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Hollywood’s global and claim: We Are Your Teachers.


Topic: Steven Spielberg’s deplorable film making talents.

Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865) elected the 16th President of the United States, movie fiction created by famed movie producer and director, Steven Spielberg ( $3 bil, from these ventures) attempts to excuse human exploiters. The filmmakers  intent is  to brainwash the children of the world to create chaos, war, division, hatred, and a total civil breakdown. His advisors to the film, most of their advising was ignored and replaced by a liberal license to fraudulate history.  The movie Lincoln is there to entertain not to reveal reality or teach – but that is not the claim of this famed film producer.

The Portuguese during the period global exploration began to bring black African slaves in bondage back to Lisbon and this led to Spanish global exploitation of bondage slave labor. The Catholic Church routinely  gets blamed for allowing Spanish Explores to exploit the indigenous people they encounter, but this remains a leftwing lie, there is no record of it – it is all anti Religious child corruption teaching by modern leftwing Democrats. Napoleon crushed Span, ending this exploitation and so Arab sea-faring traders took up jobs to bring them to the New World, mainly the Caribbean, some Southern American European colonies and Eastern Northern America. Slave-bondage-labor built the Spanish Empire, as well  as the Ottoman Empire two powerhouse civilizations that created their great civilizations on the backs of exploiting humans. This then infiltrated the Puritan ideas and they adopted this practice. This exploitation then created wealth to make war against the British Empire who got rid of slavery in their colonies ( at least this was what they communicated, to demonize American colonists as inhumane.). At the colonial period there were only about 20,000 bonded African Slaves, but by the 1860s this ballooned to two million because of population growth, birthrates and general life progressions in farming and human support systems. America was still trying to build its empire and the North was known to advance modern technology – but they needed to eat and collect taxes form the South. The slave plantations for the most part contributed the most finances to paying-off the Revolutionary War debt. Now, at the beginning of the 1800s this bill was paid-off and the South continued to make monies off of human exploitation. In reality, there were not enough humans, including all the whites to produce the commodities of trade to build an American empire. The South, being over burdened by demands for more money form the South, decided to vacate the American way and start their own country. This would have ruined the north forever, and make it obsolete. The issue was ‘entitlement’ monies from the south which supported the Northern playing, creating, education, and life. Then the rich on both sides, the north and the south pit their youth and poor in a protracted Civil War that saw more human casualties than both World Wars. None of this made it into the Spielberg film as reality, the film rather depicts all Southerners are demonic and all Northerners as Angelic – which means Spielberg should not have any authority to make historical films. Blacks were freed after the passage of the 13th amendment form the House, but this did not end human exploitation – it just changed its direction to exploit more groups of humans.

Issues of the Civil War: If the North allows succession of the South, the North becomes like Canada today: feeble, no-military, raw material exports mainly, and little of modern society’s comforts. The plantations were the economic and central government banks of the early modern period of America. Human exploitation, just like slave-labor today in most countries, even India or China, black slavery – albeit the early modern age in bondage – created the vast wealth that steered and kick-started American imperialism around the globe.

Slaves of the southern lands of the U.S.A.  almost single-handedly paid for the U.S. Revolutionary War debt, created the banking finances of America with trade from their plantations to foreign trade and banks,  and more than anything else keep the North fed, funded, and functioning. If Lincoln was not a dictator and 100% opposed to Democracy, the Northern states during this intersection of U.S. history ( Sag * transited I.C. Biblical method) would be like Canada today. None of this is a part of Steven Spielberg’s narration on historical facts of the life of Abraham Lincoln. Filmmakers read some book, never go to school to hear other opinions, hire opinion experts of any given field, and do not follow them – placing their own bias into the narration. If entertainment, not reality, nor mouthing truths, is your ultimate aim – then do not make claims that your life significance is to teach people the truth through your movies. To make such a claim is of the actions of Satan.

Spielberg at the very end of the Movie, as Abe is leaving a Virginia Court House, Abe remarks to his love, Mary Todd, his vocational sentiments to visit the Holy Land,  to walk in the footsteps of King David and King Solomon. Abraham Lincoln never said this; he said, in fact to walk in the footsteps of the Savior (Jesus Christ). Spielberg wants to make sure that Jesus Christ is destroyed and Dictators and royalists and extravagant playboy lifestyles and exploiters of the poor are elevated to worship status. In Hollywood, film makers as prominent of the likes of Spielberg are but mere royalty, treated differently than the slave-labors that surround their daily lives.

