Michael aka Archangel Michael

Annunaki = Anubus ( 3,100 BC Egypt, contemporary) = supreme God ( similar to GOD/Allah etc. this comes from Sumerian, mysterious people who lived alongside the old babylonian , akkaddian peoples, ANU the supreme god that came down to earth.  Anubus = Dog ( God) headed LORD of the last Judgement, in iconography new kingdom.  the same as the Jesus Christ or GOD of the Hebrews ascription.

The Vedas do not go further back than 3,100 BC, their Krishna origins. They do claim however, that millions of years ago,  we existed. that is all good and well, but we have no historical evidence ( Earth corrosion or hidden in parts of our oceans) to our past.

Anu ( Nephlehem, old Hebrew) = will evolve to Bethlehem is our collective world DNA

Hindi and Asians go to south Asia and then on up to the yellow regions of north east China.

 No love on earth controlled by Satan

The term linguistics is contested in that all of these sources cannot predate 3,100 civilization or history (e.g. the written word).

anubus ruled out of ogudad ( in middle modern day Egypt on the nile) or the city of the four ( later 8) winds. Over 1000 years prior to the building of the Great Pyramid, circa 2626 BC.

The Vedas have not been recorded yet.

  Anu = Vish(nu). the supreme God that comes in human form sometimes to planet earth.