CIA & FBI at war

At least, that’s the conclusion reportedly drawn by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s office — overruling the finding of Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough that two Clinton emails (from a sample of just 40) contained highly classified info. Hillary was running weapons to Lybia rebels which violated International and U.S. laws.

Crucifixion Eclipse The Large Gizāh  Pyramid : Nostradamus’ Birthdate at Central Axis of Giza Pyramid :

"Heah, Evil Obama! We Are All Osama's"

MJMJ   -- Journal 20: 2012, updated dec 30 2013 : Archangel Michael

Obama, Hillary, Patraeus, and Clapper told the U.S.A. people for 35 days that the attack on ben Ghazī was the fault of Christians who were critical on unjust laws of civil Islam.

MEAMIC claims Jesus is a terrorist, a part of the Patriot Act, 2010 revisions, written in January of 2009. Since Obama’s administration sees Jesus as a terrorist, we conclude Obama is a member of Satan’s army.

Obama knew less than one hour after the attack begun: Ansar Al Sharia blocked the roads around the mission and attacked with RPGs and rifles. This was reported directly to Obama, and the main stage of the attack had not happened. Then Obama spent 35 Days telling lies, trying to fist fight Mitt Romney in the televised presidential debates because Mitt called Obama a liar, which Obama is a liar. Obama came forward as if to begin to throw punches but the sissy girl Romney backed down and Obama won re- election.

In a democracy you do not lie to the people. They are the rulers, not you NYTimes nor Obama, nor Hillary or Washington D.C.

Enemies + Terrorists of the human people:

Obama: blamed Christians.

Hillary Rodham blames Christians.

David Patraeus blamed Christians.

Susan Rice (Father works for the world bank) blames Christians.

Mitt Romney failed as a Christian, he could have fought, even lost on national television, but won the argument and won the U.S.A. Presidency. Obama is not loved; he is feared because of his control of Satan's army. Otherwise Obama is a stupid bully with little to no brains and almost all people know it but are too scared to stand up to the brut-hater of the human people.

Obama's response a half of a year later: I don't have time to think about false controversy'... Mr. Obama forgets the reason for the attack is that he killed Libya’s leader, he kills untold numbers of innocent Moslem women and children by demanding these unnecessary drone strikes by hell fire missiles. He has funded the killing of other world leaders, because it seem just a fun game to kill people. Obama has the U.S.A. Military taking control of Afghanistan’s lands and raping their resources. Mr. Obama disrespects Moslems by saying they cannot hold their anger on one Coptic poor Christian who lost loved ones due to racist religious violence in Cairo. No Moslem would kill innocents ( it is banned in the Qu’ran) like they did at ben Ghazī, they did this because of Obama’s warrior, I kill whomever policies, because it is fun. Obama sent out the Navy Seals to kill Osama bin Laden, when he did not do anything, there is no proof but the C.I.A. admitting it falsified Osama bin Laden’s role in 9/11. The real world terrorist is Obama, Hillary, Clapper, Patraeus, Rice and this ilk.

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Heros: Michael Hasting, Edward Snowden , Bradly Manning.

Elijah Eugene Cummings (born January 18, 1951) is the U.S. Representative for Maryland's 7th congressional district, serving since 1996. He support murder and mayhem on foreigners while destroying Christians and Irish scots in USArabia.

Ben Ghazhī : A Horror Story: Obama publically apologizes to al Qu'aeda on Arab National TV for (an innocent) Coptic Chritian (Nakoula Basseleg Nakulai); Wolf Blitzer of CNN follows and Tries to Start World War III by Blaming the Christians and Jews ( as he did during the Boston Marathon attacks in 2013 to the Tea Party, and Christians). Hillary Says to U.S.A. about ben Ghazī" "what does it matter." And this is not of any action of any Presidential Contender, maybe Hitler's Germany!  Obama makes it legal to kill Americans without Due Process or any reason at all by assassination and invasion of sovereign territory or Arab targeted U.S. drone-strikes-- authord by Obama. This outrages the Arab World.  This was the Muslim and/or secular Arab cry all around the world 09/11/12, 11 the anniversary of 9/11 that launched the longest U.S.A. war in history. Obama then blames the ben Ghazi attack on Mitt Romney, then running for the office of the U.S.A. Presidency. 

Obama: 26 Times to the Public: There was a demonstration.

Are you calling me a liar? Obama to Mitt Romney in a Presidential Debate, 2012.

Obama comes forward as to fist fight Romney because Obama is a bully, a racist, and a hater.

Mitt Romney backs down like a wossy boy.

Facts: Mitt was correct, Obama was a liar.


Journalist Facts: There was no demonstration



There was no demonstration, Kirkpatrick also concludes, only a planned attack:

Mr. Stevens, who spent the day in the compound for security reasons because of the Sept. 11 anniversary, learned about the breach in a phone call from the American Embassy in Tripoli. Then a diplomatic security officer at the Benghazi mission called to tell the C.I.A. team. But as late as 6:40 p.m., Mr. Stevens appeared cheerful when he welcomed the Turkish consul, Ali Akin, for a visit.

There was even less security at the compound than usual, Mr. Akin said. No armed American guards met him at the gate, only a few unarmed Libyans. “No security men, no diplomats, nobody,” he said. “There was no deterrence.”

At 8:30 p.m., British diplomats dropped off their vehicles and weapons before flying back to Tripoli. At 9:42 p.m., according to American officials who have viewed the security camera footage, a police vehicle stationed outside turned on its ignition and drove slowly away.

A moment later a solitary figure strolled by the main gate, kicking pebbles and looking around — a final once-over, according to the officials.

The attack began with just a few dozen fighters, according to those officials. The invaders fired their Kalashnikovs at the lights around the gate and broke through with ease.

In other words, the White House story that this was a demonstration that just got out of control was false. As we have discovered through Congressional testimony and the release of communications from that night, the White House and State Department knew immediately that it was a terrorist attack. ( Ed Morrissey, reporting, his views If the YouTube video played a part in the motivation, it was nevertheless only possible because of a planned attack on an egregiously undefended facility, in the middle of a region controlled by Islamist militias, on the anniversary of 9/11 — when the US should have had its highest readiness.).

Paul Mirengoff at Power Line calls this a “revisionist account” intended to serve as a distraction:

The New York Times is out with a revisionist account of the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi. The Times says that in months of investigating, it “turned up no evidence that Al Qaeda or other international terrorist groups had any role in the assault.” The Times also claims that the attack “was fueled in large part by anger at an American-made video denigrating Islam.”

I suspect that the Times story tells us more about Hillary Clinton’s assessment of the threat Benghazi poses to her likely 2016 run for president than it does about what happened in Benghazi. But to the extent that the Times story is viewed as shedding a new, different light on the Benghazi, perhaps the House should hold new hearings on the attack.

The Times bases its claim that neither al Qaeda nor any other international terrorist group had a role in the attack on its view that Ansar al-Shariah is a “purely local extremist organization.” But Peter King, a member and former chairman of the House’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, points out that Ansar al-Shariah is widely believed to be an affiliate terror group of Al Qaeda. King accuses the Times of engaging in mere semantics, and he is probably right. …

The Times’ claim that the Benghazi attack “was fueled in large part by anger” at the video about Islam also seems unpersuasive. Greg Hicks, the deputy to Ambassador Christopher Stevens who was killed in the attack testified to Congress that the video was “a non-event in Libya.” Moreover, an independent review of more than 4,000 social media postings from Benghazi found no reference to the video until the day after the attack.

The New York Times seems to have uncovered social media references to the video that precede the Sept. 11 attack. Even so, the relative absence of such references undermines its claim that the video played a significant role in the attack.

I don’t mean to deny that some of those who attacked the U.S. compound were influenced by the video. But the Times’ own reporting shows that a “grave” threat to American interests in Benghazi predates the controversy over the video. The failure of the Obama administration, and especially Hillary Clinton, to prepare to meet that threat remains indisputable.

Indeed. The recounting of the attack itself reminds us that the Obama administration, including Clinton, tried to avoid blame by casting it as a kind of “black swan” event that no one could have predicted. The YouTube video was used as the basis of this claim, which led critics into attacking that part of the claim itself. But the YouTube video only accounts for a small part of the Benghazi fiasco. Even if one accepts that the YouTube video had something to do with the motive for the attack and the ability of terrorists to recruit fighters for it (and the timing of the broadcast certainly lends that significant credibility), the Times’ reporting doesn’t even begin to answer the larger and more important questions about the Obama administration’s actions before, during, and after the attack: ( Ed Morrissey, Internet., NY Times: Hey, that YouTube video did have something to do with Benghazi attack after all, posted at 10:31 am on December 29, 2013 by Ed Morrissey.

Evil Empire: Bill * Hilary Clinton, Obama, Reed, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, most in Fox News, almost all in C.N.N., MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and affiliates.

New York Times: Hit peice: David Patraeus put out false story on ben Ghazī to cover up for Hillary and Obama's re election campaign.

The New York Times produced a lengthy update on a story that conservatives complain the media ignores, but most won’t like what it says. David Kirkpatrick traveled to Benghazi to dig into the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, a terrorist attack that left four Americans dead — on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. Kirkpatrick argues that one motive for the attack was indeed the YouTube video, “Innocence of Muslims,” clips of which aired days before on Egyptian television and watched by the terror networks in and around Benghazi:

NEW YORK TIMES 30 Dec 2013: “INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS” PURPORTED TO BE AN ONLINE TRAILER for a film about the mistreatment of Christians in contemporary Egypt. But it included bawdy historical flashbacks that derided the Prophet Muhammad. Someone dubbed it into Arabic around the beginning of September 2012, and a Cairo newspaper embellished the news by reporting that a Florida pastor infamous for burning the Quran was planning to debut the film on the 11th anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Then, on Sept. 8, a popular Islamist preacher lit the fuse by screening a clip of the video on the ultraconservative Egyptian satellite channel El Nas. American diplomats in Cairo raised the alarm in Washington about a growing backlash, including calls for a protest outside their embassy.

No one mentioned it to the American diplomats in Libya.

As I have witnessed in the Bay Area, Moslems there libel, slander, and create false I.D.s for real Christian or atheist reporters critical on Islam’s claims of tolerance, and set about destroying them, and the judges never put these people in jail or any heavy fines. They can run rampant and destroy career and families at will.  , when their holy civil laws teach intolerance. There are usually about 1,000 anti-Islamic videos on Youtube, but they take these down while leaving up Jesus is a rapist, murder, bigot, etc...These were never reasons for an attack. Of course, saying anything attack is a compound of anger elements, here the attack was so well coordinated it began 34 hours before the event.  The militants put up road blocks all over the city for at least 12 hours prior to the attack.   Since there are anti Islamic videos every day, there theoretically should be an attack every day. But Patraeus, Hillary, Obama are all liars. They conclude Usama bin Laden ordered, funded, and carried out 9/11., with 0000% evidence. They are the danger in the world. They are the ones creating terrorism across the planet.

Ed Morrissey reported, via Hotair 30 dec. 2013: Before dismissing this out of hand, the Times isn’t the only voice reporting on this sequence of events. Lee Stranahan has independently reported on the same thing, and has spent considerable time on Twitter and his website arguing that Benghazi was a planned terrorist attack triggered by the video — essentially a syncretism of the story from both sides. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a cover-up:

Obama knew less than one hour after the attack begun: Ansar Al Sharia blocked the roads around the mission and attacked with RPGs and rifles. This was reported directly to Obama, and the main stage of the attack had not happened.

Almost every time these people open their mouths, lies and hatred  flood out like a heinous serpent.

James Clapper ( head of Intel) told the U.S. people and Congress that the N.S.A. never has listened to anyone phones, or recorded their phone data so they can later listen to it. Obama came out after the presser and said, this is absolutely true. Hillary also chimed in and said the N.S.A. never has ease dropped on any American.  Edward Snowden, from Russia in temporary asylum, released a whole bunch of documents that showed the N.S.A. records up to 4 billion phone calls a day, and this is just on Americans. What does this mean? It means Patraeus, Clapper, Obama, Rodham all work for Satan. Their D.N.A. presence on Earth is a danger to all of us.

