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Let us leave the GOP to the ashbin of history, please!

older posts very important March 2015 A.D. some of my past lives <- March 2015. Three of my reincarnations. 

Blood Moon #2 me too in perview.

03 18 2015 A.D.

Former Labor cabinet minister Patricia Hewitt Calls for Legislation for Pedophilia for Britain and U.K Real  News.

Patricia Hewitt called for age of consent to be lowered to ten :UK Telegraph

IRS blames Obamacare for shoddy customer service...

Atheists love to promote Church of  Moslem into the USA, because they are bat%%%*&T insane, no?

The U.S.A. Constitution has 100% No Christianity in it at all. So expect corruption to increase until the world burns into a hell hole. - Arc Michael.

USA wants Atheism hellions to hurt all weak and Godlike humans on Earth.

Athiests promote no morals, no virtue and no ethics. The natural rulers are the animal bodies of the most large DNA strains which act as bullies. God is Order, Athiests hate this so they promote CHAOS.

So since the people want chaos, let us get rid of God, once and for all. And let the big boned bullies with superior DNA wreak their moronic hellish views and practices onto a Chaotic legal system. Might is right, the way, the only way for the atheists, because lies is the atheist ways, they have no morality, no personal virtue. and no reason to be nice and help people.

"Godless liberalism should be defined as a liberal or progressive political perspective which doesn’t rely on gods, divine revelation, or religion for its values, ideas, or policies. " -- About Atheism Expert Austin Cline. Ok, but the founding fathers believed they were gods, as in demi gods, you dolt. --

Eugene F. Irschick

( emeriti UC Berkeley) u have 100% Cline no real qualifications.

They called Washington Emperor, never did they call him president. He was a god in many eyes of the compatriots. Al Ghoul ( gore) is the god of climate perscecution, he wants to torture climate deniars. That is a faith based system run by gods or hate. Karl Marx wrote 20+ volumes of work which only a hand full of people have ever read. One of them was Athony Greagor of PoliSci, who interviewed actual Italian high ranking Fascists and translated out of 1900 century italan, the doctrines on fascism. He read Marx, and Karl said toward the end of his life, a godless atheism government is indeed a 'faith based system.' Both Marx and Greagor would cring at the amatureish Cline's duffasness!

When any state in history, any culture makes laws for its citizens, it acts in the role of God. Do this or be punished, which is the same as the Mosaic laws, barrowed form athiest hammurabi codes of the Hittites. When any state government tells us rules, it is acting in the place of God. Austine Cline is not well educated enough to comprehend this so his godlike powers are but a part of the false narratives of history or false prophets. Cline a low level intelligentsia tardo writes as if narcissism fills his veins and projects his viewpoint, ignoring others, onto his world.

Gods of narcissism do not care about other people's perspective. The founders hated The Puritans and did not care about them, nor there freedom to live the way they chose. Many colonists like Penn were monarchists and the king gods were acting like the real God on earth, and somehow duffas boy, Cline, says one is good and the other is bad, yet both are the same thing. This means he is too retarded to comprehend logic and reality.

Liberalism ( what are atheist founders proclaimed were themselves before the Christian migrations 1820s- 1940s. ).

The Church of the Clintons vies for space with the Church of Bushes. Cline may not have a brain that functions to understand this, thur proving the human experiment produces some flaws. Both constituencies have faith in their leader(s).

So a "we the people' is a bunk philosophy for the U.S. Constitution that gives Godlike powers to these rulers of aristocracy. For 25 years the Gods of government and their lawyers demanded the lead, a poison be put into our food and toys and building materials. For 25+ other years, the asbestos was promoted at the World Fare, adopted by the U.S.A. as a proffered fire retardant that gave people Cancer. So the separation between Church ( ideas form the poor , as God was a homeless wimpy) and the state, big boned super DNA giants that use tricks to make themselves wealthy at the others' expense contains anti Virtue. It took Christians fighting with the Atheists Gods of the USA Congress to over turn the use of Lead and Asbestos form our living realms. But Cline is arguing for these Atheist Gods to kill us all because their sheer narcissistic moronism.


Ignorant pieces of mass, we are not human beings, just creatures living or dying. That is Austin Cline's goal. However, logical science says people that are overlords are but Gods or masters, this is found elucidated in the book of Apocalypse -- in this work, there are many gods on Earth, all having their ways and says. But these do not claim to be the God of Creation but the God of this state or this state.

