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Ebola was not an American problem until the brilliant
teleprompter genius, Barack Hussein Obama, imported it onto a
continent where it has never been before. Another Obama first
goes into the history books.

Republicans had been calling for weeks to shut down troubled countries entries without screenings for weeks and Obama went fundraising blaming REpublicans are the party for the Rich, totatally in ignorant bliss that the British Dug this up in 2012, weaponized it and sent it as a Global Warming Solution into places they see as not productive to human life -- basically full-on British elite racist.
Obama does not know the Queen attacked by planting Mideval hard-strain Ebola into Afirca in hopes that transAtlantic Flights would carry over infected; and this would be the British Military Responce to not having a Military the size of America's. It worked, and the British have been historical eperts at this type of warfare, perhaps they larned it by reading the anceint text books on human chemical warfare, so rampent in historical war journals.

Customs Agent: We're Not Prepared...
Marine Corps holds pandemic outbreak drill...

BM2 = 8th House U.S.A. = Death to Economy




QUAKES IN LAST 24 Hours. 6.2 mag. south of U.S.A.

08-OCT-2014 02:40:54 23.82 -108.42 6.2 10 0 GULF OF CALIFORNIA   4810813

ISIKOFF: First Whitewater prosecutor says 'serious crimes' were uncovered in probe... Saul Alinski, Hillary Rodham's College Thesis topic, taught to move money illegally in gov, use real-estate cover business.

The first federal prosecutor to probe the financial dealings of Bill and Hillary Clinton says he was poised to bring high-profile indictments against top Arkansas political and business figures — based in part on testimony from a chief witness against the then president — when he was abruptly replaced by a panel of federal judges, throwing his investigation into turmoil.

Below are some when eclipsed was in later stages of the' full,' but I edited w/ false colors.

Jimmy Carter disses Barack ON a host of matters

CARTER: Obama Dropped Ball...

How Obama's broken promises have put America in danger...


On Moon(s)

generalized times, precision based on each local: The show begins at approximately 9:15 UT (2:15 a.m. PDT) when the Moon makes first contact with the core of Earth's shadow. Totality, when the Moon is fully shadowed, begins at 10:25 UT (3:25 a.m. PDT) and lasts for nearly an hour. Here is a visibility map. credit: spaceweather.com, NASA. The eclipse is the second in a rare series known as the tetrad, in which the moon is completely covered by the Earth's umbral shadow for four eclipses in a row

3:15 mean eclipse at LA, am, so this is early in the morning here.

BM2 less than 10 hours away

3:15 am at Los Angeles will be a tropical alignment at 15 Ari  05 mins +- 13 secs , and 30 mins on each side on the hour the disk will start to be noticeably dark.

Neptune will be just below the western horizon, here, at LA. So there is a paran to this Moon's totality point. Another mind blowing thing is if  one could  see well beyond the Moon, you will see Neptune's sister/bro, Uranus. In the past, we believe both changed orbits. The star associated is linteum piscupus, and this is a science star or renown -- our current vernal signatures has  this star and khat piscupus as its signatures, which pads  the meaning of our age of Tech/Science, going to the stars or planning to do so.

Photo ISil Moon ( true Islamic Crescent, 34 north latitude, 118 w)  1 st February 2014 , 7:50 pm. This is when ISIS (now maybe called ISil) broke out with its aggressive offensive across SHAM.

+5.3 channel  B L O O D MO ON at 5.3% larger than April's BM#1

+Universe Today 

NASA approximately 9:15 UT (2:15 a.m. PDT) when the Moon makes first contact with the core of Earth's shadow. Totality, when the Moon is fully shadowed, begins at 10:25 UT (3:25 a.m. PDT) and lasts for nearly an hour.  The eclipse is the second in a rare series known as the tetrad, in which the moon is completely covered by the Earth's umbral shadow for four eclipses in a row


Video: White House Senior Staff On Hot Mic After Ebola Talk,

"We Are So Screwed"


ISil on verge of taking Turkey's boarder towns. = more bad times for women and christians' !

Super Typhoon Vongfong acting upon current Solar Flares of Xs and M classes, so weather spikes are here for the short while -- Solar Flare(s) not humans are the cause of extreme weather.


