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IAM REBORN ananta ε gamma / [OI Article vii. sec. i, v ] Michael Jesus Returned Arc. Operation Immortality v ii u Water the life and dehydrationwhite genocide 1947—2016 fertility factors in all civilizations. Lyra and reptiles from outer or inner space. OI v ii v.∑ Beast DAE. ό αρχάγγελος 690 million years old, link. Spaceship Hyway .

National Public Radio’s Pervert who was fired is now revealed a close buddy buddy to John Podesta and Hillary Clinton’s child trafficking network; a close group of 25 inner members..


George Soros girl rump Accuser Rachel Crooks is LYING According to Family Friend. Crooks works or donates heavily to Hillary Clinton. Says Trump kissed her on the mouth without her permission.  He said he would contact her for a modeling girl and he never did and her buddy says “ She is definitely lying.”

UC Berkeley left wing half wits

NBC’s Joe Scarborough linked to Murder of 28 year old women.

Joe Scarborough linked to Florida Murderer. 1995, he resigned from first 1 district office; 28 at the time July 20 2001, by NaplesDaily. the Medical Examiner who did autopsy was a friend and huge donator to Joe's campaign.


Highly Illegal FBI Secret Deal With Hillary Clinton Just Got Leaked By Honest FBI Agents

Hillary Clinton Forced FBI to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements and she did not have a Government job when this happened. that is treason.  I guess Hillary Clinton is the un declared King of America?


#DonaldTrump Just Uncovered Elizabeth #Warren Stole $5 ,000,000,000,000 Billion US Dollars From U.S.A #Taxpayers – What She Did With.? She also ordered an 11 year old Cheeze Pizza, John Podesta Email. 12092017AD.

J.K. Rowling all refugees are now allowed to live in her UK house .J.K. Rowling lived in Scotland. 18 spare bedrooms. Petition please . this is her Second Castle, her first one was $3.1 Million at Edenborough home. But moved to a much more expensive home, secret.

No one could ever guess in a million years that a group of sexy ladies called The Pussycat Dolls could possibly be an escort service /s


Wish Craft ≡ Self Worship. OH Mother Nature = Oh I AM GOD. #lolz.

More Americans turn to Child and women abuse and witch craft and Warlockism as Child Sacrifice is loved by the atheist foreigners 160 Million who were ushered in by Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Obamas. Religion in America gone as the new imported migrants do not do love, mind and responsibility. CBS New York


on Mueller's Special Council: Peter Strzok   : Used to get the FISA document for the Hillary Clinton Fake Russian Dossier.

F.B.I. whistle blowers on Robert Mueller's cover up of F.B.I. secret military.

Aaron Zebley, another former partner at WilmerHale and a former chief of staff to Mueller when he served as FBI director, represented Justin Cooper who set up Bill and Hillary Clinton secret State Dept. to their home, illegal, at Chappaqua .


Robert Mueller lied to U.S. Congress about the F.B.I. Secret Surveillance and harassment  [ e.g. murder machine of U.S.A. citizens to keep U.S. under cover secrets shut up]. Hutchinson’s office. OPM Officer, sent an initiation letter to gain her clearance. And she was threatened with arrest , raids on their residence and target them and this  showed them Mueller was not honest. Robert Mueller’s own F.B.I. says this is dishonest and these are crooked politicians.  David Kendell represents and claims Hillary &  Bill Clinton. . this is known in 2009 A.D. So F.B. I. knows all of this in 2009 A.D.

Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller and key members of his team revealed millions of dollars of financial holdings and previous legal …Mueller and Aaron Zebley, who is best buddies with Justine Cooper ( 1999 white house, carries Cell phone for Bill Clinton)  who set up Chappaqua Clinton < Bill and Hillary Servers, to Jan 2013 then Platt River Network.  He works with Robert Mueller. Doug Band set up business.  Oct.  28 2009 Clinton copied band and cooper on an Email of Sidney Blumentha.


Cooper has raised $400,000,000 for the Funding of the Clinton Foundation. He is also linked to Nuclear Proliferation: Selling U.S. duel –use tech to foregin cash money spenders. He is also a manager for Bill Clinton's personal relationships with world leaders and anything else and transition from public to private life.


12:22 PST Los Angeles ( SheO Arc Michael ): CNN's Friday report initially said Trump, his son Donald Trump Jr. and others from his 2016 campaign team had received an email on September 4, 2016, with access to Hillary Clinton emails obtained by Wikileaks.  Those emails were released July 16 th , 2016 A.D. on Wikileaks and spammed on Twitter and then to Google plus . 12092017AD #bookoflife #arcmichael .

Disney Executive Arrested, Charged With Three Counts of Child Sex Abuse

Hollywood Reporter via anti Media

A 58-year-old Disney executive has been charged with three felony counts of child sexual abuse. Jon Heely, the longtime director of music publishing at Disney . One of the reported victims was 15. The other was abused for four years starting at the age of 11, according to the charges.

Joe Scarborough's  Lori Klausutis 2001 Intern, mysteriously dies. And on IMUS, I Had sex with the intern, then I had to Kill her , what are you going to Do? --  Joe to Don Imus.

He will resign from that job three months later.

2037 A.D. U.S.A. whites will be a minority; only two decades.

California we have been a minority since 2010AD. Message from all foreigners, get out white people, thank  you for building the civilization, get out and die now. we are robbing this place.

SuperMoon warnings. California, Nevada boarder :: 13-NOV-2017 19:31:29




Water helicopters flying over my head on their way to the 405 pass Sepulveda Sunset blvs.. #LosAngeles On fire again. my camera is in my car. Opps. 11082017AD.


Good Sign: Jobs +228,000 NOVEMBER...

Supreme Court Says Flynn's Decision must be thrown out. He was given Immunity and it was broken by Robert Mueller and Rosenstein and Pentagon bad types. . Sarah Carter, Andrew McCabe set him and contacted him by phone at the White  House, and FBI were at white house in new training. And McCabe told Flynn and come to the gate and instead he was interrogated and not offered a lawyer.  He was not told about this and that violated all protocol.

Michael Flynn served for 30 years and they did not give him any lawyer, first time in history this type of court, kangaroo.


+Lori Nicolas Look, Earth is very very unique because it hosts a modal that eclipses our sun in the sky and regulates our Birth periods as well as 'Tides' and "Mood Swings!" #lolz . Moon not a real thing, but put there.—6:06,7 PST p.m. SheO, 12072017AD

Palestinian Authority has recognized Texas as part of Mexico.?

Black Hole 800 Times our own Sun, plus J1342+0928 Solar Brightness_Glow ≡400 Trillion Luminosity?  Is that bright?

Clay formed without Water or Volcano.


Clay formed without Water or Volcano?.

There are thousands of ancient phyllosilicate outcrops on the Martian surface. Phyllosilicates, or clays, are formed by the interaction of water with volcanic rock, leading many scientists to conclude that there must have been sustained surface water, groundwater or active hydrothermal systems at some point in Martian history. But the new research, published in the journal Nature, suggests that the clays may have formed during the creation of the Martian crust itself, long before any water flowed on the planet. link Brown University, Providence, RI, 12072017AD


thank you Donald Trump: Bruce G. Ohr : Demoted. aka removed. 10,000s of Emails were #antiTrump and some to Hillary Clinton. ha ha ,


Bruce G. Ohr was associate deputy attorney general under Robert Mueller’s chief Prosecutor, Rod Rosenstein. Bruce G. Ohr met with the Fake Russian Fusion GPS ( 12 Million funded by Obama and Hillary; server still sits at Irvine , California, and GOP have asked it be used as evidence since 2016. It is almost 2018 , #lolz. USA gone, the Dragonmorons took and ran away. ). US CONGRESS HPSCI discovered that Christopher Steele, the man Hillary paid  $11 Mil and Obama contributed $1 had met prior to its release and on the subject. This was not told to the public or the U.S. Congress. The Media keeps a black out. Why? Media is a sworn enemy of the State. All they do is lie and that is treason. They are in full mobilization of this feeling.

Scientists 'Inject' Fakenews Into Monkeys’ Brains… “ It is all Intelligent White Peoples’ fault,” as repeated tones.”– 11072017AD

Richest 1% owns more wealth than any time in past 50 years
5 Wealthiest Counties Are DC Suburbs …


12062017ad below——

Oslo biggest pedophile bust in world history 51 victims and linked to Clinton Foundation funding. Norway. So we learned child molesters are rich, affluent, well government connected, evil demons. Not the poor and homeless.

William Patterson, for Guerilla news.  Nancy Pelosi and Robert Meuller are sex partners. That is a strict conflict of interest as she is one of the white races most horrible opponents. She is Mrs. Sanctuary City and got off the Mexican that killed Kate at San Francisco by putting pressure on judges threatening them with her lover’s power. #12062017AD #arcmichael #bookoflife youtube w/ sources. Thirty Mile Zone,

Huma human abedin and, Peter Peter Strzok   were having a sex party affire and Huma was  a  Bill Clinton & Hillary Clinton’s long time personal and close AID. Robert Meuller fired him but said he had too because he had a secret Anti Donald Trump tweet which was not the case; Rather, Peter Strzok was having an affaire  with Huma human abedin .


8 women accuse Al Franken Radical Left winger US Congress harasser of females on the job. Some while in Congress.

