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big feudal corpo = What really is America.

I need $3,000 ( three thousand) to fix my car and get new eye glasses. I cannot work due to school loans, non forgiveness, and have hurt body parts
PO Box 4153 Valley Village, CA. 91617
to: Michael J. [ johnathan] McDonald.

China to build Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline: report

( the Afghanistan Russo-Afghani war 1980-1989 A.D. was fought over the U.S.A. vs. Russia to build a gas line to Iran.)

Malia cannot breath so Obama says it is due to Global Warming. Alert, policy is by a nincompoop, retarded bushwhacker, vacationing goon, no good printer or robber of money, and an illegal POTUS because he is anti HUMAN, and pro Demon. ( source, comments by Barack H Obama on Good Morning America, Wed. 09 , 2015 , The Hill.

Marriage Was Not Created by The U.S.A. nor any Babylonian Government. However, the low level retards that make up 99% of governments around the world make up stories to say, yes the Government runs Marriage authority and we created this institutions as well = lie and why these entire groups need the lake of Fire.

homosexual activists targeted [ to murder? ] Indiana Pizza owner Kevin O'Conner and his daughter, Crystal. Why? Because Gays are about love and peace in the same manner as these Afghani Taliban who treat Arabic women with peace by stoning them to death for revealing an ankle on a day out to a park in the sunshine. Washington D.C. supports these radical murderous Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual Transgender community of militia haters that will destroy you or your family in what ever town if they cannot demand your submittance to their homo lifestyles. When the homos Gays, mainly these are purist gay homo groups that hate bi(s) and transgender ( they get about0.01% of state funds for their gay clubs) while the purist NAZI gay all homo forever get 99% of the monies allocated, a study showed over a 30 year period for the city of Los Angeles. ) and the bi(s) and transgenders are type-casted into these hate groups. In my home city, they call Hollywood, run by the Gay Mafia, not the bi - sexual mafia nor the transgender mafia but the Gay males that hate on people because it is more about bullies and big boned bodies, and less to do with gender or sexual orientation. ( American Family Network)


Rupert Murdoch, the head of News Corp. and 21st Century Fox: " I run America, get over it!"

(ABC, CBS, and NBC) networks went out of their way to label Cruz a “conservative” 13 times, compared to zero conservative labels for Senator Paul this morning. ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC have absolutely no idea what is a conservative or in fact how to speak English. I think today after Obama, it is urban language or gansta thugy speak , like 24/7 banana republic. U.S.A. conservatives were racist - slave owners, found taught to all school children, which the GOP has never never made a real effort to remove form these school children textbooks so they must be in 100% approval because this has been a standard pedagogical device to blame whites with the branding of Conservative. Then why do NBC ( has whites and not blacks in the LEAD or head roles of the company) and why not have all blacks at NBC for a change, and CBS can put on all Asians, and throw out these whites, if Conservativism is legally illagal, as the media paint these people. I have always called for making the GOP illegal if that is what the people  want, but this has never been true, and so playing word games by these elites will sour the very heart and soul of its system and it will collapse so that no Liberal European or anyone else can have a life in North America, ever again.

THE NEW BROWN GAY NAZIs of the U.S.A. no different than Hitler or Mao or any Black African murdderous - dictators

Criminal charges possible in Longwood cake controversy (Video) Cut the Cake bakery said it has lost business and faced harassment since last week when evangelist Joshua Feuerstein posted a video of the bakery owner refusing to make a cake that said, "We do not support gay marriage."Feuerstein [said.].

Even Dumby Cal Professors call to boycott Indiana, and the Mayor too of the city, when they do not know the facts but were manipulated and they are too stupid to understand this at all. Why not allow anyone to teach at Cal, even street bums who talk about smoking crack, all day long? Why does Cal have any white professors at all if they are the true scourge of the Universe?

Joshua Feuerstein says bakery wouldn't make a cake that said 'we do not support gay marriage' and the media liberals said, he does not want to serve Gays, which was a lie. So why does the Media always get it wrong, blame us and not themselves?


