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MJMJ   -- Journal 24: DRONE STRIKES: Target Killing of the United States of America

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Jounral Entries Fall 2013,

Targeted Killings Obama

10 February 2013 ©



US Drone Strike statistic based on research by a team of journalists of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism:

(As of 10 January 2013)

Total strikes: 362
Total reported killed: 2,629 – 3,461
Civilians reported killed: 475 – 891
Children reported killed: 176
Total reported injured: 1,267 – 1,431
Strikes under the Bush Administration: 52
Strikes under the Obama Administration: 310


Woods, Chris; Lamb, Christina (4 February 2012). "Obama terror drones: CIA tactics in Pakistan include targeting rescuers and funerals". Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Retrieved 7 February 2012.


The CIA believes that the strikes conducted since May 2010 have killed over 600 militants and have not caused any civilian fatalities, a claim that some experts disputed (Shane, Scott (11 August 2011). "C.I.A. Is Disputed on Civilian Toll in Drone Strikes". New York Times. Retrieved 16 December 2011.).


Obama and I.R.S. rigged the 2012 U.S.A. Elections


Obama: “I use the government to punish you!”

“These Tea Parties are the enemy of Democracy” – B.H. Obama on teaching civility to the world, 2010.

Obama had the Justice Department ( Eric Holder)  spy on Congress persons, New Reporters, American citizens – Obama has forced telephone companies to give up private information so they can spy on you – this was communicated in 2008 Democratic National Convention as Hope and Change.

Government Agencies No Longer Support the Religious, Family oriented, Republicans, and European democratic achievements of history.  They fully support a third-world atheist (modern term for feudalism) form of society -- based solely on economic subjugation of the masses and sexual foci on the physical needs of the body.


All World Text Books at the College Level Teach the Truth that the C.I.A. is a perpetual liar on all matters, so their claim they have never hurt any innocent bystander during their assassination from the skies , terrorist attacks questions any Hollywood, media, government reassurance that only Christians, and the poor are the liars on Earth.


Facts: Obama’s escalation of Target Killing (2009-2013 A.D, and continuing as I write this) has created 1,236 new terrorist cells around the world. Unmanned flying machines with Hell Fire-Missiles kill innocent families and children without notice or a criminal charge placed before them. A number of nations, not only with Moslem populations have sprung up against this Obamanation of Desolation kill/terror from the skies. These springs (Arab springs too) have solidified the next 2,000 years of revenge upon innocent populations of North America. No one knows who is being killed, the C.I.A. who takes the directions form Obama do not even know or even care to find out – it is sexually exiting for them, and when Obama requests he can get video-box-feed to watch the death and carnage for his private pleasures. Islamic terrorists are not targeting Christians; they are targeting anti-Christs which make up 99% of all the power offices and infrastructure of America. Moslems and Christians are friends so terrorists do not seek to destroy them. However, in our overwhelmingly atheist western world jihad is a legitimate tenant of Islam.


Reporting by different political agencies place Obama’s assassination-tallies as commander in Chief of 1,299 and of 2,264 humans (military names every person a militant, falsely accusing them from the grave which shows their cowardice), as of January 2013. Alternative reports to the media, government, Hollywood wealthy globalist elite crowed claim more than half are children and families of innocent parties. Barack Hussein Obama has 310 target strikes in his first four years, and on the 5th of February 2013, after the election he revealed his true purpose of escalating even more target killings on innocent people. Usama (variant sp. Osama) bin Laden told various media after 11 September 2001 over 161 times he had nothing to do with the attacks on America on 11 th September 2001 A.D. The 9/11 Commission also claimed Usama bin Laden told the mastermind KSM he did not approve of the attacks on the New York Trade Centers or any other government office – only to target monuments because they are important symbols and will kill less humans and have an effect of not making a war against Islam – which happened after 11 September 2001 because KSM targeted the financial centers and the Pentagon – the two places that would start an Arab-American war(s). Hollywood, Media, C.I.A., Government, from federal to local have been deceived and/or are mentally ill and desire war for the sexual excitement it pleasures the senses  -- they just watch in on television and fantasize.



