Michelle Malkin ( accessed 21 st 2014, a quote on her front page to an article).
"For the government, every plan is totally workable because there is zero accountability and a limitless budget." Facts ( Arc Michael), there has no one, and I mean no one in government that has gone to jail, ever. They pay out fines and lawsuits using other people's money so they do not care. So if you like this poltical movment, join the left wing: it has two parties, the Republicans which are center - left and the Democrats which are center to left. Both love to use other people's money and do crimes because no one goes to jail, ever!

SHOCK STUDY: All Employment Growth Since 2000 Went to Immigrants...

Los Angeles no Employment Growth for Americans since 1993 A.D. , all have gone to illegal immigrants that are never punished, ever, for nothing. This same thing happened when the Macdons invaded with illegal immigrants to EU like White, Black, Asian Athenians. History repeats itself. I cannot get work, because I'm white and an orphan. Since the world's people reincarnate over and over and just repeat the same racist hatred against me, why not eradicate their entire population of humanoids and machines all at the same time. At least I do not have to deal with such evil. Mexico has the largest per capita millionaires and billionaires, they send their poor here so the poor here pay for their poor. This is not good or honest.

Craiglist Rants are a gem of real feelings by semi anonymous persons. You hear all sides of arguments and poor arguments masking as truth.


The Truth About Our (Dys)culture ( city venice, cal)

Authority/majority codependence is for those weak & lazy.
Optimism bias is for those derisively & egotistically delusional.
Dysepistemological practices are for those narcissistic & undereducated.
Double standards are for those cowardly & feeble.
Excuses are for those incompetent & uncourageous.

Our culture promotes the conflation of identity with competitive ego and narcissism.
It promotes protecting one's egocentrism at all costs.
People bond over their derision for differences.

A lot of racism on CL today. Let's just talk (Sorry the truth hurts.)

Wow, today the racism is really rockin and rollin on CL. Racism is truly the human way and it rears it's head in a big way on CL. In an anonymous forum people feel a place to let it all out. I think the views shown on CL are felt by many people you just get this little bit to read from these people.

I see real noticeable things reading these posts and I'll give you my opinions as well.

1st. Whites and asians use logic and facts. Black and brown posters use the past and raw emotion.
It's remarkably similar to the way women argue.

See , whites (and asians) want to have a conversation about the PRESENT. Today. Not 100-500 years ago. Whites want to talk about now. The way people behave now. I honestly think whites take ownership for all the bad shit they did. I never lived during any of it. But I acknowledge that whitey did a lot of really bad things. That said, is that the case today????? Asians have definitely done a lot of extremely bad things, but is that still the case today??? Remember, I'm talking about present day America.

Black and browns want to constantly bring up the past. As if their cultures never did anything barbaric or fucked up or genocidal in the past like whites. Is is like a child grasping at something. Constantly bring up slavery or the indians or the Holocaust. Horrible events that are over. The president of America is black. Oprah and a shitload of rappers and athletes are filthy rich. Stop trying to act like it's a horrible world for blacks who want to acheive.

Seriously, let's get real here. I'll help out anybody in trouble and I have friends of all colors. That said, I can still tell the truth. I've lived a few years on this earth and some things are apparent. Black and brown don't want to look inward. They just want to blame whites. And......black and brown communities are dangerous and crummy places. Sorry. It aint racist if it's true. I travel to all corners of LA and the most desirable and clean places are white and asian. The most dangerous and crappy looking are black and hispanic cities. Hmmmm.

You know, you can be poor and still pick up a broom. Why does this still persist in LA and America???? Once again, the president is black. The border is essentially a free for all and breeding is off the charts. I don't want to hear that you have no opportunities. There is so much government money going to illegals and for fuck's sake, the united negro college fund has been around how long??? You gotta want it to use it.

Whites are definitely racist but so fucking what??? Blacks, hispanics, and asians are total racist fucks themselves. I interact with all groups on a regular basis and fuggedaboutit. Don't even ask about middle easterners or indians. We are all racist. But who is racist for what reasons?

