Chào buổi sáng = Good Morning.

np.lexity = N.S.A. spy snooper program on your computer.

sex slave trafficker

(Nigerian) Billionaire Businessman Dies at 85 {Please Send Bank Transfer]

Latin Americans unite against USA...

Come : " Election Day 2016, taxpayers will have paid out more than $16 million to fund Bill Clinton’s pension, travel, office expenses and even the salaries and benefits of staff at his family’s foundation, federal records show." - Politico ^ | March 12, 2015 | Kenneth P. Vogel.

 Microsoft announced it would slow down the ... windows 8 compatibility mode to Google in order to force more money out of  your pocket because Bill ( Anti Christ) Gates has not yet reached a GA zillionaire status.

Hackers, Probing Clinton Server, Cite Security Lapses [Where's Lanny Davis?] How does anyone think 'Guccifer' EU hacker got into her private accounts? A "contributing editor to National Review Shannen Coffin said there’s “no doubt” that, if Hillary Clinton signed the usual exit form claiming she turned over all relevant records to the State Department, she “knowingly and willfully” violated federal law and could face fines or imprisonment..." National Review ^ | March 12, 2015 | Brendan Bordelon

First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a “Nowruz” celebration of the Iranian New Year, at the White House as Republicans sent a letter explaining they do not trust Iran on nuclear weapons. Michelle has not complained that Iran murders their anti gov supporters and alternative lifestyle citizens. Maybe Michelle loves how gays are hung by the dozen at a time, because she has not complained and we know that Obama is Muslim, he claims so in his own book!

Exclusive: ISIS using Christians as human shields


Mexico Torture routine and Common Arab-ISil practices coming to your town.

A 42-year-old woman running for mayor has been kidnapped and decapitated in a southwestern Mexican state where previous killings sparked the biggest crisis of President Enrique PeIna Nieto's administration. -- Just like ISil, these people love to chopp-off the heads.

Univision host fired for 'Planet of Apes' Michelle Obama remark

Los Angeles (AFP) - The United States' largest Spanish-language television channel has fired a key presenter who said First Lady Michelle Obama looked like a cast member from "Planet of the Apes," Univision said Thursday.

To: tbw2

Yeah, I’m done with National Geographic. Every issue has multiple mentions of global warming. I didn’t even open last month’s issue. I just threw it straight in the trash.

8 posted on Thursday, March 12, 2015 3:12:31 PM by 762X51


Kuwaiti preacher calls for destruction of 'pagan' pyramids and Sphinx

Obama Threatens State Senator or anyone who denies his IS Caliphate. CBS supports ISIl so they back Obama, see how they say anti Obama.

Maine Lawmaker Won’t Resign Over Anti-Obama

Mar 11, 2015 · Maine Lawmaker Won’t Resign Over Facebook Post Suggesting Obama’s Family Members Part Of ISIS

China accuses Dalai Lama of 'profaning' Buddhism by signalling end to reincarnation

Portsmouth, Va. – Portsmouth Sheriff Bill Watson says he is furious after a group of judges told him to take down an American flag display. = GOP support this, this has been going on for decades. They do nothing, lip service complainers are fraudos. (WRK VA news) + Sen. Mitch McConnell works for the Anti Christ. Just saying.

Iran Just Unveiled Its New Long-Range Cruise Missile

The USA fired one and it was a dud, under Clinton! Iranians bought it from the Pakis, Talibanis, and back engineered it. Typical historical response. The Carthaginians used to beat up on Rome, until the Romans Republicas took control of a lost, shipwrecked Punic One Cartho ship and back engineered it. The same iwth the Japanese Zero, before we modified our Spirt-Fires, they dominated the U.S. Air Force. So back engineering is a part of our collective histories. The same goes with Bill Clinton's errant cruise missiles fired at aspirin factories and allege terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the mid to late 1990s.

Under a Canadian Chancellor (R.B.), while I was at UC Berkeley, the Saudi Royals agreed to fund the rich elitists with gifts if they propose and built a new Moslem School. Well now that has happened, here it is : Zaytuna College in Berkeley, Calif., & you can get a degree too, and then get a job, it is fully accredited. March 2015 A.D.

