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November 8, 2014, 6:00 a.m. Los Angeles Times ( I agree and have been advocating this for years)

Although U.S. Sens. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein — two of California's most experienced political figures — remain popular, a majority of state voters say they should not run for reelection, according to a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll.


Hagel Approval Rating Just 26% Among Feds, Troops... Even the claimed Obama shooter cries the top leaders of the U.S.A. Military is out of conrtol.


What do u mean support? Civil equal rights were passed in the mid 1960s? Are u saying something is illegal? Here in SoCal, browns are  the large majority and they call for more whit4es and blacks to leave the workforce, are us saying we need more blacks and whites?  Because the LA County Latin - Hispanic community at 72% says they will not share power with Whites and Blacks. Let us move to 30% white ( including Asian, native(s) South Asians, Ocean tribes) and blacks ( African and wherewwever  ) and Brown ( Hispanic ( whites exception) Arabs and Latins --


no ethnic distinction:

30%,30%,30% as government models under a strict legal code. -- posted to US.gov 11/7/2014

hamlet21 ( on the bin Laden shooter )
6:55 PM PST
You're wrong. These guys have been abused and taken advantage of by many politicians who seems to always change the game due to political correctness. They then become millionaires while the guys who did the real work retire making less than 50K a year on a military pension. I hope all these guys get to make millions. 

If Bill and Hillary can now be worth over $100 Million after a life of politics, let every member of the Special Forces of all branches of the Military.


Arc Michael ( Dude claims he killed bin Laden, huge journalistic skepticism. )
6:32 PM PST
No proof bin Laden had any role in 9/11. His US crimes were to threaten death on innocents. Obama said Osama was responsible for 9/11. Obama also said you can keep your doctor if you chose too.


Woodward said: “If you read through all these emails, you see that everyone in the government is saying, ‘Oh, let’s not tell the public that terrorists were involved, people connected to al Qaida. Let’s not tell the public that there were warnings.’ And I have to go back 40 years to Watergate when Nixon put out his edited transcripts to the conversations, and he personally went through them and said, ‘Oh, let’s not tell this, let’s not show this.’ I would not dismiss Benghazi. It’s a very serious issue.”
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/11/sarah-palin-bring-on-the-investigations/#cDhF8HEFIwrhwpRg.99


90-year-old man cited for feeding homeless -- again...

Mexico 46+ students go missing, a part of the culture wars of racism in Mexico

"We have a saying in Mexico that says: “No es culpa del indio sino de quien lo hace compadre.” It literally translates as “it’s not the Indian’s fault, it’s the fault of the one who befriends him,” and basically means that we have to stop blaming the big bad government for all of our disgraces and start looking into ourselves and see that everything that’s happening is because of us."

So I posted this knowing that it would be deleted

Arc Michael
2:45 PM PST
I think we should give all of Latins all the Washington Post jobs, obvious, they are white racists.
If Charlemagne was in charge, Illegal immigrants would vacate the USA in one day. If you did not leave, he nuke your capitals and all other countries in the world that complained about your solution. If all die on the Earth, then let it be because this lifestyle of cowards is not anything of God’s way. God does not allow soft nor hard imperialism, it is in the Hebrew Bible. The Latins-Hispanics are playing a chapter called’ soft imperialism,’ they have never, not once, in all of history of earth run a democracy.
Arc Michael ( washington Post 11 6 2014)
2:21 PM PST
Ronald Reagan was the best friend Mexico ever had. He shut down all of New Mexico's American jobs and gave the to south of the boarder illegal immigrants - a true story !

"Buckley v. Valeo decision in 1976, which determined that campaign spending was a form of political speech and laid the foundation for our current campaign finance system." 
laws in these early decades after WWII are run by the Mafia, and why we today follow these laws is beyond me.

