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Bridge is a hijack program for white to be eradicated. DNA to shift to black only and make all universe a black hole. Kill all life itself. Bond

Shawn Corey Carter , Kanye West is now protected by GOD’s world people to take you out. Have a problem with that boy? #jesuschrist returned as promised. You been caught calling me a fake. I AM On the planet and in full control. You are a full blown cabbage. Jesus Christ returned. IAM also prophet muhammad in another life time. They are on my side too. haha


10:48 pm PST #02282018AD Los Angeles

bomb mexi low  tech to hell white and  black of GOD's  people   Yo  jay z called me fake all.  hahahahahhaha that is a full blown cabbage Kanye u have full  protection from GOD. Let us take this cabbage punk out.


JPOD Fag JPOD is Spanish— Porto and works for Hillary Clinton . . listen up. how can u have mexi illuminati try to kill me for almost a year and say you have UFO access? Lisrs. You have low ms 13 baby raper tech. #bawahahhahahhahhhahhahhaha. Your UFOS cannot even hit me. failures. :)


Darpa hyjacked by da stupid brainless Niggahs #confirmed Conerstone head has a hit on me #confirmed he says FUCK GOD, no god exists. black joe long time peer advocate loved by all fled because of Vega's hit on me. Blacks say NO GOD, kill all whitey. #confirmed at Cornerstone

that is UK rothchild dracos, non real humans. Unmasked. they force william to sux niggah disease phallace. so they go to hell. :) UK Roth did 911 #confirmed #GWB 43 is innocent of all charges. source #IAM

Trump no wall, Mexico pays $10 billion to live each day or carpet bomb them by the millions. They are breaking all US laws and world laws.

Governor Jerry Brown. Mexico uses nukes and sinks New York, as they plan soon, we kill you immediately. 10:09 PST pm Sp. #02282018AD

9:05 pm. they fled. or hid. bawahahha a pussies. :)

M3 1       mexi illum outside. Sleep spot not moving. Ha ha. China has you all on nuke lock. mean faces. hate whitey. this is my country bitch. People protecting are people of GOD. not cabbage godless Latin chumpies. Got it all,

826pm sleep spot

yo all black illuminati. Today I took all of Africa. #FU Sinclair house. #JesusChrist returned as promised.



gotta concentrate on ME and khazar lands. next, yall. Love all of you. 7:47 p.m. PST pm SheO. #02282018AD

People of Earth this is the black nobility fronting white picture. #confirmed

I take all of Africa for USA. ok #donaldjtrump ? Every white person must be killed according to the Black Retarded Fakenobility. ha ha. I'll get it done for ya all, OK? You hyjacked blue beam form Cal, said no it is UFO level . Bawahahahahhahahahahahah

They are trying to poison us whiteys here from the UK, and using black reptilians.

#goAmericafirst ha ha ha Racist. Black Illuminati at USA say NO WHITES ALLOWED IN ILLUMINATI on earth #NASA all whites out of all your secret societies. we need clarification at the top and on media. #jesuschrist returned as promised. what do you say #Rothschild ? I looked you have white skin . get off of the earth now. bye bye. source #Sinclair House

7:20 pm

sent map. secured.

Got map? T1,t2, are Nost X 72 visual that  Lucifer has seen in his inner planning rooms.  It is a simple visual and shows a 4x Illum, all houses  and all tribes for a super string set.

You have no depop but Nukes, and crashing  the  banks  means Donald Trump and our mil will kill your countries. Period.  I know no leader on Earth controls  their countries.  Not even  USA.  I KNOW/ the entire  internet is being restricted because of ME. No  one  else.  I did not use Assange, do not  need too.  Do not need CT, cheese or noodles to bring you down. Reptilian reverse race tool can destroy this entire Universe. 

