cable outlets

Gen. Guangkai

666 ≡ B E A S T ⇔ William J. Clinton‚ white dna and African dna‚ not a pure white. ξ W.A.A.A. White Angelo– African American.



$44,000,000 in small checks, under $2,000 ,mostly by anonymous Chinese American laundrymat families. Also large Lobbyist checks like $80,000 to John Kerry and the same to John McCain, and others on all isles and at the center was Bill Clinton running nuclear proliferation from the Oval Office. The Country was already gone by them according to me. Only $2.4 MILLION was ever returned the A.P. lied because I had someone behind this reporter at the L.A. James Raidy trial and he never got back his $8.2 millin he donated, but like the #fakemedia, they all said, all of this ClintonCash was returned. That turned out to be false and Clinton used the bombing of Iraq and the creation of the war on terror as a cover–up and I call it a sell–out or in one of my past life's said it was a Roy deffraieur!


Intelligence 27 March 2014 A.D., 3:34 p.d.t. p.m., Studio City, LA, CA, U.S.A. .


Contract extended to 2017, but Eric Braverman has sought asylum in Russia; His last tweet, Oct 12 th 2016 A.D. #podestaemails has #johnpodesta fingering him as the source of his Gmail hack, which was not a hack. #hillaryclinton & #beast #williamjclinton gave him the passwords to many accounts so #Braveman could clean up the dirties in the Clinton Foundation Files and spreadsheets. What #braveman found out, disturbed him. Each of Obama's 10 regime changes were coupled with payouts by those actors wanting regime change. So the #clintonfoundation was a global war for  profit machine. They do not care about life or love. Just cocaine, booze, , sex, thuggery, white collar crimes, and disregard for  human life. #crookedhillary needs to be in #jail#emailleaks #sethrich was then id because he too had been given authority to  look into the leaks. Perhaps, not wanting to be fingered #Braveman gave the unhacks to Rich who then  forward them, imo . #russia played no roll.
  #bookoflife #arcmichael #01032017ad #masoniclevel34  

now ( insert) that is one butt ugly tranny. This is one of John's buddies.

When we watch John McCain, just mention a country, his automatic response is ' #invade '  it is these types of imbecile warmongerers we need retired from all governments around planet earth.  #lindse " Sissy shemale ' #graham #Lindsey Olin #Graham (born July 9, 1955) is another big black cock sucker who targets whites because it pleases its black master dominators.


Julian Assange repeatedly goes on Fox's Sean Hannity to deny these emails came from Russia. He said this in 2015 and 2016 and countries

Russia Established 800 A.D. At Istanbul‚ then Constantinople.

The Mongalis ( Latin mid. ages) took Ukraine which was Rus' Kievan during the 1240s A.D. and became later the Crimean Khanate.


On 25 July 1998, Yeltsin appointed Vladimir Putin head of the FSB (one of the successor agencies to the KGB), the position Putin occupied until August 1999. He became a permanent member of the Security Council of the Russian Federation on 1 October 1998 and its Secretary on 29 March 1999.

First Premiership (1999)

On 9 August 1999, Vladimir Putin was appointed one of three First Deputy Prime Ministers, and later on that day was appointed acting Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation by President Boris Yeltsin. Yeltsin also announced that he wanted to see Putin as his successor. Still later on that same day, Putin agreed to run for the presidency.


Vladimir Putin 09 Aug. 1999 A.D = 6,6,6. ( aug. 8 th month, plus century 1) = 9, and then flip the 9,9,9,9 over and drop one 9. At Alt.Prophecies.Nostradamus in 1999 A.D. someone cited that the King of Terror, from heaven ( or northern lats) will come and resurrection... .The next part they got wrong. The angolmois ( not a real name, term,) was anagrammed to western English Europeans and but an exact match code word for New York and Mongalis, the latinized middle age term for Mongols ( Irish archives). . So this meant a new meaning to the Aquilae brothers ( mottos or seals of the state have prominent Eagles, both Russia and America have these, older cultures included the Aztec and Egyptians, Babylonians, during selectee periods of civilizations. While elected President in 2012 A.D., Putin seems to be the one with all the power at Russia’ Kremlin.


Vladimir Putin was inaugurated president on 7 May 2000. He appointed Minister of Finance Mikhail Kasyanov as his Prime minister.

Between 2000 and 2004, Putin apparently won a power-struggle with the Russian oligarchs, reaching a 'grand-bargain' with them. This bargain allowed the oligarchs to maintain most of their powers, in exchange for their explicit support – and alignment with – his government.[58][59] A new group of business magnates, such as Gennady Timchenko, Vladimir Yakunin, Yury Kovalchuk, Sergey Chemezov, with close personal ties to Putin, also emerged.

