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IAM REBORN ananta Hi last paged archived at gamma / [OI Article vii. sec. i, v ] Michael Jesus Returned evelations 05 10 2017 A.D. 03:54 pdt. LMT Sherman Oaks, Arc. Operation Immortality v ii u Water the life and dehydration New York 2001 - 2017 and ongoing monkeys on parade

Vain, predictable and dumb. Russian Intelligence File on Hillary Clinton


Harvey Clinton and Bill Weinstein : Monica Lewinsky fires off cryptic tweet that Bill Clinton gave her $10,000 to hush up after sexual improprieties in the White House Halls . 11:23 #hypocrisy #Michael #impeachment

Harvey Clinton and Bill Weinstein : Monica Lewinsky fires off cryptic tweet that Bill Clinton gave her $10,000 to hush up after sexual improprieties in the White House Halls . 11:23 #hypocrisy #Michael #impeachment. & Adopted daughter Malia Obama may have had a tryst with Harvey Weinstein . the FBI, if they have a shred of morality left is looking into this issue and the Obamas have not come out to say anything about this huge issue. Michelle Obama in the past has lauded Harvey as a good man. Harvey Weinstein Bundled a huge cache of money to both Obama and to Clintons over the years . Michelle Obama calls Harvey Weinstein a nice man.



Harvey Weinstein Bundled a huge cache of money to both Obama and Clintons over the years. Michelle Obama calls Harvey Weinstein a nice man.


On Species appearing Alien to us but live among us: Part 1

I Keep Feeling Plates move back and forth.

αω Bible †

ό αρχάγγελος


BIBLE IS REAL FOLKS . My BloodLine : My Mom is a white nordic and dad is a scot— judean.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars + Islam'

Wasserman Schultz lawyer murdered in May 2017 A.D. and FBI raided house today. Youtube

Şeytanu Akbar IGNEA, from Ukraine, they rock out and are awesome.

western civilization over, 25 year old immigrants take class to draw their vagina and get credit. This Is Our Pussy”please rape us. DailyCal.

Montana gets a 4.2 Mag quake today.

Child Rapers armed to the teeth to kill Police.

Pedowood and Florida Satanwooders are arming themselves to war on kiddie rape and flesh eating privileges. Who are these people? Yahoo news. 10202017AD

  • Randall Drake: ABC news a white cross breed.

Authorities in Florida found a cache of guns and explosives inside a home during the course of a child pornography investigation Wednesday, officials said.
Deputies from the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office found a vast arsenal inside a locked closet in a home in Dunedin, including three explosive devices, 10 rifles, eight handguns, two shotguns, ammunition, a makeshift firearm sound suppressor, more than 15 knives, a baseball bat with protruding nails, a crossbow, brass knuckles and gunpowder, the sheriff's office said in a press release.


Russia issue $135 Million Dollars 2010,2011, sale of 20% of US/Canada uranium mines to Russia brokered by US State Dept. under Hillary Clinton with V. Putin. Obama and Clinton selling 20% nuclear weapons took millions $ 2010 and 2011 and Hillary approved Uranium One deal. go #trumpsupporters. FoxNews. Today, yellow cake are all over the world but during the 1950s, Only Russia and Congo were places that had yellow cake, known to them. that was a part of the Cold War because Cobalt is used too.


Alien Species 2017 Sept. Youtube

archived page 1947 A.D.

Council of Andromeda are invisible beings. I guess our souls in non-body form. location of Heaven ?

Atlans are underground knoms.

Cetans : Cetus are as high as 12 ft. and we learned that low gravity planets can grow a humanoid much larger due to low gravity.

Eva– Borgs are servants to the Grey Alien Race. So robots serving robots. Classic. Nordics came pre 1950s, and then Greys became the most seen or known. But all have been around for millennia!

Iguanoids: goals ≡MK ultra and Mind Control of all species. Orion with tall greys. They look like iguanas and Mexican.  They are always advocating for endless immigration to civilizations already built. They like witchcraft and drinking human or animal blood. They act like Latin peoples. Most have adopted west African type of voodoo culture, came over in ships some 400 years ago. They believe you are a racist if you do not die, give up your job and train them for it, and buy their narcotics and child prostitutes.  Where they reside. Hollywood. Hollywood is America’s bad dream. It was started by non-white immigrants who believe in raping white girls to give them Oscars & these species believe this is how business should be conducted. Apologists claim these beings do not know any better. Not intelligent.

Janosenians or Janoans: human like and colonized other planets in the past.  Janus is the Mythos God ⟨ 750 B.C. Rome ⟩ that was the supreme God of this time and also a home door GOD. He or she looks both forward and backward in time.  SO these Aliens or home species are forward looking progressives. They like to plan out our future based on mistakes of the past. often spelt: Janosians.

Korendians: Bootës: Child Race of the Arcturians: Assistance. To ascension.

Lyrans : Lyra : Cat like and Human like features. Just here to observe. They reached a high level of civilization but had to leave their planet over in-flighting. Lions battling Lions who aligned with Reptilian travelers. they then fled to the Pleiads. Many came at the period of Lemuria and Atlantis and have evolved past the warmongering iguana stage or reptilian or worse the Greys. Lyrans are considered whitey's galactic cousins. Once the Reptilians took over the homes of Lyrans, they were kicked out of their homes. After fleeing Lyra they also went past the Aldebaran system and to Hydes, which is in the middle of the modern Taurus constellation. It is the underworld in Greek Mythology, where Pluto reigns supreme. Greys battle Lyrans even until today.