Media Lying on Purpose, e.g. Fake News, Is an Act of War.

Media lying on purpose is an Act of War against all people on planet Earth . They know they are liars and been caught billions of times now. courts no longer work, cannot call cops, they work for Mexico. Jerry Brown calls himself King of "?" whatever country he is taking California too. ??
#NewYorker ( #Kiddierunners and drug smugglers) do a libel hit piece on #DonaldTrump which reflects on all white people world wide. #America You are not wanted by Blacks ( who ordered the Assassination of John F Kennedy); this is their world, whites need to get off , according to the Media. #hillaryclinton was preferred because her message was no more whites allowed love or a purpose in America as her dumb ass hubby who did not really campaign for her, at all #Beast #WilliamJBlythe ; The #poll asked 10 people that work inside of the office and hate Donald Trump. these are #fakenews things and really a symbol of traitors. #media is a foreign combatant. Bring in the bucking tanks. #arcmichael no wonder you are on eradication schedule and will all die within ten years. You sissy whites need to die, you are useless flesh sacs.

Establishment sucks black teat, 24/7365 for 70 plus years now. destroyed the western civilization. 6:06 p.m. PST. SheO. Los Angeles 11062017AD New Yorker, a known radical baby raping company, wedded to the Illuminati.


Pizzagate Member, Adam Venit who works at the William Morris Agency.

Chinese Report that Barack Obama’s Anti Trump Campaign across Asia was a failure.

Brian Ross suspended from major News Agency for spreading lies about Michael Flynn and Donald Trump.


My Space People Buzz Washington D.C. December 2nd.

Strange Sound over Washington D.C. Dec. 2 nd with a help of a service to protect live meteors and gets this radio data and puts out this data to others to evaluate.  The full two minuet ear ringing sound, no pauses or stops. Meteors flutter in frequencies. What big thing had passed our Earth. Youtbue

Not a sporatic E. either.

Most Racist: #LOSANGELES California beats out 58 other counties as number one diversity problem on planet Dragon. Orange County Register, California, U.S.A.

Don’t be fooled by California’s increasing diversity. Racial and ethnic
inequity remains a key problem and a potential barrier to future growth,
according to Race Counts, a new Web tool that measures racial and ethnic
disparities in the state’s 58 counties.

I LIVE HERE, LOS ANGELES: we host banking, wall street, witches, warlocks, child traffickers, Narco Central, Hollywood, Music Industry, Porn Industry and Government human adult and family smuggling lawyers; C.I.A. west coast headquarters, and UFO and weapons, advanced bio genocide working opportunities’. For those who like to kill by the billions and feel angry at the people on planet earth. The US Gov hires you to work in secret underground bio labs, 13 in the Ukraine, far away from Washington Spies.



#gammarays gone nuts #halo #Bible #bowshot we had a direct solar flare shot at us two days ago , however, it was small, not powerful enough to knock out any electronic. #astronomy #optics #science #revelations. #arcmichael when mystics or bad asses like warrior archangels have a lot of gamma around them, they too can be seen to have #haloes around their heads or bodies. #revelations.

#niggers vs. #$Crackers
#Lucifer was involved in the #JFK assassination . among numerous others since and 7 attempts on Ronald Reagan too. #Langley source, last month MA army.
#johnfkennedy files released Oct 2017 by #DonaldTrump show Black man ordered assassination of white man because Nigger hated Cracker . #1963AD world is over and not because of white mentorism. Blacks forced whitey into pure evil. The world is over folks, sissies cannot stand up to Media Oligarchy Child Abusers. They worship child abuse. #fu TOO. You all are on scheduled eradication. Because all you have ever done is call me a liar. #Michael #arcmichael #bookoflife #12052017AD


Did Israel have John F Kennedy killed ? Nope.

nope, NSA, CIA Israel was a separate division. He was after the Bush Narco Skull& Bones, directive and operators Bushes because their #1 Directive of club 233 Yale is Child Trafficking ( under age and abduction, do this by starting wars all over earth as a political mask) and then Drug Trafficking. We had the Marines the other day bomb a CIA Drug lab at Virginia. That is why no one can solve it because it is such a very very secret issue. Most of the CNN hosts you watch are baby rapers. source JPod Emails. wider society, called #TRILATERIALS AND INCLUDES the now arrested Prince of Sauud and also includes Prince Charles. all are child molesters and rapists and some drink the blood. that all was also around and in speak on political circles during Kennedy's admin. Why did CIA, not JFK promote Bay Of Pigs? Because of off shore child trafficking was much profiteering over there than in cop land of USA.


“Well Now They Know, Let it Go!”

4 families own The Federal Reserve.

The same 4 families own all the top 4 Oil Companies, world wide .

Top: 3 of 4 Top U.S. Global Media Corporations own all of Western Civilization Media, 99%. Yeah, The Lee Harvey Oswald Patsy Set – up came out of Christ Church, New Zealand‚ World.

California Oligarchy Law of total abuse! At any California fast food restaurant, if you want your sandwich heated up in their microwave or toaster oven, it will cost you 54 cents to be paid to the oil companies, PE&G Power, Electric and Gas.



BIBLE IS REAL FOLKS . My BloodLine : My Mom is a white nordic and Dad is a scot— judean.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars + Islam' Θ Moti Israeli Messiah talk. What has been hidden? Israel ch. Ariel Hyde, KickStart : Ariel Hyde, KickStart & Peter Ahlman, “The Last ”

strawberry cyn football complex, Cal Campus, UC Berkeley football

San Francisco , California, Bay Bridge   bay bridge , San Fran


William J Clinton astreology [4] Caligula + Beast represents 6,6,6, Presidential Signature.

William Jefferson Blythe IV [ most often as III], Jr. Born at Hope Hospital, Arkansas, Monday 19 August 1946, 93w35, 33n40 [ disputed time] promulgated officially as 8:51 A.M. LMT ( UT 14:51) Sid. Time 6:26:04 [ or 666] provides a horrendously powerful astrological horoscope.

His Sun’s longitude is 26LEO00’07”, H 11, Speed 57’45”, dec. 12° 51’ 19”N.

Bill Clinton was born by Caesarian section, his mother, Virginia Kelly, perhaps sedated believed he was born at 7:00 am. This led to spurious speculation he was born perhaps around 6:42 am. Yet this was Zosma rising and Hyades culminating, and without the proper planetary configurations for a President. Clinton’s father had died at Sikeston, MO., on 17 May 1946 when his car skidded–off the road into a ditch. Bill Clinton’s original last name was Blythe IV. He changed his last name to Clinton on 19 August 1962. Bill Clinton married hard left socialist Hillary Rodham and they had a child Chelsea Victoria born shortly before midnight by Caesarean section on 27 February 1980 at Little Rock, Arkansas ( according to Bill Clinton, 11:24 pm). Clinton’s father was born, William Jefferson Blythe, Jr. on 27 February 1918, Sherman, TX; Clinton has a brother and a sister, Leo Ritzenthaler, and Sharon Pettijohn (b. 1941). He is estranged from these persons. although he phoned Leon for the first time on 25 June 1993. His brother –in – Law, the cocaine convicted trafficker, Roger Clinton was born 25 July 1956. Roger’s father was Roger Clinton, Sr, born 25 July 1909. Roger married Virginia Kelly in June of 1950, just before Bill turned four years-old. Without a biological father, and Virginia worked at varying hours as a nurse, he and his mother stayed with Edith Cassidy until Bill was four years-old. She once stated that Bill was born one-hour before Sunrise. The grandmother and mother fought a lot.

The October/November issue of the 1996 edition of the Mountain Astrologer in its monthly column “The Vedic Connection, printed an article “Which Chart for Bill Clinton,” by Edith Hathaway . It claims in Lois Rodden’s data base on Bill Clinton, a 3:44 am birth time was prevalent until late fall 1992, when Clinton’s mother, Virginia Clinton Kelly, and other started speaking of 8:51 a.m. C.S.T. Mrs. Kelly gave this time personally over the phone to Rob Hand, and sent a handwritten note to Lois Rodden verifying this data. A photo of Bill Clinton’s birth certificate, showing a 3:44 a.m. birth time, was seen by a number of people, including astrologers. It was continued in a bill Clinton biography in the Arkansas State Library.” However, astrologers went looking for this book and could not find it.   

Regulus becomes visible rising before the Sun on 23 August 1946 as the morning star. Clinton’s natal Sun is 3° 07’, approaching and in conjunction >5.

The general key concepts are his lord of the eleventh is situated in the eleventh. And the lord of the first house is in the first house, along with its sub-ruler Neptune and a benefit Jupiter.

Wealth (understood during later Greek and Roman Times) : The ruler of the second house cusp is in the first house, thus it rewards wealth to the natives if serious debilitating factors are not present. After Bill Clinton left the presidency, he has amassed over $100,000,000  [ updated $3 Billion] and proclaims he is fabulously wealthy. He has Vindemiatrix close to his ascendant and explains that while he is married to his wife Hillary Rodham (Clinton) they have not slept together since he was a governor of Arkansas, nor do they live together. Vindemiatrix is one of the ‘widowhood’ stars. Scheat on his descendant provides Bill Clinton with his expertise in mathematical skills – a talent that was noticed by his college professors. Facies on his I.C. perhaps illustrates not clear vision, he does wear spectacles, or contacts out in public. His Moon is in the eight house, over Botein, and it forms a square to his Sun, meaning he works to perfect his exterior career and life with his inner personal needs. Since the eighth house is the house often associated to other peoples’ money it illustrates how he worked in the pubic sector advocating socialism. It is also a sexual house and it show that he will have conflicts in his personal life to his Sun which is in a wider Pubic arena house. That is to say, what the public accepts as ethical or socially permissible is in a stress to Clinton’s sexual desires.

