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Mexico as of 02202018 AD Belongs to me, all souls, all lands, all money all assets. #Yahweh

Draco Race of child traffickers , drug runners and cannibals.

Spain is mine,

Vatican: illuminati baby trafficers.

Italy is mine now.

Portugual is mine


updated 10:02 am PST Van Nuys.

Mexican Illuminati are all self congrats Baby eaters and drug runners and robbers and thieves. USA Government is in full cooperation. but for real people of GOD. Journal 185

4:50 s PM PST SheO, 777 Illuminati and Brown's Mexican MS13 Cartel and two bad CIA or NSA, with black scouter and Mexican drivers. Orge large headed reptilian bulbous demons in the 777 illum car. Following the Dump Truck, Cal. used by City. So the City are the baby raping and child trafficking crews. They followed me to the sleep spot; the sent mad lil bald headed dude to strangle me, I starred him down and he drove off into the cold winter sunset. Mexicans, new and tall ones at Cornerstone says, We track you and follow you. There were mexican fat child molesters, faking like they needed to be where they were the other day; these are those Mecican spotters.

H i all update nj big rig, parked up close street, drive dissapeared in back. Cars everywhere. ha ha. Copters normal. fly over head. 7:19 om sleepspot


got to go to Conerstone and look for a place, go to groups and whatnot. 8:20 pm.


I have to leave the USA, they hate whites.

Only read 'Q' for about two weeks. Thanks. But I do not need to read you. Calm down.

'Q' lighten up on Dorsy and take a rest. OK, asked. What is MK Ultra. 3 originators still active and on twitter #confirmed. Dorsey has no choice, ‘Q’. Reptilians can kill him, easily.  What is it? Depop plan is cover to hide historical pedio reincarnational evidence, Globally. Global warming  et al. are all fake scare tactics to make money to build all the nukes or other poison weapons to eradicate the human race, perhaps leave a few million ?  They have 130 deep places to hide. So I will leave the U.S.A. and dump most of the U.S. and You’ll into the Ocean and do it slowly so you must scatter to the East. We gather there for Armageddon.
Schiff, et al. pizza eaters and toilet flushers are calling on further US interference, thus who hated on Hillary Clinton and is a U.S. citizen or a native of America. This sounds to me like a hostle takeover of a limping Democracy.

That will out me. If someone does not ‘silence’ these goons,  we cannot continue any investigation.  The Swamp is not going to be drained soon, ‘Q’! This is not about  America, this is ‘all over the world.’ And a post I did during the 2016 election made an uproar over that ‘meme’, felt inwardly by me all over Earth and  into Space.  The Swamp, “Q” , is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

op ccs invisible ops #multidimensional.

4:16 p.m. Q take a break, your server is shut down because of 'emotions' and this is not a hot time. that passed. thanks for the heads up. did not need it, but loved that you looked out for me. Donald Trump is using your fans to go really emotional. Legalease by Committee is being ignored by mexican Illuminati pressure on California's politicals, JD. twits protection from the Queen of California, she has abouut 20,000 real californian slaves, no really! Adam Schiff, a toilet bowl blood flusher, these are Mexican Illuminati, OK?


It is fine the Internet is re adjusting. allow Congress to do its job. Mueller is funded till the end of 2019,, and I have already said that is OK by me. When I leave the western Hemesphere, I cannot be 'at all' involved in their politics. I Am not coming back! They win, they wanted a free society where all cultures are tolorated, even Vampires, canibols, theives nad child tortuerers. They are 'everyehere' 'Q'! Just go back to ; slip up' and leave the top alone. You are running too fast.


‘Q’I do not read you. I do not need too. I need not read these former NSA or CIA old foggies. For example, M. Hayden claims he has access to inter  planetary travel. Joking maybe, But here are the facts. After the Hospital I decided I need assistance and called in my space teams to drop the Matrix so I could live, the entire world's top assassins kept coming and coming. And NSA is watching 'everything I do.' But Hayden and others are after me and their UFOs cannot even kill me so that means they are “shyte out of luck! ” This means our own NSA are compromised, have low tech nuclear weapons ground based and MyAliens love practical jokes; and so they perhaps promised the World's elite, such as the illumintardi they have star —ships ready for them, just depopulation the earth and we will leave to a new world. #hahahaha! Got YA!



Depopulate Hayden, I dare you Get it done? Pussie.

