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Journal 183 Merry Christmas everyone.

IAM REBORN ananta ε gamma / [OI Article vii. sec. i, v ] Michael Jesus Returned Arc. Operation Immortality v ii u Water the life and dehydrationwhite genocide 1947—2016 fertility factors in all civilizations. Lyra and reptiles from outer or inner space. OI v ii v.∑ Beast DAE. ό αρχάγγελος 690 million years old, link. Spaceship Hyway . Conerstone tree AB Conferance Room. Die Ver City ⇒ Nazareth mayor cancels Christmas and GOD for baby rape caliphate of EvilJinSatanits. California Gastax 12222017AD

A beutifual Christmas arrangement. thank you beautiful voices and yes very beautiful . for those who cannot memorize some opening piano keys were from an #Evanescence song. #amy of Evanescence has also a wonderful voice.

personal:I was targeted for robbery by Mexicans who did not speak English well, last night at 3:39 a.m. #12232017AD and I screamed at him to get lost. He wandered back into his car with his buddy and backed up without lights, no one was around and scurried off and the other dude, a bicycle I scream at each night to go away , I have nothing. These are life long criminals. Woke up and dude was at my car windshield talking to his bud in his car, asking if anyone was in there or what he could see to take.


Taylor Swift helps homeless man and a pregnant women find a home. She is a white skinned person. "I like nobody and nobody likes me." Swift 12232017AD #bookoflife #arcmichael.

LBJ's sex— toy Mistress 2,006 claims all three media had Kill Kennedy order cover up. we have serious problems. Interview. Noon 12232017AD #michael #bookoflife

Santa leaves trails after preparing for Christimas Night

Mary Jacobe April 10 th 2016 spent 14 hours at Obama's White House.

Obama may have been Honey Potted:  On April 10 th 2016 by a plant named Mary Jacobe ( Caucasian, brown eyes , dark hair, female, mid ages). Obama’s sex Mistress Marry Jacobe plays a prominent  role in brining down Obama’s regime. On April 10 th 2016 She spends 14 hours in the White House and her name is also logged.  The Next days Obama sets up with Hillary Clinton The Fusion GPS payments to order the fake Russian Dossier as an “Insurance Policy” Andre McCabe ( source Text message by him) “ in case Donald Trump wins the U.S. Presidency.”  At the same time John Podesta is meeting with Mark Zuckerberg to set up fake Russian pro Trump adds , as a ploy to pad the false narrative.  By far the largest conspiracy uncovered , as of yet, on Planet Earth and U.S.A.

Κ > θ 


3:33 p.m. Pacific Time Standard. Arc Michael #12222017AD

Eric Holder threatens the life of Donald Trump. Sounds like his gun running operations were very very Constitutionally illegal.

#12232017AD #bookoflife #arcmichael


12232017AD Federal Reserve System & Foreigner Involvement. estate Google

The Federal Reserve System new NON updated version signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson on December 23, 1913. IMFs, if we can call them that have been around for millennia and banking is nothing New. Almost all countries have a connection or a creation of a Centralized Banking system for a singular currently. The problem with the U.S.A. is that Foreigners took over the U.S.A. currency and manipulate at will on the Wall Street Stock Market.  This way, Dumbass Rothschild’s family leaders were able to steal the gold out of U.S. Fort Knox and no one cares because most of our leaders are high on cocaine and raping and eating children.


Rothschild 2017: $600,000,000,000,000 Trillion U.S. comparable dollars. Six Trillion, $500 of that is land and assets and banks and the other is cash, $100 trillion U.S. Dollars. Centuries of bank note interests and lending to war machines they are now one of the richest families and Dubai has the others. RothChilds support many of the U.S.A. Establishment Bush, Obama and Clintons. They hate ME and Donald Trump and anyone who is a Christian or just a decent human being. .

Rothschilds' main American banking operation since the Civil War is the U.S.A.’s People.  UK Queen Baby Raper Bitch robs the U.S.A. of $trillions in the last decades and no one but American First are trying to halt the international criminal activity.

Goldsmiths’ Family, publically claims only $300 Million but are in bed with Rothschild’s. Percy Rosenburg are more powerful families and on equal to the Rothschild. Also note that some hidden Sauud House members are trillionaires and never publically admit this.  The British Royal Families have been partners with the  Rosenburgs because Jews cannot create things, only manage money and that was their entire job force for the European Middle Ages. It is a dna problem.

The Rothschild family is a wealthy family descending from Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a court Jew to the German Landgraves of Hesse-Kassel, in the Free City of Frankfurt, who established his banking business in the 1760s. The Balfour Declaration was a letter dated 2 November 1917 from the United Kingdom's to the pre U.N. called  League of Nations to establish   the Israeli Homeland back to its Biblical locations.

Revelations: Albert was born to another foreigner too so both sides of the House of Windsor are foreigners to the British lands.  George   VI’s father was just a consort and not of Royal blood. So we have two non Royal Blood Lines taking UK as its Hostage.

#Revelations: Prince Albert was born to another foreigner too so both sides of the House of Windsor are foreigners to the British lands . this was a secret deal to kill off White #Christians worldwide ; with the 13th earl of [ 1.] George VI’s father was just a consort and not of Royal blood. So we have two non Royal Blood Lines taking UK as its Hostage . We call them #Trilaterals. They work with Sauud Terrorists and Bushites from TX. they make wars where there are none to break up families and abduct the innocent children for #blueturban Blood rituals. As the three major components make up #CORE Trilaterial Baby Child Trafficking Networks for blood drinking of these faux kings and queens. . #Illuminati stay behind the scenes and pad the royal and trilateral coffers.