This time has Saturn rising on the descendant. Preasepe will rise of course with Mercury and Pluto is in the first house. A progression for 1992 as Hyades culminating, and Zosma rising. December 1998 when Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives and bombing Iraq in ‘Dessert Storm’ ( a reference to Erwin Rommel and the African Panzer divisions of the NAZIs), his North Node is close to culminating and his progressed Moon (8H) is engaged in an opposition to his progressed Sun. It would be in 2008 that his Uranus crosses his M.C. under this time. And in 2014 Betelgeuse culminates as his progressed Moon moves over his progressed Mars.

Clinton’s Praesepe Axis:

His Mercury is in Praesepe, and it is joined with a mid-point by Saturn approaching and Pluto separating, all in the eleventh house. This entails Bill Clinton’s life work on mult- polarity. Clinton’s natal Mars forms a sextile ( 0° 06’, 59° 54’,a) to Praesepe.  It also performs a sextile to the Saturn and Pluto mid-point which is overlying Mercury. So this will be considered a power axis in his chart. Also, since his Mars in conjunct the ascendant, this axis will affect the world.

Moon when on Descendant


Clinton’s Moon has formulated a solar connection because his Moon paran’s Regulus. at Universal Time 18:36 [666] his Moon 22TAU30’04” is on the descendant at 22TAU31’18” (less than a minuet). The local mean time at Hope, Arkansas is 12:36 pm [66], 19 August 1946. On the I.C. is Ancha, or the star that forms the hip-bone of the water bearer. In Chinese it is Lei, a tear, but in western astrology it is a generally positive star. This star can cause a persecution ( or even death), but it is most likely an continual expression of the troubled eighth house Moon. Clinton was impeached for lying under oath, misleading the world and American public, costing the U.S. about $100,000,000 million in court fees and judicial exploratory courts for his sexual perversions while leading the U.S.A. in office. This paran may intend that he feels he was persecuted and the definition of ‘is’ can never be a ‘to be’ verb because he says so.

Jupiter is over Spica

Mao Tse-tung has his Saturn conjunct Spica in his horoscope. Clinton’s Sun is forming a conjunction to Spica at 3° 10’ and separating. This star provides Clinton a pathway to get away with Murder, espionage, treason, slander, mafia ways, and any form of social injustice he dreams. Spica forms the cover of ethical and moral justice and allows any type of behavior to be covered – up or accepted as a part of a general life. When Barack Hussein Obama’s progressed Saturn nears culmination ( Culmination takes place in 2018, but will be near in 2016), Spica will be in a proximity ( ~ 3° )  to be worthy of a conjunction to his descendant.  Between 2014 and 2015 Spica will be close to the descendant as a tight conjunction.

Porrima, Zaniah and Venus, Mars, Neptune

Clinton has Porrima linked to Venus 3° 58, s., to Mars, 3° 52’, a., and to Neptune 2° 53’, a. Zaniah  is connected to the natal ascendant at 1° 59’, s., and to his Mars 2° 28’, s., and to his Neptune 2° 46’, s.

Secret Drug Addictions

Neptune and Mars in conjunction. This illustrates Bill Clinton’s secret drug use which his brother-in-law, a convicted cocaine smuggler and dealer often accompanied Bill on nights out with his wife to various parties. Obama is the first to admit, as far as I know to using heavy drugs publically during his campaigning. The public is more tolerant now of this behavior. 

Mercury conjunct Pluto


A good manipulator. Clinton, even by his supporters see him as a master manipulator, a con man, and a swindler. He marches to his own drum, perhaps a virgonian exception to his four planets in the constellation of Virgo, and has been called before being elected as the 42nd President of the United States of America [6], Teflon Don, a word-play on a Mafia untouchable.


Progression (xy=za)

1978: Saturn progressed moved across M.C. He meets Jimmy Carter at the White House, and 7 November 1978 was the first time that Bill Clinton  was elected governor of Arkansas. Also, Clinton during the general election campaign of 1992 was accused of 1978 rape at the Camelot Hotel in Arkansas still when he was the State attorney to Juanita Broddericck. This accusation ignored by the mainstreamed media who adored Clinton, later in 1998 after the Monica Lewinsky escapades with the President were public knowledge, she again came out speaking of how he beat her and raped her. Bill Clinton and the media ignored her and never sued her over her accusations. Although Clinton had the money and power, he never tried to sue her.  By 1998, Clinton was a adored world leader and could kill anyone on TV and his supporters would force you not to speak out. Broddericck was interviewed by NBC and a poll was conducted in March of 1999 and 56% of the Americans believed Broddericck’s allegations. At this time LA Times was so in love with Clinton they ran an op-ed stating that anyone who believes Monica is telling the truth about a blue-stained dress is a liar and idiot. They did not want Broddericck’s story to be believed either. The blue dress was presented to the world with a matching DNA sample of Bill Clinton’s secretions left dried on the dress – Monica kept it as a surety against retaliation when she found out other young women were not so lucky, this prompted the right to claim Clinton lied under oath as a president therefore this constituted high-crimes, a presidential safeguard placed into the Constitution to keep out leaders honest in non-security measure things.  By this time, it did not matter, Bill Clinton was murdering hundreds of people a day in Europe and no-one cared, he was a deity and worshipped by the world’s masses for most of his reign.

Saturn progressed over Praesepe as it passed over Clinton’
s M.C.


Spica and the Leftwing Presidency

Like Barak Hussein Obama, who had Mercury and Mars transit Spica in progression as he was elected, Bill Clinton’s Mercury transited Spica in 1992, when he was elected. Clinton has his Saturn squared to Spica by 6 minuets if using the angles in house circle. The pre 1992 3:44 a.m. birth time has Saturn conjunct the ascendant. Pluto is in the first house and will rise by progression. Some speculte and correctly so that often world leaders or potential leaders will hide their birth certificates to hide from astrologers their accurate data; This applies to Obama who uses millions of dollars and lawyers to block access to his birth certificate purported to be held ( although they claim they cannot find it) at a hospital in the state of Hawaii, United States of America.  This is not new, Roman Emperor practiced hiding their birth times and days from the public as astrologers were experts back then too at predicting assassination, regime change, and general psychological profiles. Yes, psychological profiles is not a modern progression of astrological readings for people. The late medieval age medical astrology relied on psychological profiling as well and was taught at Universities by the thirteenth century in some of the best European universities.


Rectification for Bill Clinton’s Birth Time

Using the 8:51 a.m. birth time ( one of two promoted by Virginia Kelly, Clinton’s biological mother) in November of 1992, Jupiter transits the ascendant and Mars lay in the tenth house, a perfect match for an ascendance to the presidency. The Moon conjuncts as well on November the seventh ( the election was held on the 3 rd., where the Moon trined the ascendant and was transiting by conjunction to Saturn) the descendant of the horoscope; as well Venus transits the north node in the third house, and the node here in the third house is fortunate. Saturn also trines the ascendant; Bill Clinton won the general election by only receiving 43% of the vote. Ross Perot, an independent amassed 18.9% of the general election vote – a large number in terms of a third candidate. As noted, elections held on the fourth or earlier ( perhaps including the fifth) a different star becomes the horoscopic signifier of a political trend. Here, again, in 1996 on November 5 th , Bill Clinton beat Bob Dole 49.2% by 40.7%, and again Ross Perot took away 8.4% of the general election vote.   During the 1996 general election for November the north node now transits along with Venus Bill Clinton’s natal ascendant. Saturn continues to rise on the western portion of his natal horizon, a sign of Bill Clinton is still striving to achieve his destiny.  The Moon ( if using hororary or quasi-mundane interpretations) has his transiting Moon and Mars in conjunction in his eleventh house ( sidereal coordinates) of which is the publics domain and transiting his natal Solar position – this implies some problems for him for this term. For the wx=yz progression system, the mid point for the progressed Sun and the succeeding progressed Mercury conjunct Jupiter still form a conjunction to Spica >5.

Bill Clinton and 2015


In 2015, Clinton’s Progressed Saturn which is in a solid conjunction to Praesepe will touch his cusp of his ninth house proceeding into the eight house, in a sidereal coordinate system. His descendant in the next few years will have Alycone on it, so he has something to cry about. His progress Moon ( looking at  5 Nov. 2014 chart) will have already crossed his Mars from the twelfth house and will be aspecting the ascendant.  His M.C. will continue to approach the back stars of the Lion ( see Ptolemy!). Perhaps Alpha ( ) Pegasi, Markab, a white star on the wing of the Winged Horse, will lead to a bad judgment. If this star is culminating, according to Robson (p. 174), “it signifies disgrace, ruin and often violent death.”

