The Biblical First Seal (1) Released 2013 A.D. by Archangel Michael


Washington had blacks in pre rev. forces and perfered them as soldiers, not just cannon transporters --although they were conditioned for these heavy loads. The South Patriots would not join the Revolutionary Cause by fighting side-by-side with blacks.

In a dilemma, Washington chose to get rid of his crack-team ( no pun here) of expert marksmen of African decent, and the South Joined the north and the revolution parameters were finalized.

Robin Williams


IS IS or IS il Will Attack The U.S.A. With This System

What did al sharpton do, force African Americans to join Isil or hamas? So ISil does not need to conquer, they call up ghetto ISil and then it's war. It is 50 leaders, 4 Iraqi diplomats and a huge pop of the world forcing Obama to drone and attack Isil to protect the Kudish (US) oil fields. Otherwise he does not care, Obama wants Jihad at home, he went to the taliban when he was a youth. No descretion here, just simple favoritism toward Islamic Jihad.

Blacks and browns never liked whites in history, they congregated either in distant lands or an entire Continent, they did not want to co-mingle. Then browns adducted them ( Portugal, Spain) and passed them onto brown (moslem) trade slavers who shipped them to white and to brown rich in the New World. They still hate-on whites; so Isil or Isis claims that to defeat the U.S.A. you just get these browns and these blacks on your side and kill those white Jews and white atheists Europeans in power in the U.S.A. – problem solved. This is starting to happen, with a Rabbi gunned down by two blacks in South Florida this morning. ( the F.B.I. claimed to leave out the color of the skin, because it would cause an ISil riot all accross the U.S.A.).

Remember Feminine Mystic or the Women’s sexual Revolution?
This is what ISil fights against. Since then, the  1960s, women for  a large portion of approval became like men: career oriented, public involvement or government worker orientated, multiple sex partners, latchkey kids, the  forced loner child,  and left out the children’s upbringing  to a maid or to a servant. Today, families have 50%  divorce rates and Isil is scared to death of these types of societies. They want a simple home life with some stay-home mothers. Israel and U.S.A. are against this, very secular, and so they fight against these systems and this causes pain, suffering, death, blood and remorse. .  The rich privileged sex addict or supporters of smut run most of the U.S.A. views' and money channels'. So they promote this lifestyle as a good thingy and do  not care about alternative traditions of family comes first before career or exploits.

Obama said Hillary's Syria criticism is 'horseshit'...

Suicide bombing instructor accidently blows up class...

Two-headed dolphin washes up on beach... mirrors of Luther's inspection of a two headed calf as a sign of religious wars (16 th cent repeat).



Clinton, in an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg published by the Atlantic over the weekend, offered a withering comment on the Obama doctrine, described in shorthand by White House officials as “don’t do stupid s---.” Said Clinton: “Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle.” ( Dana Milbank, Wa Po 12 Aug 2014).

"Obama responded with not one but two rounds of golf." Obama has spent nearly 33% of his time in office on vacations, hip hop parties, on the golf course, playing basketball, at night watching television or fantasy sports gambling. Like Reagan, he is the most engaged, preferring to spend time with 'the people', like Reagan who actually was a letter writer and wrote by hand to most of his admirers, the Reagan disengaged principle is the same as the Obama disengage principle. We need to change the Name of the United States of America  to funding a leader who just parties and vacations. This way we reflect the real U.S.A. so the world does not hate how we lie all the time.

60 percent of Americans who disapprove of Obama's foreign policy but today, this number is also reflected in the domestic sphere. Bush had an unfavorable war and Barack Obama has just plan gone vacation on all of us.

we need a Country Name Change:

The United States of SICK JOKE Autocracy

The United States of SICK JOKE Autocracy -- republicans are wooosies and allow the Democrats to run rough shod over them for 60 years. Ronald Reagan was a leftwing kook. The Bushes are the Military Complex, Clinton was a walking Sex Addict, concerned with Willies and not leading. Obama is a liar who uses lies because he is an average intellect -- yes, George W. Bush has a higher IQ, believe it or not.