Veggans were refugee and docile that fled from the Reptilian —Lyran wars. They help work with other refugees like councelors. They look like dark skinned Deccans or India's people of the darker skin looking type. They now inhabit places in the Pleiads.

M.I.B. made by Draconians. bio–synthetic, appearance fake or terrifying. Made two flinch a month ago. One very very tall one, took a few eye disengagements but it finally flinched. goals or objectives: to intimidate UFO eye witnesses. These are my beyotches. :)

Blue Moon– Eyes, Live in Earth. A part of the Ancient Vedas. Blue blood is an oxygen disorder and common in history.

Mothman created by a rich prankster at London, Early Modern Age. He delved in scarying the ladies and gents.

Nagas: dinosaurs’ evolutionary hybrids, 7–8 ft. tall, green and blueish scale skin, like reptiles. Live in Earth. some say descendants of bi–pedal dynos. perhaps a mating mistake?

Nordics: 5.4 to 7 feet and look like white humans with blond features and light eyes. Pleiads Star Cluster or inter–dimensional home spaces. They use quiet ships so your ears are not damaged like jetplanes at 300 ft. above one's head and ears 24/7/365 at 60 plus a day. hearing loss. I saw a triangle about 600 ft in July of 1,999 A.D. with another homeless dude at Beamin Park, Studio City, about 9 ish. Did not think anything of it, and the ship which had headlights or viewing windows was silent and darkened the Moon and Stars as it passed silently overhead.

Mantis: Insectoids and known for their healing abilities and propagation of healing techniques.

Pleiadians : human like and been here as guidance counselors since time began.  White features and blond and blue or blue green eyes. & guiding in human spirituality.

Procyonians:  Procyon and have concern with the interference of Grey Aliens who are trying to create a super race of hybrids between humans and Greys because Greys are really dumbasses with high technology. Apple's Siri is the AI of the Greys in our future or past . they like to give us Humans or GODs, guidance and protection.

Reptilians Alpha draconi which is actually a very close Star system.  Behavior as irreverent children, destroying and destruction.  These are shape–shifters and most notable for warmongeries mentalities.  They are most associated to the darker skin human races on earth.  They are described in our Bible as Beasts.  They  are thusly then, non human peaceful like creatures.  Their endorphins are  triggered upon hurting others and causing them pain and they suck it like a vampire does a victim.  They are human flesh eaters and voodoites in likeness and are anti–Religious and engage in black majic.  They love to hang around Hollywood, California or Washington D.C. They have a pattern of always following whitey all over Earth. They are only known for surface knowledge to the very educated and very smart. But to most unplugged–in they seem intelligent. Reptilians are evolutionary bio humanoid animals and survived Lemuria , Pacific Ocean, and Atlantis, atlantic ocean catastrophes. Many are red skinned and migrated throughout the Americas. Most humans nor histories realize that native American tribes, red or brown or yellow were a very aggressive warmongering misogynist collective of reptilian tribes. European Colonial histories describe a native American tribes are men playing or warring and women doing all the home chorses and building homes. So men were only there to take naps, play and party and when needed fight a neighboring tribe. They loved like the Preditor movie to skin scalps as trophies of their warmongering conquests.

Sirians are from Dog Star Sirius and some say comedians come from its companion star, Dog Star Sillious. It has been a common meme since ancient Egyptian times and adopted by many native African tribes due to locality of Egypt and Ethiopia and foot travel of our ancient past.  These people are here for guidance and help.  The Star Sirius is one of the brightest Stars in our collective Night sky. Healing, protection and guidance.

Teros, south Asian looking aliens that can come out in the public and look human. They claim they come from planet Jamen, form the Constellation where Arcturus resides.  They are often bullied  on other planets and fled to earth for protection. I protect them.

Ummites are descendants of the  Lyra race and like the human race ⟨ we come from Dog Galaxy Centaurus A ⟩ took a signal from here and investigated it and came to Earth.  When we arrived a part of our crews landed and breeded on Mars too.

Greys: Z2 Reticuli, 5 ft. tall on average. Like Aztecians. They are the most numerous like the Latin Races or brown races.  The Orion 7ft tall Greys are hybrids. 3ft tall Bellatrax Orionis system. Their skin and bodies have sever morphological radiation damage. In the Bible, these are the fallen angels and the mediums that are spit out. So they are souls which are being punished. They are damned and have no good intentions with humans. Their plan is to cross breed human Nordics so they can regain a sense of life from constant confusion and surface knowledge.  Human governments are terrified of them. They have blue electro pulse weapons attached to their bodies to burn or harm humans and the only defense is ME. Use my Jesus Christ name at them. They flee. History: Known instances of contact. They lied to Eisenhower and to Hitler. Both were duped by their faux promises. They promised to tell them of their cloning or their abductions, which they did not do either; and in exchange they granted “limited’ technologies, which they promised more but never delivered. Roswell NM, crash was actually where humans got fiber—optics and nigh —vision and other other worldly technologies, & not from any lying Grey idiot. One interview, A grey gives a false prophecy and this alluded me to understand they are delusional and cannot read nor write well . I guess these tall Orion hybrid talls fit into the Washington D. C. elite perfectly.