Our inability to alter what is actual frustrates our grandiose delusions of being sovereign over everything. Yet the truth is that we cannot escape the existential rub by running from a moral law. Objective moral values exist only if God exists. Is it all right, for example, to mutilate babies for entertainment? Every reasonable person will say “no.” We know that objective moral values do exist. Therefore, God must exist. Examining those premises and their validity presents a very strong argument. ( God’s Dupes? ^ | August 1st, 2008 | Ravi Zacharias

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IMF approves $17.5 billion loan program for Ukraine

Asia News ^ | 3/10/15
Between 14 and 17 March, the Japanese Church will honour the Catholics who survived two and a half centuries of persecution in Nagasaki by keeping their strong Catholic beliefs without priests or missionaries

State Dept. sued over Clinton email release

AP takes legal action to force the disclosure of emails and documents from the former secretary of state's tenure.  'Significant issues' » Since Oswald was photographed outside of DTSBD during the shots of J.F.K assassination, In Time Life Mag to boot, the U.S.A. has gone totally corrupted. The U.S. life time government workers believe they can get away with robbery and murder and nothing will be done to them. But in 2016, The Constitution will be severed.


Kerry says Congress cannot modify any Iran-U.S. nuclear agreement

John Kerry Announced that Congress is now not relevant and King Obama is the New Deal. That is Treason, and 100% of what the U.S. Constitution proposes as a rule of Congressional law. Obama, Clinton, Reagan, Bushes are all treasonites, get lost fools. Kerry said Obama is king, Congress has no power, yesterday. US CONST. gone, the country is ruled by DEVILS.

Iraq Arrests ISIS Advisors, US And Israelis Held

Americans helping ISil, at least some Moslems are fighting the good fight.


in 1998-'99 we had a double -whammy solar flare cycle, made  ahockey stick looking graph, then the  sun cooled down, and has gone cold of  recent. the CO2 butt farts gig is over, they lost!

Scientists of today are mediocre retards, and greedy foolios. ( usenetpost by me). added here: some colleges and institutions are telling their staff not to use these terms," Climate change" or "Global Warming" because the Earth has had a cooling trend for 15+ years now. We just set snow records at Boston Mass.

Obama on Arabs built this country:

one thing people do not know is that the African slaves on ships, first were Portuguese and Spanish, then British, but by the time of the USA Colonies, just before the Revolution, the Arabs manned  these ships. They also controlled the Russian England India Company, in fact the USA flag is based on one of its schematic color designs.

the Boston Tea was brought by Arab sea farers at that time the best in the  world.

In fact, Obama's father side was a Moslem slave trader, he carried slaves to sail to the new world.  That was hope and change for Obama who loves ISil or LA RAZA, not  Africans. --Michael 03 11 2015 A.D.


a quadrillion dollars will buy you a hamburger in about 10 months.

( -- The U.S. has a $210 trillion “fiscal gap” and “may well be in worse fiscal shape than any developed country, including Greece,” Boston University economist Laurence Kotlikoff told members of the Senate Budget Committee in written and oral testimony on Feb. 25.

“The first point I want to get across is that our nation is broke,” Kotlikoff testified. “Our nation’s broke, and it’s not broke in 75 years or 50 years or 25 years or 10 years. It’s broke today. "Indeed, it may well be in worse fiscal shape than any developed country, including Greece," he said. (See Kotlikoff---Testimony-to-Senate-Budget-Committe)

Obama Knew All About Hillary's E-mail

Thursday, FBI Director James Comey criticized Apple’s encryption, the post App6 update with more encryption.

Obama Family’s 2014 Christmas Vacation Cost Taxpayers $3,672,798 in Transportation Expenses

But he claims he is KING now, so don't fret, just die for your dear leader. Burp!

