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An ode to Nordic Symphonic Metal Genre -- a breath of fresh air.

First United States of America 'mainstream media' exposure to this genre: 2002-2005s Matt Drudge Radio show ( ended 2007); nationwide & popular he had played Sharon Janny den Adel and Robert Westerholt 's masterpeice (IMO) 'Mother Earth' as his continuous played bumper music.

For two years endless callers demanded to know the name of the band & thus U.S. people had no exposure at this time to Nordic Symphonica metal outside the committed cultural musicos. After the people wanted to stop talking politics and discuss whos - playing that song, Matt finally gave up the name of the band. Perhaps, he was handed it long ago and had no idea himself, it just sounded so 'urgent'. This was mine and many U.S. citizens first exposure to Symphonic Metal. Druge finally afer many years said, OK, the name of the band is Within Temptation. Presto, soon after NightWish gets increase in abulm sales in the U.S.A. Big reason, a fresh need of female rock or metal frontwomen, lacking at the U.S.A. with black hip hop gansta- establishment rap on every channel, 24/7/365. So America was missing out much as its social ideology remains to look inward for its self 'exceptionalism' with never existed in the first place. And perhaps it remains a difficult cultural separation as the U.S.A. is run and houses Arabs and Arab Latins, the later secular types do attend and show up in force to NightWish  South American tours.  


Patterns≡ Last albums by both former front ladies are NightWish masterpieces, in my opinion.

Nightwish to me is #ScoreMetal‚ as in movie — like themes [music nw themes]. arc michael youtube chn.

best web videos: Nightwish with Anette -Live At Exit Festival.(Serbia,Vojvodina,Novi Sad,Petrovaradin) I am a suxer for piro done with music synchronicity ; I love Anette version of song written for her. amazing singer and fair to look at too.

First Nightwish exposure? youtube fall of 2014; video testing my computer download I went to Within Temptation search and clicked a song and thought , well let me see how fast my new computer can download this file ( I have no internet connection so I view offline, all my stuff). The full Wacken Open Air Festival 2013 <wY⁄ Floor Jansen during tour replacement of Annette, lead vocals ‘frontwomen’!>. Floor’s voice was very fresh and the video captures this ‘freshness’.

The Pyrotechnics used and large stadium music  and then with a symphonic sound sparked my interest and then, and only , then the inserts of Metallica like or head banging guitar riffs got me interested to hear the entire music.

Los Angeles Greek Theater 1 st May 2015.


my video, opening, first part.

8 new songs ( someone else's review, I would not have known) perhaps the LA Greek Theater Crowd's initial appethy ( although some in the audiance were there to see the two other acts). Yes the crowd came alive at the first cords of Élan and some sang along, even though it is a new song, the video on youtube had some nice audience numbers. Climate? weather a rare 95 degrees, and at 10:00 p.m., still warm around 75-70 degrees and with a Full Moon, which help me navigate the Los Angeles hills at night.

NightWish Performs : The Greatest Show On Earth.

NightwishGreatestShowOnEarthLosAngeles010515 by leftstanding ( youtube channel, sound HQ of the first posted vids of this event). May 2, 2015 ( Videors comments) Just got back from watching Nightwish live for the first time! This was also my first concert ever!! It was epic, to say the least. Here's the later half performance of one of my favorite songs!

C'est les tres belles de(s) Nightwish(s).

Background information
Origin Kitee, Finland
Genres Symphonic metal, alternative metal = perspective, perhaps this is the real!
Years active 1996–present
Labels Spinefarm, Nuclear Blast, Roadrunner, Century Media, Drakkar Entertainment
Associated acts Darkwoods My Betrothed, Nattvindens Gråt, Barilari
Website www.nightwish.com
Members Tuomas Holopainen
Emppu Vuorinen
Jukka Nevalainen
Marco Hietala
Troy Donockley
Floor Jansen
Past members Tarja Turunen
Sami Vänskä
Anette Olzon

