Why Are the LGBT Communities joining LA RAZA ( full-blown Racist Fascist Movement) to start civil disobedience across the U.S.A. when their economies are booming, they have the Most Billionaires per capita in the Entire World?
I will tell you the secret. European and African cultures have long standing hetro society archetypes, but brown civilizations, including secular Arab states, such as the Turkish Sultanate were homosexual heavens.
The Brown Homos Believe the Hetro Blacks and Hetro whites and Asians are NON –Humans who must be violently defeated, at all costs to families.
Washington DC Brace for Homo-Gay-Traitor Riots:
Washington DC Brace for Homo-Gay-Traitor Riots, as self-claimed Racist Latinos proclaim this is there land, get out, they ban whites and blacks on all their VISA immigration government laws. The solution is simple, Allow murder a cowboy society to develop. As of now and for  the  last 40 years, Latinos can rob, rape, kill, pillage, extort, benefit, and live of the U.S. tax payers without penalties or being incarcerated.  This is because blacks and whites do not band together and fight for their god given rights. So they can pull these violent ‘'civil disobedient'  ’ riots and protests and whites and blacks in power and some Asians will support their racist agendas.
LA Xpress.
When I grew up the correlation to homo lifestyles and transgender acceptance was brought in by the traditionally cultured brown people. As the Latin communities moved into Los Angeles, sex trade papers for the local streets were heterosexual, almost at 100%. The shift started in correlation to the Latin community, mis called religious or Catholic, a total fabrication, to transsexual and transgendered male/females for hire. Today, the Los Angeles sex trade papers cater to 100% homosexuals. So the men, brown now, prefer male –to-male sex, and since Latins have been violent since Operation Wet Back, no one stops the flood of moral degeneration –which I place as statistical choice. These papers have about 2% hetro, numerous general messages and the entire bulk of  the paper are homosexual prostitutes.
So, as for Los Angeles, from its 1900s heyday, it was bi sexual but mainly a heterosexual community, and by the early 1990s, as Latinos began to take control of L.A. County the gay communities have  sprung up to activist  and political fronts for more deviant behavior.

LGBT 'civil disobedience' immigration protest for DC, border detention centers...2014 Sept 09.


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In California, there are many new young right wing groups that are social liberal. But the GOP and the rich elites ( from Hollywood moguls to bank owners to mafia heads) all hate anything but stiff-dogmatic Falwell hypocritical Christianity.
Jesus says not such hatred ( exhibited by these GOPers) toward humans; but these GOPers are really masking as Satanists; because Paul, whom Jesus never asked to be a disciple, outlawed homos. And still, activists in the money funded avenues of LGBT community aligning with LA RAZA ( KKK or NAZI equivalent) are not a part of Jesus' people --- these are treated as activists not as sexual ideologists.
I documented over these decades at Los Angeles the incoming brown populations and their penchant for tranny and homo lifestyles.... that took over white and black hetro lifestyles -- so this a purely racial event.
LGBT community aligning with LA RAZA to protest on Washington DC is a racist event, and anyone in these communities say otherwise are liars.

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