1:25 PM PST
Obama and Reid have done a great disservice to our country. Over time, the public will learn more about Obama's ineptitude and bad ideas and Reid's one man control of the Senate which essentially shut Congress down. Americans deserve much better. Tuesday's election was a good first step in righting the ship. The press has also failed us by protecting that clown in the White House. Our President is simply in the wrong profession, he has poor social skills and he is in so far over his head he is living for the day when he can walk away from it all. These next two years will be more productive than the past two, but I expect little leadership from the President but more denial, intransigence and hubris from a man who is going to be fiercely scorned by the time he leaves office.
( washington Post 11 6 2014) commentary.


Michael a minute ago I banned WND, but I never saw a commentary of Guitar Hero Ted, so I gave a post. Not sure if WND will delete it, they hate me because I'm not a racist.

Ted has a nice idea ' enforce the laws' but that is not happening with the GOP. The problem is not Obama or the Democrats but the GOP, they are woosies or racists. Civil Rights was passed in the mid- 1960s and in 2014 A.D. Faux News put their first black people on board. THe only reason they were forced, not because they believe in the human spirit.

Miami-Dade County Police Officer Vicki Thomas = hero.


If USA, we had a vote day here, a historical $4 Billion dollar Midterm Election. Here is what happened to me. So anxious to vote I was the 33 rd person for my polling district to vote. But, after first I was denied, again. This time, I almost went to jail.

I was denied again (5 th time) to vote. Issue racism. Poll worker dark brown Arab; name on register with address used for mail, but P.O. Box is my DMV ( Department of Motor Vehicles, = equivalent to a California ID). Had to threaten to vote, even though my name and address are on the books, I have my California Lic. and my voting ballot I received with my name ( full name) with me and showed them. While I have a voting history of voting both parties, I'm still a registered republican. This poll was across the street from world Disney Burbank Studios -- they had a hard time believing a homeless person would be registered as a Republican. Ultimately it is the wooosie party of republicans that are to blame or they would bring pitchforks because talking does nothing, at all. Either I was going to vote or people were going to get it. The racism in this country is out of control.
So, update. I’m real busy today. Even  though I  am registered, on the ballot polling stations registers, and I have my mail to me ballot with all information and ID, as legit and I have my California ID, they still could not allow me to vote. For legal reasons because I’m not clear on the law, I screamed some things, where the entire polling stations workers and voters abruptly stop what they were doing and turned to the commotion. After they saw my ‘eyes’ that registered was passed to me so quickly for  me to sign and then pick up my ballot, they have another lease on ‘u know wat!’
My grandfather was born in Chicago; my father was born in Hollywood ( Fairfax District, same thing) and I was born in Silverlake,  the city that buttressed down town Los  Angeles.   I was bullied by an overwhelming elitist community. All over the United  States, Eric Holder issues rules that allows voters to not show  proof of anything, just come in and vote. There is a real serious problem and the Republican do not care at all. So I decided to vote mainly against them, put all women on the bench, save one, and did not vote for Jerry ( 4 terms) Brown.  He has been in power before I was ten years old.

-- 11/4/2014 A.D.

Two more years of gridlock

Republicans Lose Big in US Senate bid, LOLZ, party is so over. Pick up only 4 seats, one run-off for control, later this year. They should have won by +3 but chocked


Associated Press Called Most major races 3 hours before the polls closed in each state. Can we get the U.S.A. Military to take them out, these anti Americans -Anti Democrats?

Voters in Naugatuck accidentally receive three old 2012 ballots from presidential election http://t.co/S906l2MvNX http://t.co/guzHCL66eB- not used.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen beat back Republican challenger Scott Brown in New Hampshire Tuesday, fending off Democratic fears of a GOP tidal wave, according to ABC News projections.

At least Mitch admitted that he has done "nothing" the last 4 years, yet he got PAID for doing "nothing", and he willingly put that into his bank account. How come he doesn't realize that he hasn't really been alive for at least a decade, one would think his family would notice it...........

Arc Michael ( WashPo election night)
7:18 PM PST
McConnell was promised Seed money by Obama in 2009 if Mitch goes along with moving jobs out of his state. He never got any, maybe the Tea party hater stole it.




MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican football got a boost in September when former Brazil and Barcelona star Ronaldinho — a two-time FIFA player of the year -- is not wanted by brown folk, the soccer super start is dark brown and looks black sometimes. These the people Ronald Reagan allowed in and they started the Ganglands of the U.S.A. streets. They even taught blacks in the 1980s to become gang members and distribute cocaine all over the world. The black communities often say it was the C.I.A., at times, yes, but the Latin Cartels produce almost all illicit drugs in our world in the 1980s. Florida became the Wild-Wild-West, 30 Tons of Cocaine moved in for  the first five years ( that is  a lot) and all from Medellin Columbia, the start-up drug cartel town. The American rich fell for it first and started its demand.

glu-ons hold the bosons ( if we find them) and the neutrinos, like glue -- thus the easy name. They are like the US Senate, they bind the county but sit there and do nothing. -- Arc Michael -- election bantor!

cultural norms driven by population shifts in demograghics lead to "an unspoken language." disturbances. -- Arc Michael Daily Cal blog post.


Prop 46 California


Jerry " Moombat/beam ' Brown has been in power since 1969 and completely destroyed California, please , please help us kick out this careerist Anti Ameircan, Pro Racist. The challenger is Hindu and Brown hates Indians.


ISIS (ISil) video, laughs at forcing 12 year-old captured prisoner girls to have sex and be sold for money to support ISil's terrorism.

After this post, I banned all World Net Daily posts and links, they are too Republican Establishment, they deleted posts of mine that were conforming to all rules, they just did not support my anti Establishment position, that many in this country feel is the main problem. That is our current careerist politicians, been there for 30-40+ years.


Washington Post Election Lab



Harry Reid holds 500 legislative bills, refused to floor them for 6 years, and 98% of them were bi-partizen. Let us kick him out and have a legislation party and fix our Country. How about all?

25,500,000 Register Voters are LA RAZA ( or Brown only in power voters). Unless U pass Amnesty, we will beat U to death -- LA RAZA message to white people. Obama " we need 34,000,000 for my immigration policies, so that this number balloons to 61,000,000 million racist to help make U.S.A. more racist than it already has demonstrated.

Colorado & California are controlled by LA RAZ A NAZI.

ALERT: Homeland Security ( what ever that is?) has issued a Terrorist Alert. I think their role in the U.S.A. is to protect the avarice families of America, and that is about it. ( late Oct. 2014 continuing)

Dispite U.S. Democrat Low Job Approval Ratings the National Wide Mid-Terms are close.

what does this mean?

If you cannot dominate with Harry Reid stopping the flooring of 500 Bills (98%) are bi-partizen and you cannot win, republians, then it is over and the people have rejected you. You cannot count on the white european vote, the demograghic shift will make it impossible, due to brown and black racism replacing white racism.


Hillary Clinton: Message to the People: Fear is the Republican agenda. That was smart, but telling the people that business does not create jobs, she made a weirdo mistake. The Party Brand is out of fashion. She also said " Don't throw your vote away for an Independents, cast it for a Democrat."

Republican States support Minimum Wage increase, but the Democrats in the Senate Have Stop this. Obama lies and said Republiccans are to blame, he is an Anti Christ (e.g. a plethoric liar). Those lies have cost the entire American people to hate all because it kept them fighting for the truth while Obama took golfing and beer vacations.


Silicon Valley firm paid imported workers $1.21 per hour

Employees brought from India worked 120-hour weeks at their regular hourly rate

Thus the autumn of 2140 BC probably saw the completion of the building operations on the Pyramid, whereas 2170 BC, 30 years earlier, probably saw the commencement of these operations; for Herodotus informs us that the Pyramid took 30 years to complete.

From web page philologos.org/bpr/files//misc_studies/ms003.htm

M \ el \chiz  \e \ dek


Immigration Destoyed Egypt.

Manetho, an Egyptian priest and scribe, is quoted by Josephus and others as saying: "We had formerly a king whose name was Timaus. In his time it came to pass, I know not how, that the deity was displeased with us; and there came up from the East, in a strange manner, men of ignoble [C323] [C324] [C325] race [not warriors], Hyksos, who had the confidence to invade our country and easily subdue it by their power without a battle. And when they had our rulers in their hands, they demolished the temples of the gods."