When the Republicans demanded the Obama Adm. arm the Syrian rebels, they are in fact associates of forming ISil. Can we put them all in jail now? There needs to come a time when we do not tolerate the rich wars for greed any longer. Vietnam was fought for Lady Bird Johnson's Halliburton International Corps and we threw black and white youth to the gutters when they returned home, missing legs and arms.  

Man this country is wacko uncaring about humans, full of lifeless robots of nasty & vicious violence and greed. ( Washington Post comment 3:06 pm pdt).


TV Guide Network stops airing '7th Heaven' and plans not to rerun.

Stephen Collins - Wife Says He's a Pedophile Who Refuses to Get Help


TMZ disclosure: "secret life"of Hollywood TV dad, sex with minors and perverted peekyboos, confesses to Wife, police begin initial investigation. IN other news, Jennifer Lawrence ( young and already a Oscar recipient) calls fake celeb nudes and hacking of  these as ‘sex crimes’ indicating on can go to jail or be placed on a sex offender register. However, if this becomes law, then the entire N.S.A. will have to go to jail – they hack and peekaboo each day, all things nude.  No one wants to be parodied nude, but why then does Prada make $900+  shoes but to sexually turn on their owners and admirers? Why not wear second hand jeans and ripped T-shirt to movie premiers, so not to look Sexy Jen? Or is this just a case of Hollyweridites having ‘special laws’ that do not apply to the rest of Americans?

If You typed in “ Jennifer Lawrence” into Google, and  then pushed ‘Photos’ and your filters were set to ‘open’ then all fake photos  automatically popped up, as this is where google places its uploading codes. Google has taken them down, but it was impossible to filter them and Jennifer wants you to go to jail for something that was out of your control. I believe she does need a spanking.

Jennifer Lawrence in fear of Father Giving Her a Hard Spanking, so she lied about her 'feelings'!

who viewed the images online. “Anybody who looked at those pictures, you’re perpetuating a sexual offense. You should cower with shame. Even people who I know and love say, ‘Oh, yeah, I looked at the pictures.’ I don’t want to get mad, but at the same time I’m thinking, I didn’t tell you that you could look at my naked body.” -- Jennifer Lawrence demonstrating why she goes on expensive photo shoots to make jack-off masturbation photos for the victims of financial slavery to her – she sounds so RightWing NAZIish.

Just because I’m a public figure, just because I’m an actress, does not mean that I asked for this,” she says. “It does not mean that it comes with the territory. It’s my body, and it should be my choice, and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting. I can’t believe that we even live in that kind of world. ” -- Jennifer to Vanity Fair contributing editor Sam Kashner 2014, Summer.

blunders: "[...] Just the fact that somebody can be sexually exploited and violated, and the first thought that crosses somebody’s mind is to make a profit from it. " For your information, that is Disney's entire game plan, exploitation of the good looking, and make them wear sexy things. The most successful Television nighttime series creator Arron Spelling hired actors and actresses based upon their stunning looks and not their acting abilities -- it paid off, he lived in a 100+ room castle in Homebly Hills ( boarders Beverley Hills).
Hollywood is a visual sex show. DO you really thing Hunger Games will inspire a nation to revolt against the richys of Hollywood Studio Moguls and others? Or is it just seeing youth in sexy gear kill each other, make-believe, on screen for sexual visual pleasure? Grow up.

My opinion is that Jennifer has a careless attitude on this issue and probably hopes u do manipulate yourself to her healthy and stunningly beautiful body; but her daddy may still have spanking privileges, as she also emoted: Lawrence speaks of the wrenching moment when she had to call her father about the hack. “When I have to make that phone call to my dad and tell him what’s happened … I don’t care how much money I get for The Hunger Games,” she says. “I promise you, anybody given the choice of that kind of money or having to make a phone call to tell your dad that something like that has happened, it’s not worth it.” She allows herself to joke a little about that terrible moment: “Fortunately, he was playing golf, so he was in a good mood.” - J. Lawrence.

Allowances? Jennifer is still young and pressures of being a global superstar, being a part of a women's action hero movement, which is really nice now, not all men testosterone, she does have people clamoring for this and that and 'time by herself' seems to be the key composition to her lashing-out over a ***** Well known unsecure Mobile-web platform, we call N.S.A. world wide web. She complained in the Summer of 2014, but warning about putting up nudes anywhere on the web, even if a company says secure, was well known  and for her not to know means she brought this on herself. If you want to pass on masturbation nude photos to your ‘lover(s)’ do it in person, and not digital.