Anybody ever listen to rap music??? You gonna sit there and tell me that those are quality values??? And you wonder why older white people fear young black men. How about all the killing and murder that is so very prevalent in that culture? Did you know there were more murders in Chicago last year than all the troops we lost in Afghanistan? I mean, black and brown act like whites are just racist assholes with no reason for it. How about all the fucking gangs??? Yea, latinos, this one is on you more than any other group. What is with all the fucking gangs????? Can you not fit into civilized society??

And what is with the breeding?????? Jesus Christ! You'll fuck up the whole region for yourselves too don't you realizer that you fucking idiot breeder losers??? You won't just ruin it for whites. You'll ruin the region for everybody with your disgusting overpopulation. Disgusting. Hey latinos, it's fucking disgusting and honestly, it's probably the most abhorrent behavior going on in LA. And don't talk to me about Asian baby motels. The asians raise their kids to go to college!!!!!!!

Whites and asians are far from perfect. I don't think whites are perfect. But fucking A . Black and browns have all the opportunities in this liberal world to succeed. Blacks insist on continuing to speak ebonics and killing each other. Africa is still fucked. Who do you think sends all the money to Africa???? Do you think it's blacks? It isn't. It's mostly religious idiot white people or liberal white people. Let's look at Mexico and Central America. Not all but most is 3rd world violence and poverty. Why are sooooo many of the white and asian countries so rich and powerful????

Take some ownership blacks and hispanics. Own the shit your cultures do. Stop bringing up shit from 200 years ago. I mean I wasn't alive during the Holocaust. Remember, the president is black. Remember that. LA seems to have given a free pass to illegals. All of the shittiest communities in LA are either black or brown. Deal with those hard facts. Asians actually come into areas and raise property values. Asian and white communities are some of the most desirable in LA. Stop blaming the system. There are so many programs and hand outs for black and brown.

The truth about racism is that blacks and browns are just as racist as whites and asians but whites and asians live in all the best cities. Hey, if you live in a poor hell hole, go outside today with a broom and sweep up. You don't have to be rich to clean your city. Stop blaming whitey. Accept some ownership for all your gangs and violence and drug dealing. Latinos, your overbreeding is absolutely fucking disgusting. It's vile. Hey black men, stop abandoning your children. Seriously, stick around to raise your kids. I swear, what 's more important. The pit bull or your baby son or daughter. Priorities.

Whites are not the root of all evil and sadly some whites seem to want to perpetuate that idea. The media is so fucked up it's unreal. If the media truly depicted what is going on in our state you'd see why black and brown fills our prisons.

Time to grow up and talk about reality in 2014. Not 1945. Not 1492. It's 2014 and I'm gonna tell the truth. The racism toward whites is about the past not the present. The racism toward blacks and hispanics is about the present.

comment on this poster's comments:there has been no preference for middle to poor Americans for job employment and spearheaded by both RINOs and DINOs who are filthy rich and do not care but to keep power by courting the immigrant populations. People are angry because the Middle East is brown people, they have the entire continent, and South and Middle America and western Europe is also brown people and they want all of North America. The British and Newfoundland’s also are crying that brown immigration is wreaking their societies. So the idea is where does the dwindling population go? Alexander iii , the Macedon, took the remaining whites and some browns and fled Greece never to return, he carved up new empires. Greece became a low - level barbarian place and the colored people said, look we are not racist we just kicked out all the colored people we hated, and then Greece went off unto oblivion and a 100+ years, Romans that were whites that got kicked out invaded Greece and ended that brown Macedon takeover.