Michael Hasting's Killed in my town, Los Angeles. His car could not slow down, strange video caught it all of tape, and his car, accelerating over 100 m.p.h. smashed into the center divider and smacked a tree, killing him -- the engine of the car flew more than one - hundred feet. The L.A.P.D. quickly cleaned it up and told the media, there is no news, and we will not have updates. He was to release the information that the C.I.A. was on the ground, at ben Ghazī, Libya, during the attack -- this makes Obama perhaps one of the biggest liars in the recent U.S.A. history.

Stanley A. McChrystal is known as the former commander of the Joint Special Operations Command in Iraq during the Persian Gulf Wars. Michael Hastings ousted him as sleeping with married women and destroying families. Hastings was assassinated in my town after McChrystal was forced to step down because he, like Obama and Bush , could not hide from the facts he is a part of Satan's army. Hastings was also doing an expose on ben Ghazi. He was a reporter that would interview eye witnesses, even when Hillary and Obama put a gag-order on them ( a legal judge order not to speak) because Obama and Hillary are members of Satan's army.

Released August 2013, Many C.I.A. personal were on the ground at Benghazi during the attack. C.N.N. claims they broke the story, their rating plummeted after trying to start World War III by international comments that Christians were behind the Ben Ghazi Terrorist attack ( Wolf Blitzer at the helm of C.N.N.) and now since C.N.N. is on the brink of collapse because no-one can trust them, they claimed George Zimmerman used racial epitaphs which were debunked by all; and finally C.N.N. admits it lies, and C.N.N. lies often to protect Obama's secret agendas. This has equaled no monies form sponsors. C.N.N.  now needs a real story to bring back advertisement corporations to pay their employees.

Obama has publically called the Edward Snowden revelation of N.S.A. PRISM, and other world-global control other country info by recording it all, illegally. Obama has called this a false scandal, but every country is now changing their electronic systems, and discovering U.S.A. breaches of their securities. Obama’s friends are secretly making $3.5 billion in one day, off these Evil Empire electronic control systems.

Obama, the most evil astronomical positions of any U.S.A. president, he has four of his main planets ,,, & in a Grand-Trine ( Pure Harmony) with the only star called ‘The Demon”, beta persei in history and so his actions are typical , as Obama has forced the C.I.A. to sign disclosure agreements never to speak on the incident and has changed the name of the survivors and threatened them so they will not speak out to the public by –way of the media.

Obama has now admitted he has killed 4  ( Four) U.S. citizens  ( as of the late spring of 2013) without court trials and will kill more in the future. Republicans, Fox News, Tea Partiers on capital Hill do not care, because they are not screaming at the top of their lungs about this egregious Dictatorship-tyrannical Administration. ( 2 Aug. 2013).

The USA (CIA) put Saddam Hussein into power as the leader of Iraq, gave him raw materials to build chem WMD ( although Russians did the same) and then after Iran-Iraq ( 10 year war, why we put Saddam in their to battle the US enemy at that time, Iran), in 2003 the USA government then claimed he had Chem WMD and then we took him out. Now what makes you believe that Assad, or the Rebels chem bombed as it has been claimed and not the CIA -- now that we know the USA has done this in the past for their narcissistic reasons? ( 28 Aug 2013, views on Syria).

What is ben Ghazī, Lybia?

Angry Arabs at U.S. political meddling and at warlordion U.S. policy makers (including, and not exclusive, U.S.A. President Obama) stormed the U.S. Consulate and a nearby annex on Sept. 11, 2012, in a heavily armed and well-coordinated eight-hour assault that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, and three other Americans. There were numerous others who were injured, some severely, and about 20 hours later, after the attack were finally rescued. These I witnesses were then told to shut – up and be silent. Within 6 hours of the first of two major attacks, Hillary Told the World this was not a terrorist attack but a spontaneous protests because of 'Inflammatory material posted on Internet'... She told the victums' families, face-to-face that the attack was blamed on CHRISTIANS! ABCNEWS: Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions, Scrubbed of Terror Reference... This was absolutely false, and Obama almost punched Mitt Romney at the Presidential Debates because Romney implied the illegal U.S. President was a liar.  Obama’s agenda was to frame an innocent Christian and by doing so blame all Christians. This is a sign of the Anti-Christ. This was the first U.S. ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1979 A.D. The C.I.A. having live video captures of the event, and suspects, did not release these photos to the public for eight months ( May 2013), then pleading with Americans if anyone has any information of these potential attackers. The concern all over the world was Obama’s cover – up and disinformation and these people he put in jail, falsely, and the claim he is god; and by assassinating bin Laden, Obama claimed has eliminated all terrorist activity around the world. Barack Hussein Obama, II, most likely is a functional pathological and a mentally ill human being who consistently performs human rights violations and covers these operations from the world’s eyes and ears by claiming he is god, the chosen one, the infallible one – thus the distraction, the celebrity golden-calf –   his yes men/women tell him so – so it must be true to Obama’s juvenile mentality.

background, why the  ben Ghazī, Lybia, attack happened.

The U.S.A. Schooled, gave Masters; Engendering degree, handouts, free monies,  and radicalized Khalid Shaykh Muhammad (commonly known as K.S.M., the Jackal) at American institutions; he was the Mastermind of 9/11.01 terrorist attacks on the U.S.A., according to the 9/11 Commission, a bi-partisan proxy-court with the media and everyone watching!  Bill Clinton created this bin Laden myth in 1996 A.D. and George W.  Bush continued this myth and Obama fell into this trap – indicating Obama is not that intelligent, as he claims. Bush, after 9/11, Starts Guantanamo, Afghanistan War, Iraq War and Obama continues and also Obama starts global ASSASSINATION programs of Arabs including leaders, Usama bin Laden ( Philanthropist, Freedom Fighter, Angry Pundit against Western Imperialism, did not OK 9/11 when KSM begged to get his approval, ben Laden totally told KMS to F*&K- OFF), Kaddafi (Lybia), and Obama who is supplying covert weapons to militant groups around the middle east – which then are killing and displacing millions of families – these Arabs are getting angry because Obama is destroying Christians in the U.S.A and Destroying Muslims abroad,  and on 9/11/12 ( 11 th anniversary, they planned more protests, about 16 countries for many months) decide to attack the Cairo’s U.S. embassy, take down the American Flag, and a month long planed attack on the heavily al qu’aeda or angry groups against U.S. Obama continuing rape the middle east policies were successfully operated and the Obama administration, the blame at the top, called off the rescue until the attackers had left and gone to sleep. Within 6 hours, Hillary (who claims to be the smartest women in the world, such audacity because she started the Truther movement, holding up a sign in the U.S. Chambers of Congress, “Bush Knew!” as in if Bush planned and operated 9/11/01; And for ben Ghazī, Hillary Rodham Clinton came out and said to the world by the media that all these attacks were because of Christian intolerance to Muslim rape rituals and mercy killings, stoning, public beating for being a homosexual of for allowing to be raped at these Muslim rape –rituals – which means the women is then killed to silence her.



The Arab Facts behind ben Ghazī, Lybia.  Not the Obama Administrations made-up story.


11 September 2012 A.D. chants all accross the world: " We Are All Osama(s)."


Usama (Osama variant spelling) bin Laden denied any involvement in 9/11, at least 161 times to various media. No one in the Bush Administration nor 9/11 bi-partisan commission, nor any Arab, Moslem or not, or in fact most people across the World believed at all, Osama bin Laden had anything to do with the attacks of 11 September 2,001 A.D. on America. Usama bin Laden did not approve it, did not fund it, did not plan it, and did not carry it out. Usama bin Laden only crime to humanity was voicing his distain at America overtaking the Russian involvement in Afghanistan and forcing their will onto foreign peoples by military force.


Special U.S. Military Forces assassinated on foreign soil (uninvited, thus breaking U.N. and Geneva Laws) some figure supposed to be Osama bin Laden. Usama called for a War on America - -not the people of America but the Bill Clinton world-imperialism-meddling military machine.  Then, after Assassination and lies of heavy fighting and many killed, put out by Obama’s administration, more lies; the person said to be Osama was unarmed and lived in poverty. He and dog were the only ones killed; all other house people have vanished from history. No trial, No photos and dropped into the ocean before the announcement to the world. Obama claims, he alone, stopped the most dangerous person in the world (Obama voted consistently against Afghanistan and Iraq, so he was never really interested in getting bin Laden in the first place, thus another lie) and at the time nearing the election, Obama was bragging he was better than G.W. Bush, any Christian of history, including the Savior and better than any republican because he, and he alone, killed Osama bin Laden and ended terrorism of history as we know it. I ‘m not sure why there is this blind admiration for the broken family child: he acts, all the time, as a mentally ill patient, with delusions of grandeur.


11 September 2,012 AD: The U.S. Consulate in Lybia and a nearby annex on Sept. 11, in a heavily armed and well-coordinated eight-hour assault that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, and three other Americans contradicts Obama’s presidential reelection campaign talking points that he “[I] ended terrorism, so elect me again!” Thereby a cover-up ensues by a mentally insane human-rights abuser, named Barack Hussein Obama, II.


"We Are All Osama(s)." the chants across the world, mostly in the Middle East demonstrations were decries of Obama assassination drones and assassination special forces -- as if Obama is some world king who can kill anyone on the planet.


Hillary Clinton appears and has done so to protect this mentally ill human and this is the reason no one will allow her to become the next U.S.A. president. She may be mentally ill too.




This was the Muslim and/or secular Arab cry all around the world 09/11/12, that is to say, this was the anniversary of 9/11 that launched the longest U.S.A. war(s) in history. Protestors gathered around the middle east and North Africa to protest the U.S.A. invasions of the Middle East on September 11, 2012, a planned gathering since the summer of 2012 when Obama bragged he, and only he, killed Usama bin Laden (u.s. varient spelling Osama): Obama blamed and continues ( he is in jail on trumped up charges by Obama's behest) to blame  a southern Californian, Egyptian Coptic Christian that C.N.N. claimed made an anti Moslem video ( no one saw this video, even I never saw it, the false clips were on Youtube). These Arab protesters were chanting “ We all Are Osama(s);” and hated Obama for his arming Syrian rebels, and killing M. Qaddafi, ruler of Libya for decades; meddling in Yemen, Somalia, and generally meddling in North Africa, and the Middle East. The Angry Protesters saw Obama's breaking of U.N. and World Court Laws of invading soverign territory to carry out a personal vendetta and assasination of Usama bin Laden. The Bush regime claimed Usama bin Laden was not that important to kill – they were correct, the 9/11 Comission stated Usama bin Laden had no direct or moral involvemnt in the 11 September 2001 attacks on New York and the Pentagon. Usama claimed his innocents over and over to the local medias ( about 161 times) – and the Arab world became outraged – so they planned for months to attack a secret ambassador consulate in Lybia, localed in town called,  Ben Ghazī.

The ben Ghazī attack was in response to Obama’s blatant disregard for human rights, all across the world, and killing a potential innocent man. The costs for training and housing the (20 (-1)) nineteen hijackers of 9/11 came to about one half of a million dollars.  This means bin Laden, who was broke already, the Saudis had frozen all his assists by 1996 A.D. so he could not have funded 9/11.  Everyone knows this but a stupid Obama. Obama bragged insistently over the course of 2012 and continues today that he alone was the avenger and killer of the most notorious (Bill Clinton created the bin Laden myth) terrorist on Earth. Only the misled people believe this, not the billions of Muslims nor the Christians in the western hemisphere who were exposed to simple facts. Obama cries over and over: “look at me, I killed bin Laden, I’m the best, I’m the best.” Idiot, everyone but you, Hillary and your ilk believe Usama bin Laden planed, funded and carried out the 11 September 2001 A.D. attacks on America. Dude, you are really stupid and your confusion makes you ‘evilly’ dangerous person who disregards basic human rights of humans while blaming others of the same thing. You are not a community organizer, you are a human rights violating criminal. ben Ghazī attacks resulted in Arabs who had enough of this criminal, Obama, Hussein, Barack, II and his supporting assasination machines --including 700% increase in drone strikes over the previous administration -- a previous administration that actually focused on real bad people -- not innocent Muslim women and children. You are pathetic, dude.




