Music archive of what I managed to salvage over these homeless years. Most were destroyed, especially all the recordings of my ES 347 Gibson

Journal 59 ( Dec. 16 2014 A.D.) BURBANK AIRPORT 2014 A.D.

Owner: Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority (Authority).

(Burbank 1%ers Noise Attack and Assult study on Human Animals)

If you would like to speak to someone about the Part 150 Study Update, please call (818) 380-0366.

Coldwater & Ventura blvd. 7:25 jet Airplane commercial is about 650 ft. above the street, drowns out motor cars' sounds when standing on sidewalk, and ears ring for an hour, very bad. The planes do not stop, about six or seven loud ones and the shock-waves travel more abundantly in cold weather.  I wear throw away ear plugs constantly and they do not stop the sound.  The planes are so strong in noise pollution one can hear them from one end of the San Fernando Valley to the other, as the make a sweeping curve over the Valley. Taking out my ear plugs and using my fingers helps but I wear glasses and usually am carrying a back pack and when wearing glasses, I cannot maneuver my hand quick or cover my ears the way I can do without glasses – but I need them.  It is as if we are in a war. When the world war II planes fly a celebration on Veterans day around the valley they are nearly silent compared to these jets. This is super serious ear damage no a 24/7365 schedule. One had to wonder what type of animals puts humans through torture like this, and there was no contract nor warning for homeowners or residents, the additions to the airport were done by a few 1%ers or suckers that suck the 1%ers and those hate humans and are liars too boot!  

operation immortality: Arc M// 2029
celestial code(s).

AM: 1980 - current Burbank Airport Planes destroying eardrums and hearing all over the south east San Fernando Valley. Burbank Airport became a commercial airzone in 1979 A.D. but by 2005 A.D. it has become an international airport with its plane's pathways over five major cities with planes flying as low as 250 ft. and destroying people's lives and hearing and property. The F.A.A. has proclaimed the rich own the airport, move or die.  My hearing loss is ample and I have almost constant ringing in my ears from these monster jets that do not ascend upon take off for about 10 miles but fly low to evade other air traffic but when they do this they fly low over five major cities in the San Fernando Valley   -- EXCEPT—Burbank residents. I suffer my whole life, it is the shock-waves not the actual sound that ‘destroys the inner ear’ and makes life almost unbearable. ( burbank noise issues)

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AM: 1990 3 judges claim all 600 people who have had injuries due to the Burbank Airport cannot sue because Evil always rules. LA TIMES. The City planners did not care about others. I know two people who live just south of one of the take-off runways and they must watch their televisions at full blast, where someone with proper hearing can hear that tv down the entire street. Their hearing has been shattered. But the people that care are allowed a privilege ( Burbank City) of not having any planes go over any of their homes. The police do not care, city council says it is out of their hands ( in the hands of FAA, national) and Washington D.C. does not care any longer, both parties, or Americans. They care about fast cars, long and expensive vacations, brown paper bag lobbyist money and drunken sex parties. So the U.S.A. is over, because I like many others work to destroy it, at least emotionally because the rich class is punishing physically the weaker class.

Yearly operations were measured in 1995 to number 184,543. ( noise ordinance) ( nobody cares about the people)

Lies: About 12-14 large commercial aircraft take-off from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., where from 5:30 a.m. to 6:45 a.m. some 8 of those planes shake the homes and inner body parts of human, every single day. These planes are noisy, I not others care about quite tech, it does not exist, the 'shock-waves' that is responsible for 95% of the hearing loss is not detectable by the ear, duffases!

Night Time Curfew
Rule 9 [ a lie on Burbank Airports website].
Between the hours of 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. (local time) daily, takeoffs and landings of “noisy” aircraft are prohibited. 


GreenPeace destroys 1,600 square-meter area of Peru's Nazca Lines , Greenpeace global director Kumi Naidoo laughing all the way to the bank . <a href=>CNN reports</a></li>
. Greenpeace works with their enemies in mutual financial benefits and also uses racism ( Color of Green, why is Green good and other colors bad?). <p>


Directions to Hell. Jesus was a homeless poor person. Do you see how the Poor across Earth are Abused Constantly, like 24/7/365.2421 Days a year.  Oh! Well! I really doubt that will be tolerated very long.


began near vernal 24th, March, 1999 A.D. 3 oppositions = a triangle. Double blue moons in winter quarter(s) 1998 & 1999 A.D., the later a rare near horizon.