King David and King Solomon were, of course, kings, dictators in modern parlance. Abraham Lincoln in real life became a short-term dictator to keep the north fed, flush with funds and functioning. Abraham Lincoln. Did not practice Democracy, he was a lawyer, fought for his convictions, knew legal loopholes and rhetora involving legal ramblings. The north made their money by educating their populations because they could not grow food or produce raw materials for textiles – all they could do was become learned so they could write documents to fleece persons out of their lands, rights, and destinies. Before the Bible made it obviously aware, the legal codes of Mesopotamia favored overwhelmingly the rich. This was because there was no God for ethics, moral, justice, and fairness – these things come from religion – what the Democrats want to take out of the ideas of Democracy. With Spielberg’s opinion, Lincoln voices his love for Empire builders King David, and playboy exploiters, King Solomon – where masonry ( the origins of the Secret Society of the Mason) guilds complained of cheap foreign labor working to build Solomon many extravagant playboy – entertainment buildings. Spielberg has made about $3,000,000,000 ( $3 billion dollars) off his fantasy movies, a few historical movies. The Savior appears as homeless and poor and not an idol of worship fit for Lincoln’s lips – and counter to Spielberg’s lifestyle, as a wealthy elitist playboy – in this case, having so much money making fantasy films for profits reveal a ‘player’ or a playboy’s lifestyle – even though he is married. In American history, the North is in the position of the playboy mentality and the South is the workhouse of the nation. Spielberg had to have known that Lincoln favored the commoner, The Savior, against the elite rulers that make laws, the elite Northerners, the educated to legal document suppressors of the Union. He chose the elite suppressor side with his opinions directly put into the mouth of an historical figure. While many of the founders were Deists ( believed in an invisible God with varying hands of destiny, but not a hands on early governing system) by the time of 1820s A.D. America moved toward Christianity. Abe Lincoln was brought up in this environment. There is little to no evidence that people wanted to visit the Holy Land to walk in the footsteps of Empire builders and playboys. But Spielberg’s actions of Empire building, Hollywood royalty, and playboy lifestyle – he lives with more material than 99.999% of the human population demonstrates his bias for the elite in this movie. There are many reasons of anti-Semitism throughout history, and it is not just Jews are bankers and horde monies and became wealthy global manipulators, but they do not represent history or facts fairly or correctly and make things worse by their adherence to their own personal biases. In Sshindler’s List  the NAZIs are created by mental problems, the Germans are insane as a people – there is no mention of the British Empire, Russian influence,  and the French Empire creating of the NAZIs in the first place – nor the American efforts at funding their industrialization – that then is used to blame these families ( both Democratic and republican party members) of funding and creating the NAZIs ( you want to see my writings on this!).


Hollywood film makers, notoriously leftwing, just as Spielberg, are black and white historians. The oft phrase, the Devil is in the Details, also applies to God is in the details. The movie does not have a proper introductory message of what is taking place, and the Republicans ( who are really the Democrats in leftwing dominating textbooks) are the good guys ( the black and white argument) and the Southerners are all the bad guys ( except for those who are bribed, and switch their votes) . That is basically the movie, and people I had spoken too that are movie buffs despise this movie as boarding and a fantasy. All civilizations from Mesopotamia, even before this, Egypt, Persia, China, Hellens, Romans, Umayyad, Abbasīd, Spanish, South Asian Continents used slave-bondage and exploited poor, as slave –labor to build their civilizations – and this continues today, most pronounced in South Asia and the Far East. The Vikings enslaved multi-millions of White Europeans, as did Brown Arabs, during their empire civilizations – at this time African civilizations were thriving with their exploitation of their own poor, as bondage and slave labor. This was known to the founding fathers, the founding persons too, but somehow it was not even realized during this crucial year of 1865, the departed at the House to rid slavery. Once the blacks were set free, many returned to the plantation, where others fled, the exploitation turned toward the Irish, Germans, and other poor and displaced peoples – this eventually led to Unions and worker representation – but that only worked when America bombed the European and Japanese theater and then made the reconstruction building materials to sell back to them. Now the U.S.A. has no more economic plans and thus the Unions are falling into political trouble with their overpaid salaries and living perks.