++++++++++++ AR CH IVE

Archangel Michael Archive of Obama's foreign Meddling and Human Rights Crimes, regarding the assassination of Usama and the events leading up-to and during ben Ghazī attack, and the criminal cover - up by State Department Chief, Hillary Clinton and U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, II.


Most current News and Results are positioned at the bottom sections  of this page:

A Love Story: Obama publically apologizes to al Qu'aeda -- CNN tries to incite world riot and the method of libeling Jews!

( Washington D.C., 12 September 2012, by Archangel Michael) U.S. illegal President Barak Hussein Obama publically apologizes to al Qu'aeda for caring out murderous attacks upon  an  U.S. Consulate and at Ben Ghazī Libyan, U.S. Consulate killing a US ambassador and other Americans. Apparently, an anonymous filmmaker depicted an image of Prophet Muhammad ( representative of Islam to Allah ( the constellation of Cancer in the Sumerian star catalogues!) that aired on You-Tube ( World Wide Web) and riled up the radical extremists who charged the U.S. consulate in Egypt defacing the U.S.A. Flag and raising a black- Al Qu’aeda like – flag. Obama is soooo evil that he intends a You-Tube opinion video caused the attacks when these attacks were clearly planned months in advance – while the video is only a recent production.

CNN without any credible journalists on the scene, at Cerritos, Ca., USA began making up Jewish names, airing the video all day long, blaming the Jews and Republicans, trying to start World War III.

Arabs in the Mideast have CNN on their cable TVs, but few have computers and knowledge of You-Tube ( a video hosting website) --- so the incitement was CNN ( Wolf Blitzer) an rich corporation with its tentacles all around the world, in hopes to start World War III – all to blames the Jews. The problem in society there are no independent police forces to stop them – all the police departments are paid by the big businesses – which includes the White House, U.S. Capital Hill, and tied to the Military Arm that keeps them in power.

Why did Obama apologize and blame a white European for stupidity on making the film? The director of the You-Tube film is Egyptian, not European, and Obama really has his facts in order – in fact he purposely ran away for a whole week from daily world security briefings  -- priot to the murderous attacks– Obama is a notorious ‘ lazy’ person ( His Own Words!) and having fun ‘all the time’ is what Obama believes his job to be all the time.

The only time Obama goes to work is to inflame riots and hatred, blaming this or that –for his own laziness and evil demeanor.

Egyptian Coptic Christians in the last year have been slaughtered in Egypt, their temples and churches burnt to the ground, their women and children tortured and mutilated under the banner of Moslem supremacy – in reality Arab ‘brown colored skin supremacy’. Obama knowing this unpleasant fact allowed Democratic Party members to make up a story about a Israeli American ( no name exists in Israel or America) who took $5 million from Israeli donors to make the video exposing radical Arab racist agenda, so that persons doors at the middle of the night were bringing forced open in search of this fictitious person – the point is to destroy Israel’s reputation as a community group with human rights of existence in peace.

Obama’s and the Democratic Controlled Media also lies and claims it was an attack by American conservatives and Israelis upon the sacred Prophet Muhammad. According to Moslem tradition, the prophet of Islam should not be depicted in art or media and his image is strictly prohibited. This is because true representations of the prophet would reveal he is more of a revolutionary soldier and by depicting him, the blood on his cloths and skin are of other humans, including children and women – a part of history when Muhammad and his militant followers  were subduing tribes to his will in the seventh century. Although, this was only a brief part of a larger more peaceful live of the Prophet. Obama claimed some Christian made a visual art representation, therefore this was the cause of the attacks on ben Ghazī. This is evident that Obama is stupid. There is no video nor a representation of the Prophet that started this " We are all Osamas" gatherings 11 Sept. 2012.

This contrasts y’Hoshua ( a.k.a. Jesus Christ) whose blood depicted in art and media is from his own body, Muhammad's men, at least, shed blood as a form of change-compliance.  Depicting a soldier bent upon avarice and conquest, Muhammad was a soldier, is not the correct communication for Monotheism and from a culturally sensitive religion. This remains why Islam does not permit depictions of Prophet Muhammad. y’Hoshua ( a.k.a. Jesus Christ) was persecuted and sacrificed in blood for the human race, while Muhammad persecuted and sacrificed others in the pursuit of his unification of a race of tribes nominally known as Arabs. There are plenty of Muhammad characters in history, persons that care for their people and make attempts to make them a stronger community. However, al•la[h] is a term from 750 B.C. Sumerian tablets, copied to Neo-Babylonian tablets 250 B.C. – 150 A.D.  of the word used to describe the main stars of the modern Constellation of Cancer. These writings and traditions were well preserved and available to the mystics around the Near East during Muhammad's time.

Why did Obama show love and support for Al Qu’aeda? It can be found in his faux-autobiographies – he clearly states he prefers Islam over Christianity and his choice remains with the Islamists. So the Southern California Democratic Media surrounded a home in southern california of a family whose home appears in the low budget video so that terrorists can find their target. Obama who admits to killing innocent Moslems librally with drone strikes accross the middle east happens to be premissable to Islamists -- this poses a question as too logical and rational conclusions of persons holding affilations to the religion on Islam.

"Obama, Obama, We Are All Osamas!"

20 countries protest over America's hegemony during the week of the 11th anniversary of 9/11/01: The world chant caught on videos around north Africa and Mideast: "Obama, Obama, We Are All Osamas!" This was a reference to Obama who bragged that he killed Osama (Usama bin Laden) bin Laden while his predecessors failed. Bush, 43 rd U.S. President did not make Usama bin Laden a priority to kill him – Usama bin Laden claimed to various media over 200 times he had nothing to do with 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington D.C. Obama gave speeches before his presidency and after ( at Cairo, for example) where he claimed he is the peacemaker and immediately when he steps into office there will be relative peace between the middle east and America ( larger view, the west).

CNN tries to start world war III

Wolf Blitzer blames Christians, Jews and Right Wingers for the  Ben Ghazī massacre, trying for 24 hours to start world war three based on religious conflict --because his role as the spokesperson for CNN is to start world war III -- his boss 25 years ago, asked for a depopulation of the human race, almost all need to be killed.

(update: 18 Sept. 2012) Obama is 100% wrong! The film in question which Obama and his administration blamed on the riots in the Mideast and north Africa and all around the world was up on You Tube ( Internet) since June 2012 – and no one took notice. A week before the 11th anniversary, Obama and Assad (Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader) spoke that something need to be observed for the anniversary for the attacks on New York and Washington D.C. on 11 th September 2001 – so Obama knew something was a brewing for this date. On the morning of 11 th September, Assad who controls the T.V. media corporations in Egypt ran this ‘old video’ that was blocked months before by Google and Yahoo on searches ( not to upset Muslims) was broadcasted all over Egypt, and two hours later the extreme radical leftwing media Cable Network News (CNN) began to run the video for two days in a row knowing that much of the Muslim world cannot get accesses to this video. CNN purposes was to blame religion, as the Obama took out all references to God in the Democratic Platform for the Charlotte, Carolinian, Democratic Convention. So Wolf Blitzer ( a radical extremist no different than what Bush termed as world ‘terrorists’ was evident as CNN tried to star World War III – knowing this was a staged and plan broadcast to cause the reaction we all see across the earth.

(update 20 Sept. 2012): Obama told Letterman that a video started by Christians resulted in the attacks on the Libyan consulate and later a safe-house killing four U.S. personal, one ambassador, aid and two U.S. marines.  It is the Christian’s fault, Obama explained to David Letterman, a radical leftwing T.V. personality. This appearance on the late show with Letterman came days after the Libyan officials, and I witnesses claimed this was a long awaited 11th anniversary terrorist attack. Obama and his administration are dangerous liars and he may want to start World War III, because Obama is infatuated with his own image.

Prior to the attack ( video) , no protests are happening , many terrorists are outside of the U.S. consulate in Libya carrying hand-held rocket grenades ( rocket launchers), shown on cable network news, 20 September 2012. After this cable news was reporting this was a pre-planned attack for months, 36 hours before Obama took a seat on the David Letterman show, Obama lied to the American public that this was solely a Christian who wanted to insult Islam. It was not that Obama, acting like Osama ( Usama bin Laden) assassinated anti-American Kaddafi, the Libyan dictator, and the drone strikes that killed a high ranking al Qu’aeda official, but the illegal president blamed criminal behavior of the Jewish and Christian Bible.

update:  05 Oct 2012:

Libyan escape plane denied by Pentagon one month before attack on Libyan Consulate that killed four Americans - new documents reveal (U.K., Fox News, etc...) . Documents also reveal a ‘no guns’ order, so that these American diplomats are defenseless.  Obama recommended that U.S.A. personal, such as ambassadors remain unarmed so not to frighten the natives.

Hope and Change: Obama gives Solar Power Jobs to Chinese with American stimulus Monies.

Update: No More Solyndras Act 2012: HR 6213 [112 th Congress], sponsor Rep. Upton, Fred, MI-6 (introduced 26 July 2012. 21 Co-sponsors.

Great News for the Democrats. Remember the massive Obama bail-out. Well, Obama gave U.S. taxpayer stimulus to Solindra which has manufacturing plants in China, to employ Chinese instead of Americans. But this is a part of Hope and Change. Change America into a garbage dump, and hope for the creation of wealth to the radicals all across the earth. However, Obama’s campaign claims what is the other choice? They believe ( as in a faith, a religion) that all republicans want to kill grandmothers, rape children, spread disease, burn down cities, drink blood of Children, etc...., etc...., etc... the hatred of the Democratic Party ( which is anti-Democracy aimed, which they are trying to achieve a dictator of the serfs society – has not arrived, but soon will. This will be Armageddon.

I'm sure it is pay -back to the Chinese from all the monies Obama has borrowed over the year from them to get elected.

$6.66.. trillion dollars of tax revenue needed per year to support 300,000,000 million Americans are the poverty level. This is Obama's aim in life and the key-stone of Hope and Change.

The Obamas’ used U.S. tax payer monies up –to $1.8 billion last fiscal year ( July 11’-’12) for the most lavish of lifestyles and privileged treatment – your every whim realized. This does not include security or military expenses – solely ‘let’s party hommie!’ The Queen of England spent $58 million on luxuries, including influencing the 2012 London Olympics.


Ben Ghazhī, Lybia. Attack and Massacre at U.S. Consulate 10 th, 11th September 2012.

Judicial/BIblical Astreology Signatures September 2012: Progressed Moon conjunct Progressed Mars, ~ 18 Degrees of tropical Libra. Ascendant 29° Leo, projected ecliptical degree of alpha leonis ( Regulus).

U. N. Council & Barackis Opeacenikis

' Terrorists Are Our Freinds'

27 Sept. 2012

  • Susan Rice's Father an officer of the Federal Reserve and World Bank.

  • Susan Rice's Mother a Senior Vice President of Control Data Processing.

When Susan Rice lied to the U. N. Council that the attack on Ben Ghāzhî was a ‘spontaneous protest’ triggered by the two hour earlier Protest at Egypt ( Egypt have been protesting for over two-years, so nothing new – until Cable News Network (C.N.N.) broadcasted a old (June 2012 You-Tube) trailer of an very low-budget documentary critical of Islamic radicals ( most Egyptians or Mideasterners have smart phones nor computers to access You-Tube, but most public establishments and private residents get C.N.N. ( they broadcasted this old video for 24 hours to, in my opinion, incite World War III to blame the Christians – to which Democrats would carry out a systemic global eradication of them – in order for them to reach their dystopic desires!)  and Obama triumphed at the secret intelligence – the best the U.N. has to offer the world.   

After the attack, at the initial U.S. Ben Ghāzhî (Lybia) consulate, the C.I.A. was given the sub- al Qu’aeda group’s identification (Obama knew within 24 Hours), because al Qu’aeda had bragged just after the attack ( they killed four U.S. citizens, one of them a U.S. ambassador)& Obama after two weeks has denied this was a 11th anniversary 9/11 terrorist attack.  For over 15  days, the C.I.A. have not laid a man into Libya in total fear because of the orders of the Commander in Chief. This commander explains in his autobiography he chooses Islam over Christianity, but often claims to be a Christian in front of the teleprompter. Maybe that is why the C.I.A. will not go into Libya; a normal thing for 60 years was to get a C.I.A. person immediately into a ‘hot area,’ a type of a real James Bond (007).  

