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Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to George Stephanopoulos: ISil are freedom fighters and heros, the Christians are Terrorists and radical Jesusites.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to George Stephanopoulos: ISil are freedom fighters and heroes, the Christians are Terrorists and radical Jesusites. Obama at the national prayer Breakfast claims Christians were terrorists, because of the Crusades. Isis or IS or ISil are not Moslem, they are freedom fighters and heros, someone to look up too -- which is why Obama has really not bombed them, he sends US jets to hit open desert and claims success. The  proto Seljuk turks and Moslems destroyed the 1,000 year old Christian Church at Jerusalem, they placed a global blockade between  Asia and  Europe to starve the Europeans to death. So The Holy Roman Church said, let us have a crusade to save western civilization. Now OFradama? How is that a religious war? The Crusades were a result of genocide by Moslems against Christians. So STFU! = Google + post 02 22 2015 A.D.

Bill Maher: “Why are they impoverished and uneducated? It’s mostly because of the religion”


When I was in my beat up station wagon at Sherman Oaks Cal parking garage, Bill Mahr with his expensive Purple Beamer pull into park and just stared laughing at my poverty. It was if a poor person was not allowed to go to the movies at the previously place called the Galleria. He needs to be dropped into  a lake of fire, IMO.

He is wrong and a racists. The UK/Britz beat up the ME ( 1900= 1945, then the USA beat up the ME ( 1945- Current) that is why they are having problems, not religion.

Afghan central bank branch employees raid their own bank and run |

Janet Napolitano ( Born at Barbados, not in America) Homeland sec. wrote for Obama in Jan 2009, Christians domestic Terrorists are the number one threat to the world, see patriot act #2, and this is real. The Key to understanding this is that Fox and other so-called conservative agencies are actually also anti Americans – and from 1820-1960 this was fully a born and raised Christian country.  No longer, we , according to GOP Bushes, Moslem converts, and Obama who said “ I stand with Islam.’ Is not the country of 1820-1960s.

Hillary Clinton took $2 Billion dollars 2014- 15' as of February from two Terrorist Countries, United Arab Eremites and Saudi Arabia, who with the Bushes helped fund the 11 th September 2,001 Terrorist attacks. Some believe Obama is Moslem, nope not as much as these Clintons.

Obama's Caliphate ISil burns 45 people alive today. 02 20 2015 A.D.

FOX NEWS 2003:

I've covered wars, okay? I've been there. The Falklands, Northern Ireland, the Middle East. I've almost been killed three times, okay.'" -- Bill O'Reilly, who claims to have fought in numerous wars.

Bill O’Reilly’s 1982 Falklands War stories called into question

( yahoo news)



Lawyer: Teen infected by 'superbug' struggling to survive

RARE SNOWSTORM HITS JERUSALEM | And Jerusalem was hit by a “rare snowstorm” around January 7 as well.

Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, will visit Washington, DC and Louisville and brag about how Charles killed Lady Di and how he funds Prince Andrew child sex Island.

The Obama administration will seek an emergency court order to move forward with President Obama’s executive action on ISil immigration. He believes they need jobs, and so Americans are yet again, out of luck.

The GOP & Obama are conducting a new genocide on Millions of People!  Putin threatens to spill the beans. Crimea, the Black Sea were the original Russian people 800 A.D. & before Mongalis-Tatars imperialized it in the 13 th century.  After the Fall of the Berlin Wall,  U.S.A. said we will supply you with grain. That has stopped in 2014, so Putin’s only bread baskets are the Ukrainian agri-fields. That describes the Ukrainian War. If things do not change rather quickly, we are looking toward another world wide war. Why? Barbara Bush and he silent hubby (key central role in J.F.K. assassination) believe they are superior to others of this world. They are pure evil but have myriads of media loyalists – who lie for them and corrupt the minds of our youth daily. Geb Bush wrote the One World Doc that Susan Rice held up on Charlie Rose’s show 2014 A.D., and it calls for more of the Bush family world dominance.


This , above, post has not been approved by the National ( racist) Satanic Agency ( N.S.A.,  1947 A.D.). Edward Snowden would approve.

U.C. Berkeley ( & UCLA) undergrad gov divests from the Republic of Turkey over Genocide memories.

Hillary Clinton Accepting Saudi Money Through Clinton Foundation For Her Campaign.

AWARDS: They don't thank God, they thank Spielberg [and Harvey]...

