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Front Women

plenty of commentary on some of these people Kitee. Links to their homepages and band websites click Kitee link. Please purchase their music from them at their websites or in stores if possible.



Mooshell is a hater

Let us talk cute who is this famous frontwomen?


 Tarja head photo
beloved co founder of Nightwish.

Date of Birth 17 August 1977, near Kitee, Finland
Birth Name Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen
Nickname Taape

Tarja and her son

Daugter and Tarja during the filming period of Ritual.


Well, hello! Who is this famous front lady?

Tina Setkic

Virtuoso Guitarist with little sister at Eight-Years-Old.

i love her

My first exposure to symphonic metal was the song ‘Mother Earth’ by Within Temptation. After listening to it over 100 times, it still gives me goosebumps. I listen as did 100‚ 000s of USA people for years on public news radio bumper music, and without its title or the group , the radio producer would not give up their names. Years later, and after the discovery, I went online and fell in love with this genre which is blacked–out almost by total hip hop black rap culture of the U.S. Music Industry.

Who is this famous front women. Kinda looks like a young Shirley Temple.

funded and reported to Bush sr.

Annette Olzon the singer for my fav album of her period The Imaginaerum . She performs it best live and still when Floor sings live on these songs these Imaginaerum songs still give me goosebumps..


Famous Front Women imo

body guard of Floor Jansen

Special body guard? Floor Jansen. Her voice can vibrate your sexual organs. No kidding!

feb 1981 Floor

Ok, who is this music lover and now a major Front Women? source

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Night wish made good songs under her reign 01 TTC

 frontwomen Ryd played one live nightwish show I am aware of as a fast replacement option.


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Night Wish links.



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