[1.] 13th Earl of Strathmore and the Capitalistic AntiChrist Global Corpo State Usurpers made a deal with Frankish Jew Gothic NAZIS, pre nazi to have his Non Royal Blood daughter wed a non royal consort boy to start a new faux line of the British Monarchy.
233 pm PST #SheO #bookoflife #Michael #12232017AD

Royal House of UK NAZI Windbags

2:22 p.m. PST. #12232017AD Sherman Oaks, CA: From Prussian Second Riche : Frank Gothic Germans came 1917 to London to take over Britain for Godless brown people and put white whore bitch queen as a puppet symbol. Windsor is a made up Illuminati Royalty. Queen Elizabeth’ ii s’ Mother, Margaret  was a full blown German non white NAZI whore.

Revelations: Albert was born to another foreigner too so both sides of the House of Windsor are foreigners to the British lands.  George   VI’s father was just a consort and not of Royal blood. So we have two non Royal Blood Lines taking UK as its Hostage.

The House of Windsor is a made up Illuminati Royalty
The architect who built a nice castle in early 20 th century had the sir name, Windsor, and it sounded white so the NAZI gothic German Illuminati Franks took over in a coup and this led Winston Churchill privately infuriated.  Windsor was pro Adolf Hilter, and there are numerous photos of them meeting him , saluting and worshiping the German Chancellor of Germany .In fact, the House of Winsor was on the side of the NAZI secretly and this is the family that pooped out the Queen Chump that is in power today.  There are too many  photos and links to her connections to 911, Grenfell Tower = insurance arson attack, same players as Trade Tower insurances taken out three months prior to 11 sept 2001 by same Queen groupie. , IMF manipulations and fleecing of Fort Knox.

Queen Elizabeth’s family made a secret deal with the 13 th Earl of Strathmore to imprison children and  marry them off to a German NAZI group, or pre nazi thinking.   Basically was to take over Britain , turn it into a UK German proxy State for NAZIs to import the entire Middle East and Far EAST  to #LONDONSTAN

They illegally  imprisoned young Prince Edie  and made a marriage with Satanic dumb dna daughter of the Earl’s.

They illegally  imprisoned young Prince Edie  and made a marriage with Satanic dumb dna daughter of the Earl’s.  A girl born in 1900AD and groomed to fill this void was Elizabeth Margarit. She married the future, King George  VI (  6 th ). King George’s real name was Albert. He was a Grand Master Mason at Middlesex Mason .

Trilaterals :  that work with Skull & Bones out of Liberal Arts College called Yale University. They run global pedio and global narco as a club’s  directive. These are German NAZI Masons, and not real Masons of the benevolent Scottish rite. Here MiddleSex Mason Job's Daughters doing a tri— year marching drill. The outfits for young women of Mason LA , in the early 1970s my sister wore a white sash and red rope and or purple rope. Not cool but my parents could not afford $300 a week for outfits, expensive prices in early 1970s.

Albert meat at Gaums Castle with world power players, where he stays in residence and was also put in as the Scottish Grand Master, meaning he hijacked the system. You do not become a Mason by being a criminal plant family into a foreign country to destroy and deplete its coffers and land holdings?  Today, Masons have a sigma of being Child Traffickers and Drug Runners and to worship EVIL on to others.

The highest degree conferred by a Masonic Lodge is the 3rd - or Master Mason - degree. The 33rd degree is a degree conferred by the Scottish Rite, which is an appendant body of the fraternity.

The Scottish Rite, the original version is also just three levels. the Blacks took it a step more secret because they love baby raping so they forced their white sissy's of the Masons to make a progressive level of initiations, like the Italian Mafioso or other clubs and secret societies like the Baby Pedastry Movement called the KKK.

1936 Prince Albert and his foreign born wife becomes King of England.

1936 Prince Albert and his foreign born wife becomes King of England.  It is under King George that the NAZI take off and become a world military giant because secretly the U.S. wall street, UK spooks and Trilateral and Jews taking control of France did unspeakable crimes to the German Innocent populations, buy starving them together.  The Versailles Treaty was broken  from day one and abuses led to the rise of Adolf Hitler as the Savior of Germany.  British rule drained the German Population dry by taking all of their raw minerals and not paying the German companies and then France under NAZI Jew control stole all the coal and electricity profits and Germans were dying in the streets. That led to National Socialist Oligarchy movement that was championed by Bush #Trilaterals, Queen Blue Turban NAZI and some large faction of the original 1917 Ballflower document that created the House of Sauud as a Trilateral . when this was accomplished  the white genocide worldwide begun and now we have only 4.73% of white in total World population left on planet earth.

Precedence of the Royal Family to be assholes was written by orders of Queen Elizabeth ii’s secretary. It means, courtesy, bow or always be lower than the queen, bow and be a submissive slave to NAZI German Goth Power.  The Populations of  UK’s Royals are criminals , global criminals and the UK populations are too sissified and  weak, the migrants do not care to fight back and so cannibalism, baby raping , vampirism and global Child Trafficking routs fund the Windsor Castle and their other 100 castles.  e Children jumping to their deaths in the secluded Scottish Castle owned by the Royals and  is Queen Elizabeth’s’ off site all family members is her personal child rape, eat and torture castle, plenty of photos over the years.  These animals are not human and are not real Masons but are Allister Crowley Pedio aficionados! He is a Satanic Pedophile who wrote books on Love≡Rape and eating children and the Windsor House worships him and kills Christians, mostly whites adopted Christianity as a noms de guerre of some of NAZI masonic plant lodges inside of England during the 20 th century.  These false wars all over earth are for child abductions and masked as regime changes of bad dictators, which remains suspect.  Ambassador Christopher Stevens was murdered at Libya, Ben Ghazhi because he did not like being a center piece in Libyan child trafficking networks run by our bad CIA, over the world.  In a secret video of the Beast, Bill Clinton back stage during his wife’s general election campaign, he told a fan that Hillary Clinton called for the Stand Down on 11 th September 2,012AD.  Most people were sure that Bill Clinton had no idea he was being recorded and  he also had his hands all over this unknown women’s boobs. Youtube has it.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, KG, GCVO, CD, ADC(P) (Andrew Albert Christian Edward, born 19 February 1960), is the second son and third child of Queen Elizabeth IIHe and former FBI director James Comey are said to play sex games tog. ether. that is a rumor.

