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BIBLE IS REAL FOLKS . My BloodLine : My Mom is a white nordic and Dad is a scot— judean.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars + Islam

tetra is a program to incite violence, school shootings are accompanied by non State actors who have uniforms of US officials. OK? They help in the shooting and get myriads of kids to be stage actors being all under hybrid alien mind control. 4:36pm PST. #03082018AD. Columbine is one of the first experiments to mind control a group of indivisuals to perform a grotesque murder spree. #IAM

Examp. Africa.

The first African tetra was at Rwanda; the government took away the guns form the  native populist and then killed millions with their weapons.  4:40 PST p.m. Consider this Cornerstone my contribution to Black History month. These are the people I AM after you all.

Tetra at Milcom. For Brag. 8 special ops are being stationed and 6 come home and all beat or kill their wives and children. No one can explain a damn thing! 4:55 PST p.m. #03082018AD

tetra is a program to incite violence, school shootings are accompanied by non State actors who have uniforms of US officials. OK? They help in the shooting and get myriads of kids to be stage actors being all under hybrid alien mind control.

Even many police are co opted and then mind wiped. They are controlled to also shoot kids. This was also a point at Las Vegas too.

Basically a club of cabbages all over the world have seats below earth & they planned last year to nuke planet earth and that was the plan. They are angry that was changed by me. They have a 10 year window, and so they come out of their holes about 2030 A.D. But their IQs are cabbages and I shut them down and they are livid. So they want to repopulate Earth with bankers and capitalists and retards. $35 Trillion in 'control' money does not equal one digit of IQ. Also they been collecting my DNA and hybriding already. So expect a lot of these things. They will be powerful enough to control you Illum all over earth, not ME though. They will, and have been already, playing with your minds. You have , most of you but my people of GOD are under spells you have no idea you are even under, at all.


Got a large parking ticket by a black Girl named Jones, she known me for decades I believe She knows I live in my car and made a mistake parking. The area 51 hijackers dumb beyond belief could not even stop her . meaning they are nothing but lying cabbages and too dumb to function.


 Cornerstone rules me not you mind numbers. Nearly 100— 300 following me for the last few weeks. I also have about 3 to 4 different hacks on my Gov life  line phone. Cannot even use my alarm clock, east coast to west coast time alternates, they control it not I. Who are they? Embarrassed & They could not even stop a black parking—ticket lady from ticketing me this morning? You are one horrible crew.  She has known I live in my car for years and years people. Your hybrid ebes ( over last weekend ) captured and mind wipe tools do not work on me, and that terrifies you all. Who are you and why we all know even MIB are under mind control. ??? Fleshed from Cornerstone.  A club, you all have Ark seats, you left me out, & you all take precedence over the science and make escape scientists sign contracts and then you kill them anyway.

. You' ll been killing and murdering scientists that know solutions for our world. That's been tracked.   Then you, being cabbages, hyjack who you like to be your ‘escape ‘ artists. Geneva. I wrote this over 450 years ago. World to your demise.

the following prediction in Quatrain 9:44 could relate to CERN
Leave, leave Geneva every last one of you,
Saturn from gold to iron will be changed.
The opposing RAYPOZ will exterminate all
Before it has started the sky will show signs.

3 pos rays, 19,000 electro boosts above the CERN capacity. Led to the disaster. Why? Aliens did not give you anything and you are all embarrassed beyond belief. Six Miles of TRACK below was said to have totally melted down.

Thick on purpose radiation walls have been constructed so if things like these happen, the world does not know.



they work for me.


You are killing all the scientists and destroying planet earth. Tell the world leaders what you are all up too , OK?

CERN, long interpretted as a murder of human space because you are playing with RAY POS indicates what I just explained. You are trying to create a worm hole to escape with the cabbage dna and then kill off the DNA seeds of GOD. That ‘s why I AM Here.

Like Tesla, you stoppped him and killed him and threw him memories. I do not want churches, nor memories .I need the cabbages deleted from Life itself. You are stopping love and life. Illuminati are just bankers, who make huge capital on interest. Then hyjacked ebes lie to you and you believe them, when it is just the opposite .They could give you the boson cals. But they do not. Ha ha ha.