Updated Dec 2016 A.D.

Professor: “ All I want for Christmas is White Genocide” Yahoo news inc. 12 27 2016ad

#yahoo Drexler University has condemned one of its professors for tweeting on Christmas Eve, "   all I want for Christmas is #whitegenocide   ." #bookoflife #arcmichael 150 Million  US bigots in this country feel exactly the same as this #drexler #demon #12272017ad  googleplus link

Journal 163 A.D. ArcMichael κ real Election Popular Vote Numbers

Semitic Attacks at me at Burbank 2016 Dec link to stories. & apok white genocide Dec 2016

predict any world leader new Δ dumb &*$# a Stan

us cops 12 12 2016 A.D. Obama legacy J 160 & Assange Missing Oct.& Spy Bills 2012 2016 A.D. & RapeCulture is Celebrate Diversity.






Pope Innocent IV

Hard Mongolian Great Khan Güyük : Letter to the Church, Pope ⇒

The letter is written in Persian, the preamble in Turkish and the date in Arabic.

Vatican, + Itali

   ASV, A.A., Arm. I‑XVIII, 1802 (2) LETTER BY THE GREAT KHAN GÜYÜK , TO POPE INNOCENT IV s.l. 1246 November 3rd-11th

The Great Khan’s document was delivered to the papal court by the Franciscan Giovanni di Pian del Carmine, who left Lyon on the 16th of April 1215 and returned to Rome at the end of 1247.





Identity Politics

oikos or dvor

Rise of Muscovy  14  th 15 th ; then votchina (sixteenth to seventeenth centuries), return to Czar; Arab Rule takeover  i.e. Soviet 1917 A.D. —1989  to end of Soviet Era and election of Boris Yeltsin; Russia turns back toward White Rule and next in 1999 A.D. the Election of white nordic Vladimir Putin, a former spook. He brought back stability to Russia and much of the economic prosperity…

White Rule and next in 1999 A.D. the Election of white nordic Vladimir Putin, a former spook. He brought back stability to Russia and much of the economic prosperity . United States with blue turban arabites Queen of England sanction and monitor  Russia seeking  one purpose but to rid planet earth of the White Northern Russians, and to focus on global #whitegenocide.

#Anecdotes #bullied by #brown my whole life and cops are brown so they sided always with brown, no matter what. #semitic = #brown or yellow or red or darker skin shades. not white white. #sovietunion was a semitic takeover and thus #socialism that #Semitics lied as usual and called it #Communism. Trotsky said these terms are all jew lies. and yes they were so jew creepo #stalin killed him at #mexicocity ; Trotsky had white dna and Stalin had Jew mix dna - a wasa with Mongolian parts of #dna. He was not white white and thus the school books will all be burnt. They are full of #Semite fantasies.

When A #Mexican punched me in the face, while awaiting the red light at a large intersection. Said I was staring at him, when I was looking at the stores in the shopping mall behind him. Your people, all of them will pay for that abuse. age 20. It is racism at the dna level and nothing to do with citizen vs. non citizen.


In Revelations 18:2 a passage mentions “hateful birds ∴ Twitter spews hate, and is run by an AntiChrist CEO.

COLD WAR ϡ Semitics Began Fear Mongering 1950s, @N.S.A. Navy Intel Astron Dept.

Andromeda System is the Solar System’s closest Galaxy. The Semitics who came in 1917 A.D. during the Great Semitic Global Reorganization to take over the Oil Fields of the Middle East gained Academic and Science jobs, at top Universities and now recruited to the United States CIA Military. During World War II, Radar and new technologies excited the arab semitic NAZIs at America. These are not Noord white  white, but NAZI are at least 17% Semitic AshkaNAZI DNA, as part of this website.  


Cold WaR by DNA cross breeds ♠ fantacists ⊗ Judeans at U.S.A. who came after World War I had reached power by the mid 1940s in U.S.A. academia and went totally insane and created the African backed National Security Agency € really it was a black Afro and Semitic Arab ; thus its code name Nigger Semitic Association or Agency! This implies it makes wars against white countries, including whites in Iran‚ Korea, south Asia and south America.

Radar and Encryption or electronic- broakcast packet–sending was develpped during the war, the later by an American women.
The Jews observed huge explosions near or around the Andromeda &System. They blamed the Russians, the white white people of breaking World War II’s ban on testing nuclear weapons. They actually believed ‹ Jew intelligence dna sections need to be assessed!› these were superior race of Russian white people who flew to Andromeda and tested powerful nuclear bombs to escape the brand new nuke –ban treaty.