Here is an example. During the Brown vs. U.S. Board of education debates and rulings, making bussing blacks into White elite-teacher schools – the South fought tooth and nail to keep the schools segregated. The North, still angry over the South’s dominance, economically, freesomly, and destiny, overwhelmingly pushed for bussing and forced integration – they did not believe it applied to their children in the north –later they found out. After this ‘forced, not free, integration policy’ became law of forced integration, the rich white kids of the northerners were pulled out of school and placed into private schools –  to get away from the influence of blacks –  because the issue was to punish the South for pushing blacks away and into the north. The Northerners wanted to punish the South, but ironically, they got their own taste of their own medicine. There is such a famous case of a black child given a choice of two play-dolls, one her color and the other white – she chose the doll representing her color and Democratic Party officials claimed this was not science. Of course not, they did not want the Southern Blacks, who had already been emancipated but suffered under non-legal but implemented Jim Crow laws to leave these southern states and move north into mainly very white neighborhoods; So science and realty did not play into their decision making. For prophecy learning this mirrors the reality events of the behind the scenes of the Civil War.  The use for Black, mainly to pay-off the Revolutionary War Debt were no longer needed by northerners so they use the issue politically to try to destroy the south –  and so for political purposes only, not because white northerners actually cared at all about Black agency; the northerners wanted to punish the South who decided they had enough with the perky northerners taking all of their taxes and monies and so these Southerners wanted to make their own country, have their own constitution.  After the blacks were freed, the movement of populous emerged, because the real issues of human exploitation were not cured because of black emancipation. Now the default fell back to ways one culture exploits their own people. 

It was similar to C.N.N. crying in the 1990s that Republicans are racist against Blacks, and C.N.N. never gainfully employed blacks to work in front of the cameras at C.N.N. until the 20 th century. Spielberg works from a leftwing narrative, found in all text books because they write them and produce them, that Republicans were the Democratic Party ( the northerners) until 1968 Democratic Convention, to which was taken a vote ( that does not exist) and the Party switched sides, so that Democrats who wanted to keep slavery and succeed from the north taking all the finances with them, were in fact Republicans. This intends that all modern Republicans are racist, inhuamns, not human, mentally damaged. So Steven Spielberg is trying to convince his audience in this Lincoln Film these faulty narratives. He then travels the world giving speeches on how one must ‘pay’ or ‘pay and rent’ his movies, he practices history now. Spielberg is a political animal that donates, funds, sends massive amounts of money and media support to the Democracy Party. His moves are not neutral nor accurate, they are fantasies with the intent to change policies, good or bad – regardless of truth, love, facts, and togetherness we are one – but a polemic and chaotic divisiveness informed to destroy humans.

Steven Spielberg and other prominent Hollywood film, documentary, and entertainment person intend, publically stated at events, over and over, Hollywood exists, not just in part, but its major participation in society is to ‘teach people’ the truth. Film makers oft pronounce liberal exemptions where history is blurred or not sourced – thus they take liberties to include things of their opinions – in academe these inclusions to historical representation are called exegeses. There are numerous technical faults with historical accuracy in the Motion Picture, lauded as exceptional, “Lincoln.” Women and slaves were not allowed into the House of Representative chambers, nor did Lincoln’s wife attend these meetings. She may have, as Spielberg’s point in the movie to include her at these chamber meetings, politically involved, just as much as her president husband, but this inclusion demonizes the South, who Spielberg paints as unhuman, while the Movie Argues blacks are ‘humans’ – the U.S.A. Constitution made slaves ‘unhuman’ and therefore they could not vote, including white European indentured servants or low born Europeans. The South made all the food, all the money and paid-off the U.S.A. Revolutionary War debt – not the north. The North needed not to allow the South to break away into its own country or the North would have collapsed. That is the entire Civil War reality, the true narrative.


Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865) elected the 16th President of the United States, serving from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865. Lincoln helped to create a centralized constitutional, military, and civic powerhouse of Dictatorial central authority powers weighted  toward the office of the U.S. Presidency,  by preserving the North’s economic candy store, the economical bombing South. After decades of the North fighting to keep expanding states a African American free zone, the South desired, implemented procedures to break-off all relations to the North. The hidden facts remained the South was the only reason the north existed. They produced nothing of life’s necessities –only warfare, technologies for wealthy elite and could not produce foreign trade goods such as cotton, and foodstuff. Lincoln outlawed Slavery because he knew it was the economic engine of the South, and the South had then paid – off the U.S.A. War debt. But the South would never again pay taxes that made the North run ( think of Democratic entitlements aimed at potential future voters!). Lincoln, a savvy politician, linked electoral victories to opposition to slave-state expansion – the northerners had control of the Senate, and a small majority of the House. The northerners, like during the British empire gained political power by rhetoric and argumentative learning. They needed the South to pay for their elaborate technology advances and the South had long desired to stop paying for these fantasies of the North. The South began to export and keep their monies, so the North looked for skeletons in their closets, and this was black Slavery – and issue brought up as early as King George who ended slavery to make American colonialists look bad –100 years before Abe Lincoln. So slavery became the default tool to keep the Southern States from emancipation. The Supreme Court would not have voted in favor of restricting freedoms, so the Abe Lincoln needed, and achieved dictatorial powers too keep the elite Northerner representatives and Senators plush with monies. Spielberg did not know this, but does recount one off-handed remark toward the end of the movie by radical Rep. Thaddeus Stevens: has just realized his dream passage of the 13 th amendment, he is in bed with his long-time black-slave common law wife, and he remarks that Lincoln used immoral, corrupted, scandalous methods to pass the 13th amendment. This comment was after Spielberg does illustrate the corruption throughout the film and is not an issue to me at all – that was reality (movie quote, he did say this: “passed by corruption, aided and abetted by the purest man  [ A.L.] in America.” Lincoln suspended the U.S. Constitution, created a myriad of King-rulings so that the South would not take its tax monies and run away from the North. Spielberg or those he relied on mix up history of the Revolutionary War with the Civil War.