In 1978 Bill Clinton really started his political career, which he had been going on for some time, but it is this year that he starts to see success. He gets elected to the highest office of Arkansas, the Governor’s position. At this time in the late fall and early winter Saturn which is aspecting by conjunction Praespe is now progressed as of 1978 over Bill Clinton Midheaven. His Moon is at the top of his chart which tropically just passed into his Solar sign of Leo 00LEO25’43” as the Midheaven is 05LEO53’32” and his Saturn is at 05LEO42’22”. Winning the governorship of Arkansas propelled Clinton to be wed to the Chinese military and U.S.A. Central Intelligence and eventually propelled him to the presidency. From 1978 till during his presidency, Pluto was in the later parts of the tenth house and crossed and still aspected the M.C., all the while it has a direct paran connection to Bill Clinton’s ascendant. Since I pointed out the manipulation characteristics to his natal appointments of Pluto, Praesepe/Mercury and Saturn, he was able to transform this manipulative energy onto the world. This is all rectification of one of his mother’s promulgated bith times of 8:51 a.m., the final one she proposed, as he neared the presidency. 

You will also note that Hillary Diane Rodham before becoming Bill’s wife has her progressed Mars (8 th|p) Move over his Sun position and then lay on one of Clinton’s natal and major stars of his chart Regulus by 1987 when Bill assumed political success. She was a large help to his career in the early years of his political life.  Algol aspected her progressed descendant in 1978 in October. Hillary met Bill Clinton at Yale University Law Library, from a civil liberties class. Bill Clinton received a JD law license, not a full law license in which he could be a major court prosecutor nor could he ever be a judge. Bill and Hillary were married on 11 October 1975 in Fayetteville, Arkansas in a brick home that Bill purchased for Hillary to coerce her to marry him. On 11 October 1975, Betelgeuse the immortal planet was on Hillary’s descendant. Her Mars, as spoken before transiting a key Star in Bill Clinton’s natal Chart reaches the cups of the eighth house transiting over Bill Clinton’s star. Hillary’s progressed Moon 00ARI04’23” is trined her progressed Sun 00SAG23’45” about nineteen minuets.  

Robert Hand wrote a nice concise book on composite horoscops ( or in general astrology charts). I would recommend reading that for how to calculate them and use them. Here is an interpretation for the marriage date of Hillary and Bill which can be viewed by rectification. On the day of 11 October 1975 using the natal locations and then using both progressions of each person’s chart we have individual natal stars, such as Zavigava which comes up at least three major planets and aspects to Bill Clinton’s natal, here is a composite Mars/Virgonian star. Botien is on the descendant, which is also a major star in Bill Clinton’s horoscope. As a leader of the “New Democrats” these Clintons embodied complete state power. Here during their marriage, Saturn is at 13LEO59’05” and Pluto is at 13LEO47’20” and in the ninth house. An off-centered Mars / Uranus midpoint which places it in Praesepe adds luster to the already powerful Saturn/Pluto marriage conjunction. These are two world power players. Since Vindamaitrix is natally Bill ascendant star, it illustrates that he will be widowed or in a like manner not have a normal relationship as wife and husband. The progressed Sun and Mercury form a midpoint to Spica, and the midpoint of Venus, below the horizon to Jupiter just above the horizon indicates a successful marriage. In the composite, Vindamiatrix is also in their composite marriage horoscope’s seventh house!


When Hillary and Bill met in the Yale library in 1970, there composite chart illustrated the power of Bill Clinton’s major star of Regulus. It was culminating at the time of their souls introduced back to each other. The composite progressed Sun at the library was also over the Star Spica, and Jupiter was rising. Neptune was over Porrima. And of course, their composite north node was over Hyades’ stars Ain, and Hyadum II in the seventh house. Hillary’s date is for Chicago Illinois, 41n51,87w39, 26 October 1947, at 08:02 a.m. L.M.T (CST h6w), source ADB.


Hillary Diane Rodham- Clinton does not have the purported astrological factors to assume the presidency of the United States of America. I have looked over about 25 charts of the U.S. presidents and found common thematic planetary positions. Hillary does not have this. Even Barak Hussein Obama has this. Sarah Palin does not have this, so she cannot be elected. In fact, if you go over the opponents of the losers of the general elections they do not have the component planet-to angle configurations, so they were going to lose no matter what.

Vince Walker Foster, Jr


Vince Walker Foster, Jr,  born in Hope, Arkansas, 15 January 1945 [ time unknown]  was Bill Clinton’s sand-box childhood friend, whom Bill raised to Deputy White House council but was found in a scrubbed area in Fort Marcy Park,  Virginia with a gun in his hand, apparently three in-house investigations ruled it a suicide. There was no suicide note, and like Ron Brown before a plane crashed in Croatia, returning from dropping of bags of Chinese military Cash to Sweden, via en route from business conferences of WMD to China, he was found dead. Foster had been close to Hillary and Bill working at the Rose Law Firm to which he was the head of the Arkansas bar Association. So Bill Clinton needed his connection to run Arkansas. Foster became a celebrated corporate lawyer and was going to be voted “The Best Lawyer in America,” award when Bill Clinton called his childhood friend to vet new presidential appointments. By this time Bill Clinton had already been doing business with the Chinese trilateral commission, the Chinese military and already signed executive order to allow top-secret military weaponry to be sold to the Chinese military. Although, all three investigations pronounced foster’s death a suicide, Vince became extremely distressed under pressure of the Plutonic M.C. of Clinton, and his dominating Praesepe’s planetary connections.  Despite trying new forms of medication, Foster could not cope, became depressed and wrote a resignation letter found at the death scene ripped to shreds 20 July 1993, but in tact in his briefcase. Conspiracies abound, but it most likely was a case that he got into something he deemed he could not escape. He left a wife and three children.

Using a classic Nostradamian midnight Chart of Vince Foster composed over Bill Clinton’s horoscope and then progressed to 20 July 1993 ( still using Hope, Arkansas as the local) there appears a classic death chart. The composite progressed Sun is at 27SAG43’33”, Moon at 25SAG47’19”, Mars at 25SAG45’01” and Mean Node at 00CAN07’46”, Mercury over Facies ( method ) and Porrima and Zaniah connected to Jupiter and Neptune respectively – thus associated to Clinton’s horoscope, demonstrates that some how Clinton was responsible.  These conspiracies were very tame. They intended Vince found 900 FBI files under Hillary’s bed ( remember Bill had already stopped sleeping with Hillary long before coming to the White House). Since Vince’s job was to vet people, he found this highly unethical, but something Clintons saw as a political necessity.

Using the same methodology for Vince and Hillary Rodham’s horoscope, we find another death chart. The composite progressed Sun for 20 July 1993 is at 01AQU05’43”, Moon at 25SCO23’35”, Mars at 23SCO39’20” and Saturn at 28CAN13’58r” and the mean node 18GEM41’51” and its connection to Uranus at 16GEM48’11”r all indicate that Hillary Rodham had a part in his death as well. Composite Neptune is over Porrima (Clinton’s ascendant Star over his natal Mars!). This can be deduced for the fact all these of these individuals were born during the early babyboom era, and for both of these progressed death charts Pluto lay around Asellus A ( Praesepe, cancri) in both charts. Vince Foster’s death happened approximately six-months into Bill Clinton’s first term and sparked off the conspiracies hence forth. While Kenneth Starr a stooge who exonerated Bill Clinton of all career corruption charges except for lying under oath of office, he never took up the subject of the executive order the first week Bill Clinton was in office allowing the Commerce Department to overrule the Defense Department as the State Department in selling high-dual use weapons technology to Chinese military officials. It was already the case that Chinese military officials had visited the White House, which would have compounded the stress the Foster witnessed. It was a myth that Foster suffered from some sort of depression his whole life. This was never the case. The medication Trazodone was ordered by the phone apparently only a night before, suspecting that Vince was emotionally all ready in trouble at his new job vetting international weapon traders in Bill Clinton’s ‘multi-polarity’ programme. It should be noted that even at U.C. Berkeley the most left-wing of all universities in the U.S.A., in fact Obama took economics department professor Christine Romer and after she fled Obama’s regime, he got another Cal faculty member apparently Laura D. Tyson a former Dean of Hass School of Business, that some professors do not see the “New Left” which Bill Clinton represents, as being a patriot or pro-American. Clinton saw the U.S.A. as the enemy of humans, and to even up the field he has to sell nuclear weapons systems to China under a covert operation begun in the late 18th century and promulgated by Xiaoping called “the Dear Friend’s Program.” Robert Reich, a professor of Goldman [ Sachs?] School of Public Policy, usually writes blogs claiming the myth that Republicans are the party of the billionaires, and mysterious money comes from somewhere far beyond to their political campaigns. This is patent conspiracy forming and its purpose is make lies enough or scare people enough that they believe a lie. Tyson chaired former President Bill Clinton’s National Economic Team, on his Council and Council of Economic Advisors. Obama is eyeing her for a position on the Secretary of the Treasury.  Many of the Cal top-faculty believe that all secrets of our military are open for all whom have a price for it. But according to some Cal faculty, the age of scientific ruler ship is at hand. The idiots are the common working class.

It was directly going to China and witnessing this program that Ron Brown phoned his family and told then when he touches American ground he is resigning from his position as head of the Commerce Department. He never made it back home. The call was intercepted by the NSA, and he died shortly after in a plane crash in Croatia, apparently surviving long enough to have someone find him and finish him off with a bullet through the top of the skull. At Ron Brown’s funeral, Clinton is shown in a video mimicking grief then turning around and laughing, as if this was some funny outing event.  Perhaps, his cocaine-dealer brother had scored some good stuff for a typical White House Party under the Clinton Regime. The New Left holds no bar.



