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MJMJ   -- Journal 22: (1) Western Civil Academics: We need human rights laws to allow Adults' raping of Children. (2) A discussion on Racism.

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Jounral Entries Fall 2012 - Winter 2013


Democratic Party,  Corporate, Media, Academia Push New Ideas on Permissible Child Sex by Adults, call for human rights laws to allow Adults raping of Children, as long as they give consent.

(1) How Do You Know Satan Is On The Earth?

(2) Replacement (births in U.S.A. demarking new U.S.A. citizens)

           (2a) 2013 Immigration Reform.


How Do You Know Satan Is On The Earth?

U.K. Guardian (7th January 2013) : reveals Democratic efforts at Harvard, at Canadian Parliament, and of the British culture, call for human rights laws to allow Adults raping of Children, as long as they give consent; An effort to make it a crime to illegalize pedophilia witnessed 30 years of effort to normalize adult sex with tiny children.

Politics, Academia, and Corporate Capitalism are all on the same team. This team opposes Religious institutions and morality, charity, and concern for the helpless.  

U.S.A. leads world history in human sacrifice. 55 MILLION ABORTIONS SINCE ROE...

No other historical state has conducted human sacrifice on this level in all of history.


Hardcore Leftists Latinos: 'Abuse-free' child pornography advertised at bus stop in Spain... want the U.S.A. get on board, this is how Latin’s role, beyotches. The Catholic Church molestation cases are nearly all Latino, so to correct the problem, sex with Children needs to be legal. And this is the immigrant majority population of the U.S.A., larger than the blacks, and want total dictatorial  control of the U.S.A. in one generation of humans. The Washington D.C. establishment ( 30+-50+ years in office, will not leave) left and right appease their non Christian views!   

In the resent past ( this last three years), the leftist media proclaimed the physical rights to children’s bodies; first they do not belong to a parent, the Democratic Party argues, and so they must belong to the community to use as sexual cumdumps. So if a community wants to seduce the child, that is what the child is therefore, the Democratic Party argues, except for the rich children, this will not be tolerated.   

The Civil Rights Arguments by Democratic Liberals:

Academic findings by Democratic Liberals: Children crave rape by adults as long as they have consent. Parents should encourage their children to have sex with adults in their own home. It is safer if pedophilia becomes legal. It should also be considered a sexual orientation, just as homosexuality.  Why the Democratic Party has not yet advocated for legalizing adult sex with children, there


Michael Wolff on Piers Morgan said that connecting dots (suspicious behavior) is not moral because it can lead to ‘planting suspicion’ in the minds who get their info from the media. In 1991-‘2 Mia Farrow diverse Hollywood Producer Woody Allen, and had suggested he molested her 7 year-old, Dylan, an adopted daughter raised by the couple who were married at that time. Suspitious aroused when this claim was added into another piece in a Vanity Fair article, and then went nationwide when it New York Times printed Dylan’s open letter to Woody Allen voicing her frustration at the EVIL of Walt Disney Hollywood constant celebration of evil perverted power brokers.  Allen, as a part of a foster family adopted an Asian girl and raised her since she was 9 years old or some young age, and then destroyed the Farrow marriage by secretly marring her and later legally having two children by her. He also had an affaire with a 17 year old while he was 41 years-old, named Stacy Melkin. She says it was a positive experience for her on Piers Morgan show, 02.02.14, CNN), she has nothing but love for Woody. However, with Hollywood celebrating a charged felony and flee Hollywood producer Roman Polanski and fawning and throwing awards for his creative endeavors, while he was in exile, now openly roams America when juridical social state institutions forbid the practice. In the 1992 court trial for divorce, the sexual behaviors of Woody Allen were issues of importance to Hollywoodites who forced three academic doctors to say that Dylan’s’ accusations of rape when she was 7 were coached and she was fantasizing. So Mai, her daughter and others after 1992 believed Hollywood child molester Mafia had influenced the judicial system, and that in general, U.S. social welfare for child molestation victims remains uncivilized. In fact the 1992 Main Judge had his hands tied, he would have, he claims, arrested Allen, and there was indeed plenty of incriminating evidence. So what happened to all the notes by all these doctors and their reports? They were burned, destroyed and so Michael Wolff, in lieu of his likeminded name, fights against any circumstantial evidence or patterns of suspicious behavior. Hollywood had sounded the bullhorn to the world they will not tolerate people like Dylan and a slew of others who were victims of powerful male figures in the land of Walt Disney. Michael Wolff, MEAMIC supporter, would defiantly say the Earl Warren Commission was as strait and factual as any academic committee achieved in all of history.


