Yahoo is supporting Hillary so we know they support criminals, so we have a larger problem for our people to correct. Foreigners run yahoo and demand us to submit to their hatred.

“American Arab Rev. vs. White nordic British”

U.S.A. Began by Arabs, by Latino Arabs, by Africans, light skinned Arabs/Jews , no White Christians ideas, thrown out by George Washington, Atheist Demonist, made layout of Capital, a Satanic Symbol. Black Culture wrongly accuses White Christians and Bible, no evidence.. This is Bigotry and is Racism by Latin, Arab, African haters of humans, capitalist mauraders of the U.S.Arabia. Separation between Church & State used for Anti Christ Proclivities. USA = New Babylon, Holy Bible. Common Core: Mongoloid, African, Caucasion = as 3 races = F -, epic fail.

Hope and change. form good and strong to weak and broke. #labourpurge

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