Co-Founder Tarja ( love those shoes!). < I share soul group with Tarja and Emppu > The Goddess is Opera trained, very dramatic voice, a fit for this genre; Most liked of the three perhaps she formed NightWish's current "Epic(s)" and sound styles (some set list standards!) which Floor sings beautifully live ( I have not seen a video of Anette's version(s)) too. Spotify Tarja new songs (2015) from her Google+ post. During her time with NightWish: Epic operati, a specialized symphonic metal style; 'Ambient soundscape' feel ( a new genre form the 1970s) submitted into some sections of entire songs. Potential film score soundscapes, thus my suggestive definition of score metal. Vänskä , Holopainen & Turunen's demos demonstrate complete musical direction and a decision was made later to apply a Metallica thrash -metal like backdrop to this soundscape. Shove an Animal on Drums, apply regional folk or add some Mikey Mouse and Donald Duck interludes and Voilà, presto, there ya go, NightWish! Unique, certainly, which is why we love them. A + . ( w/ Temptation, new song, awsome title ="Within Temptation - Paradise (What About Us?) ft. Tarja ") . Issues "timing",seen in her epic 'End of an Era' concert, which is good music to me, I love her voice so much. It is like an angel. These issues are often solved by extensive touring. Tarja can hit high notes and keep them, very rare. Pronunciation problems, comes with practice of 'immersion' in daily speaking of a foreign language. Once = ground breaking, and a move toward the cheesy and over orchestration of the Anette's period = which in my opion is the best music as a mean of all songs yet.

click to enlarge foto



Anette ↔stage name Olzon‡ Hollywood starlet looks +1 for US music moguls ⇒ Most fan fav hits produced under her term, in my novice opinion; least liked of the three for not being able to hit 'extreme' notes -- which is not her strength, as the other two do not have her 'clear voice'! w/ attitude -- a key to breaking into the U.S.A. mainstream musical barons w/ markets/PR . However, we can only speculate, the real reason we will probably never know. The Last Ride ' of the day' (a set closer for years now [update] I saw Anette’s version online, it really is her song. )‚ The Imaginaerum (2011 – 12) music is top of the Bill to me. ( Fan fav, highlights Emppu's' guitar work; but so does 'Stargazers'). When I listen to Wacken 2013‚ winter concert and Floor's brilliant step in and rock it, Imaginaerum songs are my favorite parts of the show.

Best full length album to date produced under her‚ Imaginaerum. The owner and co–founder‚ the keyboardist apparently believed the band was moving into the wrong direction under her vision and used <a never missed a concert> excuse to fire her when Anette went to the hospital for being pregnant or being sick with Pneumonia or the flue.  The additional and overwhelming factors are cohabitation. So people are not always socially compatible; and touring for nine months in close quarters and over a long nine month tour she did not get along with these souls. It appears Marco and Not Tomous had conflicts with her as she is very outgoing and so is Marco. In Led Zeppelin, John and John were tight knit and Robert and Jimmy were tight knit, all four did not get along apart form Zeps Musical aimes; they could cohabitate but the conflicts led to not replacing Bonham when he died to distant themselves away from the other John, the bassist. The Beatles were the same way, they could cohabitate just long enough for a decade run at the top of the charts. Then they had to go their separate ways. Here, Holopainen keeps the core band in tact just to keep a good thing going strong.

Annete Olzon pushed the band to more complex composition than Marco could handle and that created conflicts in the direction of the band‚ in my opinion. Although Tuomas brought in children singing and coral musicians‚ the style of Anette thrives at and turned NightWish into a different direction of passion, angst, and excitement, but this meant that Tomous had to write more complex scripts and this may not have sat well with Marco. The facts are the most complex music exists under Anette’s period. He is not that good on bass. If they kept Olzon, they may have gone superstar international and Marco and Tomas may like the 15,000 and smaller seat arenas , rather than 80,000 sized stadium like Whaken or Rio venues. Imaginaerum plays better on large stages and huge sets and big stadium sounds and an awsome light show. That is a drastic change to medium to small venued wishing Nightwish.

⟨ or secret squabbles on royalties‚ T H. does write and thus do must of the work‚ the original contracts were 20% or equal between five members‚ but that was before fame and fortune⟩. We love dat Cheesy & over orchestration and very 'clear and articulate' voice coming out of Anette. Floor has a stronger and larger body diaphragm but judging performances is not fair when Waken 2013 was in front of 80,000 people and expertly, apparently  expensive, to film and edit.

