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Just In Time For Armageddon Atheists' Accept Racist Spiritual Leader as Model for Godless Society.

Decline of religion in West has created rise in black magic, Satanism...

Kate Perry ( mentor to younger women in music and Hollywood) made an overt racist video, so bad no one noticed, and she used ' majic' as her excuse.  She is offered by Black and Asians slaves some fire-cheeses cheetos ®, the recipe came when the Latin Population demanding it,  they have brown skin color, a culture with chili peppers in food not unlike other cultures; she gets angry, it burns her pallet, she destroys the Asians and Blacks using, ooooohhh her majic. She came from a Christian Upbringing.  She cries out in the lyrics over and over, 'a perfect storm, once you are mine , there is no going back.'  Others, not I, have called it Satanism, because of its reference to Perry's claim, you cannot beat her majic so do not make enemies with her.  The video patronizes Hip-Hop, set in Egypt sometime in the 13 th century B.C., and of course, the blue paint ( like the human sacrifice body paint of victims parade for Perry, bowing and in total submission -- colored people to a white whore on the throne.  The charges of Satanism and its relation to majic come form medieval lore, where the definition of Majic pertains to influencing human affairs by propaganda in literature, in symbolism, or in the medieval media, and in the modern age this now applies to moving pictures.  Perry has made many inspirational vides with music and this is much appreciated, and are seen by me as very positive role models for young people, even Juicy Jay's superb rapping skills could not bring a light to this very 'dark song,' called 'Dark Horse.'
  Atheists to launch first TV channel dedicated to godlessness...

Hillary Clinton Not Only Kills Christians or Imprisons them, she attacks 12 year-old rape survivors and aggressively defends the male assailants in court, as her 1975 affidavit illustrates.  HRC writings in School

Warning: Pacific Ring of Fire Exploding for the last 30 days.  Atlantic ring so far calm.

ALERT: PED Sun RA 03h beta persie RA O8h 400pm, 8 th May 2014.


Obama nominee wrote opinions justifying drone strikes on Americans...

Mystery Drone Crashes Into Downtown St. Louis Skyscraper...

U.S.A. Out of Control, & fully under the Anti Christ.


we solve our budgets by printing money, endless printing of money. Most say $14 trillion ( never done in the history of the world), so Obama's Hope and Change is very clear, it was just a change to hell and a hope of personal greed ! The Democratic Party Lied, they said Obama would not do anything of these NEO CON stuff, but Obama is 199% + 1 NEOCON.

Still, this is important, very important.

Nigerian Pedophiles abducted 200 + girls in April, more in May,  some as child wives, others as sex slaves, others as domestic slaves  while most are for sale. Today, Nigerians  abducted more  young grils. The media says that this is Islam but the U.S. media, including Barack or anyone in power saying that are incorrect.   This is just ‘slavery’ by black people and other black people, something that has gone on in Africa for 1000s of Years. Even Obama and Anderson Cooper in the winter of 2009 witnesses blacks selling black children during their historical slave port visits to Africa. Cooper asked Obama, but he refuse to comment

U.S.A. Chose Racism Constitution Over No Racism Constitution.

Alexander Hamilton, George Washington’s closest political alley and vice-versa actually set up the first African American emancipation program in the U.S.A ( against persecution of his opponents, usually racists business/politicians of “powerful” New York). Most current knowledgeable African American politicians and scholars claim this is ‘Hamilton’s country’ as opposed the aforementioned racist U.S.A version that had nothing but an illusion to “unity” of the states.
The Democratic Party traces its origins to the Democratic-Republican Party, founded by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and other influential opponents of the Federalists in 1792.

This allowed Slavery and Abuse of humans and is championed by all faculty at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Chicago, Texas U, Florida State and other U.S. institutions'.  They have not changed the children's history books so why bother, eh? Just keep the lies and propaganda going strong for the rich elites.