King George VI died on 6th February 1952 at Sandringham and was buried at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, on 15th February 1952, following a State Funeral in the Chapel. His daughter, HRH The Princess Elizabeth, had been proclaimed Queen Elizabeth II on 8th February 1952.

The Two Satanists, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth took out the Christian Princess.

Prince Anne was possible eaten in 1965 A.D. She was cut off by the Family leaders to her friends and associates and remained in seclusion until her brother  and sister offed Her. Why was she cut off because her friends were being rapeed and eaten and she was standing up like Princess Diana who was killed for her opposition to Satanic Royal Blood Rituals by these demons in power.

Rockefellers created secret government with Rothschild in 1913 A.D. Funding U.N. Nation and builder burgers funding.  They elected Bill Clinton, Bush and Obamas; Donald Trump does not go to these  things.

end 12232017AD updates.

Cooking Expensive TV

Each #cooking show, the menu for the day or advertisement is always about $100- $250 dollars for the raw products. #TheChew or whatever is like making cooking shows for the 1%ers . Most of the 99% animals in USA watch TV regardless (1) if they want too or not; it is the AI that is programming you but the Child Abusers are programming at the helm. Since they sell children ,they make that $100 day food expenditure. "who can afford these 100 dollar meals* ? #bookoflife #arcmichael #122222017AD

What is the Black Nobility?

Black Nobility means black animals are at the  controls behind the secret veils and put up white puppets to trick the masses and the world!.

The Assassination Party Evidence by the LBJ Sex Mistress who attended the party and was the first to meet LBJ after Jay E Hoover told him the assassination was on and to go to JFK’s motel in the morning and switch Gov Connolly’s ride to yours. “ After Tomorrow those SOBs ( Christians) will never embarrass  me again. “ – LBJ to his sex top mistress, interview 2,006 Youtube. LBJ was poisoned because in reality he did not order the JFK assassination, it was a black man due to his bigotry. LBJ was the Klu Klux Klan baby trafficker and so was his wife. #ChildTrafficing / Jay E. Hoover, African used to rape toddlers up at the Operation Paperclip facilities at laurel Cyn, California a hidden suburb of Los Angeles , County. youtube link to Lyndon B. Johnson's mistress interview of 2,006 A.D. MDB yourtube

Jay E Hoover killed Kennedy and why LBJ ( a KKK Pedio runner for Yale) was excited when he came out of the Jay E Hoover FBI assassination meeting at the RANCH. Nixon left early, he only suspected. The narrative that black rule earth, lie and claim they are the victim’s, they are not, and do murder and mayhem while conscripting weak white sissies like Lyndon B. Johnson and the Bush femalian beotch family of sissy wimpos.

The Blacks rule and thus the Black Nobility. They love torturing your children, eating them, beating them and raping them and consuming tier body parts. these demons believe the light in the child's blood gives them Demon Satanic Powers to rule the World.

Benedict XVI served as Pope from 2005 until his resignation in 2013. Benedict's election occurred in the 2005 papal conclave that followed the death of Pope John Paul II.

These are the only two white white humans who were allowed to rule in the last 100s of years. White people like Jesus Christ are not liked by our Catholic Church. Lolz.

#masons are not all the same, not at all. Often they are hijacked by #Luciferians.


Cooooooking shows and reality

Googleplus post 12222017AD
we all know it is not the cost of the food item, but the production and assembly and manpower or women power put into assembly of healthy meals. A whole new #food approach is needed and localized industry is championed by the 1%er who push 99% corpo processed foods onto the masses, over this same 'economic' assembly issue , I just cited.

(1) TV has them on mind control.


NBC Jeff Sessions orders Hillary Clinton Investigation

11:55 a.m. PST. Sheo ; #Los Angeles. State Department activities and prior! 


! 6:21 pm Los Angeles

This is better than the Phenoix Lights. Arc Michael :Called for them to show up and they are slowly doing so , he he.

Eric Schmidt steps down as executive of Alphabet ⟨ Google’s parent company⟩ to return to science‚ tech and hook this up with philanthropy. #arcmichael #bookoflife #12212017AD. He has been helming the Top Position since 2000 A.D. and made Google a worldwide phenomenon.  In 2015, he took Google and its other industry projects and umbrellaed  them under one Incorporation, called Alphabet. Future: Google plans two types of Health Care systems ( still little known) and other State Ventures in development or still under concept. Schmidt will remain as a top consultant, of course.

F.B.I. Established “ An Insurance” Policy (ies) on Donald Trump according to Text Messages by F.B.I. Head Andrew McCabe. This was a coordinated effort to undermined Donald Trump. #12212017AD. Revealed by Fox, Capitol Hill, Free beacon, Social Media , Y ou tube Fox News , Congressman Gates too.


#11202017AD below

#metoo is the new Illuminati movement. A sign to be on the lookout for those out to screw the U.S. Laws and they fight only for a World Secret Government, called the establishment.