Bill Clinton’s horoscope data


House System Placidus/Fixed Stars: 8:51 a.m. Universal Time 14:51, Sidereal Time 06:26:04 [666].
Sun 26 LEO 00’07”, H11.57; Moon 20TAU18’16”, 02LAT23’S,H 8.56; Mercury 07 LEO 36’ 26” 01LAT07’S,H 10.97; Venus 11LIB07’08” 00LAT47’S,H1.21; Mars 06LIB21’13”, 00LAT25’N,H1.02, Porrima; Jupiter 23LIB13’16”, 01LAT07’N,H1.65, Spica; [ note the latitude for Mars/Jupiter here for Clinton indicates excessive luck] ; Saturn 02LEO08’08”,00LAT15’N,H 10.80 [Tenth house Saturn plus Mars first indicates leadership, as long as Saturn is not close to the M.C. this indicates non-assassination!]; Uranus 21GEM08’41”, 00LAT04’N, H9.54; Neptune 06LIB51’04”,H9.54; Pluto 11LEo51’23”, 06LAT23’N, H11.11; Mean Node 17GEM 15’ 44”, H9.42; Lilith 11SAG47’32”, 00LAT30’N, H3.25. ASC 05LIB30’35”; 2nd 03SCO03’; 3 rd 03SAG37’; M.C. 05CAN58’56”; 11 th 08LEO18’; 12 th 08VIR38’.

Beast & Stars


Bill Clinton was born with Regulus approaching his Solar natal position at 3° 07’. His Mercury is also conjunct to the Praesepe cluster at 2° 55’ and approaching. Of course to add weight, his midpoint from Saturn and Pluto form another link to Praesepe’s dominance for his chart. Not only are the mundane interpretations of an ability to manipulate situations for one’s personal advantage, but we color the interpretation with various historical interpretations of Praesepe. Since the natal Mars is a little over a degree from a true sextile to Mercury, Clinton’s Mars also adds weight to this point of the chart. At the same time Clinton’s ascendant is 05LIB30’35” and Praesepe has a longitude of 06LEO26’48”. The Latitude for Praesepe is at 1° 33’29” and the natal Mars is at 00LAT25’ north. Since Praesepe falls close to the cusp of the eleventh house, but still in the tenth house, the manipulative properties can apply to both home locations. Neptune forms a near perfect sextile, Neptune’s position is at 06LIB51’04” and the latitude of Neptune is at 01LAT27’ of north. Since the M.C. forms a near perfect square to the ascendant and is only a little over a degree from a 150 degree aspect to Praesepe, this is a major focal point for Bill Clinton’s horoscope.


Having Mars on the ascendant

This applies to all in progression. When Mars is on or close to rising in a horoscope, it fetters into the twelfth house in progression, distinctly flavoring the deep-impact of that malefic house. Since Jupiter over Spica provides a kill-at-will and escape clause his progressed twelfth house Mars indicates the public does not see all of the actions of the native. Since it is related to Praesepe, death will surround the actions as secretive occurrences in some natives’ life. By the time Bill Clinton is four years-old Mars has progressed into his twelfth house, indicating the lessons of Mars here will be for the rest of his life.


So the aggressive, dictatorial, obsessive, fanatic, risk taker, dominator, and self-centeredness, all form a natal to progress 12th house connection to the martial energy of Bill’s life. Here, Clinton or a native want to be number one, and will achieve this status anyway they can –moral or immoral. The preverbal phrase, ‘the end justifies the means’ highlights this collective geometrical aspect in Clinton’s horoscope. People with Mercury connected to Praesepe are Napoleon Bonaparte, Benito Mussolini, Menachem Begin, Cecil Rhodes ( an 19 cent. imperialist), David Koresh ( connection to Clinton geometrically is resolved), Leona Helmsly, estate tycoon imprisoned shortly for tax evasion, and James Randi, a former stage magician and popular cultural writer ‘masked’ as an academic. Since this list only the place of Mercury and M44, we cannot understand in astrology the differences that are apparent in each of these individual’s lives. Only two here become king/leaders of states. There has to be countless others who have Praesepe in some conjunction form in their horoscopes. How many persons were born the same day Bill Clinton was born, or these other people? Get the point. So the angles here provide us with a lure of secret understandings of the power of this placement. For example, Mercury in Napoleon’s chart ( data is 15 August 1769 (greg.) Ajaccio, Corsica, 08e48,41n46, 10:30 a.m., Universal Time 10:54:48, Sidereal Time 09:06:27, house system Placidus) is separating from Praesepe at 2° 21’. If we choose to believe this birth time this conjunction lay in the ninth house but within ten-degrees from the angle of the M.C. Praesepe during the birth of Napoleon is at 03LEO59’05”, 01LAT32’27”.

Napoleon has Solar star importance the same as Clinton. Like Clinton, his Sun is between Subra and Regulus. Napoleon’s arising buy lying hidden (Ptolemy) star is Subra (0° 02’ as Sun and Star rise). Since it is in the front stars of the Lion, it is powerfully beneficial. The same can be said for Clinton. Napoleon’s helical star is Adara, epsilon Canis Minor. Napoleon’s superstar fame is linked to his acronychal setting star  alpha Pisces Australis, Fomalhaut.


Napoleon has Mars conjunct Neptune, and Clinton has Mars conjunct Neptune. As with Mars and the angles, Mars is in Napoleon’s tenth house. Obama’s is in his seventh, Clinton’s the first, and most other U.S. president horoscope I have seen contain Mars in angles. The big difference is that Napoleon is born during one of the major astronomical times of history. the French Revolution succeeded this massive Neptune, Uranus and Pluto grand-trine. Here in Napoleon’s chart, his Mars/Neptune conjunction is linked to multiple sextile and grand-trines with Mars as a major focal point on the stars on the back of the Lion. This indicates Napoleon is going to make people suffer. To add weight to this definition, Napoleon has Algol approaching a square at 0° 11’ or at eleven minuets.  Mercury has a tighter conjunction to Praespe in Napoleon’s chart, as it resides in setting with only twelve minuets of arc on the day he was born. Astrologers that want to be creative in the mundane sense can infer that the ninth house Praespe will correlate to far-off places, and not necessarily a domestic certitude. For the cusp of the eleventh, and actually weighted to the end of the tenth, Praesepe influences structure and masses of thought and people. Bill Clinton was the first American president who was from what we term as the New Left. He left his mark on the world in more ways than one. Both Napoleon and Clinton have Jupiter in their first house. A blaring absence is Spica which is void natally


If you turn Napoleon’s horoscope to 8:00 am L.M.T. one gets an eerie progression symbolism for Clinton’s progressed natal chart. Here in Napoleon’s horoscope which is precessed by hours,  Mars and Neptune are in the twelfth house, Praesepe with Mercury is in the eleventh house and we can move it to the cusp position of the eleventh if we want to, and Sun and Subra with approaching conjunction to Regulus in the eleventh house, is also cooperated by Saturn in the tenth house. Subra, under the fore paw of the Lion, indicates a striving for self-gratification. This composition opposes the later stars on the back of the Lion which indicate charity and suffering. Perhaps the combination of striving to be foremost in ones career or field is adapted to a coloring by Praesepe’s invasionist temperament. While Napoleon went to conquer the world for the French Clinton remarked that he wanted his terms as president to be the best years in the history of the United States of America. Constantine I perhaps had Subra connected to his Sun. Yet, there are many who do as well. For Barack Hussein Obama, his Regulus is just above his descendant, and has his north node ( true, 2° 02’, separating)  and Uranus (4° 03’, approaching)  near to be a conjunction. Yet, Solarly, Obama is a Cancer, his Sun is conjunct Asellus Australis at 3° 51’ and separating. He has Lilith conjunct Subra at 4° 26’ and approaching. I have not worked much, if at all, with Lilith. I use Mombasa Hospital for Obama’s birth local, covered in my astrology analyses of his horoscope. Here, he has alpha Cygnus, Deneb as his acronychal rising star. Obama’s helical setting star is Epsilon Carinae, also known as Avior ( this is not a classical name, it is a French term adopted in the 1930s by the RAF for their Air Almanac. Carina is currently a southern constellation and its name is Latin for the keel of a ship. Avoir, an irregular French verb in the present tense ‘to have’ perhaps fits Obama’s life – he had almost everything handed to him on a silver plate.