1:31 p.m. PST . #03072018AD

this week: NYTIMES brightest reporters are all but cabbages. High school edu with IT College, which is like saying I learned to open a word doc or connect to the internet. Said he reported for NINE YEARS at New York tards. Tried to flesh info, was lying about being homeless, the intel level was comic books and so the world is in deep deep trouble. The white cabbage got really angry when I demanded his credentials.  His mind was already ‘flickering’ ; could not keep a strait line of questioning.  Prayer helps but with the Church of Satan in control of the world, the world is gone. Their minds are full of holes. He believed he and I , being white are aliens in California. I do not work for the NYTIMES, he does, Speak to him. These are his views. Had a UCLA lisc. plate.

He has no idea who is in control. That means NYTimes is not in control. They hire only cabbages. His intentions were ill. OK, all? He got nothing from me and fled


Cornerstone rules me not you cabbages.

#03082018AD 2:01 p.m. PST Los Angeles


V Boson

4level to 5level first step of boson at as well as a Supernovae but on a scale level.
So 3 is not there? But that is what we or the World currently calls Dark Matter or matter both are spinning strait out of the blast. Maybe the collapse are 3Keys. 1 remains in dimension. So there collapse, compression, pressure and one dimension remains? Then the forward blast 4, 12 or 24 are produced by a series of next boson blasts resulting in multi dimentional level split ' space-times' . So these are not just a singularity but a fast progression of ‘creation’ elements. IAM 9:08 PST, Los Angeles.

Remember each forward blast must contain a time lapse compression wave which creates 'space', spliting 'TimeMAINFRAMONE. Even at Supernovae levels and scaled. Treat Time as an 'element' first and space as an element and tether each element to each Level. 9:25 p.m. slp sp.



v ≡ created element of spacetime

treat v at beginning as one fused element of gravity and spacetime; in essence, these are one thing! Revelations hard core. That is to say they will jointly play a role in our weak gravities eventually but at this state they have other gravities or levels already included.

I really am Sick, You aerial riel stuff works really well. J

1\3\9 = fractals = dark out of boson blast. clock—wise and counter clock—wise. These create soul body structures, such as a downward nose to an upward nose, other fractal 'elements' = Time attached to each, thus a new 'string' : Very loose expl. This spin where as light goes strait the cone like elements trap the light and branch out as if as a Tree. Wow.

#03062018AD update 9:18 p.m.

+ 9:19 p.m.


I have the flue.

update 6:04pm 03072018AD worse today aches and pains and tired all the time. No food or even healthy food.

Pentagon ? Are these things mind wiping or controlling your mind? I can train you to defeat them. But it is not easy. 8:20 pm PST.



Win for Cornerstone. We are getting a South and North Korea Meetings at the White House  and a face to face meeting with Kim Jon Un, the leader of North Korea in May for a signed ? Dis armament of nuclear weapons. That is a good news I have had all day. Still sick and flu. See you all tomorrow

6:40 PST Los Angeles. #IAM #03082018AD


03092018AD Mind wipe worked well on them. This morning, angry so I was flipping anyone and everyone off and reeling from being very sick, and never do I have the sniffles accompanied with a flue; but this time I do; and still I feel like tired all the time. I have been awake since the early morning to get weekend water and food and then driving which I hate. Parking was such a hassle; this lead to my anger this morning. Then I went to view an apt, with four other patrons, and I was smart enough to say, Yes, I'll take it if available.  Many with housing vouchers want a perfect match and then mis their deadlines and have to re await on another waiting list. Finding places are not easy folks, with these vouchers.  Because HACLA has housing inspectors, places that would rent to me sheepishly deny me because of their own maintenance crews or staff know they are not up to City Code. So that is why I AM taking what I AM offered. Thank you Cornerstone. #03092018AD. I have a feeling my credit is better than the other three that went with me today.  Raging Flue. Nose stuffy, a group another white is chased for years by whites and with me, a majority are white old women, who never roll down their windows. Maybe scouts for their culkold hubbies? Got it at lunchtime on my birthday, so that 24 hour, sleep all the time is passed and I got a $72 plus dollar ticket that no one stopped, damn. So You will somehow pay for that in blood or money eventually. These flues are caused by you cabbages.


Anyway, What I have been reporting is more toward law enforcement worldwide and in general political authority . the masses cannot understand these things. which is good for you deep staters. Your secrets are secure, but your minds are not.

