GLOBAL WARMING NEW YORK 17-18 th Nov 2014 = 51 inches so far of snow. But near the lakes, almost 8 inches per day. US NorEast in a deep freeze. Record 400 inches in reach, early snow dumps. Highest measured now at 70 inches ( 18.nov2014).

Man Found Dead In Car Buried Under 12-Foot Drift!


photo sent to Washington Post from instagram. south of Buffalo, N.Y.

What’s even more amazing about these particularly epic lake effect snow events is that just a couple miles away, there’s basically no snow on the ground.

andrew23boyle ( more photos at Washington Post )
4:49 PM PST
I live in E. Amherst, a suburb of Buffalo. We were barely touched last night but my aunt who lives in the West Seneca, only about 20 miles south of me, couldn't even open her front door.
4:38 PM PST
I can sympathize with the people in Lake Erie's LES belts. We're getting a decent 8 inches or so almost every day up here in the UP of Michigan.  

So these Snow walls are common but not annual,and so I asked why. We have had a flurry of outbursts that send gamma rays to melt metals in our atmosphere that do heat up these metals and these metals heated then affect the geom-magnetic magnetosphere, thus affecting weather patterns, all around the world. this is why our U.S.A. government with others around the world spray Aluminium (or aluminum into our atmosphere, most call them chemtrails .


What did Obama say about the use of Executive Orders ( i.e. kingship decrees, made legal by the second USA Constitution.).

If he ever used one to call him King. WashingtonPost 11.18.2014 A.D.

Arc Michael ( washington Post comment on Keystone Pipe Line vote down 11.18.14)
7:11 PM PST [ this post deleted, as too close to the truth ; I was attacked and attacked back, so the moderator perhaps thought best to delete the thread]
vote until u succeed. That will be the LO methodology. Just a small portion of this epic deal would actually benefit Americans. And to those who hate fracking, u hate Obama too, he is allowing it and yes he could shut it down -- but he does not because he ran on a changed Moslem outreach program where he does not like dems nor repubs going to the ME and killing babies for oil = limousine USAers.
Arc Michael
7:24 PM PST
Landrieu = French 
Canadian = French 
KeyStone = French Profit Plot. 

idea use our land and reap trillions, and throw a bone to 20,000 low paid job workers. Dems, thank u.



sarcasm: GMO- USA Foreign jobs programs delivers tasteless food and steals  all our land and monies. What else can one ask for in life?

20,000,000 Californians shut out ( 25% = .25 of total cal pop if 60,000,000 as 2014 AD).

'More than 25% of physicians listed by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California were not taking Covered California patients or they were no longer at the location listed by the companies, according to state reports released Tuesday.'

that is about 20,000,000 Californians shut out of Obamacare. So sad that people are saying this was some goodness for the poor people -- when it was a tax break for the rich and an increased tax burden on the destitute.

Where did they go? Morrocan Jews settled after 70 AD. This was their flag, rep. 17 th century. Some 225,000 adopted Sepharidic practices.

terrorists armed with a gun, a knife and meat cleaver killed four people and injured several more.

3 Americans, 1 British & another jsut confirmed, Slaughered for Muhammad 11.18.2014 Washington Post -- while religious prayed.

Keystone Pipe Line is 100% for Canadian Profits Republicans Liars as Usual.

Keystone Pipe Line is 100% for Canadian Profits: The Republicans are Liars as Usual.

North Dakota will get 100, barr. a day at high operations and that is about it for the Keystone. the rest of the bulk of billions of barrels a day go directly to Canadian Coffers, not to the USA at all. So the U.S.A. , we, get 20 low level job placements and no financial rewards for allowing Canada to use our lands for the next 30+ years. Why the Republicans are connected to greedy international Demons.

Why is this? Because Republicans do not care about USA making money or doing their own oil drilling, they hate Americans love to make Canadians rich and their rich CEO international corpos. When all else fails, they kill a U.S.A. President JFK and then make wars in the east to extract oil so environmentalists will not call republicans names.

I support Obama and American jobs. Do u?

North Dakota will get 100,000 a day at high operations and that is about it for the Keystone. the rest of the bulk of billions of barrels a day go directly to Canadian Coffers, not the USA at all. we get 20 low level job placements and no financial rewards for allowing Canada to use our lands.

Why is this? Because Republicans do not care about USA making money or doing their own oil drilling, they hate Americans love to make Canadians rich and their rich CEO international corpos.

I support Obama and American jobs. Do u?

The end of the four hundred "days" brings us to 1999. In that year two full moons occur in the same month, as also in 1988, when there were two full moons in the month of May, as a prelude to the events of 1989.Don Bosco

KeyStone Pipeline is a 12 US job creation to bring Canadian Oil to the Gulf to sell internationally the U.S. people are shut out. The U.S. oil is only 100,000 thousand barrels a day. So the Republican Plan is to make Canadians rich.