Thomas Jefferson ( racist, never got rid of his slaves except for Sally , and the  separation between Church and State 'idea'  is linked directly to him; so blacks claiming Christianity enslaved them are incorrect and these views are really dangerous. I suggest blacks go to Africa and confront their slave trading past -- because this was how other blacks sold them into white, brown slavery and they have never confronted their own people that did this to them, which is an epic fail.  The Democratic Party was founded upon Evil, and it is the popular party today.  Obama saw this first hand with Anderson Cooper and Obama refused to have that Racial Discourse and Lecture he had promised.  Perhaps Obama's family, way back to old uncles were blacks who sold blacks into Slavery, just as it continues today, as it did in the 14 th - 15 th centuries in Africa sold to Moslems, brown skin, blacks, rich Mali hold overs with money, and the rising Europeans, the Portuguese got their first with their skips and then the Spanish ( brown skin) took exporting black African slaves to a whole new level.

Climate Change has always been about Racism and Avarice.

Climate Page and History of Genocide of over population

Global Solution: De industrialize America and its military, Mexico, England, Europe, including Spain, and allow unfettered industrial revolution to China, to India, to South Pacific Islands and to the Malawian islands. Allow industrialization of Russia, of Mongolia, of Pakistan, of Afghanistan ( not Dubai), of some parts of the large Saudi Arabia, and of most of Africa. --- Michael.  Stop being Racist inhibitors of these lands.

See the Large Spike in 1998, this was due to a very, very, rare Double Solar Cycle. Climate Satanists then said, let us blame this on the people, we are so evil we all need million dollar raises.

Rnumber of homeless children in NYC...


Topic: LAUSD gets $9 Billion

second largest public school district in the U.S.A.

LAUSD produces walking Zombies of Racism and of Aggression.

LAUSD superintendant + city council voted in secret $30,000,000 ( $30 Million Dollars) retirement packages for themselves.  superintendant got caught, retired with $30,000,000. The LAUSD 'now former'  superintendant intelligence level, that of a 3 rd grader. Uses racial politics to steal from  all the people and the kids.

Accused: they claim it was legal and you are a racist if you do not agree.

Facts: Students have no paper, no books, the worst education rating in All of American history ( 45% graduate rate 2005, rose 64% 2012). When students cannot get free their school supplies, they do not eat food, further hurting them.

Facts: LAUSD bans good teachers because LAUSD fears these good teachers will identify Latino Hegemony as totally racist.

LAUSD complaint: $9 billion dollars is not enough, we need many more billions of dollars.

Media: what the hell is going on all vote Democratic Party but these people ( LA TIMES) have no morals or ethics, at all.

The solution: Fire these racist haters of the children of the  world, it matters not they have brown skin, they are criminals in my opinion.

Sticking point: 99% LAUSD faculty/teachers get life jobs after 15 ( - 3 months) 12 months on the job. In reality no one can evaluate any performance of a teacher in one school year calendar. 

Veragara vs. California


Roberta Jacobson ,  State Department Foreign ministries and affairs, says she knows nothing of her job, and judge or U.S. Representative Re. Brad Sherman, Democrat 30 th district question biggest trade deficit to Mexico is 600 billions, because U.S. imports most of its oil and other U.S. corps, such as General Mills, but Mexico puts tariffs on U.S. imports. Obama’s foreign solution is small business send exports to Mexico, but none has done anything. Roberta Jacobson did not want to answer Brad Sherman because she did not want to tell that Mexico is a Racist Trade Federation, and the only solution is to wipe its people out, because they are racists and will die fighting whitey and blacky in American lands.


I.P. transition, no free phones on Internet, all people tax by I.P. Tax Code, U.S.A. Obama setting up I.P. Implant Chips, for a new technology revolution.


Los Angeles growth rate 1993- 2014 = ZERO% = 0.00% no growth. Even Detroit has more growth.


Lori L.

L.G.B. t.  center Hollywood, an entire block, 2018 over 100 units, 150 adult low cost apartment and medical care. $19 million in pledges. Slated 2018 A.D.

6,000 U.S.A. Veterans homeless, denied healthcare and living under Bridges and over pass.

Doctors 70% of Wikipedia media cures are wrong.



NEAR 7.0 mag. Agean Sea 24 May 2014

   (Click to show on interactive map)     EVENT ID
  (Click to explore) 24-MAY-2014 09:25:03 40.30 25.45 6.9 10 0
AEGEAN SEA  click for details. 4639758

Top Story: Global War Against People Of God


MAG: 'Global War on Christians'...

