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MJMJ   -- Journal 18: The More Wealthy, The More Evil, U.C.Berkeley et al. Study Confirms

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Jounral Entries Winter '11,  2012


The More Wealthy, The More Evil, U.C.Berkeley et al. Study Confirms



(28 Feb. 2012) A study involving many international colleges, spear headed by U.C. Berkeley for 1,000 participants found that middle and upper middle class – to the most affluent are in fact EVIL.  The study never uses the term Evil, I do. However, the catch-phrase is ‘greedy, not sympathetic, not compassionate, and more willing to break the laws if persons guess they can get away with it.


Since we are in the apocalypse, this term means revealing secrets; we now confirm the more wealth one had attained the more uncaring one if for your global citizens. This study looked at all the classes, poor, middle, upper middle, and wealthy and found the more money one had attained the more greedy and uncaring for the global community one has exhibited behaviorally.  


So how do I interpret this? If you are a professor at major college you are evil compared to most of the population, at least of the U.S.A. and the majority of the populations of the planet. It matters not what party you belong too, or to whom the political voice one follows. You are evil and that can only be solved by your eradiation.


There really is no need to create a scenario of destroy the planet, so we must explore space for a new home, to continue our avarice ways.


Under this conscript, the U.S.A. is the most wealthiest nation in monetary means at the moment, implying it is the more populated by evil souls. Democrats, more than Republicans, will lend rhetoric on how we must create a fictitious War on Terrorism ( whatever name currently) to extract oil from other people’s countries and deplete their resources, and not extract oil from one’s own shores or lands because of political fallout.


The west is continuing with America to rape the resources of the world, voted upon consistently by the Democratic Party. The richest group of political actors on capital hill for the last 50 years has been democrats. The media lies about this consistently, but it proves the U.C. Berkeley et al. studies that rich people will kill with drones, like Obama and his military think tanks, and like George Bush invade other countries and stay long after they have achieved their agenda – removing a puppet dictator – and greed is the end game.


Democratic soccer moms need their oil extracted from the Middle East and not in America where ‘emotional’ cries to conserve the ecosystems takes precedence over killing innocent women and children.


At different times in history, each culture had its superpower and wealthy periods, intending they are more evil than the poor cultures. So Asians, Middle Eastern, South Asians, Europeans, and others all have their periodic evil episodes as they prospered.


The secret is that humans are made up of energy particles and according to standard science, all particles are but life and all particles compete against each other, so everyone, including you parents is the enemies. Jesus of Nazareth taught these empirical phenomena when standard science was not yet practiced.  In  academia, compassion, love, emotions, empathy, things that are lacking by these groups that have money, the U.C. Berkeley study explores, are not real things – but made up fantasies by a ‘faith’ based groups who cannot measure it so it does not exist. The people telling you this are the rich people, the professors are all rich in comparison to the majority of humans on the planet, so now you know where evil resides, and I know you will not do one thing about it. You love evil. It makes you excited.


U.S.A. Gas Prices Under Obama and Democratic Legislation


(28 Feb. 2012) The Price of Gasoline continues to break records. It is not ‘greedy’ oil corporations, but the Obama-devalue-the-American-dollar-plan. Remember he had Federal Reserve Chairman, Bernanke, print $15.3 Trillion dollars out of nothing, and the world noticed and devalued the dollar and thus the higher prices. But you do not believe this because Obama has the correct color of the skin, thus he can not have any evil in him, based upon the wealthy scientists at all the colleges across the Earth and the media 'bundled' in one ideology of the leftist perportion.



Photos by Me:

12 March 2012

Venus & Jupiter make a conjunction on the 13 th of March of 2012

13 March 2012

raw photo (here)

13/03/'12 Jupiter / Venus conjunction, only to the whole degree, 08:06:30 p.m. Burbank/N. Hollywood :: Venus 09 TAU26'19" & Jupiter 09 TAU32'22"; sidereal, post Hamal, Arities.  Venus' speed 1° 3'55", lat. 2° 4'53" N; dec (δ) 16° 36'28". Jupiters' speed 12' 2"; lat. 0° 55'14" S; dec (δ) 13° 47'39".  deneb, alpha  (α) cygnii, heliacal setting, cosmic star on this date. U.T. 3:06:30 (14 th March), S.T. 6:41:53.

Venus & Jupiter make a conjunction on the 13 th of March of 2012

Galactic Center Precessional Match

The Galactic Center is 26,000 light years from our solar system. The Precessional circuit estimations use a mean value of 26,000 mean tropical solar years. 13 th of April 2012, Archangel Michael.




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