Los Angeles Dec 20 — 21 st here comes the Wind Again!

OTR RAINCOAT TRIPS and one agent almsot lost his life and he used speeding tactics.

Hillary Clinton's approval rating is at an all time low of 36% AS of Gallap Poll tracking for Nov/Dec 2017 A.D. the period she started to be tracked was in 1992AD and she started off at 38% approval rating. Who is lawyer Bruce Lindsey he was helping Clinton sneak out of the white house to do crimes or meet his mistresses or little children boys. “Secrets of the Secret Service” ; book out next month. Gyou

Barry Sherman, founder of pharmaceutical giant Apotex was found hanged by a railing with his wife, also in the same manner downstairs of his own home.  He is a  $ billionaire couple, huge Clinton Donation to Foundation, Toronto Canada residence. Were both strangled to death. Week three, December 2017 A.D.  Who  is he and does he like  old pizza? NYPost >both Active members of a Toronto Jewish community

Other Worlds

Why is our entire military budget so much each year, about 1$ trillion of U.S.A. dollars, sold to the public as $750 billion dollars, annually to 17 or more agencies. The other comes from their drug and child trafficking programs. So why so much? Aliens need welfare too.


Wanna make a human mad? Tell him a lie.
Wanna make an animal  mad? Tell him the truth.

Wanna make both an animal a human mad? very angry? Advocate & or be as a lawyer and defend your alternative posittion by lies or by obscuration!

U.S.S. Nimitz: An F16 tracks cigarshaped space craft recently, Navy released footage. USS Nimitz (CVN-68) is a supercarrier of the United States Navy, and the lead ship of her class. One of the largest warships in the world, she was laid down, launched and commissioned as CVAN-68 but was redesignated CVN 68 (nuclear-powered multimission aircraft carrier) on 30 June 1975 as part of the fleet realignment.

Ships : Interdimentional Triangles can come from Mars, Boris suggests as Cigar and disk , small shapes come from our own Moon base, which is artificial.

Martians 23 ft. tall, believable because of low gravity, their heads onion shape and they ‘elongate.’  Ref. too the dismal Star Wars film, “Attack of the clones” where a corporation of aliens are building the Federation and Sith Clone Army – as corporations are like Marxist, and have no loyalty to sides, only to make a fast war buck.  Well, Obi wan visits there to find Baba Fete and these beings are very thin, very tall but noticeable, George Lucas ok’d them or made them  ‘elongated.’ And in science, this is proven by the distribution of planetary gravity, planet-wide = which will always have a ‘evolutionary’ inter mutate on any Extra Terrestrial Biological Being.  Boris, perhaps one of the most famous of Reincarnated  Stories in history, he believes he was in World War II and has is photo which is perfect as I have mine in 1870s, multiple times, as the cameras were first starting to go public in all the Parisian squares.

Boriska a boy who believes he reincarnated long ago on Mars and also as a World War II military officer, with photos to back them up and he also speaks to anyone who listens about his visits or life(s) and its communities on Mars. His native land is our modern boarders of Russia.

cigars are moon base transports and triangles  according to Boris ( as I spell it) are triangles = well at least they have bases there, but triangles are normal, inter dimensional tech. Boris gives height of ancient Martian Aliens at 23ft. one report of his response was 30 meters.

Giant Space Things on The Moon by Back Yard Telescopes.

Hollywood had to fake the 1969 Moon Landing  because Apollo II, my boys and my girls on The Moon said, “Get off, go back, and do not return. ! ” Lolz!

— Arc Michael, aka Jesus Returned; #12201017AD . My son Lucifer runs planet earth currently. Merry Chirstmas by the way !

SuperMoon Allows 17%, sometimes more of the Moon to receive Sunlight and Look what this dude caught on our new technological backyard based telescopes. ⇐ Link. Hollywood had to fake the 1969 Moon Landing  because Apollo II, my boys and girls on t he Moon said, Get off, go back, and do not return. ! Lolz! . I believe our U.S. Congress pays a Martian to clean our Mars Rover with a rag a few times a week or Martian will throw stones at it all day, bored to death sitting on a red sandstorm, warmongering planet!


2:56 is a #santaraindear massive spaceship . About 20 miles long or more? Or was it a #Dragon Space Warship ?

Youtube GooG



Apollo Missions and New Audio Released.

" Close the door, [ yelling] It's closed, NASA " We do not want anyone to get in [ side the capsule]. Lolz. Apollo Mission.  so now as I have asked they are  leaking the details. Ships videoed, conversations on the moon about 'others' and  being aware of them. video "we are looking for them." link

extra terrestrial biological entities = ETBe (S) ARE terms only #seti uses, the other telescope and news agencies use UFO which means nothing but an unknown 'object.'  So Seti already knows what is accurate. :) #seti is my school. :) Seti= Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.

Wanna make a human mad? Tell him a lie.

Wanna make a animal  mad? Tell him the truth.

more on sexul Hollywood go here.

#bombshell Operation #PaperClip, Laurel Cyn ( where Hillary goes  to an A- List Actors home who badmouths us American First people, Jay Edgar Hoover FBI’s underage boy sex romps in Laurel Cyn ( just down the street from me), Parson’s calling on Satan to open up California’s PIT of HELL, mentioned the Holy Bible, and  the assassination of John F Kennedy and his  brother, Robert, and  == all connected to Child Trafficking.  Today, a faux Democrat in power in my state for more than 25 years runs the Child Trafficking website. Her constituents have decried she not run again, but she is telling everyone FU I AM not going away. Later Playboy Mansion: Hugh Marston Hefner CIA MK Ulta Child Trafficker sex filming studios.

