No disciple to any officer involved, court says move on. update link to case 29 June 2015.

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Fullerton Police Officers Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli reveal in a Los Angeles court that all California Police have a directive to torture and murder the defenseless humans in California Society. Here is the proof of one of their sacrifices, like human sacrifice. The issue is the community does not seemed too outraged, only the human beings. The demons applaud all the officers involved who set about with the directive, admitted too in court.

danr27 Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 8:22 AM
I viewed the entire YouTube video of the Kelly Thomas incident (about a half-hour). It was one of the most sickening things I've ever seen, the cops playing cat and mouse with a mentally ill, but harmless individual who offered no serious resistance. I've yet to get over the fact that none of the cops had to serve time for this incredibly ugly and brutal apprehension of a smaller-than-average man who I'm convinced could have been easily apprehended by myself (a 65-year old, out-of shape man) and no more than two other people comparable to myself. At the risk of going out on a limb, I wonder if on the video we weren't witnessing the resentment of a Hispanic policeman toward a supposed beneficiary of "white privilege?"

Los Angeles Court Reveals California Police Directive to Kill Humans diagnosed with mental illness.

Skinny Homeless Man Told To sit Perfectly Still. Moves his leg: Ramos: “You see these fists? They’re about to f**k you up.”

CA Police Human Murder Directive: Crime to U.S.A. government: If a homeless person is ordered to sit perfectly still, but moves his leg, like a twitch, then murder him!  

Here was the proceedure:

Ramos issues contradictory demands — and eventually throws him [ Kelly Thmas]  face-down to the ground. Cicinelli and several other officers soon join in, repeatedly slugging, elbowing, kicking, and tasering the helpless victim, who shrieks out in terror and eventually starts crying out for his father. Kelly was beaten into a coma and left in a pool of his own blood while his assailants, indifferent to his condition, congratulated themselves on their achievement. Left brain-dead by the assault, Kelly was removed from life support several days later.

Do The Mentally ill or Homeless have Civil Rights? F.B.I. Says No!

F.B.I. that already was looking at the case will now see if being a homeless man has any civil rights. Perhaps, the F.B.I. assumes, Barack Hussein and the rest of the rich elite need excitement of murder to keep them from boredom, so they may give the F.B.I. the green light to kill more innocent and defenseless humans for fun and entertainment. Most of the Fullerton Cops were laughing at the unconscious blood socked street Kelly Thomas lay in a coma and dying.

Lawmaker proposes firing squad executions...

In this manner it will quicker like Hitler to genocide the mentally ill of America. -- U.S. Government Responce.

Crime to U.S.A. government.

The Crime: Not complying by sitting perfectly still. A little leg motion from nervous tics and the Fullerton (Cal. Police) said, he moved his left a little, we can now kill him -- and that is the state of Nation at this time. The U.K. has the acquittal Front Page, and more of the world is responding, hopefully. This was not only racist but describes the values of Americans and people in power all around the world on the defenseless. So I will infuse some of my narrative to police brutality over my decades of being homeless.

So I was at the pharmecy on Burbank and Van Nuys ( San Franando Valley, Los Angeles) and a police office, white tall, stupid, came up to me and asked what I was doing. I had kneeled down and took off my shirt to get vitimane D, from the Sun, the very best way to infuse your health. He did not say, I cannot have my shirt on, he said, why did I have my shirt off. Then he started to interrogate me, as if I was 'out of the scenery?' what is the scenery in Van Nuys? About 90% colored foreigners, and the white population only comes in during the day to work at the judicial and authority buildings the main down town area of Van Nuys. He then took my name and walked into the pharmacy to 'prove' that I was there -- I was parked on Burbank, not in any parking lot, and I was on the sidewalk. I grew up here all my life, boys to men have their shirts off when it is warm, been like that for 40+ years I can remember. He goes into the building and I hesitate but follow, and do not enter. When he comes out, he is smiling, laughing, as if to say, "You're OK," his actual words, as if  my white European skin was somehow banned in Los Angeles. The workers of the pharmacy told me that there is a law of having a shirt on at all times in all public spaces in Los Angeles. That means no sunbathing in the park, even if properly clothed. This cop, shitforbrains, useless to civilization, did not tell me of any law to have my shirt on, nor did he guess I knew of it. This was purely intimidation. I had my prescription glasses broken by two police officers patrolling Studio City, Ventura Bld. region, stopped me for nothing, wanted desperately to tear apart my car, ran my plates, forced my on cement, grabbed improperly my priceless glass to see, broke them, laughed and took off with his laughing policeman buddy. The problem is that all harassment I have received in the last ten years have been Latin Policeman, beaten,  harassed, destroying life giving property, and I have never been arrested. I do not have money, because Obamacare nor Medical will pay for glasses, will pay for an exam, none of this passed by the Democrat Legislature, the measure only focuses on the destitute. So the problem is the people. How do they view the homeless?