5th Feb. 2013: Obama’s MEMO to the U.S. Citizen. “I kill you for probable assumption.”


"In conclusion, it would be lawful for the United States to conduct a lethal operation outside the United States against a U.S. citizen who is a senior, operational leader of al-Qa'ida or an associated force of al-Qai'da without violating the Constitution or the federal statues discussed in this white paper under the following conditions: (1) an informed, high-level official of the U.S. government has determined that the targeted individual poses an imminent threat of violent attack against the United States; (2) capture is infeasible, and the United States continues to monitor whether capture becomes feasible; and (3) the operation is conducted in a manner consistent with the four fundamental principles of the laws of war governing the use of force. As stated earlier, this paper does not attempt to determine the minimum requirements necessary to render such an operation lawful, nor does it assess what might be requierd [sic] to render a lethal operation lawful, nor does it assess what might be required to render a lethal operation against a U.S. citizen lawful in other circumstances. It concludes only that the stated conditions would be sufficient to make lawful operation in a foreign country against a U.S. citizen with the characteristics described above." (Excerpt from the PDF published [ memo to USA press by White  House, B.H.Obama, 5th Feb. 2013) by NBC News: note, the bold is mine).


5th Feb. 2013: Washington D.C.

aspect noonchart: PARAN: Lunar-al gol (Rise-Set, 0°11'a,ms ,planet is at axis. ( missiles from the sky -drone can and do decapitate your head! )   

prognostication: Mercury to Regulus (Set-Rise, 0°10'a,er), a fall from grace over this idea to protect people -- in reality, it is kill by central authority power -- dangerous precedence.  Approved by Democrat/Republicans a few weeks after 11 September 2001 A.D. attacks on America Jupiter had followed its mean-tropical revolution, thus it was in Taurus as it was furthered altered to include anyone in the world by Obama released to the U.S. Press 5th of February 2013 as Jupiter resides in Hell (Hyades, ancient Greek, earlier too) which resides toward the center of the zodiacal constellation of Taurus.  In 10 th century Judicial Arab Astrology these positions point to periods where assassinations are revealed and/or practiced against world leaders or their respected populations – so no surprise. Advanced forms of Judicial Astrology (no modern books exist on the subject, but accessing past lives can help restore one’s practices of it, in this life) are not cyclical they are linear for certain long distant life-forms.  Jupiter in Taurus which reveals, at least, these things does not have to reside in Hyades’ stars – there are plenty of degrees forward or backwards when these assassination or targeting killings are revealed throughout history – but in the last half of the year of 2012 and continuing into the spring of 2013 Jupiter resides in Hyades, Hell.  Jupiter rules judicial matters and deeper thinking for problem solving. But with Jupiter in Hell, demon decisions, judicially, are preferred and practiced. It just happens that Obama is the current U.S. President during this astronomical signature and has demonstrated key anti-christphile manners.


Targeted killing is the intentional killing, by a government and/or its agents, of persons deemed a threat to central authority preservation. Obama relapsed his memo telling the world he can now legally kill anyone, even U.S. citizens, if he so desires, anywhere and anyone in the world. The Nobel Peace Prize recipient turned 180 degrees and now loves killing innocent people all over the globe with video-game technology which is linked to real war technology of unmanned flying machines caring Hell-Fire Missiles.


President José Napoleón Duarte in El Salvador had carried out 240 targeted killings throughout 1985.

Barak Hussein Obama has 291 target strikes in his first four years.