Huge Coke-Snorting Oscar Statue Appears on Blvd...

Thomas Jefferson: Why Not One Governor is Qualified to be President

O'Reilly blasts 'disgusting' claim he misled viewers about war reporting...

'It's a bunch of lies'...
Bill O' Reilly is a part of the Anti Christ Movement. -- Arc AngelMichael, WORD! He has been a part of the main stream media, number one, for over a decade and the country continues to plummet. WORD!

Evolution 10 problems with modern science ( not me, by Casey Luskin Feb 2015)!

Militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) seized a university in the Libyan city of Sirte, a faculty member and residents said!

No Comments Allowed on Smoking Gun, most of Fox News sites. Why Now?
Feb. 19, 2015 | Lee Martell -- Because Mark Zukerburg got $9 Billion from Obama as a part of the N.S.A. tracking program. he does what he is told to do, like a good satanic follower --AM.


Why Anne Coulter has not turned and supported Tea Party or any Anti GOP establishment was and still is beyond me. She claims to be smart but keeps backing a traitorous 'establishment.' "If a Republican majority in both houses of Congress can't stop Obama from issuing illegal immigrants Social Security cards and years of back welfare payments, there is no reason to vote Republican ever again. " -- Wow! Coulter has been slow to figure this out. At least she is starting to analyze reality.

Derna, Libya, photo 02 18 2015 A.D.

Obama: "We are Not at War with Islam," of course not Obama is at war with Christians. Katie Couric is on scene to approve, the traitor to God.

Muslim abuser who 'didn't know' that sex with a girl of 13 was illegal is spared jail

This has to stop! RT @TransEquality 22 Year Old Ohio #Trans Woman Murdered By Father   #lgbt _ Miley Cyrus, I 100% Agree.

More US/UK fake Info and Prosecution for 9/11 attacks.

a letter said to be recovered from bin Laden's compound in Pakistan will be useful for prosecutions, when in fact, we know that the bin Laden had no role in 9/11 and the MEAMIC lies like 24/7/365/ decade after decade to control the world's banks.

Abid Naseer was arrested by british authorities in April 2009. How convenient that the letter was discovered in 2011. per NYT; "But the men accused in that plot were released following a severely compromised investigation; the head of Scotland Yard’s counterterrorist squad had been photographed on his way into a meeting holding a folder with the details of the alleged plot and the police plans to foil it. That led to a rushed series of police raids in Liverpool and Manchester."
The gist of this prosecution is to scare the American sheeple.

the traitorous politicians have no shame ( comment by khan).

GOP threatens to cut-off SSDI for Americans, how cruel. Are they not the ISIS in our midsts?

Why ISIS' Deadly Attacks Could Backfire

Egyptian warplanes bombed ISIS positions in Libya early today, a day after the militant group posted a video online showing the apparent beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christian hostages

...ABC News.. note how our foreigners are winning and Obama is arming Isis with Armed Drones.

GOP begins to Ban Christianity

Google analytics lies-- I keep two data streams of page views and loads, one is Yahoo webhosting and the other is Google analytics. Google has an algorithm which deletes about 50% of real views and I can tell with Yahoo's webhosting analytics. So we know corruption is at the highest levels. I do not have ads but people who do are being ripped off by Google.  My study was over two years. ,

Arc Michael

8:39 PM ( my comments on why obama is for Moslems and Latins?)

Google analytics lies-- I keep two data streams of page views and loads, one is Yahoo webhosting and the other is Google analytics. Google has an algorithm which deletes about 50% of real views and I can tell with Yahoo's webhosting analytics. So we know corruption is at the highest levels. I do not have ads but people who do are being ripped off by Google.  My study was over two years.


A.P.N. Post undercover by Jtem:

"The best way to execute atheists? " -- Title.

"atheism will be banned as soon as Christianity is dead and Islam takes over,...." (narkives). Well this racist sure has his hopes put out on his sleeve.

"We fake atheists [ Moslems] are the most discriminated against minority!" - JTem

Posted to Google + White House -- Obama brags how 11.2 Million have signed up for Obamacare, when in reality we have 320 Million people and it is called Universal Health Care.

Kevin W. Girard : 4:12 PM The cost of my healthcare has risen 3 times what I paid before the "Affordable Care Act" ( White House and its lies cont....).

NYC St. Patrick’s Parade rejects Christians and Promotes ISIS and Moslem Jihadis this year, 50% approve of Direction of Establishment.