Austin Cline sums up a Separation of State and Church as such: 'Atheists love to celebrate their raping of you and what they want more is your celebration for  their raping of you.  Just call it nature, modern science, or 16 th century Eastern Europe, Fortuna.

+TOP SKY EVENT: Supermoon Total Eclipse of Equinox Sun on March 20


Well, Christians stop watching television, it bends, warps and teaches You things that corrupt the mind. This includes the news and cable shows, if you can. The whites and black poor do nothing but play video games all day long, watch movies on their laptops or computers and have no future but tomorrows video games. These people blame society's problems on christians, they are false and a danger to our world.

Make no mistake, Republicrats Babyboomers Are the Real Deal ‘reconquistas’ of our day. If you have a child in the U.S.A. and they are not LA RAZA or MOSLEM, you have little to no future here.

Bill Gates leads an anti Democracy movement & CODE NAMED ''codenamed Project Spartan.'' To do away with IE, but the name is a reference to the culture that overthrew Greek Democracy. & Eventually these Persians aligned with Athenians to destroy the entire Navy, the supreme military of their time, The Spartans. Maybe Obama's Iran needs the bomb is not such a bad idea? However, I do not support his aggressive actions on EU leaders to sanction Russia because they are upset Putin does not bow low, like Obama bows low to Saudi Royals -- do so the entire Bush family prostrations and smooches on the face of men-to-men! .

How cool is that? He loves to hurt the poor too. Bill Gates born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Seattle Wash. wants to rule the world but first he must destroy Democracy!

Here is Hillary's private Server Email, and Ranked by a global ranking system.

Bounce Rate


Daily Pageviews per Visitor


Daily Time on Site


Global Rank 391,358   Global Ranking

Rank in United States 36,641   US ranking

What is Hillary's knowledge base?
1. 29.3%
2. 10.9% ( a Twitter security affiliated company).
3. 5.2%
4. 3.3%
5. 3.1%

Bill Uses it For a Private Dating Service when Hillary is at her State job in Washington D.C.?


let us tear this place down

well sitting outside, near the library, car does not work, no money, parking ticket tomorrow if I cannot move it. Been hot here, just got over a superbug sickness, cannot drink the Studio City tap water from lib or park, get super sick. Starving, and my right entire leg is in constant pain , started after Sandy Whiplashed me, twice. She has been always ugly ( super overweight) but her personality has become increasingly ugly. Bullies and rich people, children form parents they love all are happy and have jobs. The out of luck are the weak, and children form broken homes and if not a political minority like the Latins or Muslims in the U.S.A. you are S*&T out of luck -- that describes me. 03-15-2015

I support Ben Carson and Bobby Jindal, only. Will not or ever vote for a Republican who are actually RINOS ( Republicans in Name Only) ever again. they have never done anything for me. CNN white racists are attacking Ben over issues they say themselves -- a black lynching ensues. When can we throw Anderson ( silver-spooned rich boy) and Wolf Racist Blitzer ( sounds so NAZIsh) onto the unemployment line?

Global Racist Brown Festivals, implying to rape whites and blacks as they are not humans to the Brown or mixed brown races, a shame that over-racism exists on planet Earth.

Obama, Putin satirised in Spain's explosive spring fest

Valencia (Spain) (AFP) - A grinning Barack Obama in a white tutu kicks Vladimir Putin in the privates. Angela Merkel bends and bares her bottom. [ to be raped by brown overlord, large boned bullies, called  THE RACE, global kings, dr. deathites].
These are just three of the hundreds of satirical effigies mounted at the Fallas festival in Valencia, Spain, which celebrates its noisy finale this week.
Politicians, celebrities and fantasy characters star in the colourful, often grotesque "ninots" -- groups of cardboard and polystyrene models built by local artists and placed in the streets.

Proof of racism. 

"The Fallas are a way of life for me. It's practically a religion. It's an act of devotion," says high school teacher Vicente Rodriguez, 26.

[ Arc u see hating on others is a religion of hate, nothing to do with God or love or respect or kindness or goodness, but pure evil, and a need to be taken off this Earth as soon as possible!].

(UPI, Europe, Yahoo news linking to reporting 03 17 2015).

Obama: care more about jobs, war and peace - less about weed

I agree. A youth political website interview advocated to the POTUS that a number one priority of youth voters is to legalize pot.