G. W. Bush, Jr. has 65 target strikes in the eight years of his presidency.


Obama killed U.S. citizens, even 16 year-old boys, without telling the American public or giving the U.S. Citizen their due process under the laws of the United States of America’s Constitution. This act by Obama is considered treason and an act of High Crimes, punishable by the death chamber, after being convicted in a court of Law. Obama, under intense Republican pressure released a partial memo outlining his dictatorial powers to kill any American anywhere in the world without giving them a court or trial appearance. Fox News, N.B.C., A.B.C,. H.L.N., al jazeera, C.B.S., C.N.N., all have applauded Obama’s dictatorial new powers to kill anyone who is against their world views. Academia ( 99:1 Leftwing political bias) came out in triumph of the destruction of Democracy – even though they vote party-line for the name ‘Democrats.’


George W. Bush, Jr. splashed water on three terrorists, ordered wire-taps on Americans, and protests around the world called for his impeachment, including all the media, sports, entertainment, and other rich elitists of America. But when Obama kills more children by errant drone-missiles, they began to manipulate their genitals in bizarre sexual excitement and worship this beast with ill intentions. When Hollywood calls for the poor to be imprisoned ( believing they all are mentally ill) because they believe it is directly related to school gun violence, and ignore Obama’s secret wars all over the globe, killing indiscriminately ( Obama even has admitted this over and over again), this multi-billion dollar entertainment community jumps for joy at the statistic that Obama has killed more children in foreign lands than U.S. soil school and mass shootings.


Targeted killing is a modern term for assassination, and in this sense, without due process a key regulatory and key obligation for those whom follow and adhere to the United States of American Constitution. The United Nations does not have a term or identifier for ‘target killing’. Target killing was used by many civilizations, and the last state-wide target killing were Jews during World War II by the Europeans.  Target killing are assassinations of undesirables seen from a perspective of the central authorities whom have control of the militias or standing militaries of their respected countries.


The United States adopted targeted killing as an essential tactic to pursue those responsible for the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. G.W. Bush ( 43 rd U.S. President) used target killing for confirmed Iraqi-Saddam Hussein militants, as a part of the war on terrorism. Likewise, after 2001 A.D. Israel adopted the same policy to assassinate top- Hamas and anti-Israeli terrorist leaders and groups. Jonathan Masters of the Council on Foreign Relations remarked “President Obama's January 2013 nomination of Brennan to take over at the CIA has reinforced the notion among some analysts that targeted killings will continue to be a central component of U.S. counterterrorism policy. Brennan has played a significant role in the administration's expansion of targeted killings, including overseeing the process by which suspected militants and terrorists are selected for strikes. (source: "target Killings" Jonathan Masters, (Council on Foreign Relations; Online Editor/Writer Updated: February 8, 2013 ), accessed 8 Feb 2013. available online.


Barack Obama's administration has escalated targeted killings 700% and has killed more children by these drone strikes than all children that have been killed in U.S. School shootings and school massacres, combined. Yet, Hollywood celebrities who worship Obama blame the poor for the problems in these children killings – when in fact the role model is their own beloved anti-Christ, Barak Hussein Obama II.


Speaking at Northwestern University in March 2012, Attorney General Holder elaborated on the targeting of U.S. citizens abroad and smiled as he claimed killing children of potential American enemies, foreign or domestic is a progress on human civilization. Holder sent over 1,500 high-powered assault rifles to Mexican drug and weapon cartels so they could increase the children killing – to which was a resounding success. Again, the U.S. media applauds these actions, and Hollywood worships these real-children killings in secret – but publically denounces this practice or more likely they have no comment. The all make movies critical and liable/slanderous toward Christians, Religious, Republicans, and all right-wingers across the globe, shutting them out of government-city jobs, education, unions, jobs, media and entertainment. Most conservatives are now leaving America, have died to the pleasurement of Hollywood, and the Media and the decrepitude of moral and ethical visionary and practical enactments by the public at large have gone the way of the dinosaur. Everything now is pain/pleasure kill/excitement and quick adrenaline rushes. These target killings which no one in the world knows these innocent persons being slaughtered by errant or culpable missile  explosions by these drones remain invisible humans to the world – the government does not tell us, except for propaganda purposes like in early 2010, with President Barack Obama's approval, Anwar al-Awlaki became the first U.S. citizen to be approved for targeted killing by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).


