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MJMJ   -- Journal 25: 2012 Solar Storm Bust

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Jounral Entries Spring 2013,

2012 Solar Storms Do Not Show

27 April 2013 ©



27 April 2013., Archangel Michael

Scientists blow Solar Maximum for 2012. Should they be fined? They do manipulate policies and hurt humans by their claims. They react emotionally as if this is the end of time, increase taxes on the poor – there are countless more poor than the rich and all states tax the poor more than the rich, a matter of military dominance. The medias’ fear mongering and profiling of commoners to be attacked by government officials is basically some evil incarnate. So we need angels more than ever to rid the human race on Earth of these evil warlords. The secret societies across the earth allow chemical spraying to increase the global climate problems to increase taxes on the poor. While Hollywood worships itself at award show after award show and blames everyone else but their fat bank accounts on 250,000,000+ hungry and starving people across the Earth, we need to have a major change and even ridding these groups from reincarnation and life-itself is the only way to save the world.

Scientists lie on super solar storms for 2012. Solar storm cycle 23 (since these have been counted, derived first from astrologers, not scientists who plagiarized astrologers – as they always do and then claim these are crazy and mentally insane people) was a double whammy – for the years of 1999 and 2,000 A.D., these were particularly strong by numbers, not be one event’ and the decades of predictions by scientists that 2012 would be extra explosive on the surface on the Sun, scaring people for decades, came to naught. Scientists across the world, for the most part, are a part of the 0.01% rich pay-scales. After getting addicted to loads of salary-influxes of cash into their fat bank accounts, they like most addicted or obsessed ingrates long for more monies. This is why scaring the people into a global-carbon-tax fulfill these needs for scientific pay raises, new scientific toys and self-fame – a drug too with addictive qualities.

U.S. Presidential 2,000 Candidate, Albert Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize, numerous Academy Awards, and a Grammy for claiming climate change deniers (Global Warming deniers) will help bring and end to all of humanity by 2010 A.D. The Democratic Party decried the 2,000 U.S. Presidential Election ( decided by  a Supreme Court ruling over Bush’s dominance in Florida’s ballot tallies) which would have placed this evil demon liar into office and we would all put to death for denying this fear mongering and physical assaults on the streets, if one was a denier, as a U.S.A. President. Al Gore, a part of the Clinton machine that created al qu’aeda, the War on Terror, the mythology of Usama bin Laden, and took political campaign contributions from the Chinese military arm of government for transfers of U.S.A. advanced nuclear weapons technologies, could have ended all of civilization if he had been chosen by the court to succeed as the 43 rd U.S.A. President.

The global climate fear mongering by the media had its consequences and continues to do so today. It has seen countless individuals suspiciously murdered by these fear mongering agents (who raise no concern after these people have been murdered) and violence and suppression remain their keys to global financial dominance. In order to heal the world, these people need to go away for a very long time, and halt their reincarnations back onto the Erath.









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