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Dragon A 2017 23 rd Aug. Journal 175 Latest Pediotopia 1 ↔ Russia Investigation Ζ Schönen guten Morg en liebe Freundin Charlottesville full investigation. Satan Industry uploaded 9:09 or 18:09 08182017AD.

Hilary Clinton building seen from the sky Youtube

Hillary KURU Clinton wants a re election or demands it a classic sign of eating human brains .

#KURU beyotch and #witch wants a new election and to void the #trump insurrection . She was a #witch and ate human flesh at the southland , and when I saw her , I nearly did not recognize her, the blood out of her face was gone. She looked like a ghost and treatments are hemin or sub Chlorophyll or #spiritcooking to replenish the #KURU disease, consuming human blood.
Incubation is at least five to fifty years and she was a confirmed witch at LA for 10 years when Bill was an attorney and later first time gov of Arkansas. She would make trips out to Los Angeles, almost weekly.


Stocks & bonds


30:1 is at our current Stock exchange ratios. that was the same as 1920s instability. it should be at 12:1 or better 8:1 so they know this and  you can blame Clinton,Bush and Obama for inflating it from 12:1 1992 to 30:1 crash expected today. Grow up people, you all are responsibleplayers


aug 12 2015 # V bitme P by PODJ #confirmed 13 year old cheezy. needs a bath. #arcmichael   []com[[] holy grail. trump knows, relax, it  is vacation time. they come at me on the weekends.

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. b. November 20, 1942, St. Mary's Hospital in Scranton, Pennsylvania sD — 09012017AD 16:21 PDT NoHo. Child Abuse in my opinion and trains Psychopaths. The falseprophets underling.

born . Portugal, May 12 2003, Madline McCann,

b. May 12 2003, Madeline McCann, Portugal missing on May 3 rd. 2007, a four year old abducted by JPOD TPOD, and given to Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, photo. Confirmed. State lawmakers have this info and are terrified. First we need to start to drain after the  ID and then address these things.

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson  (known as Kate Perry)  b.  October 25, 1984, Santa Barbara, California, U.S. sD.—09012017AD 14:47 PDT. NoHo. #seconddeath she is confirmed training psychopaths, Cheezypizzawideopen

#Cheezypizzawideopen #cpo

How the Beast of the Bible destroyed fun and the west coast Beaches.
#Beast #WilliamJClinton in the 1990s shut down California beaches. we used to drink, bonfire, sleepover and have a fun . He shut that entire thing down for economics. The rich bought houses with private beaches. This is a democracy, not your freaking elite west coast and slave populations.

Liberal economics implies capitalism. Star Trek had a non-capitalistic mission objective. we all know that.

+Yung Po  blacks did not help Gary Webb that uncovered that CIA operation.  blacks need to stop the hate. He did that for your culture and you need to cite him when saying this. He was killed Harassed to death by the Deep State KKKers.  Just so you could say Coke or drugs were pushed by US gov into black communities. OK> Blacks did nothing about uncovering this crime.

Hillary Clinton to John Podesta admits the HolyGrail. DNC and Saudi Arabia are funding ISIS. —00:52 09012017AD

President of the Manhattan Young Democrats was busted with 1,000 #pediophile pornography, some photos on his computer were children as young as six months old. #nyAUTHORITIES. SOURCE


why no support for Americans from MSNBC global news?

#MSNBC is Mexico and international . Telemundo is a big shareholder, so they have creds to take  out trump  because of his #wall and immigration stance. Just a theory !

The daughter in the house, Richard’s is a #child #abuser. She is a #psychotic, from her past and desperately #violent. I do not have a room and can see or hear her abus e of her children, thus the extreme measures she holds over her father who facilitates and her actions to get me out of the house by lies or violence. So it is about 85 degrees at night, currently in the Hotter valleys of Los Angeles and over 105 degrees with sunshine in the daytime. We had a few thunderheads and some large portions of Park sycamores were hurled the ground, even in front of an LAPD squad car, today. So Hot and I had no water, no money yesterday and no sleep because of bed bug infestation that the daughter brought from the desert when she moved in and invested the entire home and cars too . Bug spray or non professional treatment are temporary bandages and expensive.