Barack Hussein Obama (e.g. he adopted this Islamic name after running around with the Taliban on a year-long college furlough. He claimed this clearly changed his perspective on Life. So it is understandable he does not identify any terrorist attack to any Moslem. If you paid attention, after he got into office, The Department of Homeland czar, she classified all white groups to ‘potential domestic’ terrorism, and took – off any references to terrorists coming to the U.S. from the Middle East. To Obama, he chose to not see any war on terror because he believed Bush made this all up in his head.

We frighten easily to this type of intelligence ruling the world’s most powerful group of humans.

Added 29 September 2012 ( Catholic Archangel Michael day).

Head Godless Demon to Use American Taxpayer Monies to Fund Al-Qu’aeda – U.S. Congress notified this morning. Already sent $190 million. The International Monetary Fund, I.M.F proposes $4.8 Billion.

The Ideology: Riding Christians from the Earth by acts of Terrorism will bring peace on Earth.

Today, Obama notified the U.S. Congress he will supply $450,000,000 (million dollars) to Egypt’s top terrorist organization. Often called in the Press as the Muslim Brotherhood, this genus group, prominent during the Armenian Genocide late 19th century and early 20th century comes from its sister organization, al Qu’aeda – mythalized by Bill Clinton as the première terrorist group  -- adopted around the world to mean the club of Anti-European ( anti-west) military branch – run by covert operations because north Africa and far Mideast remain without modern militaries. So there only line of offence is skirmishes and terrorist activities. After Mubarak was deposed by the Arab Spring revolutions – the military took over and placed in their leadership of Egypt an al-Qu’aeda strong man. This is the man Obama wanted in 2011 to receive $1.8 billion dollars. However, today, the U.S.A. is so broke ( Obama stole about $5 trillion dollars, most of it tracked to oversea banks of varying countries) Obama can only giving the al-Qu’aeda terrorists $450 million dollars. By executive order, Obama gave $190 million as a pay-off for the Ben Ghāzhî successful terrorist operation. People think I’m lying, Hillary Clinton ( she and her husband proliferated WMD to Chinese military for $44,000,000 for the 1996 election campaign of her husband ( Dan Burton, U.S. Congressional Investigation, 144 witness fled the U.S. and Bill and Hillary had more than 500 “I’ll take the 5th’ int he court room – that no media outlet covered at all – one must read Obama’s ghost written autobiographies;  these intend: The U.S.A. is the enemy of the world, Europeans are not human (e.g. white people are racists, all other colors are not!), and his declaration of religious preference to Islam.

In this light, Hillary and Barack believe the al-Qu’aeda terrorists must be armed and funded because they focus their attacks upon the people of the Republic (Republicans) and leave the Democrats ( anti-public) alone.

All this talk about security and ‘economic patriotism’ – according to Obama funding terrorists is a necessity to being an American citizen engaged in economic patriotism. All this is happening because God is being denied a place in American society. Obama stated that it should be a criminal law to slander the Prophet Muhammad, but our U.S. taxpayer dollars fund the Smithsonian art of Jesus represented as urine and excrement – to the smiling eyes of the atheist Americans. So U.S.A. dollars go to blaspheme God, and the illegal president ( both forms of his birth certificate are forgeries – the green-plaid-laced-paper it is on was not even invented until 1996 – I careless what the hater believe – violence is their only option) demands Americans worship in the style of Moslem female suppression, sexual preference repression,  and anti-freedom of speech.  

As a part of Hope and Change, MSNBC, CNN, somewhat ABC, support Obama’s plan to fund terrorists in hopes to eradicate God from our Earth.

Now you will understand why America is being punished by God.


THE VIEW Sept 2012

Under Pressure from historical facts, Whoopie Goldburg, the bully of the show, 'The View,' cursed out Anne Coulter (conservative author). Whoopie Goldburg's pointed out by her actions that blacks can only win arguments by violence,  intimidation, bullying, and cursing. Whoopie Goldburg is not a Christian; and she more displays herself as a filthy rich ‘give me more, I’ll take yours,’ suppressor of the world’s people. She is more a privileged aristocrat than most slave owners of all history in all cultures – there is no excuse for her to bully people, including Elizabeth one of the many co-hosts on the entertainment show.

Debate 1: 2012, Presidential Debates.

Each candidate cited different economic analysis upon the U.S. economic climate. There are about 10 major studies, all with varying figures about the jobs and the economy. Obama, sometimes of his teleprompter ( other people make him a robot), appeared as the community organizer ( hint, idiot) he claims in his [auto]biographies, and businessman, Mitt Romney, governor of a mostly left-wing wacko state Massachusetts has brought back respect to the state after years of Democratic Leadership that nearly bankrupted the state by criminal fleecing of the state’s treasury.

The incubators of Democracies always reside with the state; and never democracies sustain controlled by any centralized government. Central Control of Government has been a Fantasy of the U.S.A. Political Democratic National Party for over 60 years now.  There is nothing democratic about the Democrats. Ironically, Republican is the only U.S.A. main political party to have the representative numerator-entity of public within its construction. Democracy, Greek for people rule, never clarifies what people? It could be the Kremlin’s K.G.B. as the people’s rule. Or how about Mao Tze-tung’s ‘Dictatorship of the workers’ embalm. Even every one of the five revolutionary Constitutions of China ( 4 of them under Mao Tze-Tung’s totalitarian ruler ship, the headline term of each document is the Democratic Republic of China ( a total lie, and brainwashing of hundreds of millions of people.).  Democracy is just a name but for the most part the U.S.A. does a fairly competent job at masking big money influence based upon each candidate or politician’s ideology.

Update 29 October 2012 O bama’s Human Sacrifice Orders 

After weeks of Obama and his people screaming that Christians are responsible for the attack on seven U.S. personal at Benghazi, Libya, were results of some video no one ever saw that was on the internet since the Summer months ( there are about 1,000 You-Tube videos that radical intolerant Islamist can use to riot!), the illegal U.S.A. President chose to tell America, the world, four times at the U.N. that insensitive Christian videos caused a spontaneous attack on the U.S.A. consulate at Benghazi and hours later at a safe house remains a dereliction of duty. We learned that within 2 hours after the attack began, over 300 live videos ( from a drone and assets) pumped in live feeds to the White House and AfricaCon ( central command of Africa), and Obama had to be force-brief, according to laws.

According to the father of a  now-late Navy Seal working with the C.I.A. who had painted ‘three’ lazar targets and gave himself away to kill-stop the terrorist attack had been denied three times by either the White House or AfricaCom – the only two chains of commands to launch a C1 -30 from Italy’s U.S. airbase or use the armed drone to stop the terrorists and their rocket and grenade launchers. The Seal, Tyrone Woods, lives by ethnics to save anyone left behind. We found out that two of the killed Americans were alive 22 hours after the attack. And the orders still remained to stand – down and not rescue or send any U.S. military help to save the captured U.S. prisoners before their execution.

The 3 a.m. phone-call to Hillary ( remember those  political TV adds by the democrats) claimed she was too busy to take these emergency calls. Obama on the other hand, after learning of the ongoing attack chose to fly to Las Vegas for the Fun and money collecting. He then chose to party with hip-hop stars as U.S.A. military and civilians were being hunted and killed. To cover this whole episode up, Obama used a lie that this was some type of anti-Moslem attack by Christians.

The Terrorist attack lasted 22 hours, the live video feed lasted 20 hours, and Hillary and Barack claimed they were too busy to respond to some anti-Islamic protest. So what they did was spend seven days telling the media, spending $70,000 on Middle Eastern T.V. adds to claim that these protests were a result of Christians and not the Obama administration. Obama spoke to the United Nations and claimed four time that the Benghazi attack was a spontaneous act due to the You-Tube video that no one ever saw, except for C.N.N. that broadcasted this unknown video for 24 hours strait trying to incite World War III.

So the evidence shows that Obama knew within two hours of the first attacks on the U.S. Consulate (it lasted 22 hours) and chose to ignore this action because in his faux-autobiographies, Obama claims that the White Europeans are the enemies of the human race. So it makes sense he does not want to help them when they are in trouble.

The terrorists could have been stopped but Obama who had recently spoken with Anti-Israeli leader of Egypt implied that U.S.A. will not stop terrorists attacks against any American on 11 September 2012 ( 11th anniversary).  Well, at least Obama kept his promise to Moslem leaders, but what about the Oath of Office, ‘to serve and protect’ U.S.A. citizens against foreign aggression? Well, Obama believes that this applies only to minorities, thus Obama was thrilled that white people were killed by radical islamists.


Update ben ghazī: 12 Nov. 2012. 6:26 p.m. Burbank


June 2012: F.B.I. had 1,000+ emails between General Petraeus and his autobiographer companion in June of 2012, with breach of security information, but chose not to interview the 4 –star General ( Petraeus) until two weeks (Oct. 15th, 2012) before the general election – which means a cover-up – of a governmental system of absolute incompetence. The real story is that in June, the the cloud-computer-communication tool  to these emails was recovered by the F.B.I. and no secret information was compromised. This meant that this sexual tryst, of one act under a desert tent, did not jeopardize any American foreign policies or sensitive information. So the F.B.I. chose not to alert the U.S.A. people. 


Leon Panetta wants out of the F.B.I. Head Position.
the Head of all Intelligent Agencies, Clapper told U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder in June 2012, David Petraeus is in a compromising position due to a sex scandal. It was Eric Holder’s position to tell his boss, President Barack Hussein Obama.
Eric Holder wants out of the Attorney General’s position.
There were two attacks from June to August 2012 on the Benghazi U.S. consulate and these attacks were communicated to U.S. head of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton who denied any need for security at the dismay of the military/ambassadorship. Hillary Clinton wants out of her job as the head of state.
Lies by David Petraeus' mentally unstable autobiographer ( tryst women Paula Broadwell): The reason for the Benghazi attack was two Islamic militants were being held by the U.S. Army and this caused the attack on the U.S. consulate. Here are the facts. Obama in 2009 signed executive order 14391, a no detention law which makes it illegal to hold anyone who is not charged in a crime. Paula Broadwell was found by the F.B.I.  to spam hate mail to other U.S. citizens ( nothing to do with Petraeus) which intends she may be a little mentally unstable. This made the F.B.I. think that she could be a security risk.


So what is the truth? General Petraeus was taped by Obama to head the C.I.A., a pathway to the Presidency of the United States of America (the most recent, 41st U.S.A President H. W. Bush, father of. 43 rd U.S.A. President George W. Bush.) one of the most prestigious government positions.  This meant that  Petraeus had high command at AfricaCommand, and knew instantly of the start of the Libyan, Benghazi , attack that killed four U.S.A. citizens, the first U.S. ambassador killed since the 1970s, along with an aid and two U.S. Marines.  General Petraeus testified to the United States Congress on 14th of September 2012, three days after the attack that in part Arabs revolted against a Youtube, low budget trailer which is anti-Moslem and no-one saw ( there are 10,000s of these on the internet, they pop up every day) , had been posted to Youtube for 3 months in the early summer of 2012. Youtube had not taken it down, and when they did, C.N.N. ( Wolf Blitzer) showed the anti-Islamic low budget video for 24 hours a day for a full-day trying to start World War III, blaming it on Christians and Jews. But the Benghazi attack happened hours before sunlight and long before the Egyptian protesters arose from their beds to meet an Arab T.V. playing the Youtube video in which Obama references as the source of the aggression of the protesters that would eventually attack and kill Americans at Benghazi, Lybia.



The Egyptian time-frame and the planning of the attack at the U.S. consulate at Lybia.


The protests of the Egyptian workers, called by C.N.N. the Arab Spring, spanned years so far, since the spring of 2009 Egyptians have gathered large protests to complain about freedoms and the Egyptian economy. After General Petraeus perjured himself in Congress ( severe penelties, because of his position to the American people) Obama ran around the world, bought $70,000 of commercials in Arabic , and a speech to the United Nations that this Benghazi attack was solely to be blamed on Christian religious intolerance based upon some generic-anti-Islamic-video that no –one saw.  Obama explained that Egyptians were protesting because of this video on 11th of September 2012, the ’11 th’ anniversary of the most successful military-like attack on United States of American soil, and two hours after the video was partially aired on Arab TV in Egypt the attack on the U.S. consulate at Benghazi had begun. Now here is the truth.