But this takes place ad nausea, no one cares =

Associated Press ^ | Mar 16, 2015 5:47 PM EDT | Stephen Ohlemacher
Federal agencies made $125 billion in improper payments last year,

Obama replied: "Young people: I understand this is important to you, but as you be thinking about climate change, the economy and jobs, war and peace, maybe way at the bottom you should be thinking about marijuana," Obama said. However ( Arc here) Obama got into office because of the Pot Smoking Youth, who saw him celebrate weed smoking in his younger days as the reason he would be a cool president. No one knows what people speak about on Climate Change? Is it over population, is it white people are evil, is it CO2 by Majority babies being born in the U.S.A. which are latin, spewing CO2 methanes into our atmosphere? They are not clear, it is just a bad human, you are to blame, pay me all your bank account government mentality. also, a little history: Barack Hussein Obama ii banned 38,000 Black Chicago Families their Constitutional Voting Right Act privileges to win the white dominated Democratic Chicago Senate Seat. (/ Arc here) .

Come take an Entire State for Your Own Country, Cheap too in relative world political meanings !

Men Pressured Oregon governor to sign sweeping automatic voter registration into law. Now all you have to do is fly from China, like 500,000 people, bring a puppet ruler, vote them into office and then annex Oregon, and call it a Chinese Province. Done deal. That is how the U.S. elites work. Everything is for sale for a Price, that is the new Babylon. Also hurry up before La Raza takes it for Mexico! And it is OK to lie on your applications for voting registration, Obama publicly announced that, 'yes, politicians do lie,' and that is what you are when you decide to become a voter registrant and practitioner. I don't but that is just me.  ( an actual quote, by Obama!).


best comment:

l 22 minutes ago

Not sayin' I'd pass it myself at the moment, but there should be a voter aptitude test.
I fail to see how people voting based on what they see on TV could be considered democracy

mrz865 18 minutes ago

That is a terrible idea that would be exploited to the benefit of the corrupt. Wait, you're right, that does sound like democracy.

( Arc= as a response, this poster has been brain washed by the U.S.A. school system. The USA is corrupt and the foreigners are not, so the foreigners should take over America.).


Jesus gave #2 commandments, most Christians follow #1 and disdain #2. That means what the bible  cites as a problem amongst Christians: there are  a plethora of false ones. These are the only rules he said to follow; and #2, ' do unto others as ..." has the least followers among Christ. You cannot get to heaven if you ignore his @2 commandment. Forget the Hebrew Bible, most of those codes came from the atheist inspired Hammurabi law codes, basically fascism and classism discorsed in that day's languages. .


Crimea some food!

Germany's goal remains to restore the Crimean Peninsula to Ukraine, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday, and she is but a part of the Anti Christ Movement that seeks to genocide Millions of Europeans living in the Russian domains. Her policies are so bunk, the German economy wants to move out to the U.S.A. She sux the teat of Obama's ill-sour-milk. ARC = the Crimean Peninsula to Ukraine is the feeding place for all Russians, including Asians in Siberia. The German KKK leader, Merkel wants all of them dead, because Obama and her plan is to stop Russians from eating, giving Putin an excuse to nuke Europe. She is so evil it is not even funny. Obama is the anti Christ, so we expect what he does.

Arc Michael

10:35 AM ( Keith from Google + on the Eve Gene). However, there is also a new descovery that DNA not linked to MtDNA exists all over the planet.

Here in California, the Latins and Browns align to say California is there because of the indigenous populations, look brown, so the connection is made. So LA RAZA says, all whites and blacks must leave Cal, and leave their homes and money, get out. But DNA proves that most indigenous of the west America ( native Indians) have Asian DNA, so they must have come over from a land bridge during the last Ice Age 10,000 BC.  Good article. --However, there is also a new discovery that DNA not linked to MtDNA exists all over the planet. The dude, who went and worked at my School, UC Berkeley died  in 1991, he developed the EVE GENE thing but we have discovered plenty of new stuff since then.