During the Revolutionary War, states sent delegates to the ad hoc constitutionally inspired meetings – out of shortages of men and necessity –  but not in the Civil War, The U.S.A. already formed and legalized representatives had to be there in person.  

Spielberg portrays randomness and disorganization. Votes are alphabetically represented in the HOR, not random as Spielberg depicts them voicing votes.  The set decorations and thematic, such as portraits, to which are liberally licensed by Spielberg—all to play into a screen play theme he accepted.

There were no 50-cent pieces with Lincoln’s picture on them, this did happen only years after his death. There were no celebratory parades, hat launches, celebrations after the vote in the House created the 13th amendment. Abraham Lincoln is not celebrated as a social reformer until post 1920s, after the leftists began to take control of the U.S. educational system. They created this myth. The 13th amendment is a tax procedure amendment, forcing the South not to take their economic engine away from the Northern bankers’ deep political pockets. the 13th amendment was passed, Spielberg does put this into his movie, but so conveniently obfuscated, bribery, thuggary, strong-arm tactics and basic immorality.

Steven Spielberg is a respected Hollywood director and producer who became famous for dehumanizing an extra terrestrial ( ET the Movie), a rather super wimp of the universe -- the way the British dehumanized Indians and southern Chinese during their invade and create the east for economic exploitation of the early modern Age. His other movies, The Gooneys, and Shindler's List are perhaps tributes to exquisite film production. However, Lincoln like Fargo ( includes lies, the operatives were not walking unfettered in Tehran for days, it never happened, like the film tells) and Lincoln strong-arms politicians with threats or bribes ( Bill Clinton's axiom, all persons have skeletons in  their closets, they can be bought -off or eliminated) makes the Movie Lincoln teach children that Abraham Lincoln is nothing but a crack-selling, mafia - boss, petty street thug, with an intellect the size of a pea. All humans are equal because all equations  must conform to equality, Euclid's first proposition. Propositions are not truths, nor can they be -- they are but opinions. Over 200,000 very poor white and exploited Europeans fought to free 2,000,000 black skin colored African American slaves during the Civil War, because it was not a foreign war, culminating in the events of  1865 to which the Movie takes most of its time explaining this year. In order to pass a bill you must pay people, threaten them, exploit them, ruin them if they do not comply, and demote them if they do not comply. The lessons of Lincoln are in order to be 'just' you must comport your manners and business in very unjust behaviors. You must kill in order to tell your constituency that killing is immoral. You must do the opposite of what you ask for in others to do likewise. You must be a fraud and a hypocrite.

The issue of America was blacks in northern trade port areas of the burgeoning U.S.A. were always free, from the beginning, and they helped with pressure from British political enemies of colonialists to advocate the destruction of America with its money making machine human slave-labor. This is why, something Steven Spielberg leaves our of his Lincoln narrative both North and South, the wealthy or privilege exploited the poor to flight their economic war for them. Even Lincoln falls into this category, he does not want any of his immediate family to become a soldier, Spielberg does show this, but not in a general historical theme.  

This was an economic issue from the start, and why the Portuguese, including Lisbon ( the Spanish) started to take blacks sold to them by other blacks in mid-western Africa, and economically exploit them in advanced cultural worlds, like the at that time metropolitan Lisbon, Span, The Americans in the film Lincoln seem to be idiots and have no recollection of history. As color schemes go, the north was blue (Democratic Party color) and the south is red, the color of the Republicans. In 1968, according to academic lefties, Republicans and Democrats, as a whole, switched side – thus these false books teach the children, like lies in the Film Lincoln, Democrats were always on the moral side of history. Stevens who bad mouths every southerner is not interested in freeing blacks because it is moral, he is interested in getting black sex and having more opportunity for this in the future. Lincoln wants to end the war because of his reputation of being in power means contrast death, destruction, division and warfare, Lincoln wants to leave a legacy behind – so he cares not about real issues he just wants to end the poor being maimed and killed. Of course, this sentiment is blamed on Lincoln’s adoration of Jews as a race not the human race. Spielberg by changing history of Lincoln’s vacation wishes and leaving out Christian brotherhood of all humans turns Abe Lincoln into the maniacal dictator racist which mirrors the elite sentiments in the modern Democratic Party today.