At Berkeley, all the black, Asian, white, and brown kids, all economic scales, believed the homeless should die ( a few but rare exceptions). So this means these kids and their parents and these kids turning into parents must be eliminated from life. These people are the problem, and when you give semi literate privileged kids the opportunity to police the class below them, they abuse them for their ‘entertainment.’ subconsciously is the main condition. This event happened near 10:00 a.m. on 14 Jan. 2014.

I’m really sick about the brown officers telling a homeless ( mentally insane ) white man he needs to be beaten up bad and then sit six officers with 1,200 lbs. of weight, crush his ribs and lungs, he dies a few days later, and then cover it up, a video tells a different story, go to trial, and everyone gets off because no one stands up for the poor homelessman. Regardless of testimony, he had no criminal record, only what is called’ static’ calls, usually these are what are used on me by police. The poor people have no human rights, and I know by a fact that the rich will not give them to them so I will take out the rich, all from this planet.


The Police In Los Angeles ( San Fran. Valley) used the same excuse to hall me out of my car as they did Kelly Thomas. They said, someone in the neighborhood was breaking into cars ( automobiles). They told Kelley, you cannot live in Orange County, we do not want you. He was not familiar with any other place, and no help by anyone, so he was killed, and this is what the U.S. People want, because they are not protesting to correct this so the rich in Los Angeles need to go away for good, and do not get to come back to Earth.

45 Minuet Beat and Crush Cal Police Procedure on Undesirables:
Littlie resistance, no resistance for 40 Minuets.

Appears to be Racism.

no police record, no weapons, no arrests, but this persons crime according to Satan's army, the La Police and the rich that support them, this person must be murdered.

Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli were cleared Monday  13th of  Jan. 2013, of all four charges, ranging from murder to excessive use of force in the 2011 death of transient Kelly Thomas. Other cases of individuals from this decision therefore were dropped.

Kelly Thomas (Kelly Thomas (April 5, 1974 – July 10, 2011) ) was a homeless man diagnosed with schizophrenia who lived on the streets of Fullerton, California. He died five days after an altercation with members of the Fullerton Police Department.

9:40 minuets of a 33 minuet video taken secretly shows Thomas being beaten to death, cries of "I'm sorry," and "Please [ stop], I cannot breath." After Thomas was lifeless, the officers laughed, and they were proud of their directive to kill the defenseless, at the calling by the rich kiddies privileged in California.  Also on the recording ( mic on one officer) and the silent video, Thomas was calling out for help, anyone, he called for his father, before going unconscious.


Cause of Death:

Satan's Army: He died from heart trouble due to years of drug abuse.

Hospital Facts: Kelley Thomas died five days after the event from 'brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen to the lungs" (the rib cage was crushed by six officers rotating sitting on Kelley's chest as Romos and Cicinelli began to crush his brain.), "caused by chest compression."  U.P.I. Levy Gabrielle 9:46 a.m., updated 11:28 a.m., 14 January 2014, "Kelly Thomas Verdict: " They got away with murder."

The Trial:

The jury was so fast ( only a part of a day for deliberation), they were rich elite kiddies and adults that hated the homeless or the mentally ill in the first place.

I first heard of this through a local radio station, and the Los Angeles attorney’s were quick to go public and claim no wrong doing, at all by witnesses not used in the trial for the damaging testimony they might give against Satan's Army. Then someone private approached John and Ken, La talk radio, and the revelation of the video forced a trial, otherwise this was a standard cover - up operation because it happened many times, by many that did not have a voice in the community.  After the head LA Offices all jumped to the defense of the officers, no charges were initially brought. However, from not sitting perfectly still on a cement curb is the infraction Kelley Thomas did not observe that cost him his life. I say that Ramos has a Racist objective to rid whites form the lands of Mexico or Latin America, and his Italian brother and other white officers fall in line to this reasoning, and then supported all the way at the top.