The media linked to the rich that give them $50 million to do their propaganda, the U.S. public institutions are run by bullies who are paid off by the rich elite. They in turn run stories advocating why the poor needs the rich and the vicious cycle continues.



My childhood was a lie, I have been voting for nothing ( see link) ! The title of the show implies that American teens vote online, there are plenty of places on the social networks to do this but in the end they do not count. It is the Corporation that chooses for you, like Fascism or NAZIs. It is more proof the U.S.A. system is a fraud and broken – it is supported by the rich that decide, all.

Obama calls air strikes a 'the dumb war,' but refuses to choose other options. How much more Retarded Can a HUMAN BEING BE? He is doing a dumb war on ISil.


Openly Now Advocates for Hamas Terrorists to go Global Rockets on Everyone, around the world. He uses Democracy Now as his tool to corrupt the masses on Earth to his Evil Demonic Ways. above photo from WaPo: Fighters abandoning al-Qaeda affiliates to join Islamic State, U.S. officials say .LINK - 09 Aug. 2014 -- this comes upon a SUPERMOON.

"NOAM CHOMSKY: Very simple. First of all, Hamas charter means practically nothing."

why are people like him soooooo idiodic? Hamas are not Palestinians!; they are Terrorists with a NAZI ideology. Hamas Charter is equal to the NAZI Final Solution. When will these White Asshole Idiots Like Chomsky Go Away, and stop your Anti-Semitism, because Palestinians are brown colored too, dolt. Institute Professor Emeritus at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he has taught for more than 50 years, Chomsky corrupts the minds of the youth to be psychopaths. Massachusetts Institute of Technology has no discretion; the Institution is corrupted beyond repair. It needs to be absolved.


Mr. Obama Assures US he will not harm IS (or ISil or ISIS) the Terrorist Group taking over Jordan, Syria, Northern Iraq and parts of Afghanistan. He is protecting the U.S Oil Fields, taken by NY Times support of the Buses in Ibril, Iraq. He is not trying to hurt the Satanists or women abusers or mass murderers -- these are his friends. He voted nonstop to make sure they can abuse women, his own reason to exist.

U.S. Government Positive Thinking Program or just all of evil people of Greed?
"For the government, every plan is totally workable because there is zero accountability and a limitless budget." -- Michelle Malkin

Obama orders the protection of Ibera Iraq Oil Fields, but do not hurt ISIS is the keynote Speech from 07 Aug 2014.

from dodo can spell, a women's website, so men stay calm.

link to photos and story. mediachecker

AFRICAN SUMMIT W/ ANTI CHRIST  7 aug 2014 ( North Hollywood, CA 4:31 pdt)

The UN Schools are where these HAMAS tunnels originate.

70,000 Ethnic Cleansing and not a word or a concern by Hollywood who has a campaign of ending the entire Israeli Populations of Earth -- over over racism.

Americans Renouncing Citizenship Hits New Record...

(Because Obama prefers Brown Homophobes and Dictators!) Many worlds’ people do not ascribe to the racist views of Barak Hussein Obama, the self-proclaimed god. Most people did not care about the rhetoric Barack Hussein Obama was an Anti-Christ come to destroy Democracy. That fear was realized the first month of 2009 A.D. when Obama ordered Janet Napolitano (also an anti-European immigrant) to draft legislation if any Christian complains toward policies of Barack Hussein Obama they are put on a terrorist watch list. Obama judged me before he knew me and that is the wrong course of action.
In March of 2010, The U.S. Population polled some 45% who believe he wasn’t born in the US, and the 24% who say he “may be the Antichrist.” The change is now 51% believe he is not born in the United States of America. Many have come to suspect he lies on all things and no one feels confident to challenge him because of the color of his skin and his threatening physical violence. As he postured himself to attack Mitt Romney in debate two over Obama’s consistent lies over facts about terrorist events. Obama used that standard street gansta lean as if he is a criminal cartel beyotch and Romney did not challenge . So what happened? Romney backed – off and looked like a wimp and Obama won a second term, and the U.S. remains lead by an idiot-racist-homophobe.