Paran Indicates George H. W. Bush was directly involved in John F. Kennedy's Assassination.


George Herbert Walker Bush Global Racist and Mass Murderer MEAMIC to the Lake of Fire

Jeb Bush: " I will  Govern Like Lyndon Baines Johnson -- in total racism, if I'm elected president -- May 2014.



Federal Authorities of Barack Hussein Obama call for 1000% increase in food prices, blames Christians or something.  Obama mulls cannibalism as a solution.

Church of England dioceses approve female bishops...



If you were White * Complained You were destroyed, marked as a racist. So here is your Los Angeles, U.S.A.  Major Project Report Card

LOS ANGELES LATINO FAIL = 1 minuet saved after $1.3 Billion, 4 years of LA living hell and $78 Billion in loss Revenue. Cars save one minuet per mile ( 12 mile stretch), overestimate on 405 Freeway. Total and Utter Failure.

The 405 Freeway is still a carjam, a total parking lot, after 4 years and billions spent on one lane. How can a Los Angelinos feel proud, one cannot. These haters in office are criminals, there is no excuse.

F -

$1.3 Billion dollars, 2009-2014 A.D., over budget $100 Million,  took one extra year, saves an automobile one minuet per mile, cost commerce of U.S. Federal Budget some $78 billion dollars in tax revenue loses, controled by racist Latinos,  who supplied the vision, the workers,  and were key in implimentation, the 405 Freeway connecting Los Angeles to San Franando Valley, built in the 1950s, has now opened its carpool lane but no improvement has been shown as floods of immigrant pour in daily with their own jalopy cars.  

Carmageddons 1 & 2 are over, at least until next year when grid lock on the 405 indicates these Latinos were failures or robbers, and we need to take another 4 years to redue the entire project,  opening up five-extra lanes on each side, which could be done -- there can be no other explanation to such fraud, waste, human trickery, and racial hatred. The reason why whites do not complain is that Latinos, including the police force will beat up whites, using baseball-bats and no one will stop it or do anything.  It is barbarian soft-imperialism.

And this is what we want to allow to take over our Country?

The have South, Middle and a part of the North, and want all of the North, their plan calls for 2050 total takeover. That is less than one human generation. I say, since the whites do not stand up, then move back to Europe. You will not be allowed to remains amongst the racists. 


Their argument for immigration rights to become U.S. citizens? Their plight? What is their plight? They are running away from corrupt governments, petty oligarchies, dictators, money elections, and systemic barbarianism. So they want a better life for their children, so they come here, but when they come here the replicate ( as in biology) their corrupted brothers running their corrupted nations, and want to corrupt the North America.


Philip, Whom Alexander iii helped kill, also witnessed the exact same thing, this was white Athens and in general Greek peoples against Brown Macadonians, with the same corrupted roups which reincarnated today in many different Latino or brown colored westerners.  Alexander took the remaining whites in the Greek army never to return to Greece, because the browns took it over, ended Democracy, ran a fraud parlement (similar to a  modern term parlemnet but one level) and kicked out the whites, who fleed to Rome or North Africa. That was racism, and it will model the same for America , just the peoples have reincarnated in our modern times and occupy a flip direction ( very advanced wave astronomical functions) on geolocals on Earth.


Western ways were not going to be preserved at Athens under Brown people ( Macedon) rule, it was not going to happen, so the Greek army went out and spread its ' understanding of the form of whatever democracy they thought was possible." Aristotle subtly schooled Alexander about this, and he accepted it, but was hip-hoped like today's underground low intelligent illuminati, interrupted synapses dysfunctional beings. Like hip-hop modern stars, getting shot or shooting to kill is  a  prerequisite but also claiming your a some god or something was how Alexander acted. He believed he was the son of Zeus or at times Zeus himself. Obama is the first to use statements and symbols he is a living god, but in reality he is using cultural hip- hop magic suggestion to make you believe he is because he has so much power and money.

Once he started to believe he was a god, having so much power, he ruled Greece by his Military and his masses of migrants ( you see the planting of browns in the U.S.A. are requirements to having a Latin Power Thug eventually take over control, but in Alexander's case, it was Philip his father.