Sam ii CH 22

YHWH thundered from heaven, and the most High uttered his voice. And he sent out arrows, and scattered them; lightning [baraq {baw-rawk'}] , and discomfited them. And the channels of the sea appeared, the foundations of the world were discovered, at the rebuking of YHWH, at the blast of the breath of his nostrils. He sent from above, he took me; he drew me out of many waters; He delivered me from my strong enemy, and from them that hated me: for they were too strong for me



Mexican Racists who Jailed a U.S. Marine who got trapped in their boarder parking lot is finally freed after being chained and beaten by Racist Latinos.

Today, with my more changed attitude, two Latins ( Mom and Dad down straits, did not see them) tried to hurt me in an elevator, they were packing and would not allow me to exist, the situation was very strange, they started to push 300 lbs furniture toward me and trap me in the back, I yelled at them, they went ballistic, I forced the elevator door shut and pressed the next button down, got out and took the stairs, ran to the front desk and grappled an Ink Pen with a sharp point and waited downstairs as they came throwing racist insults in Spanish ( I can understand them) but they spoke perfect English, and I starred them down with that point of the pen at them, ready to go to jail. I stood my ground, no authorities were around, they were somewhere on another floor of the building but I did not cower like I did before. It still does not solve the uncivilized and I feel like a black man in the Deep South during Jim Crow Laws.  These racist two young men ( and their fatso mommy and daddys down stairs who look like Cartel bosses) did not see me as a human, and if I did not act up, they would have hurt me in the back of the elevator. Being who I am the authorities or police will not be on my side and so I guess we all have to eventually fight back and die for our causes or flee and surrender.  This has happened to me plenty of times and this episode was purely barbaric and truly racist. There is always plenty of staging room outside of the halls where the elevators are, there are no needs to cut off access and then deny them to  building patrons, offer no communication other than go back to the wall and do not pass go attitude. So since no one helps me, I feel why should the entire world exist at all? I was actually ready to go to jail. If they came at me, I was not using my fists, they fight in multiples and one needs weapons. I stood my ground which is a change. After a while my stairs dominated with my weapon pointed at them.
The treatment of this marine was likeminded. He was forced to sit in a parking lot after confusing signs and made a wrong  turn. Before being stopped by upper officials, he told the border crossing guard, he was not going to Mexico, how can I turn my truck around and they pulled him over  and roughed him up after they found out he said he was a U.S. Marine.
The Bush Family wants tens of millions of these Atheists to come into the U.S.A. They were not religious in any use of the term, and I know plenty of good Latino religious people ,these were atheist cartel looking crapolas. The Independents, the republicans  nor the Democrats protect their weak, so let us take them out of History then, OK?


Ronald Reagan Was a false Christian and a Real Anti American that only desired the 1%ers' affections.

Arc Michael Washington Post
2:10 PM PST
i LIVE in the State of LA RAZA ( California), where Reagan was gov and Leftist union before that and a B actor in film. I was bullied to day by LA RAZAs and I had to chose to either stand my ground and go to jail for violence against bullying or flee because the Cops the GOp and LeftCOns do not protect me.  
Reagan let in 8,000,000 gang bangers, it is time to put [him] in into the house of SHAME.  

he did not sign NAFTA, no Clinton did ,but Ronald Reagan Started NAFTA 

just because he gave a speech when the Soviets were falling anyway , the RINOS scream he was the best. No he was a Real Atheist ( lying Christian) lunatic.
2:24 PM PST
Reagan was one of the worst presidents. He favored corporations over the public. His trickle down economics was nothing more than lies. Runaway inflation worsened under him, national debt skyrocketed, healthcare became more difficult to have, wages dropped, housing costs rose... Oh, he broke the law - guns for hostages, not to forget other missing around he did in Central and South America, plus other regions of the globe. Didn't he secretly send support to communist rebels to overthrow a couple of democrat nations because those nations refused to back down against big oil? --
2:24 PM PST

My most lasting memory of Reagan is that he gave Anton LaVey the first charter to open the first church of satan while he was gov. -- a commenter, see link.

