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The 'N' Word the racial Term may be banned by the N.F.L. Washington Post 'exsclusive'. 11.9.14

Early Modern Period Age of Exploration: Hispanic-Portuguese – Latinos first mispronounced ‘Knee jay-er” for Niger, the African country they encountered the African Slave Trade around 1450s A.D. Since the first western slaves came out of Niger, the black populations in the new World were referred too as the ‘N’ word.  But over the course of history, in the U.S.A. the terms have become a cultural ICON. Now, the N.F.L. under fire by the  native American groups, the head-injury scandals, violence by members, and gender squabbles, the N.F.L. seeks to ‘force’ African Americans to come out from their ‘name’ associated past. Obama is from Kenya, not Niger.  This name too by the natives is pronounced with a long-e- vowel sound.  The ‘N’ word survives in culture, the pop-music industry’s go-to word to arouse emotions.  Some blacks friends call me the ‘N’ word, and I did not give them permission, but I do not  complain – it  is used as an endearing expression – sorta like Bro.

WORLD WAR III = PRE IRAQ III = GOP forces Obama to send 1,500 troops to Iraq today!
U.S.A. Police State Created by All Political Parties
If Jesus was homeless and the Police State treats the homless as non humans
Then this describes Jesus' about face to become a warrior ( apok. Ionnis, Bible) and kill billions.
Goggle to Plan to Collect Your Genome : Good Idea we can ban u from reincarnating here and solve the world's problems!

Chucky ‘ the seed ‘ Hagel Military Head under Obama claims Iraq Used Chemicals on 600 US troops, Hagel suggests a time for World War III  -- troops lash out at the U.S. Military Hater in charge. 11/8/14.

Archangel Michael

high res go here comet 67P EU space agency
I just figured it out with the brand new 67P comet photos in HD. It is a magnetic piece of blob that is attracted by the huge magnetic force of our Central Solar system Sun. Word! When we see green tails this is a sign of heavy iron elements.

Comet 67P what is  it

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Archangel & GOD's Army

Position: leader / Current period

Obstructionist? Truth or Fiction? The Republicans: Voted down Veterans funding ( 2012, 2013). Voted down equal pay for Women, Republicans voted down raising the poverty wage. Republicans vote for jobs to foreigners overseas. Republicans vote to make wars in the Middle East for wars and profits and because they love to kill people. Republicans vote down taxes on the very rich. What part of Anti Democrat do u not understand?


Position USA Polisci / Date 11 th September - Year 2012

Isil is not Islamic and I have Moslem scholars to back me up. But the mistake was at the State Dept., Hillary and Demsey arming Syrian Rebels that turned into ISil and used our equipment and weapons and then stole the Iraqi Army's weapons and equipment leftover by US pull out.
However, the political theory is here to cover it up and blame it on a video, when an al sha'riah, a local terrorist group that was fighting al quaeda ( joined ISil or created it) attacked the Libyan Consulate on 11 th Sept 2012.
What was the thinking to lie to the American people about the event? It was to get Obama re elected, and that is PoliSci 101.