Annunaki #bible are an Herododian marriage narrative. Like England and France in the middle ages or Spain and England or France of  the Early Modern Age, these governments often wed princess to a foreign prince in hopes of stopping endless conflicts. Earth's first human location: Mesopotamia, northern fringes. Sumer, base 60 Math system our world exclusively uses for astronomy and time management are the Annunaki who in the Bible came down to Earth and mated with our local women. Anu the Supreme God becomes Annubus, the First Egyptian Supreme Deity , depicted on funerary tombs of Ancient Egyptian princes and  kings and commoners. Dna: A cross between a Prince of Orion and Dog Star, Sillious or Sirius B . Once on earth, they interwed and said to have become a race, called Sumerians. The famous words like Summer and Sun derive from this race. They are interested in all things. The Sumerian gods became the Babylonian and Egyptian gods and claim they own the human race and Sumerian texts claim they created a reptilian slave race, a native evolutionary animal humanoid to work as slaves. The Orion tall Greys want to control all and the Orion Prince in the cross breeding wedding forces us to contend with the Devil on one shoulder mentality and the Angel on the other shoulder mentality. The forbidden fruit. To know good & evil. They are scientists and real deities, of the most intelligent. As I have said, the Draconian races follow whitey and over to Orion, the alpha Dracos , a sub group of them have serious conflicts with Annunaki. It is akin to the endless charges of baseless in-flighting socially about racism and a part of the under world Matrix History battles on Truth. These Orion, the alpha Dracos are linked to wars and to secret societies of ill repute. For example, there are good Masons and bad masons.

Are not dracos niggahs? they hate cracker annunaki with a passion.? both vie for control of evolution and destiny.

Telosheons : looking like small whitey nuns. They live in the hollow Earth section and want to restore goodness and love. They are a part of the Order of Melchizedek. Melchizedek, Melkisetek, or Malki Tzedek, is the king of Salem and priest of El Elyon mentioned in the 14th chapter of the Book of Genesis, Holy Bible. He brings out bread and wine and blesses Abram and El Elyon. Space ports connections: Saturn bases, Arcturus bases and Sirius Bases. Recently The Cassini Spacecraft NASA, before its demise had imaged a port to Saturn, where the rings were gravitationally pulled back for space ship entry. They can access other dimensions. So like some of my Apostles.


sources and commentary: Youtube “These Are The 13 known Extraterrestrial Races Living On Earth” and not true. Aliens , most of them do not know of other races and some are at war for millennia and all of them have no idea of Reincarnation nor the second dna set, I use for  time travel . This leads me to a conclusion they are no smarter or dumber than humanoids on Erath. More species youtube

Alien races from A - Z, youtube; Annunaki claims youtube. composed 10212017AD #arcmichael #bookoflife


Tom Snyder is a German Grey Alien enthusiast with light skin and eye features.  He calls for impeachment without any charges, but some small talk utterances which are nonsensical.



10 officials that claim they believe in aliens and ufos. youtube

Bathroom etiquette & Available stalls.

Black 6’3” walks in front of me to bathroom, with child. 10 Minuets later I get to use the stall. There are only single stalled bathrooms in U.S.A. now, in the  major cities. One reason was male culks did not want the public to see they are forced by their philandering wives to wear women’s clothes underneath their male garments. The other reason was to save water. They believed cutting off easy access to public bathrooms kept water levels low.  He goes into stall to help his son, very young and his son treats the experience as a vacation and whistling and complaining about sounds from the women’s bathroom. I sat there desperate to use the toilet, and there was none available.  When I grew up, each bathroom was a like a public shower and stalls, where availability was never an issue. You did not lost time away form work or pleasure.

Today, going to the bathroom means loss of work time and an ordeal dealing with other patrons who are desperate as well to use a stall quickly. The United States of America has been taken over by 1,000,000 African Satanists, adopted 400 years ago by Latin and Jews who took Africans out of Africa to use them on plantations to pick food and commodity. West Africans practiced Voodoo and sacrificing animals and dirking their blood as a wish issue and witchcraft and U.S.A. and western civilization give preferential treatment to Beasts.  Why beasts? These people do not act human and behave more like un conscious animals.  If you decry the ill treatment by a Voodoo Satanists, the government sends baby rapers and human flesh eaters to  harass or kill you.  MK-Ultra gone awry!


When Black dude came out he had an attitude and starred me down as if I was some type of plantation owner. These blacks are imbecilic being hoodwinked by low level Jewish scholarship that partake themselves in Voodoo and conduct their collective lives in prelocutionary utterances = saying nothing but trying to invoke a response to placate their invented fears. It would not be so harmful if these instances were isolated but they are not. More often than not, Blacks stare down white people, falsely accusing them in their minds and with evil eyes. 10212017AD


Former NPR CEO barfs out the trufs:

“Most reporters and editors are liberal — a now dated Pew Research Center poll found that liberals outnumber conservatives in the media by some 5 to 1, and that comports with my own anecdotal experience at National Public Radio. When you are liberal, and everyone else around you is as well, it is easy to fall into groupthink on what stories are important […]” note: my bold and italics. (link) New York Post. Ken Stern is the President of Palisades Media Ventures and the former CEO of National Public Radio. His book “Republican Like Me: How I Left the Liberal Bubble and Learned to Love the Right” (Harper) is out Tuesday.