Submarine that went missing? No, he  invites over politicians and celebrities and offers them something ‘ younger’ boys or girls and video taping for their blackmail and it is the main key in Hollywood and politics. He owns his own kiddie studios called “WonderLand”.  This was a ticket raffle and M.K. Ultra factory was Hue Hefner, for his Playboy Enterprises.  The White Rabbit was a reference to Alice and WonderLand, and that is where Playboy got its white rabbit.



To all have a safe winter break in the northern hems. Southern, put on suntan lotion. #lolz

National Public Radio’s Pervert who was fired is now revealed a close buddy buddy to John Podesta and Hillary Clinton’s child trafficking network; a close group of 25 inner members..



“Well Now They Know, Let it Go!”

4 families own The Federal Reserve.

The same 4 families own all the top 4 Oil Companies, world wide .

Top: 3 of 4 Top U.S. Global Media Corporations own all world media.

BIBLE IS REAL FOLKS . My BloodLine : My Mom is a white nordic and Dad is a scot— judean.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars + Islam' Θ Moti Israeli Messiah talk. What has been hidden? Israel ch. Ariel Hyde, KickStart : Ariel Hyde, KickStart & Peter Ahlman, “The Last ”

strawberry cyn football complex, Cal Campus, UC Berkeley football

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Clintons, Obamas and Bushes are all buddy- buddy, lovers.

Windsor expanded post

#jobsdaughters they call them. this twitter accnt. belongs to the same NAZI infiltration of the #British Empire in the early 20th century. Middlesex Mason was a chapter Prince Albert, aka King George VI ( 6 th) became a part of after he wed a 13th Early of daughter of NAZI pre NAZI and her name was Elizabeth Margaret. a Non white European. Prince Edie the real claimant to the thrown was cast as a child into prison. These chapters became the #trilateral international pedio and drug and nation meddling illuminati cartels. Many of these young pretty white girls ( there are plenty of browns who are off limits) will be food for the Vampire #blueturban #queen from hell, and she is a Frankish Illuminati plant from the 1917s. Her family photo album has Hitler and Queen in love fests, not physical but worship style. #UK is actually a proxy state of #Germany or german #NAZI. the other Nazi came to #California. Their entire plan is to act like faux Christians but in reality eat them, rape them and destroy them, working for mr. Blacky. called the Black Nobility . The blacks have been secretly running slavery and illuminati for 100s of years and that is the entire secret. the love of dumb black Afro phallace -- often accompanied by Cocaine from the brown latin cultures and or heroin from the other brown Arab Pak/Afgani populations.

#masons are not all the same, not at all. Often they are hijacked by #Luciferians.

The 13th German sect made a Royal Pact with a family of Gothic German baby flesh eaters. The House of Windsor is a made up Illuminati Royalty
The architect who built a nice castle in early 20 th century had the sir name, Windsor, and it sounded white so the NAZI gothic German Illuminati Franks took over in a coup and this led Winston Churchill privately infuriated. Windsor was pro Adolf Hilter, and there are numerous photos of them meeting him , saluting and worshiping the German Chancellor of Germany .In fact, the House of Winsor was on the side of the NAZI secretly and this is the family that pooped out the Queen Chump that is in power today. There are too many photos and links to her connections to 911, Grenfell Tower = insurance arson attack, same players as Trade Tower insurances taken out three months prior to 11 sept 2001 by same Queen groupie. , IMF manipulations and fleecing of Fort Knox.

#Michael #bookoflife #12232017AD #merrychristmas

masons have oaths and I say in Bible, do not swear an oath but to ME. no one else. so I never go or ever have gone, Just born on their books.

Bush, Obama, Clinton Indicted in Nevada Court! Tom Heneghan: Tuesday, December 26, 2017 15:38: Sunday November 12, 2017.

OP FU ARC #12292017AD



Merry Christmas Google Plus Juti



Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Love One Another


TO MUSLIMS & CHRISTIANS Love one another


Hugh Marston Hefner was a notorious CIA MK Ulta Child Trafficker an American businessman, magazine publisher and playboy. #Confirmed

Hugh Marston Hefner was a notorious CIA MK Ulta Child Trafficker an American businessman, magazine publisher and playboy. #Confirmed . collect his dna and put him into a lake of fire.

PlayBoy Mansion, HomblyHills, next to Hollywood and U.C.L.A. and Wilshire Blvd. acted as a C.I.A. front to ensnare Pedophiles’ while allowing Hugh Hefner to engage in Child Abduction for C.I.A. black mail, called M.K. Ultra. Ex C.I.A. early 1990s Laurel Cyn Blvd. ( been to this house after Hollywood moved out to work with construction painting jobs in his book, human trafficking and Hue is a C.I.A. sex abductor and works for the C.I.A. "Look out mountain laboratory and 100,000 sq. ft. of space and full movie stuff and underground parking and helio pad and bomb shelter and this is all near where I stay in my car. Laurel Cyn Blvd. is where Jay Edgar Hoover, our first black and first F.B.I. Chief went to have sex with under age boys. Hoover ordered the assassination of John F Kennedy over the issue of #CIA childtrafficing.

What is a liberal. Can be right wing party or left wing party.
How does it act?  It cannot function in society.
Why? It believes strangulation and killing an underage child while engaged in a sex act is legal, because Bondage and Sado Masochism sex play are legal in the United States of America [ for legal adults].  The world is over folks, the liberals are all over planet earth, like 99:1 , everywhere. Totally like an unconscious zombie. We cannot have a discussion when rape means love to a liberal. And love is legal, so they rape children and call it moral and ethical.