Jennifer Lawrence Calls Photo Hacking a 'Sex Crime'...

Serious White Racist has 500 legislative bills and will not floor them, he controls America: Approval at 21%


PARIS HILTON Sells the famed Waldorf Astoria hotel to the Chinese for 1. 95 Billion, because money is notin' but money!

Democrats blame Republians for no reason whatsoever, normal animalistic behavior.

Hilton Worldwide Holdings said it's selling the famed Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York for $1.95 billion to China-based buyer Anbang Insurance Group (cnbc 05 Oct 2014).

+3 witnesses reported 9/11 hijackers months before attack
Ringleader filmed security checkpoint at Boston airport for 45 minutes


Secratary Of State +3 witnesses reported 9/11 hijackers months before attack
Ringleader filmed security checkpoint at Boston airport for 45 minutes
had 9/11 Hyjacker at Logan Airport in May of the year of 2,001 A.D. on surveillance video + 3 others did nothing because they were scared of Islam the Religion of Peace.

Mohamed Atta cased the joint for 45 minuets and three witnesses went to complain. The Airport called John who said, listen, these are our friends, you freaking racist, shut up. 9/11 happened three months afterwards, because John Kerry threw the FBI security update video suggestions into the garbage can.

Atta, a ringleader of the 9/11 attacks, was spotted filming the TSA security checkpoints at Logan on May 11, 2001. One of the witnesses, a veteran American Airlines technician, even confronted the al-Qaeda member and asked him what he was doing.

The FBI had given John Kerry a surveillance vid with recommendations to update security, at Logan, his representative state; and Kerry said after 9/11 it would have raised taxes so he threw it in the garbage can three months prior. With those recommendations, the 9/11 hijackers could not have gotten on board.

Why are these US traitors not in jail? Is it u support the Saudi Royals that funded this operation?

why should America exist at all, with frauds in the seats of power?

ISil Recruit Captured at Chicago Airport 05 Oct 2014. WashPo

"Authorities arrested Mohammed Hamzah Khan, a U.S. citizen, Saturday night at Chicago O’Hare Airport. " One such note, written in Arabic, read, “Islamic State in Iraq and Levant. Here to stay. We are the lions of the war… My nation, the dawn has emerged,” the criminal complaint said.

Khan, who lived with his parents, also left a three-page letter for them in his bedroom, the complaint stated. In the letter, he tries to explain why he’s traveling, writing that he was upset with the decline of Western societies and with having to pay taxes used to kill Muslims.

The FBI ( Daily Mail UK today's article) John Kerry ( he is not in jail yet?) was given an FBI Surveillance tape of M. Atta ( keyrightlieader 9/11) filming and casing Boston Logan, and Kerry threw it in the trash, claiming to up security ( 3 months before , Atta 11 May 2001 at logan 45 mins) said beefing up security at Logan would mean John would raise taxes on his voting population, and he wants to remain in power so no 'extra' monies and so John threw the FBI video suggestion tape to +LOCK Logan and threw it in the trash.

three other witnesses told authorities they had seen Atta that day too, and one was a TSA, and she confronted Atta and called the authorities.



Irish Serbian Sir names link Early Modern Age to both Isles and to Serbia, Eastern Europe or ME, northern area.


+ Neolithic ( Serbia) Calendars, perhaps

old european blogspot

8,000 B.C. Lunar Calendar Serbia ( today's Balkins). Abram Ibin Ezra claimed first calendars were Lunar, said this in the Medieval Ages.

Hebrew Bible Photo of ancient in Hebrew

The books on Enoch, written way before the Bible ( at least the early books, not the plethora linked on to them) was not in Hebrew as this language was created later, after Exodus I.

The Jews had fled south eastward and over Jordan (where Judea name was linked to Jews, a place now or formally of the Levant.)

modern Hebrew really developed after Moses' more than 200 years later (1200–540 BCE).

prior, the Semitic languages where Vegas were the original language too were highly esoteric and informative science manuals of history.

254.33 Million Americans Speak English as of 2013 A.D.
316. 13 Million recorded residents in U.S.A. as of 2013. A.D.
61.8 Million residents do not speak English at all. as of 2013 A.D.