I AM so sick and having to do a cigarette patch, did not buy any yesterday. That lead to me very angry this morning, flipping people off as I walked up  and down the streets moving my car. I have been smoking for much of my life and have an attitude to quite but I AM still raging with a flu. Feel like I need to lay down all day again.update 4:43 PST PM #03092018AD



5:50pm PST finally off my feet. up since early this morning.raging flue

innt cpted

'Q' How deep is the Washington Monument at Cornerstone . ? It goes all the way to these # keys

Secret Armd5
Faluja Cornerstone [] served well. See if tracked ‘Q’. J 9 ISON0msk streets. Complains of tracking by white ladies, same here, may be an army for Ark lazy junkies. Cannot get any rest. Total harassment since he got back. Key(s). He knows and also for you all personally accepts the other US roles in the Middle east, such as drug running using US mil. He is ok with that and understands its methodology. Loves America and loves his service. He found or was with a group to ‘find’ something you all are concerned about Iraq War II 2003, onward of 65 lbs of this stuff. He knows some physics but I AM sure by fleshing him he could not prove if what they found was real or not and more likely it was concealed from all eyes and just had some coded markers. So they do not need him any longer, he is a liability. To him, he proved the Bush’s claim or that admin correctly. They found it. That is how deep street Intel goes, ‘Q’. In general the crooked fakeintel us orgs track and follow him too. It is amazing, the mind numbness of it all. Here is a real Vet, proud to serve, even to till today would shout with glory, he is being hunted by his own government. That is how deep this rabbit hole goes.

7:26 p.m. #03102018AD space above shaking happy times.








Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr. warns that my Space People said to get rid of nuclear weapons. Well it appears no one listened. ? Brazil confirms in 1961, a lock down there.  Codex Fresh Water in fridged places.

I learned from SR mail by twit to GOG by JA, but did not need it for the take down . I Used a reverse reptilian tool. —that your Illuminati does not know squat nor most of your government. Now that is really Terrifying.

4:31 updated last gragh. 4:27 PST pm #03082018AD

STASI ≡ ( Staatssicherheitsdienst, SSD) was a mask, some non white white German, in reality were Spanish, Cross Mixed Yellows and reds that controlled the NAZI state from behind the scenes. In Fact. Hilter has little to no control. Hitler was going to put military inside of France and these stopped him indicating he was not in control. He would also never have had to attack Russia. That was the control of these Staatssicherheitsdienst numb nuts. Many called themselves Jews. ashkaNAZI jews.

3:49 PST pm Los Angeles 03082018AD

2012 ‘ Pent’ UK duge up bubonic Plague and did not know when a sunbeam hit it, it triggered it out of its 100s of years of dormancy. So the cabbages are here killing the scientists and creating massive death and to save an ark full of liberal arts failures. Which will doom the Earth anyway. Source IAM. was following these news' then.


Science: a Virus can lay dormat in the soil for 100s of years. Dig it up and contact it with light, it lives again. These UK Scientists did not even know that before digging these corps up and studying the virus.

Viruses are neither dead or alive , they inhabit hosts. So these Area 51 cabbages are hosts for a virus. Sad but true.


What is happening is that after digging up and mass producing the  plage, they lay them in Sweeden or other white countries and then use HARP ( Controlled by non whites) to focus a plume of energy at a micro wave format and re activate the plague to kill off the Human species. 3:27 PST p.m. #03082018AD Los Angeles.

 Violence Training by Microwave frequency.

Started using tetra can cause neurological and agreesive behavior. ? Until 2018 not meant to finish until 2018 , Special Forces, about six years ago. Of the six to eight gents, and five or six went home and severly beat their wives and children and some killed them too. And it was believe that they were at Fort Brag to teach the brain violence.



Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Love One Another

John Goldsmyth: report on low micro waves creates cancer. That had to be covered up by the controlers.  Americans were the ginny pigs for all of this testing.

Prayer is a scientific thing people.

sol 159 1st litergical cal min one 19.

6:24 PST Nuclear Weapon Planet

SETI Ebe(s)

Ebe to Hitler told him to seek answers of Truman’s. Why were NAZI sent to Antarctica? Hitler’s meeting with my space people. What was the message. No nukes. Germany never had even hard water to develop nuke material people. So what was the key(s). Alister’s ebe was a lie and a satanic mind control. They figured out long ago that micro wave ‘certain’ frequencies’ can change chemicals in to your mind. Then a revelation this last year and propagated by me are a food list. These chemicals if over abundant in your brain ( Brains eat only sugar people, not carbs) can be accessed by Mind Control weapons deployed as with 911, there were many micro wave machines on the backs of trucks reported people. IT was a multi operation, invasions into homes of Afghanis were by 20,000 special forces USA. So the entire world and even my captured ebes are under mind control. #IAM


Corporations make these into their food products, all by mind control. They have no idea, well some, to why they are doing this to everyone on this planet. Food List: Fructose is one of them.