The Fullerton community, on the other hand, says the same, but frames it as 'overtly conservative' mentality in Fullerton city council and The Fullerton Police Department. In this connection the class warfare of rich ( Police jobs are not well paid, but they are not poverty level pay either) verses the homeless or destitute, poor.


At about the 14:30 mark  of the Kelly Thomas murder video something happens. Suddenly the mood of Manny Ramos changes from one of bored hostility to outright aggression. He has just gone to the back of the patrol car and has had a conversation with Joe Wolfe who has been sifting through Thomas’s scant possessions in his backpack.

When Ramos returns to Kelly he immediately dons the latex gloves that a helpful Wolfe had previously given him (“take these you may need them”) and begins to verbally threaten the homeless man. “See these fists? These fists are about to fuck you up…” For his part Thomas seems to sense the ramped up hostility. When Ramos tries to grab his shoulder Kelly brushes away the cop’s hand and stands. Immediately sensing his peril he puts his hands up and begins slowly backing away. It’s too late.

Suddenly Wolfe appears almost on cue; at the top of the frame he emerges from behind the patrol car, where, a mere 15 feet away he must have been perfectly aware of what was going on. As Kelly continues to back away toward the front of the car, Wolfe lunges at him, swinging his baton; immediately he is joined by Ramos who takes a swing to, too. As Kelly begins to flee rightward in front of the car and out of the frame, we can’t see what happens next; but Ramos has evidently managed to grab or tackle Thomas as Wolfe, who has circled counterclockwise around the back of the car, piles on.

So here’s my question: how can Joe Wolfe be exonerated from any wrongdoing by the DA? Barely fifteen feet from the exchange between Ramos and Kelly, he must have known exactly what was going on; he also knew who he was dealing with; and he actually struck the first, illegal blow with his stick. So why was Joe Wolfe never charged with a crime? ( source: Friends For Fullerton's FutureHome Kelly Thomas Police Beating FSD Videos About Recent Comments Subscribe Contact ).

More Proof: of Cal. Cop Murder the Poor and mentally diagnosed Directive:

The paramedics arrive on scene. Kelly, lay dying in the street, so the Fullerton police officers stopped the paramedics from addressing Kelley's situation, instead they got bandages for paper-cut scrapes from their own weapons used on Thomas and had a laugh with the police for some time, laughing at the unconscious dying homeless person in the street. And this is our society? I say, it needs to go away, forever.

Manny Ramos: " this dude was very dangerous, look at my war wound, ain't it big and it scary?'

Used to get these during Football practice and games weekly, no need for me to go to the hospital or a need for some paramedics. So these Fullerton Police Took the Paramedic Team and said, we need treatment first before you attend to the bloody-lifeless-body we just attempted to kill.

Verdict: Peaceful Demonstration in Fullerton, CA.

Fullerton, California residents infuriated by the murder of homeless man Kelly Thomas at the hands of the local police gave vent to their anger at a recent City Council meeting captured on camera by Reason magazine.

“Those police officers were dangerous — and you knew it, you sick man!” exclaimed one participant in the meeting, pointing at a Council member who had defended the actions of the cops who beat Kelly to death. “You saw that video and you kept those police officers on the streets!” ( source: Republic Magazine , Outrage over Kelly Thomas Murder Stirs Peaceful Citizen Revolt in Fullerton
Posted on 16 May 2012 by george).

Steven Greenhut of the Orange County Register points out that Fullerton has traditionally been a bastion of  GOP-aligned “law-and-order” conservatism. The sheer viciousness and unalloyed sadism displayed by the police who beat Kelly Thomas to death, and the casual corruption exhibited by the municipal government in covering up that crime, have prompted residents of all political persuasions to rebel against the status quo, Greenhut recalls:

After the beating, and Fullerton residents were consumed by anger and demanded answers, their leaders failed them. The now-departed police chief took vacation and then went on disability leave. That left the council to take charge. But the council majority dissembled.

It was bad enough that the Fullerton Police Department released false information (i.e., claiming that officers suffered broken bones after a supposedly brutal fight with Thomas), but here’s what Mayor Jones said, which is as insensitive as it is idiotic: “I’ve seen far worse injuries that are survivable. I don’t know why he died.” Thomas was fine, then he was beaten into a pulp—something now undeniable, thanks to the video—and these city “leaders” couldn’t figure out what killed him.