Like Somalia ( think of Black Hawk Down), the attackers put up road blocks in the early evening of 10 th of September 2012, and onto the early morning hours of 11 th of September – many hours before the Egyptian protesters got out of bed to get ready to attend their continual protests. In Benghazi, this attack had been planned for months, and these cooperation to set up the road blocks so no Foreigners could escape took extreme planning and was never a spontaneous reaction to a video they had not even been aired yet.


This is from the New York Times official C.I.A. events released after the general election on the 6 th of November 2012. This means that General Petraeus perjured himself; Obama had continued to lie for seven days after the 11th of September 2012 and General Petraeus covered up for his commander in chief. The proposition is do we have a C.I.A. director totally retarded and stupid running our national defense or do we have ‘ the fall’ guy to an incompetent and lying commander in Chief?


General Petraeus resigned because if he had to testify again to congress about the facts of Benghazi massacre,  they would ask him why he perjured himself on the 14 th of September 2012? That would mean sever consequences and even jail-time for the most accomplished modern U.S.A. general since World War II. It is no guesswork to understand why Hillary Clinton ( U.S. State Department) and Leon Panetta (head of the F.B.I.) all want to run away from this Obama administration.

update 13 Nov. 2012:

Debate Two: Romney vs. Obama. Obama and moderator claim Obama claimed on 12 of September 2012, this was a terrorist attack Obama then gave eight speeches after the 12 th of September to where he claimed this was not a terrorist attack but religious intolerance by some Coptic Christian living in southern California -- that caused this attack on the U.S. consulate at Ben Ghazī. The Coptic Christian was put into prison for at least a year because Eric Holder who had the information on David Petraeus in late Summer of 2012 decided Christians were to blame and not a distracted C.I.A. head of state.

(update 20 Sept. 2012): Obama told David Letterman on TV that a video started by Christians resulted in the attacks on the Libyan consulate and later a safe-house killing four U.S. personal, one ambassador, aid and two U.S. marines.

Illegal U.S. President B. H. Obama then spent seven (7 days after 12 th of September 2012) telling the world: U.N., Arab television by US taxpayer monies ($70,000), Late Night Television, press conferences, interviews on the View ( a morning women's talk show), and speeches that this was a spontaneous attack spurned on by a Christian's anti-Moslem Youtube video.

update 13 Nov. 2012: Ben Ghazī Attack of 2012

Head of the Afghanistan war, John Allen,  taking over Petraeus’ position when he was tapped by Obama to head up the C.I.A. after Petraeus resigned asked the U.S.A. President, Obama, to place his nomination on hold as the F.B.I. claims Jill Kelly ( a socialite) said she received threatening emails from Paula Broadwell as the F.B.I. claims it has now tens of thousands of flirtatious emails between Kelly and Allen. These are the F.B.I. claims, and Allen has denied any sexual contact with Kelly. What does this all imply? If true, we have no idea if it is, Allen and Petreaus could not have done their jobs correctly because they were too busy composing love – letters to their female groupies.

The F.B.I. claims so many emails that Petraeus and Allen would never have time to do their jobs because of the mass amount of writing involved to these females meant they had no time to go to any meetings or come to the aid on any emergencies. Since the F.B.I. claimed it knew, it discovered the secret cloud-sharing internet tool with Petreaue and Braodwell’s sexing email exchanges in June, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Leon Penetta, and Clapper were all alerted at least 3 months before the U.S. 2012 General Elections. Obama claims he found out only after the election about all of this. This intends Obama did not meet with any national security advisors or meetings on national security for over 3 months. This means Obama in a deep dereliction of duty – he does not perform his job correctly.

General Petraeus’ Perjury

CIA timeline and conversations.

1:27 minuets the President had to have known, C.I.A. Timeline.

3:42 a.m. consulate called CIA at 3:45 CIA called it an act of war and at 4:00 a call to stand down while Obama needs to awake and meet with officials.
Panetta and others knew at 5:00 a.m. we knew acts of war 28 minuets before 5:00 a.m. The meeting with Obama was turned from act of war to Basket Ball
5:10 diverted aircraft arrived to stream live video to the White House situation room.
Charley Ham: 17 Minuets Washington D.C. scrambled a drone ( to give Obama live feed. Once the live feed was set up Obama started to change the topic to American National Basket Ball). No evacuation planes nor emergency strike-force aircraft were called into duty with 22 hours of Obama laughing in the situation room speaking on the topic of Basketball.



15 Nov 2012,  post Eclipse ~ 22 Sco: Israel being attacked by five countries, launching about 150 rockets each day at innocent civilians,  Hamas at the charge, Iran in full support. Obama criticizes Israel for self defense, so what is new? Obama claims in his Autobiography he prefers Islam over Jews and over Christians. This is the reason he blamed an innocent Christian for the Benghazi attacks.


Mars begins passage of Dark Rift ( 16 th Nov. 2012) as Hamas et all target Jerusalem with rockets, for the first time in since the 1960s.

5.5 million Hebrews under attack today.

15 Nov 2012,  post Eclipse ~ 22 Sco: Israel being attacked by five countries, launching about 150 rockets each day at innocent civilians,  Hamas at the charge, Iran in full support. Obama criticizes Israel for self defense, so what is new? Obama claims in his Autobiography he prefers Islam over Jews and over Christians. This is the reason he blamed an innocent Christian for the Benghazi attacks.

Ben Ghazī Attack of 2012

( Burbank, CA. 18 Nov. 2012) General Petraeus covered-up for his commander in Chief, illegal U.S. President Obama. A President to which placed Petraeus in a position to be nominated for the Republican ticket for the 2016 General Election.

Behind Close Door Meeting Results. General J. Clapper and Gen. David Petraeus both signed-off on the report to the White House: the ben Ghazī attack was a terrorist attack. Between the time from the C.I.A. to the Susan Rice, Obama’s mouthpiece, the report did not have a terrorist attack in any of the report. Instead a mysterious Christian video no-one ever saw, ever and ever no one saw, was blamed by Susan Rice on all the TV channels and her statements to the United Nations. At the same time and for two weeks after Obama claimed he called this a terrorist attack in the Rose Garden at the White House, Obama was going around the TV, speeches, and comments directed toward the U.N. that no terrorist attack happened at Libya. It doesn’t matter who scrubbed the talking points, Obama had changed his mind from 12 September 2012 –“ this was a terrorist attack’ – to 13 th September to 15 th October “ there was no terrorist attack at Ben Ghazi, this was a spontaneous attack’, because of Christian criticism on Islamic Human Rights violations

( Read onward).

Susan Rice Helped Create Rwanda genocide

( Burbank, CA. 18 Nov. 2012) Susan Rice: Obama’s candidate for the United States top appointments for 2012. Secretary of State or Homeland Security.

According to Sean Hannity of Fox News, in 1994 Susan Rice ‘scrubbed’ a report to the United Nations, perhaps on the behest of Bill Clinton, not to mention genocide taking place in Rwanda, Africa --- which led to no international actions to stop over 1,000,000 blacks from being systematically massacred.

1994 “Let’s kill millions of blacks, that’s how I roll.” Susan Rice in 1994, on comments about suppressing the knowledge of the Rwanda genocide so the world would not stop it or condemn this action. Conclusion, Mission Accomplished. Susan Rice was very successful in killing millions of blacks. She is very proud of this, and this is why Obama wants her to head up a top position in America, as the Secretary of State,  to make more of these great decisions that will kill more blacks.

Susan Rice: helped murder over 1,000,000 blacks at Rwanda, Africa, Obama (16 th Nov. 2012) anyone complain is a women hater and racist a sexist.  Obama called Lindsey Graham and John McCain, two U.S. Republican Senators sexist, racist and haters because they did not support the genocide of over 1,000,000 blacks in the Rwanda genocide. This is not an exaggeration, this is how these people operate and think. Lindsey Graham and John McCain believe Obama approved of Rice’s important historical record at the United Nations blaming an innocent Southern Californian Christian who made a video critical of Islamic abuse of women explained in their religion’s records, al hadīths’.  This video had been placed on Youtube since June of 2012, taken down allegedly on the 12 th of September 2012 at the Behest of the White House. Wolf Blitzer and C.N.N. revolted against this White House decision because Cooper and Blitzer believed the Jews were behind all of this, so they wanted to incite a 11th anniversary world protest against Christians to start, they hoped, World War III. Egyptians planned an 11th anniversary protest on 11th September 2012 to which was numerically significant so the Obama gang took advantage of blaming a video that ‘no one saw’ unless they had watched C.N.N. international on the massacre at ben Ghazī.

C.N.N. Founder and Owner in the 1970s ( Ted Turner) proposed killing about 95% of the human population, so it is not a stretch to believe that Wolf Blitzer tried to start World War III on 11 th anniversary of 9/11.


Susan Rice ABC News SEPT. 16, 2012

RICE: Well, Jake, first of all, it's important to know that there's an FBI investigation that has begun and will take some time to be completed. That will tell us with certainty what transpired.

But our current best assessment, based on the information that we have at present, is that, in fact, what this began as, it was a spontaneous -- not a premeditated -- response to what had transpired in Cairo. In Cairo, as you know, a few hours earlier, there was a violent protest that was undertaken in reaction to this very offensive video that was disseminated.

We believe that folks in Benghazi, a small number of people came to the embassy to -- or to the consulate, rather, to replicate the sort of challenge that was posed in Cairo. And then as that unfolded, it seems to have been hijacked, let us say, by some individual clusters of extremists who came with heavier weapons, weapons that as you know in -- in the wake of the revolution in Libya are -- are quite common and accessible. And it then evolved from there.

We'll wait to see exactly what the investigation finally confirms, but that's the best information we have at present.

Source: ake Tapper with Roundtable guests ABC News' George Will, Fox News Contributor and Co-Founder, Keep America Safe Liz Cheney, Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe Ret. General Wesley Clark, Senior Correspondent, "PBS NewsHour" and Moderator and... (National Television, ABC News, 'This Week' Transcript: U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice,' WASHINGTON DC, SEPT. 16, 2012).

Susan Rice removed a key report to the U.N. proving there was genocide in Rwanda, Africa, in 1993 so she could help kill over 1,000,000 poor and illiterate blacks, her enemies. Bill Clinton later wrote in his autobiography he was deeply saddened. Poor African Blacks are not as important as uppity privileged blacks of the United States of America – so killing masses of blacks in Africa was not a difficult choice for Susan Rice.

Ben Ghazī Susan Rice, Barak Hussein Obama,  Attack of 2012

Update 27 November 2012: Susan Rice finally admits she was wrong (27 November 2012) on statements regarding the origins and agents of the 11 th September 2012 terrorist attack at ben Ghazī, Libya. Critics claim Obama claimed it was a terrorist attack on the 12 th of September 2012 (National T.V., second debate with Gov. Mitt Romney) and Susan Rice ( part black, African American) claimed it was white people’s intolerance to Islam from 12th September to 27 th November 2012. Retired General David Petraeus and James Clapper the head of all the intelligence agencies told Congress they gave their report declaring this was a terrorist attack, known almost instantly. Obama threatened violence against Republicans saying do not go and attack Susan Rice on this issue, at him. So an admittance that Obama tries to start a global race war comes from Obama’s own admission. It is sad that Democrats and Republicans see him as too strong to challenge. The accusation against Rice remains is she an imbecile, incapable of thinking for herself, even as a black women or is she a lying robot that takes orders from a anti-European illegal U.S. President?

Ben Ghazī, Lybia, Hillary Clinton, Report blames the 7 th floor of the state department, where Hillary Clinton has a seat and an office.



Hillary Clinton stated that she will always be there for the American people at 3:00 a.m. in a Crisis. These were commercial political ads on television during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. So why did she ignore six months of warnings about security and new terrorist groupings in Libya, planning a 11 th of September ( 11 years) terrorist attack upon Americans in the middle east? So she left the country so she would not face the Senate committees and now home, a few miles away from capital hill; she claims she is sick, has mild brain damage, and cannot function. She does not have the astronomical or astrological signs to allow her to become president of the United States of America. So why does she play politics in covering up Obama’s agenda that attacks against white European Americans in the middle east are not terrorist attacks but foredoom fighters enacting jihad on Evil White Europeans? Barak H. Obama explains in his book that whites are the cause of all evil and Moslems are innocently blamed by white Christians.