Solar Energy:

Arc Michael

8:41 PM
It cost $12,000 for a 12 inch x 4 inch new solar battery, carry on person, you can roll it up and power most of your electronics. That was featured in the Cal senate ( Sacramento, CA) a month ago. So solar the only good clean energy has a huge pricetag, so for now we need fossils fuals although oil is not made out of dynobones. lolz. 

personal solar power for on board persons, in transit or traveling to power all devices for  free, multiple powers, all solar is a 12 inch by 4 inch rolled up to expanded , flexible, solar panel, costing about $12,000 a foot. That is the future but  no one can afford it , and no one in the developing countries but their rich and elite, who can --- fossil fuels, which are not  really fossils is our current future of energy. Until we get tech much cheaper. Stop blaming one party or the other, you people are just angry dolts. No one wants to kill the planet ( maybe i) they want clean but reasonable priced energy. ( updated posted ).

Is Homosexualism a choice in culture?

some anony. posted:
> >" It is for the bible thumpers.  For them it requires biblical instruction to refrain from homosexuality and bestiality and such. "

I replied:

OP is retarded by the school  system.

when u escape Egypt with 200,000 you have phonetician Canaanite leftovers, w/hittite dwindling but strong, and an emergent rich warrior Egyptian class, you better produce babies, not homo men.  That is the Hebrew Bible. YOu need [to] make soldiiers, and women make babies then, got it tardos? Moses and Aron built an Ethnic group with its own military force. You cannot have lesbian/homomen and not thinking about survival! [You face millions of humans with odds against you!] The Moses Model was used for European rulers to Muscovy rulers and ad nausea. USA was 1820-1940s. When you have too many people, Jesus threw out the Hebrew codes, so he does not say Homos are bad. Paul does but Jesus never asked Paul to be a disciple, he only asked him, why is he persecuting me (Jesus). Jesus did not say do not put a man's cock in your mouth. Moses, which laws were [sic] from the atheist hammurabi codes of old does not want you to suck on cocks. He wants you to produce soldiers for survival. [If Israel is Hebrew Bible, all their gays are breaking their own laws, and that is like a huge population of Israelis! brackets are added].

u people are like really dumbed down -- the school system must have wrapped your head in cellophane? (

upated: Elton John ( not a good person, nor a good homo) wants to boycott Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana because these two fashion designers said that families are important, and being gay like John, families are the worst, they produce productive people and gays need  chaos, according to the low IQ freako and human hater Elton John. The ‘ton’ inside his name means PIT, like the pit to hell.

Global Warming Off The Charts -- It is hot in LA, but must be that week old solar flare, man it is like summer in March!

Boston breaks 20-year snowfall record

Berkeley prof forces students to tweet pro-Islam views ...

Jeb Bush used his private e-mail account as Florida governor to discuss security and military issues such as troop deployments to the Middle East and to control US policy form a secret email sever-- Washington Post.

VINDICATED: Researcher punished for exposing climate fraud beats UCLA

Culturally American Divide: Issue why we cannot get along?

ARC +People love  the money that  comes form first rate  jobs but hate the country for what it stands for: begun by Atheist Racists, fought a civil war over racism, fought in  the streets in the 1960s for more racism, and racist topics are the number one priority of Obama. People often get sick and tired of this but racism is a quadrillion dollar business!  So,  people love money more than the land..




Within Temptation is a Dutch symphonic metal band founded in 1996 by vocalist Sharon den Adel and guitarist Robert Westerholt.[1 wiki]. This band is truely gifted in song wrighting and performing. I wish I had money to see them. 'Mother Earth' was played as Matt Drudge's bumper music during the Clinton selling nuclear weapons for campaign cash in the late 1990s and early 2000s. People constantly called in to ask who it was and Matt would never say, perhaps hoping more people would tune in because that song is so catchy and melodically delicious -- and yet tinged with anger and 'urgency.' Although inspired by Nightwish, who came before, W. Temptation took it to a whole new level. It is almost cinimamusic scope with metal as its base, so cool. Nightwish with Emaginarium perhaps is catching up, but their messages are a little to warped. They Confuse a Christian ( women as priests and leaders) with false make dominated Church, false Christians -- though not all the men, most of them are good. The problem for European education is that from the 1920s A.D. in southern France, the Annal School planned to dumb down Christians to mere dolts and they have achieved this with tremendous success. For example, when they tell you in the Bible when Jesus says, 'if someone slaps you on the left cheek, turn and offer them your right cheek -- that is not pacifism but revolting activism, because Jesus says over and over I bring a Sword, not Peace. Islam is the religion of Peace, not Christians. They are warriors, not pacifists. But in European schools so retarded by evil people's pedagogical programs, you can see why they hate the Bible -- they simply cannot understand it. Still Nightwish is more entertaining then black metal or all the various heavy hate and Satan music because they took invoke the Bible.

the next best thing is Nightwish. noted reason, the use of a female frontlady, much mimiced.