During MSNBC’s Tuesday coverage of the event, host Joy Reid introduced NBC White House correspondent Chris Jansing, saying, “The White House clearly, I assume, is hoping that this will be part of president’s legacy given his background.”

“Yeah, the fact that he’s from Kenya,” Jansing agreed. “And that fact that when he was elected there were expectations from the African continent that he would do great things for them. This is a concerted effort by this administration to get American companies to invest.”

How is that Obama records are sealed while everyone else who wants any kind of work must reveal all?

THE OBAMA CALIPHATE MOVEMENT ISIS, emails, data , testimonies, oil fields. updatd 06 Aug 2014.

New figures show nearly half of the names on the U.S. government's terrorist watchlist have no known connections to terrorist groups ....Democracy Now Citing leaked figures, The Intercept reports that of the 680,000 people included, more than 40 percent are recognized as having "no recognized terrorist group affiliation."

the last time the US Congresses sued was to get the Richard M. Nixon White House tapes and this lead to him resigning. This is why the Democrats are making such a noise over this lawsuit issue.

First direct hurricane hit in 22 years... ( dwindled to a tropical depression). However, it flooded 03 Aug 2014 in Los Angeles Mountains, a huge downpour.

4.5 Mag Quake Shakes Big Island...

Published on Aug 4, 2014 ( vid on YouTube)

The Sun is keeping things exciting with multiple flares and solar storms from 7 Earth-facing active regions this week. We are currently experiencing active aurora conditions now due to several grazing blows from solar storms and fast solar wind from a coronal hole. These conditions should continue over the next several days.


Federal Government

GAO: Government didn’t report $619B in spending Obama stole the money because his office will not correct this 'SERIOUS' theft of the US tax payers monies. No one to go to jail, as always. Good time to destroy the U.S.A. because it is too corrupted to go on, at 14% Congress Approval Rating.

Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll released Tuesday found that
only 40 percent of people approved of the job Obama is doing.

How CAN DEMOCRATs hoLD UP oBAMA AND CLAiM This is Our Model Leader? THe Republican Party is full of Retards, that is how.

Any chance that these U.N (30,000 + U.N. head Cheif) will go to jail?

"The Israel Defence Forces have been repeatedly informed of the location
of these sites," Ban's spokesman said in a statement. (UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Reuters, ). However, what the U.N. did not mention is that these hospitals fire rockets, and are the enterance tunnels to some of the terrorist tunnels. So like the U.N. $10 Billion dollar International Criminal Acts of taking Iraqi's children's funds to buy castles, islands and boats, these U.N. Personal need to be erradicated form Earth.

What about the Sex United Nation Sex Rings, child prostitution the child UN sex hospital clubs style in middle of and of South Africa.

To go get tested for AIDS, you go, if you live in these regions discussed in Africa, to your local UN tent, where a child for sex is offered while you wait to get your vaccinations.  The U.N. pimps make fat stacks of cash. These surely are international war crimes by any definition. Since all U.S. leaders know this like they know the calendar date they need to go directly to jail as well, because they financially support, over and over and over again.

Any change these goons of the UN will go to jail?

[AH14] Hamas Mobile Aug 2014

Terrorist Rockets fired or stored at 74 mosques where bombed and 20 of them are completely destroyed since the Israeli Protective Sheild started less than a month ago ( as of 05 Aug 2014).


How Civilizations Fall. Citizens Live In Fear of a Golfer or often a Vacationer.