Cornerstone black race wants NO GOD, only godless white slaves as they are the masters.
Spanish  Mexican want to beat up and suppress white people from Sinclare, and  kill them with FULL BLOWN CORNERSTONE leadership of Latin. Whites are in  terror and This affects me and makes me take African Illuminati and Middle East and all  of East illuminati, period. You  cannot run shite. You cannot survive without correcting yourselves.  You come out of your bunkers, 10 years later, You still have these problems.  You take the  sub stupid dna, life is over in the universe. My problem with communication is  that most of your people going into those bunkers are fucking cabbages.  So you want to kill off all pop and leave cabbages. Go ahead and make my day. Cli nt. hahhahaha

7:13 to all illuminati houses. from #IAM #02282018AD

Megadeatth album 13 suxs review say. I say it remains only some of its lyrics much of the music is top notch.  Track #2 is awesome until you hear the lyrics. Cheezy.  b/c that is not normal Dave Must.  However,  track NWO has ‘its’  messages correct. First:  Bill Clinton started the fuxk up, 1999s.  Confirmed my similar soul sub connection strings and that NOW “Comes in Stages.” A critical thing in implementing this.  It  is like bump, cause the birthing pain and then take break, lol to sleep, bump, cause the  birthing pain, and  take  a break. Etc. 10:02 a.m. not loaded yet. #02282018AD Cornerstone but  not loaded here.  Details of top message to the public are not here yet.


Dead Sea Scrolls Identify the Antichrist

What hurts me so bad was they were lied too.  I live in  my car, this  is really hard, very hard  people.  I think, not sure, that is going on behind  the scenes.  Sunday snare was too much pestering to  make me believe I own a home? That must be  a key. They believed I was landed, not on the streets constantly for most of my life. Wow. People this is so so so  intense.  There (?) all over, I cannot be alone, nor  live here anylonger.  I Guess we are all going to die soon.  I never had  a first date? Geeeeeze . I needed money, never had  any. You all are stock market.  I have it banned in Bible, Quraan, et al. Usury. Banned, debt wealth is robbery.
Mason  #level34 3:33 pm PST SheO.Los  Angeles.


Pentagon get this to your top Satanists. Ask them ‘what is pure evil.” now you all know why I desperately doge assassinations by ALL countries of ya. You hit correctly it is all over holoc 1, first in modern history. then there is my light script from sky holoc 2. not revealed. #jesuschrist returned as promised. 1: 09 pst pm #02272018AD

not on website people

Cool Poland shuts down Sunday for people to go to their families. 1 March 2018. Law in Poland
cool, more  family time. whites there so Pentagon has it as a target . why? white people are evil source is Hillary Rodham Clinton and William J Clinton, George H  W BUSH and his son. they say white needs to die and get out of Americas. #deplorable So that means we are illegal in USA if we have whites. I follow them, they are all powerful.

1999AD already chased by B 1 & b2 so B2 w also. perhaps AC. to GoG 'es'
I know djt is totally not in control. that is why I never called fbi cia or go to cops ( just once I spoke about, told me to get lost). It is a rigged system. 2:06 p.m. PST Los Angeles

#02272018AD I think I want to start to work out to beat up blacks who beat up white vets, maybe get myself killed :)


‘Q’ Sunday snare fake lapd cops made a huge mistake. they claimed I had a house . kept pestering me. that means Deep State lied to their international crews that I was rich or landed. I AM homeless.


a false narrative by DINORINO nutters.


NSA want to drop only to you codes. I need to see ‘Q’ use them with his teams.  So I then can start to add more and connect.   Your bad types are in there, and street talk all over USA are white needs to get out. Source is William J Clinton, Hillary R Clinton and GHWB, et DINO RINO.
So we need to address racist and who can be here OK? Because that is an issue if I can live here or die. ???? Ask Obama too to address this. do whites need to be to the brown slaves as mentors?


I need media to tell me all the FACTS. My plan is to get out. I wanted a home and then DNC said all whites are racists so I did exactly what hillary and bill and bushes wanted. I threw all hate at white. Told them it was illegal to be white as DINO RINO sais so 'get out.'


Your special council reviewed this. why the conflict. Donald Trump is white, he needs to get out too. So is Biden and other creepos


on MSNBC CBS NBC CNN. no more Russian collusion. If so, I have to stop. You want to kill me. Just ask hahhahahhahhahha. I AM immortal. You really do not want the real third secret, do you. Lolz. I AM not putting that on here, I want that pumped into the NSA after my confirmation of being white skinned is approved by Hillary Clinton et al people throwing assassins at me for about nine months now.

all know I took her out with the reverse —reptilian race narrative.


