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Latest Posts by Archangel Michael | DJIA is now at 18,000. that's what happens when u print $8.5 trillion dollars and put it into the Wall Street Bank; and over time your hamburger will cost $525 dollars a piece. | Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent out a Hanukkah greeting in Hebrew on Friday, to the delight of many Israelis and Hebrew-speakers around the world. Christmas Lights Around the Nation, in case you cannot see them. :) KKKer Rush Limbaugh Proclaimed Black Actors Cannot Play James Bond because they never lived in England (they been there since the middle ages!) and because Ian Fleming took over Jamaica, so that Island is now White Only! Why is any radio station allowing such an over racist-non-family man to communicate hatred and vile to our people across the earth.  A great Christmas President would be the end of this global haters’ career and hopefully give back all the 10s of millions he scammed from his supposed ‘ethical’ show.



- Born 2.6 milies from down town Los Angeles .

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Will Hollywood Set=Off World War 3 ? | US delays release of study on 1953 Iran coup because GHW Bush involved | Cameroon army kills 116 Boko Haram

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    After Obama released top Taliban Terrorist from Gitmo, he goes and kills 141 Children for fun |

    Police Murder unarmed and innocent Homeless man for fun ( warning graphic murder) J30

    BOL A | "Gender equality is your issue too. Because to date, I've seen my father's role as a parent being valued less by society despite my needing his presence, as a child.[...] Emma Watson ( Brown U, undergrad degree). The Importance of Parental Wisdom and Guidance

    BOL B It has been observed that the language of the Native American Zuni tribe has some resemblances to that of the Japanese. Research has since confirmed that there is indeed a genetic link between the two ethnic groups (unbelievable buzz)