After putting Alefantis, a secret Rothschild into the #lakeoffire I was spooked ( Harassed) last Saturday, and it was intense. I wanted desperately to go out and get away from the house. But I should know better , right?

what is happening is Donald Trump is now isolated, so we say a soft coup . Goudy cried ( Elizabeth Warren testimony this week), Trump has his communication channels cut off; @wklsk is experiencing down times ( cut off at the IPS) ; I can feel Trump's pain . they will not assassinate him because they know the world knows that #JFK was the #CIA. So they will threaten some serious consequences. so their plan is to use Antifa or whatnot, paid psychos to cause race violence so that the people will want #DonaldTrump out of office. Why? We made sure Meuller has nothing on DonaldTrump. He may have on Paul and other campaign contributors but no connection to #Russia for the #impeachment. What does this mean? The #DeepState will try to commit Suicide which means they careless of the entire system, even if it all collapses. What is the Key? Psychopaths reared in child abuse and now they are addicted and running it themselves, in the seats of Power

— 11:50 pm NoHo #08312017AD

Michelle Obama on TV says Barack Born in Kenya. they are divorsing. youtube

Obama Calls his Wife's name Michael in a slip up and many videos are reporting Michael Obama was born Michael , at Chicago. Youtube

Valarie Jarret who is a confidant of #barackObama is working with him, two miles in a secret bunker to oust our #POTUS  = #subversion . Michelle is out as born a man, confirmed and also on television says he was born in #Kenya

Kathleen Sibelius  working with Obama in secret War Room, just two miles from the White House.  How Can Donald Trump be under House arrest which is being reported? CIA NSA have 60,000 agents that can kill at will and never be named. that is how. And  u dumb people pay for it out of the black budget.

How Can Donald Trump be under House arrest which is being reported? CIA NSA have 60,000 agents that can kill at will and never be named. that is how. And  u dumb people pay for it out of the black budget.

Female Jail workers use male kids as sex slaves, New York Post

Removed from Second Death on 11:56 PDT 08312017AD NoHo
James Brien "Jim" Comey, Jr. b. December 14, 1960, Yonkers, New York, U.S. , sD .College of William and Mary in 1982. 12;;00 pm 06042017ad.

message to Chris Simpson. been on pedio code discovery for 4 weeks now. Did not know them. Reviewed 2016 election chatter of FBI intel and Trump was given Top Ped in WHite House and have had this info for over a year. Source is the establishment FBI. So I threw him into Second Death, will take out from my Seconddeath list these FBI NSA that help reveal this. He had this for over a year and did nothing. That to me is a traitor. I have too sheepidly admit, a message last week by Steven Bannon who I have never followed. DT is a traitor. #arcmichael and thank you for all your work and all the others like us in the trenches. I was crying a lot this morning when I figured it all out. & go to  Seal ONE everyone I will update on massive extinction timing soon. I AM retiring from Political stuff, because it makes no sense. #DonaldTrump in my opinion is there for his own financial gain and celebrity aggrandizement. I  AM Hurt very very badly by this discovery.

—08312017AD 11:42 PDT NoHo

Update: thank you to reporter about this current hush coup at #WH. I just pulled Rex Wayne Tillerson,
Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, out and never officially logged Trump into the sD. These other two were in there for less than 24 hours. Comey is out , and will remain out. He did something I cannot say, but it made me have hope and be very very proud of our #FBI. #prayforcomey

#arcmichael #08312017AD #bookoflife

Vatdrain #Operation #Box #Cuts
ComClap released Code for Ped @WH and it has been months and Donald Trump has not made a move . During Campaign I never focused upon pedophile because I had no idea of codes. My website is history and in politics, pay for play and general whistleblower on pay for play politics. After four weeks of learning the Pedio codes, I realized this early morning that the FBI did its job, months ago to lead the new Administration into the top places of Pediofarm at THE WHITE HOUSE & for the top dude; & even NSA chimed in months ago and said do not go after underlings, go after the top.

#DonaldTrump has not gone after the top and so he is a traitor. The evidence of this is overwhelming and disgusting, and I believe the key to solving all of our State Problems. But Donald Trump and his AG and top Admins are ignoring this and are not doing GOD’s work. He lied when he campaign on a rigged system. That means the courts, the judicial systems do not work and you must sequel to the world and allow us to hunt the Monster Down.

But this Donald Trump Chump remains silent while very established individuals put their lives and family lives on the line. So they come out #LOF and I AM finally putting Donald Trump into the #seconddeath.

I do like people who are traitors to #GOD

#bookoflife #arcmichael #08312017AD #Bible #lakeoffire 11:09 am PDT

Jer. 2 Bible. Says God will no  longer hear your cries, you are damned. How is this interpreted.  I have felt for  a very longtime  that change in society should never come after a crises.  People are taught by me to change before a crises. However,  no one listens to me or cares. So I have no  problem in pulling my protection from Am e Rica.  And I already cut you off.  For my entire life, courts, judges, cops, legislature and institutions and edu and everything have not been following democracy or civil rights.  After a while this leads to a revolt or a change. That is not what I want for my people of earth to practice.  So no longer care  about you because you will never stand up for  me and when you do it is because you fell a need to amend a crises. That makes me sick to the stomach. We all have known that George Bush sr. and jr ran false wars and  the USA people did nothing.  Oh the courts will do it, or endless complaining.  I do not want to work  very hard to see a handful of people go to prison.  Especially when they are old and dying, and have run roughshod over our lives, while making themselves a party animal and very rich: FU people.  