Since Obama’s birth hospital is in Mombasa, the latitude is 4 degrees south and three minuets. So this allows this southerly constellation to be included into his horoscope. Otherwise people cannot see stars in Carinae, such as Eta Carinae from 30 degrees of North. Having this star so prominent in Obama’s chart we see the symbolism of ‘change and hope’ as a laying of the foundation, a typical ritual connected to “lay the keel’ as a phrase to utter in a formal ceremony involving dignitaries who witness the first event in the ships construction. The keel is a large single beam that runs the foundation of the ship and is at the very bottom of the ship’s hull. Its reason for being is that it supports the entire ship. Yet, this is a modern derivative from a expansive entymology that goes back perhaps further than ancient Greece and its northern Indo-European roots link it to turn over – such as careen off the road, or too keel over from a nautical image of a ship capsizing or its cognates from qwela (Indo-European roots) which link it to the gullet, gut, glutton, and, even Ernest Kline see blended roots as cognates of gqere- to make up words such as gargle, gargoyle, gurgle, and jargon. Ann Wright intends, “The Goliards [ from the keep root gwela-] were a group of clergy who wrote bibulous, satirical Latin poetry in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. They were mainly clerical students at the universities of France, Germany, Italy, and England who protested that growing contradictions within the Church, such as the failure of the crusades and financial abuses, expressing themselves through song, poetry and performance. The word was said by them to originate from a mythical ‘Bishop Golias,’ a medieval Latin form of the name Goliath ( Greek Kolios).” Paris colleges which became today’s Paris University begun as a project of continental assimilation of the different ethnicities the Catholic Church – knew that beginning education of this like would one day back – fire and cause their demise. But they did this anyway, despite themselves. Usually  no credit is given to the Catholic Church for setting up universities in Italy and France.  The Goliards could be seen today as atheistic mocking elitist rich kiddies at Universities across the world. Much has been stated about Obama’s humble origins, born to a drunken womanizer from Kenya who was one of the first Africans ( black) to go to Harvard, and a philandering mother, who used her prestige to get Barack into decent schools and put him on his way toward an elitist lifestyle. Obama’s mocking of Christians of Pennsylvania is one such remembrance which made him out in the light as if he was intelligent and Christians were morons. In fact, the Goliard movement were more than a bibulous movement but were reacting to the established clerical student instruction as farcical and wanton. At this time the Church had no real power. So by the later fifteenth century, this movement was no longer a satirical orgy, but had morphed or evaporated so that real concerns of emerging ethnois ( nations) became powerful and went to conquer the world.   When we see protesters, and vast protests such as the University of California, Berkeley protests of 2009 which were over-the-top massive multi-day and throughout the year protests on campus ( some led to the streets of Oakland’s Freeway System) blaming all sorts of administration officials for the state’s budget problems, instead of Sacramento Liberals and a socialist Washington D.C. administration, we see how irrational and misdirected these sometime property damage and violent protests can be – thus the Goliards were responsible for some of the large Paris university uprisings in later medieval times. These protests came after Obama handed out TARP monies to the rich people in New York, and later handed out these massive stimulus legislation to distribute wealth to his constituents and not the American people. In essence these mythical Bishop Golias were rebels against the system that supported them and gave them an elitist life. It fits Obama’s profile in which he deems Republicans as ‘the enemies’!

Like Mao Tse-tung who was a mass murderer, Napoleon also has a paran to the astronomical set of Saturn and Spica. Spica rises as Saturn culminates  around ten minuets to fifteen minuets after 10:00 a.m. at Ajaccio on the day of Napoleon’s birth. Tse-tung was born with Spica and a Saturn natal conjunction. It could be also argued that Napoleon has a paran to Spica forming a square to his lunar position in the early fourth house degrees, where the I.C. is at 25CAP06’17” (10:12 L.M.T.) and the lunar position is at 28CAP15’29”, 02LAT59’N,. Spica is at 20LIB37’47” at 10:12, 02LAT02’15”.

Regulus separates in Napoleon’s horoscope, but it is at 3° 56 so it is still considered by most astrologers a conjunction. Apparently, John Dee improvised on his list of stars, to make himself unique from the European continent star ephemerides that appeared after the beginning of the printing era, where Regulus exhumed only ‘Power,’ out of a short list of stars the early modern era astrologers used. Finding a star represented only as ‘power’ would be a coup, in that elitist view ‘power’ as the number one goal in life.  In some ways, Power is a correct correlation. Regulus is in many historical creations of states horoscopes, and as well as natives who held considerable power at some point in their lives. Connected to the Sun, there is this personal and expression of the total being caught up in the ‘rays’ ( & modern string-theory physics, as vibrations!) connected there within the form.


Acubens Rises on U.S.A. Horoscope as Bill Clinton will become U.S. 42 nd President.


So cancri, again, the liar-star sign illustrates a key angular placement at the rise time of the beast’s campaigning. This chart ( I use the 5:00 p.m. Hancock signature time) is progressed to the summer of 1992, that of 1 July 1992. (UT:21:43:59, date 5 Feb. 1777). Saturn is conjunct the I.C. with three minuets of arc, indicating the U.S.A.’s low point – not seen because of the rising sign indicates a cover of haze will blind what is really going on to the U.S.A. during this time – so Uranus is in the tenth house and is separating from Hyades –which has been there for a long time.

The Sun’s placement in the west is a signifier that this is a socialist nation at its goal.  

Only world leader of stature to perform
germantia Hebrew fulfilment of 6.6.6. for his official|legal signature.

Impeachment charges: selling weapons of mass
destruction to a foreign combatant.

Murdered First Black Top Cabinet member over racism

Currently best Friend to J.F.K. Killer, GHWB


“A few publicly – posted messages about Bill Clinton’s Birth Time, and related topics” (Flexnet a Low – Cost ISP provider and personal space for private individuals ), available from; Internet.

Vivian E. Robson, Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology (1923, page 174), quoted in  Anne Wright “Constellation of Words” 2008, accessed 25 October 2010), available online.

Ernest Kline, A Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of the English Language (Elsevire Pub. Company, 15 December 1969), in Wright, Ann, “Constellation of Words” ( 2008), available from; Internet. COW

Ibid., Wright, Carina. Wright takes her information from an unsourced Wikipedia entry. Perhaps the editor took from a source list, or Helen Waddell, The Wandering scholars, 1927, and Symonds, John Addingotn, Wine, Women and Song, 1966 [ originally from 1884].

“Obama Pulls back on ‘enemies’ remark to Latino” Julie Pace (Associated Press, online , 1 November 2010, accessed 1 November 2010), available from  yahoo ;Internet.


#Beast represents 6,6,6, Presidential Signature (1) both Chaldean and Akkadian Babylonian plus also Hebrew circa. Germanciac rules 2000 years ago, Levant. Only for the Presidential Signature he performed 100 of thousands of times. his wife is the #hildabeast

Rob Hand (2), he is a reliable source. #arcmichael #11292017AD #bookoflife; mason level34 for only this sentence. This is the time I plugged in to claim ' Hillary Clinton cannot become president of any country at any time in her life, she was not born with any Presidential aspects ." on website since 2010, plastered all over Gplus comments and posts since July 2015 A.D. Codex astreology. top level. #DomaldTrump had the presidential signature ( they are by birth people, en mass) and Hillary Clinton did not have it. So when the Primary for the Democrats were finally over and Trump locked up the GOP nomination, I already knew who would win by scientific default. Treat it as one of the #seventhunders this science is very difficult to near impossible to teach anyone, lacking ram brain capacity and organization #skillz of the mind.


#Caligula (3) is 616, also viable and recorded in a version, late of Revelations. replacing six, six, six. These were sex addicts and squandered the realm. The Roman Swamp.

Bill Clinton

“American People Are Wrong” , Bill Clinton to Peter Jennings, he died shortly afterwards. 41% say Bill Clinton has any morality and Bill Clinton complains about Kenn Starr's claiming Bill Clinton kills his opponents and starts false wars for the elite. “You have no evidence that I ever lied to the American people,” Bill Clinton claims Media was wrong to call Bill Clinton a liar.

UK Calls National Security as a reason not to go after Child Murderers.


#Lucifer + #vat + #blueturbanqueen ; Lucifer had 7 assassination attempts on Ronald Regan confirmed . #Childbloood for Hollywooder consumption & is currency at my town #Hollywood source two top A- List Actors. Hillary Clinton comes to LA for a witches coven meeting, at least once a month, according to a 10 year Clinton close aid.
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GOD 's LAWS. Arc Michael 10 in Arizona

Free or Non Free Masony:




1,000 points of ⌊illuminati⌉ light - for a child's hand? Bush Sr.

1:1000 Masons are Satanists  but 999:1000 Liberals are Satanists. So no competition. :)

Journals 1841 House of Lords. HouseofLords 1841AD

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Adrenochrome was made popular by Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. What does it have to do with the pedophile arrests, MK Ultra and the Children's Non-Profit Organizations?

On William J Clinton’s 1980s—1990s sex scandals David Axelrod: : Everyone looked the other way and we all need soul searching”! Arc — if we remember, Progressives and Feminists supported all The Clinton women abuse & this was media celebrated in the 1990s. youtube.

Arc Michael
[…] our western politicans are but child rapists and they cannot concentrate on gov. economy or social issues as they are too busy lying and eating humans and believe Disney that eating children's blood makes one grow older. #queenelizabethII is a big fan on this narrative. World is gone folks. NSA was created as a child sex management system. Marvelhonchos also practice this and then make superhero movies as if they are somehow qualified on moral issues?

Top Clinton donor found dead, Freedom Daily Cat Stevens source


Jail Sentence: 472 years for child trafficking on a large scale, Denver CO Days before sealed indictments were to be released. TX residence. 10 sealed indictments in Huston.