Pelosi says this too. Gov Brown says this too. All Latin say this too. All black say this too. NSA what is your view. ?


U can comment on my g plus page but I rather see these on CNN or MS13NBC telling the whites you are deplorable, get out. Everyone, including Lynn de Rothschild knows this is why we took her out. You need to nationally address that because it applies to me. I Have white skin. Hello!


- Bond


9:56 pm PST.



Former CIA Director Brags & Laughs About US Foreign Election Meddling for 70 plus years and he worked under William J Clinton. so where do we go now? That is an admittance of meddling a hypocritical admittance. #IAM truth, he got huge bank, killed poor and now laughs. Nice dude, really nice.

James Woolsey lead in 1990 brags about how CIA meddled in many other country’s elections. It was to avoid the communists from taking over and what the fuck are Italians or communist? We need to kill others so we can defend democracy . what democracy>? where is that dudes ? Hillary Clinton said whites are racist and that is worse than any commy. So get out Bush white gurl! Stop your hypocrisy.

They laughed at the deaths of many people after talking.


#hilllarydrodham = Russian bot = white people = #racist. code it.

#billgates why chem poison clouds aluminum are not sprayed over latino cities ? Is it because white people need to die sooner. You need get the fuxxxxk out.
Hillary Clinton said whites need to leave usa because they are #racist. Why are white people then in America not leaving ? Anyone have $3600 so I can leave and never bother you all again? I found out by Mil core soldiers that Bush and Cheney mil com say Jesus is a black or brown dude. So I AM out. they have white skin and need to leave. Can we get CNN to run the Hillary get out of America if you have white skintones. And 'Q' why is she still here in USA and Her Racist whitey hubby #williamjclinton .

-- Bond
You all need to #Obey your mistress u'al. and get the fxxxxxk out of #usa .







BIBLE IS REAL FOLKS . My BloodLine : My Mom is a white nordic and Dad is a scot— judean.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars + Islam

If you throw assassins at me, you will lose your homes, countries and all lands and assets. #IAMTHATIAM

United Kingdom is all Mine, all sections, lands, and assets.

Mexico as of 02202018 AD Belongs to me, all souls, all lands, all money all assets. #Yahweh

Draco Race of child traffickers , drug runners and cannibals.

Spain is mine,

Vatican: illuminati baby trafficers are now all mine.

Italy is mine now.

Portugual is mine.

If I see your race or DNA and you are throwing assassins at me, I Will take your lands, your countries and give it to the U.S.A. You are illegal and breaking every American law known or written.


Youtbuers: do nothing but complain for decades. and cry. Here is my responce.




Emma Sinclair-Webb
Mark Sinclair (born July 18, 1967), better known by his stage name Vin Diesel = true 'Q' ? 9:55 PST sleep spot?








A. McCabe lied  or  was  lied too. I AM homeless, I have no house or home. they came after me. I feel ashamed :( at the world :(

I was crying for the last few days to reveal maybus to nsa. done. just part of it but my portion. not the 3tri part. No where else, not on web. gamma classified, non gallaxy downloaded. Will when I need too.

2:22 pm PST #02272018AD



Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Love One Another


Chip—implant has been approved by me over 1.5 years ago. Why? You are Out of Control.

sol 159 1st litergical cal min one 19.





1999—2017AD ό αρχάγγελος” ≡ Yĕhôshúa 23rd September 2017 A.D.— #jesusreturned 1260 days hernceforth I bring the fallen angels to Earth. to take care of the False Prophet, Beasts, AntiChrist and his father Lucifer, et al. [] nationalist worshippers to also be included in an Ocean dump, from both coasts inward until I say.

JESUS CHRIST RETURNED il11 started 26th Feb — 2018 A.D. SheO. 27 th mabus codex part to . California; The Warrior l #JesusReturned Second Comining & Book of Life archived part on 03012018AD.






United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex going down


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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