To avoid handing over all of the 42 subpoenaed tapes to the House Judiciary Committee, Nixon instead released 1,254 pages of edited transcripts of 20 tapes in the spring of 1974. But the transcripts caused a national sensation as Americans glimpsed behind closed doors for the first time at a cynical Nixon who frequently used obscene language in the Oval Office, in contrast to his carefully tailored public image. The transcripts also revealed Nixon frequently discussing Watergate including the raising of "hush money" to keep the burglars quiet. ( history/herstory place).

Hillary Clinton: I didn't see any reason to keep private emails (youtube video from today)


BBC News ^ | 3/10/15 | BBC
Hillary Clinton: "I thought using one device would be simpler; obviously it hasn't worked out that way" Hillary Clinton has told reporters she used private emails out of "convenience" during her time as secretary of state....

William Jefferson Clinton iii and Hillary Rodham Clinton both said they used private emails while Bill was in office, breaking numerous laws of the U.S.A. Constitution.

Hillary Clinton today admitted she had deleted as many as 31, 830 personal emails she sent as Secretary of State and deleted them all and many were done in the late 1990s, and she says that you people are my scumbag peons, I am God. -- Hillary Clinton. & Bill Clinton a wacko racist brew.

DISASTER: Hillary said she emailed with Bill...
BUT spokesman claims he only has sent two in his life...
BOTH while president...

Staff 'Handpicked' Questions At Press Conference...
The circus is back in town...
Media Demons Return To Haunt...


Tree Worship. the Tree of Life:

The Papyrus of Ani Chaps XXVII - ( LVIII = 53)
Vignette: The scribe of Ani, arrayed in white apparel, kneeling in adoration under the branches of a large fine sycamore tree [ taken there by Merti Goddess on a boat ~ themed transportation of old], which is growing by the side of a lake of water ( symbols later ascribed to the stars of our current Aquarius Constellation). Almost hidden in the branches is the figure of the Goddess, Nut, who is giving Ani a table of food with one hand, and a vessel of pure water with the other. The tree appears to be a sycamore fig-tree, and to be laden with fruit. This Vignette suggests that at one  time tree worship was common in Egypt, as it is in certain other parts of Africa at the present day. –p. 285, of Obtaining Air, the Papyrus of Ani, trans (?) prepared by Sir. Wallis Budge, in three editions from 1890-1894,m and the current book referenced here was  prepared’ The Book of the Dead’ ( a fad name not the  original name) for the British Museum in 1920.


We as a culture of USA since LBJ have run a program called  the Great  Society. In that Great Society, the USA people have never  revolted. It was established that Multiculturalism will be the rule  of law. So pedastry, murder, rape, sexchildren slaves,' must be  celebrated and laws that restrict this must be overturned so NOT TO OFFEND ANYONE"S BELIEF SYSTEMS. were you born retarded or something? this has been going on for 50 years and people support it. so Islam promising young boys in heaven is not much of a moral comparative stretch, eh retardo? usenet ( originally

NAACP Leader Slams Obama’s Executive Amnesty: ‘Our Kids Have Dreams Too’ [VIDEO]

CIA Aided Program to Spy on Cellphones...

Secret alliance with domestic law enforcement...

man USA whites are the dumbest thing around.

Hillary Clinton Has a Richard Nixon Problem - Todd Purdum, Politico

Google is broken in IE11 on Windows 8.1 [updated]

for me too and all others, it works like 3 times a week. We do not have 3 hours to wait for a 77kb photo to load, total epic fail. NSA must be blocking it while they rip all from your personal computers and Google must have been paid off.

Christians Can fight back and will not be punished in the afterlife, anyway you can to stop these demons. Hillary Rodham Clinton to the lake of Fire: gragh.