3,000 colord workers to 7 white sex workers makes up US Workforce diversity  Demographics.  

Sex Service providers shows USA is all but Anti White racists who recently came here and beat up whitey. I did a BackPage search of three cities on white trannies and got 3000:7! Yikes. data: Where there were 7 white people in all of Boston, New York and Chicago, as claiming white for their 'love services.' So we have 3,000 colords or non whites advertising and only 7 whites in three major cities with large populations, I serched 'all' cities as a base serch on each of them; Then, which does not seem at all like any type of equality and democracy of color. Thus the term “Demographics”! y 2042 A.D. whites will be a minority and perhaps the Spanish Language as the National tongue.  The Secret of the Latin and southern Latinites of Europe’s colonizing successes are soft imperialism, where the uncontrolled desire is for constant Borg Like absorption of cultures, worldwide and turning them into Latinite Satanic play grounds.

The fraud and starlite young yellow and german academics of the 1950s ( jews migrated 1920s, took control of Academia by 1950 and turned white white culture into a pan Caucasionite or Arab white culture. ); these starlite professors aruged Rome was brought down by Christianity; & or it was brought down by lead poisoning ( e.g infertility). But finally academic is correctly citing the real reason, migration. By the time of the Ceasars the academics are falling and by the Spanish Western Roman Rulers, the Africans and brownites are the majority of the population and barvbarian and colonization ensue with the Spanish Roman Emperors. It was like a mini Alexander the Great episode of explosive world conquest.


WWhat is really unknown is that southern European Latinites ( Italian 1900s , Sicilian 1930s, Spanish and Portuguese, perhaps Cantonese or islanders off of the western coasts of Northern Africa to Turkey ( then called Anatolia)) & all the way to southern Ukraine and eastern Europeans) and the diasporic Hebrews took control of MEAMIC, flooded over here, including Sheiks, Hindu and Asian up at northern California and Oregon and now all over the place were military and government black or dark military agents from the 1950s. By the time of Operation PaperClip, the whites were pushed out and it has been less than two generations and I and many other whites are having these difficulties in society and on Earth.


Doug Jones needs Jail time: Jefferson County, Alabama has 75% registered  Republicans but 68% Democrats voted? #voterfraud

They did not count the Military Vote but they did count the incarcerated that George Soros Personally funded that campaign.  


RedState: Watchers: Alabama: Bad News for Doug Jones, Ballots in Alabama’s largest country, the right wing votes were thrown out by DNC’s demands.

30% more votes in that county, Jefferson County, 660,367 people living there and Jones got a 68% and 439,000 ballots cast in his name. and this is a Republican State.

The World Demon Baby Rapers Strike BACK!

Amendment 7 UK Parliament deletes the democratic  vote of Brexit.


500,000,000 lbs. Half a billion US pounds. Who the hell could move these. Third Chinese Ming Emperor, claimed to have it  carved. 1402 began reign. Yangshan qurry; Academia said 1405AD the king wanted statues and four were cut and he ordered the statues in tonnage. But maybe there is a different story. ?

Trumpet Sounds all over Earth, this dude's video hand after noise starts begins to shake the camera, you can see it wiggle. 12152017AD

Personal Cornerstone for more click link.

Cornerstone 12 15 2017 A.D. on Thursday 14 th of Dec. got to Cornerstone and a new guard I never saw before harassed me much and then at the Kitchen, Maria ( Mexican with parents but on the streets for 6 months, already has housing before I, who have been awaiting 37 years for any fucking help, and still none.  Well the Black employee , for a  bouncer, he is Joe Jackson, common name, very large recovering addict, coke and booze and almost every day explains how he beats or will beat up anyone who does not bow to his abuse. Maria had a doctor’s appointment, so she was screaming at two people for orders; I backed away from the Kitchen serving window area as she was addressing another patron’s breakfast needs. Joe is not in the kitchen, I screamed back to leave this ‘forced’ thing and go to your doctors, we can take over and but she started her yelling and illegal rants. Joe and three other blacks then pulled me aside and read me my riot act, claiming they would bring down wrath on my for making Maria cry. The fact is me and Maria have been friends since I first met her and like couples, we argue but then get back along again and today, she said “Hi, in the morning’ ( she has no idea I was pulled aside, maybe she does?) and I told her I can no longer speak to her and the real reason from my standpoint is that Maria Cried because she was supposed to be at the Doctor’s appointment but was forced by Blacks to serve food for the only white and very fat girl’s Stipend ( $50 /mo.). All six other positions are given to blacks only, no whites allowed. I was blamed by four blacks who claimed I yelled at Maria and made her cry and thus I AM a bully. I AM so tired of false charges, and listening to hypocrisy: we must listen to how Joe beats up innocent people and he laughs and makes an excuse he has changed; a total lie.  Every situation, experience must be seen through Joe’s eyes and no humanity’s! Blacks, a black who was homeless for seven months has already got his housing in January. I have been awaiting since the age of 14 years old for any type of State help and all I get is die whitey from people who cannot read nor write or communicate effectively.  

Brian Ross Dossier King and he calls whites 'deplorable' like Hillary Clnton.

William Norton6 days ago
If Armageddon does happen, it will not be by the hand of either the Lord or the Beast; it'll be ALL US!!!


Elite try to take out Brexi and the Democratic Vote, Teresa May working with international Child Trafficers run out of Windsor Castle Ask Prince ' bullshyte' William and his child raping whife, Kate. You are not superior to me, OK?