Religious Historical Connections:

Golden Aged ( building  periods)  Deities were often DOOR KEEPERS both to ME and to western ( Hellens, Greek + Etruscans).

the  Rise of Greece ( via Troy and  other legends) 1200 - 600 B.C. Intense Climate Change at ME ( Middle East) forced migrations northward, and the Egyptians + Jews + others moved northward, as well as Persian metropolitanians.
The Household Deity became the most democratic form of Religious’ ritual. In pantheonism, the most important god was the protector of the door of your home. This is a fad in Egypt, recorded in the Book of the Dead, and is also a fad of the Roman Republic period, imprinted in text memories and on coins.

During Roman Republic's Great Building Period and guess wat? So as with Rameses Dynasty, intense building and colonialist imperialism of  Anatolia, we have Religious similarities spanned by over 1,000 years and 1,ooos of miles /kms.

Sekheț-ḥer-āshtåru is the first Doorkeeper of the first Āirt. Janus, the Greek god ( photo on coin form c.  220s BC)  that could  look both ways, future and  past, all at once was the supreme deity of the Roman Republic.

The similarities are 'exact.'


Sunday Media:


-- CAN U CLAIM U STOLE $1 TRILLION to make ur buddies RIch? Obama and Holder are of the few people in all of history to hold this CROWN!

Eric Holder Ran From DOJ because of Obama and He passed a stimulus so the Rich can "hoard their now-huge profits." -- N.Y. Times.

Obama, Holder accused of stealing a trillion dollars of U.S.A. land Court Papers Claim -- New York Times

"This week, A.I.G. shareholders went to court to argue that the Federal Reserve’s bailout of the company was an illegal taking of private property; the three chief engineers of the bailout are to testify next week." ( Hard to Find How Stimulus helped U.S.A. --New York Times Sunday Edition).


Hillary is Paranoid:

Hillary is totally Nixonian and paranoid,” Morris told Klein. “Just to give you an idea, this women hired a fleet of detectives to track down all of the women her husband was involved with, not to stop him but to make sure they didn’t talk.”


Unforgettable sunrise | International Space Station Gerst: "I will never forget the golden reflection of the rising sun on the hull of our ship."Credit: ESA/NASA, ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst of Germany Image Date: September 19, 2014
+Alexander Gerst
+DLR, German Aerospace Center
+European Space Agency, ESA


Asteroids almost as large as planets are still being discovered in our own Solar System.


GALLUP: Voter opposition to President at 16-year high... | Worse than Bush, Clinton!

Job mean national unemployment dropped 1 /10 th of a percent to 5.9% unemployment, longer than the Great Depression of sustained long term unemployment, it is the Economy Stupid, a phrase caught on during Clinton’s terms. Obama’s overall approval polls would not be low today if he was truthful about ben Ghazhi, Lybia attacked on 11 Sept 2012 A.D, the I.R.S., N.S.A., Furthering the Patriot Act (liberal voted for  this too), not bringing the 9/11 Prisoners to trail, as he had promised, furthering a conspiracy cover-up that it was planned by the U.S.A. to start more wars in the Middle East. The Eric Holder approved massive bail-outs only showed less than 1% of those funds reaching the average American, the bulk going to crime and racketeering. Of the fact that Obama just sent troops back into Iraq and both Afghanistan, breaking nearly his entire Obama Doctrine and just going to play golf.

AXELROD: Obama ballot line 'a mistake'...

yesterday's TOP STORY:

2 million Muslims stone 'devil' at hajj...In Islam and Judaism, there are no devils, and so symbolically the message is to stone white people, as most Christians, form Asians to South Asians to Europeans and transplants in the modern age, like Australia remain Christian and White.   In Islam, there is one demon archetype, the  Jin. It is like  a trickster, like African godlore in the religion of VooDoo ( original ancient African religious system) and these can wreak havoc on families  to the larger civic communities. The stoning of the devil is a ritual, and racial in all of its spectrum. There is little evidence that most of the practitioners are aware of their racism.

UNDER THE QU'RAN ISil disrespects Prophet Muhammad -- therefore No Moslem will be in trouble with Allah for slaughtering all of their DNA off the Earth.

The MOSLEM STATE =non-infidel certificates which means u are not liked but left to live as long as U pay a T a x every month, called extortion, racketeering, fraud, insult to Prophet Muhammad,  it is MAFIA 101.

Man Made Solar Eclipse but not form Earth.