Nice Bluff. But Putin has 56 ? or 59 Billionaires that all 13 illuminati have contacrted or have infljuence inside and so the Russian Admin. must play ball with the Dracos and Reptilians and these are Angels. OK?

Another thing to consider. half of the entire Russian Population are semi whites, arabesques, due to long time cross breeding, all variables.


Dragon ≡ Draco vs. Angels of Russia and China. white dna is the target of the dracos and reptiles. They introduced pedio and drug running to whites now in control of CIA, NSA, et al. THese people are so ashamed, they want to kill the entire Planet Earth's populations to cover up thousands of years of human sacrifice and all sorts of pre moder types of MK Ultra ( e.g. to control humans or populations)

armageddon Game Plan.


I only went on Twitter to post for a few days in late September, do not use it. . But today, I went looking for MK —ultra founders and they are all ON Twitter posting non stop about U.S. Russian collusion, and that meanss depopulation now with Russia. Why ? They are child abusers and evidence is all over China and Russia and so they run a fake narrative of 'depopulation' to cover up their archological evidence.

Adam Schiff and Hayden Former NSA who claims he goes ufo interplanatary, a full blown liar.

If U asked what is MK Ultra: it is a global barbarian children rape and consume Cannanite Reptilian and Draco way of life. They sacrifce humans to keep ruling over their subjects.




BIBLE IS REAL FOLKS . My BloodLine : My Mom is a white nordic and Dad is a scot— judean.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars + Islam


02182018AD 6:06 p.m. PST Studio City

Another thing to consider. half of the entire Russian Population are semi whites, arabesques, due to long time cross breeding, all variables.  They will most likely play illum behind VP’s back, and Gsb will record it anyway and do  nothing or pass info on to the Illum.  Since ‘sacrifice’ is being conducted world wide, Swamp will be a global endeavor.  So ‘ Q ‘ take that in for a moment, and take vacation or a rest.  Discovery will be a massive endeavor.
NSA Tell Bibi and his crews to hook up with Iran on the nuclear issue and join forces as one  Israelite Apok Team. I’m going to need to them to unify when we go against Gog and Ma Gog.  I’ll lead Islam from behind.
In the meantime I AM going to go take out other countries leaders and just give the U.S.A. their countries to YOU.  NSA. Right? That ‘s the plan? Forget about a $ Quadrillion dollars, that is pussies Lucifer’s 33 mason. Go for a super Gazzzzillion, and take the world? You have the army or are they all female with genitals?  Hillary’s admin , if I had ever allowed her, I Will not, lead any country would have be now feminized all the men on planet earth and reptilians would be feasting on human  corpses by now.  That’s the feminist dream, to delete the male, like a Black Widow. And eat the shemales, left dying of aerial  and food, water, medial poising by the Reptilians and Dracos.  I AM even infected. 

‘Q’ Abortion is to feed pharma Drones to  lace human flesh, liquefied into vaccinations and medical products and all the people that support Abortion are prett

‘Q’ Abortion is to feed pharma Drones to  lace human flesh, liquefied into vaccinations and medical products and all the people that support Abortion are pretty much open about being cannibals. So that means I can delete them.  Blacks do not use these places and neither do Mexican or Latin, they have babies and live off the ‘increase per child’ welfare. USA is over folks, The white cannibal traitors in power have their minds’  “ Compromised.”  
op ccs invisible ops #multidimensional.

I may reveal the real third secret to the world on the Vernal or close to it, alright?  The real one is only a half of page and you will understand why! Also, Pope John Paul II will be getting creds for covering it up and also finally “ Concentrating Russia to  my Mother’s immaculate  heart. “ It took my Church a long time but they got it done. Thank you.  !

So 30,000,000 Dragon U.S. AM e RICA Satanists, many in seats of power due to  the  world’s illuminati that wants to drink the blood of humans and swim in it, have full control.
Most U.S. semi to full Whites are hypnotized by Reptilian phalluses and its reflective mirror in our media and  culture.  Donald Trump they cannot fight. These Immigrants do not fight well nor do they want to immigrant and quickly go kill their family members. So : these first and perhaps second generations will not be enthused to fight for America’s illuminati masters.  Blacks, they hate whites, so they align to Latin draco Godless, by the billions of them.  And draco Godless always eradicate whites ( historical too for millennia and this is even in outer space )  after using and abusing them with pleasure and broken promises.  So the U.S.A. is over, long gone.
This will of course be outed by pedio Satanists as ‘hate speech.’ Hillary Clinton has long called for this since 2015 when she  really  understood she need a real campaign plan, and race would be a large factor.  So Adam Schiff and his  Draco Children Torturers, and their brown eyed brown light skin that call themselves whites and were governors when I was 10 years old and today, the same Draco is in his second long term, and he never left, becoming treasurer or whatever closet was open and he is a Quazzilionaire.  It is not just the UK Illuminati houses, but South  American cartel illuminati are Adam and  Nancy and Diane and formally Boxer’s best buddies.  This is  what Michael Hayden protects.