Senate panel approves 'Texas Dream Act' repeal [ Each illegal under Dream Act gets $1.2 Million of USA tax dollars for free]. You Pay

"The administration has previously made “defensive registrations” against trademark infringement, including purchasing registrations for addresses in the “.xxx” gTLD, including “,” “” and “,”" ICANN the Internet company run with storing names and websites as a document for legal purposes wants to do more so they can get billions of more dollars. The .com is not used up at all, people just want familiar names.

Ela Alptekin

Shared publicly  -  May 8, 2013
Why is Facebook blue? -> It’s because Mark Zuckerberg is red-green color blind; blue is the color Mark can see the best.



GOP Is OVER. Why Complain About Obama's Job Performance any longer?

( The democrats are just as patriotic) so Fux or GOP has no more  excuses to exist. Only silly hanger-ons w/ pensions, guv life long, never get fired, even for murder, protective jobs, you are out soon. This is the Latin, ,Muslim, LA RAZA ( brown people's nation) and since you kicked out the natives, these immigrants will kick you out ( and GOP since Reagan have 100% supported and practiced giving jobs of yours over to  foreigners  to create a divide and conquer ruckus to keep you fighting on social idiot issues and foreigners invading form the boarders. Latin Babies are out numbering whites or blacks and in less than 1/2 a generation, your out of preferences, no longer needed on Planet Earth. So whites need to pack up and get out.

so what, you cannot vote in new people? It is the same crowd. Reagan started off this massive amnesty is #2 which was the largest -- a program he aligned with his NAFTA plan, signed by Bill Clinton ( these deals often take a decade to hammer out) and so the USA's culture will be barbarian, like the end of Athenian classical. There is no difference between Bush and Obama, the same selfish careerist families or losers latch on and never leave, and never worked a day in their lives. I think it is mandatory to have like 25 breaks every 8 hour shift in any government job and not speaking the English language puts you to the Interview - job placement line. This is a reality, your leaders lied for 70+ years to you on this issue.

so why complain? Are you going to fight a civil war to put more foreigners into work place life time stylin' stuff?  The U.S.A. is over for European White  Culture so complaining if a laughable subject. Does it matter what this dude does, the GOP Funds it, look at their legislation, they do and fooled all Cons.

Republicans and Democrats ( who hate God) are celebrating The Assyrian Christian communities on the Nineveh Plains in Iraq, and also in northern Syria in the Khabur River Valley, are facing annhilation by the forces of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

on catering gay weddings... doesn't the USA Guv object catering to KKK ( where as they love to cater with your money, LA RAZA ) KKK= Laraza, just different skin colors!) and so the guv is hypocrites.

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np.lexity = N.S.A. spy snooper program on your computer. (BM3 NASA COORDS) .

The USA made up this Cold War ruse with a few hardliner Soviets, actually  none of it was real! try to listen to Black Sabbath's WAR PIGS; wars are about profits but the controllers need to jam some malarkey down everyone's throats and that was the COLD WAR's fear mongering. I and others had to duck under desks as a ritual for the news/White House /media scaring us that our end was near, any moment by some nuclear bomb they tested on some Japanese people in the 1940s. heay these elite military/govers got rich & richer and that is all these elites wanted.

Photos of me & the first two blood Moons

Blood MOON #3 in LA at near full dark 4:49 am ( edges start 3:16 am) A.M. stars for Los Angeles.



The familiar decadal cycle of solar activity is one expression of interannual variability of surface magnetism observed in stars on or near the lower main sequence. From studies of time-series of CaII H and K emission fluxes that go back more than 35 yr and have been accumulated for such stars at the Mount Wilson Observatory by the HK Project, we define a quantitative measure, called anharmonicity, of the cyclic component of interannual magnetic variability. Anharmonicity provides a connection between observed variations in magnetic activity and the two-dimensional description of a Parker dynamo model. We explore the parameter space of the Parker dynamo model and find an excellent counterpart in the records of several of the lowest-mass (late K-type to early M-type) active stars in the HK Project sample to the solutions containing highly anharmonic, standing dynamo waves. We interpret anharmonicity apparent in the records as resulting from non-propagating or standing dynamo waves, which operate in a regime that is substantially supercriticial. There, for the majority of a cycle, or pulse of decadal-to-interdecadal variability, the large-scale magnetic fields are generated and maintained by winding of field by differential rotation rather than by the joint action of differential rotation and helical convection. Among the less active stars (the Sun is considered such a star in the HK Project sample) we find a correspondence between anharmonicity and Parker dynamo model solutions that include simple harmonic, migratory and/or intermediate-type dynamo wave patterns over a broad range of dynamo parameters. ( Harvard, Astronomy dept. available Online : note, bold face is by me so you will not miss it!).