6 songs by Tarja T.

Wishmaster and Tarja in a baby blue football jersey. hotness × The Call of the Mountains by ELUVEITIE

Concert I attended:

250,000 - 300,000 for the first two days ( Correction 600,000 people for this day I attended, thought it should have been more) source

600,000 or more people in the desert and no other cities, but a small one. #1983AD #California put on by #Apple Computer's steve #wozniak, the best metal day of all time, imo. #USfestival #Michael

• In appearance 1030 ish am Quiet Riot ; then Mötley Crüe ; then Ozzy Osbourne ; next Judas Priest ; next was Triumph ( Canadian band, very talented trio) ; then near sunset and after #Scorpions; one and a half or two hour intermission and transmission to World, laser show. Then #VanHalen ending well after midnight ; Sunday, May 29, 1983.

Vice President Mike Pence is back home again in Indiana this weekend.The vice president and his wife Karen will be at Brown County State Park on Saturday to attend a celebration of their son’s marriage. Link



seven levels of bases of greys Dulce 2 1/2 miles deep, seven levels; who say they lived here for one million years already. They have had a war with Nordics for ages. These are the Grey AI bots. network of tunnels over USA to alien bases and 1,000s of caged humans for experiments. The Greys lied to Eisenhower Admin. and lied to Hitler prior. Large Greys about seven feet.

Alien nation that claims lives in earth  in 1933  A.D.  did a treaty with Rothschild’s to abduct and eat humans. 1940s, Creatures were taken from South and Central America and moved to the U.S.A. This is about the time Christianity begins to slowly wane.



Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Love One Another

2.84meg photo of Venus below Mars as These Morning Stars. 10072017AD.

TO MUSLIMS & CHRISTIANS Love one another because Latino are Godless or Santa Riah, death and Child abuse cultists.


Millennial ditch religion for Witchcraft and Astrology: marketwatch

arc– majority of practitioners are non white or non Nordic or non scando or non Irish Scot and non real Hebrew and non real Moslem.

Confirmed Santeria came by Trinidad and African roots. So the once God Loving Latino are not voodoo child rapers  and human trafficking and drug cartel death mongerers. Santeria which is witchcraft or warlockism has only been in Latin culture for 400 years, about the time they took blacks out of Niger and the Congo.

Membership is estimated to be about 100,000,000 #Satanists

The origins of the magical and fortune-telling rites go back to Yoruba-speaking West African tribes, mainly those found along the banks of the Niger River in Nigeria. The 18th and 19th century slave traders, in bringing West Africans to the New World, also brought what was to become known as Santeria to the Americas, mainly to the Caribbean Islands from where it spread, both north into other parts of the Caribbean and the U.S.A. and south into Mexico, Central America and South America. In Cuba it is known as Lucumi, in Brazil either Macumba or Candomble (or Condonble), and in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad, and Mexico it became known as Santeria. In different places the names for the rites also changed, and in Haiti the magical rites are called Voodoo or Voudun. Voodoo and Santeria developed differences over time, but the focus is the same--the placating of gods, spirits, demons, even the devil, to do the bidding of the worshipper. Some observers maintain that Voodoo and Santeria are basically now two different religious systems.

In Trinidad it became known as Shango .

In Santeria the devil is known as Olosi.

( source link)



added front page for 26 th of October

Personal frustrations.

October 26, 2017 Parked on side street gave no room for third car, then came out after 600 ish and three cars, five inches a part, bumper scraped up and I decided to move my car then an immigrant was across the street , appearing agitated  and started car and flickering lights as I started mine to move out but then decided to stay and move back a few feet and it stopped its car. The pressure is overwhelming. There is so much pressure to survive when you are desolate. What happens if I get car damage that impairs my car’s ability to drive properly. I already got my window rear mirror right side smashed by Deep US State assassination attempt and foreigners hate white people. Most come here with a lot of money and never have a need to adjust or learn to communicate effectively.  The Rich are so rich and  the poor are so poor it is an embarrassing State. The Media is on the  side of the rich and report #fakenews 24/7/365/decade after decade and the same Hollywood celebrities and same politicians since the 1960s and 1970s brandish our thought programs on visual media.  It is the same garbage killing white people at Las Vegas, that was a voodoo satanic ritual. Black people are worshipped on planet Earth, and by western civilization elites. They shove black narratives down our throats every moment of every waking hour from the cradle to the grave and they use false and fake history. Then these Voodoo Niggahs gang up like Guerillas and go block to block and rape white girl and boys and beat up males and kill or eat them, while citing and yelling constantly they are being abused by White Privilege.  The truth is Niggers are reptilian or Iquanian evolutionary bio limited cognitive organisms.  They cannot compete with white light.

6:36 p.m. #SheO #10262017AD


Mexican rapes a seven year old girl to brag about being Mexican and films and blames whitey for non immigration policies. ( link) .

What do Mira Sorvino, Gwyneth  Paltrow, and Jennifer Lawrence have in common? All won Oscars and had sub performances after sleeping with Harvey Weinstein. Hollywood is a rigged system.  