Furthermore, the three council members opposed the release of the video to the public. They backed the department. McKinley, a former police chief who hired the officers involved in the beating, wanted to keep the officers on the street. These three didn’t seriously question the police department, which allowed the officers to watch the video and get their stories straight before giving their testimony to investigators. Jones referred to the peaceful citizens of his city who were protesting the Thomas death as the equivalent of a “lynch mob.”For Jones, peaceful protest is “mob” violence, and a gang beating by police officers is an exercise of civic virtue.

The victim’s father, former Orange County Sheriff’s Detective Ron Thomas, offers a sounder perspective: “His death was gang-involved, the way I see it… A gang of rogue officers … brutally beat my son to death.”

Actually, a “rogue” officer — one committed to acting as a peace officer and protecting the innocent from all criminal violence, including that inflicted by other cops — may have been the only thing that could have saved Kelly Thomas.

Read more here.

VIDEO: Transit Cop Uses Stun Gun On 'Harmless' Passenger Repeatedly...


STUDY: Religion Cuts Crime...


2014 Feb. Landmark Settlement Reached in Case of Man Arrested for Filming Police Making an Arrest... | Judge accuses cops of 'witch hunt'...

U.S. Police are usually laughing while beating up the weak for no reason, they must be bored, but when a camera phone appears they get testy and start going nuts.


39% Obama Approval Dec 2013. Gallup Poll.


Congress Approval 8.9% lowest in history ( 31 Oct 2013 Gallop)

Obama's approval rating is now 41% in an NBCNews/Wall Street Journal poll released Wednesday, 30 Oct 2013, an all-time low.  ( Real Clear Politics)

Iran and Russia Force Obama to Halt WWIII. Thank Goodness for them.

24 Sept. 2013:  I love the new attitude of Iran’s new president telling the media he would broker peace talks between him ( Obama) and Assad, and even Putin, who forced American policy and Obama did not act upon it. This peace gives one-year for Assad to expel his wmds, and that is a long time before action is to take place But soon the US ‘real’ foreign policy will come to light that since 1979 Iranian Revolution when the Iranians kicked out British Petroleum ( under a former name) and has its ‘bulls-eye’ target on the Iranian people.  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed ( Master Mind of 11 th Sept. 2,001 US terrorist attacks’ family actually comes form Iran, so he is from Iranian decent. Iran has that irredentism idea of being from Persian origins, and the great Persian empires w/ militaries to protect them, they want to return to this glory. The U.S.A. policy is to deny this. When it comes to the Military Complex, both U.S. main political parties are 100% on board, no matter what the media or their party spokespersons claim. I remember the Democrats crying Bush’s surveillance and now under Obama, they are clapping with joy -- -such Frenchy- Fickleness.  The last uranus/pluto square the world was gearing up  for World War II.


John. Forbes Kerry: Secretary of State:

26 Sept. 2013: I found in my studies many of our US current politicians were activists against the USA in their youths. Once they got into power and survived a few elections to continue in office, they have become corrupted and the very thing they were fighting against they have become now. Kerry is one example. When Kerry refused to pay $270,000 on boat fees and licensing for docking in Boston and moved his muliti million dollar boat to another state to escape taxes -- I knew or was proven again, that these politicians are wolves in sheep clothing.

The trick to understanding this is John Kerry is one of the richest politicians in the world, not only the USA but the world -- and he was caught red-handed going against his principles he claims we should live by -- to pay our fare share of taxes. He could afford this fee, it was like baby candy money, his pocket book would not have felt it at all -- but his souless greed overtook him and his devil became aware -- he is of the fallen ones.

If I were president, and you pulled a sneaky stunt like this, going against what you claim people should live by, I'd  put you in jail. I guess I would be assassinated quickly, but if large groups rose up against these evil soulless scrubs, the world could be saved -- but until then, we should count on becoming an extinct species.





Enteries ( perhaps duplicates) from front page for a while.