Obama over and over for the last decade claims he does not meddle in foreign affairs. The fact that weapons used at the Ben Ghazi consulate were the vary American weapons funneled into Libya to be defrayed to the Cairo and Syrian opposition militia remains a truth Obama does not want to admit to the world.

Who was to Blame? No-one

Update ruse 26 Dec. 2012 Four (4) low level subordinates in the State Department to Hillary Clinton are said to have been fired – but News came out that this was a lie, and they just moved from one desk to another desk and non-resigned. Apparently the report claims a assistant to the assistant of the assistant of the deputy of the State Department was in total ( 100%) control on calling off the rescue and military intervention during the 22 hour ben Ghazī ordeal. Obama apparently was asleep for 24 hours and no one can question what he did not due to help stop the terrorist attack against Americans and others at Ben Ghazi, 11 th September 2012.

The Head of the State, Hillary Clinton, does not want to testify. She claims after he headaches and confusion lessen, she will jet out of America on a world trip and has no time to tell the American people where she was or what she was doing for 22 hours on the 11 September 2012 (11 th anniversary) terrorist attacks against Americans. Hillary Clinton took the fifth over 100 times when she testified to a secret select Committee on her husband defraying of WMD to Chinese for campaign contributions for the 1996 re election campaign by Bill Clinton.

below on front page from 7 December to 10 th of December.

Ben Ghazī Susan Rice, Barak Hussein Obama,  Attack of 2012

Susan Rice Helped Create Rwanda genocide : Why Do Blacks Kill Blacks?

(Burbank, CA. 29 Nov. 2012) Susan Rice: Obama’s candidate for the United States top appointments for 2012. Secretary of State or Homeland Security.

Susan Rice removed a key report to the U.N. proving there was genocide in Rwanda, Africa, in 1993 so she could help kill over 1,000,000 poor and illiterate blacks, her enemies. Bill Clinton later wrote in his autobiography he was deeply saddened that he did nothing to stop this massacre. Poor African Blacks are not as important as uppity privileged blacks of the United States of America, Susan Rice intends– so killing masses of blacks in Africa was not a difficult choice for Susan Rice.  (Read onward). I'm sure Susan would say her Boss, Bill Clinton, never told her to take that out of the U.N. Report. ! Susan Rice also believes white people are the emenies of the human race - -that is why she lied for over two months about ben Ghazī. So how was your day?

Susan Rice Admits She Lied To the American People and The World

Update 27 November 2012: Susan Rice finally admits she was wrong (27 November 2012) on statements regarding the origins and agents of the 11 th September 2012 terrorist attack at ben Ghazī, Libya. Critics claim Obama claimed it was a terrorist attack on the 12 th of September 2012 (National T.V., second debate with Gov. Mitt Romney) and Susan Rice ( part black, African American) claimed it was white people’s intolerance to Islam from 12th September to 27 th November 2012. Retired General David Petraeus and James Clapper the head of all the intelligence agencies told Congress they gave their report declaring this was a terrorist attack, known almost instantly. Obama threatened violence against Republicans saying do not go and attack Susan Rice on this issue, at him. So an admittance that Obama tries to start a global race war comes from Obama’s own admission. It is sad that Democrats and Republicans see him as too strong to challenge. The accusation against Rice remains is she an imbecile, incapable of thinking for herself, even as a black women or is she a lying robot that takes orders from a anti-European illegal U.S. President?

update: 12.23.12: Bushmaster .233 ( Funds U.C. Berkeley faculty’s pension plans, ref., student newspaper) was not classified by Bill Clinton as an assault rifle, during his gun legislations. Assault rifles have been banned since the 1930s  ( when the Italian, Sicily, Mafia used tommy-guns to kill innocent by-standers on street corners when offing one of their own people.  The reason why schools are the favorite targets of shooters remains they are ‘gun-free’ zones. In the olden days, school kids took gun classes, fired weapons, and learned about the value of self defense from a crazy world. Today, the leftwing politicians want to take away guns so the population is a gun free society. In this manner the government or dominating power can then use their guns in a gun free society and kill at will and with little to no opposition.


Last week of December 2012:


White House Lies, and blames Interns on ben Ghazi attack!

Ben Ghazī, Lybia, Hillary Clinton, Report blames the 7 th floor of the State Department, where Hillary Clinton has a seat and an office. Hillary claims virus and head injuries, and planned vacations -- she will never testify.  4 office clerks blamed; none fired but White House said they were fired; All are still working there and will continue too. Why? How do interns control the USA military? Obama is lying, but he admits he is a liar, and a killer to boot -- and you jump for joy about this fact. September 2012:  Progressed Moon conjunct Progressed Mars, ~ 18 Degrees of tropical Libra. Ascendant 29° Leo, projected ecliptical degree of alpha leonis ( Regulus).

Update ruse 26 Dec. 2012 Four (4) low level subordinates in the State Department to Hillary Clinton are said to have been fired – but News came out that this was a lie, and they had just moved from one desk to another desk, non-resigned. Apparently the report claims an assistant to the assistant of the assistant of the deputy of the State Department was in total ( 100%) control on calling off the rescue and military intervention during the 22 hour ben Ghazī ordeal. Obama apparently was asleep for 24 hours and no one can question what he did not due to help stop the terrorist attack against Americans and others at Ben Ghazi, 11 th September 2012.

Hillary Clinton stated that she will always be there for the American people at 3:00 a.m. in a Crisis. She failed that promise to the American people. Her college thesis ( Hillary Clinton’s Senor Thesis  ) proposes to solve political issues, allow government transparency -- no backroom deals or hidden motives. This failure to follow her own propositions to the world on how to live, act, and do politics reveals she has failed politically to the people, and can only receive support from the elite, rich, global-overlords, and warlords -- they are her only friends.

This 3:00 a.m. Hillary Clinton promises acted as a mother assuring her children she will be there in any time of their need. These were commercial political ads on television during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. So why did she ignore six months of warnings about security and new terrorist groupings in Libya, planning a 11 th of September ( 11 years) terrorist attack upon Americans in the middle east? So she left the country so she would not face the Senate committees and now home, a few miles away from capital hill; she claims she is sick, has mild brain damage, and cannot function.

The Head of the State, Hillary Clinton, does not want to testify. She claims after her headaches ( now claimed clot behind right ear) and confusion lessen, she will jet out of America on a world trip and has no time to tell the American people where she was or what she was doing for 22 hours on the 11 September 2012 (11th anniversary) terrorist attacks against Americans.  She also does not want to tell the world and American people why she refused six months of requests by one of the murdered Americans (Ambassador Stevens, graduate from Cal, Berkeley), so that she will not tolerate security for Christian European Americans and they must die so Obama gets his Muslim way. Obama says in his (faux authored) autobiographies he prefers Islam to Christianity if he was forced to choose. The United States of American was founded, constructed, managed, and operated, overwhelmingly by European Christians. If Obama wants to rule, he would run for office in an Islamic state rather than force American Christians to accept another religion that does not consider Christians political equals.    Hillary Rodham Clinton, as her husband too, turned out to be failures of epic proportions.

Hillary Clinton took the fifth over 100 times when she testified to a secret select Committee on her husband defraying of WMD to Chinese for campaign contributions for the 1996 re election campaign by Bill Clinton.

Disgrace to the Human Race.

Hillary Rodham Clinton on Humans murdered under her command: What does it Matter? Statement to U.S. House of Senate, 2013.

7 Embassy attacks while Hillary Clinton was Secratary  of State. None were called terrorst attacks.


Obama Was Absent During Benghazi Attack — Shocking Truths Emerge At Second Senate Libya Hearing
Feb. 7, 2013 3:00pm Mytheos Holt,  2013 TheBlaze LLC.


"That is the interpretation that has emerged from a series of shocking admissions by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in a hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday. Each of these admissions — breathlessly reported by the Weekly Standard and CNSNews — paints a picture of a White House that was perilously disengaged from the crisis as it was happening in real time."

"First, there was the bombshell that not only was President Obama not involved in the process except for a single phone call, but he was absent entirely from the White House during the attack. Video (all videos courtesy of the Weekly Standard) and reporting follows:

Panetta and Dempsey had a pre-scheduled meeting with Obama at 5:00 p.m. Washington, D.C. time on Sept. 11. The meeting lasted about thirty minutes. After it was over, they did not hear from Obama again or anybody else at the White House.

“Did you have any further communications with him that night?” Ayotte asked Panetta.

“No,” said Panetta.

“Did you have any other further communications? Did he ever call you that night to say how are things going, what’s going on, where’s the consulate?” asked Ayotte.

“No,” said Panetta. “But we were aware as we were getting information about what was taking place there, particularly when we got information that the ambassador, his life had been lost, we were aware that that information went to the White House.”

“Did you communicate with anyone else at the White House that night?” asked Ayotte.

“No,” said Panetta.

“No one else called you to say: How are things going?” asked Ayotte.

“No,” said Panetta.

Barely twenty minutes later, under questioning from South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, General Dempsey and Defense Secretary Panetta admitted that military assets had not been used at all in the attack.

Hillary Clinton Ignored Pleas by Ambassador Stevens and Staff in Lybia for Help on Protection for 9 months.

And speaking of Clinton, after another 30 minutes, another bombshell emerged: Secretary of Clinton hadn’t corresponded with the military or Department of Defense at all about the Benghazi attacks. In fact, neither Dempsey nor Panetta had any conversations with Clinton.

Republican Ted Cruz asked both Leon Panetta and Martin Dempsey, “In between 9:42 p.m., Benghazi time, when the first attacks started, and 5:15 am, when Mr. Doherty and Mr. Woods lost their lives, what converations did either of you have with Secretary Clinton?”

“We did not have any conversations with Secretary Clinton,” Panetta responded.

“And General Dempsey, the same is true for you?” Cruz asked. Dempsey confirmed this.

Given these revelations, one wonders in what possible context the previously photographed meeting between President Obama and his advisers on national security could have taken place. Or, if that meeting did concern Benghazi, why the President showed such little interest in responding to the crisis in real time. ( end excerpts of The Blaze post by Mytheos Holt.).


In responces: toiletclogga
Posted on February 7, 2013 at 3:12pm

Running guns in Libya doesn’t fit into the Obama/Democrat narrative that “guns are bad.” Arming our would be enemies also does not fit into the narrative.

My Comments: Obama has been involved in covert and proxy wars and was running Gun's through the ben Ghazī consulate, and Obama did not want any survivors or knowledge he knew what had transpired there after the attack. Obama desperately wants to take all protection away from Americans while arming the Muslim Brotherhood -- in which is the case. Hillary and her estranged husband ( they have not lived together for decades, except during their Presidency) sold WMD to the Chinese so they have no consciousness.

Hillary Clinton Incompetence as a Human Being

Sen. Ron Johnson, a plainspoken member of the class of 2010, was more aggressive. Why hadn’t the State Department interviewed survivors from the attacks immediately, to find out whether people were beseiged by a protest or by a terror attack?

“Senator, when you’re in these positions, the last thing you want to do is interfere with any other process going on,” Clinton said.

My Comments: Hillary had a mental breakdown from all of her lying on the second Lybian hearing, where she lost her lying skills for an instant and blurted out whom she really is to the world:

Asked about the People Responsible for Killing Americans, buring the U.S. Consulation/ Building at Ben Ghazi, Hillary screamed, " What does it matter."

Asked about the People Responsible for Killing Americans, burning the U.S. state-department Building at Ben Ghazi, Hillary Rodham Clinton screamed, " What does it matter."  Exactly, Hillary Does Not Care About humans only proliferating Nuclear Weapons Technology to the Chinese Military for Multi Millions of campaign contributions from oversee Asian weapons brokers to running Guns to al Qu’aeda because her Boss, Obama proclaims al Qu’aeda is not the Enemy, it is the Christians and the Good People on Earth.