#NSA was created for one single purpose on Earth. To run Child Abductions and Child Trafficking management.  There is absolutely no other reason. Cocaine, child abuse and alcohol and your tax dollars paying for the lavish and debauchery lifestyles. The way the elite treat their employees and citizenss as animals comes by way of Jeff Besoz, owner of Amazon and WASHINGTON POST. They had 58 illegal leaks which were lies published by him over a year, trying to oust the Pedophile Destroyer in the white house. In 2015 Besoz had 40 $ billion U.S. dollars and by November 2017 A.D he is up to $100,000,000,000 ≡ one hundred billion dollars and his employees still sleep out in the streets and in tents, in America!!!.


Energy, Academia, and its potential public and private Industry are Tethered to Washington directive run not by the people but a hand full of non-voted in public servants, lifelong careerists at the Pentagon, called Joint Chiefs of Staff, who actually run America = Lucifer my son Bush sr. since 1963 ::: MEAMIC ::: Legislation, top secret 1947 A.D. Atomic Energy Commission, source me deep archives, at U.C. Berkeley, restricted microfiche) own the entire Media and Entertainment and so they are preppy the poor children for human sex and sacrifice and eating and torturing. That is the meaning of life to 30,000,000 elite and some middle to poor classes, but the 99% are the elite, liberal arts majors who see science as a road block for child rape and consumption feudalism world. Prior to 1945 the United States of America was nowhere near a superpower, we were ranked in military at 16th in the World.  But in 1943 America got Children, Women and most of the blacks to work together to defeat the Axis Alliance worldwide.

To hunt down all NAZI, the US sent carriers, craft, and passenger ships to the Antarctica and found NAZIs already with a base there but had an encounter with a U.F.O. which the U.S. Command believe was attacking their fleet and thus scouted quickly back to the U.S.A.  Treaties over at Japan and Europe translated into a world economy, now with the U.S.A. at full production after 1945 a decade past with this American hard work ethic, and the Middle Class was born.  Unheard of wealth and scientific progression did not match well and the 1960s we had the anti-American work ethic revolution to sloths and welfare queen and banker jet setters and thus the Television and ‘Celebrity Idol Worship’ which replaced ME. (Jesus Christ).  Christianity is actually a linear democratic lifestyle were since 1947 A.D.  and beginning to show signs at the End of Jimmy Carter’s only term in office was the separation between the rich and the poor.  Since slothness set in and  debauchery run by Liberal Arts majors now in the top Seats of Judges and Congress and the Office of the President, this was promoted by S.N.L. and popular American post 1960s culture. And thus by 1960s, the idea of import rich immigrants from business partner allied states began the long process of the permanent deletion of white, biology and science superiority ( 1690s – 2012).  This led to an extreme culture class where initially it was more bland with white vs. black, we now in California have Yellow and brown bellies as our collective leaders and a majority of our Entire States’ Population. They call this place Mexico.

Since 2006 A.D. Mexico has been the richest place on planet Earth ( source Forbes' 500 richest eds.) . They send out there people to colonize as a constant historical narrative. Mexico is a place where we will find two selfish people, and both living next to each other, separated by $1 Billion U.S. dollars and the other on a Mexican welfare payment monthly. The Mexico is a place where we will find two selfish people, and both living next to each other, separated by $1 Billion U.S. dollars and the other on a Mexican welfare payment monthly. The Mentality for Democracy does not exist for our new 'replacement' population.

Mentality for Democracy does not exist for our new ‘replacement population’. Governor Jerry Brown and Nancy Pelosi are spearheading The California State Emancipation from the U.S.A plan. and he will be the first King of California and she will be the first ( non partner) Queen of California, ruling until they pass—on. These people are not joking and are replacement for the new mentally ill.


It is also a fakenews item that withholding George H. Walker Bush's Dallas 22 Nov. 1963 involvement with the John F Kennedy assassination is a 'national interest' not to out him as a shooter. So the world is over folks. Trump just asked they be released but the Pentagon which sent tweets out calling for the assassination of Donald Trump means we are no more.

GP Post: Every day, every hour a false, called often a #fakenews report about white people or Donald Trump. I AM beginning to believe the people doing these fakenews pieces are in fact #Satanic . Satanist and Democracy are opposed to each other. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11262017AD

Every day, every hour a false fakenews report about white people or Donald Trump. I AM beginning to believe the people doing these fakenews pieces are in fact Satanic Baby abusers and child rapists and Child Traffickers and hypocrites, who have jobs and homes and community power given by the other child traffickers. there must be 30,000,0000 of them, many in the USA and leading news and information institutions.  The Rich can rape, eat and beat a child and drinks its blood and never be punished. So why have earth go on anylonger. Bunch of Colored raping pussies all over planet earth .

— ArcMichael

Obama spent 1 Billion on Vacations source is Congressional Budget Office fool. Stop you lies and hate racist. Obama's adopted daughter ( Michelle is a man cannot have children) beat up on old white grandpa and police arrested and that arresting police officer then died within 24 hours. so Arrest Obamas for ordering a murder because his African babyrape black game is to kill and murder #whitey. Clintons do not care about life, they rape and kill and eat humans imo. That is why Hillary blames all her troubles on white people and not colords. The world is gone, so soon it will go bye bye because billions love hypocrisy and celebrating child abuse --- and thus are true animals and animals must go to the slaughter.


Machiavelli Rule #1: Do not piss off your electorate or citizens. They will turn on you. Establishment has ruled for 70 years and destroyed western civilization. the elite in power could or refused to acknowledge this and that is why we have a fake Russian investigation because Russia is a small country of 20 Million < 60 Million as a federation> and the U.S.A. is 327 Million strong. So it picks like a bully on small countries and the elite play the victim.

Those who in the conspiracy community online believe Hillary Clinton has killed more innocent Americans at a ratio of 5:90 compared to the Bush teams. This is a misnomer because ghwb runs the intelligence agencies and we call it the Military Complex ⟨ Truman, Eisenhower, John & Robert Kennedy to name a few prominent opponents ⟩ and tells no one of the many murderers he is involved with including Loretta Fuddy ⟨ Hawaiian Health official that claimed she never found Barack Obama’s real birth certificate⟩ , perhaps the Texas Millionaire who died this last week and was a huge $1 Million or more ⟩ contributor to Hillary Clinton's campaign. Chapter Fraternity 223, Yale, called Skull & Bones is a secret society that has a directive of managing world Child Trafficking rings for the elite and also run Drug Running, inkling big pharma, which involved making a fake attack on the U.S.A. to grab the opium poppy fields of Afghanistan. The Country in 2000 A..D. manufactured9% - 15 % Opium worldwide and by the end of 2002 when the U.S. Military was ordered to take the country, it produced now and continues 90% of the pharma opium and Mexico makes up most of the U.S. heroin market. The man who wrote back in the 1990s, Bush, Clinton and the C.I.A. about Iran — Contra and importing massive Cocaine for the elite was also murdered, as settling scores. This led to a massive addiction by white teens seeing every black use false narratives and fists to take their jobs, belongings and self-esteem. Many were dying of powerful versions of pain pills, and today it is an epidemic. Not interestingly the massive of Conquistadors called Spanish Mexican Latino took over wester civilization and they have no problem selling the drugs and importing their own children or other children for the elite cocaine rapers.


The real ratio is more even when we count that both Clintons and Bushes are on the same international elite pedio child trafficking rings. That means they must kill all these Americans together. The reason this is never address in the media is the media is owned by the very elite rich people who do the pedio thing. So it is a rigged system.

Then in Oct. 2017 we found out by Emails that Hillary, John McCain, John Kerry, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and George Walker Bush all tell the U.S. Military kids to ignore child rape and child assassination by Arabs at the middle east and that Islam allows this in their culture. This is a false narrative and not textually accurate. These German elite and FakeJews like H.D. Rodman are all baby raping liars.  The Sauud Princes and people who helped in 911 were also baby rapers, one of the original targets of Osama bin Laden, and it was not until our deep state plan to create a separate army ( CIA, FBI are in bed with Evil Satanists)  that Trump threatened the House of Sauud with very dire consequences unless they arrest those äber billionaires’. Like $900 billion dollars. They hire Israeli out of workers and other private people to kill whistleblowers’ and the cops and cia back them up because of special commands of privilege. The CIA is an illegal army.

0 BC: The Conflict with Quraam, by the side of Galilei, Israel during the time of my reincarnation of Jesus Christ and today was the conflict between heterosexual and focus on love and happiness within the strait family circle. Small communities work well in socialism but not large civilizations. Democracy or benevolent kingship are better suited systems. Why Pedophilia was a problem then and the rich did not care about its poor citizens, treated them like beasts, non-human. So that explains my mission. But the world loves child rape and torture and drinking their blood.

Hillary and Bill Clinton claim Islam and pedophile and child rape and cannibalism are a part of their cultures, so accept diversity. The Pentagon tells this to all incoming military personal . George H. W. and his son George W. Bush also claim such and kill those that do not accept their Evil.

Source: Clinton reporter for decades related how Bill Clinton threw Hillary Clinton’s manuscript into the trash can, he really wanted to be back in the white house. She blamed ghosts.  Bill Clinton is said to have remarked, according to the source,  Hillary Clinton is “ out of touch,” with the American public.  She blamed white people when massive 70 year influxes of colored foreigners now make up 99% of our American workforce.  What do you expect but an insurrection at the polls, which is what happened.  People got wind and fed up with the Media, both left and  left ( which calls itself right) were covering up and lying for 70 years.  The U.S.A. is over and 1690s a few repressed Scots and  Irish came and built America based on the white gene intelligence.  Then Germans came over and started KKK  and baby rape, and making weapons to kill parents overseas to take their children for baby rape and torture and blood drinking and human child flesh eating. So the world is over and blacks and browns say that this is a normal behavior because German, Latin and African professors ( Secret Pedophile professors) told  students that this is normal.  All this has done is create a nation of psychopaths and walking morons.