White house ( cannot get on google + For five hours, no one else can either)

White House: Obama traded email with private Clinton account * Yahoo AP reporting front page

-- Official form White House Correspondent to News media, briefing.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama knew that Hillary Rodham Clinton conducted business on a nongovernment email account while secretary of state, but only recently learned the details of the privately run system she was operating, the White House said Monday. Obama claimed over and over for years, if I use EOs, then call me KING. OK,KING OBIE WAN BOMBYA NAIROBI!


let us tear this place down

I support Ben Carson and Bobby Jindal, only. Will not or ever vote for a Republican who are actually RINOS ( Republicans in Name Only) ever again. they have never done anything for me. CNN white racists are attacking Ben over issues they say themselves -- a black lynching ensues. When can we throw Anderson ( silver-spooned rich boy) and Wolf Racist Blitzer ( sounds so NAZI) onto the unemployment line?

U.S. President Barack Obama issued an executive order on Monday declaring Venezuela a national security threat, because heay, they willl not allow him to play gold here.

flash took off the plates.

So where I park my car at night for much of my adult life has a new threat. 12502 Milbank st., Studio City, been parking there for over 25 years) dude sent someone after me in early December to cryptically say they want all the homeless out of their area -- he came on foot with phone and recorder, I started to claim he was a robber or terrorist, so he started to talk clean But would not say who put him up to this. So I was making coffee when a man came walking briskly by and a very short period, he went the other way. So I looked and he was like skip walking, very fast, and I thought that was unusual. so I followed him and he went into the corner house, a cul-de-sac, the streets are not linked to Whitsitt. I noticed a very rich silver Mercedes not well parked and I saw him go into the house and turn on his garage lights. After I took to photos with a flash of that car, he started to blink his garage lights. I had my window open of my car when I was drinking coffee, and he could have spoken to me. But I remember what that dude said to me about the neighbors. He claimed that they did not understand about jobs, and could not understand why there are any homeless anywhere. To decrypt what he was saying to him and he was relating to me was that he does not care, so he automatically is not a Christian. That makes him a terrorist. If I was parking in the same spot for 25 years and suddenly this event happens then something is obviously wrong. It sucks on my birthday to have my car stalling, perhaps breaking down completely, nowhere to go and two terrorists after me for being just me. Then that Mercedes chased me back to the Library and out the driveway. The street  is not his, nor  is it in his view. There is a dividing wall. Nor do I make noise, so something bad is happening there in which the owner(s) does not want people near him.


Also a black large SUV plates # 1zzz615, chevy , black airport pick up tag.

Suicide is OK, when Racists all over the world.

White teens all over America are committing suicide because of racist leaders like the Clintons, Bushes and Reganites. More teens who are killing themselves are choosing suffocation and strangling, government researchers reported Thursday. And more young women are committing suicide, disease and center of control. 02050 2015. A.D.


This is one of my past lives. Discussions released on my birthday for this life 03 05 2015 A.D.

Alexandre César Léopold Bizet Commonly known as Georges Bizet.

Gassonet: scientist, creator, and day labor in the medicinal field.

Syrian Christians Losing Homes from 2,000 years ago. Some Arab Moslems are also complaining about these inhospitable culture shifts, due to Hillary, Bushes, Obama, Rice, Demsey's, Assad's and Iran's support of ISil. Geb Bush claims he wants full amnesty for ISil’s group, he wrote the ONE WORLD BUSH CONTROLLER DOC, held up by Susan Rice on Charlie Rose’s show in 2014,  Spring and Charlie leaped for Joy!  Charlie is a liar he will deny it because the plan is for Satan to take over Earth.

"As a minority Christian, combined with the displacement of populations and the desecration of holy sites and relics, he holds the fear that once the fighting has settled, 'there [will be] nothing to prove that I belong there.'" #Syria


Hillary Clinton has committed Treason: Federal Records Act; if the U.S.A. does not follow a Constitution, why have one at all?

ISSA: Clinton could have committed a crime...

Hillary in 1996: To Avoid Subpoenas ‘I Don’t Write Anything Down’

neither do People who practice Rob peter to pay paul.

Benghazi Committee Chairman: "Gaps" In Clinton Emails

You will lose your job if you do not bow down to Kiddie Rapers

Chelsea defends Her parents selling nuclear weapons for foreign infusion of campaign cash in the 1990s and destroying the U.S.A. Constitution by conducting State Department business on home-private servers so Hillary can delete or hide from the U.S. people her actions for raising $25 Million dollars from Moslems in Saudi Arabia for shariah law access in the U.S.A.