Obama would not support Gay Marriage until 2013 A.D. David Axelrod claimed Obama always supported Gay Marriage but was not honest. This of course is due to Sertan conjunct his Sun at Projected Elliptical Degree PE NASA. #sertan is bayer cat. alpha cancri ( the first catalogued bright star in the zodiacal constellation of CANCER.

Rev. Robert H. Schuller, Crystal Cathedral and "Hour of Power Founder, Has Died



Record 12,202,000 Blacks Not In Labor Force...
Record 56,131,000 Women...
January, February jobs numbers revised down dramatically...
Fed Cuts Growth Forecast to ZERO...

U.S. Top College Campus a Breading Grown For Barbarian style Moslem Movements, now professors are complaining. - Daily Cal, a U.C. Berkeley offical website. When I was at UC Berkeley I had to take p/np for an elective Polisci class b/c my graduate instructor was jihadi barbarian moslem, and I could not hide my writings on morality. Otherwise I wanted to use this to prop up my general GPA which with one class left was 3.5 G.P.A. 119 credits. These Palestinians for Peace are just like ISil thinkers, they cheat and lie to trick and destroy, and yes they actually do this to Americans who raise voices against their primitive multicultural lifestyles -- they just hate when you have a choice. U.C. Professors usually wave 'hi' to ISil flag waving members or supporters on campuses and salute multiculturalism: because death is fun they say or in fact they are submissive sissies to the foreigners due to needing to say, yeah, you are our economic engine to prop up the 1%ers = truth. .

Ted Cruz is attacking the Fortune 500, and that’s smart politics

The media protects the 1%ers , even Fox or Fux news as they call those elitist haters and racists. Democrats to Republicans are attacking a person threatening their 'stranglehold' on ideas, which is really a religion with faith that money brings power and happiness. .

it gives the next pres the problem. WOW, great job Mongolian Kerry!

#iran #nucleartalks #WhiteHouse #centcom #arcmichael

Obama killed humans to rescue a dissenter (Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl ) and let go 5 top Taliban/ terrorist al qu'aeda members to Yemen, who were freed today in a shi'ite hell storm with Sunni support, offensive on the prisons at Yemin. Saudi bomb only outside city limits shi'i forces, and try not to harm them. IMO, Obama is cheering on the Iranians who suffered humiliations by the U.S. led secret covert Iranian meddling in their democracies from 1952 ( when 9/11 master minds parents fled Iran, through Pakistan and onto Yemen, giving birth to KSM in Pakistan) and 1953. The U.S.A. Deserves it because it was the people who prospered by the oil and energy needs ascertained by a murders and bullied Military, with 150 operations bullying bases around the Earth.

The plan may be 5P/1 where five years plan on deals to lift sanctions will be redone or re administered after a five year period, with each year as renewed. However, in the USA, we call for multiculturalism and that intends we should allow all to have nukes, a way too say yes, I am a democrat. So if Obama acts like a Republican which he does all the time and then complains at them, he is a douche bag, totally a retardo, and bully, hater of humans and selfiish.

His daddy abducted white women and extradited them, in a bizarre scheme. Harvard threw out Obama Sr. over this issue, FOIA revealed in 2009 A.D. That means Obama has serious mental issues because he acts all righteous but is really a full blown hypocrite.

02 Apr 2015.


Al-Qaida storms jail, frees 300 inmates...

'Foreign troops' land in port city...

I just opened markets in four nations that decapitate people like me, 'are not I cool, bro?' - TIM COOK.

Like the white Imperialists of Avatar Movie, Tim Cook is wed to his Shareholders who see the dollar as god, not human rights, therefore wall street is a religion. Apple's congregation has faith in its leaders like Cook to be hypocrites and hell-mongers.

Religious Freedom Restoration Acts, in some states reflect a push-back to multicultural globalism, Arc Michael.