After Robert De Niro Publicly Pleas ‘Arrest Trump Now,’ His Dark Secret Gets Revealed and he and Harvey Weinstein (born March 19, 1952) New York City, U.S. were using the De Niro owned Tribeca Grill is a New American restaurant located at 375 Greenwich Street (at Franklin Street) in Tribeca, Manhattan, in New York City, co-owned by Robert De Niro, Drew Nieporent and Lou Diamond Phillips, among others. It opened in 1990. The Executive Chef is Kamal Rose.

To get Girls looking for work at Los Angeles, Hollywood. So it was just more rape fodder. youtube



Harvey Wienstine & Robert De Niro used Tribeca and a few other De Niro owned establishments to get young Hollywood hopeful actress for sex and abuse. Link


Democrat Racism at Los Angeles.

A posh Los Angeles fitness center kicked a black pastor out and banned him for life because, the pastor says, a white employee overheard him expressing support for President Donald Trump.

( link


United States is gone, the Old thrown away and replaced by A New Dumbasses imported by Africans and Latin 400 years ago  and preferences Warlocks and preferences Witches and has an Anti-Science bent!  They prefer DINO RINO politics and are liars in all communications on politics. CIA runs the program on non-science.
New U.S.A. Immigrants and they are Millennials have ditched Science for non-science ∈ Witchcraft because the children comic books are easier to read and you do not have to use your mind like in science. MarketWatch. This will be the new American Work Force. Get your white girls ready for blacks to rape and eat them as it is racist to resist the Voodoo Warlock Pedio, human flesh eater. a non thinking emotional system imported from west Africa 400 years ago and now an SNL and US government sanctioned requirement to have a job or hold a seat of political office.

#Capitalism is Voodoo out of Africa 400 years ago; 4:44 p.m. SheO, CA. U.S.A.

#Capitalism is Voodoo out of Africa 400 years ago. made nothing on #compassion #Bushfailure or on #hope&change #Obamafailure the rich since 1,999 got richer and the poorest of the poor became more poor to destitute. And Bush Jr. calls Donald Trump all sorts of bad names, when Bush's economy benefited only 50% of Americans, the top richest of the rich.

O'REILLY: I'm 'mad at God' over allegations of sex harassment… we learned in Group today that people that blame others are still in denial  of AA step 5 and 6. I AM not in that program but one of our councilor’s who gives a group a week has heavy involvement with the regional AA, and swears by its programs to have helped him change his life around. Ultimately it is Bill's own fault and not Mine. Although I pride myself on asking Fox to remove him; although for other reasons than any thing sexual. I do not read those news postings. I did not like Bill because his program was number one for 15 or more years and the U.S.A. went to the toilet. So again, he blames me. Epic loser and why he is in my Lake of Fire. Bill Clinton swears by his show and watched it rather than MSNBC for decades. .




we need to find an industry for them, they do not produce but only intellectual things and medical. We need to find an other financial agent other than war for economy. 23 rd October 2,017 A.D. #arcmichael

Democratic National Committee could appoint Ellie Pérez to be its first undocumented member in history, a move that would potentially allow the 26-year-old Dreamer from Mexico to take part in the 2020 presidential nomination process.


#first #illegal #immigrant to join #DNC to elect #POTUS ' of our future. because observing the US Constitution was so last century :) #lawlessness #USAgone folks, it is now #Somalia and #Mexicocity . I careless of what you say, b/c you have been dumbed down to a pile of mud. #Michael

( link )

Origins of Capitalism are Voodoo African

#Capitalism is Voodoo out of Africa 400 years ago; 4:44 p.m. SheO, CA. U.S.A. There is no concept of #love or compassion and no #hope. Since 1,999 A.D. the Rich became famously more rich and the poor became desolate . That means both #DINO #RINO failed in their overall direction of the country. #gotrumpsupporters



HUD is the Housing Federal Authority and works with State's City Councils. For example, LA City Council lost $350,000,000. and there are no white people on that council. No media will ask them and they never talk because USA is a bank robbery to foreigners or non-whites and non-Christian and Non Islam and most Hebrews at U.S.A. do not follow Judaism or read the Bible. , and this is all from a lawless town.— Oct 25 th 2017AD .

HUD under Obama data 2009 —2015. ½  years ≡  $517 BILLION dollars Missing of our tax money squandered and or embezzled and no MSNBC, CBS,11,000 affiliates and ABC or  FOXNEWS will report on this and in comparison, the. Enron scandal was only $63 billion and we heard about this news for five strait years. Interesting comparison, no?

3301 MI6 requirement uses Allister Crowley which is actually a promoter of Child Abuse. CIA , MI6, FBI are fighting eachother. Child Abuse movements. Child Abuse used to entrap U.S. Politicians. PedoPerry rides a Beast of Ch. 17 & 18 Revelations.

Jimmy Carter. No Russian thing, No one wanted Hillary Clinton.

The Russians didn't steal the 2016 election.
Carter was asked "Did the Russians purloin the election from Hillary?"
"I don’t think there’s any evidence that what the Russians did changed enough votes — or any votes," Carter said.
So the hard-left former president doesn't think the Russians stole the election? Take note, Capitol Hill Democrats.

New York Times.

