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Here is how I think.


The Code of Hammurabi is a well-preserved Babylonian law code of ancient mesopotamia, situated today in modern lower Iraq,  formerly described by academia as a part of the Mesopotamia, dating back to about 1772 BC. The Exodus will take place a few hundred years after, a revolt on immoral laws that support the rich 1%ers which is the gist of the Laws of Hammurabi!

New research claims that this code law is much later in history, brought to Solomon's court, and it used the Mosaic laws as a model. The difference? It favors the rich, privileged and atheists. One of our greatest problems is the mismatching of the Egyptian kings list. They use a calendar based upon late precessional correction. Ibn Ezra, a Hebrew cosmologist, Jewish mystic, during the middle ages of Europe claimed the original Hebrew calendar was lunar influenced. When we calculated the Blood Moon of - 5 BC and correlate it to the Blood Moon tetrarch of 1967 A.D. we have 2000 x 360/365.2424 as a mean value and we arrive at a relative repeat. When Babylonians captured the Israelites and whisked them off as slaves, the Hebrews adopted a lunar-solar calendar of the Babylonians, and the New Year was around the Vernal, each year.

because anti theists desire total control they lie and deceive that these laws treat all people equally.

Satanic Facts: Antitheistt Laws: the rich and poor, men and women, and elites and commoners were treated differently.

Counter Satan: God's Laws:  the rich and poor, men and women, and elites and commoners were
treated equally.

The Laws of Hammurabi predate the Biblical Moral Laws by 1,000+  years. These are Atheist laws, civil code recorded on clay tablets often of circular form for printing purposes, discovered in the late 19 th century and onward excavations during the British Empire period, sending academics into the field for archeological purposes.

So, after retrieval and transcription, translations, we find that secular laws are 100% immoral and unethical. So we look for models today, of similar thought practices. The Founding persons of America did not see Slavery as immoral. The only group to see this as immoral were the Puritans, who were a part of the first settlers and overtaken by the main immigrant groups sent by dukes, princes and kings to settle their new foundland properties in the new world for profit. The founding persons of America were self described Deists.

252 laws and penalties make up the codex.

George Washington ( First U.S. President) issued $20,000 assassination contracts on native Americans, what we call a terrorist today. He was a Mason, did not believe in God, he was a Diest.


This sect of belief does not accept God's hand in life and only acknowledged that at some point in time, God created all. In effect, this is an atheist club, as well as self styled Masonic. The Laws of Hammurabi and the laws of America at the founding are basically absent of any God and purely unethical and immoral.  In the 1820s, masses and masses of Christians sailed for America, famine in Ireland, overcrowding in Europe, wanting a different way of life and to escape the atheism tendencies of Europe. In less than 30 years after this watershed event of culture shock, global population shifts, the war to free the slaves ( Civil War) began to show outward affects of the cultural change between a godless society and one where God's peoples are gathering to make a more just union for all of God's things. There are no writing that claim a separation between a state and a religion. This is from a private letter by Thomas Jefferson, his personal thoughts. The founding principles of the U.S.A. forbid anyone to tell a church how to flock its people ( the U.S.A. ignores its laws).

This is why State and Federal buildings at some time or another had very religious symbols or writing upon them. There is no separation between Church and State. A reading of the law does not allow any one church from dominating the discourse, thus influencing the large populations of beliefs within a State. However, the removal of all churches from State influence at all levels if strictly forbidden, but the Atheists or the modern day Hammurabians  (as reincarnated) want all moral and ethics out of society and replaced by the Religion of pedastry, The Religion of 'couch potatoes', the religion of 'extortion,' the religion of ' avarice,' the Religion of Wall Street, the Religion of the Private Reserve Federal monetary system, the IMF, the international corporation religionists--- the list goes on and on for Atheist religions. The Los Angeles export of the Hollywood - Disney Religion, an exploitative experience and visual training for Satanists ( there always seems to be a princess, prince, and an entire slave population to support their castle and kingdom, depicted in animal forms, the standard iconography!).

George Washington ordered a new flag developed rather quickly, to show colors against the British on the Battlefield, so he superimposed stars and stripes over the East India Shipping Company Standard --- which brought slave products from India and China, captained by Arabs who brought the first African Americans to the shores of America to be sold into slavery by wealthy European corporation transplants form the Old World. To make matters worse, the British India Trading Company also was financially partnered with Moscow's top-level boyars. To insult American founding lovers Napoleons' own Law Codes, sent to New Orleans and used in many cities in America that ignored the U.S.A. constitution was more ethically just than the U.S.A. that still argued the merits of human bondage and exploitation! Is there a movement to change the U.S. Flag? No, apparently the U.S.A. loves to use the world as its slave populations and go about killing for the joy of the knowledge of murder.