Latino Fail: 4 years, $80 billion dollars, you save one minuet per mile, and the pass is about seven miles.  Yes, white people worked on it too, but LA besides NAZI Hollywood is controlled and had a La RAZA mayor overseeing the project of Failure.  LA is the worst freeway system, rail system, buss system, and underground tram system in all of the world.  If you ride a clear air buss, you get over accelerated take-offs, injuring people, falling into each other, you get fast stops, hard stops, thus injuring yourself and others, the seats are panned with hard plastic, and there are no modern shock absorbers, thus when the buss hits bumps in the road, now since Latinos took over L.A. transit, the roads are like Tijuana, axial breakages happen almost every minuet, somewhere in greater L.A., the buss tosses you and your bones against hard plastic and if riding for hours a day, you get internal injuries. So I cannot rid the buss, and now because of racism, I get beat up and no one cares, because I'm different. In LA, Latino browns make up a total of 71% of all the populations. I happen to be poor so I live around 100% Latino communities and most Latinos are normal upright humans, but as with Whites, Blacks or other shades of skin color, there are also the anti human groups, and these manage to take power in all societies, which means the world needs work to figure out the solution, or God will wipe you out again.                                                                                



N.S.A. Claims 'We Only Work For The Rich.'

World Computer being hack ed by Np.Lexity.com, a commerce gateway to N.S.A. and many advertisements are linked to C.I.A. front organizations. These codes are hacked into all computers slowing them down and stealing all Data from your computer. So if you have private information, it will be compromised.

They use standard hack + guess work codes -- after using top level domain ID, and then overflow your computer with so much hacking code you need these newest Processors to ignore the chaos of RAM being sucked off by intruders. So only the rich can afford to ignore this breach of civil rights. If the guess right, they hack into your central mainframe and take it all, including all personal and private info -- they can break through doors once they got all your files, encrypted or not.

np.lexity.com [......your computer..] Fire fox live has a way to see it coming in live. Attacks every 130ms ( milliseconds) .

Hillary Clinton personally put her stamp of approval to control all in the world. China has announced it plans to build a military to eradicate these white hater devils. and I agree 100%. I have 100% no control of my life, it is dictated by rich, military Satanists.

  Albany, Tea Party Principles

Acceptance of homosexuals and bi sexual and transgendered accepted, so Establishment Republicans go to Hell. When Jerry Fawell co-opted the Republican Party under Ronald Reagan, he brought the end of Republicanism. Socialists are also accepted, as long as they give up their warmongering and racist ways.

Urgent: Michelle Obama is the reason the world is searching for 200+ abducted young girls. Rush Limbaugh ( for mocking Michelle)  who was against her and her efforts needs to be removed from the U.S.A. and particularly the world.  Rush Limbaugh held a twitter photo of Michelle Obama, shown here above,  holding up a sign, saying, " Bring Back Our Girls," and Rush L. called her pathetic and his poster indicated a emotional meltdown. Rush Limbaugh  loves young girls or your women, he dated and married a bevy of them, but black African girls are not his type, so he complained. This shows he is a dangerous demon, cares for only his self promotion ( actually what he claims, he is not a community person, more of a "worship me, my young women, and my fortune, I'm self made. " I'm happy that K.F.I. removed him or he left this year from Los Angeles talk radio.  Maybe someone should abduct him, rape him or sell him into slavery, and abuse him and force him away from family and friends. In this manner he can come back and tells us, again, why ignoring events like these are moral.  But until then, STFU!

He needs to be eradicated and people like him if the world is to survive.

USA Deploys 80 Troops to Locate Missing Nigerian Girls... --because of Michelle Obama's efforts.

Mexican Democratic Congress it of Florida claims Communism works, it is our future because Spanish and Latinos have never run a democracy in 5,000 years and you should not either -- Omen for the U.S.A. Having Illegal Latinos protect the U.S.A. boarder is the same failed attempt as the Romans having Germanic Barbarians protect their Roman boarders from Germanic Barbarians, it did not work, they just let them in all the time.  I say allow all in the world to automaticallyh become citizens, they can vote, get Social Security and get power. Have all the Chinese vote in their leaders to the Office of the U.S.A. president by 2016. They can stop MEAMIC racist agenda against Asians and Middle Easterners. This is because EU whites, EU/South American browns and blacks are racists when they advocate brown only immigrants, because the Dream Act is 100% Latino program. They rule by fear and threat of violence.