The only problem, the Democrats claim, according to the U.K. Guardian,   with pedophilia is that there are biasness’ and bigotry against the adult rapists. This is not a joke; this is actually in the academic agenda. First aim of Democrats was to destroy God, then normalize assaults on poor children that have no families and representation.

North Hollywood, U.S.A. 7th January 2013 Corporate, Capitalist, Academia are on the same team. Thirty years ago pedophilia was considered a major sin in the United States of America; and even for Brittan sexual relations between children and adults was considered a major disease.  During the 1990s and into 2000s many Catholic Priests accused of inappropriate relations which children ( even accusations of rape) became the most popular movement to end religion, the Democratic Party claimed. Pedophilia was wrong. Then in 2011-’13 A.D. many Leftwing institutions began to revel long and epistemic cases of adults raping and engaging in pedophilia --- but these were not Priests, these were life-long Democrats ( leftwingers). So Harvard (left wing) University recently claimed, after many Democrats were identified as actively engaged pedophilias. Recently Penn State top sport coaches ( Democrats, atheists!) were reported as raping and molesting countless boys --- parents who began to come to the school in 1998, and continued each year until the trial and conviction of the assistant Football coach, and over 30 top level Penn State Faculty claimed was not a problem (until F.B.I. stepped in to investigate 2009 A.D. 12 July 2012), they had been told as early as 1998, Louis Freeh ( Head of F.B.I.) reported (statement).  Then a top puppeteer at Sesame Street was ousted as a pedophile. The leftwing media that attacked the Church for decades on the issue of Priests sexually assaulting children now changed their minds; indicating Democratic Liberals have permissible human rights to engage in full sexual activities with Children.

These academics know that Pedophilias target children from broken homes, and no parents, thus no one there to represent them during their protests. There are laws that criminalize pedophilia and academia cannot allow their voters (Democratic Liberals) to put into Jail where their votes will not count. So legalizing pedophilia is now a human rights issue, just as Gay Marriage.

Fact: Normal citizens, non academics, non Political party affiliates actively fight global child sex slave operations. The Democrats in Britain, as well as Canada and now the United States of America wants to normalize adult to child sex laws – making it permissible, they claim is totally a natural sexual orientation.  

Penn State Covers Up Child Rapists for 10 years to Protect Reputation and Monetary Security.


Thursday July 12, 2012. 6:30 a.m..


D.A. ( Died, disappeared), Joe Paterno ( Died after allegations)


Facts (F.B.I., head of investigation, Louis Free): 100 witnesses interviewed, a massive cover up by many top university, top local police and the District Attorney buried allegations of Serial Child Sex Offender Jerry Sandusky.


The Catholic Church often is accused of a conspiracy to cover up child molesting Priests. However, in secular matters much evidence has come forth to show that Penn State University, the Pennsylvania District Attorney, and Pennsylvania police covered up Child Molester Jerry Sandusky for 10-15 years.


The Conspiracy was not to destroy the reputation of Penn State University or its football program. F.B.I. official Louis Freeh claimed three reasons, and of one of them the top officials wanted to protect the reputation of the University. When a parent faced the Penn State University in 2001, asking the faculty to question Sandusky if he inappropriately touched their child; Sandusky said he may have had inappropriately touched the boy, but, he cannot remember. Over fifteen years many complaints by parents with their children were covered up by the school, police and state government to protect so the school would not get a bad reputation.


Top University officials, The Police, and eventually the District Attorney, who continently died) heard many parents and children complain about criminal actions of Sandusky. Yet the University, Police and the District Attorney covered up a plethora of children who were raped and sexually abused by Penn State –to protect their reputation.


Emails released after the trial of Sandusky by Louis Free (F.B.I.)  reveal the District Attorney, Local Police and more than fifteen people associated to working at Penn State purposely covered up for 10-15 years boys claims that Jerry Sandusky ( worked at Penn State as a football couch) had inappropriate sexual relations.


