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MJMJ   -- Journal 28: CARBON GLOBE: NASA Says Computer Models Wrong About Climate Change

#God does universe solar system heating of planets like this and creates heat on planets by dropping gamma high energy nuclear radiation to these Magnetopoles, on each solar system planet and then if does it decades warming trend by the halflife, ejections of these gamma sun particles deposited upon the Planets, such as #Earth. I have been spouting real science for 18 years and no #estabbymeindaback #establishment 1%ers will adopt reality. They rather work one day a year to read a bouy, then party with their $180,000 do nothing job, each year for 40 years, and that is why they advocate Humans create global warming so they can tax the world and force #funds #grants #payraisews and vacation funds and upgrade break out side yard facilities, while veterans die in the street. #globalwarmingindustry is a sham, a fraud and #scientists no longer make up any #edu on planet earth, more like zombies of confusion and greed? #DonaldTrump first weeks in office gets an A+ by me. #gotrumpsupporters stay strong and fight for what is right. #bookoflife #arcmichael #02232017ad

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  • Scientists Angry At Whistle Blowers For Making them Look in Real life as Frauds and Avarice Demons or at least as ignorant-greedy-parasites.

  • China, and South Asia, are pumping out more CO2 emissions than anytime in human History. The temperature over this last 15 years rose Zero Percent (0%).

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UPDATE: 'Global warming' scientists forced to admit defeat -- because of too much ice...

'Blizzard conditions'...

Record low temperatures set in Green Bay, other areas..

Historical Science Facts:

When there is over- amounts of CO2 (dirty carbons) in the air, the upper atmosphere heats up but the lower atmosphere, and the surface of the Earth cools down. This is because large amounts of gamma and other high-energy Sun particles are trapped in the upper atmosphere and do not reach the ground. Thereby the more Carbon in the air, the hotter the upper atmosphere becomes, but the dilemma remains the cooler the Earth’s surface becomes. This process has led to life itself on planet Earth.

the Earth has not fluctuated over .5 Celsius ( ( ½ ) point five Celsius) in 250,000 years.

Government Facist Science Facts ( all countries!):

These over- amounts of CO2 (dirty carbons) in the air are a product of modern humans using carbon based energy (Human bodies use carbon based energy!) and without some sever limitations of these productions, the world will end in the very near future. Life as we know it will cease to exist. There is data of CO2 released into the atmosphere that heats up the world’s surfaces and all the ice melts and a global flooding will destroy lands across the earth. Therefore, all carbon released by humans will not recycle ( as do volcanic material or wild fire materials)  and the average temperature will rise 5-10 Celsius in the next few years and kill all humans. In order to correct this problem, we urge the citizens of the world to pay a carbon tax to the central government(s) to help save the Earth.

The only carbon tax exemptions will be issued to all government agencies and large profitable corporations tied (Fascist) to the central governments.


All Barack Hussein Obama supported corporations paid 12% Taxes last year 2012, they make $$$ billions of dollars. And most Americans families paid 35% in taxes that do not make enough to feed their families. It is the most Americans families who are the target of these progressive carbon taxes, and not the central governments nor the large profiteering corporations.

 Climate Change is as old as the Earth Itself

Archangel Michael: How to understand what I just claimed. During the Early Earth Meteoric Bombardment on Earth, which brought Ice, water molecules and other carbon from beyond, before the oceans, this period in Earth’s development created a massive Greenhouse gasses blanket that covered the Earth and created an Ice-Blanket almost all across the world. The Entire Earth was nearly (except at the equator) covered with Snow and Ice. These greenhouse/ carbon gases, when the Sun cycle goes hot, much of it returns and other particles escaped to outer space ( as with other planets and star patterns)  and this is why that Ice had melted – off and we got oceans that gave us life. And since our inner core of our planet is alive and active, periodically it spews volcanic stuff from below the mantle to the surface creating large-massive amounts of green house gases and carbon emissions. These periodic spewing of carbon from below created the ice ages that appeared frequently over 4.5 or so billion years during Earth’s infancy to adulthood.

I’ve have heard, read, listened to radio, T.V. on how whistle blower scientists have been run-down and killed by mysterious cars, families destroyed by government crackdowns, humans beaten, intimidated, and destroyed because these scientists all have faulty-mental-illness-issues – cannot think or do science correctly and their fear mongering and falsified data for avarice reasons have hurt the world in solving real solutions to over-crowding, population explosions, and periodical natural famine periods that will affect these over crowding populations.  