90% of U.S. former immigrants, new citizens came from racist government systems and lands. In America, the experiment is to accept all cultures and not only accept them but ' celebrate them,' which is 100% against God's Will. Foreigners (foragers !) rarely fight their families in foreign lands. Immigrants come not to be patriots but to take the U.S. corpo cash ( most connected to public unions or private industry, with preference over the European period of rule,  a rule now in its last periods, a generation of the boomers gone.

Apple C.E.O. Tim Cook wants to tell you his slave army in the Malaysian sweat shoppes pumping out his computers and phones, decapitates gays like Tim. But those global profits are way to 'desirable' for morality, leaving him a nice hypocrite or murderous bestial faggot! He told the Christians of Indiana to destroy their lives by pulling his company out of the State of Indiana if they did not bow down to the faggot! His global power, U.S. subsidizes Apple on International taxation, in the tens of billions a year, he relies of terrorist, anti Christs, false prophets, demons, robots, corpo-business, academia, science, every car, every home his devices, so he does not discriminate. Jeb Bush commented in Early April they he sides with Tim Cook, and supporting global governments that hangman, torture and shame homosexuals and then threatening Christians in the U.S.A. , from a Frankenstein duplicity, the Republican establishment remains in lock and in step with Satan. What is that in this scene? These business Republicans want LGBT to have total access as it is all economic profits. Rather the lower economic classes are living a more Christian life, so the DINO + RINO = X! White Establishment rules America and not for long, both are from all sides of the political spectrum. To understand that social republicans are not well liked by business Republicans.

1 April 2014 Archangel Michael.

Arkansas ( Bullied by The Walton’s of founders WalMart, global service entity, elite non patriot, slave workers in foreign countries!) has the most general Religious Freedom Restoration Act which discriminates against evil; Walmart told the governor to change the Bill to reflect the Federal Anti Atheist Pro US Religion of Careerist Washington D.C.ers bent on lasting in office until they tip over, so old, they support racists and terrorists  ( a group welcomed by multiculturalism) because to discriminate would be non-profitable.

Hollywood Dividing its Production based upon Brown Latin, Foreigner Hollywood Unions and the traditional CAA. 1940s, personal pursuit turns into major Californian Law aimed at a 'seven year contract,' called the 'de Havilland law !' Talents and Agents want to often switch to get better deals for their clients but are locked into mandatory ' seven year' contracts, when most companies illegally use 'spoken agreements' that last only three years. As older agents die off that were around to support this ‘seven year contract thingy’ one will see a different method as our culture changes from white to brown to eventually black.

- 04 -1 2005


#Applecomputers #TimCook threatened to shut down Indiana's Apple Phone sales and service is Mike Pence and the people of Indiana do not have faith in rapists, terrorists and criminals, as Terrorists buy up as much as 17% of all Apple sales, making Tim Cook billions and criminals make up about 31%, and if the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is not passed as Pence had it first proposed, and changes it back to all business must serve all Religious people, then nothing will have been done at all. Of Course, Tim Cook will lie, as Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg kept ISil and other terrorist website running so not to lose those customers.  This is all big corporation running out collective ideas. Tim Cook is not the ruler of the U.S.A. and neither is Sharī’ah loving Obama and his good palls, these Bushes and Clintons.

Gay Totalitarianism and the Coming Persecution of Christians (Zmirak)

Religion is a set of ideas to live by and accompanied by hope or faith in those ideas -- Michael 01 Apr 2015

Iran accuses Obama of lying about nuclear deal

What and Why is the Media promoting hatred medical stuff? John Kerry lowered his medical bills ( $21,000 a year) when he signed up for Obamacare, he now pays $1,750 for his entire family and he made a killing tax break and he is a billionaire = Liberals, like Gruber said, it was a hate on the POOR thingy! Obama hates the poor, he blames his mom and dad's life on poverty, so he hates them all. See how that worked?


Nevada social importance manifested in a   Mafioso gambling fantasy desert oasis  1970s explosions as Cuba, now off limits,  and  the prostitutes, gambling industry Harry Reid supports while personally preaching against the vices of gambling, drinking, smoking, and whoring. The fat-boned bullies of the media claim this is an expert politician. But to me he is scum and murdered people by his selfish motives.