At group at Cornerstone, former addicts and homeless, now licensed and schooled peer advocates and are Draco latin tell of child abuse by their cousins or uncles and even parents and were forced to tolerate that as a cultural narrative.  Since Hate speech is being discussed to bann it, I have to leave politics and this western hemisphere.  CNN Anderson Cannibal, and cheesezy pizza wolfy and crews, Bret raper Bear and Chrissy at Fuxy, MS 13 NBC running both dracos  and reps as their social narrative and anti Angels. So; let us depart. Say goodbye. They win  ‘  Q’. It is over.

It is in 7-11s, to massive school teachers and college professors. ‘ Q” it is everywhere.  The Reps and Dracos are in love with cannibalism and human sacrifice and they have been in control since  World War II. Pretty much the U.S.A. and Britain bombed much of the world’s  White Popupulatiopns, this incudes the Japanese, and then claimed social  draco victory.  It is over dude.

Roberto di nutzo commented and then spread in the media, perhaps some of her spewing over a n open mic, “ We are experiencing a temporary Insanity.” – directed against my President Donald Trump, who the DNC de registered me ( 4 th time in my life) because the DNCIA has total  control of California. Just some some small pockets of fake Republicans. Nunez, exempt.


Robert Di Nero = “We are experiencing a temporary Insanity”!  2016 Nov. onward currently. 
IAM “We are experiencing a temporary Insanity”!  1947 Pedio Satanites create secret FBINSACIA, now expanded to your television and smart phones. – 2016 Nov. That has stopped, we are winning under Donald Trump. Period. He wins all wars. First time in my life anyone ‘won anything’. Sissy bushes and Clintons lost all  these decades. They are losers. ‘Q.’ and they are pissed.
Listen up all.
Di Nutjob loves losers.  This is how he sees America in the world  as total losers. He calls this sanity.  He believes these are the times of ‘sanity.’  Just ask its victims! . 

Bay of Pigs (Lost cuba, CIA ‘s fault , not JFK’s. )
Vietnam: Lost the war
Laos ( Secret, lost the war)
Cambodia ( Secret, lost the war)
Kosovo Lost the war
Iraq I ( Gulf War) did not arrest Saddam, lost the war
Afghanistan Nov 2001 onward
Iraq War II ( 2003) lost the war
2013 CIA creates ISIS with Illuminati, multi houses

2017 Donald Trump wins first USA War by defeating much of ISIS.


Di Nero losers. Too much cheezy pizza in the stomach. Fucker.

It is fine the Internet is re adjusting. allow Congress to do its job. Mueller is funded till the end of 2019,, and I have already said that is OK by me. When I leave the western Hemisphere, I cannot be 'at all' involved in their politics. I Am not coming back! They win; Mexicann Illuminati win, the UK wins.  Germay , Chinese  trilateral win. It is over and they have $$$$ trillions to buy off these cannibals.

‘Q’ I do not deal  only with ChinaCIA but actually their illuminati teams, since 1998 and 1999 A.D.  I have a lot more problems than Bushes or the Clintons, OK? My hate is global. You asked me what is MK Ultra. I have no idea.  They want to depopulate to cover up thousands of years of reincarnational evidence these populations on Earth  are freaking cannibal, child abusers = this fits to ‘control conditioning requirements in  all MK Ultra  fantasies.’  A reptile introduces the Entire GOP of the 1970s to child  sex, which leads to ‘insanity and losing war after war after war.’ That is exactly what all the Illuminati houses wanted because they want control of the entire planet.  So  depopulation , Hollard by John Podesta, and in fact many many others ( even I have my meltdowns) scientists are trying to plan or implement, even subtily measures to decrease  , rather than increase or global  populations.  In the meantime, these B 1 , B 2. Are robbing the world blind  and  making social society a constant ‘stressful’ or chaotic experience. These lead to mass shootings.