436 LMT

Second Death Doug Nunya , — 08312017AD 03 24

leaked #mexico city parliament members,CIA , Pentagon , KKK, NAZI, Judeans, Vatican, Ukraine and Sauud will fund this revolution. Confirmed. #arcmichael 2:11 PDT #08312017AD for Early November 2017AD— USA KKK

Sen. Scott Wagner thank you.

Eric Smuck ( #Schmidt ) is said to be rumored all over the net to Bagging bimbos , half a dozen at a time, meaning prostitutes. . so he does not concentrate on the job at hand and thus is no longer useful to the human race . he will get a bath soon. #bookoflife #arcmichael #08312017AD/ the #Satanists are taking us off soon and for the last two weeks, all I have seen all over #googleplus are pedio murder bragging photos and pedio solicitation & this has been increasing ten fold. So we blame him personally. And he is a german NAZI which is banned in most countries on Earth.

Luigi Capozzi & Francesco Coccopalmerio #SecondDeath — 1:06 LMT NoHo 08312017AD.

Erin Isabelle Burnett b. July 2, 1976, Mardela Springs, Maryland, U.S. sD  —08302017AD 23:36 . PDT Goldman Sacs. daddy is a Banker,pimps for Deep Poopoo State.

Is Donald Trump working against the Poor? True or False? False
#DonaldTrump 's team uncovered $507,000,000,000 ( = 507 Billion stolen from HUD in the last 7 years, which would have gone to us poor. Please pay attention. Thank you #arcmichael . Source #hud audit. #BenCarson it takes a black man to flesh out another black person's crimes.

Let them do their jobs and do not pressure Special Council or Donald Trump. They are busy people and we need to do our stuff without bothering them OK?
Eric Tradd Schneiderman , December 31, 1954,  New York City, New York, U.S. who is he. A new York Attorney.  5 time ( two term) New York Legislature Senator.  Working on Paul Manifort case. Paul before Trump had a $16 Million dollar debt to Russian businessmen. This however, does not directly involve our POTUS. He works on the Paul Manifort Case with District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.  — 08302017AD 17:40 NoHo.

Schneiderman 2010 Agenda looks good on paper & he with Wife emails, he dodges open-records law
New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is refusing to disclose emails between his office and a top adviser and political consultant, his ex-wife Jennifer Cunningham. Legal experts dispute his office's reasoning. Before Manifort, Schneiderman was focusing on Eric Trump.

we unmasked Antifa, they are CIA KKK plants.

Harvey #Flood #Relief Stats . Who are Our Enemies ?

CNN Contributions = #ZERO
Clinton foundation contributions = #ZERO
Obama's ACORN contributions = #zero
Bush Billionaires Contributions = #zero
Telumundo MSNBC Contributions = #zero


#realAmericans are standing up as we should be, thank you all.

#arcmichael #bookoflife #08302017AD

Locations of #Pediofarm

It is KKK Langley and #antichrist using #beast teams and not ISIS, ISIS was created by #deepstate.
Most abductions confirmed, weighted data are from in and around Washington DC area and #Virginia. Confirmed. So they are involved. Not some small group over in northern Iraq - Syria ungoverned zones.


Spooks all over the town, as usual. —08302017AD

It is KKK Langley and #antichrist using #beast teams and not ISIS, ISIS was created by #deepstate.
Most abductions confirmed, weighted data are from in and around Washington DC area and #Virginia. Confirmed. So they are involved. Not some small group over in northern Iraq - Syria ungoverned zones.


Harvey Flood victims told to not leave, even with two days of 30 plus inches of expected Rainfall.

+2 Blak The Alt-Right Slayer wrong DNC are white people and KKK and blacks vote for KKK, all day long. Even Obama sided with CIA KKK to make wars for KKK Profits. You fool no one. blacks also did slavery and killed whites to say white did slavery when blacks did slavery for 10,000 plus years or more and do it today out of #Africa. FU Lying niggeers. so tired of your lies. Godless voodootes looters. source is Abraham Lincoln fukkkkkers. he saw your lies. South had about 50% slave owner as AFRO and 48.5% were Yellow bellied Judeans, whites came in 1840 / that means niggers are so fucking much liars that we must destroy you for your constant #hate and #bigotry. You serve no purpose but to hurt , lie and destroy. You are AntiChrist

#arcmichael 08302017AD 00:00

#Foxnews media corps is NOT American #confirmed it is UK and AUSTRAILIA.


