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MJMJ   -- Journal 27: 2013 Assult by North Hollywood Police using  Lazer-Pointers on the helpless U.S. citizens.

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Assult by North Hollywood Police using  Lazer Pointers on the helpless.  © 2013  Michael Johnathan McDonald



Jounral Entries Spring 2013,


21 MAY 2013 ©



North Hollywood Police 21 May 2013, ~ 10 : 30 am

I was sitting in my car awaiting for the Library to open.

10: 30 am, North Hollywood Park west of Hollywood freeway between Magnolia blvd., and Riverside Dr., North Hollywood police stopped at stop sign, waited and stared at me , used the audio-amplification to say something, could not make it out, then traveled toward my park car, slowed down, stopped momentarily, I looked at them, and they pointed a laser pointer and flashed it in my left eye causing temporary blindness. This is criminal ‘electronic harassment, with intent to do serious bodily damage.

Since 1,999 A.D. I have been on an investigation for interviewing and taking pictures of police using illegal force against the Homeless, groups that come to the part to feed and cloth the homeless and the community poor populations,  and other neighbor hood citizens who pass by the North Hollywood Park. They take film, use face recognition, kill individuals who they believe have no family, legal or community support for some type of agenda. It is focused mainly on whites, to a lesser extent blacks – but I have not see, heard or been told of it happening to Latinos. Police murdered Kelly Thomas, a white man in Orange county and the district attorneys, the head of the city and police department all came out in the defense of the police and lied – until weeks later a video appeared of six officers murdering a homeless man on trumped up charges. There were street protests by communities and Los Angeles concerned persons even a local radio show, but nothing has happened of any consequences to punish these actions. This is why the North Hollywood Police ( and others) have no fear in using criminal tactics against the indefensible. Humans are living in fear in the San Fernando Valley. The rich both democrats, republicans and even independents do not care.

Ophthalmologists claim Laser-Pointers do not harm, it may just make one outraged. However, they cite no retinal damage –because first, they are paid to be ignorant, and second, it is the rods and cones in the eyes, the receptors to send the signals to the brain that are damaged – most at minuet levels, but over time and multiple cases of bright or beam lights will cause vision loss which cannot be corrected with glasses. The retina is just a filter, and the harmful invisible wavelengths by-pass this filter and melt rods and cones – the nerve endings that send signals to one’s brain telling it to see sharply.  

Class 3 type laser pointers, sold widely over the internet, made in China, India and other places, because it is illegal to sell them in the U.S.A. are the types kids and young adults are buying and the police are using.






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