The World Demon elite Strike BACK! #Amendment 7 UK Parliament deletes the democratic vote of #Brexit. #michael #bookoflife #12142017AD. and school forced Black Chinese $10 thousand dollar watch stealer ( #LaVar #Ball ) as #DonaldTrump is a white beyotch. #blacks are very ungrateful and demand whites be their slaves and blacks started slavery, not white noords. Since truth does not matter or love, then violence and #Armageddon will ensue. The fact that 30 Million corrupted animals are in positions of world power, the masses are supposed to rise up and throw them out;

but they do not because they either support Satanism and/or the elite planned to import the criminal countries that never have ever run any type of Democracy, and make USA a criminal world empire to do what demons love, abduct, rape, beat torture and eat babies and humans and do all sorts of evil. So world is over in 10 years OK? Edu, Schools, gov, tv, movies are all lying mutherfuxxxkers that say white people in the past did slavery, so all white born afterwards must pay the niggers and do homage. #fu THE #BIBLE SAYD fu

#Bible says you do not have to pay for your parents or race's past deeds. #USA Dragon EDU claims all white must die and teach black their jobs, give them your land and get out or die.

#worldisover folks. 98.5% of all white white had zero role in African or any Slavery on Earth and the School books were written by lying non white Satanists . The 1860 U.S.A. Census claims the predominate race doing slavery were Niggers 48% of Niggers were slave owners in the South; and only 1.5% of Scot white ( rest were arab jews) , and some were not even DNA white. #Michael #bookoflife #12162017AD So false accusation allows me to eradicate the world. #Bible says, " No pay for your father's ( race) sins ." U.S. Media claims white must pay for 200 years ago of some black slave owner who claimed on his lisc. he was a whitey, used white names to trick the sucker crackers, and till this day. Blacks use false narratives to kill or eradicate #whitey while Mr. Hollywood Arab with Jew sirnames are putting white children on pedestals and raping them to death and covering it up with #deepstate . Colords do not care, they love baby raping and Child Sacrifice. Their Aztecan histories proof evil is in their #dna

on internet sex website 'captions' whites are led to believe their purpose is to be a rape vehicle for all colords; who then can torture or eat them or drink their blood.

#worldisover folks, you have 10 years left.

at #Oscars #Hollywood tries to trick you to believe its purpose is education and spreading love but in reality, #Hollyrout is a Child Trafficking network of #Satanists.

#Herodotus our first academic #historian wrote that brown people see white as bitches and a needing to pay for sins of the past, which were again, made up by creepy murderous brown animals. On sex service websites there are 3,000 colords to every 7 white people. #12162017AD

who are these media or land dwellers speaking of as white, because I have no association to white traitors. Rich white attacking the poor white while blood drinking black vampires and brown vampires cheer and party.


Trump plans to privatize a type of C.I.A. ha ha. youtube 12142017AD to battle the corrupted Child Trafficking Drug Running CIAFBINSA . Marines MA

FUSION GPS < Obama $1 Million, Hillary and bill Clinton 11 Million = $12 for the fake Dossier> Co —founder Glen Simpson has signed a declaration stating that the Firm had hired a Department of Justice Official,  Bruce Ohr’s Wife, Nellie ( he works for Robert Mueller) to investigate then presidential- candidate, Donald Trump. Nellie Ohr acquired a "Ham Radio License" during her employment with Fusion GPS to spy and use against President Trump!


Gram Fuller formally of the CIA ran the Turkey Erdogon revolution, not Islam. Pompio source.

C.I.A. made fake document implying he faked his birth certificate; and C.I.A. illegally hacked into Hawaiian medical records, because he was chosen by Bilderberg’s to be POTUS so the CIA made a fake birth certificate. Barack Obama is a very ignorant little girl. She does not know anything but to hurt others based on her wayward desires for an all black world.


Lisa Page to Peter to leaks by Mueller. F.B.I. needed an insurance policy if Donald Trump wins. that was the fake Russian hack thing they set up years prior too. Or any non-establishment . So they all wiretapped him, illegally and Hillary and Obama purchased a fake dossier to say Trump peed on Prostitutes and Putin took a photo of the Moscow Hotel, all of this turned out to be a lie. The Insurance policy is to monitor Trump, try to kill me < 5 months of assassination attempts, daily > and that details keeping this fake Russian Collusion Story remains in the news.

#fakenews Newsweek ( 12142017AD ) Putin Happy With Return on Investment for Hacking 2016 Election, Officials Say by Newsweek  Ryan Sit. It claims no proof of Hack but Putin is happy with his $500,000 INVESTMENT into the ‘never been found’ hack by the Russians. In My opinion  leaders at  Newsweek run Child Trafficking with the other demons.

 why net neutrality matters, This is a fake news hit piece . Libel #putin voted for Hillary he claims 'if I could vote.' Russia & China building their own internets because USA is run by blacks and brown Anti white demons who force whitey to do its evil biddin'.
Top officials at #Newsweek are involved heavily with #Childtrafficing
#fakenews #Newsweek ( 12142017AD ) Putin Happy With Return on Investment for Hacking 2016 Election, Officials Say by Newsweek Ryan #Sit. It claims no proof of Hack but Putin is happy with his $500,000 INVESTMENT into the ‘never been found’ hack by the Russians. In My opinion leaders at Newsweek run Child Trafficking with the other demons.


WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday that Mexican [ illegal immigrants and in general the Latin Arab race]  drug gangs are increasingly setting up labs to produce the deadly opioid fentanyl […]. C.I.A. says “ well these are our financial assets, so STFU Attn Gen. !”