(4) Eric Holder, Barack Hussein Obama II, decree that murdering U.S. Citizens without due process and murdering U.S. citizens by drone- strikes because the U.S. Leader or its ilk do not value your views , and so this secret legislation became permissible by executive fiat ( E.O.) on 3 rd - 4 th of February 2013.


On Sean Hannity, Fox News cable on 26 February 2013, a prominent black Democratic Party leader, supports Obama 100% started yelling, calling all Republicans war criminals for waterboarding three of the terrorists connected to 11 September 2001 attack on the U.S.A. and claimed maiming children, destroying families, killing innocent children and women by global drone strikes ordered by Obama officials and Obama himself are permissible, legal, and the correct thing to do. He said these two things were unrelated.  He intends it is Republican crime to splash water on faces of known mass murderers but it is not a crime to target, kill, maim, and destroy innocent humans across the globe by hell fire missiles because a half-black president ordered these Target Killings. At some point, the 90% media, T.V., cable, movie supporters of the Democratic Party must step into line with this Black Democratic Party official. Sean Hannity eventually kicked him off the air after he started to scream explicatives directed at all Conservatives, Republicans.  The summery or relevancy of this empirical direction of the country implies a disconnect to justice, logic, and shows a blatant disregard for innocent and often very poor Women and Children, forced to live in squalor in poor countries.

John Kerry Secretary of State 2013 (updated 23 April 2013)

U.S.A. military traitor, John Kerry, 0.001%, of the most richest U.S. officials in the history of the world, and $250,000 a year tax evader, by his own admission, has claimed, ‘There is no need to investigate ben Ghazī.’

John Kerry, of the most wealthy, rich, U.S. government officials of all time; claimed U.S. military is Genghis Khan reincarnated, now heads of the Secretary of state position. He claims there is no need to look or investigate ben Ghazī, and people should shut their mouths and leave the Obama administration alone. John Kerry while Senator of Massachusetts aloud the 9/11 terrorists to go through security at Logan International Airport, history shows. Three months before the attack, an F.B.I. memo was thrown into the trashcan, and this memo told Kerry to make changes and have more strict security in the airport because of terrorist plot warnings. Kerry threw the memo into the trash, his own words, he did not believe in any terrorist plot.

April 2013: Jay Carney, the White House 'main' Media Relations for Obama cried to these Press Corps reporters at the White House that ben Ghazī was 'ancient news' and Americans should forget about the fact that Obama put into jail a white Christian from southern California claiming he started all chaos in the Middle East. And you do not believe Obama is an anti-Christ? Common.

House of Representatives report 43-page report : Obama and State Department lied on ben Ghazī to the American People and the World.

May 4 2013:

The Benghazi Talking Points
And how they were changed to obscure the truth
May 13, 2013, Vol. 18, No. 33 • By STEPHEN F. HAYES

"The discussions involved senior officials from the State Department, the National Security Council, the CIA, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the White House. The exchange of emails is laid out in a 43-page report from the chairmen of five committees in the House of Representatives."

"The White House [ Obama] provided the emails to members of the House and Senate intelligence committees for a limited time and with the stipulation that the documents were available for review only and would not be turned over to the committees. "

Archangel Michael Comment: The Chinese Do the Same Thing to Researches of Mao Tse-tung: Cannot bring writing materials or take home his archival materials. Mao Tse-tung only campaigned, may few disastrous rulings, and was loved by the elite Chinese people because he slaughtered the poor and homeless -- the city uppidies, loved this, and  they helped out in these gruesome genocides, permissible under Communism, which the Democratic Party adores. The C.C.P. does not allow truth on their satanic leaders to be known to their people. Like Mao Tse-tung's modus operandi, Obama continuously campaigns and blames others for everything.

"Within hours of the initial attack on the U.S. facility, the State Department Operations Center sent out two alerts. The first, at 4:05 p.m. (all times are Eastern Daylight Time), indicated that the compound was under attack; the second, at 6:08 p.m., indicated that Ansar al Sharia, an al Qaeda-linked terrorist group operating in Libya, had claimed credit for the attack. According to the House report, these alerts were circulated widely inside the government, including at the highest levels. The fighting in Benghazi continued for another several hours, so top Obama administration officials were told even as the fighting was taking place that U.S. diplomats and intelligence operatives were likely being attacked by al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists. A cable sent the following day, September 12, by the CIA station chief in Libya, reported that eyewitnesses confirmed the participation of Islamic militants and made clear that U.S. facilities in Benghazi had come under terrorist attack. It was this fact, along with several others, that top Obama officials would work so hard to obscure."  Read more at The Weekly Standard:  google " the Title."

Archangel Michael Comment:

Obama spent the next two weeks on television, cable news, media, press, explaining to the world that the attacks that killed Americans, and the first U.S. ambassador since 1971 was because of a poverty-stricken coptic Christian who decried Egyptians genocides of Coptic Christians at Egypt and in general the middle east during the Arab state revolts from 2008- to current. Obama told the Americans that this poverty stricken Christian was the problem to the world, he must be punished. This is a sign of the anti Christ, in the U.S.A. holy of holies, the Oval Office. ( 3:18 p.m. 4 May 2013). Obama deliberately made  False Accusations.

Three State Department Whistleblower Emerge – in Fear for their families’ lives and their own.

5- 6 May 2013: WoW:

Mark I. Thompson: Hillary Clinton and Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy told the Counterterrorism Bureau, “ You are Not Allowed to be involved,” this is a kingship matter for Mr. Obama.!’ “Thompson's lawyer, Joseph diGenova, a former U.S. attorney, has further alleged that his client has been subjected to threats and intimidation by as-yet-unnamed superiors at State, in advance of his cooperation with Congress.”

Daniel Benjamin, who ran the department's Counterterrorism Bureau at the time, and was out of the country during the attacks says, a few days later Hillary Clinton did say 'help us.' However, we needed to scrub the truth from the public to protect Obama our lord and master.

"The counterterrorism officials, however, concluded that Clinton and Kennedy were immediately wary of the attacks being portrayed as acts of terrorism, and accordingly worked to prevent the counterterrorism bureau from having a role in the department's early decision-making relating to them."

[Hillary] Clinton sought end-run around counterterrorism bureau on night of Benghazi attack, witness will say

By James Rosen, Chad Pergram

Published May 06, 2013

"Documents from the State Department, the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Council, first published in the May 13 edition of "The Weekly Standard," showed that senior officials from those agencies decided within days of the attacks to delete all references to Al Qaeda's known involvement in them from "talking points" being prepared for those administration officers being sent out to discuss the attacks publicly."

Gregory N. Hicks, the deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Libya at the time of the Benghazi terrorist attacks. Rep. Issa during an appearance on the CBS News program "Face the Nation" on Sunday"
[...] related that "Hicks told the committee that he and his colleagues on the ground in Libya that night knew instantly that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, and that he was astonished that no one drafting the administration's talking points consulted with him before finalizing them, or before U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice delivered them on the Sunday talk shows of Sept. 16." "[...] Victoria Toensing, a former chief counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee, has charged that Hicks, too, has faced threats of reprisal from unnamed superiors at State. (Toensing and diGenova, who are representing their respective clients pro bono, are married.)."

Lessons to Arabs from Obama and from Hillary:

Lessons to Arabs from Obama and from Hillary: The U.S.A. government, meaning us, we kill people and we lie about it for our political agendas. Bill Clinton: “Yeah baby, that’s the way to do it!” The pop-culture of America, meaning Beyoncé, J-Z, Rianana, M.T.V., et al. love and support these people – this is what they aspire to worship, prostrate too, and ultimately become – pathological murderers.

Ben Ghazī :  Story now clear from whistleblowers: People who were there at the attack in ben Ghazī, Lybia, but were threatened by the Obama regime to remain silent or lose their careers or life. The brave are coming out to expose this dangerous world criminal, Obama.

Obama kills ( allegedly) Usama bin Laden,

Obama brags  to the world, he stopped terrorism. There are no more terrorists; Obama laughs that Muslims and Republicans are not humans. To Obama, Christians, Muslims and Republicans are not human, they are too stupid to understand him and his daddy infactuation.

The Arabs react, and plan protests for anniversary on Sept. 11, 2012. Hillary Finds out by mid - June. Does nothing, Ambassador Stevens complains, no answers.

Knowing of the protesters plans months ahead of time, a low lever C.I.A. , female operative, at Cairo writes an apology to These Muslims about 9/11/01, hoping on 09.11.13 these Muslims will not storm the U.S. safe buildings and kill them all. This begins a social media phenomena, spreads the message across the Middle East, spontaneous/ and the planned protests erupt. Obama makes a meeting to see how to down-play the U.S.A. continual murder of children and women in the Middle East for fun and games ( Drone strikes by Obama have killed 100s of innocent women and children, even Obama laughs and admits this). The liberal media, including Fox News, makes sure this information does not get to your pallet.

State Department : whistleblower'  Greg Hicks (Gregory N. Hicks, the deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Libya at the time of the Benghazi terrorist attacks.) gets a phone call from Ambassador Stevens at bin Ghazī, Libya (who later was murdered during the terrorist attack) telling him a terrorist attack was taking place ( in real time). Hicks calls Hillary, and Hillary says, “I will take care of it.” Nothing happens for the next 8 hours. Hillary leaves the U.S.A., claims sickness and announces retirement and only appears before the Senate in January of 2013, claiming “What does it matter?”   Hicks is threatened by Obama’s henchmen to keep silent, and others to lose their families and lives. Obama then goes on all  the Television Talk Shows, Cable News, White House press briefings, for three weeks claiming some poverty stricken Egyptian Christian started ben Ghazi attacks, and these spontaneous protests all around the world against the U.S.A. Obama to show he has authority, puts this innocent person into Jail.

Leon Panetta, head of C.I.A. has a scheduled meeting with Obama at 5:00 p.m., this was not a special meeting, as Obama told the world at the Televised 2 nd Presidential Debate against Mitt Romany;  Obama lied to make a point that with the oblique captioned photo, this was proof he was engaged ( he lied to the world with the intent to murder more U.S. citizens). This will  make the Academic history books, claiming Obama was engaged in ben Ghazī, it was a right-wing conspiracy, when in fact, Obama never calls Leon Panetta again; Panetta then has to be silent as Obama and Hillary meet and prepare the Susan Rice ( Hillary’s main squeeze or helper, she started in the World Bank, IMF) talking points of blaming a poverty stricken Christian  for the United Nations briefing. This, again, will make the history books of the liberals – because they are lazy to investigate any truths and have agendas, they believe nothing a liberal does could ever hurt anyone – and school kids will be taught falsities and stir the world into more conflict out of hatred and misplaced antagonism.

Ben Ghazī comes up as the last topic for that 5:00 p.m. C.I.A. meeting ( the attacks have occurred for 2 hours and will take place another 6 hours, in two separate attacks the second have not taken place during the meeting and some of the killed at this point are still alive for many hours; Obama calls down Panetta’s solution to send in the Special Forces with a C-1, 30, stationed and ready to go at Tripoli, Africa, a part of Africa Command, a part of the U.S.A. global security which is in fact an outpost for imperialism purposes – as well as keeping eyes on Asian business influences that are building roads and building for poor Africans – something Obama disagrees with).

Obama has beta persei ( Arabic, al gol, the most evil star in the heavens, according to many ancient to many modern esoteria and astrological opinions) in an alignment to his natal Moon – which is in a triangle harmony to Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Claudius Ptolemy circa 150 A.D., Alexandria, North Africa, claims stars of this constellation of Peruses causes the native to lie, portray a dishonest mannerism, shown to be a fraud.

Obama believed he defeated terrorists, so he concludes this was just a protest, makes no more enquiries to C.I.A. about ben Ghazī , until a day later. beta persei forces Obama to believe he is in competition to discredit Republicans historically, so he needs to claim he alone defeated terrorism, world-wide. Delusional is perhaps a characteristic trait of the Ptolemy’s dishonesty aspect of al gol, Peruses in general.

Obama puts out press release, weeks later, after the second presidential debate, that this was a special meeting with the C.I.A. chief,  and he was engaged ( lie) form the start. If this is true, and he did say this on national Television, this is high-crimes “treason.” Many are calling this Obama’s Watergate.