THE SUN BEHIND SATURN --PHoto USA CASSINI 1999 A.D. - onward. by stargaze nation, Google +.


photo taken by me at NoHo Park, click photo for a whole lot more of these.


[AF Kenya Part 10] Barack Hussein Obama II Golf, Vacation, History of Office Protocol + when War is On. 4th Oct 2014.

Sword-wielding man menaces Cub Scouts selling popcorn door-to-door...

Why was Haiti a poor and a corrupted Country? It is the rich and powerful's fault.
The second-generation “president for life” followed his father’s terror apparatus and skimmed hundreds of millions from the treasury

(WashPo 04 Oct 2014).. He produced those “boat people” who tried to flee Haiti for U.S. shores.

Three women pass Marine Corps endurance test,	=	YEAH.

By Dan Lamothe October 3 at 10:04 AM ( link to story).

Men complaining on the blog-Post boards so I wrote this. They say women cannot be as good as men.

My responce:

Arc Michael ( washingtonpost.com
5:03 PM PST
I'll take Michelle Rodriguez over Harry Reid any day on the battle field. No need for training, I already know who is better at all things considered. Wink

Alan Henning, 47 head cut off, He went on a humanitarian mission to help the displaced in Syria's civil war.

“Obama, you have started your aerial bombardment in Sham [a reference to greater Syria], which keeps on striking on our people,” the militant says. “So it’s only right we continue to strike the necks of your people.” -- Muslim Message to U.S.A. and White People around the world (WashPo 3 Oct 2014).

ISil ( Muslim State targeting and beheading Charity and Mission Workers, Easy Targets and White People are wimps, ISil leader intends).


“[…] 32 year N.S.A. veteran, he [ William Binny, considered a top encyriptionologist at the N.S.A) started ‘THRID thread’ a secret warrantless wire-tap program used under Bill Clinton. Bush Jr. ordered the N.S.A. to deactivate the  Thin-Thread privacy control filters that prevented Spying on Americans. So, Binny complained behind doors with the help of J. Kirk, why do we need warrants , we own you fools!” So Bush sent the dogs after him, put a gun to his head and dragged him out of his home, arrested – that was an illegal act.
This was a part of an expose on Edward Snowden, ‘ Vanity Faire’ May 2004, Scarlet Johannsson on the cover, in “The Snowden Saga […]” p. 161.

Well, even his father said he was a foreigner. so well. Internet rumors + conspiracies + who cares.

Harvard Law School has body - age photos like this. The photo looks of a Barack much older than 21 years-old. (snoops)

It will take two years in the Courts and Legislature to throw out Barack so why bother when he is scheduled to be terminated in Jan 2017.

Atheist Laws (here, Hammurabi, 4Rich & 4Priest ( academia in today's standards) contains myriads of sets of privileged laws for elites and citizens, but slavery and suppression laws for all the 'others.' Imagine, Huxley’s Brave New World, in most western school classrooms ( U.C.L.A. keeper of his personal books and effects) where racism is the ordered classes, constructed at birth and drugs for controlling the population, and total surveillance, what the Book 1984 and even shades of Minority Report, where the authorities anticipate some crimes and thus are proactive on the streets, as well as create more problems than they solve.

Jewish , Islamic laws came from this model, a wider collection of  law scripts argued by all sets of classes. A few decades before the official fall of the long dynastic Tokugawan period, Japanese peasants and commoners read, met to discuss, and organized over western and other historical ‘Democratic Legal structures ( e.g. Constitutions could be studied, and debated). Of course, they are looking to influence the new Meiji Regime. The smaller peasants, more steeped in spiritualism, contrast  the physicalists & these giants. The Atheists giants won and recorded their laws. Along came the revisionists, that became a part of the Mosaic (extended Commandments, found in Leviticus). But for clarity the Ten Commandments are what we were left because Moses smashed the hundreds of commandments his first trip down the mountain, in matters more pressing of his congregation erecting its Golden Statue.

Afghanistani Opium Fields:   Pfizer and US Pharma’s grow fields for all pain medication.  This is why Obama sent 10,000 new troops, announced 30 Sept 2014. The  idea is to fund terrorism and keep the home crowd (western civil citizens) in a doped out demeanor, much easier to control. Plus the  rich love pain medication for its sexual allowances. Like Hammurabi Laws, the rich get their drugs, you pay, and they get to play ( wars and such,  these people have so much fun with killing toys that fly, that dig, that penetrate the body and they love conflict, because it pays for their families and vacations where they plan more wars in an one-upmanship game amongst frennemies. . .The world will only heal when the evil ones are taken out, there is no other way.