Reagan raised taxes on the lower middle class and cut taxes on the 1%ers ( called capital gains tax). he was for 1%ers.


Arc Michael
2:59 PM PST
Ronald Reagan: My trickle down Economics will eventually benefit your future great- great -great -grandchildren in the year of 2500 AD. Until then tough life.



Yet bullying is everywhere: Pederasty ( Sex with young boys by older men, a Arab problem down the centuries. there is little to no evidence that most Arabs follow any form of Islam, other than state political which is taxes and stuff.

In Karachi, 170,000 children live on the streets and 90% of them have been molested. - Aalia Khan Yousafzai (ProjectAwaaz).

Pakistan Children Sexually Abused by Atheists within this country.

Tabloid: Michelle tells Barack To Get out of the White House, her house after Pervert Comments and videos surface of Obama's ogling and flirting of women in public. Yahoo News 1 st Nov 2014 A.D.

Islamic State kills 85 more members of Iraqi tribe



Will a satanic coloring book be distributed to Florida school children?

not an All Hallows' Eve joke, either: this is from Christian Monitor, Yahoo News.

my comment: I AM THAT I AM
The Satanic Bible's number #1 Commandment is 'narcissism is all.' Not a good message people.


FOR California Governor.

Neel Tushar Kashkari (born July 30, 1973) is an American banker and politician. Kashkari was born on July 30, 1973,[2] in Akron, Ohio, to Sheila Kashkari, a pathologist at Akron City Hospital, and Chaman Kashkari, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Akron.[3][4] His parents are Kashmiri Pandits[5] who immigrated to the United States from Kashmir in the 1960s.
Kashkari is a practicing Hindu.[81] He said in 2009 that he began praying while working on TARP,

Pentagon warns Seal that telling the truth that Bin Laden was not important and Terrorists are the Pentagon themselves is threatened to death.

Pentagon Warns SEAL Who Shot Bin Laden Not To Go On FOXNEWS...


USA Atheists Gone Wild: Toddler Rape, Sex with Dogs... The Religious arrested her.


F A C E B O O K CEO & Founder Calls for Cheap Foreing Labor to replace AMerican jobs, he is becoming one the richest persons in the global corporate world. He represents all that is wrong in this world, and No I never had a facebook, because he has always been an Anti American elitist global punk.

In Hopi mythology, the Blue Star Kachina or Saquasohuh, is a kachina or spirit, that will signify the coming of the beginning of the new world ( SEE THE Satan page)

IMPLANTS -- Thank u India.

implants by RackBrains


La Raza Circulates State-By-State Guide On Where To Vote Without ID...


If U did not re register, and quickly or ignore this, as I did, You believed You could not vote in the 2008 General Election.  

Alameda County sent out 10,000s of letters to all independents and Republicans deleting their Registrations ( which was a lie, but the mail looked U.S. Official!) and so 1,000s, and 1,000s just did not go to the polls, and elections are more than just a President but local issues, including propositions. Here is my proof. I ignored it and showed up at my voting station and was not denied, but most others believed they could not vote and thus stayed home.

Washington Post ( Oct 2014)  ran a study by a major University which analyzed voting and claims 6.4% (US pop)  in the last sets of elections were voter fraud ( 30,000 dead votes – a common theme, machines changing votes from Republicans to Democrats ( the company is owned by the lobbyist Democrats, so a conflict of interests.) , and do not forget that Bush, George W, jr.,  and the entire Supreme Court needs to be in Jail for refusing 35,000 blacks to participate in the 2000 Florida General Elections --- but no one cares. 

The scared and fleeing Eric Holder, the Department of Justice sued most states to allow the Entire Chinese populations to Latin America to vote in the  U.S.A. elections – Yes the Country has long been out of  control because the New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Times support non U.S. Citizens voting in all U.S. elections, local to national. -12:02 pm, North Hollywood, CA.

Man Rapes Pitt Bull, Yells ISil is here!