James O'Keefe  eposes  Hollywood EVIL, by Mariel Hemmingway and another Hollywood legend vocally accepting Big Oil Money while advocating production of anti oil propaganda film.  This exposed Hollywood as the Whore, sitting on a Hill, a Hollywood Hill, whoring itself out for money.  James O'Keefe partner was murdered near Hollywood, he had met a political opponent in a lefty bar,  and when he had a drink, he left and died. Hollywood will steal and sell your child to sex slaves for cash, that is how Evil this community has always been.

FBI chief: 'Be suspicious' of government power...

Establishment Republicans win all at Primaries, Establishment--left Media claims the opposite to brain wash the world and children, corrupt their minds. 

TEA PARTY     Update 20 th May 2014: Over 150 primaries done, all News Stations that support Democratic Party, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS had their pundits claim the Tea Party has taken over the Republican establishment. However, this clues us off that talking points come from a small hidden group, as these are all misrepresentations, lies, and outright fraud. With one quarter of the U.S. mid term primaries over, only one Tea Party candidate won his primary. That means the establishment republicans won the primaries so far over the Tea Party. 

C.I.A. Admits it poisons Afghanis and it poisons Pakistanis and purposely looses military wars and tries to say, we can help you by giving you vaccinations', like the evil South American human CIA experiments'. The CIA wrote a memo to Barack Hussein Obama promising not to do this again. But we all know the CIA is a part of MEAMIC, the Satanic people that need to be eradicated if Erath is to survival with any human population.

Obama used illegal laws to ascertain DNA from Osama bin Laden's relatives. He used a Pakistani Doctor as a spy, who fronted poison vaccines' as a way to capture DNA to find bin Laden.  Red Cross and white Flags on the battle feild are symbols for all sides not to shoot, these are neutral doctors collecting dead bodies or treating war injuries. But Obama broke this code, and used Pakistani Doctor Spies so no one in the Middle East trusts doctors to take vaccinations any longer. And who would blame them, with White Racist backing 1/2 black/whitety president's global murder machine that keep the rich in power, that is the only reason for the USA military and why they kill the soldiers at The VA hospitals. C.I.A. sent a twitter message to Obama the Anti Christ saying, we promise not to do this again,' which is no truth at all, as the CIA has lied on almost all issue in its history, it is a part of Satan's army.

MS NBC Ignores all of the serious scandals & Cry that Obama is not doing more to campaign for Democratic officials for the 2014 mid-terms, which are rigged, only for the rich. The Tea Party, against international corps will be shut out again, token officials may win a few, but the U.S.A. is under the control of 'CONTROL FREAKS' all decisions are based upon electability and retention, and secretly they do this to fleece money and become rich robber barons.