ISIS attacked the archaeological site at Nimrod today, and Libya says their oil fields are in the hands of the militants and Hillary was playing games on her computers. Obama is a sorry murdering sob, not an excuse for a welfare baby. Obama over and over told the U.S. and the world ISil is nothing, they are not a threat, they are the good guys.

Obama Credits 1965 Selma March for Inspiring His Birth In 1961? | Obama claimed to be God already, a selfish lying goon.

Tens of thousands attend anti-Netanyahu rally in Tel Aviv... | 03082015AD.

Sen. Feinstein: Netanyahu's Speech "Humiliating, Embarrassing And Very Arrogant"

Colin Powell Still Sees ‘Dark Vein of Racism’ in GOP, Country at Large | We should replace Colin to the office of Pres. Obama is an ISil lover and supporter, they rape children and sell them on twitter who claims they will not take it down, because they get reallly big shareholder returns. Pioneer SoCal slasher-metal band, SLAYER, 2003 title song theme: "The World Has Gone Insane!"

More deported foreign nationals are returning to US illegally

A Proposal from Milan: Making Space for Religion

"Initially a speech celebrating the 1,700th anniversary of the Edict of Milan, the watershed declaration of 313 AD by which emperors Constantine and Licinius granted legal rights to Christians, Let’s Not Forget God provides a serious, if brief, examination of the prospects of religious liberty under the regime of secularism, although it does so by turning to earlier days of the Church." ( A Proposal.....).

Socialism is Patronism = same thing.

Saudi 'whistle-blower' claims TWITTER suspended account after 'pressured'... ( put in twitter apok).

LIFE IS GOOD: First family rack up tens of millions on 38 Obama holidays...

Being Gay Not a Choice: Science Contradicts Ben Carson

N.B.C. attacks black man because they rule be white supremecy: Every one is bi sexual, born that way if you like it or not. Scientists told us lead was good as food for 25 years, despite battles in Congress to the contrary. The U.S. Scientists told us that abestoes was a good insulator, although it casued and causes cancer -- they are liars and then 2,400,-2,3000 years ago they claimed anyone who denies the flat earth will be destroyed pyublically and privately.

CRUZ: Menendez probe politically motivated...
'If you dare part from Obama, criminal prosecutions will be used as weapon'...

Former UK Equality Chief: anti-racism is an “ugly new doctrine” (admits anti-racism = anti-white)

3/7/2015, 11:17:23 AM · by E. Pluribus Unum
Conservative Headlines ^ | 03/07/2015
Trevor Philips, the former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, has conceded that his own policies have led to “thought control” and harmed the British people.He says that “anti-racism” has been turned into an “‘ugly new doctrine.” He says that anti-racism has endangered lives by aiding Islamic terrorists and Pakistani rape gangs.Philips is now calling for people to speak openly about race, without worrying about offending people.



BBC, or BULL, Bullocks Company.

British Broadcasting Company + New York Times, some top personal, covered up pedophilia charges over top Television Personalities because they were the elite, in crowd. So much for trusting the BBC, or BULL, Bullocks Company.

BBC for 20+ Years covered up #1 British TV personality show of Child Sex Rings and Murder

Jimmy Savile, as a pedophile was covered up by the BBC World News for a long time, and allegations from all over to boys homes and hospitals were all people complaining about themselves on social media. Yet, Jeffry Epstein, a convicted Pedophile had Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and others over his child sex island in the Caribbean, and this too was not an internet rumor. The Secret Service came out and said they escort a young women to Bill  Clinton’s home where Hillary has secret State Department servers on them, they call her the ‘Energizer’ – or what Bill Calls her, caught on.

Savile had been a British institution, presenting TV shows during the 1970s and '80s that attracted huge audiences. Now police investigators suspect that he was abusing hundreds of children, even on BBC property. We had Bill Cosby ,the prototype American dad, and endless waves of women from all different decades have come out of the woodwork to claim he raped them or drugged them first and raped them, but they were scared due to the male culture.