Congrats Barack Hussein Obama supporters, Your Leader Passed a Milestone, he produced more national debt than all Presidents from Geroge Washington to Bill Clinton. The Bail Outs pressured from Senate Controlled Democrats then President George W. .Bush kicked started the bail outs ( 1% actually went to homeowners, 99% to bonuses for Wall Street Fat Cats!) and B. Hussein Obama ii hit the ball out of the park with his bail-outs on steroids. He has officially contributed to $7,000,000,000 (seven trillion plus dollars whatever one does it is off-limits to criticize your dear leader because he has brown color of skin. Obama has dehumanized Americans, pitting each other against each other assuring false narratives keep jingoism going because 'affirmative action' keeps the mediocre in power. This was the gist of the problems between the rich and affluent, so contrasted in Austria in 1901-4 A.D. Obama acts as a spoiled rich kid, his vacations alone cost more than $175,000,000 as of the end of 2013 A.D. It is a madness of 1914 A.D., the rich make or made money form a worker population and this same population will go to war to make more money for the military elite, a compliment of the domestic business elite. A relative peace for over fifty - years, minus the short Germano-Franko War, lulled the European Population into a fantasy world where they believed war was glorious and had romanticized it , to the point one can see in film, happy-go-lucky soldiers from Prussia- Austria to French Canadians happily going off to Hell ( the western Front of WW I) and having no idea of the hells of War.

Obama Announces Build Africa Project

$33 Billion + $14 Billion to Go to Build Africa's Infrastructure while Los Angeles roads get an F- at 40% statewide. The California bridges are crumbling. So let us help out the international Corporations make huge money in Africa. Let us watch with desires as our poor starve and die on the streets or are killed by Police that no longer follow laws and are  vigilantes for racism.

President Obama: "American companies are announcing major new deals in Africa. Blackstone will invest in African energy projects. Coca-Cola will partner with Africa to bring clean water to its communities. GE will help build African infrastructure. Marriott will build more hotels.

All told, American companies, many with our trade assistance, are announcing new deals in clean energy, aviation, banking and construction worth more than $14 billion, spurring development across Africa and selling more goods stamped with that proud label, 'Made in America.'" The new funding includes $7 billion that would go to promoting and subsidizing U.S. exports and investments."_

300 Rockets Fired By Hamas, hamas rockets funded by Hollywood and Barack Hussein Obama, Have Landed On Palestinians In Gaza…and kill 482+ Palestinian Children. The solution, to bring Hollywood and Barack H. Obama to jail and war crimes. Take them off Earth and a path to peace will start to be achieved. Why are many in Hollywood supporting terrorists? Why is Obama a terrorist? Obama gave the terrorists $47 million last week.

The Israeli Operation Protective Shield started not with three youths abducted, tortured and killed, but by three weeks of relentless rocket attacks. the media covers this up because it is aligned with Satan.


go to web-site full size w/ full display

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I.R.S. larger than WaterGate Cover-Up (full access)

1 st June 2014 - June 26 th 2014. ( morning and nightly newscasts) Broadcasting the I.R.S. Scandal on Major Media.

186 Hours of total News Casts time:
NBC: 10 minuets
ABC:  17m.48s minuets
CBS: 10 m minuets
Fox News: 30 minuets

NYTimes ( no coverage one piece 'no scandal, page 2, 4 weeks later)

Why did Nixon Step Down but Not Barack Hussein Obama?
Nixon did not destroy the white house  tapes. He had to run away from office to save face; these tapes got released 15 years later on a step -down deal or these secret tape recordings  would have been released while Nixon was in office. So why is Obama still in power?

Obama has successfully deleted all Obamacare emails ( our version of a phone now) and the IRS says it has destroyed 1200 hard drives, many of Louis Learner who claims 50% of Americans are not allowed here in the USA --   to be here because they do not support ISIS and Obama's love for their murderous devilious ways. And that was just the beginning. Obama has re written the White House narrative, George Washington, the first U.S. President under a Constitutional Congress is called a Terrorist. Obama loved to personally edit that one.

Rep. Steve Stockman @SteveWorks4You

We just filed a resolution directing the Sergeant-At-Arms to arrest Lois Lerner for contempt. Statement coming in minutes.

1:43 PM - 10 Jul 2014

Aug 2014

Obama Official Deleted Obamacare Emails Sought By Congress...