Presidential contender, Mitt Romney, critical of the ben Ghazī issue gets the full blame by the media – because he calls it a terrorist attack. The media calls it Christian intolerance.  They blame an innocent Coptic Christian. Wolf Blitzer who initially blamed the Boston Marathon terrorist attacks on White Christians (  and members of the Tea Party) during the ben Ghazi terrorist attack ran a video no one saw and said it was Christian Intolerance, an Egyptian Coptic complaining of Religious persecution in Egypt. Blitzer claimed this was a right-wing protests by Muslims at ben Ghazi, sick of Christians defaming Islam (Wolf Blitzer’s wet dream religion). So C.N.N. tries to start world war III; blames innocent people and an entire civilization, Hillary runs out of the country, and Obama continues to tell the world he is teacher of these stupid white Christians.

Obama’s teachable moments: 8 hours and two separate attacks, no one sent to help

8 hours and two separate attacks, no one sent to help, a decision by Hillary or by Obama – this is their number one job. There was an election taking place, Hillary’s reputation, and Obama's campaign platform cheered there was no more terrorists -- he and the Democrats had defeated him. The U.S.A. government lies, it has done so for more than a half of a century. Then it wants us to believe it as it threatens whistleblowers who contradict the talking points of Obama and Hillary.

Then in May of 2013, news comes out that Whistleblowers were threatened and silenced. Obama addresses this new claim and says he has no idea of it going on and he will get to the bottom of the issue. His press secretary, the same day, says that ben Ghazī is ancient news --- ' let us forget about this!' -- Jay Carney. This mirrors Hillary Clinton’s voicing in the Senate hearings on ben Ghazī: “What does it mater, anyway?” Drunk with power, the administration is anti-Hope, and anti-Change!

Susan Rice's talking points were changed by Obama's permission to cover up the fact that Obama believes he is a god, and he defeated all terrorists across the world – as he consistently brags to the world-- totally self delusional, ref. beta persei-to-Moon.

FACTS: Protestors chanted across the Muslim World on 11 Sept. 2012 ( the 11 th anniversary of the 9/11 acts) chanted 'We are all Osama(s),' -- this pointed to the fact that protests were in anger to Obama killing a man who claimed 161 times to the Middle Eastern media he had no involvement in 11 September 2001 A.D. terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentagon. Most Americans and the world still believe ( because of the Democratic Party’s myth making on Usama ( Osama) bin Laden) Usama bin Laden planed, funded and orchestrated the 11 September 2,001 A.D. terrorist attacks on the U.S.A.

Protests on anniversary of 9/11/01 over the U.S. invading sovereign territory, a lower Cairo female employee of the U.S.A. writes an apology to the spontaneous protest, this creates a middle east protest ( not a video no one saw, this was a lie by Hillary and Obama) and the administration tries to harmonize all these protests to be linked to ben Ghazī ( no protests were ever witnessed!)  a mysterious video, no one saw, only CNN played ( so they were in conspiracy with Hillary and Obama) ; Whistleblowers told by Hillary and told by Obama to shut - up or these whistleblower would lose their careers or even their lives.


8 May 2013: ben Ghazī Whistleblowers testimony. beta persei, co-culimination day, Venus PED rel. to

These Pleiades = justice.


Libya known as a terrorist heaven since 2009.

Obama owns Libya: He went into Libya, helped assassinate Mummer Kaddafi, sent into Libya high-power weapons, and invaded this country as it was a property of the United States of America. Obama claims he told Panetta and Clinton at 5:00 ( two hours into the attack) to take care of it – he wants no part of this ownership problem. Obama promoted he alone made the world a peaceful Earth, so he did not understand the ‘blow-back’ of his murderous and imperialistic auctions. Many believe Obama was running Guns from Libya to Syria and Egypt; this is like domestically running 17 city-wide operations to arm the Latin Drug cartels with high-powered automatic weapons so they could invade the U.S.A., gun –down as many U.S. citizens as possible,  a program increased under Eric Holder by 5,000%, during the Obama club. Obama wants to do away with guns but runs them to terrorist organizations every-day and the left-wing media chant his name over this program. They love death-by-guns, that is why they want them out of the hands of the little people, so they can gun-down us for their own viewing sexual pleasure. Hillary did not allow reinforcements so she could get video of death of Americans which is almost beyond erotic to her – and Obama is in agreement – this is why Obama kills little Children and admits it, saying it is a necessary collateral murder. Again, the left-wing cheers these erotic killings by the Obama club as a form of sexual entertainment. There is no other reason. Obama and Hillary are not killing terrorists like the Bush administration had done, they are killing children and claiming they targeted ‘real’ bad people – when the truth is they do not know or have realizable knowledge of these people. It is murder for the sake of sick-pleasure.


Washington D.C. 8 May 2013: ben Ghazī ‘ heroic’ Whistleblowers' testimony.

Time: The Attacks!

Gregory Hicks gets call by Ambassador Stevens ( Cal alumni) : “We are being attacked , help! help!, fire-fights, they are starting fires, shooting rockets.”


Hicks then calls the State Department, 7 th floor where Hillary Clinton, The Secretary of State, and she picks up the phone. Here is the conversation.


Hicks: Hillary ! The consulate at ben Ghazī, Libya is under a terrorist attack. Ambassador Stevens just phoned me, I called again, no phone, pleading You to Help us, send in support. People are going to die.


Hillary Clinton:  “what does it matter,” this place if far away and no one cares. the attack will be over shortly. I’ll blame an innocent Christian, that ‘s how I roll.


Hicks: how do you know? Please scramble some jets from Tripoli, about 25 minuets, we can scare these attackers – they are about to attack again.


Hillary: Do not worry; this attack is just a part of your imagination. I’m going to become president some day, and I will kill you!

Hicks: What the F*#%? , Eh, we do not know if more attacks are on their way, it could last days, we are under heavy fire. please help us.


Hillary: shut up you freakin’ idiot. Obama is my lord and master, he solved all the world’s problem, there is no terrorists anymore. You must be a liar. Bye retard!


Hillary slams the phone down, and continues to plan her vacations, frame an innocnet Egyptian Coptic Christian. Then she gets a call from Panetta, and he says, we need to cover this up, let us blame it on a Christian Arab. That way we can kill two birds with one stone.


Hillary: that’s a great idea, I just told Gregory Hicks on the Phone that is what I will do, we must be buddies of the evil plan.  I’ll call my other buddy Wolf Blitzer and have him speculate that this was a spontaneous protest turned attack because of a Christian who attack Islam.


Panetta: wow, hill, you are evilly smart are you not? Let’s stand down the military, as our master’s wishes!


Hillary: Giggle, laugh. All Hail Master Obama!

Archangel Michael: And this is proof of the smartest women alive?

Gregory Hicks  demoted, his lawyer claims he and his friends and family are threatened by persons in the U.S. State Department.

The only pathway to the U.S. Presidency for Hillary is for her to come out against her own party’s decision and narrative – which is, was, and will be, based upon lies. The anti Christs, described in Books of John 1, and 2. identify anti-Christs are harmful liars.

Gregory Hicks tried to get the State Department to scramble jets to scare these people off,  this is hours before the lethal mortar attacks. Even the small teams close to the consulate were told to stand down and they could have at least offered medical first-aid. Hillary did not like this Gregory Hicks suggestion. She is a part of Satan’s team.  Hillary said the attack will last only a few hours. Hicks replied, how do you know this? Hillary, I’m the smartest women alive. Hicks, but what if this attack last for days, can’t we try to scare them by scrambling jets? Hillary: No, “what does it matter?”

Washington D.C. 8 May 2013: ben Ghazī ‘ heroic’ Whistleblowers' testimony, general media coverage

WITNESS: Anti-islamic YOUTUBE video 'non-event' in Libya...

FLASHBACK: CLINTON: 'Inflammatory material posted on Internet'...

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White House claims 'attempts to politicize'...
'Operation Smear' already underway...
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Cheney rips 'leadership'...
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( this was on 8 May 2013, PST).


This star is known as al Ghoul ( al gol, Arabic) and Claudius Ptolemy links Peruses constellation, to which this star resides, beta persei, bayer cat., to liars, dishonesty, and evil deeders.


It is fitting that three ben Ghazī whistleblowers emotionally testified on this day that Hillary Clinton, Obama and others killed U.S.A. citizens so Obama could be reelected as the U.S.A. President. Obama had been campaigning that he, he alone, ended all terrorism against the Untied States of America because of the color of his skin and self-proclaimed ‘smartee pants.’


Hillary Clinton during the time of the ben Ghazī attacks by upset Arabs over Obama’s murder assassinations in the Middle East of many world leaders she had gone through a progressed Moon squared Chiron and passing alignment to Saturn – within the fall of 2012 to the spring of 2013 , time use by Hillary Rodham’s mothers’ time of birth, modern progression system. These transits show a difficult change in life. Hillary was not scheduled to retire, she did so after covering up for Obama’s narrative that he is the World’s Peacemaker, he, and he alone, as he rhetoricaized on the campaign stumps of 2012 that he had ended terrorism and that he had ended  hatred against America as we knew it;  and in addition, Obama claimed he alone killed bin Laden during that summer. When Hillary faced tough questions in the U.S.A senate special committee and was pressed to why her actions led to the killing and maiming of U.S.A. and some Libyan citizens by her non-actions to this ben Ghazī event, she screamed” What does it Matter!” This is a sign of sever and untreated mental illness.


Hillary Clinton started the grass-roots conspiracy movement commonly known as the Truthers’. This movement intended then President G. W. Bush, Jr (43 rd U.S.A. President) had known prior to the attacks on New York and the Pentagon, 11 September 2,001 A.D. or had conducted the attacks by remote-controlled airplanes with missiles and demolition explosives by ‘holding up in the chambers of the U.S. Senate, publically for the media and the world to see, a newspaper with large bold font that stated “Bush Knew” about 9/11/01. This is the actions of a very mentally disturb human. Hillary Clinton was elected to the U.S. Senator position of New York because Eric Holder promised and delivered to free Puerto Rican Terrorist from jails who had bombed and killed New York Policeman – she won all of their votes. Eric Holder won her loyalty, now works as head of the Department of Justice running high powered fully-automatic weapons from 16 cities (Known as operation Fast and Furious) to the most dangerous gangs of South America so they could come across the boarder to kill U.S. boarder agents (which they achieved) and further Bill, Hillary and Obama’s agendas of ‘take away the guns because of violence.’ There have been 10,000s of murders and many have been identified by these serial numbers and DOJ tracking numbers to hordes of innocent victims, both Latin and Americans. Now it is not difficult to understand that Bill and Hillary were selling weapons of mass destruction to the various Chinese militaries for Chinese state department campaign contributions, erroneously claimed as returned. James Raidy at his trial ( I had someone there sitting near an AP famous reporter) at Los Angeles correctly testify that none of the money reported returned by the D.N.C. was ever returned. They had told him the Clintons had spent it all. Three secret court cases, and over 141 pleas of the 5 th combined by Hillary and Bill, over $44,000,000 was directly tied to foreign Asian contributions for Bill Clintons election campaigns.


White House meets privately with press to discuss Benghazi...

10 May 2013 ben Ghazī News. \

ABCNEWS: Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions, Scrubbed of Terror Reference...
Petraeus Expressed Frustration At Altered Account...
ATTORNEY: Whistleblower demoted, threatened...

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Bank Account in Cash: $100,000,000.oo ( 2013 A.D., one hundred Million Dollars! ), But yet, Hillary Clinton’s combined salary for her whole political life would be about $1,000,000, so we know the U.S.A. is ‘absolutely corrupted’ and the state of the Democrats own the propagandist media.

CBS Anchor: 'We Are Getting Big Stories Wrong, Over and Over Again'...
'Our house is on fire'...


Obama Administration Allowed Radical Cleric to Curse US Navy SEAL Heroes in Arabic at Funeral Services ( news 10 May 2013). Use of Bible not Allowed, only the Use of the Qu'ran, the Muslim Holy Book


( Aug.09.2013 There have been 24 people murdered by U.S. led drone strikes in the Middle East in the last 24 hours, local radio and web news reports. There were some other nations involved, but that news is sketchy.).