Like Hammurabi laws, The rich send their poor to fight wars around the world, and when they come home, they do not give them anything but scraps. Today, the U.S.A. policy for more than 100 years is to see how much the rich can abuse the soldiers returning to war. The reason the Right Wing ( republicans) initially opposed entering the European theater and Eastern Theater during World War II was because the vets returning were treated like dogcrap during their return of World War I. Today, it is no different. Veterans suffer and die on the streets why the decision making warmongers, even Bush Jr. laugh at them suffering and does nothing but sit on his ranch and get drunk.

Arc Michael

Shared publicly  -  2:00 PM
The Cradle of Civilization, North area, Now relieves the world.

The White Rich & Brown Rich elites have forced Obama back to Afghanistan to harvest Pfizer, and other U.S. EU, South Asian ‘pharma pain medication’ = global $10 trillion dollar market for all medications targeted for pain relief from mild pain pills to OxyContin.  Mexico produces about 22% of the world’s illegal opium ( Heroin) trade, bring it up through the Rio Grand, one reason the U.S. Admins never secure the boarder, they love illegal drug profits and the police apparatus that supports ‘defrayment’ form the people to government and city retirement funds. If you go to any hospital in the U.S. or in fact the world, most likely some percentage of the pain chemicals come from U.S. British Controlled Afghanistan Opium Production Zones.

Who are to blame, the people that close their eyes and refuse to know and act on what is going on of an out of Control Global Ruler ship, steeped in avarice and filth.

what is political debate about and applying blame?

The Bank Bailouts were started by Democrats who won the 2006 election for the Senate, they started that false bailout, but it was Bush who signed it into Law making the  republicans responsible.

Michael 2 minutes ago (WND post)

Republicans always vote down spending for VAs, and each Vet since WWI ( except only and only WWII) have been treated like dog_poo and we expect to be political for a party that voted to cut more money than the Democratic Party proposed, because secretly the GOP club of WashingDC forces their people to treat Soldiers like poor peasants to fight the rich man's battles ( like Civil War, highlighted in Spielberg's Lincoln) and when they get home soldiers sit in the streets, suffering and dying and the question begs if GOPers are actually not Christians but Satanic Paganites, that lie ( anti Christ term) over and over again to protect their wealth and prestige?

Michael a few seconds ago Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by WND (Michelle O warns on impeachment, Senate control). On Talk by both parties on Impeaching Illegal but institutionalized Obama.

too late, why take two years and get nothing more done.Clinton was cleared by three courts that said the Chinese foreign monies were about $44 Million, he should have been executed, high treason of the office but no one cares, they turned it into a blue dress and semen stains.

this country is a sicko joke, all sides.


Solution for Senate Gridlock: Obama complains he cannot get anything done. So here is a mean spirited ( for rich people's view) post for an over long solution for US official-leaders being careerists, lasting decades & even many of generations (40y) and always place ballot and legislation on the back burner concentrating on their upcoming election campaigns that starts immediately after they are elected. This has to stop, immediately. John Kerry (winter soldier) told the World and U.S. Congress that the U.S. Military are terrorists and now John Kerry funds the terrorists so that the U.S. Military has a job to do! We live in total insanity. John Kerry’s tax evasions are in the Millions but he and his wife have nearly a billion U.S. Dollars, most in Cayman off-shore accounts.

Arc Michael ( washington Post)
4:44 PM PST
Can we send the Ebola patient into the Senate Chambers to shake everyone's hands?

A New Conspiricy

4:44 PM (54 minutes ago)
2 Oct 2014 ( by a long-time reg using a fake name)
Democrats have now engaged in a policy of killing their
political opponents by allowing Liberians infected with
Ebola into red states.  This is a Stalinist reaction to what
will be a Republican landslide in November, to "kill" and to
"infect" those who oppose them.

my responce:

5:44 PM (less than a minute ago)
- show quoted text -

that conspiracy proves many theologians that Libtards are much more evilly smart.

However, here are the facts. IN the USA u may get well, treated by the best doctors. You stay in Liberia, you will die, if poor and cannot bring docs to you.

the issue is to stop the flights into any US lands, even overseas to not infect.