CO2 carbon keeps the cold climate, and  in (the 1970s-80s) global mini-freezing era this was a result of massive CO2 U.S. and Europe  production of dirty-carbon emissions.

At this time, there was a global freezing scare put out by academia. If we did not clean up all the carbon emissions, the world would freeze to death. This was in the 1970s.

Richard Nixon (Republican but in reality a very left-wing Democrat) signed-off on the creation of the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency. This agency has many issues to deal with and Climate Control is but one of them. Climate, 1970s, at this time-period for the Earth was very, very, cold. Mao Tse-tung was burning tons and tons of low-grade metals and other wood stuff to industrialize, Russia the same, and U.S.A. was no different. When I a child, living in the San Fernando Valley, there were four large smoke stacks billowing plumes of smoke 24/7 and creating a red-haze that never left the Valley, except on windy days ( which were occasional). These smoke stacks, a part of creating energy, produced massive amounts of CO2 dirty-carbon emissions that the E.P.A. regulations cleaned up by the mid `1990s. It was about the mid- 1990s that climate temperatures began to warm and this was before ( 2003) when China began its coal-production plants, spewing CO2 dirty carbons into the atmosphere. The 2003 A.D. climate warming spike was the place where the U.S. and Europe halting of dirty carbons had since  and right before China started its CO2 emissions. The Chinese CO2 emissions are what are keeping the world cool and not warming.

NASA 2010: The secret is carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. When the sun is cooler, those gases act as a blanket that traps the sun's heat and keeps the Earth warm. When the sun heats up, atmospheric processes remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and deposit it in the ground as solid carbonate compounds. This self-regulating atmospheric process has kept the Earth livable for plants and animals dating from Carboniferous and Triassic era ancestors of the dinosaurs to the modern day - over 350 million years (Allan Ramsay, Yahoo! Contributor Network).

After the Carbon emissions regulations were in place by the 1990s, cleaner fuel took out dirty carbon and the climate started to warm-up. This is basic empirical science, and ignored by almost (not all) climate scientists. By 2003 A.D. the warming hit its spike. By 2004 China turned-on its massive coal-CO2 spewing factories for their energy purposes of industrialization. Over this period the climate change has witnessed only 00.11% in warming, and this is probably due to small human body temperatures in population growth.  Large portions of CO2 escapes into space daily, and not one of the main six scientific models allow for any CO2 to escape. This means the scientific models are fallible. 

The Left-wing Activist, mentally ill Ivy League usurper created the Global Warming Movement. His protégée (his personal graduate student) had proved his data sets are totally flawed, unrealizable, ill construed, fuzzy math, mentally insane, and completely false. Large portions of CO2 escapes into space daily and this changes the entire game, and this originator of the Movement (Google it) intends no sizable CO2 portions ever leak out into space. There have been many scientists killed, families destroyed, reputations tarnished, and human suffering because of the mentally ill (called sane) running the thoughts and minds of science today. What we need are new academic institutions, a total overhaul and rejuvenation of a College/University system gone totally insane by the utopic-campus-conditions to which they live almost all of their lives on a daily basis. The universities are now mainly comfortable realization centers that periodically protest for advocating more funds for, guess what? More relaxation!

Facts: Carbon, emitted by wildfires, volcanoes, and other natural disasters keep the world cool and protected against dangerous light form our Sun, in the gamma spectrum. Without these frequent Carbon emissions, natural and now human made, the world would burn up and die. Some 95% of all the Academic Scientists claim this is false and dangerous. The trend to cite, claim, reveal, ‘Scientists’ and ‘Astronomers’ indicating two distinct fields of the science community only illustrate the massive divide between real science ( astronomers seem engaged in at this time) and the pseudo scientists the overwhelmingly political side of institutional learning. Some 95% of all the Academic Scientists claim (millions of these people in every country, and Hollywood Movie supporting too) claim if all the Carbon is taken out of the atmosphere, the heaven on Erath and great climate will ensue. Idiots, if you take all the carbon out of the air, we as a human race will burn to death by gamma radiation.

NASA Says Computer Models Wrong About Climate Change







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