EARTH QUAKE off Honshu coast:

16-FEB-2015 23:06:27 39.83 142.89 6.7 23 0 NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN   5005769

Ash Carter becomes the new U.S. defense secretary in a swearing-in ceremony at the White House. " We will get ISil into our immigration reform, give them jobs over Americans, so they do not do terrorist stuff. "

OBAMA: President Barack Obama " Christians are Terrorists" ( said @nationalprayerbreakfast 2015 A.D.)!

OBAMA: Audacity of Hope" I prefer Islam"

U.S.A. Gallop Poll: 50% support Islam over Christians, Obama's viewpoint of life.

If ISIS Members Had Decent Jobs They Wouldn't Be Beheading Christians



Admin to quadruple admission of Syrian refugees...
Program called 'backdoor for Jihadists'...
Congress alarmed...

Obama's Immigration Reform to Include al Quaeda and Terrorists, preferred jobs over Americans too! He is loved for this at 50% in new Gallop Poll. I have been for years now decrying the Republican woosies and imbeciles because they are too scared or stupid to tie their own shoes.

ITALY FEARS ISIS INVASION ( Vatical targeted, Obama and Hillary are secretly funding). ISIS BURNS 45 TO DEATH IN IRAQ... ( this week).

The Obama Administration is scrambling to respond that Latins are ISil or Moslems and have never been Christians -- so why fight overseas when they are here, in the Southlands of the U.S.A.?

The Mexican government on Tuesday blasted a US judge's decision to block an immigration order by President Barack Obama and declare all You Europeans and Africans get out of North America, we are ISil. Mexican Cartels immigrant grants by Obama are actually al qeuada. The Latins are the Moslems, alway s have been. WORD! I live in Los Angeles, the Latins are not Catholics, not Jews, and not Christians, they are Moslems or Cartellions. That is what you have voted for in Reagan, and Obama's amnesy plan for America. The Ronald Reagan speeches of a light on the hill was for his beloved Moslems. 002 17 2015 AM.

GOP +DNC + Obama wants to see this all over the streets of America, 1.000s of the amnesty Immigrants are supporters or members of ISIS (or ISil). Obama's poll numbers are at 50% so we know that this is not a lone president but a movement of Islam to take the U.S.A. and put shariah law into place.

On Obama's anti Christianism:

“We knew it would be thought-provoking,” said one Obama aide, who requested anonymity. “But no, we didn’t think the reaction would be a ‘crap storm.’” ( yahoo news reporting, here)



N.B.C., A.B.C., C.N.N. FOX NEWS are all on Obama/Hillary/ISIS's side, in reality. -- they despise Christians, want them all dead. Welcome to Armageddon flock!

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Scientists store data -- inside DNA...

" We will make super bullies to enslave you, Harvard College" -- sounds like so much love coming out of these bully banking instatutions.

A Huge Party is being thrown at Jon Stwearts pad and N.B.C. as Christians are slaughtered. They chant, "ISil, yes we can, ISil, yes we can!" -wow, these leaders and media sure love the foreigner headchoppers.

Breaking: ISIS releases video of 21 Christians being beheaded — in Libya


PAPER: How Jon Stewart turned lies into comedy and brainwashed a generation...

He is not Jewish, he lied and you bought it. He is a supporter of the foreigners to take your job; he lied and tried to act like he was pro American jobs. He is a 1%er who could spit on a Baby Jesus because any baby that is American needs to die. He is a liar and why the U.S.A. is going south with less than competent replacement workers, the foreigners. He was and still is a huge failure and a blemish on all things good.


God to My Children
Valentines for Yazidi and Nigerian young children. God hears You.
The people that voted in Barack Hussein Obama know he prefers Islam, he wrote about it in his book, Audacity of Hope. Boko Harem has been abducting young girls and raping them, passing them on and reselling them to their members as child sex slaves. This has been going on for over 4 years and every Nigerian Christian Military commander claims all  they need is western weapons and they can retrieve these children and shew away these Ghouls and jins.  ISil killed all the men ( no Obama flew a few choppers on a hill, that was it, he did not help the Christians as the Satanic US Media claims! ) of the Christian, Zoroastrian ( ancient Persian like Christianity)  sect living near the boarders of Syrian in northern Iraq. ISil takes 9 year-olds and rapes them, then put them on a private social media to sell them at a price to other ISil members, like a whore house on social media, except here they are but children, not even fully developed. Obama calls ISil  a Junior Varsity team, not as good as  Kobe Bryant. In God’s eyes, Obama is an Anti-Christ and those who voted for him too – as they do not complain about this as it has been going on for at least 5 years ( Boko Harem) and one year (ISil). Prince Andrew was busy with Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Harvard University lawyers, Epstein’s rape children ranch in the Caribbean, and so they do not care but actually champion this behavior.