New Massive UltraViolet Blue Seq Star

Imaged with Coords. 10 sept. 2013


Update on Nukes:
Nuclear Warheads: Moved from Texas security to Charleston Harbor, SC, overnight, Lindsey Graham claims that if we do not go into Syria with our troops, then a major nuclear terrorist attack will take place on east coast. How does he know? A huge amount of supplies have been ordered for delivery by 1 Oct. 2013 to zone 3. of FEMA. Maybe Obama wanted these nuclear warheads out of Texas because Texas is the only state that is having an economic boom ( besides Wash. D.C. too!) – and they might decide to succeed from the US and have nuclear weapons to back them up if Washington D.C. denies them! .  17 Sept. 2013.




U.S. Obama To Attack Syria, In Bible, To Make Future War on Iran, so Americans Can continue to Rape the World's Resources & Begin Armageddon.


U.S.A. Makes wars and kills humans in Middle East because U.S. Legislators, mainly Democrats refuse to drill for domestic oil -- so let us just go kill foreigners, they claim. This has been going on since the end of World War II, and Escalated under Bill Clinton in 1993 A.D. He creates the War on Terror as an excuse to create chaos and bomb Middle Eastern countries that do not accept U.S. Democratic Party Oil Bullying.  “ It is OK to rape foreigners lands but let us not rape our own, we will just blame Christian and Republicans," Democrats and Bill Clinton Surmised.  There has not been a republican in the USA for more than 120 years.


And if that moral fervour is created by false information, you have described the modern US CIA for the last 60 years. The bottom line is for 60 years the US legislators have defunded and stopped most domestic oil drilling and have opted for chaos and control of the Middle Eastern oil fields. This started to get heavy when the Iranians threw out British Petroleum, during the Iranian rev, around 1979 A.D. since then, the plan is to create wars in the Middle East to prop up dictator puppets such as the Saudi Regime to get cheap oil, and at the same time disallow Russia ( then ) and China ( now) from controlling the middle eastern oil so their people remain in the dark.  
Remember, USA has antares alpha  smack on the asc. as a true arc ( Sibeley, I use 500pm).  
rules combined resources, or banks, joint monies, and corporations. The USA believes the world is theirs and so let us just go make wars in the Middle East, blame them on Monotheists, and then rape their lands of resources and at the same time keep them in the Dark Ages, and in civil strife.  
What happened to peace, love and togetherness?  
I mean the USA military complex is livid that Iran in 1979 threw-out BP, because today, Iran is a major supplier to the Chinese. Why do you think Russia arms Assad, US's enemy? because they know US plays a war for oil game, no matter what US president or political party is in power at any given time. Maybe the USA should restart their astrology chart, and I mean restart the whole country. It seems as if we are the bully on the block and we see no end in sight.  
Our (if USA )  actions do have and will have  blow-back, even for a millennia of memories.  
USA's ruler is PLUTO , or Dr. evil. Remember the nation began as a slave nation, so it must have started under Dr. Evil..


"You are either with us or against us” Hillary Rodham Clinton, two days after 11 Sept. 2001. Bush said this too, so Republicans and Democrats, both leftwingers today, were and are on the same ideological page.

The Arab Facts behind ben Ghazi, Lybia. updated 8 May 2013).


Many C.I.A. personal were on the ground at Benghazi during the attack. C.N.N. claims ( 2 Aug. 2013). This is opposite to what Obama has told U.S.A. and World.


Resolution allows boots on ground...


Bill Clinton Started War On Terrorism, 1993, Idea, so that US can create chaos and control the Middle East. Estranged Wife is complicit.

ALERT - What Ended the Mythological Atlantis Found found 17, Aug. 2013. started page 19 Aug. 2013.


Syria: Assad, 'CIA started Chemical Attack To Bomb our People, Like they Set Up Saddam Hussein, Now Common Knowledge!'


The USA (CIA) put Saddam Hussein into power as the leader of Iraq, gave him raw materials to build chem WMD ( although Russians did the same) and then after Iran-Iraq ( 10 year war, why we put Saddam in their to battle the US enemy at that time, Iran), in 2003 the USA government then claimed he had Chem WMD and then we took him out. Now what makes you believe that Assad, or the Rebels chem bombed as it has been claimed and not the CIA -- now that we know the USA has done this in the past for their narcissistic reasons? ( 28 Aug 2013, views on Syria).



Putin: Show Me The Proof...
Many in Middle East struggling to understand Obama policy...
Senate Breaks Own Rules in Rush to Vote...
CONGRESSMAN: Calls Running 498-2 Against




4 out of 5 adults live in Poverty under Obama and the Democrats' self-proclaimed superior ideology. Obama continues to blame everyone but himself.