Şeytanu Akbar IGNEA, from Ukraine, they rock out and are awesome.

warning subject matter adult and optional . this page deals with other worldly species, some of them invisible to humans and their instruments so keep going to another post and think before you click. #Michael

arc michael The City of Angeles

Googleplus post 10 23 2017

Never read a #UFO Book, but I know these lads and ladies of the #universe #astronomy just like our planet's life, the species US too, out here in Space and inter dimensional are complex behaviorialists. We all have desires, wants and needs and need each other. I AM gaining off of others' works, youtube which was purchased by #google a long while ago and remains in the top 10 most used daily ' world websites'.
#Michael #arcmichael #10232017AD

here is a #revelation #Roswell crash of a real UFO is where we got most of our advanced tech, fiber optics and nigh vision. The #Greys lied to #Hitler and Eisenhower and et al. other world leaders. So they are lying to our current ones too. Just a heads up and they use mind control which is a problem for the un religiously trained and disciplined. My name works on all space species, not your guns or lasers or bio warfare. Many of our western world leaders, and a few eastern too are criminals and believe they are safe with backing or promises of backing up by some species of space aliens. They of course are duped and estranged form help.

while my Son rules planet Earth, I rule all of the heavens and control these #extraterrestrials. #Lucifer

back at #Cornerstone and going to groups. But when I have some time I will return to elaboration. The #holybible has some fillers but these are obtruded and coded. When I reveal them, there purpose and meaning become quite clear. #jesusreturned

#species of aliens have been sucking off our Sun for some time and leaving large black gaps of empty fuel surface. they then maneuver to try to use the magnetic field of our Sun to keep it from exploding and #emp worthy kill shot to destroy our electronics and electricity generators. They do have this in mind #nasa so relax.

when we were kids, September would have a cold snap and late in October, we get warm weather. Because of Sun activity and because of Alien manipulation, downtown at 800 p.m. was 92 f. degrees. #lolz
It was 107 at #orangecounty today, local news bulletins.

Not sure that Donald Trump should release a new batch of #jfk files as one of the actors at the plaza remains alive, today. As far as I know the others have been offed or past on and really does not matter anymore.

Parts of this list were posted on FR earlier this week:
Trump Administration: Items accomplished or in process:
1. Nominated Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch and dozens of Constitution-supporting lower court judges
2. 59 missiles dropped in Syria to end chemical warfare against Syrians
3. Took U.S. out of TPP (Trans-Pacific trade deal structured against U.S. interests)
4. Illegal immigration is now down 70% (lowest in 17 years)
5. Consumer confidence highest since 2000 at index125
6. Mortgage applications for new homes at a 7-year high
7. Arranged 20% tariff on soft lumber from Canada
8. Bids and prototypes for border wall well underway
9. Pulled out of anti-US and mega-costly Paris climate accord, with an offer to renegotiate
10. Keystone and Dakota pipelines approved to aid energy independence
11. Got NATO allies to boost their contributions by 4.3%
12. Allowing Veteran’s Administration to terminate bad employees
13. Allowing private healthcare choices for veterans
14. More than 600,000 jobs created
15. Median household income at a 7-year high
16. Stock market at highest ever in its history
17. China agreed to curb North Korean exports and banking as punishment for aggression
18. China agreed to import 90,000 tons of American beef
19. $89 billion saved in regulation rollbacks across many industries
20. Rollback of regulation to revive clean coal industry
21. ISIS capital Raqqa recaptured; ISIS soldiers surrendering
22. Travel ban instated from terror strongholds; upheld by Supreme Court after wasteful leftist lawsuits
23. Executive order for religious freedom
24. Restarted NASA space exploration programs (reversed shutdown by past admin)
25. $600 million cut from UN budget
26. Targeting of violent M-13 gangs
27. Deporting violent illegal immigrants
28. Created a commission on child trafficking; multiple arrests of child rape and child porn gangs
29. Created a commission on voter fraud
30. Created a commission for opioid addiction
31. Extends power to states to drug-test unemployment recipients
32. Unemployment lowest in 10 years, since May 2007
33. Historic Black College and University initiative
34. Women In Entrepreneurship Act
35. Created an office for victims of crimes commited by illegal immigrants
36. Reversed Dodd-Frank (bailouts of big banks that hurt small banks, taxpayers and businesses)
37. Repealed DOT ruling that took power away from local governments for infrastructure planning
38. Order to stop crime against law enforcement
39. End of DAPA amnesty program
40. Stopped companies from moving out of America
41. Promoted businesses to create American jobs
42. Signed the “Buy American Hire American” executive order
43. Ordered govt agencies to cut regulations—must cut two for every new reg created
44. Review of all trade agreements to make sure they are “America first”
45. Apprentice program
46. Highest manufacturing surge in 3 years
47. $78 billion promised reinvestment from major businesses like Exxon, Bayer, Apple, SoftBank, Toyota…
48. Denied FBI a new building
49. $700 million saved with F-35 military plane renegotiation
50. Save $22 million by reducing White House payroll
51. Dept of Treasury reports $182 billion surplus for April 2017 (2nd largest in history)
52. Negotiated release of six U.S. humanitarian workers held captive in Egypt
53. Gas price averages lowest in 12 years
54. Executive Order to promote energy independence and economic growth
55. Has given head executive of each agency 6-month time frame dated 3/15/17 to trim the fat, restructure and improve efficacy
56. Revised military Rules of Engagement to give greater decision-making to officers in the situations on the ground
57. Nearly 1.5 million fewer Americans on food stamps as of USDA statistics, July
58. Signed 41 bills to date. Even with a recalcitrant Congress, President Trump has worked with them to pass more legislation in his first 100 days than any President since Truman
Additional Signings (some, but not all):
• Signed executive order on the Establishment of Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy
• Signed an executive order aimed at expanding offshore drilling
• Signed executive order directing a review of national monument designations under prior administrations
• Signed an executive order to boost agriculture industry
• Signed a memo ordering a probe into whether foreign steel is hurting U.S. national security
• Signed bill allowing states to block Planned Parenthood funding
• Signed an order calling for a review of the “waters of the United States” environmental regulation that had given control of every creek, pond and stream to the U.S. government and that had hobbled farming and ranching
• Signed three orders creating DOJ task forces to combat crime and drug cartels
• Issued executive order directing the Treasury secretary to review financial regulatory law
• Signed executive orders to restructure National Security Council Homeland Security Council, extend bans on ex-administration officials working as lobbyists to five years and lifetime ban on ex-officials lobbying for foreign countries
• Signed orders re border security in addition to U.S.-Mexico border wall, including cutting funding to sanctuary cities, hiring thousands more border and immigration agents, toughening immigration enforcement and reinstating federal-local immigration partnerships.
• Issued a Presidential Proclamation designating October 22nd through October 28, 2017 as National Minority Enterprise Development Week.
President Trump has also made scores of personal appearances, meeting with economic and trade groups, trips to Walter Reed to award Purple Hearts to wounded veterans, participated in a farmers’ roundtable, met with victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens, visited sites and people affected by hurricanes, etc