What the laws of the U.S. intend are no laws restricting any Religion from practicing their rites, which are included a religion of atheism. But Hammurabians, a significant immigrant and native population of the U.S.A. today want all Christian, Buddhists, Shinto, Islam, Hebrew religions wiped off the permissible laws for the U.S.A.

The Mosaic Law

Greed and selfishness are root causes of man's problems today.

An Athiest clain intends Christian, Buddhists, Shinto, Islam, Hebrew religions violate the separation between Church and State. So all of their symbols must be removed ( erradicateed) from all public and even private buildings if in someway they are connected to a gretor society, which includes 'everything' but perhaps your own bedroom, which is now up for debate between NSA. et al. Satan's Army! We live and celebreate Monsanto ( begun by a Spanish Europeanized Global Human Enslaver) Global Food Distributor and Legal Entity, this globalized corporation tied to the Oval Office began as a monter slave farm, browns, asians and blacks enslaved for life and tossed into the ocean after working to death, just like the Spanish Explorers that grabbed the head of natives and forced them to pickup pearls, until they could no longer breath, and then just picked up another native and started the process all over again, with no regards to life, which is Monsanto's practices in the last 35 years.

Most of the U.S.A. Colleges actively participate in some apparatus of this pan global conglomerate. At each moment in modern time, billions of people are consuming their products. Their products are genetically manipulated poisons, to get rid of aerial toxic pesticides over lawsuits, why do not we just DNA the pesticide into the foodseed --- and pesticide is an active molecule ingredients to explode the inners of insects, in essence to kill them, and then this described the incessant indigestion and discomfort of people that consume these Monsanto products because little explosions are happening all over their bodies at the micro-molecular scale - but b y the trillions it comes out as human discomfort. This is why there are masses of movements across the Earth against GMOs. But the U.S.A. claims all GMOs are 100% safe, always have been. However, they shop for their food at natural non GMO stores. Get the hint!

Here is the gist. The Satan Powers claim they know DNA, they solved it. We are monkeys, the difference is less than 1% ( 200,000 separates us from Monkeys, a very small amount of DNA form the long chain). What the DNA experts forget to tell you is that other huge amount is not the same either, there are on and off codons, and DNA may be similar, but if these codons are turned off, such as spinals in Monkeys are off but appear to be similar to humans in the DNA chain, recently the scientists came up shamelessly and claimed they found a new set of DNA signatures onto the same chain, a whole new set of possibilities. So they are manipulating DNA, such as Monsanto and in general all over the world, but they do not know what they have yet and force the human populations to be Ginny pigs. The MEAMIC (American and world text books do not allow truth to be known, so their is no discourse, thus no arguments and no agreements, just the rich and powerful's enslavement of humans as torture victims.).

Monsanto's practices were killing bees all over the Earth until a small select spiritualists forced them to change their DNA manipulation of food seeds so that the world will survive, at least for a little while longer. We celebrate General Electric, they helped build the Buzz Bomb NAZI factory as well as Du Pont. Ford helped in the vehicle department. The Bush NAZI family fascination still titillates the media today. So the State itself is its own symbol, a religious symbol. In Rome it got so Bad that Caligula ordered a Statue of himself, as a replacement of God, in the Holy Temple, to which got him the '616' in Revelations, as the number of  the Beast, or Nero, the other chosen number of '666.' The fact that all this points to a people plays out in Roman Empire commencement history. After Julius Caesar was assassinated, the people began to yearn for him as a model leader ( such as the yearning for Napoleon, at least a decade or so after his banishment).

When Augustus realized this, he took political measures to prostate himself as a Son of God, and replace Jupiter, then supreme God with Julius (His claim to fame was killing people, stealing from them, and handing the loot to Roman city dwellers, and Augustus got the credit for turning dirt roads into marble roads at Rome! WTF? |  The gods, pantheon,  they change over times, so don't get stressed ou) and the people demanded the Curia promote Julius Caesar to God status. So the Julian line of Caesars comes up in Revelations, as a period of evil times.  {note Julian ceasar line}. Do you know how to code it, I do. Do you know how to discuss it, No, I do . I cannot speak to anyone on these issues because you all are retards. But this stuff is all catalogued. 

Those times can be repeated in history, and often by the same individuals. Therefore, is and yet to come is a direct coded reference to revelations reincarnation coding. So, at this time, and ophiuchus' angularity near 2020 A.D. we understand we are in a set of 'times' that will coalesce with a global drastic.