Nightwish is a symphonic athiest metal band from Kitee, Finland. The band was formed in 1996 by lead songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, guitarist Emppu Vuorinen, and lead singer Tarja Turunen. The band soon picked up drummer Jukka Nevalainen, and then bassist Sami Vänskä after the release of its debut album, Angels Fall First (1997). In 2002, Vänskä was replaced by Marco Hietala, who also took over the male vocalist role previously filled by Holopainen or guest singers. On October of 2013, after filling in during a tour, Floor Jansen was asked to be a pernament lead, the third Nightwish lead female singer. Nightwish will becoming to Los Angeles in early May, at the Greek Theater, I wish I had money to see them. The prices are not outlandish, I just have absolutely no money. Jansen's first name for her band, then changed it was Apocalypse. However, form a You Tube interview from Europe she seems anti-Christian, the Olsen replacement narrative a sorry excuse, perhaps in fear of Muslims. and totally atheist. In this manner she is a fake, Jesus said 'I bring a sword not peace,' and turn the other cheek is not pacifist but idiomatic expression, treat me correctly or I kill you! Islam is the religion of peace, therefore Jansen or other women of Europe's anti Christs need to put on bedsheets over their female forms as Islam is all about gays and promoting the male body. Richard "Clinton Richard Dawkins " will be a prominent piece of Nightwish's new album with Jansen heading it up, and this is a tragedy. The Annal school's tremendous success led to a cultural takeover by an overt pacifist, weak, and sissy European white culture. Can you blame God to want to kill these woosies and scardy-cats who allow others to push them around? Why have these on any planet?

From 1995 until 2008 Dawkins headed up British ideology and Muslims took over the U.K. and now want all English out, the people who follow this duffas remain that stupid. With  Tuomas Holopainen the lead writer for the group, so you really cannot fire him, like you cannot fire Rudolf Schenker ( a main songwriter)  form the Scorpions, this is a sad thing! Of this meaning while he  can compose music,  his ideas are bunk and he rather stupid - thus spreading moronism.

Disclaimer: Doro and The Gathering  were symphonic, including the last years of Queen. This came out of theatrical rock, of some prominent acts like Alice Cooper and at time David Bowie. 'So symphonic musica  has  no beginnings with Nightwish.  Even before that it was Frank  Zappa, crazy blues, jazz, symphonica  -- and we can throw in Pink, acid pioneer musicals, Floyd, in the mix. However, we can say that Nightwish and this genre, they were a part of a movement to put lead female singers as a rule of thumb into their line-up --- but not the first. It is like saying an English rock club called U.F.O. was where the British-German guitar hero, U.F.O. took its name, and they are the influence of Arena Rock , all of them! ---- and they once opened for Blue Oyster Cult, another quasi early symphonic or fantasy rock music of the late 1970s. The Songs that changed musical direction came from the minor 3rd, Black Sabbath's debut album, Nirvana’s Teen Spirit ( Recorded near me, in LA) is a rock progression of a minor third, it shut down rock music as we knew it by this one song and kicked off alternative and the poorly named grunge Seattle strain of music of the 1990s. Beethoven's fifth symphony and his Napoleon ( now named #3 Symphony) . The Southern California band that shock the world in the 1980s and inspired a movement of Speed/slash metal, Slayer's Reign in Blood , also uses a diminish 3rd progression, a fan and my favorite. The later has affiliation to Nightwish, in that the music has a heavy format and fuzzy erratic stops and stars and soundscape. There is an anger present, due to ignorance and also good anger of outrage against the top authorities, often but not a constant theme as the biggest selling slash-metal act, Metallica has proven by self absorbed nonsensical lyrics, often too homo-bizarre master - slave relationship for my liking, but then again they are from the Bay Area and that is the world's specialist place for bizarre power-exchange alternative lifestyles. Once can even hear hints of Cinderella, a metal band of the multi-acts for the hair-days 1980s Los Angeles period, so well documented.