( source FR retrieved October 26 2017 A.D.)

UPDATE: Trump Decides Against Gary Cohn for Fed Chair… Good,, thank you Trump Supporters’

מִיכָאֵל‎ gk: ΜιχαήλSun HOLES by my people sucking plasma and making our Sun look bizarre. Youtube Oct 18th a monster Sun blast x Flare away from Earth toward Mercury and Jupiter. Youtube MJ


Oct 18th a Monster X- Class Flare but away from Earth toward #Mercury and #Jupiter UFOs, my beyotches are sucking plasma leaving large holes and screwing up #optics making some low wits see earth as #flat #Michael #CME my #Sunteam work with Sun's #Magnetosphere to stear #cme s away from #earth or your credit cards will stop working.

Space Mysterious Flows and Great Attractor. Youtube


written Oct 27 2017AD


#Africa #infrastructure building was what he promoted. So liberals fired him from his job so he cannot support his family and must die. *All to keep the black man down, in the ground* .  #LIBERALS only use blacks as slaves, in reality ( debt slaves or poor today) &  Africans  today are poor  as they were poor in the 1960s; and Blacks vote 90% + #Democratic Party Line since 1968 A.D. + Except DonaldTrump who saw this percentage severely cut to 75%% in major Coastal sections . So this Professor claims he was fired because *he doubted Human industrial climate change*, but the real reason is that Liberals that  control our academics, economy ( banks, are liberals) and Media and Institutions, making blacks a first rate civilization at Africa is out of the question. they need to be suppressed if they choose not  the life of the plantation slave. According to the real reason his tenure was dismissed. #ouch

If man made industrial Climate Change is a myth then building up Africa to a first rate civilization with skyscrapers and Malls and international airports would be green lighted = immediately. But with this fakeclimate scam for money and social immigration control, blacks have to beat up whitey and steal their civilizations. They are not allowed by liberals to make their own civilizations. blacks are slaves, again. used to beat up conservative  whitey. That is why Liberals only have blacks in their Democratic Liberal Party, because the liberals can manipulate the black mind and make it see fantasies and convince them it is reality and tell them to go beat up this or that person, which are innocent people = to do the Liberal bidding.

#liberalism, small 'l' is basically today a twisted philosophy of racist Mafioso infighting. Liberalism today is akin to an oligarchy or some rule from a powerful few officials and w/ entertainment and media support. Most of the military is Leftwing, liberal too. Only poor and middle Americans are typecasted as #conservative.

I live in #mexicocitynorth formally called #LosAngeles, #California. Governor Jerry Brown  ( been my Governor since I was 10 years old)also calls this place #Mexico and he goes  out of his way to make sure that the Mexican Parliament makes all the decisions, the important ones, and not our own Citizens.

 #Europeans and #white people in general are no longer wanted at North America. That is not only the word on the street but blasted and hammered into each #Latino School child and their black #African cousins. both hate white in their souls and nothing, no #edu or sports will change them to love. they do not have it. They run Witchcraft Capitalism. Voodoo was brought over to America some 400 years ago and we have over 100,000,000 practicing witches and warlocks that drink blood of animals and some do this also but with humans. Human abduction was a serious problem for three or four decades before the election of #DonaldTrump who is a #Christian. Bush and Clinton and Obama were really non religious in my views.