MS NBC Ignores all of the serious scandals, as if Obama is riding high in the polls, which he is as low as George W. Bush, absent any major conflict, such as the carnage of Iraq War ii, including all casualties.  Obama's approval ratings May 2014 hover in the mid forties range, currently at 44%. Constant polling by Gallop tells of a constant 67% want a second and more comprehensive Benghazi investigation. Some 71% do not trust the Obama Administration on the facts related to Benghazi ( the fabrication of masses of bodies of Sandy Hook) , the revelations of constant lies to pass Obamacare, and these topics were perhaps significant in covering up the facts to get Obama re elected. Such false pretenses occur in history, and Obama is one example of this.  But crosses such as involving Pluto and the Uranus, seven conjunction right angles, currently last December we reached the sidieral ninety degree angle, reveal revelations. The New York Times sat on the N.S.A. story for over a year, and more embarrassing, George W. Bush, Jr. was their number one political enemy.   They even met with Bush at the White House to ask his opinions and if it was OK, and he said no! But, underneath this revelation stirred the unseen media and the New York Times prides itself on getting out the story first and with good facts.  This is more troublesome than if they went with the story right away. The N.S.A. was told not to have existed, even though the creation bill is in the year of 1947, the world would only be told a F.B.I. ( originally domestic, post 9/11 global), C.I.A.  ( originally foreign, covering all the planet). The original head of the Military was the Navy which most of its sections became a part of the N.S.A., but back in 1947 A.D. After 9/11, the Patriot Act ( the creation of N.S.A. domestic carte blanche snooping) became the topic for the NYTimes story they had in 2004 A.D. We would have to wait for N.S.A. contractor and a native living and growing up down the street from  the N.S.A. facility, had chosen to out smart NYTimes by releasing what really matters to historians --- Documents on the global grasp and plans of the N.S.A.  Edward Snowden pulled a real Patriot Act, and NYTimes' loyalty to  Obama forced them to identify a real hard core American as an enemy of the State. Common Americans say, we do not care for your opinions, we need transparency, not tyranny. So Christians have been exiting NYTimes, and they blame the online competition, and in reality this nation became a foundational Christian nation, and Christians stopped reading the New Y ork Times, and they did not sell anymore, because Atheists cannot read, and are currently about 67% illiterate (18 year-olds) Washington D.C., 80% Southern California, and most of the United States of America's population celebrate rappers, which must have a narrative of selling drugs and murdering as the standard Atheist pathway, one hopes to be an illuminatiCON ( illuminati is no different than NAZIsm, Satanism).  So for years, I checked in to the New York Times ( been reading them since they went online) and for the last decade, and even before, they started to dumb down their language and IQ.  When this happens, the smart readers exit in droves, and this had nothing to do with competition online journalism. There are plenty of local to large city newspapers on line and doing just fine. The issue with the six month internal investigation turned up one main obstacle to solving readership. Stop attacking the people of God. The Separation between Church and State is all a private letter by Jefferson, the Constitutions is much different it claims you cannot stop the process of God's  people having their lives full of love and Christianity in the public domain. N.S.A. I call the Notorious Satanic Agency, have you ever seen a raw astronomical ( astrology) chart with such powerful evil associated to it than the N.S.A.? The New York Times was going to bat for the secrecy of the N.S.A. plan, which is purely Atheist Satanism, all across the Earth, but then their readership were retards, and the smart ones left to read real journalism. It makes me mad that they lie, and blame online journalism killed the print, when all the other major newspapers are online, and doing fine. The New York Times did not lose its influence, its influence today is stronger than anytime in its history. It is used as the mouthpiece of the Obama, N.S.A. Drone you to hell Administration. It has influenced the tards and they are influenced by the NYTimes. I tried to blog there, but got deleted because I put up raw facts and their moderators were the gatekeepers. So NYTimes continues as a misogynists and fully racist institution. 

Ney York Times Had NSA story for over a year ( KCET, LA cable news) and the men did not  tell us at the New York Times ( RACIST RAG ), and today, they deny women equal pay because Alpha Satanists forced them beyotches into submission because that is how NEOLIBCONs role. These are white ass racist institutions.

Rush Limbaugh's attack on Michelle Obama make he hope that this Racist Rush dies soon. It does not represent humanity. It is a damaged DNA strain. Weeks after the Nigerian government knew boco haram abducted 200+ young girls from a school, no one knew in the U.S.A.  Then Michelle tweeted ( social media) a picture of her holding up a sign, saying 'Bring out Girls Home,' a reference to international outrage against this African separatist group. Rush Limbaugh attacked Michelle viciously, so bad it is unforgiving. He made me feel that humanity is better off without him. He exposed his racist colors.

Hilary Claims Brain Damage. Bill Says his Brain Damage is worse than Hillary’s. Both brain deads want to run the country and the world.  Are not people sick of these families, these Bushes’ and these Clintons’?” Hillary gets brain damaged when the first Benghazi Senate investigation started and now a special committee for the Benghazi investigation, she comes out as brain dead!