To Eat You, Beast # 2 , other part, the more shevil one! She is in Revelations and drinks actual blood of Americans.  SO the Illumnutter plan is to capture you and then eat and drink  your blood. So that is AM e RIA, called Dragon and why I had it entered in the Book of John’s Apocalypse.  Since they are illuminutters,  they have $trillions to pay private contractor armies to hunt and if on the illumcia side, they have local police cover. Confirmed over years, living on the Los Angeles Streets.
they wanted a free society where all cultures are tolerated, even Vampires, cannibals, thieves and child torturers. They are 'everywhere' 'Q'! Just go back to ; slip up' and leave the top alone. You are running too fast.

#studiocity #02182018AD



high frequency right now. & Jets, lots and lots of low flying jets, 24/7.. Does high frequency activate gubnutters? ears constantly ring by two Air Ports. , that both flight paths intersect to where I currently sleep in my car, as all know.7:49 pm. tired,

Not finished. MK —Ultra study. Day One. 6:33 p.m. PST Los Angeles. California. AM e RICA. scroll half way down page.

This is much deeper and has Biblical elements for today. #Confirmed 6:26 p.m. #02172018AD about three weeks. It took about six weeks for  the two UK illum groups, never wrote or studied them prior. Not even in my early modern day pages, these people are termed Bankers, linked pre Templar, pre pre Italian Renaissance. They existed prior, usually  if Navel by Venice or if inward around Aleppo to the South of France. OK, back to today.   M.K. Ultra is now an umbrella term for a wide variety of bio electrical or human conditioning or management systems.  Emphasis is on Control and then ‘direction’ toward first depop; but algorithmically ‘what ever end of the world fad by the Illumintardis or social butterflies on TV brings into ‘Vogue’!

More coming Mexico 10:27 am PST SheO #02172018AD

Swansea UK , very very race Earthquake. 2:32 p.m. LMT. 17th Feb. 2018 United Kingdom < 5.9; & w/ U.S. Conversions a 4.2 mag.

thanks sky teams. resting

wow 02162018AD


Illuminati Part 9 & This page is MK –Ultra. Never researched it yet. Just the time travel stuff and recent Los Angeles, Laurel Cyn and Hombly Hills, near Bel Air. A hot spot since the 1970s to the Death of Playboy Entertainment Empire's death recently.

Black History Month 2018

1470s A.D.  modern RACE TYPE begins colloquialism with ‘size ’of the body. ( not color of the skin). Portuguese Archives.  Late-Pre Age of Exploration.

people #snowden is compromised by  [x] factor placed on Putin and the entire  Russian Top security Gov. He cannot direct anything over there. Because even in this election, we are learning  our social medias are America, so only Americans have any say, what so ever at all. Until Snowden comes home, he cannot dictate or make opinion, because he is not acting in any American freedom way. he is compromised.  I only watched him speak for about 10 minuets on a youtube, and he was speaking on the Shadow gov. He knows absolutely nothing or Putin is forcing him to say or be confused = which is fine by me, There is huge pressures on all, that perhaps all of you do not realize . But It is not for me to help you. You need to do this for your selves. The first place is to turn off Entertainment, TV , media and movies and clear your minds form MK radio wave 'construction ' of your psyche .

Jerry Brown, Pelosi,  Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Adam Schiff threw Mexican illuminati with bad actors of US Shadows after me yesterday . The white sissies accompanying the  shadows work for cannibals and child sacrifices.  #MarcoRubio is an #antichrist

Mexican illuminati says the eat white people and not a fucking thing you can do about it. they control all of #California  City garbage trucks used for killing and eating children, followed by illuminati free masons that worship a brown baby raper skeleton.







Los Angeles , CA, MK—Ultra-original vision was how to depopulate.
The many programs morphed over time to various things, such as in the 1980s it was used to black mail celebrities, doctors, politicians, academics to people working at 7—11.

MK— Ultra is an offshoot of open pre WWI to WWII euthanasia cults and super solider programs. These are socially frowned upon during times of relative peace and so with loads of WWII money, the Illuminati begin again, the depopulation agenda. After a while this becomes something more of world wide phenomena. We sexually condition our kids to be school shooters and the reptilians ( in local  law enforcement and schools) understand these kids are ‘triggered’ by all these ‘control’ system going on all around them all at the same time. The end game is depopulation. Why. In the mid 1850s —‘ 90s this was a large European and even perhaps eastern elite problem.