BBC child sex abuse scandal - Videos - CBS News

UK PMs and Connection to US Presidents Child Sex Rings and Murder Childs to shut them up, Global Satanic Rituals now openly discussed in British Parliament . David Cameron at 10 Downing St. called for a ‘rare emergency meetings. ‘  You know people  children are defenseless.

United Kingdom Rulers and Queen are involved in Murder Children, sex slave islands, and a whole lot of Satanic rituals. How sickening is this to our world? Bill Clinton cited, as well as Harvard professors who take young children to convicted child molester Jeffery Epstein’s Rape and Murder the Child islands in the Caribbean, and goes to 10 Downing Street too.

Epstein, now a convicted sex child offender pointed fingers at Prince Andrew, of the U.K. He participated – while no video now exist, the rumors are rant with explosive details.

ISIS controls as many as 90,000 Twitter accounts ( Hillary at also has many other ISil funding channels at her home on State Dept Computers because they love child sex like the BBC!

Read more:

TWITTER: 'Further study is required to evaluate the unintended consequences of suspension campaigns and their attendant trade-offs. On the issue of over 6,000 ISil accounts. Twitter argues that ISil is a huge revenue stream and social pressure by leaving up the terrorist twitter channels is good for all -- really?

Read more:
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Patriot Act #2 by JANET Napolitano = All Christians Are Terrorists and Death is the Gov's Goal. However, Janet from California said that Hillary Clinton ( personal State Dept. servers in her home) can get 3 years in jail and barred from ever holding office again! 030502015. update Politico claims Obama was told in August of 2014, that means Obama with others, including Boehner are under U.S. LAWS of TREASON.


White House alerted to potential Clinton email problem in August

3/6/2015, 12:48:03 PM · by SeekAndFind · 10 replies
Politico ^ | 03/06/2015 | By EDWARD-ISAAC DOVERE
The White House, State Department and Hillary Clinton’s personal office knew in August that House Republicans had received information showing that the former secretary of state conducted official government business through her private email account — and Clinton’s staff made the decision to keep quiet. Sources familiar with the discussions say key people in the Obama administration and on Clinton’s staff were aware that the revelation could be explosive for the all-but-announced candidate for president. But those involved deferred to Clinton’s aides, and they decided not to respond. In the end, Clinton’s staff waited six months

Harry Reid and then Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius demanded Obama procecute him because he will not play 'suppress the poor' and ' lie about it' politcs.



The problem is that evil isn’t a thing, it is an action. It is the unwillingness to follow God and an attempt to pervert His will.

Evil began in the spiritual realm when Satan and his followers rebelled against God. Evil began in the physical realm when Adam and Eve sinned against God.

Furthermore, I think this is not an ontological problem, its a taxonomical problem.

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State for 1460 days. She has supposedly turned over 55,000 pages...all of her emails during that time (after kindly removing all those pertaining to Chelsea's wedding.) Politico reports today that State has since turned over just 900 pages containing 300 emails. ( Hillary is a liar)

Chelsea Manning is serving a 35 year sentence behind bars for revealing to the world the world leaders and officials belove Hillary Clinton is married to the Beast.

2 Timothy 3:1-4: "But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God-" Sounds a lot like modern world ideologies.

Jesus said; I am not of this world. And my kingdom is not of this world. (John 8:23 & John 18:36).
Jesus took the time to specifically say; I do NOT pray for this world. (John 17:9). ( return of christ net)

Hillary, Obama's War on Women Cont.... : Record 56,023,000 Women Not in Labor Force...

92,898,000 Americans Not Working... | Labor Force Participation Rate at 37-Year-Low...

Boston Bomber on Trail said in court, day two,

'I was starring in a horror movie': Hollywood Films Influenced Boston Terrorist Bomber

Hollywood always loves to be the center of attention, even if they promote terrorism around the world for box office cash!

