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Webpage on Cop Brutal Murders of Innocents in SoCal, recent.


This is what Immigrant Cops do to white people in SoCal.
full story with many photos.

Killed by 6 brown and White Cops:
No prior Police record
No charges
Reason: he did not get along with his family, homeless.
Police said u are going to be hurt and killed him.
Los Angeles, Orange County Prosecutors Argued that Homeless men have no meaning so do not prosecute, a failed system.  
It was caught on Video, on Sound, and police started to harass protestors and put them into jail or fine them heavily.

Bob McCulloch's Father was killed by a Black armed man. He was the State's Procecuter and defender of Michael Brown's killer, Darren Wilson. He got off four previously white cops who shot black men. He did not give the Grand Jury a choice, either it was premeditated ( which it cannot be) or Darren Wilson was innocent -- it was a fake trial in this respect, and totally racist by white racists including the Governor.  Grand Juries do two things, get criminals off the hook, as this case demonstrated or convict a baloney sandwich.

Interjected: A rookie officer shot Tamir Rice, who had what turned out to be a BB gun, the kid was playing on a swing, and brandishing a toy gun, someone called and believed he was some gangbanger criminal. The police showed up and said die beyotch. Cleveland 12 year-old shot and killed by a rookie police officer.


The Jury in the Ferguson MO case claimed after their decisions, they found out they made huge mistakes. The Officer claimed he was assaulted and decided to run down Michael, after Michael claimed to threaten him to shot him if he dared, so Scott Shot him. and the Whites racists, there still are many and many in the Democratic Party have sided with the liars. The cops are killing whites , blacks and Asians all over the country, all the time now. No one is sticking up for the poor people. This is very sad.

a comment of mine:

Dude they are killing and have killed on video whites here in LA and Orange Counties, and nothing is done to stop it. They even have witnesses, cell phone footage, and audio and in court, the people says who cares, police can kill anyone, and just for pleasure if  they want too.

ur making this a racial thing, and Scott only need  to shoot him in the leg, not empty his clip into his skull and  heart.

Man, what are the white supremacists all cheering about today?

This stuff happens constantly and the rich are the problem because they deny it exists. -- Ukraine 2014 Protests for Democracy. (post)



[back teen kill white adult for fun] Teens Jump, Beat St. Louis Man to Death with Hammers (Guess what is missing on this story?)

.(CNSNews.com) – In New York City, 77.56% of the abortions in 2011 were performed on Black and Hispanic babies CSN news.

AZD2: commented: "it shows tehir distain for life. " I agree. I'm white and very poor, and I have a problem with the new culture telling us poor ( rich black and city-working-rich browns) telling me about morals and ethics and family models. It makes me sick to my stomach. Even whites are mimicking the NO FAMILY idea = epic USA fail. - 2:30 pm, NoHo, 21 /1/14.



Only 32% of Americans Supported a Kingship Decree to Obama's Executive Action of Replacement Americans.

Latins have never run a democracy of any type in their entire 6,000 year history. Obama knows that so he gave them carte blanche amnesty. The legal laws in the history books never reflect real street policies, which are hands of to the Latins, they can beat or rape and most cases they are not prosecuted and are preferred to take your home, job and bank accounts.

Mexico's President Demands Republicans and Democrats to Give Latins all Jobs, all Free Monies and All Power, now not in our future but now .

Immigrants threaten to shut down WalMart Demand $15 raises.

Mexico's President Demans all Latins get all Jobs, Power, position, and authority in all USA Politics NOW!


Israel's southern mayor stops Arab workers to give job preference to citizens first, the Israelis in houses of power and money complain, so we need to get rid of the filthy rich avarice Jews and Arabs and anyone else. * yahoo news)



LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The Los Angeles school district has agreed to pay $139 million to families of students subject to sexual abuse by an elementary school teacher who infamously took bondage-style photos of some pupils, school officials said on Friday. ( so the people of Los Angeles must pay for crimes by others, how sad).



terrorists armed with a gun, a knife and meat cleaver killed four people and injured several more.

3 Americans, 1 British & another jsut confirmed, Slaughered for Muhammad 11.18.2014 Washington Post -- while religious prayed.


UC Berkeley protesters react to voting in governor then protesting his policies, a waste of time and a continual happenstance. Daily Cal reporting

Arc Michael ( WashingtonPost 24 th Nov 2014 ) "[...] which conflict going on are you ready to sign up for or have a loved one of yours die for?
4:51 PM PST
Fight for Christians but Bush ( lover and bower to Islam Saudi Royals) remade the US military to jihad against Christians, all over Earth, and at Home. Can't fight with Satan's outlook, can u?
Arc Michael ( same thread but this was a top post)
5:00 PM PST
To let eveyone know, Obama's Afghan war was severly escalated under him, remember, and also, drone strikes in Northern Pak ( highest literary rate at 90%) was carpet bombed or Hell Fired to look like the Moon in some towns, over 5,000 JSOC strikes, and Obama admitted to killing innocents, a price of conflict. But this does not make the media because these people are really unseen and in Iraq, the USA people were dying for GHWB and Corpos. Obama has been a psychopathic liar ( still some of his policies are sound) but this entails his reign to get into the top echelons of White Power -- as a half or full black, often u needed to cheat to keep up with the white joneses, as to speak. Obama could not break that habit and/or desired more power, got hungry with power and used that New Found Power, to play golf, card

On Difference between Japanese and Germans' modern feelings on WWII ( Germany moved on, and Japan still grieving)

( Washington Post) Japan got two Nukes dropped on them, just to see how it hurts people ( every tank, ship, Plane, and 6 major towns 100% destroyed before the USA made that decision to kill innocents because the pres. wanted 'unconditional surrender' in Japanese law, that is surrendering your state to McCarther. The other difference is that in Germany, the allies killed 90% of the population, more than the camps for Jews, and so no one can remember a difference between the two. Got it?



Prior to Bush Jr. exit from Dictatorship he got his rich buddies more rich and used U.S. poor to die for his pocketbook. There was no success for either of these wars. Saddam Was placed into power by George Herbert Walker Bush, taken out by his son, because his father said I never gave my son any suggestions -- which is something I can actually say about my father. To believe a blatant lie as that means you are gullible to Prescott's influence in American Family traditions. The Roosevelt boys ruled each a part of the world, one lied to the public, F.D.R. but used a campaign slogan of veteran benefits to win the U.S. Presidency and he decided never to leave, and when he knew he had over reached, four terms, 16 years in power he decided to die rather than relinquish raw power: he was addicted to cocaine and 'attention' that vampire like thingy. ==AM

In Afghanistan:
The US has suffered 604 fatalities in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. The Taliban and Al-Qaeda has suffered 12,000 fatalities. 28,700 militant Islamists have been captured.

In Iraq:
The US has suffered 4227 fatalities in Iraqi Freedom. More than 19,429 Al-Qaeda and Islamic militants have been killed. Over 18,900 insurgents have been captured.


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the retardians and dumbomodiums agreed that during the first Great Recession, no one printed money ( but as we know we came out of it fine, but this time is much different). So this time, the US main parties said let us print money from nothing and hopefully no one will notice.


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