The population explosion of  the 19 th century sent many shock-waves to how to combat with large uncontrolled populations. This was in deed of such a benevolent proposition. Today, the very very dark side has this program or  hijacked it and it is using to cause all types of social discord and creepy human behavior.  The Illuminati since 1,999 A.D. has made its main goal to keep the populations sick, paying out their savings to them over prescription pills, like 25 different prescriptions a day, and keep the populations in fear of their governments.


Early Years 1953 –1972 A.D.

Harvard Chemistry, to California, to Grateful Dead and LSD tests at San Fransisco, , and some old MK Ultra Marry Pranksters are global child traffickers today. Later findings, you cannot control a genetically bio flesh—pack, so they disregarded this application of 'control.' or 'manipulation.' of the body.

119 MK – Ultra was a foundation of all non lethal weapons: Aug 17 1960.

Inculcation of techniques to control of the growth of biological entities. A Brave New World outlook came from these ' secrets' to most in the world. Academics had access by direct contact with Helms.

1953 LST|| ¬ 1972 ⊕ 1976. Radio head frequenting at your brain to control you will advance with technological discoveries and tools. UCB Provost, Clark Kerr runs the World Technological Revolution with pre apple computer coder development. NATO teams work together to create an in-house NATO INTERNET, but the dynamic web is ‘envisioned’ at U.C. Berkeley by its incredible teams of intelligent professors and faculty.


Tech Revolution: Stephen Gary Wozniak will be trained at U.C. Berkeley and he is the one, not Steve Jobs, that codes Apple computers ⟨ the base codes for inter connection, and a dynamic browser ⟩, and then Microsoft, silver spoon dunce, Seattle’s Bill Gates begins to rip off everyone’s codes and then build his own OP system and then begins to lock out Apple software, Sisco, Lotus, and other competing software companies or private persons. . So the hijack is noted. MK — Ultra relies on a “ hack” of your behavior ≈ mind controlled.



149 sub projects. US  Admiral . Stansfield Turner in the 1979 Senate Hearing. discovery.

discovery. 80 Institutions.

12 Hospitals, 3 Prisons, 15 Private Business and 44 Colleges or Academia. this number has expanded to nearly all places and lands on Earth today. We have a globe of walking zombies.

MK — Ultra

LSD — 1950s

1960s— Radio high frequency mind– control or memory disruption or loss.

1970s— mind— control infiltrate and practice on Cults.

members: Sidney Gottlieb, the chemist who directed MK –Ultra ‚ a Luciferian Mason.

JFK was an Illuminati period hit, people

Frank Church headed the Church Committee, an investigation into the practices of the US intelligence agencies. He is a full blown MK — Ultra boy.

James Warren Jones was from a pedophile back ground and was a child victim of Mk ULTRA. HE WAS TRACKED BY Manhattan Project leaders to do experiments on humans.

1980s.— Pedophile creation of the master slave race of obeyers to the Reptilian Draco Agenda of Kill off white babies.  Government claims this is to ensnare global politicians or national and use these to keep them funding behind the scenes, such as the Italian Mafioso run ‘extortion’ syndicates.

reason for black mail purposes. Playboy mansion also used to snare celebrities or actors or local doctors.


So this was a conspiracy. In 1967 A.D. Lucifer, a smart boy, bansconspiracy theory” to be shamed and not taken seriously in any media. C.I.A. sends meme to all MEAMIC. This is leaked or declassified by Donald Trump in late 2017 A.D.

1960s A.D. Academics MK— Ultra teach demonology. That leads to the U.S. Church Of Satan that Chelsea Clinton is always giving shout outs too. #lolz

Monarch: Chapter 5A: MKULTRA Cults

MK— Ultra Satan Church of the U.S.A. The use of the devil horn salute, by founder came into vogue. Musician Ronnie James Dio steals it and claims he first begins to use it; he is a Draco by the way. 1966 A.D. By the 1990s, Bill Clinton is throwing up the Church of Satan code. He turns the entire White House into its own 'Studio 54'! He becomes world popular for his nonchalance way of leading. He does nothing but party-party-party and leaves Hillary Clinton to run much of the smaller decisions. He is not smart and the world knows it, but they champion his ‘appetite for destruction. He worked for interpol and NSA. Michael Aquino, an army intel spec. 1963. Church of Set and Levy would introduce discord to evolution of love and progress.