Historically Breaking: U.S.A. Approves to Genetically modify Fruit

U.S.A. Approves to Genetically modify Fruit to keep you buying Phzier & Pharma pills to cure GMO aliments: means huge profit margins for global corporations and your sickness and death. Americans support 100% because this has been going on for 65+ years. The rich stay away from GMO and shop at the ritzy Whole Foods markets -- because these CEOs of GMO Corpos know that their products are there to make you sick. Monsantos the main global U.S. company originated as an African slave farm, bondage unit, run by Brown Latins, during the late 1980s.


Yale University Breaking Global Warming Conference.



"Having an ice storm every time these AGW socialist [ sic, e.g. Capitalist] morons pop up is proof that God exists, [...]" Yalers at Daily Caller reporting.

doubleducks Vette66 18 hours ago

Correct. Most electric cars run on coal.

= Win!

Four Term Oregon Gov has Feds looking into his massive Corruption: Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber is out! Can We now look into Jerry Brown, also another Four Term Gov, like Kinds they will not leave. 02 14 2015.

star wars whoops, home run winner

star wars whoops, home run winner ( from

Well being attack be people close to me, nothing new but added stress lateley. Not sure long I will last as I have set limits of abuses directed at me and my people.


13-FEB-2015 18:59:12 52.64 -31.88 7.1 16 0 NORTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE   5005184

GOP= Liberals founders called themselves Liberals = stupid Fox News (1). No one can run a country when retards are in media and establishemnt power. No solutions to racism, no solutiosn for economcs, no solutions for world peace and prosperity solutions.


For how much I despise Obama's anti Christian programs, the real most dangerous demons are the Bush family -- who took U.S. behind the scenes control after the Dullas began to procecute Nixon.

George W. Bush Is Intervening in Iraq—Again

Yes, you should be very concerned. When Brain Williams interviewed George W. Bush during the Iraq War II buildup Bush told Williams his standards were low, paraphrase but not out of context. He basically told Williams he was stupid beyond belief, someone that should be kicked out of American politics, but implying he was selfishly demonic -- a total narcissist.

Federal Election Commission to Consider Regulating Online Political Speech

: bow down to your superiors, The Bush family advocates.


Science Says: Hot Guys Are A-Holes:

Iraq Vet: IRS Extorted Me, Left Me No Money to Run My Business: Sounds like Bush's toughlove garbadge.


2/13/2015, 12:43:10 PM · 70 of 70

These following three, short sentences tell you a lot about the direction of our current government and cultural environment:

1. We are advised to NOT judge ALL muzlims by the actions of a few lunatics,

but are encouraged to judge ALL Gun Owners by the actions of a few lunatics.

Funny how that works.

And here’s another one worth considering...

2. Seems we constantly hear about how Social Security is going to ‘run out of money’, but we never hear about welfare or food stamps running out of money.

What’s interesting is the first group “worked for” their money,

but the second didn’t and apparently won’t.

Last, but not least:

3. Why are we cutting benefits for our veterans, no pay raises for our military

and cutting our Military to a level lower than before WWII, but we are not stopping the payments or benefits to illegal aliens?

In fact our government is bringing more illegals to the United States of America.









- Born 2.6 milies from down town Los Angeles .

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    The Judge that allowed Garner's Killer to go Free will now be put into Stanton Island, US House of Congress as a pay back for a good job at killing, as Bushes say, the Niggahs.

    BOL A | "Gender equality is your issue too. Because to date, I've seen my father's role as a parent being valued less by society despite my needing his presence, as a child.[...] Emma Watson ( Brown U, undergrad degree). The Importance of Parental Wisdom and Guidance

    BOL B |


    Bobby Jihdal ( Hindu) is the only choice for U.S. GOP ( Rhoads scholar to England, not a community organizer or C.I.A. Bush Family.

    GOP TO ATTACK THE MIDDLE CLASS & POOR from 2015- 2017 A.D. Message to the Americans, these are super criminals of all time in all of history, they need to be eradicated from the planet if it will survive.