Harry Reid ( Senator , Democrat who took over Nevada’s seat) claimed on New Years Eve he was moving an exercise equipment into his new home ( or numerous  homes and billion dollar bank accounts). Just a few weeks prior, he claimed he was again running for office. For six –long- years Harry Reid has halted 5,000 + pieces of Legislation, which destroyed the grow and prosperity of this nation, for his selfish reasons. He claims he wanted to make all the top positions in a list of states that receive the Most PORK from  embedded ‘mafia’ laws in each major U.S. Legislation – how the rich tell us America is really run like New Jersey or Chicago Politics, you lie, hurt, cheat, lie, kill, and lie some more, and wear expensive  cloths as an image of goodness  -- when in fact it is all about self-glory and self-fame, like a drug.  

So Harry Reid who attacked unfairly the corporations that donate equally to both parties, like the Koch Brothers and  he attacked more importantly the American people, wound up wanting to run again for office but somehow changed his mind after this ‘exercise’ accident. Late night jokes have already pointed to bad boy and Obama lover Mitch McConnell who may have approved some dirty spying games on Hollywood’s long time actress Ashley Judd’s potential run for office.  
Harry claimed that his exercise machine malfunctioned on New Year Day, and this caused him some broken ribs and fractured facial bones. Three months later his bruises still show on his face today! After these accidents Harry started making weirdo interviews, telling us that he  used the platform as a Nevadan Senator to stall as many bills so he could get more PORK for Nevadans, thus shutting down  America. He wanted to continue and I and others for over a few years have been shouting on posts and blogs to get that goon out, like my senators, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, and Diane Feinstein have been in power since I was 10 years old and now in my late 40s. These women did nothing for me and did everything to foreigners that come from states that kill homosexuals, ban freedoms and expressions and live  like caged animals. Those are the people they have supported and they keep getting voted back into office and no one knows what they do, except for their Political affiliations. Barbara Boxer long ago she admitted she does not work, she just signs  off on  ‘all’ democratic legislation, so she like Barack Hussein Obama uses their positions of power to run their own parties, gambling rackets and vacation perks, and care not about anyone else.

Harry is a dirty – selfish player who helped destroy America by putting first his constituencies above the American people he represented – he is such a failure. He also used government money to pay off his cousins and extended  family members business loans. The Direction of the Country is constantly polled  at failing ratings, like 20% to as low as 12%  approve of the Congress’ job and the general direction of the country our elected  leaders are  pushing up toward! Why he has not been thrown into a lake of Fire, because he actions caused murders all over the world, means the U.S.A. government is a religion of Peace, like ISil is a religion of peace.

So  after his injuries, he went public and announced that he was going to

Draw your own conclusions

new celestial coding Operation I. for Op. FU by Archangel Michael or just Michael.


A photo of moi (me) in Paris; circa 1870s A.D. Yes a past life.


Let us leave the GOP to the ashbin of history, please!

older posts very important March 2015 A.D. some of my past lives <- March 2015. Three of my reincarnations. 

Blood Moon #2 me too in perview.


let us tear this place down

As promised here is how to do things as well as the ancient prophets, predict wars in advanced or backwards, at 100% competency

03 18 2015 A.D.



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    BOL A | "Gender equality is your issue too. Because to date, I've seen my father's role as a parent being valued less by society despite my needing his presence, as a child.[...] Emma Watson ( Brown U, undergrad degree). The Importance of Parental Wisdom and Guidance ( women's role in society CGM March 2015 interv.)

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    Bobby Jihdal ( Hindu) is the only choice for U.S. GOP ( Rhoads scholar to England, not a community organizer or C.I.A. Bush Family. I'll take Colin Powell for any party to run for President.

    GOP TO ATTACK THE MIDDLE CLASS & POOR from 2015- 2017 A.D. Message to the Americans, these are super criminals of all time in all of history, they need to be eradicated from the planet if it will survive. DINOS + RINOS = U.S.A. ruling party, and these people are no different than the policies of Adolf Hitler. They go around taking lands, oil, minerals from the poor across the earth by propping up puppet dictators and causing 1000s of years of Karma and hatred against the skin color of those that rule over them.

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