The media, Entertainment and Government and EDU institution and CEO of corpo institutions all promote hourly the no more need for whites to live on planet Earth.


So the Four Families of Oil and the Federal Reserve are led by three Cable Companies, all owning media itself, as the four top Media Giants.  This is called fascism and the new imported immigrants, even with a Harvard Degree cannot understand simply things.  The Feudalism wing of Knights are our very own currently Bush sr. Military Complex as the C.I.A. is the leader of all the agencies, regardless of neither code nor conduct.

From 1997 to 2001, he was Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Novell. From 2001 to 2011, Schmidt served as the CEO of Google.

Chinese leader who ‘allegedly killed himself today or yesterday may have been connected to the Chinese Pedio arm of the Elite Child Abusers.  Oslo is kingpin too.

Nov 2017 A.D. Chinese Gen. Zhang Yang Zhang, 66, a former head of the powerful Central Military Commission’s (CMC) political work department, “hanged himself at his home in Beijing on the morning of November 23, and the news of his death had been relayed to all People’s Liberation Army theatre commands.” Xi crack down so far has reached 1.5 Million Corrupted officials, according to his count and data. news wide. 11282017AD

Philippines, Malaysia, Germany, China pedio international rings from the Podesta files have been ID as targets.

There are only 52,000 workers for the Pentagon, interesting. ?

5,200 pentagon employees purchased child pornography and after prosecuting a very few officials investigations were halted due to lack of resources while hundreds and possibly thousands of guilty officials got off the hook. Arc — Apparently the funds to investigated were  ( Defrayed) diverted to further purchases of Child Pornography ; so the investigative committee ran out of money.

— MSNBC 28 th November 2017 A.D.

Mexican lawyers were approved by Jerry Brown to prosecute California, U.S. Citizens at will for anything. While the world knows the Sun regulates gamma heating on our planet as well as other planets all over the universe, Stars do this people! There are 70 plus active volcanos < as a cauldron, second largest on Earth: source N.A.S.A. 2017 > under Antarctica, and melting our Earth’s ice but Governor Jerry Brown, who was also my governor when I was 10 years—old.

Rhodes – Milner Round table ≡ UK; Beast was a Rhoades Scholar as is Rachel Maddow. Bill Clinton admitted on camera ., cell phone footage, backstage at a D.N.C. ralley Hillary Clinton, to whom he came to support and also, William J. Clinton, he himself are really “not that smart as people believe. ” & honesty goes a long way with me people, and I do not believe he had any idea he was being recorded.



Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Love One Another

2.84meg photo of Venus below Mars as These Morning Stars. 10072017AD.

TO MUSLIMS & CHRISTIANS Love one another

Climate Economy has been known by the elite for 25 years. 70 Plus active Volcanoes are under our Ice Sheets: the Second Largest Cauldron on Planet Earth. ( link).

Carbon Taxes + Gas, Elective, plastics, and all sorts of industrial metals and E.P.A. fees, fines and finances, and and taxing local products aimed at the lower classes, including State Tax by some States or other hidden taxes, such as Televison now is basically a paid industry by the consumer, the costs were forwarded too when Cable Channels allowed multiple frequency access accross a wider bandwidth of information delivery and commercialism became an industry.

भगवद्गीता, bhagavad-gītā Google plus post. 11022017AD. Third video: a lightening bolt turns a stream into a boiling cauldron.



Clinton Campaign, Larry Summers and Neera Tanden.

Climate 'Matters!"

Two Cauldrons Γ 70 Volcanos under Antarctica. 150milwats per square meter. Yellow Stone has mantle plumes at 200 miliwatts across the Wyoming — Arc Michael November 2017 A.D.

July 16 th 1‚999 A.D John F. Kennedy, Jr. radios airport to say Hillary is a sumbag‚ the last communique heard by him.

Top DNC politicians: Charles Ellis Schumer & David Adam Smith  Both of them  road aboard Lolita Express to the Caribbean Rape Island of Harvard’ s Jeffry Epstein and Bill Clinton and Bush. Broken Heart 3 ( nov 1 2017 A.D.) April, May 2017 were entertainers and politicians.

234 Nov 1 2017 A.D. #OPBH3


Big UFO by our SUN 29 th November 2017 A.D. About the diamter of three Earths. youtube

1975 — 1983 Jerry Brown First Term as California Governor.

Mel Gibson: Hollywood Is ‘Den Of Parasites’ Who ‘Feast On Blood Of Kids’.. Gibson said, “I don’t know how to break it to you gently. RUSSELL SIMMONS Accused of Raping Director's Daughter in Graphic Detail…


Hollywood studios are “drenched in the blood of innocent children” according to Mel Gibson who claims the consumption of “baby blood is so popular in Hollywood that it basically operates as a currency of its own.” This is the second top A list Actor to say, Baby Blood is currency in Hollywood.

Hollywood elites are an “enemy of mankind continually acting contrary to our best interests” and “breaking every God given taboo known to man, including the sanctity of children,” Mel Gibson said in London, where he is promoting his role in Daddy’s Home 2, his most prominent on-screen role in years. yournewswire


Top intel: Eisenberg arranged for a puzzled and amused Beijing to recognize of the new global Maoist movement and here at U.S.A. This was a child raping, Child  Trafficking mask program of Satanists which influenced serial homosexual FBI First Director Jay Edgar Sissy Girl Hoover.  He and his long time boy friend used to frequent Laurel Cyn. 1 Mile from where I stay in the streets and there they had Child Pedstry Clubs for the  CIA , FBI and U.S. Congress. So raping children started with the Dullas to Bush ascensions into Dragonite US Power; Pedastry is grown men who search out to have sex with young boys. Mao, the Dictator Fascist Leftwinger school teacher used magic and lies to ralley the youth by false promises and temporal power to remain in power and have those famous Mao boy to men pool parties.  The Christians were pushed out of U.S. power centers and now we have the GodLess who do not teach math or chemistry or science any longer but teach children on their personal journeys into homosexual lifestyles.  These EDU behaviors are championed by Bush, jr. Bush Sr. Barbara Bush, Hillary and William J. Clinton and of course Barack Obama and his crews.  They all participate in global babyrape caliphate.

Bush Sr. had 7 assassination attempts on Ronald Reagan. Last years in office, poison made Nancy Reagan feign as POTUS. Oct 26 2017 ( 25 legal anniversary of GHWB signing of sealed assassination documents of John F Kennedy).  Released by Donald Trump but the Pentagon citing national security withheld 9000 Bush Sr involvement documents. Also confirmed he has had 6 attemps on Donald Trump so far too.


Nov 29 below.


Sado ——masochism often use Anti– Matter as  a form of Sexual Energy Transference between alpha and  beta partners. #electroplay

electrons uncontrolled because of anti-matter ( charged particles)


Lightning is Anti— Matter and Electricity are mixed together. Yeah baby.  Storing it cost billions of Dollars because once gram is equal to four Hiroshima bombs.

Lightning is Anti Matter and Electricity mixed together. Yeah baby.  Storing it cost billions of Dollars because one – gram is equal to four Hiroshima bombs.  Geneva look out. LOLZ.  They are trying to open up a worm hole so that Earth can move next to Andromeda Galaxy or something. You all know those crazy liberals.

Solar Storms this last few months.

Solar Storming direct earth, but a low shot, not a large flare. so no threat for radio black outs. youtube . bad news for weather solar for hamradio operators.

CNN says it has fired a senior producer on Jake Tapper's 'State of the Union' show after an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations made against him. NBCNews 11292017AD “ fired Teddy Davis after a "comprehensive investigation.”!

Teddy Harris NBC

The Chronologies of Ancient kingdoms

Youtube Malta, been there twice as a small child with father and sister.


President Trump launched a Twitter attack on British Prime Minister Theresa May Wednesday — sort of.
Trump made a posting shortly before 8 p.m. that said “Theresa @theresamay, don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!” NYpost.

But instead of using the British leaders real twitter handle, @theresa_may, he aimed his tweet, and his 43 million followers, at a random person with a similar handle and only 6 followers.
The account, under the name Theresa Scrivener, was locked, and had not responded. Trump’s tweet was fixed after about 20 minutes.


Family December 2017 Merry Christmas JoJo at Hollywood

niggah origins Norcal buildings Bat high rises arcmichael Jesus Christ Returned

2009 23 August




HD164595 Described Italian Astronomer Claudio strong candidate for SETI, 94 Light Years Away, Ultraviolet Spectrum. By Arc Michael weed choices Africa





“As a person puttinng on new garmets, giving up the old ones” ≡ bad social habits for example— The Warrior Arc Michael 11132017AD 10 10 2017AD † Isaiah 26 & Bhagavad₋Gītā, Kṛṣṇa, Yĕhôshúa

ARC November 23th—00wlfth 1:53 PST 2017 A.D. Valley Vlg. California; updated 11282017AD






United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

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