Football was much bigger than 15 years of complaints of kids complaining to their parents and school that Jerry Sandusky touched them inappropriately or rape.


This type of action also applies to me. I notified many heads of departments at Cal over the Berkeley Eye Center’s inappropriate actions and it became a multi department cover up with many individuals taking part to protect the reputation of the public University. Like the vulnerable boys who Jerry Sandusky raped and defiled sexually these persons came from broken homes, had no money for lawyers of representation and the university deemed them prospective victims of a  University monster.


Replacement (births in U.S.A. demarking new U.S.A. citizens)

2012 + A.D.: Based upon past exit polling and the U.S.A. censuses.

Whites  − 30% ( down 30%)

Brown  + 60% ( up 60%)

Blacks  + 2 %  ( up 02%)

others   + 8 %  ( up 08%)

56.2% of all U.S.A. bodies born in 2012 are from Latin families.

(2a) 2013 Immigration Reform.

The Obama and Republican counterpart Immigration reforms do not include, ICE, the internal-domestic immigration agency:  Obama’s immigration policy is not to secure the boarders, but to investigate and implement the most rewards for breaking the people’s law. As an anti Christ, B. H. Obama ii, lies or doublespeak and his upbringing proved he was against America, because it was one of the modern colonialist countries. So immigrants from other colonialist pan-nations (Latins) will overthrow the White European Christians. All the latin countries do not allow immigration from the U.S.A. to Latin American countries, so why should the U.S.A. allow the Latins to come to the U.S.A.? The Latin countries are extremely historically racist, they have not changed, and Obama loves racist people and this is why he champions their human hatred of groups of people that do not have brown skin or submissive to their cultural peccadilloes. It does not matter what is taught in school or books, this is a fact and is played out over and over by each legislation decision.


The Atheist Leftist Constantly for decades hide, coddle, and promote child molesters and rapist of children. The way they manage this is by attacking only the Church molestation and rape cases, which there are many, but not as bad as the atheist leftwing molestation clubs, fount bitterly to keep them active by everyone in the leftist party.

Robert Ornelas, a former substitute teacher with the Santa Ana Unified School District, is accused of Child Molestation.

A former Riverside teacher who was accused of molestation in a YouTube video has resigned from her job as an administrator at Alhambra High School in response to the accusations. I've been following this and no main stream leftist media has picked up this terrible story or a 12 year-old girl being forced into a sexual relationship with then a P.E. school female teacher for 6 long years. Since the girl was poor, and the police do not care for the poor ( thus they need money for a lawyer first, to which these predators evaluate carefully before striking) she had to confess on line, by calling up her accuser who admitted this on a live You Tube taping. But the Police said the statues did not run out ( a special Californian is 20-25 years) but because she did not go to the police first ( to which they cover this up like they kill poor people like Kelley Thomas) then they cannot do anything, nor do they care. Now a second women as come forward and the police are having a meltdown, because Child Molestation and Rape are desired by Atheist leftists and can be found in Aldous Huxley's book 'The Brave New World," where children are sexualized during almost infancy, to be sex play toys to adults for brain washing and social conditioning.

Woman, 28, Discusses Confronting Former Basketball Coach About Alleged Molestation

“She told me that nobody cared about me. And that she was the only one that loved me that,” said the woman, who only wants to go by the name “Jamie.”

Woman Posts Video on YouTube Confronting Teacher She Says Molested Her

More different women, different atheist child molesters being hidden by the LAUSD, and the Los Angeles City Offices.


2011: Syracuse fires assistant basketball coach accused of child molestation.


They not only cover up allegations, they promote these teachers and faculty, from elementary to college, it is a pattern of filth.

KTLA Los Angeles : 2013 A.D.

Atheist who run LAUSD has completed the imbeciling ( making them dumb and confused)   of our young and then molesting them as the main reason for their existence!

LAUSD Accused of Sex Abuse Cover-Up

LOS ANGELES — Incidents of alleged child abuse by a teacher ... have gone “to the highest levels of the LAUSD.” He added: “All the big shots in this building failed to protect the children and covered up child abuse when it occurred.”








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