Something is very wrong with this country


U.S.A. falling: same teachers for 30+ years

U.S.A. falling: same group of politicans for 30+ years.

U.S.A. falling: same Union groups for 30+ years.

U.S.A. falling: U.S. Congressional Approval, lowest and declining for the last 30+ years.



Number one reason for all historical violence and continuing today is hunger.

Hunger Games. Nostradamus calls it the Games of Slaughter. 08.13.'13.  Also New Info on This Found in Obama's Support for Dictatorship in Egypt Rather than its Historical Democratic Elections. 08.17.'13.


FAT ASS: Oprah tries to start global race riots, calls the media to start it, then complains she never wanted national attention – liar, liar, fraud on fire! 08.14.'13.





Is Obama Mentally Insane?

With 70% of Americans on  Pharma Pills for Mental Insanity, Obama's lies are a cry that he is mentally insane.


Obama Promised Hope and Change, there has been 00% of that, he must have lied, due to his extreme mental illness.  


New Poll  says 53% of Democrats say the American Dream is over, while 27% of Republicans believe it is over too.


Obama: “these are all phony scandals” August 2013.





Obama: Sex Ed for Kindergartners 'Right Thing to Do'...


DoD Training Manual Suggests Conservative Views 'Extremist'...

Lists those concerned with individual liberties, states' rights...


TEXT: New Astrology Updated and Photos for 44 th U.S.A. President


BOOK of LIFE 6 May 2013: U.S.A. Forced 'Banned-Drug' Consumption, Confiscation of Guns, Profit, Power, Punishers of resisters to a total control by Richies




USA Project Megiddo Offical F.B.I. Program to Kill-Off Christians




Christian Identity is an ideology which asserts that the white Aryan race is God’s chosen race and that whites comprise the ten lost tribes of Israel.


[19] There is no single document that expresses this belief system. Adherents refer to the Bible to justify their racist ideals. Interpreting the Book of Genesis, Christian Identity followers assert that Adam was preceded by other, lesser races, identified as “the beasts of the field” (Gen. 1:25).

Eve was seduced by the snake (Satan) and gave birth to two seed lines: Cain, the direct descendent of Satan and Eve, and Able, who was of good Aryan stock through Adam. Cain then became the progenitor of the Jews in his subsequent matings with the non-Adamic races. Christian Identity adherents believe the Jews are predisposed to carry on a conspiracy against the Adamic seed line and today have achieved almost complete control of the earth. [20] This is referred to as the two-seedline doctrine, which provides Christian Identity followers with a biblical justification for hatred. F.B.I., Bill Clinton ( Beast) , author Louis Freeh, under Bill Clinton's direction. ( 19 July 2013).


New! Brack Hussein Obama II's Moon in Alignment to PXC2 ( of the largest black holes in the Univers

Obama's Moon ( also conjunct Demon Star beta persei) nearly aligns to the largest black hole so far in the Universe. Perhaps this explains his inflated ego and self gratitude, and proclamations he is the teacher because everyone else is too stupid to know any better.  We have new X-Ray photos and after I pointed this out, Harvard (USA) and Max Plank Inst. (Europe) confirm.

“These Tea Parties are the enemy of Democracy” – B.H. Obama on teaching civility to the world, 2010. Tea Party is made up of Christians. Christians are Obama’s Enemies.


NSA 2013 VOTE: Stars Show Hell Ascends

Vote BreakDown ( HOR).


Exclusive: U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans

Hell Ascends ( Pluto) as War ( Sets) the outcome (NSA VOTE 24 July 2013, stars).

the Feds ( White House) now want your 'passwords' to your email account and phone account(s).

"Feds tell Web firms to turn over user account passwords"  
'Secret demands mark escalation in Internet surveillance by the federal government through gaining access to user passwords, which are typically stored in encrypted form.' ser-account-passwords/  

Vernal Reading 2013 7:01 a.m., Studio City, Los Angeles, CA. 20 March 2013 A.D. , 118w24, 34n09.  when is 00° 00′ 00″ Right Ascension for 2013, sinistra ophiuchii culminates at Studio City, a suburb city of the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan county.


