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ANTI CHRIST ARMY REVEALED 01 05 2015 A.D.( Archangel Michael Official).

E. Howard Hunt told his son on his death bead that Lyndon B. Johnson was the operations chief of the assassination, but we know today, that  Hunt was under C.I.A. director Chief George H. Walker Bush at the time of  the assassination. Whoops.

Beast Accused of Sex Slave Ring with Billion Dollar Buddies and the fifth in line to the British Thrown, Prince Andrew -- 3 ladies claim abducted and performed sex slave on islands held by these top World Leaders. Last decade, we found out the U.S. run sex slave shops with U.S. tax payer moneies -- it seems we have an epidemic of demons roaming free.


The former president was friends with $Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, a financier who was arrested in 2008 for soliciting underage prostitutes. If we remember, Bill Clinton signed legislation allowing child photos for the Internet, and Google by its own self in 2009 began to work to help get it off its serch and Google servers. But, heah, no one cares about the little people's lives, it is celebrity worship 24/7 because Bill as with the entire Bush family believe they are GOD.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2584309/Bill-Clinton-identified-lawsuit-against-former-friend-pedophile-Jeffrey-Epstein-regular-orgies-Caribbean-compound-former-president-visited-multiple-times.html#ixzz3NzdNUdzU
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A Libyan accused over the 1998 Al-Qaeda bombings of US embassies in Africa died on Friday, days before he was to stand trial in New York. ( TOP NEWS)

Remember, Obama and Bush blamed Osama for the Mumbai Attacks, which was all a lie. so they had to kill this dude, even though he had a history of liver damage, to make sure the truth does not come out, that Bush and US DNC/RNC went to the middle east to kill for fun and profits, not a model for our world. Agent Press France, because USA white racists are too scared to opine. The Bushes blamed it on Osama bin Laden, who had no role, it was all lies by the Bush family and they want Geb Bush into office so we can have more wars to support BUSHEs.

Abu Anas al-Libi, 50, was on the FBI's most-wanted list with a $5 million price on his head when he was captured by US troops in the Libyan capital Tripoli in October 2013." AFP. Before this Obama and George W (+HW_) Bush said Osama bin Laden funded and organized the plans. they were liars all along. These were no mistakes.

More Innocent Black People Slaughtered by the Religion of Police

LOOK AT ALL US WARS - we're againt countries without phony western controlled banks. Neat science linking eh?

UK / CORRUPTION : Revelations of historical abuse and corruption and complicity within the British establishment are coming to light.... amongst the powerful, be they politicians, celebrities, the police force, the prison service or those within the health services.  Often it has been child abuse through peadophilia within institutions or care of young girls in the community or abuse of young men in so called correction establishments. (astro.com) UK, "abuse revelations," 14.11.2014 at 19:42 [UT], Clairea .

The U.S.A. People do not know what to do, the leaders keep being voted into office, for 40 years, like dynasties. NO New Politicians. Geb ( Bush dynasty) and Hillary ( Clinton/Cuomo Dynasty) are all but players that have ruled since the 1960s, and no visions of anything but fundraising and playing golf and vacations.

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Obama and Bushes set up Barbarian Warlords at the gates of Israel

EDWARD SNOWDEN: New Years' Release: CIA director John Brennan has been conducting murder raids on Americans, and at Obama's orders. Journal 63 Has the news.

epic barack fail

As a Business Manager, I feel and so do others, you sux

Are The British Woosies and Scardy Cats?

Britain remains the world's leading recruiting ground for al-Qaeda. ... British school teachers are afraid to teach their students about Christianity out of fear of offending Muslims. — Roger Bolton, BBC Radio 4's Feedback program.....

Dabiq = ISil magazine moutpeice.

ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani.

In that message, uploaded on social media last September, Adnani said:

“If you can kill a disbelieving American or European – especially the spiteful and filthy French – or an Australian, or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever from the disbelievers waging war, including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner …”


= when was the last time the FBI ever got anything right?

When will CBS get angry that 170,000,000 were shot dead by these Atheist State governments in the 20 th century ;  so we must disarm all State militaries not the populace.

Archangel Michael


Sony hackers are now threatening CNN, FBI warns - and demand the network turn over Wolf Blitzer

= Wolf Blitzer to me is a NAZI White Supremicist and has been leading that supremicy charge from the CNN Bully Pulpit for too many decades He needs to retire. he supports the racists and 1%ers only.


World War III in the making: Here is there plan: Jordanians and Palestinians want the Mexicans, Spanish, latins ( not most of the Italians), and South Americans to take over the United States. This will allow for Arab racists to mount and Jihad on Jesus' towns and kill all white people as Jordanians , Palestinians , Mexicans and South Americans look brown ( as well as Indians, South Asia look brown with European face features) or native Americans with Japanese or Asian blood and mixed with browner types).

USA POPULATION HITS 320,090,000...

New York's Mayor Bill de Blasio = Correct to fear for his own family by these PEACE OFFICERS, and these Peace Officers act just like ISIL RELIGION of PEACE.

a hero always make bad political choices.

New Yorker magazine Supports the new york mayor and asks why the Police Force wanted De Blasio to come out after the Eric Garner verdict and proclaim ALL NIGGAH MUST DIE. In this sense, we need to fire the entire NY Police dept.

The US has a great propaganda machine.  Dennis Rodmam blew up the [a] propaganda story that Kim Jong Un had fed his own uncle to dogs.  He said he stood right beside him and he is still alive.  "The Interview" is outrageous! -- Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2014 15:33:49 -0800 (PST) by *Anon Google.groups/astronomy.