Holopainen wears a Christian Cross in many of the band's concept art and photoartistry, which is a Christian symbol. The Bible thumpers they and Richard may be mad at are but false Christians, which there are millions of them. NightWish seems not to make any distinction and groups all of them into the insane asylum category, very sad. Christians are warriors and moralists not narcissistic turds like Dawkins who over saw the Islamination of Britain. A message to Nightwish, since you people are a little dense. Those Muslims want you off their planet.  You hide up in Finland or Norway, and believe you are superior when you are just escaping the battlefield.  The Roosevelt’s ( Mason,  not Christian), the Dullas’ ( International religion, anti-Christian) and the Bushes ( KKK, anti Hebrew, anti Christian, Moslem sympathetic) are all false Christians and these are the defacto rulers of American families of the 20 th century.  Their policies shaped our world, under a Satanic plan, not God’s, duffases!  They are called False Christians, you can read that interpretation in the Bible you so seem to despise, but apparently cannot comprehend.


Women as lead roles in bands is ancient, and started with music in Motown and Memphis Tenn. and later moved to Hollywood, and the Sunset strip. Opera trainee turned metal-rock legend (not to forget the runaways or Leda Ford or Joan Jett's later careers) Pat Benatar rocked in the 1980s heading up the female rock-n-roller singer was heavily played on American F.M. Music Radio stations. I saw her at a North Hollywood clothing store in the 1990s, she is so cute. She stays out in Hawaii, and later comers, Social Distortion, turned Metallica basses and lead Metallica guitarist love to ride the waves, so they have nice pads on the islands. In the 1950s and even before, we had all women singing groups, of all colors. So women as front people is a rather late thing to Finland and Norway. It is an embarrassment they claim progressive modernity when they are just history-illiterate.

As far as symphonica music, this is a small genre, the people that love symphonies will go to a concert of the classical music movement, which started in late 1500s and then took off in stride by the mid 18 th century.



Rammstein (Germany) and ( San Francisco, U.S.A. ) Metallica are both gay bands, mainly male oriented. Both have exceptially gifted writers and performers but tend toward a male experience or expression, pure homo style stuff. Metallica is probably the top metal band because their first ground breaking album to which had many left over riffs taken from studio timme from Dave Mustane ( formed Megadeth) , who Lars & James threw- out of the band because he has political views, and Metallica has only gay homo views and elitist views. The Lars & James self absorb characters paid off and both Lars and James are of the richest of all metal figures in music history.

Glenn Beck to Republicans: 'Enough is enough ... I'm out'

Posted: 03/18/2015, 12:31pm | Chad Merda

Not only is conservative radio host Glenn Beck leaving the Republican party, he’s urging others to “run from the Republican party,” saying “they are not good.”


McDonald’s beating in Brooklyn was a planned attack, thugs had been hunting victim since January, prosecutors say

Fox news is about celebrities and big breasted hosts chit-chatting about nonsensicalness, only for rich people -- very out of touch and not informative.

Obama did not end the GOP? Nope, they did it to themselves. The alternative was Obama and so the people voted for him. If you look at recent legislation, like pregnant mother's paid leave, New York GOP State Senators are now promoting this, when before they would call it a left-wing waste, while fleecing billions behind the scenes for their 1%ers. The GOP killed Kennedy ( along with DNC), they put in Reagan that destroyed worker rights and enacted laws to have foreign workers take over all of our jobs, Bush H. W., he put Saddam into power under Reagan and then made up the Kuwaiti invasion, including false film of Iraqi soldiers killing babies, to make war in the Middle East to take out Saddam, but the U.N. voiced their concerns too loud and had to wait until his son was in office to remove his own mistake. The GOP has really made a mess of our lives and have never apologized or made things better. They, The GOP, deserve to go Directly To Hell. –Michael 3.13.2015

This is one of my past lives. Discussions released on my birthday for this life 03 05 2015 A.D.

Alexandre César Léopold Bizet Commonly known as Georges Bizet.

Gassonet: scientist, creator, and day labor in the medicinal field.



- Born 2.6 milies from down town Los Angeles .

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    Bobby Jihdal ( Hindu) is the only choice for U.S. GOP ( Rhoads scholar to England, not a community organizer or C.I.A. Bush Family.

    GOP TO ATTACK THE MIDDLE CLASS & POOR from 2015- 2017 A.D. Message to the Americans, these are super criminals of all time in all of history, they need to be eradicated from the planet if it will survive.

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