Bill rebuttal, well maybe they will bring up Rose Law Firm again. No BEAST how about the real issue of Impeachment, three secret trials, 44 million in campaign donations from laundry mat Chinese in 2000 dollar increments, and a few nuclear weapon proliferations, that shit is true. Boeing and McDonald Douglas, Motorola, etch were all fined for selling dual use tech that BEAST allowed by Changing State to Commerce codes when he got into officel.   Maybe talk about Project MEgiddo and its expansion to target Christinas.  BEAST

s noze looked destroyed by coke.


Obama Barack Hussein ii  Mombasa Hospital Birth Certificate
U.S. Employs more H Kenyans in secret nation building project than Americans, because B.H. Obama ii Real Birth Certificate /w Footprint confirms his wife's often used statement  confirming Barack's Home Country!

Talk About A Great Deception? or home improvement project?

So what does Barack have to say about it?



VATICAN  Obama is an  Anti Christ

GALLUP: 76% View Pope Favorably...

Old News to me - but relevant.

OBAMA PAYS TAX RATE OF 20%... You pay 39% -41%.


130 World Scientists Call for the Murder of 3 Billion Asians, South Asians in Satanic Greed Plan

Global Racism 101

Climate Change Genocide Program

Ever since the Portuguese sailed into Edo Japan or the British into south India and south China western Europeanism had continued an overt racist narrative that continues under Global Warming Hysteria.  

Climate Change Laws set up by the west are 100% racist. They intend, we, the west,  got our industrial revolution done, now we do not want you to have an industrial revolution: speaking toward Asians, South Asians, Middle Eastern countries.

The U.S.A. consumes more energy and produces more Greenhouse Gases than all other countries combined.  These  advocates need to be brought to justice for overt  and intolerable racism.

EPA Chief: Global Warming Is Racist

NASA to Put Greenhouse on Mars...

Nobel gives prize to Al Gore for claiming snow is caused by Global Warming.

Climate Racism Activism by White and Black Racists

Pakistan Cannibalism due to U.S. bombing ( 2009 - currently )  Northern Pak farms and food storage, Anti Christ alert. -- Archangel Michael.

Violence & Video Games

Like Academia, the U.S.A. Military Works Alongside Video Gamers and Entertainmenters to make better violence weapons.

SIMNET :  Battle of 73 Easting's Success was attested to Video Gaming technology and training in the U.S. Military.

Societies need Heroes to Survive.

Today, there are no Heroes in the U.S.A.

Today, there are only Celebrities and their idol worshiping of their selves


PDATE: Feds thugs quietly bankroll cell phone spying devices for local police...

Gov't-backed technology enables data collection on every child...

DISNEY bets big on visitor-tracking technology...


IRS: 100% Anti Democracy

Lois Lerner’s testimony. lies and takes 5 th, will not speak, Obama ordered 100,000 families destroyed. Revenue Service and Treasury Department officials destroyed 134,000 families, innocently targeted by the Democratic Party: The IRS is an arm of Satan's army.

ABC, no coverage, NBC laughs at news, CNN, this is nothing, Fox, that not fair but we will do nothing. -- all these organizations are 100% anti Democratic


NSA Using FACEBOOK to Hack Into Your Computer...


 Feds: NSA 'Probably' Spies on Members of Congress...

Secret Military Contractors to Mine TWITTER...

Republican Party Calls For Investigation Into NSA Snooping...

DNC Democrats calls for more snooping, more control. 

Obama supports Political Targeting ( IRS 2009-2013). I.R.S. to run all HealthCare, control at 100%, political targeting to continue.

Military Budget 2014 Value

$15 trillion.
$15 trillion, 609 Billion, 571

Thousand & 416 dollars.


Social Budget for US Poor = ZERO $ 00.00

Social Spending for 1%ers, $3.

4 Trillion for 2013


Biggest National Disaster Yet!

Obama & Hillary Clinton  to Stop Health Care for millions so the Democratic Party Can Win in 2016 A.D.

  Here we go: HHS announces that insurers can keep extending un-canceled health plans — until October 2016

Gallop Poll  Week 2, Feb. 2014: 71% Admit They are 'Sorry' They voted for Obama.

N.S.A. & Google by 2027 A.D. to put Brain Implants to all Humans, to control policy for the robber barons. 

Copyright © 1999 - 2014 Michael Johnathan McDonald