Michael post Gplus


I approve withholding some 600 or 6000 documents from the #johnfkennedy assassination. Everyone has an opinion. My primacy opinion was that our government peered down a 16 year #Kennedy *dynasty* ; first 8 years from John and then 8 more years from BobbyKennedy. I believe that terrified these Showders. What I disagree with was the shadowers used immigrants to do the job. Then in 2015 - 2016 the same shadower meme, *Yo, American, train forgiver and leave your job and then get the fxxk out of* #Mexico = #usa NOW CALLED Mexico. #Whitegenocide by #traitorwhites

Reality is that since #RonaldReagan the rich got richer and the poor got desolate and this became so obvious by the time of #BillClinton two terms. It went on steroids under #Bushjr and kept on steroids under #barackobama . that is an horrible legacy. There are no longer white middle class workers and science is being deleted form our schools because whites ( *Summers* findings and Harvard 1999-2000) are the only ones in all of history that engage in real hard core science. so #United States should go barbarian form now own and thank those liberal arts military majors.

just my opinion. It is old news now.

So cannot keep body clean as outside, Saturday 10 28 2017 at Burbank and Sheo , dirt blowers are making monster clouds that dirty up our skin and cars and belongings and do not clean up a damn thing. The Mexican gardeners blow ( illegal by the way, city does not follow laws, never) dirt around and never cleans it up. So the next door leaf blower comes later and blows all that dirt bank onto a neighbor. And we call this the preferred American race of population? We call Los Angeles here Mexico and it is Mexico or Tel Aviv. Why is Robert Meuller had a job at all and call for us to get out of American because we have white skin like Russians or Canadian Europeans?  It makes no sense until you plug in Seth’s Email to Wiki dump which Assange nor Alex will touch because it is so disturbing.  These people would not go to trial but be hunted down and murdered, instantly. That is why they do not care about social or population arguments. They are too busy abusing humans to care about reality. Imo.


Personal Relevance 10 28 2017: Cannot go to the bathroom as a black man is sprawled out, smelling like hell and outside are clouds of dust that are dirtying up people all over the streets. The rich do not care and have filtered air homes with closed windows and a car washing allowance and a dry cleaning allowance. The poor can eat shit as far as they are concerned.Arc— 10 28 2017 A.D.

I got a bug from drinking tap water which is filled with impurities, and chlorine and 74 different medications and Uranium and Arsenic and a host of other banned carcinogenic elements. the Rich can spend $3,000 A YEAR on bottled water but not the poor. Sad, the U.S.A. is a laughing stock of failed leadership since 1947 A.D. Every government and Liberal lobbyist radio show talks about the rights of foreigners and not Americans, & for 30 plus years now. This means U.S.A. is over for white people and traitor whites are running this #whitegenocide program, unconsciously and infected by Cannibalism spirit cooking: bio weapons because created by bad Space Aliens who use mind control on the U.S. or world incubated KURUites, like John McCain and Clintons and Bushs’.

it has been about a week and a half that multiple Shadow governments have stopped chasing me. since May of 2017.A.D.


#USA is so over and destroyed by careerist white traitor half jew politicians.
#Police are here at the library kicking out black and white Americans for foreigner rich drug cartellers and Child Traffickers populations now making #LosAngeles there home. It has been confirmed that over 100,000,000 in north American practice a form of #Satanism which is atheist to them, and is linked to #Sadism. #Jewish , #Islam and #Christian churches are empty too. Police pulled up behind me and starred for a while and I did not flinch. I Am do over them. They run from me when I need help. They are chickenshit and represent the de evolution of civilization to a barbaric future for all of the 23 countries and 1 Jewish proxy state. .

So move over European for a new new Mexican population. So why staff, fat over eaters pointing out who they want gone from the State and who they want to be an American citizen? You can blame the media for the meme that blacks and whites, founders of America are no longer wanted in all of the #Dragons, #America. I do not fear the cops, and I stare them down and engage them now. white genocide is run by pressure of the rich fakewhite and there are no black workers at the #SheO library. why? Racism and these are all voting #liberals. so go figure. Liberals hate blacks as much as poor whites. #Godonaldtrump.

Fat liberals that shove food in their mouths 24/7 because they have a "no get fired form a state or gov job" & this is why USA is doomed.

#Michael these are low wit, non solution based fat chumpy white and black traitors. on NPR, all one hears for 30 years is either stories of Latin Brown immigrants or faux causes for Black African Support. NPR does not champion blacks, they use it as a weapon to suppress whitey when it was Mexicans of the CIA that killed MLK. Hollywood was started by foreigners, not Americans. and they are a standard of filth, not seen in Civilization for 100 plus years.



Patriot Act Founder believed Jesus was just a homeless pussy faggot nobody. source link
Michael Chertoff (born November 28, 1953) is an American attorney who was the second United States Secretary of Homeland Security, serving under President George W. Bush. He was the co-author of the USA PATRIOT Act. Michael Chertoff was born on November 28, 1953 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. His father was Rabbi Gershon Baruch Chertoff (1915–96), a Talmud scholar and the former leader of the Congregation B'nai Israel in Elizabeth.






“As a person puttinng on new garmets, giving up the old ones” ≡ bad social habits for example— Arc Michael 10 10 2017AD † Isaiah 26 & Bhagavad₋Gītā, Kṛṣṇa, Yĕhôshúa

ARC October 20th 2017 A.D. California UC Berkeley Campus





United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

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