you guys post too much racial shit on here

I know this is rant and raves section, but DAMN
how many niggers, honkeys, spicks and chinks can you call somebody?
look there is good and bad in every race
but I also realize most people who post on here are spineless cowards and wouldn't
dare try to step to any real person and say some of the shit you say on here

that's why your coward ass is posting your comments online

Comment: This poster uses specifically racial stereotypes, so this red flag means it is egging on a race war against whites by some colored immigrant. The answer to this bait for a race war is that in Los Angeles the Latinos run the LAPD, even though Italians and ganster whites have been running it for some time.  You make a law where citizens can shoot and  kill the police protectors and  the racist immigrant element, and no one is punished theses’ cowards’ become warriors.  I lived here and Latinos get away with murder and no cop arrests them, and is total bullcrap, only the very rich white kid will force by lawyers and influence to get justice, but if a latino hurts a middle class white with no political influence the police clap and throw a party for the racists. People that disagree will either be liars, do not live here, and are again cowards as  the poster indicates.

Basically like the British vs. Colonialists, today it  is as if George Washington would order no racism against  the British, no killing them, no  tar-and-feathering of their supporters. So the U.S.A. is  over and we can celebrate Dr. Death, and patron Saint of brown people that identify as Latins.

America is now Mexico deal with it. (Kissmybrownass)

If you don't like that we are taking over then get the fuck off our land.
you have freewell to leave now before we take our foots and kick you out.

Comment: this has been the most prevalent utterance & concept I have heard in my whole life living in Los Angeles. When I grew up and my mother, my sister, lived in Northridge, CA, and for grade 7 th, junior high, I attended O.W. Holms Jr. High. There were at least two school wide riots a semester, so four a year, 12 busloads of Latins  would beat-up all, including teachers and staff, knifes, ropes, and guns. There were little news coverage, this was  happening all  over the South Land, and no social media. What happened, especially all over the country are white families and affluent colored families took out their kids form these public institutions and either not schooled them of if they could afford them, put the schoolchildren into private schools, with security guards. This was late 1970s and early 1980s. When Roberts, author of Niggah with Guns fame was in Cuba, he sent cassette tapes to  South Central Ghetto blacks to  beat up whites as much as possible without getting into serious trouble. It was a violence campaign, and it helped spur on the LA riots.  In MEAMIC textbooks, it claims that whites fled public schools to private schools over racism, when it was rather protecting their faces, their teeth, their bodies, as these were purely barbarian school experiences.  I was ganged up by 10 Latinos who danced on my face during recess and staff and kids just looked on from a distance. This was the norm in America and the reality of racism relations.  The LAUSD had its hands tied by the Courts, so aggressive kids were moved or suspended but not kicked out of school or the country.  Even in early 1980s, on the streets Latinos would punch you and demand you (whitey) leave their lands.  The rich suburbian just ignored this as they were safe  in their safe suburbian homes.


dyscultures, post id: 4541210749, rants & raves, accessed 27 June 2014, post 26 June

post id: 4527108834, A lot of racism on CL today, post 25 June 2014, to Rants & Raves, accessed 27 June 2014.

post id: 4539684897, you guys post too much racial shit on here , post 26 June 2014, to Rants & Raves, accessed 27 June 2014.

post id: 4538807365, America is now Mexico deal with it. (Kissmybrownass) , post 25 June 2014, to Rants & Raves, accessed 27 June 2014.



Media used to be unbiased, now it actively engaged in politics and today News Corpos are bias.

Scenes From a War Room: Spying on GOP With Top Oppo Hitmen

ABC Corpo: “Bridge,” as it’s known to the inside-the-Beltway set, functions as a kind of nerve center for the Democratic Party’s modern-day hit machine, employing 42 trackers across the country and a nucleus of staff in Washington to monitor Republican candidates and potential White House aspirants.

A view of the Bridge "war room" in Washington, D.C. Credit: Chris Good, ABC News

Here ABC news actively targets Christians and poor to middle class Americans for destroying their families. It is like a multi-cultural Hitler SS, with ideology of pagan worship as its backbone philosophy.  The racial reality is after the white GOPs are destroyed, the brown and black will go after the DNC members that are white, so it is just another stupid white man ploy to keep in power,  for a short while.