11:50 AM PST
Getting a SUBSIDY isn't something to be PROUD of, for crying out loud, People. Requesting a stinking SUBSIDY is the equivalent of BEGGING to be taken care of as if you were a stumble-bum with a tin cup.
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Arc Michael = my responce
11:52 AM PST
when u start giving jobs to Americans then will talk. washington goes cheap foreign labor as its economic solution = FU


This is again a lie. Universal HealthCare is open always., like 24/7/365 not one month enrollment plans, this is a tax on the poor and a tax break for the rich .Please God come down to Earth and kill all these liars and frauds who are the Avarice. ( washington Post 11 15 2014)

In a 2011 conversation about the Affordable Care Act, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, one of the architects of the law more commonly known as Obamacare, talked about how the bill would get rid of all tax credits for employer-based health insurance through "mislabeling" what the tax is and who it would hit. In recent days, the past comments of Gruber -- who in a 2010 speech noted that he "helped write the federal bill" and "was a paid consultant to the Obama administration to help develop the technical details as well" -- have been given renewed attention.CNN

Hillary's campaign man refers to the system as Mafia.

“The Mafia has finally built a bridge to the 21st century,” Bill Clinton is jokingly quoted as having said in an email that appears to have been written by Marshall. “This is even more exciting than walking through the back of the Bellagio.”

The private emails were provided to ABC News by a Democrat on the listserv who has worked alongside Mook and Marshall on previous campaigns.

Hillary Clinton presidential campaign has maintained a private email listserv for friends and associates that carries a provocative name: the “Mook Mafia. ABC NEWS

AM - Stuck without parts for car, so parked, someone behind me, the whole street is open but decided to inch up behind me. I jut got buzzed by a police helicopter which flies over streets at 75 Feet blasting all of our ear drums and rattling the foundations. It is a police state run by the Mexican Cartel mentality -- of if u make it, it is corruption without penalties all the way. The sound terror is a typical tactic and used to train combate military city officials-- 8: 53 pm 11.13.2014 studio city.

Hamas ( Palestinians)  Warns Israel to Not Shut down their installation of Nuclear Weapons Silos, or it will ‘explode’ Israel.  Don’t expect the GOP to fight for America ,they created Hamas, the GOP started al qu’aeda and the GOP behind Obama's back created Isil. Agency France Press.

homeland security came to California today to seek out the Mosques and people associated at San Gabriel Valley. Most Moslems are good people and need to be taken cared of but not terrorist who side with non fake Moslems like the Saudi Royals who only use them to further banking hegemony.

IMPORTANT all I hear is how each elected politicians only focuses on their re elections and not the people!

Help us defeat Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi, they just are Washington DC trolls. they have done nothing for the people, they have however done a lot for their power and bank accounts which does nothing for the people.


Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) came under fire for refusing to permit Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) to vote by proxy in the Democratic caucus. Duckworth, a double-amputee veteran of the Iraq War, is eight months pregnant and was unable to travel to Washington for the vote due to her pregnancy. Pelosi refused to allow Duckworth to vote by proxy, saying that the exception may spark a "slippery slope."The Daily Show's host Jon Stewart feels otherwise. In a segment titled "Petty Woman," Stewart skewers Pelosi for her hypocrisy of previously touting the importance of voting (including early voting), filing briefs on behalf... townhall,com


Homo J.E Hoover sent MartinLuther King a racist anonymous letter.

'You filthy, abnormal animal’: graphic contents of anonymous letter sent by FBI to Martin Luther King

Bush, Clinton continue their unlikely bromance

Maine's largest city cuts spending in dispute over immigrant aid

11/13/2014, 5:42:53 PM · by 11th_VA · 2 replies
Yahoo News ^ | 14 Nov 2014 | Reuters By Dave Sherwood
PORTLAND Maine (Reuters) - Maine's largest city has begun clamping down on spending as newly re-elected Republican Governor Paul LePage makes good on a campaign promise to cut funding to cities and towns that give aid to undocumented immigrants.


Arc Michael WashPo: Republicans confront own worst enemy on immigration, By Robert Costa, Thursday, November 20, 5:52 PM
9:36 PM PST
King Barack Should let the floodgates loose and order the murder of all Republicans, because what good are they for anyway they have for 50+ years supported Latins over US citizens traditional long standing families that built this country so their so-called best buds in the Corpo world can make Big Bank. 

The Pope Warned Today This Greed by the 'few' the Republicans and many Democrats will bring the onset of Armageddon, and yes it is true.



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I.R.S. larger than WaterGate Cover-Up (full access)

the retardians and dumbomodiums agreed that during the first Great Recession, no one printed money ( but as we know we came out of it fine, but this time is much different). So this time, the US main parties said let us print money from nothing and hopefully no one will notice.


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Who is Archangel Michael at 22 Oct 2014

UN deleting climate false data July 3 2014.

Here explorers write to New York Times that the Arctic was Free of Ice, no Ice at the Artic. The year is 1907 A.D. [note 1907] and the reflection is 1904 A.D.

In the emails, these UN-funded scientists talk about deleting data under FOIA request, faking data for journals such as Nature, conspiring to keep opposing science...

Obama denies American Congressman access from doing his job, are we hosting the Anti Christ or Satan himself?

Oklahoma Republican Rep. Jim Bridenstine revealed Wednesday that he was not allowed to view an HHS facility housing approximately 1,200 unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, on Tuesday.

“There is no excuse for denying a Federal Representative from Oklahoma access to a federal facility in Oklahoma where unaccompanied children are being held,” Bridenstine said in a statement.

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