+ An Uber Wealthy Maryland Conservative Town, u may call it liberal.

Arc Michael Washington Post: 29 Oct 2014 comment. From Takoma Park liberals at the core of the White HouseWashPo Juliet Eilperin
5:12 PM PDT
"Three of Obama’s top advisers — McDonough, Muñoz and Perez are all longtime residents of one of the most liberal and politically active communities in the nation, and maybe one of the best illustrations of the administration’s ideological moorings." 

well written.



Moslems & not the GOP ( they actually helped Demsey, Hillary and Obie create ISIl) are fighting back agaist the barbarians. -wnd reporting.

WIMPoGATE = GOP the submissive yellow bellies that are careerists at all levels of society.

GOPers continue to lie, I do not support nor will I vote for them after years of lies to my face. They are the party of quitters and wimps.

REPUBLICANS VOW: WE'LL STOP OBAMA'S 'UN-AMERICAN' AMNESTY IF WE WIN SENATE... -- notice to the world, the huge Amnesty #2 under Ronald Reagan, some 8,000,000 a huge number then were granted free homes and SSI for life and you can see these government foreigner paid buildings right here in NoHo ( North Hollywood, CA) the GOP are liars and have been so for some time. This amnesty will be #3. Obama and Holder suggested 34,000,000 with job preferences over Americans, but that is just how the Democrats play ball.


Remember the Democrats running in 2014 all voted for all my policies. “ – Obama, as he stuck his foot into his mouth. 


ELECTION WEEK HERE IN ol' U.S. of A. Mid Terms 2014 A.D. so there will be some articles on this and will get back to other mysteries or esoteria or general stuff afterwards. Voting takes time and the media has tried it best not to report on who is who because the less people to the polls means only the diehards will emerge, which is exactly what most parties want to achieve.

First let us give props to our Illegal U.S. President. I do support Obama's domestic oil production which has led Putin into a hemorrhage and Saudi Oil Princes drastically lowering the price of oil now that there is competition.

New Hampshire U.S. Senate Seat

New Hampshire U.S. Senate Seat & Current  held by Jeanne Shaheen who ran as an independent and instantly turned into  a Obama vote bot.  New Hampshire native (Born in the state) Scott Brown who took over Ted Kennedy’s Massachusetts seat and was unseated has his last week of television ads with a brilliant national strategy by the GOP. The campaigns try to link the voting percentage to the President’s failure or mediocre legislations. Shaheen voted 99% of the time with Obama. That is resonating with the people, as he has low approval ratings like Bush’s.

Shaheen  Television campaign adds complains that Scott Brown spent 30 years in Mass and implied he had no ties with the state (although he is a native of New Hampshire). She contrasts her life in New Hampshire as having ties saying she is  a native – but she lied, she was born in Louisiana, which makes  her not only a liar, a fraud, but misleading the public for her own agenda.  

Hillary Clinton had no ties to New York , at all, and Shaheen would be stumped to why she is an a liar too. We need liars  out of  all of our government positons , if we are to survive as a human race.

South Dakoda DNC attack ads so full of lies a huge 10 point switch occurred.
Rick Weiland has lived off of taxpayers dollars his whole life. The problem is that these people are concerned with getting reelected which starts  the day after they get reelected, thus they never work, and only scheme to remain in power. People want leaders not posers and careerist fraudos.

Barack Hussein Obama ii + 1


the democratic illegal voting tactics used on me in 2008 at the Bay Area where the Democratic Party deleted my Voting Registration, gave me an affidavit to reapply after the 2008 election is a real thing and why I chose to hate on the Republicans who know that this has been going on and will do 100% --absolutely nothing. They are wooosies and the GOP therefore, not BRAVE, needs to end as a Political Party. we do not accept Wimps for our U.S.A. Good For Obama.




go to web-site full size w/ full display

Page Two

I.R.S. larger than WaterGate Cover-Up (full access)

1 st June 2014 - June 26 th 2014. ( morning and nightly newscasts) Broadcasting the I.R.S. Scandal on Major Media.