Issa: More Than 20 Officials Have 'Lost or Destroyed' Emails After House Launched Probes...

EPA tells Congress we lost all of our Obama Emails too

obama tells the world FU : 'So sue me': Defiant Obama taunts Republicans...

FACEBOOK Mark Zuckerberg Illegal manipulation study ( Los Angeles Times) with two major Universities reveals pushing false good news controls the idiot voters and commercial targets ( e.g. humans). The study was supported by N.S.A. who gave Mark $9 billion in 2012 for reserch into mass protests against N.S.A. not even the U.S.A. Pres. so someone behind the scenes is running the U.S.A. and its military bully complex.  Ties to Pentagon research on civil unrest?

Operation Blue Star 'Mark of B e a s t' on-line end of 2015, World Exclusive.

Hillary Clinton's Campaign strategy to continue Obama's Policies of 'Hard Choices."

In search of Obama's peace plea to Hamas

“Why isn’t Obama writing op-eds in the Palestinian newspapers that support peace?”

alert: 27 th Friday June 2014 Moon moves into Astronomical Cross w/ over

James Burnham in 1964 – “Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide.”

China political Officials Moved out for fixing country.

Gary 3 hours ago
The Chinese bureaucracy is enormous in size and traditionally prone to corruption. That was reported by Marco Polo of all people. Nothing much has changed. The various causes people in China have had to devote themselves too have added up to nothing more than propping up the emperor or the day be it Kublai Kahn or Mao.

Chinese Communist Party = FRAUD 1%er Control Freaks from Hell: Two year ago, a story circulated that the top 70 Chinese legislators had a greater combined wealth than the members of the US House and Senate, the President and Vice President, and the Justices of the Supreme Court combined.

Franken challenger: Dem-controlled Senate land of '10,000 excuses'...

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Who is Archangel Michael at Bookoflife.org?

UN deleting climate false data July 3 2014.

Here explorers write to New York Times that the Arctic was Free of Ice, no Ice at the Artic. The year is 1907 A.D. [note 1907] and the reflection is 1904 A.D.

In the emails, these UN-funded scientists talk about deleting data under FOIA request, faking data for journals such as Nature, conspiring to keep opposing science...

Obama denies American Congressman access from doing his job, are we hosting the Anti Christ or Satan himself?

Oklahoma Republican Rep. Jim Bridenstine revealed Wednesday that he was not allowed to view an HHS facility housing approximately 1,200 unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, on Tuesday.

“There is no excuse for denying a Federal Representative from Oklahoma access to a federal facility in Oklahoma where unaccompanied children are being held,” Bridenstine said in a statement.

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Well, it looks like Fox News asked all these immigrants to flood our boarders, they follow Bush family cries of come -on- in and take all the Americans whose parents and them built this country, times are a changing.

Time to get out Asians, Get Out Africans Get out Middle Easterners, Get out Europeans, because FOX new corp has demonstrated they are only for LATINO brown LA RAZA racists.

just go to their front page. RACIST FOX NEWS.


Music mp3 by Bookoflife.org

BUST: GDP Shrinks By Most in Five Years...-2.9%

The Era of the Limousine Liberal is Back, 21 June 2014.

New Political Party Divides: Gov/Corpo/media vs. the People = two party system. Eric Holder has announced that Tea Party are terrorist 'insurgence,' a term now adopted by mainstream media to denote Republican establishment being helped in the polls by Democrats to oppose Tea Party candidates, who are then deemed 'insurgents'.

breakthrough: Dying medium to small stars create H2O or water molecules vital to human and biological creatures.

Republicans Slime Tea Party in Mississippi Primary as KKK, Racists, NAZIs, so never vote Republican again.

Because of Mississippi’s Republican Senate runoff crimes by Thad ( six term, never wants to leave office) Cochran's dirty tricks to get reelected over his Tea Party challenger, I ask no one vote for anymore establishment republicans, just stay home or write in other candidates.