The medias First Instance of Blaming the Russians. This is code for Blame white white people . This gave these two Dullas’, an inconvenient excuse to place 150 CIA military bases, across planet earth. Today‚ we have 500– 600 C.I.A. Military bases‚ many dwindling‚ and rotting away ‚ abandoned. Beast William J. Clinton‚ 42nd U.S. President in 1999 A.D. abandoned U.S. troops for bombing from the sky and native Islamic Mercenaries, which would fight most the wars, including Feb. 1st, 2013 A.D. Creation of Islamic State, funded by U.S. Congress under Syrian Rebels. The Intelligence is solid. The U.S. Congress are a bunch of non white foreigners of low wit and are being fooled by the NASIs at the Pentagon.

Islamic State was created for #1 Reason ∅ As an Anti— Shi’ i – Russo boundary for control of the world's oil feilds.


Antichrist puts Sanctions on White white People of Russia. closes two US Russian embassies and expels 35 white people, because Obama and NSA, CIA are brown or yellow sand niggers. There was no hacking. The U.S.A. funds, created, Islamic State, the U.S.A. is out of control. Since 1917 There has been a semitic Jihad on the western hemisphere.  Mitchy Poo, aka Mitch McConnell ≠ RINO Republican in name only ⊕ says Russians are white, they are not our semitic friends; my friends are George Soros, William j Clinton , George Bush and Barack Obama, these are my best buddies.

Antichrist Obama put Sanctions by Executive Order, not by a vote, by Barack Hussein Obama, II, who is not a black but a brown Semitic African Jew gurl. Graham, banned by God, is a antiwhite liar and false Christian.

Climate Policies of Obama put out 1000% more harmful pollutants of CO2 than traditional gas.

John Kerry, "Israel can be Jewish or Democratic, it cannot be both" 12 28 2016 A.D.

12 27 2016 A.D. that FBI says since 1970s the Latins = You are the shyte hole rapists and shyte hole robbers and shyte hole  murderers and that is science and data FBI fucker.


Helaina, Constantine's wife had changed Christianity for women's role in furthering the movement more than any others.

Kievan Rus', Muscovy, & Russia

Kievan Rus' & Russia

Medeval to premodern

Russian intro

[RU03] Rus' & Russian Chronology

Ivan the Terrible (not the main work, these are notes)

[RU01] Ivan Vasilievich and Joseph Stalin connections?

Russian historiography of the sixteenth century.

Sergei Fedorovich Platonov

Text 1974 chapter 1 and intro Ivan Groznyi

Andrie Kurbskii & Ivan Vasilievich (forgery, considered only a second hand source)

[RU02] Muscovy & the Mongols

Mongol Conquer Russia-- who were they, what did they do?

[RU04] Russia terms sixteenth century

Chronicle Variants of the Sixteenth Century

Rus' & Russian art and architecture

Origins of Kievan Rus' State & Mongol-Tatar & Rus'

[RU06] Rus' seventeenth century

People, Culture, Cites, Towns, Expansion, Foreigners, Slavery, Art, Thought, Expression, government, and whatever else makes up an energizing civilization. Imperialism: Subjugation of Siberia. For the 1600s Imperialism of the former Khanates, and Ivan The Fearsome, see RU01.

[RU07] Rus' Synthesis

Rus Architecture, Art, Synthesis

[RU008] Vladimir Putin 09 Aug. 1999 A.D = 6,6,6  & info [ 27 March 2013] [RU009] Computer electronic Political Influence Bigotry Semitics & info [ Jan. 07 2016]

[Gam 01 Bio] Superman Joseph Stalin 31 July . 2015 A.D [ advanced celestial coding]  

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.



#wisconsin #recount 2016 #crookedhillary lost 50,000 votes. Major polls went missing for five days, not connected to RNC. DNC got blamed. #pennsylvania recount 2016 denied by judge, it would show more fraud by #DNC. #hillaryclinton latched on to #jillstien ( #semitic both of them) and #georgesoros funded, found out that blacks did not vote for Hillary, the same blacks that voted #obama did not vote for #hillaryclinton . She believed the blacks came out and voted for her, she was found wrong. we found out there are 3.9 Million fraud votes and so the recounts were stoppped because #fakenews = #MEAMIC remains covering up their fraud vote system they have had in power for a long time. #alexpadilla deregistered me, I was deregistered in 2008 up at the bay area, see photo of mail on web.


#ERDOGON was losing by 150 ballots, after Polls closed, he snuck out a victory of a dictator until 2029AD. State manipulation still has 49% believe Erdogon is an illegal #caliph #bookoflife he runs isis and is US NATO ally on war against #Christians so we take out Israel and Dragon, both are the same in the #bible or Koran they are illegal demons on plant earth. #arcmichael 04 17 2017

Obama fired 35 Russian diplomats today because he is anti white

ARC 093



Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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