Spielberg paints Lincoln as a freedomer, an idea of freedom for the  people, when in fact his actions including non-American legal procedures was to abandon the U.S.A. Constitution for his personal purposes – not the good of the whole – and call the decisions of one person and a sex maniac for black people Democracy. It was a dictator administration  argued to keep the union together ( this splitting started before the Declaration of Independence ideas) when in fact it was not falling apart. Here is why. The North did not have agri-buisness climates and thus they turned to technologies and this did not favor black slavery (blacks were uneducated), but farming was simple for black to work at, and agri-buisness was mainly in the southern states. So this is where slavery thrived. There was no point to have northern slaves, the could not be used, so the North ( Lincon) used politics of slavery to fight an economic war with the south. The south, meaing black slavery, was the most vital asset to pay off the Revolutionary War debts to other countries. The blacks then were a part of forming America and the Northerners ( speilburg paints them as the real democratic Party) did nothing for America’s debts to the war funders for U.S.A. independance that all different colored people enjoy today.

Then the Arab expert sea fearing people started to export and import by ships these Black Africans to the Caribbean and north eastern U.S.A. Homosexual and C.N.N. voice Anderson Cooper followed Barak Hussein Obama to African slave-ports and after first hand witnessing child-sex slavery and general child slavery – black exploiting blacks—cooper questioned the incoming President and Barack Hussein Obama dodged the question, because Barack Hussein Obama’ s narrative, not different than Spielberg’s is that only White European Republicans are racists. While ignoring modern child-African slaves and ranting continuously how the Republican party needs to be extinguished to stop bad immoral acts such as slavery, we know Obama is an enemy of the human race – not just a racist but an enemy of all races!  Obama could have told the camera with Anderson taking his answer and admitted bondage-slavery in our modern world exists and bringing it to light ( to get the word out in the media) will start the process to end it – but Obama knowing this did not do this because he is actually pro-black-bondage-child-slavery. Obama’s reason to be there at the eastern mid-African ports where these Portuguese and then Spanish began to take slaves to Europe’s purposes – was to demonize the White northern Europeans, such as the English, Nordics, and French – as not human beings. Columbia, Harvard, his other schools and experiences never taught him this because it is a mental disease to keep reality out of the classroom. And it does not excuse Obama’s actions at all.

It was a near international community linked to human slave exploitation to which this movie has no method to tell its audiences -- why not give a true backdrop at the beginning --- even just  as text before the first pictures? Whites are not the only humans to have exploited blacks from Africa as slaves. The Ottoman Empire was famous for millions of black slaves, Spain , brown colored people, started and continued black African slave trade to the New World --it had nothing to do with French, Germans, Swiss, English, Scottish -- not at all. In fact, the wife of Monsanto's founder had a Spanish Portuguese family that ran a black slavery operation in the Caribbean. This was not Polls or Muscovites? For About 100 years blacks were a part of European slave-labor however, black African Americans have been at time slave- laborers to blacks ( 100% of history) and brown colored people for over a millennia. Blacks were slaves in Egypt, Turkey ( Anatolia, Ottoman Empire, black as eunuchs, court entertainment slaves, farm producers for cheap labor purposes), Eastern Europe under brown colored people, and Northern Africa, under brown colored people.  Steven Spielberg seems not to believe the U.S. legislative government was aware at all that blacks have been a part of exploitation of others since history began.

If Spielberg took time to learn history himself, instead of relying on others, with his bias on his sleeve, then he could make a claim to teach others – as if he claims to have authority and also the greater Hollywood community. When humans want to know who or what group is making the world a hell-hole – it is in part or a major portion of it – Hollywood’s political bias influenced into their movies. Does Spielberg feel guilty he lives like a royal modern day king with sh*tloads of money – and some psychological abnormality makes him create ‘ghosts’ and ‘myths’ to blame others for his own lavish-lifestyle guilt? Spielberg’s anti-Christian falsified statements accredited to Lincoln reflect more of his distain for the common good and democracy rather than the sentiments of Abraham Lincoln – and this is absolutely not the way to teach Children, young adults, or older folk at all. To Spielberg, films are about making monies not teaching the truth – the only teaching here are lies and biasness of its film maker.





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