186 Hours of total News Casts time:
NBC: 10 minuets
ABC:  17m.48s minuets
CBS: 10 m minuets
Fox News: 30 minuets

NYTimes ( no coverage one piece 'no scandal, page 2, 4 weeks later)

update: Louis Lerner deleted her BlackBerry Phone after the Senate Investigative Committee has demanded she turn it over, and all networks except FOX never mentioned it, it has been over a week. Also, as I stated in full access, all the hard drive stuff is there, and the news reporters of ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC have all ignored this development because Louis Lerner perjured herself and committed horrendous crimes by lying under oath. But in America, no one in power ever goes to jail or is punished. If punished the tax payers foot all of the bill.


History Books and US Narratives

So in history books one reads: Senate panel clears IRS of political bias -- but this and other things for the last 60 years are based upon lies. Almost the entire U.S. narrative are based on lies.

Senate Democrat Carl Levin releases false report -- why are these people allowed to rule or even live? Why liars. It is about 75% tea party targeted, 10% left-wing ( such as Occupy Movement, the NY Times called right wing ( so that is 85%) and the rest were GOPs. In this lying MEAMIC history books, it will say 50% -- and thus produce more brain dead robots.

Democrat Carl Levin releases 224-page report suggesting that the IRS improperly treated both liberal and conservative groups applying for tax exemptions ." ( link)

IRS had 'secret research project' on conservatives: = TYRANNY

U.S.A. Demonic Officials claim Emails have almost been totally blacked out on places of non compromising areas, such as talking about issues. these are blackout. No one goes to jail, ever, so the system is completely broken. And the self proclaimed mASSiah refuses to investigate this High Treason. ( 4 sept 2014).

Sharyl Attkisson reported on FOX San Antonio:

In a new development, we’ve learned it was IRS Commission John Koskinen’s own chief legal advisor at the IRS, Catherine Duval, who informed someone at the Treasury Department, who told someone at the White House that emails were missing, while Congress, which subpoenaed the documents, was left in the dark.

"Whenever we can, we follow the law," IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told the House Ways and Means subcommittee on health on Wednesday.

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas), who leads the subcommittee, immediately expressed his concern with the remarks.

"I encourage you to follow the law in all instances," Brady said.



IRS EMAILS: Cinci IRS Head to Email Recipient on topic of Christians.

Lerner: "Great. Maybe we are through if there are that many assholes."

Other person: "And I'm talking about the hosts of the shows. The callers are rabid."

Lerner: "So we don't need to worry about alien teRrorists. It's our own crazies that will take us down." - associated press, USA Today online.

name was blacked out but it appears to be Barack Hussein Obama's email -- Former IRS official Lois Lerner had the following email exchange with a
personal associate on Nov. 9, 2012. By The Associated Press


Franken challenger: Dem-controlled Senate land of '10,000 excuses'...

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Who is Archangel Michael at Bookoflife.org?

http://www.wnd.com/2014/10/court-sides-with-irs-in-tea-party-targeting-scandal/ 22 Oct 2014

UN deleting climate false data July 3 2014.

Here explorers write to New York Times that the Arctic was Free of Ice, no Ice at the Artic. The year is 1907 A.D. [note 1907] and the reflection is 1904 A.D.

In the emails, these UN-funded scientists talk about deleting data under FOIA request, faking data for journals such as Nature, conspiring to keep opposing science...

Obama denies American Congressman access from doing his job, are we hosting the Anti Christ or Satan himself?

Oklahoma Republican Rep. Jim Bridenstine revealed Wednesday that he was not allowed to view an HHS facility housing approximately 1,200 unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, on Tuesday.

“There is no excuse for denying a Federal Representative from Oklahoma access to a federal facility in Oklahoma where unaccompanied children are being held,” Bridenstine said in a statement.

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The #1 Religion in  the USA and Israel are Secularists.

About half the public is, to some degree, dependent on government, and the other half is being robbed by it.

that is an institution, not individual liberty.

the majority of Americans, all cultures  and  races are not Christians,

Pretty much every time a rich person sneezes, a banner headline sprouts.

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