Swede, Anette Ingegerd Olsson ⟨born 21 June 1971⟩ is a solstice bunny, born near the summer solstice when our Sun reaches the hights of zodiacal - tropics of Cancer. While concert footage shows in the later stages of this band paring, an emotional struggle to the limits of older songs that demanded operatic training, despite her continued awsome recording voice and band critical success, The band replaces her rather embarrassingly. Dark Passion Play and later The Imaginaerum proved vital in making Night Wish internationally renouned. Still, most serious bands are touring bands and the road is a tought life to keep your health and your talent ( vocal cords in her case) in proper working order. Just ask Klaus Meine (born 25 May 1948)  of 'The Scorpions' he lost his voice after recording 'Black Out' the real first breakthrough album in The States, he needed throat surgery to survive, discussions of ending the band and or replacing Claus were factual , and of course changed his routine to operatic training to survive in this 'demanding' business. Olson should have done the same. Her voice clearly struggles in the later online youtube vids and you can see the expressions on the other band members' faces.

Los Angeles Greek Theater 1 st May 2015.

Floor struck many 'owl?' poses for this song about forgotten and perhaps hidden places in or around Finland. A Fantastic song. A blend of the former two styles, and large body for a deep diaphragm compression allows Floor to make people feel her vibrations emitting from her chest, some call it Floorgasams. These compositions are difficult, creating needs of soft vocal tones to dramatic high pitches, but Floor is kind of young to the concept and her metal music growth style has been overtly metal screaming, so this fit was a challenge , imo. But in Floor’s defense, Richard Dawkins and Avatar thematic by famed composer was not very inspiring, which is of course, Thomas’ fault, not any of the bank members. She needs a little opera composition by Tuomas where soft spots in songs appear within the larger song format, which is heavy. The peaceful place where this album was recorded was too peaceful, where we feel that Nightwish wants to preach to the world but at the same time it escapes to upper northern Hemisphere to hide from the massive of human conflicts.  I am only interested because I want them to have a huge hit so they can sell out the Los Angeles forum or Angles  Stadium or Dodger’s stadium and we can see them with 80,000+ because then the energy with Floor as the front women is radically ‘amazing.’ Again, my novice opinion.

  1. 9.45 mb large file, click foto.
  2. Click for original large size, desktop size. 3759x 2635 pixls. cette foto illusionizes Floor holding a majic 'lightstick' wand in her left hand and an Orb of royalty in her right hand?


some Poor reviews by some music Critics of Anette's period are masked against the brillant writing for Imaginaerum. It is no wonder the comment section was closed, because fan reactions in concet to songs from Dark and Imag. are telling 'testimonials' to how much love these songs get. The cheesy thing is too over intellectualized in Europe. Not everyone likes 'Dark Gothic' because Arabs and Latino Arabs were the spurious of that Middle Age movement, not nordics. Who built most of Europe's gothic cathedrals, yes they were Latino Arabs and Moslem craftsmen. I am into more Nordic creativity than dark gothic Arab types of sounds. With the Islamic Migrations, it is understandable why they call good music cheesy, it is not, and infact most of Disney music is cheesy but loved worldwide. 

I personally believe Tuomas Holopainen was compromised by Moslems or athiest arabs in EU against his new direction he had under Annett’s reign, and he made a mistake to listen to them. One more Dark Passion Play or Imaginaerum album we could have a sold out show at the forum. The Endless. album, #8 has a 24 min title track, nice, but boring and not well received outside the core fans.  Richard Dawkins is safe but very uninspiring.  I do not believe that Floor’s presence affected Holopainen poor choice of composition ( nothing to do with his creative or expertise, just a dumb choice) for this 8th album. While this is a critical review of the 8 th album it is fair and a little hurtful but insightful because it does show that Nightwish as a band is progressing or changing, not staying the same to be deemed, same ol' , same ol'. .



Shudder before the Beautiful. Opening song, I got it too from afar so we can see the entire crowds' reaction. ( video by facebook/kanonmadness, youtube hosted).