USA ≡ Satan


USE EDU system is too broken to fix. The foreigners forced careerist tenures to throw out the US ctizens from jobs, most white and very superior in intelligence. How did they do this? Weak ineffectual EDU and government officials who were never smart, came by money , CIA promotion, Illuminati promotion and crime and all were liberal arts majors. Columbia is a communist dictator promoting department that Bill Clinton went too. Harvard Economic school is Anti American by Syllabi  and class and the other world leaders from USA went to Yale's Skull & Bones club, which has a directive of Child Torture – trafficking   and drug running as its base funding kits to the elite all over planet earth.

The foreigners threw out us  US Citizen smarties at all of EDU by Racism claims, USA is Satan it is gone to liars, bullies, demons and animals that call themselves Human.

The foreigners threw out us  US Citizen smarties at all of EDU by Racism claims, USA is Satan it is gone to liars, bullies, demons and animals that call themselves Human.

One thing I think is also possible is that the drug market (as well as the human trafficking market and illicit weapons market) are responsible for absorbing a lot of the missing money. I do not care about your stupid research for better ways to torture children and drink their blood and eat them.

The $200 billion Dollar a year car insurance business did not exist 25 years ago.  Everything is a racket, money to be made and people to steal it from and the rich seem to have the upper hand on forcing incremental taxation on to the poor classes.

Democrats & Republicans have become the Big Business, Globalist, Open Borders Parties, and now Baby rapers and Human blood drinkers and child torturers. . So how can anyone have a life worth living. Might as well die fighting back against these animals; Not humans who rule our gov, but animals.

Voting Fraud Continues and Continues and Seems USA needs to die to correct itself.

according to State Election Integrity Board president Carl Williams blacks from three different States were bussed in to vote Democrat Doug Jones who has a FUCK America First policy.

Alabama Voter Fraud was open and un discrete, Country is over as I said for years now. Alabama blacks bussed in and voted 97%, and the majority were from out of State. PatriotPost 12142017AD. Alabama 30% higher turnout, more blacks voted than live in the State. Alabama. USA is Satan it is on schedule for eradication. God does not like to see its creation acting as Animals. What Democrats do is flood the intel avenues with fake messages. like someone said 800 busses. That way they can call it a conspiracy. USA is a joke. How is it that 97% of blacks who voted for one party system. Are blacks automatons, thinking all the same? They do not have filters or intelligence. They cannot vote for any other party that " Kill all whites" party which is the Democratic Party.


1.5 Million illegal votes in the 2016 election, all for the Democrats who have a FUCK America first policy.


Gplus post

State Election Integrity Board president Carl Williams says #Alabama US Congress vote was stolen by three States of Blacks being bussed into vote . More blacks voted than blacks who live in the State. 30% higher turnout than any Alabama election prior & 97% of all blacks voted Democrat. Interesting that no Conservative Values or of merit to mir. Slave driver. Blacks run slavery for centuries, they are liars and white traitors that back up their lies need to be hunted down. #arcmichael #bookoflife #12142017AD 2:22 PST orLm 14:22 lmt

#Voterfraud never ends and so does this AMERICAN nightmare. Washington DC is a swamp of lying filthily baby blood drinkers. I cannot get any help because these politicians, top ones are concentrating on ordering their 2 year old for torture and rape, for their evening pleasures. At #Hollywood where or near where I live; women and men, the super celebrities all claim their swear by drinking baby's blood, " it gets us High and then they go to soap box and cry that Republicans are unjust and racist. go figure these are real signs of #demons in seats of Power.


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Clintons, Obamas and Bushes are all buddy- buddy, lovers. & Fxxk ur NSA keylogger too. NSA exists for one reason: crime syndicate for the elite. Jay E Hoover was a black who ordered the murderer of white John F Kennedy because he raped little children and Kennedys did not like that but DNC RNC appears love abducting, eating, drinking blood and raping and torturing children. That is all it has ever done. That was the reason it was all secret. #arcmichael #Worldisoverfolks. you have less than 10 years left. #bible. #fakerussianinvestigation

Yahoo Inc . aka Baby Torture Inc has its Fakenews already out.

Mike Morrel Ex—C.I.A. explains his own roll in trying to assassination Americans and a POTUS.

The Ugly

What’s happening? 7:00 p.m.

12132017AD OK surviving Deep State, and now distracted automobile drivers, 1,000s of them. No turning until they look up, turning into oncoming and speedy traffic, plugged into their smart phones, an addiction that can be solved by implanting it to your forehead.  Black aggression ( due to poor or lazy education, most stereotypes may not be solely accurate but there is some truth to lazy blacks, but also lazy white types, all races.

Bought some used black suede pumps Paris, CG GC. ? Sole is special printed tread, rubber, awesome too, nice and thick; plus 4- inch for $7.99 and they are about $350.00 new, two scuffs are white chalkiest, could black-pen them but are very small, the black suede and general look are flawless.   and a sexy women’s underwear. I guess I Am still crossdressing. My other white clogs, a strap broke last night. It is cold out in my car at night, now. Winter is almost here but the Sun is the lowest meaning the cold has already slowly arrived and it is cold too. Boston, I heard from Sandra tonight was 'freezing'. 12132017AD.

12222017AD RothChilds are child trafficers and may have robbed fort knox arcmichael2017 Merry Christmas archangel Michael Van Nuys CA JoJo at Hollywood













“As a person puttinng on new garmets, giving up the old ones” ≡ bad social habits for example— The Warrior Arc Michael 122020177AD † Isaiah 26 & Bhagavad₋Gītā, Kṛṣṇa, Yĕhôshúa

ARC December 20th—00wlfth 2017 A.D. Valley Vlg. California; updated 12202017AD






United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


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