Thad Cochran put out Fliers with the help of GOP in Washington to call Tea Party ( Many Christians, Real Americans) KKK, Racist, Nazis, so he could beat Tea Party challenger in the primaries and he did. So I will no longer consider any Republicans for government, die America. These people in office are 'establishment ' haters. I hope Satan kills them all.

This after Thad Cochran reportedly relied on 25,000-35,000 Democrat votes to pull him to victory in the June 24 runoff.


GOP-E Thad Cochran cemented the meme that TEA Party people are racists.

If the GOP Establishment fought as hard against the Democrats as they do the Tea Party, the GOP would control the White House and the entire Congress.

The Cochran campaign is reportedly asking county clerks not to certify the voting rolls until the last day possible so that the McDaniel people will not be able to look at the rolls and challenge them.

There may be a vote recall, so many voting violations, but still no one goes to jail for Crimes in America. and now black Islamists working at McDonald's are beating up white mothers and their children and no one cares. Police stupified.


The Republican establishment spent upwards of $23 million in outside money to beat back challnges to incumbents in about 20 races around the country, according to a study done by Politico.

Nearly a third of the establishment money has come from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

EPA tells Congress we lost all of our Obama Emails too

Dick Cheney Admits he was President on 11 Sept 2001 Attacks

President Bill Clinton in 1992, 1993 was the Guy who helped the Republicans destroy America by joining NAFTA and the WTO. By joining these two trade organizations Bill Clinton allowed every company in the USA to move millions of middle class jobs offshore to China, India, Mexico and Japan.

This allowed every Corporation in America to save trillions of dollars on manufacturing labor cost. There by causing millions of middle class American workers to lose their jobs, lose their houses and their families are still sleeping in the street because of Bill & Hillary Clinton.

Then of course once these products are manufactured offshore in China, India, Mexico and Japan, these same companies was allowed to import these products back into America without paying one penny of import Duties or Fees.

This is exactly WHY AMERICA IS GOING DOWN HILL and will continued going downhill till America drops out of these Trade Agreements.

Every one of these politicians knows exactly what the main problem is and exactly how to solve it. Every one of these politicians is complicit in the total destruction of American and should be put on trial for TREASON by the American people’s Court. All of these politicians must be removed from office any way possible. If these politicians are allowed to remain in office America will end up of a third world country.

Then President Bill Clinton in 1998 out did himself by causing the biggest DEPRESSION in History that started in 2008. I am sure Hillary being a smart lawyer as she is helped him with all his under the table monetary deals.

How did Bill Clinton ever do that?

Bill Clinton was the guy who once again sided with the Republicans to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act in 1998.

For you people who never heard of the Glass-Steagall Act. The Glass-Steagall Act was passed in 1933 because it was found that most of the banks that went belly up in 1929 stock market crash did so because it was proven that most of these bankers used bank deposit money to invest in the stock market in the 1920s.

Once it was learned that most of the Banks was closed because they used all the bank deposits to buy stocks and lost these deposits during the 1929 crash that cause the Great Depression. The American Congress then passed the Glass-Steagall Act that placed a wall between the bankers and Stock market and told the banks they couldn't use American bank deposits to gamble on stocks on Wall Street. If the banks wanted to invest or gamble money on Wall Street stocks and derivatives then they must use their own money and was not allowed use Bank deposits.

You see once the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed the bankers can use all the depositors’ money to gamble on the Wall Street stocks and derivatives and if they made a lot of money then all the bank executives would be awarded Huge Multi-million Dollar Bonuses.

But, if they lose all the depositors money then they go to the Federal Government and tell the government the sky is falling and ask for a Big Government Bailout just like they did in 2008 and make the American Tax Payer pay for the lose.

Now it’s 2014, six years later and we are still going downhill. We will continue going downhill till we pull out of NAFTA and the WTO Trade Agreements and reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act as is was back in 1933.

If you want to see America totally destroyed then you should vote to elect Hillary Clinton as President and let her finish the Job that Bill Clinton and she started in 1992...


Pretty much every time a rich person sneezes, a banner headline sprouts.

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