The fermenting makes the bad chemicals which are not deleted during pasterization.

Win for Cornerstone. We are getting a South and North Korea Meetings at the White House  and a face to face meeting with Kim Jon Un, the leader of North Korea in May for a signed ? Dis armament of nuclear weapons. That is a good news I have had all day. Still sick and flu. See you all tomorrow

6:40 PST Los Angeles. #IAM #03082018AD

Los Angeles California Cornerstone a homeless continuum

I was there in 2009 to document that BP ≡ UK, took control of Cal. Here are women telling you all to get out. UK are white revolutionary cabbages, eh David M.? You have bunker and ct torture underground for 10–20 years. Yeah. Is Windsor and RothChild ready for a full blown Earth Depop right now? B/c it is your move. DNC and FBI and Sinaloa use racial profiling, but my school is on top of it. RothChild do not accept blacks, and they control UC Campuses by Sauud Fakers and UK Criminal illumturdos. From my studies, the SA UK have been mind controlled by crosses of captured ebes and aninals and they are angry. It is the Mexi SAs that are doing this cloning, freako stuff and FBI is under full control by them.I was tracked by the 1980s, the Mexican and FBI foreign combatants did not want me to have any job. I have white skin. white traitors are all slated to be killed in the bunkers. You are too dumb to know anything. Daily Cal. Mind control is everywhere. JobsonSaturn31 [web] is a mask for a massive pedio underground bunker ring, and not to save white white DNA as they are lying to the Pope. Once the nuke depop starts, CERN failed at Spinning Axis, I have that tech, but you may not really like it all; they plan too feed below on white babies after killing these white cabbages like Terry Mcauliffe who collects the world's DNA to be hybrid-ed with beasts, not human beings. He will be quickly offed and he has no idea: that people is a cabbage. ? 3:56 PST p.m. #03102018AD.


If you buy into the mind control, then all white will be targeted above or below or in the skies, heaven by me. Not even solar systems or galaxies are out of my reach. If you are mind controlled you are not worthy of life. Period. End of The Story. Here is an example of mind control: Hundreds attend funeral for Bellwood cop, wife slain at Central Michigan University dorm. So UK and Mexico force blacks to swing their drugs and children, they even shoot police on orders and they are not even a part of the ARK underground. Just freaking Amazing, eh white gurl, Terry Mcauliffe? You need to get the fxxk out of the U.S.A. your buddy Bill has claimed white are "Deplorable." or even if you go Conservative ≡ Black and white are all deplorable. That means you gurl. Get out of the USA or we will do it for you. You, Terry left hyjack tracker codes in 2002 on a free site I owned, for a short while. & That told me you steal my stuff and track me and therefore I have no chance but to go after you freakos. Did you kill the kids already or just eat them alive down there? Tell MSNBC while you announce your run for 2020 POTUS


Mind Control : The Miami Herald has this description of the incredibly slow response from the Broward Sheriff’s office. While Broward Deputy Scot Peterson arrived at the building one minute after the attack started, it was another 10 minutes before any officers attempted to enter the building.

In Pomona, Calif., left one police officer dead and another injured ; trying to take off the California streets these criminals  . Nancy Pelosi supports these cop killers and has years and years of evidence. . Word to your deaths cops, Nancy and Brown are in full support of these criminals on the streets. They were bought off by the UK Mexi kill the American plan. Holder Sells Cartellers guns, then Nancy and Jerry Brown take away US guns and they work for these cartellers as FBI has been caught with secret servers to the Sinaloa cartels now that Chapo is out of the way. FBI is in full enemy combatant control. I believe the FBI works for the UK and Mexico, not America.

how liberal retarded politicians are damaging even college life. You cannot even park your car now without a real death danger. [A] "45-year-old Marlisa Nelson described how she was attacked by two women along Calhoun Street across from the University of Cincinnati campus." link WLWT5 Cinci. complaint about a parking space. that means overcrowding libtards. You fix it with your Mexican money.