NightwishShudderBeforethe Beautiful_LosAngeles_ 01052015hd



Élan part ii by Arc Michael


ARC: My recording/video upon the Greek Theater Hill.

arc_nightwish_elan_part2_la010515 format AVI ( Cannon S- 80 digital camera w/ video, 2006 model) a very huge megabyte download. 160+ M.B. (159125KB)

Finnish Nightwish ( f. 1996), Swedish Therion and Dutch Epica = rely on use of Music Scores ( Arc, a joy to listen to).
Within Temptation ( f. 1996) relies on composing original songs that can sound like Movie scores. ( Arc, addicting).


[music nw themes]. When I attended the show at the Greek , one song sounded like its theme was lifted from the 2003 A.D. James Cameron Epic, 'Avatar.' The main songwriter openly admits to being inspired by movie scores, especially of Disney and other Hollywood movies. So since these are called ‘score(s) and Nightwish sounds metal, most of the time, I just call it Score-metal.

When the analogue synthesizer was introduced in the 1960s ( decade I was born) it reshaped music, from 1980s Discotrip phonica to late 1990s TripHop –which has a broad range from ‘elevator  music’ to Nu Jazz. The broad genre is Soundscape. Uli Roth ( former lead and writer for  Scorpions) began to implement his metal musical skills against ‘orchestrations,’ which launched another generation of back-sound-scapes, often done after recording, called ‘orchestrations.’ Nightwish as numerous acts of all genera now use them and can switch to live orchestras if they choose too.Tuomas Holopainen is the synthasizer key to the band.



Women Fronting Rock to Metal, history.

Runaways (Lita Ford, Joan Jett et al.). both accomplished musicians = respect for musical history.

U.S.A. Pat Benatar ( opera trained) first real breakout Women Fronting rock act in the U.S.A. Exposure benefit? Band developed as MTV was taking off as an alternative sound-visual Music station -- thus the 'music video ' genera was born with Duran Duran, Benatar, et al. .


member biodata:

Anette Ingegerd Olsson (born 21 . Katrineholm, Sweden, June 1971), known by the stage name Anette Olzon.


Reviews of studio cuts: Bye Bye Beautiful = aggressive, negative, hard core, exciting, divaish ( a desired trait, on occasions). A+ ( lack of arppegitation, but could be turned into a US desired song = w/ a hook or a bridge).


Songs I like: StarGazers ( Empuu Guitarist prominent, showcase for him, sounds wonderful; nice symphonic arrangement from Toumas).

Songs I like: Élan ( a song fans can sing too, displays Floor's voice nicely. Besides the opening, the first song L.A. Greek fans became over excited with the first cords, heard prominently in my video from on top of the Greek Theater Hill!).

Songs I like: The Heart Asks For Pleasure First


Sorry guys , review yourselves :)


Notes: I can only get access to 1000kb/s wifi, so uploading my Nightwish raw AVI videos ( 18 mb- 295mb) is a daunting task. The way the wifi is set up, it automatically cuts connects ever few hours, so if I waited like 2.5 hours to finish an upload and at 2.499 the wifi cuts off, I lose that entire upload and have to start over, like on the night of 05 17 2015. I have been cut off after 2.5 hours for one AVI video, and it is beyond annoying. I share bandwidth with over 300 devices at this Library, and so I cannot upload anything significant. It is pissing me off, big time. My computer is not the problem, it is the bandwidth/ low style microwave wifi adapters. Only landlines can handle large file uploads with seamless, and Yahoo servers time me out and also do not allow 'parsing.' You need a total clean upload or nothing, Most of my large Nightwish Videos are of the new songs, even the softer less metalish songs, and one of them is close to 300 MB. British Telecom and Boingo Wireless have succeeded in "London hotels Every Piccadilly and Amba Charing Cross offer expected speeds of 196Mbps and 175Mbps using BT technology, according to Hotelwifitest.com." citiworld.. I can only get 100kb/s and usually not even the so-called stream allows it. So I cannot upload until I find an empty wifi spot, difficult in a big city, to secretly use their wifi to uploads these large filed videos. tant pis.



due to circumstances of access / malware / N.S.A keylogger w/ wifi limited.to upload of large files, I cannot upload my personal vids at this time, see notes at the bottom of page.


femsinger pic