GREAT NEWS FOR BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA II – WHITES FLEEING THE USA; CLAIM, PERSECUTED BY WHITE AFRICAN AMERICAN, and FAILED US FEDERAL POLITICIANS. THIS HOPE AND CHANGE DREAM IS FOUND IN B.H.O’s Books he wrote while playing hooky from Congressional duties. This is why he never made more than 50% of the votes. The Sad thing is that B.H.O. is a White African American, so he wants half of his body to flee the U.S.A. while the other half stays.





11 September 1951 Chiron PED galactic plane, GC position. 1950–1951 Baghdad bombings. (lunar node and Saturn contacts)

11 September 2001 Chiron true arc to M.C. at 34 north, GC position. 3 July 2013: Economic Celestial Coding (ECC).


Obama & Supreme Court make it illegal to voice opinions against Homosexual Marriage, a criminal offence. 26 June 2013 keep reading


Guitains end Akkadian Empire I; Crazy!

ACCAD , Gen. 10.10. ('Aătar-annumîtum,' Venus [ishtar] Warrior~ Greek City of Athens, Athena equivalent)

2152 BC



Dec. 21-25 Gallup Poll only 39% say Obama is doing a good job as a President.

23 dec 2013: POLL: Obamacare reaches record low...

Obama, rich man, off to go Surfing in Hawaii, so lucky.

71% Generic Poll Favors Republicans for all Offices, new Polls shake the Democratic Party whose responce is racism!

Obama: Worst approval ratings since Nixon...

Gallup Record High % Claim Obama + Gov.  destroyed The U.S.A.

Record High in U.S. Say Big Government Greatest Threat
Now 72% say it is greater threat than big business or big labor

CRISIS: The New York west end über rich liberal-Democrats complain to New York Times, Obama destroyed their good doctors, force them to see foreign high-school students posing as Doctors. Manny liberal rich voters for Obama now reconsider voting for Republicans, many say they regret not voting for Mitt Romney.

All expert hospitals will not be a part of Obamacare system, and only used by the rich liberals.  However, the middle class liberals are sh*t out of luck.

As I said in 2003, and adapted to other websites, Saudi Arabia was financially involved in funding the events of 11 September 2,001 A.D. Congress has new Classified Documents to prove it. Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush & Bush Jr., all want these classified documents to remain closed to the world.

Obama, Oprah, Pelosi hide 9/11 Bush documents, 22 pages, totally blacked out, said to be Saudi Arabia’s financial involvement to the 9/11.01 US terrorist attacks.

New York Post:

Democratic Rep. Stephen Lynch and Republican Rep. Walter Jones tell the nation help us stop the Bush-Obama murder Machine, help - us. history & prophecy of 11 Sept 2,001 A.D. Attacks on U.S.A.


     k  2012-'13 near coup d’état of B.H. Obama

MEAMIC Planned to nuke the U.S.A. and to Arrest Obama on 11 Sept 2013, an earlier date of fall of 2012 too, but failed because the Sun’s natural cycle did not come about. In that is so bizarre I do not believe it category:

Obama Ordered Fort Hood Attack, Killed U.S. Citizen Anwar al-Awlaki  as a patsy.

Army Maj. Nidal Hasan declined to offer any statement on his role in last year's massacre.

10 to 12 HIGH ranking officers were among the 13 killed at the Navy Yard. Obama has classified many of their names.

God Saves World: The 11 years solar cycle did not come, and scientists do not know why. Obama had three unsecured Nuclear EMP bombs ready to mimic the natural EMP form the Sun to go off, but was thwarted by God. The US MEAMIC secret bomb America with EMP to see what happen plan could not be disguised by the Sun’s natural 11- year cycle of an EMP.  This was heard on Coasttocoastam, 8 dec 2013, and the sources were from U.S. Congress discussing this. All three head MEAMIC people were put on leave, have not been seen, and perhaps will be shifted into other MEAMIC offices. The President can only order a Nuke Strike if he is able and in power. So Armageddon is surely here.

Obama Everyone's rates will go down and no one will lose their doctors = 26 [49 now]  major speeches on film! He is a liar in Cheif

REPORT: 52 million Americans have lost or will lose health insurance...

Country In Chaos Fascist Media Orders Sicko Violence on the Common poor of America.

GUTTER: MSNBC's Bashir Apologizes For Saying Someone Should Defecate on Palin..

American History  6 Nov 2013





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