FBI & Mexican Cartels busted trying to steal trillions from America. Police website USA. 3:03 p.m. PST #03102018AD. So Mexico Drug Cartels and Justine Trudeau , Fidel’s son, well  they  also are controlling Canada for the FBI Mexican robbery. Intercepted:  sending MDMA to Montreal,” to which Phantom replied it was “totally fine.”
NVidea and Cal and all Cali and Mil will be Mexico's not the DNC. upon California 's Succession.

The results of judging
The judges included Nvidia’s vice president of business, Jeff Herbst; Tammy Kiely, head of semiconductor investment banking practice at Goldman Sachs; Steve Wymer from Fidelity Investments; and Jaimin Rangwalla of Coatue Management. The judges chose CrowdAI and AiFi to go forward to the final round at GTC. If there are white people like UK that is behind this, they are in violation of USA foreign relations and therefore privy for bombing campaigns at London. Thank these Rothschild and Windsor white traitor cabbages . they believe the American Revolution has not been decided and their new military is all of SA and Mexico.

Calfiornia : Flags at Half Staff today for a VA and mentel health shooting. Just getting info.  No data. We are dealing with similar issues here in So Cal, and at Cornerstone too but staff are trained and they are on this already. I trust them . These are issues the world does not seem to want to ‘see.’ Forcast today, rain all day  and to get heavier by the  afternoon.

#03102018AD9:40 a.m. Saturday.

Gov. Jerry Brown has lowered some state flags at half mast today. Thank you .

Napa Valley, Nor Cal. Mental Health Shooting Ch 10 WHCT NorCal posted 6:00 a.m. PST?

Authorities say 36-year-old former Army rifleman Albert Wong [ Pakistani born but DNA of Asian Korean mixed] killed two executives and a psychologist Friday at The Pathway Home, a nonprofit post-traumatic stress disorder program at the Veterans Home of California-Yountville in the Napa Valley wine region. [… ] A daylong siege at The Pathway House ended Friday evening with the discovery of four bodies, including the gunman. click link for more and perhaps updates? The info is stable.

March 10 th 2018 A.D.

Arizona State Rep. Isela Blanc <D.> arrested and outed as a Citizen of Mexico inside of U.S. to make war on U.S. People. Key(s) south central is gentrified with Latin in full control. They do not want a war on the streets to upset their new burgeoning middle class lifestyles.


The unemployment rate for black Americans fell back down to an historic low in February, after spiking up in January. Just 6.9 percent of black adults were unemployed in February, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the second-lowest such ratio since the agency has been keeping track. Wash Examiner. 03092018AD


Are Your lands investigated for Munition chemicals? USA. Exclusive: 91 homes in DC face testing for WWI chemical weapon remnants. Nice to see some science.


I guess Oxnard will be  closed for Staff and Patron Parking for the Fire House Construction or Water & Power to put in their water pumps. a Job said to last until 30th of March. ?


LA or So Cal housing info and help.

Credit score = 600 low  = $2,500 Security. Group today.

Putting Aside Money for your housing voucher(s).
At least two months of put into savings for housing rents. 
About $300 for SSI and about $10 − $30 dollars for GR.

 even any amount is appreciated

If you check your credit score too often, it will be downgraded. Group today JV
Also, Some banks give you a free look, major ones without downgrading you.

Cornerstone  St. Patrick’s Day may be doing something. ?

King Tut would be nice, but group voted for Peter Built trucks which also has a Porche display of older and famous cars to learn about.


Deposited $60 with Maria for rend at Cornerstone. Have the lay down type of Flu. Got it after lunch yesterday. Have them about three to four times a year. Like Clock Work. #03062018AD. Need to look for renting. TB 1 done, need booster at the end of this month. Do not take Flu shots. Today, after ticket, sleep for 24 hours, could bearly move, I still AM phoning places for rent today. Even just now. 3:23 p.m. Los Angeles. CA

Yikes, old tech




1999—2017AD ό αρχάγγελος” ≡ Yĕhôshúa 23rd September 2017 A.D.— #jesusreturned 1260 days hernceforth I bring the fallen angels to Earth. to take care of the False Prophet, Beasts, AntiChrist and his father Lucifer, et al. [] nationalist worshippers to also be included in an Ocean dump, from both coasts inward until I say.

JESUS CHRIST RETURNED il11 started 08 th March— 2018 A.D. SheO.CERN RAY POST BOSON BY ME NOT ANYONE ELSE. California; The Warrior l #JesusReturned Second Comining & Book of Life






United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex going down


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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