N.Y. Times Op-Ed bashes Obama on drone strikes for assassination

By Rachel Rose Hartman,

"Who Says You Can Kill Americans, Mr. President?" a scathing New York Times op-ed asked Thursday.

The opinion piece, written by Vicki Divoll, former general counsel to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and former deputy legal adviser to the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, heaps criticism on the administration for the practice of using drone strikes for assassination and calls for greater transparency.

Divoll writes:

Mr. Obama should declassify and release, to Congress, the press and the public, documents that set forth the detailed constitutional and statutory analysis he relies on for targeting and killing American citizens. Perhaps Mr. Obama still believes that, in a democracy, the people have a right to know the legal theories upon which the president executes his great powers. Certainly, we can hope so. After all, his interpretation might be wrong.

Divoll notes the known killings of three American citizens who were suspected terrorists: Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical American-born Muslim cleric; Samir Khan, a naturalized American citizen who edited an English-language magazine and was with Awlaki at the time of his death; and Awlaki’s 16-year-old son, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, who were all killed overseas.


Increase Military Personal in Afghanistan after Bush by 666%! 2,009 A.D.

Obama to Send Military Weapons to Muslim Brotherhood and al qu’aeda affiliates, the rebels against Assad, Syria. White House announced 13 June 2013 as Mars is traversing Hyades taurii.

Project Megiddo: 1999 A.D. Bill Clinton Surveillance of U.S.A. citizens program.

Mars in Hyades at this time: Scandle , Scandle, Wat of da scandles?

New Pakistani Prime Minister, just elected, has demanded Obama stop killing the Children and Women of his country by Drone Strikes. Obama told the press, no –way, he is now monitoring all of Pakistani Emails and Phone calls, and using PRISM, NSA, CIA, Military,  to track online movements to halt drone strikes.


Obama: “I use the government to punish you!” ( Kenya 9 Horo, 7 June 2013.

Obama O[s]ama , Joe Biden (bi)n La(den)

NSA ACT 26 July 1947 Washington D.C. has Moon conjunct the planet Jupiter -- same as Hitler's natal and the Biblical identification of the group called Anti-Christs. Saturn  ( ) is conjunct Pluto ( ) in both N.S.A. Act and Edward Snowden, and both Mars' ( )s are conjunct sidereally in Edward Snowden's natal birth chart and the N.S.A. Act of 1947. This position for Mars in both charts fulfill the Thutmoses Egyptian Kings position for the Eye of Thoth. Why? The Moon ( ) approaches the anti-dark rift section of the sky. ( written June 24, 2013).

The NSA (National Satanic Agency) as it is affectionitly called by Hilary & Billary Clinton, also Joe biden and Obama. (N)o (S)Toping (A)nti Christ

China paper praises for 'tearing off DC's sanctimonious mask'...


IRS: Targeting Was Broader, Lasted Longer Than Previously Reported...

IRS., NSA, CIA, FBI all background checks are conducted by Foreign Contractors ( called outsourcing). Ed Snowden revealed ( Illegal U.S. President Obama to capture and torture, and execute, via White House) The I.R.S. has over 50 persons who falsified background checks for employment and redistribution of U.S.A. populations tax-payer funds to foreign combatants. Obama is concerned at this time to allow tens of million of migrants access to free U.S. tax-payer monies and to arm, legitimize, and befriend al qu’aeda and the Taliban ( publically announced by the White House!), President Bush’s number one enemy.

Hope (To take all your freedoms away) & Change ( from a freeperson to a slave): Obamanite Brown IRS Thugs Political Targeting by DemoFACIST PARTY: tyrannical Demofacism  VS. Tea Party Vindication!

Utah: A NSA branch 100% pro gov expansion Political Targeting (Run by Atheists)

Targets: Christians. U.S. Families, Foreign Christians, Political Freedom Rights Parties, American Patriots; a part of Bill Clinton's "Project Megiddo" Penned by his buddy Louis Freeh in October of 1999 A.D.