So asked, what would U do if struck by a deadly ancient disease? sit and die or run and fly?




go to web-site full size w/ full display

Page Two

I.R.S. larger than WaterGate Cover-Up (full access)

1 st June 2014 - June 26 th 2014. ( morning and nightly newscasts) Broadcasting the I.R.S. Scandal on Major Media.

186 Hours of total News Casts time:
NBC: 10 minuets
ABC:  17m.48s minuets
CBS: 10 m minuets
Fox News: 30 minuets

NYTimes ( no coverage one piece 'no scandal, page 2, 4 weeks later)

update: Louis Lerner deleted her BlackBerry Phone after the Senate Investigative Committee has demanded she turn it over, and all networks except FOX never mentioned it, it has been over a week. Also, as I stated in full access, all the hard drive stuff is there, and the news reporters of ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC have all ignored this development because Louis Lerner perjured herself and committed horrendous crimes by lying under oath. But in America, no one in power ever goes to jail or is punished. If punished the tax payers foot all of the bill.


History Books and US Narratives

So in history books one reads: Senate panel clears IRS of political bias -- but this and other things for the last 60 years are based upon lies. Almost the entire U.S. narrative are based on lies.

Senate Democrat Carl Levin releases false report -- why are these people allowed to rule or even live? Why liars. It is about 75% tea party targeted, 10% left-wing ( such as Occupy Movement, the NY Times called right wing ( so that is 85%) and the rest were GOPs. In this lying MEAMIC history books, it will say 50% -- and thus produce more brain dead robots.

Democrat Carl Levin releases 224-page report suggesting that the IRS improperly treated both liberal and conservative groups applying for tax exemptions ." ( link)

IRS had 'secret research project' on conservatives: = TYRANNY

U.S.A. Demonic Officials claim Emails have almost been totally blacked out on places of non compromising areas, such as talking about issues. these are blackout. No one goes to jail, ever, so the system is completely broken. And the self proclaimed mASSiah refuses to investigate this High Treason. ( 4 sept 2014).

Sharyl Attkisson reported on FOX San Antonio:

In a new development, we’ve learned it was IRS Commission John Koskinen’s own chief legal advisor at the IRS, Catherine Duval, who informed someone at the Treasury Department, who told someone at the White House that emails were missing, while Congress, which subpoenaed the documents, was left in the dark.

"Whenever we can, we follow the law," IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told the House Ways and Means subcommittee on health on Wednesday.

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas), who leads the subcommittee, immediately expressed his concern with the remarks.

"I encourage you to follow the law in all instances," Brady said.



IRS EMAILS: Cinci IRS Head to Email Recipient on topic of Christians.

Lerner: "Great. Maybe we are through if there are that many assholes."

Other person: "And I'm talking about the hosts of the shows. The callers are rabid."

Lerner: "So we don't need to worry about alien teRrorists. It's our own crazies that will take us down." - associated press, USA Today online.

name was blacked out but it appears to be Barack Hussein Obama's email -- Former IRS official Lois Lerner had the following email exchange with a
personal associate on Nov. 9, 2012. By The Associated Press


Franken challenger: Dem-controlled Senate land of '10,000 excuses'...

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Page Three

Who is Archangel Michael at Bookoflife.org?

UN deleting climate false data July 3 2014.

Here explorers write to New York Times that the Arctic was Free of Ice, no Ice at the Artic. The year is 1907 A.D. [note 1907] and the reflection is 1904 A.D.

In the emails, these UN-funded scientists talk about deleting data under FOIA request, faking data for journals such as Nature, conspiring to keep opposing science...

Obama denies American Congressman access from doing his job, are we hosting the Anti Christ or Satan himself?

Oklahoma Republican Rep. Jim Bridenstine revealed Wednesday that he was not allowed to view an HHS facility housing approximately 1,200 unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, on Tuesday.

“There is no excuse for denying a Federal Representative from Oklahoma access to a federal facility in Oklahoma where unaccompanied children are being held,” Bridenstine said in a statement.

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The #1 Religion in  the USA and Israel are Secularism.

About half the public is, to some degree, dependent on government, and the other half is being robbed by it.

that is an institution, not individual liberty.

the majority of Americans, all cultures  and  races are not Christians,

Pretty much every time a rich person sneezes, a banner headline sprouts.

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