Some 22 Arab UN Security Council delegations endorsed the Palestinian proposal to end Israel and open the gates so the Moslem Armies can go piss on Jesus’ relicts. The problem is that the Middle East is very wide open and the Palestinians want all the Israeli homes because they built working water and toilets and  the Palestinians built bombs , tunnels and rockets and feel left out ; and plus they hate Jews because many have white skin color. Developing.

US searches for secrets to power of Islamic State... ( or have they lied like for the last 200 years about almost everything?

General turns to experts outside Pentagon....

George Walker Bush ( 43) wrote an adoring portrait of his father, Bush 41. He however makes astounding ridiculous claims about democracy and tyranny. To Bush, Vladimir Putin does not follow populous sentiment (such as done in Democracy, according to Bush). Bush a hypocrite, also does not follow populous sentiment. Gore won the popular vote in 2000 and the country was against Bush's proclamation that 18,000 black Florida voters cannot have Civil Rights to vote in a U.S. election. Bush should have been thrown into jail, but the "Power Controls' ( KKK, elite coloreds too) stuck up for him in the unpopular Iraq-Halliburton Oil Wars, where the U.S. under George Bush used the poor for his profits -- Bush said the number one reason we go into Iraq is for profits. These were democratically unfavorable views by Bush (he said he better than Putin) but Bush as always is a liar. People during his terms called Bush a dictator, and Bush refuses to understand his blatant hypocrisy. This is why  Fox News is hated by Colored people because they are not democratic but rely on the wishes of KKK Bushes’  world view. Bush complained Russia had a different ideology than the U.S.A. For the U.S.A. Bush takes the U.S.A. into his personal wars for profit, and I guess Putin’s war in Crimea is not ok, but Bush’s Iraq War was OK. |||| Tax Payers from the U.S.A. to fund Burger King,

More lethal than the Whopper: How Burger King pleases the 1 percent, screws its workers

I just read that a new business deal could get Burger King and its owners out of paying $1.2 billion in U.S. taxes. Apparently, Burger King and its largest shareholders have a scheme to dodge hundreds of millions in U.S. taxes over the next four years.

The key to it is that they bought a doughnut company in Canada called Tim Hortons, and now Burger King is using that purchase to claim that the whole Burger King empire is really a Canadian corporation and not American at all. This move could help Burger King avoid almost $400 million in U.S. taxes and save its main owners another $800 million.

DO USA Leaders and their voting populist Get Erotic Feelings when they know they are supporting world global murder machines?

Bush + Obama order Isil to Group and Attack Israel for 2016 A.D. Isil was funded by Hillary, Demsey, Panetta, Obama, Rice ,and the Bushes, so to cause 'a distraction' to their N.S.A. + 150 U.S. Military Bully Bases Around the world -- which only supports about 500 people. The Earth is not about the Clinton's nor the Bushes nor the Obummers.

Victoria Clark , Israel's Defense.


- Born 2.6 milies from down town Los Angeles .

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Will Hollywood Set=Off World War 3 ? | US delays release of study on 1953 Iran coup because GHW Bush involved | Cameroon army kills 116 Boko Haram

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    Mexico Now Aligns with ISil ( Obama we need more Isil Mexicans in the U.S.A. taking U.S. Jobs and My Allies are the Republicans ( true story).


    CEO Kazuo Hirai may have ousted Sony Pictures Entertainment Chief Executive Michael Lynton as the source of the leaks. So Sony white division, in Culver City was trying to start world war three over 5 years of dwindling profits. No one wants to see garbage stories and even more on the big screne, over and over again.

    Tokyo: Sony Cheif understands that White KKKers are taking Asian Profits, and kickback to white KKKers on Sony Movie Studio profits.

    Name one time the CIA or NSA or Washington DC told the truth, name one?

    USA took over the Korean Peninsula as FDR planned, it was EVIL and supported by USA for 50 years ++ and so to keep up the CONTROL, the Washington MEDIC, acdumbia, and entertrashmania makes up racist movies to justify their imperialism. = USA hacked Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power, the reason for the black out. They are liars and blamed the North Koreans. the Washington D.C.ers are out of Control.

    After Obama released top Taliban Terrorist from Gitmo, he goes and kills 141 Children for fun |

    Police Murder unarmed and innocent Homeless man for fun ( warning graphic murder) J30

    Susan Rice net worth 2014: $43.5 million ! She is Obama's close associate and follows Jeb Bush's One World Order Program.

    Bush Family has a combined $100 Million ( + land in South America worth millions, plus off shore accounts).

    Clinton Family has a combined $125 Million (+ claimed $50 million offshore)

    Obama have reported $25.5 Million with Obama's admission millions more in Cayman offshore banks.

    John Ellis “Jeb” Bush

    Visual Celebrity Pundits:

    Leonardo DiCaprio has reported $220 Million (+ He tells us how he knows science, when he is not a scientists = demon).

    Goerge Clooney: has reporte $180 Million (+ he advocates for Racism as the norm {SONY's NK event), comes from privledged elite so he feels not like the people but privledged NAZI. Marrying a Lebonese does not disqualify anyone from being or acting like a racist).

    + World’s 400 Wealthiest Add $92 Billion in 2014 as Alibaba Surges


    BOL A | "Gender equality is your issue too. Because to date, I've seen my father's role as a parent being valued less by society despite my needing his presence, as a child.[...] Emma Watson ( Brown U, undergrad degree). The Importance of Parental Wisdom and Guidance

    BOL B It has been observed that the language of the Native American Zuni tribe has some resemblances to that of the Japanese. Research has since confirmed that there is indeed a genetic link between the two ethnic groups (unbelievable buzz)