Does The Democratic Party Mean increased, progressed liberties? Wrong  The U.S.A. Modern Democratic Party means suppression, control, monitoring, surveillance, political targeting. Republicans do not seem to want to stop this or maybe they are not republicans or religious conservatives?













(  26 April 2013 , 2:03 p.m., Studio City, CA): U.S.A. will go to Hell in the coming months ( astronomically speaking connected to real time U.S. leader-play) , summer and fall as it is started by Janet Napolitano, dictator of Homeland Supressionry (DHS). She intends to give 11,000,000 immigrants rights over generations of Americans for job preference and for welfare benefits,  calling it “ Civil Rights,’ while saying Any American Migrating to Latin American countries looking for work or a home will be prosecuted, jailed, raped, family murdered – as this is unconstitutional. The G.D.P. is at 105%, The job market remains impacted at low wages – the rich want illegal immigration to continue to help them exploit the poor (how else did they get rich?). The Risin attacks perhaps were not real; Obama was hoping the Boston Marathon bombers were Tea Party members, so he could take political points and help declare “Fascist Kenyan Style Rule,” and all the Republican pundits and leaders are deathly scared of liberals, Democrats, and Latins continue to physically assault non-Latins in California, demanding that all other cultures leave the U.S.A., as North America and the World belongs to them. The Democrats continue to play immigrant- handout for White and black federal governance dominance – not caring about any American family that for generations slaved and built America. The F.B.I. and the C.I.A. are fighting over who killed or knew about the two Boston Marathon bombers – they seem not to know how to tie their shoes – but they know how to make Facist Street violence an exciting game of death, humiliation, and fun-with-guns. And Wolf Blitzer of C.N.N. continues to believe all ‘attacks’ against America are perpetrated by Tea Party members.


Democracies are never run by The Supreme Court(s).

Corporations claim Money is free speeck. But this is a lie, and the Supreme Court needs to reevaluate this decision. Maybe big corps use gun and assasination threats to get these decisions passed. The McCain Fiengold Act was overthrown because of The Supreme Court.


2 May 2013:

Obama more interested in Homosexual Men than Governing the United States of America.

Obama, Hope and Change Policies, Epic Failure: no attachments are the Marxist Class Warfare Theory. These lead to chaos, revolution, backlash, street violence, unrest and fear. This is all Obama knows how to do, great. Every single minuet of the day, every day of the week, every week of the year, every year Obama cries the same emotive tune: I cannot get things done because it is the Republicans fault. Obama promised Lyndon Baines Johnson style New Deal, and of course, lied and brought pain and suffering onto the U.S.A. people by not governing, and always on vacation, golf-course, vacations, pick-up basketball, Vacations, White House movie nights, vacations, White House drinking parties, vacations. The Democrats told Obama when he was first elected: ‘do not worry, you do not need to make decisions nor work, you are black!’ (no he is not!); he is brown.


All day long Obama seeks policies to keep or increase Democratic Party seats in the United States of American government, and this means he never addresses the economy, job creation, foreigners taking away jobs of generations of American families that fought, bled, worked by the sweat of their brow, toiled all their lives, and contributed to the infrastructure of the United states of America – he wants to give illegal aliens preference to generational Americans who worked, fought, lived and died for their children.


When Republicans and independents first listened to Obama’s speeches before he ran for office of America, they all pin-pointed out that he was anti-American, and at the least: He does not help the poor, is continuing the policies to destroy the middle class (which leads to chaos on the streets) and is more interested in a penis in another man’s ass than governing the United States of America.


Obama allows the two most profitable companies to skip on big taxes; they get tax havens, because they gave his political campaign money. The economy is suffering and Obama parties 24/7/365.2424. – he is an epic fail. The world does not need people life this, they cause world problems. If you hold the office , as the leader, you should work, not play, have celebratory parties, take vacations every other week for weeks and blame all complaints on everyone else –but this is a pattern Obama has shown the world.










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