Front page posts archived here:


Obama tells Americans to F*&K-off I will use Drones on you, I have Night Hawks ( High atmosphere) spying on you all day and night. .

White House warns: Stop criticizing...$3.4 Billion and rising the cost of the boarder migrants flooding in under Obama's alert to pass amnesty in February, so they came on trains and buses. However, the roads are falling apart at Los Angeles, no job growth since 1993 and all jobs have gone to foreigners as of 2006 onward.   

New York Times 2008 Nov 4, Republicans are over, no longer will they be significant.

New York Times 2014 7 July NYT: Today's Teens May Grow Up Conservative...

Hillary Clinton continues to claim her role is to defend Rapists of children, it is her job, and it is on video. We have serious problems in the USA, a hip-hop presidency, a drug addled media,  a president bent on constant vacations and spending other people’s monies,  and telling us the economy is booming.

Obama "Cartel":

this 'mysterious' WH phone call: To Greta to Shut Down Ben Ghazhi Journalist Jennifer Griffen.

Barack Hussein Obama threatens death to Greta Van Susteren ( Fox News), this country is out of control. Obama lied and told the nation and world that the ben Ghazhi attack on 11 sept. 2012 was a spontaneous attack due to Christian racism against al queada or something like that. We now have emails that admit, two hours into the attack, emails say, an al sharia terrorist organization had launched this premeditated attack, and was planed for months ahead of time. Then the decision by Obama was to cover it up, and fire Patraeus saying he suggested covering it up. Obama is a blatant liar.

Speaking from Libya, Ahmed Salem, a young political activist opposed to radical Islamic terrorism, told WND that al-Qaida and other radical Islamic militia groups, including some from Egypt, launched a pre-planned, well-organized, heavily armed attack on the U.S. compound.


Republicans and Democrats floor Bill to End Christianity

Bill - Employment Non-Discrimination Act +

Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) = new religoin of bully homos are prefered to Christianity.

Hobby Lobby has 16 of the 21 contraceptives and the Radical lobbyists want Hobby Lobby to carry 21 out of 21 or there will be Armageddon and violence in the streets.

Black residents of Chicago slam Obama over preferential treatment for illegals...

usa race future

FCC to ban activist websites, making it nearly impossible to load. NSA on the program--NYTIMES

Anne Coulter: Her Fall From on High.


But Obama has declared himself as God, forcing his way onto everyone on the world. The truth is he is Darth Vacationer, just likes to take vacations and dictate his drunken crack-addled policies.

Drone Strikes Destroyed all civilization in North Pakistan, Obama says this is an accomplishment, only Obama takes credit, he ordered it

Obama understood - as people don't understand today - that rights granted by a government can be taken away by a government; but Rights granted by the Creator can never be taken away. (WND, columnist Patrice Lewis). Barack Hussein Obama ii looks at race as Whites Must go to the Arctic Ocean and live away from Brown controlled North to South America and Europe. Browns beat up whites and the authorities look the other way, which is the main reason for no whites working. And it is not true that browns cut your lawns (not my lawn they do not!), they are maids to your family (no! they are not to mine), or another claim “they do jobs that no one else will do” ( no Latins use aggressive politics to win job superiority among the lower working jobs) .  The agri corpos pay migrant VISA farmers $4.50 cents for two tons of picked oranges. This has been sanctioned by the law and with cable television and Indy-filmmaking opportunities this was visually exposed and documented. The oranges cannot be picked with branch-pole tools or any other tools, and only hand – picked labor, and labor does not destroy the orange in these processes. This remains a very physical job and the only reason these poor-visiting migrant Latins can make 8 buckets ( the record, which is 4 tons) is that they leave ‘all’ the inside oranges 'on the tree' to rot and fall off the tree by themselves, wasting a whole lot of oranges. The inner oranges are difficult to hand pick, injuring elbows, arms and even face with pointy branches. But rich society broadcasts daily messages of each family needs a glass of orange juice for breakfast because of its nutrition and health benefits -- which is correct. But they wanted it cheap, really cheap and to have cheap produce one needs slave labor. So Americans turn the other way and practice, see no evil, and do not alert others of this evil, so do not speak it, and if you see it, think that you are in a bad dream --mentality.