1981: Police Church of Set is 100 members that works ( council of 9, his lieutenants, and 7 were Army intelligence. Presido Military victims at 68 children sex pedophile suit and families filed.

MK— ultra Aquino < 1 > at that time is at Presidio ( child trafficking begins under him) and seven of his nine Lieutenant of Church of Set, 100s of members but all are Illuminati are pedophiles and Army intelligent officers. < 1 > Aquino: DNA Spanish Italian Southern Pacific.

Behavior and mentality; if you attacked William J Clinton, you were attacked by 1,000s at any MEAMIC.  See 1967 CIA Memo of 'no conspiracy talk tolerated.'

MK— Ultra College courses on Demonology


SEI 1965 starts at radar and changes to mind. Dr. Aldridge. RHIC developed by DARPA pent. EDOM 'erase memory at a distance."

SEI: had College courses on Demonology and that influenced, the later named Anton Levey over at the East Coast of the U.S.A. He then brought his college of dumbenonolgy, aka demonology to Nor Cal, San Francisco and in 1966 A.D.  He founded the Satanic Church which, which the California legendary band, The Eagles highlights him as the founder on the cover of their album. Hotel California. .. you can sign out anytime you want, but you cannot ever leave>”  Illuminati act in the same manner as the Sicilian mafia.  Once you are in you cannot get out, but you can check out and relax and not go to meetings or festivities.

By the mid 1990s, Television turned to complete Garbage for your Mind. MK — Ultra and C.I.A. agents went for full local media control.

This means MK —Ultra is a failure and ‘stop ∋ gaps to complete fascist AM e RICA or World take over is failing to do its job. So as Nixon always slurred toward Kissinger < drunk tapes> " I want to get my hands on that 'new' technology." always each president and Lucifer have to await Academia's discoveries and application of theories into working models 'technologies.'

1979 U.S. Senate Hearings. confused because Helms destroyed Documents according to his non white Annunaki Illuminati Masters.

Founder ordered by Illuminati: Richard Helms. destroyed Documents in 1972.

1966 Director of the C.I.A.

about 1871 [ this Illuminati House illum9] takes over America's secret banking economy and runs it rather for the British Royal Family. They have a identity crises and in 1917, the plan is to delete the real British Monarchy and allow Secret Gothic Saxonites, non-pure whites, and large annunaki growth bodies to control the Entire U.S.A. & by the 1970s, they were taking control of everything.  These Royals came from Bavaria and have NAZI dna

to hide their demonic identity, they adopted a white– white names; like so many darker skin types, to gain 'privilege' and access to Royalty lifestyles, you just fantacize and change your name to a traditional white family name! & presto: You Become White.


next you have a meeting to front white people, so the public believes in the 'mask' of the darker demons who control and eat white babies behind the scenes.

DNA: MK —Ultra founder Richard Helms is a caucuses ; typology beige saxonite, , non white, but called white. Body type  Brown eyes, and dark hair and tannish skintones.


#Reptilian Agenda to Sacrifice White babies. MK —Ultra project run in tandem with the Dracos.

1980s Pedophile National Ring. DNA Laurence King and M. Aquino are non white, and Laurence would be considered a typical U.S. African Black citizen today.

L. King 1984 and 1988 he sings at the Republican National Convention. RNC supplies Lucifer's crews & to public at the Franklin building. . TX running MK under ground programs too on Children. Hollywood will adopt this by the mid 1990s.

Used residence of Boy’s Town and Christ Church ( NZ plus Luci connections) to collect or molest boys there. Many got new types of sexual diseases. Perhaps cannibalism which triggers these rare plagues.  


even though these Illuminati imprisoned the real Prince of England, decades and decades prior and hijacked England to make it the Illuminati United Kingdom of Darconic Agendas.  The Illum9 made fake names for the  house of Sauud too and with Prescott in bed, the Illuminati by the 1960s began what is called the Trilateral  Commission, a front for Lucifer to run AM r RICA and threaten all Illuminati houses with our US Dragon #1 Military after World War I brought us up from #16 th over all military in the world to #1.