First on CNN: Feds prepare criminal corruption charges against Senator Bob Menendez
By Evan Perez and Shimon Prokupecz, CNN
Updated 3:08 PM ET, Fri March 6, 2015
Washington (CNN)The Justice Department is preparing to bring criminal corruption charges against New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez, a Democrat, alleging he used his Senate office to push the business interests of a Democratic donor and friend in exchange for gifts. AM: he is a vocal critic of Obama and Bill Clinton took $44,000,000 from the Chinese Military ( treason!) documented by State dept. and a part of the 1998-'99 Impeachment proceedings, nothing was done to Bill and Hillary , but this person has criticized Barack Hussein Obama over Cuba and his Isil Caliphate of Child Rapers.

NJ Dem Top Critic of Obama Iran Deal...
FLASHBACK: President's Talking Points 'Straight Out of Tehran'...
Blasted deal with Cuba...
Obama's actions have vindicated 'brutal behavior'...

White House's least favorite Dem...

House Dems vow to protect Boehner from conservative coup... | Boehner worked for Clinton in the 1990s, so he is a leftwing kook. His bartender tried to stab him, as he is all about being drunk each day out of his mind. His endless tears are a sign of alcohol poisoning.

UPDATE: Snowden says USA not offering fair trial if he returns...

'Bulldozes' ancient Assyrian city...

Palestinian leaders say they'll cut security coordination with Israel

Israel who denies God cannot survive, period - GOD!

Brooklyn Teen Was Charged With Assaulting A Cop Until This Video Proved The Police Were Lying

Arc Michael
Shared publicly - 2:48 PM
Read the News today. More black youth bloodied for nothing by corrupted white police -- who lied but some videos shows a different narrative. At Ferguson , the white police department called Obama a nigger. Man you people need to unit and stick up for yourselves. The Bush family and The Clintons are two of the most racist families on Earth at this time.

This is the most influential book in USA history to the repressed communities. This book argues that suppressors do not understand anything but violence, so take it too them!

When he was in Cuba, exiled, he sent cassette tapes to Watts ( US had a radio black out from Cuba) and he called for the bussing youth to beat up whites, every day at school. I was a victim for 5 years, friends and my sister had wires wrapped around their throats. When I got to J.R. High school, the LA RAZA or browns did the same, shutting down Holmes Jr. High, Northridge at least twice a semester with 50 cop cars to break it up, they attacked teachers, students and themselves. It put so much fear into whitey, they gave them endless amnesty. What has changed is the wimpy whites now are pacified.

Williams' book Negroes with Guns (1962) details his experience with violent racism and his disagreement with the pacifist wing of the Civil Rights Movement. The text was widely influential; Black Panther Party founder Huey Newton cited it as a major inspiration. Rosa Parks gave the eulogy at Williams’ funeral in 1996, praising him for "his courage and for his commitment to freedom", and concluding that "The sacrifices he made, and what he did, should go down in history and never be forgotten."[1] wikipedia.



ISil, Obama and Hillary's outfit, are destroying history as we know it.


Men have been harassing Ronda Roudy because she is so good at her level and job, so she broke some dude's ribs to demonstrate what they all wanted to know, she can beat up a man. Here is the video. 030602015


- Born 2.6 milies from down town Los Angeles .

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    The Judge that allowed Garner's Killer to go Free will now be put into Stanton Island, US House of Congress as a pay back for a good job at killing, as Bushes say, the Niggahs.

    BOL A | "Gender equality is your issue too. Because to date, I've seen my father's role as a parent being valued less by society despite my needing his presence, as a child.[...] Emma Watson ( Brown U, undergrad degree). The Importance of Parental Wisdom and Guidance

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    Bobby Jihdal ( Hindu) is the only choice for U.S. GOP ( Rhoads scholar to England, not a community organizer or C.I.A. Bush Family.

    GOP TO ATTACK THE MIDDLE CLASS & POOR from 2015- 2017 A.D. Message to the Americans, these are super criminals of all time in all of history, they need to be eradicated from the planet if it will survive.

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