. Even the bosses understand that they cannot  force them to pick the Orange Trees properly, as their working season is only 2- 3 months, and the mean of 5.5 buckets a day is 5.5. times 4.50h. = $24.75 for the day, completely exhausted, and one will consume over 2,500 calories to remain in workable health during any agri-job period --- which means they have to eat more than a normal body share which affects the poor to pay for extra food-costs , as our food today costs plenty of money.  This is modern slave labor, as blacks were held on lands but were provided shelters and often plantations turned into a community, where modern post civil right guest-workers, previously illegal, come to America to work for slave labor (Corporation greed, allowed by Academia, Entertainment, Radio Talk Show, News Media, White House, Congress, and in general most U.S. citizens) and return home to their communities. However, our establishment society preaches daily against the practices of slave labor. This indicates a wide enmass pathological schizoid group of humans, totally evil and living in multiple realities all at the same time.

Slave labor is the ideal evil of the Robber Barons, like Mark Zukerburg FACEBOOK that suppots VISA H1 like those poor migrant Latin farmers working for $1,200 dollars for three months of back breaking and tired, with injurous workloads.

Obama and Hillary Clinton's War on Women cont...

NEW DATA: White House Gave Female Staffers Smaller Raises...

Just in time for robot wars 2045 AD will have "Another possibilty. The ultra rich will of course, have the access to the best of this technology. Thus they could turn themselves into cyborgs, creating two distinct classes, cyborgs and the poor non-cyborgs." - commentor viva in By 2045 'The Top Species Will No Longer Be Humans,' And That Could Be A Problem.

PAPER: 1 in 8 Households Living 'American Dream'...

Record 92,120,000 Americans Not Working, Not Looking...

why do Democrats , most independents and most republicans hate Christians? Why is this becoming an Atheist nation? One reason stands out. In the light of the 50 th anniversary of Civil Rights, Christians ran that program, and the Democrats have never forgiven the Christians.

Facts: 85 local affiliates of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference ran the entire Civil Rights Movement.

Facts: after 1964: Democrats and the DNC have been targeting (IRS today is an example) Christians because they hated to vote for blacks and women's rights. You read the NYTimes, all problems in history are because of Christians, not Islam, not pagan Latinos, not Buddhists.

NYTimes is controlled by White Old Mysogynsit men, it needs to go away forever. - Archangel  Michael 2 July 2014

transcripts Violent Protests. and analysis of U.S.A. traditions of violent protests. July 1-3 2014, Happy 4 th of July celebration and relaxing day.

SHOCK POLL: Obama worst president in 70 years...

“Mr. Obama finds himself in the uncomfortable position where every age group, independents, and whites all agree that the public has given up on his ability to accomplish anything before the end of his term,” said Zogby in releasing his latest numbers.

Megan Kelley Fox News vs. William Ayers, Chicago U. Professor and co-founder of the radical offshoot of the weatherman/women violent protest movement of the late 1960s.
The money-gusher is the only thing that matters to the elites. They are using our tax dollars to build a technological hell in which all of us still alive will do their bidding until we are no longer useful, [ WND and this is why war will break out]

Vet Finally Gets Doctor's Appointment with VA -- 2 YEARS After He Died!

Widow: 'Thought I was in the Twilight Zone when I opened letter'...

The Supreme Court Ruled Obama Violates the U.S. Constitution.

For the record, the media are calling Tea Partiers 'insurgents.' these days.

July 2014

REVEALED: Hillary's $2,777 Per Minute Speaking Contracts...