Helms believed in  putting subliminal messages into populations on Earth.  The base idea of Mind Control, back in his  day. He also took Operation PaperClip Scientists to help him control.

adopted by Windsor as Monarch Operation. To hide the fact that the Illuminati Took Control of Russia after the 1917 Revolution, They used to blame Russians on creating MK ultra in many lousy Hollywood TV docs and short films. That is because of the NSA 1947 legislation where you basically hide things by first blaming others; most often a deflection on your attention. That ‘deflection’ has black –hole physic properties ( too advanced for humans) and the Illuminati or anyone can used these 'deflective' narratives [[and latch them onto small black holes]] to your brain , they believe in certain frequencies which do alter brain chemistry.

Illuminati cuts—off human oversight of our Federal Reserve in 1920 A.D.  Today, there is no IMF CHARTER. Period. U.K. and Germany Hyjacked that IMF oversight nearly 100 years—ago. They have carte blanche to steal or be criminals and no law enforcement nor legislation can overrule any of their decisions. 2:06 p.m. #02172018AD.


These programs need heavy funding and seed money does often go through secret channels to U.S. political interests. Basically Chinagate is an entire Illuminati stranglehold.


  Richard Helm’s grandfather was a head of the Federal Reserve. So Illuminati. or controlled by them.

To control the U.S.A. economy and make them or return profits to The U.K., in industrial revolution numbers of slaves, they had to control your mind.


If you are a debt slave than 95% chance you pay huge interest directly to the Illuminati by back channels and 'fake names' and fake banks.  In 1920s, the Illuminati after creating the trilateral forced the IMF to never renew its charter again. Thus The Federal Reserve Since 1920s had no more oversight. They could do crimes for the next 90 plus years.

The 2007—08 Stock Market Crash was a decision by the Illuminati. All their wall street bankers made $250 million dollar bonuses when The Nation lost most of their jobs.

for example, B. H. Obama when he got into the White House, he threw more bail-out money and at Cal, where U.C. Berkeley got $10 Millions of Federal Dollars to help lower tuition costs, HAAS LAW School robbed all that money ( they have Illuminati) and each gave themselves, including Ph.D. candidates $400,000 bonuses. So the entire population of the Campus had to suffer for low IQ tyranny advocates, by the 100s of them in these top U.S. Law Schools.


So a black girl at Haas learning to advocate for Sadistic Sex clients gets a huge amount of money because she is doing ( WITHOUT KNOWING OR DOES KNOW) the Draconian Alien Illum9 Agenda.


The British Monarchy could not survive with out its British or Immigrant Slaves of the Early Modern Times, they all fled to These Americas. So they had to control some way the “economy.” This is a part  of a secret story of how 911 is a very multifaceted thing in reality, and the Crown is involved for many certain reasons, not just one of them.


MK —ultra Aquino at that time is at Presidio ( child trafficking begins under him! ) and seven of his nine Lieutenant of Church of Set, 100s of members but all are Illuminati are pedophiles and Army intelligent officers. Lucifer is involved. He heads up the N.S.A.

/// Early Years 1953 –1972 A.D.

PAST HERE MK —ULTRA turns multi faceted and some off shoot control mechanisms. All things here are not very top classified.


Chezzy Pizzas & Noodles

codex Illuminati general.

1980s MK Ultra DNC and GOP Lucifer go full Skull&Bones International to the elite, called the establishment.  


C.I.A. Lucifer ran ‘after parties’ to the  after parties of these GOP Conventions or national events, scheduled during each year. Political from around the world would come and get either under aged sex with a minor or drugs at these parties. This way, they could be filmed and use these illegal acts to black mail world leaders to general journalists.


1980s Washington Times MK —Ultra outfit

KCIA, then the story is MK – Ultra goes worldwide. I noticed no Liberals outed yet, but then They are coming to seats of power by the late 1960s,70s, 80s. By the time of 1997 when Beast tethers the CIA and FBI as one joint secret task force for the illum9 plus et. al. The Republicans and Democrats are viably appearing to be really but a few basic issues, “ On The Same Team!”


2006 DINO RINO movement

Here is a little taste of a small MK Ultra of my Own!


2006 from a Moffitt Library computer I launch the DINO ≡ RINO movement, now by many names. Anti-Establishment;  from The Tea Party to Antifa, and all in between, including the Occupy Movement, B.L. M. Blue Lives Matter. Even, yes, this helped, this type of narrative Elected both B.H. Obama and move the population up one more level by denying the Illuminati their 2016 candidate.  Called a “Frame”. It is in Book of John , Holy Bible, The  Word creates section.


why? We kept losing battles for years at Iraq and Afghanistan et. al. wars This Dragon leads around the globe, and both House of U.S. Representatives and the United States of American Congress persons kept funding month after month or year after year wild numbers of War Spending for a pattern of 50 years of constant losing wars behavior. How can you not explain that? They were really all the same mold. The Illuminati it was outed in 2018 A.D. .

This is a type of mass mind control methodology I do as an unconscious or conscious decision maker. I no longer wanted to live in any reality that they were two distinct State Political Parties.


Psychological Academics MK —Ultra

Paul-Michel Foucault who always made his studies complete before publishing will die of AIDs, syndrome at San Francisco studying how sex and the body are controlled by the State. He was a converted Neo French Liberal who actually turned apolitical and introspective. He was plugged in and the sex scene at San Francisco, perhaps he did not even know was already ‘infused ‘ by the Reptilian Illuminati Agenda. He was studying Sado Masochism, perhaps he was empirical about this too and these are , in my studies a direct connection to ‘conditioning’ the children to be ether sex puppets for these Aliens on Earth or killers for their political agendas.  As a Visiting professor to CAL, or just dropping by to have an ad hoc lecture, he had to find large auditoriums and kids and staff and even other professors skipped their schedules’ to go hear his new social findings. At his death, Foucault was studying sex and master slave relations and how they are connected to the State functions.


MK— Ultra Culture Inoculation.

2000s AD MK— Ultra wins with performers such as Britney Spears. A sex kitten act. Pop Music follows the Reptilian Agenda of Sex-kitten starlets. In 1999 A.D. Britney Spears, only a young female sings about masochism, and in her video she wears a Little girls' school dress for the message to be loud and clear. " Oh! Baby! Oh! Baby! Hit Me One More Time!" While the confusing Lyrics  ( Britney cannot even explain this phrase) have no narrative of Sado Masochism nor mind control or anything related to such, the message was subliminal. Britney Spears much later in her career would also utter this same type of Masochism phrasing in her hit songs.  In 2017, Britney Spears made a crappy song and put up a Video of a famous 1970 ? or 1980s Rothschild illuminati Party and the character that played Satan ( Latin Iranian Draco) is now her main boyfriend, sex partner.  He plays Satan or the Devil in the video. So there you all go a perfect MK Ultra victim.  Her father has custodian of his daughter and she is a mid-aged adult but acts like a Child.


[ this is a large complex subject, do not want to get into 2000 plus now. ]

Operation New Century

MK— Ultra grows like a plague or a virus. So it is now impregnated into our global populations. Pop Stars to Celebrity Politicians then 'unconsciously' speak to the Reptilians by these subtle memes.

2017 World Wide Celebrity Pop Icons

“I Do not like Nobody and Nobody Likes Me, I will be the Bad Actress Starring in Your Bad Dreams. ”

Winner message.

MK —Ultra subliminal message: Swift is telling the Illuminati  dracos, FUCK YOU. You want me  dead I kill you first bitch. Chaos is affirmed. #Illum10

The Illuminati through their voice box the media voices their consternation on this video. The darker types .


DARPA new page

MK —Ultra

feb 10 2018

‘q’ 1719 why is the NK sis with Pence.  No mention of Pense in all of ‘q’ for this.

feb 11 only mention of Pence in all of the 'q' posts.



Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Love One Another


Islam can take all of UK and end the Royal Annunaki Rothchild.



Illumimate #9


Rare UK EarthQuake







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17-FEB-2018 14:31:04








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Swansea UK , very very race Earthquake. 2:32 p.m. LMT. 17th Feb. 2018 United Kingdom < 5.9; & w/ U.S. Conversions a 4.2 mag.




1999—2018AD ό αρχάγγελος” ≡ Yĕhôshúa 23rd September 2017 A.D.— #jesusreturned 1260 days hernceforth I bring the fallen angels to Earth. to take care of the False Prophet, Beasts, AntiChrist and his father Lucifer, et al. [] nationalist worshippers to also be included in an Ocean dump, from both coasts inward until I say. mjmj 185 journal 185 A.D.

JESUS CHRIST RETURNED il10 started 17th Feb — 2018 A.D. SheO. 10:44 p.m., . California; archived 02202018AD 20th Feb — 2018 A.D.The Warrior l #JesusReturned Second Comining & Book of Life






United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex going down


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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