Google Pluser got very angry as II reported Pedio Police in jail now ≡ New York news mainstream and =so and he threatened me for supporting Colin K and sitting at Football national anthems, then I told him to learn to speak English and put him into the #LOF. then he called in code for my Assassination. Thes are psychopaths. So everyone readup on the medical meaning of a Psychopath. JohnWayneGacy was one very public police and FBI Case, for example.

so he got the Lakeoffire ,and #seconddeath

Google Pluser got made I reported Pedio Police in jail  via news and so and he threatened me so he got the Lakeoffire ,and #seconddeath & I found pedio codes all over his GoogleplusPage, uses name of Ken Alexander

Ken Alexander ( social media, track him and take dna and I will delete its soul ). sD noodle symbol here is for pedio rape of pre-pubescent orphans —08292017AD 01:08 . PDT

male baby raper code & threatened my life 1:08 pdt 08292017AD so Seconddeath Ken Alexander

At San LuisObispo this afternoon”— Aug 12, 2017 : Ken Alexander. this is a long time code for child sex of abducted orphan boys. #noodle is pedio code, fleshed out by millions during the #fakerussian hack which was a leak of massive 30,000 pedio globalists. He is one of them. Take it off the Earth. — #archangelmichael Ch. 12. He annouces an event to other pedios in his area. Other photos I could not download, Google locked out copy and past stuff have him in lavender and other pedio color codes, smiling. update 05:34 this post is still up and yet to have it taken down.

Sitting at National Anthems because of chaos and Satanism is OKed by me. peoples


Noodle is code for pre pubescent 'male' child rape and or plus sacrifice. one can call it Pedastry for academic purposes. for the public this is #pedophilia ! #noodlewideopen I put him into the #lakeoffire for calling in code for my #assassination. He flew off the wall at me because I posted on another person's post my Support for #colinkaepernick and some police of heads of large cities are already in prison for #childsexrings and so this was implied a reason the cops are not focused on their jobs and making social mistakes. He flew off the wall at me. and then went to his page and found this: " At San LuisObispo this afternoon." we have been learning as of this last week Oregon and central or above #LA #California has pockets of pedio communities. This is a very rich neighborhood and very secluded from the larger influence of major legal jurisdictions.

other photos of him have him at lavender and pink flamingo homes , designed as such for 'communicative purposes. '

#bohemiangrove which #beast publically touts as the best thing ever, "try it, you may like it, get some fresh air." = #beast to a protestor is known as an elite secluded BAAL sacrifice club. where élite come to sacrifice chickens and whatnot, but behind the scenes after each nights' festivities, the real #evil begins.

noodle is code for pre #pubescent boy. World wide code too. this is how they communicate people and these animals are #psychopaths.


#bookoflife #arcmichael #08292017AD


+Ken Alexander these people are aware that KKK COPS r helping run #pediofarm planet and that is a Plus. You must be for Pedio and kid rape, you freaking assXXXle. #NYPD head just went to jail for 38 running a massive kiddie sacrifice ring. #goColinRandKaepernick  a real hero  . #arcmichael and all of his friends which includes me.

Edward Alexander #Crowley, née Edward Alexander Crowley; b. 12 October 1875 – 1 December 1947, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England, sD . — 08292017AD 12:38 PDT. NoHo. #ozzyosborne asked in a song, what was he about? He is a #hatemongerer and influencer of Prescott Bush and an ideological mentor to #GeorgeHerbertWalkerBush

Context of new belief system: He claimed a new religion : do what you want, the elite can, and the masses are the sacrificial victims and must submit to us #Satanists . Professing to be of Irish ancestry he is rather not and a yellow bellied Saxonite Judean mixed breed. Not scot nor Irish at all. #bookoflife #arcmichael #08292017AD




#SecondDeath: tried to assassinate me, his teams because i took out Roger Ailes. He is a top #KKK antifa.

Lachlan Keith Murdoch , 8 September 1971 London, United Kingdom, sD ( a Judean  with a fake white scot name) —08292017AD 13:13 NoHo.

Two #Nigerian #Immigrant blacks acting like unconscious monkeys, second gen USA accosted me for #bullying me for my state ID to open a bank account, they would give 50$. Cannot contact authorities because they are baby rapers and ritual sacrificers . I read them my riot act, and they could not compute. I doubt education is the solution, eradicating remains the only option left for survival of the human race . These thugs are beyond redemption, #psychopaths by godless parents indoctrinated by JUDEAN kkk. ArcMichael . They could not speak English well ; & could not understand refusal or politeness and so being trained by KKK Media, these afro monkeys prey on white people because of the social mores of #AntiGOD.— #08292017AD 11:46 PDT #arcmichael #bookoflife

#bullyingme = that was the problem. they attack whites not their own because blacks can call #LAPD cops. not whites.
no plus ones

late Morning 29 th of Aug Hot at Los Angeles

Democracy Now! is a 501(c)3 non-profit news organization and that is fine but the broadcasts are by Bias liars with social overthrow agendas. #DemocracyNow is banned on many social media. Here is why. Today, this morning Amy reported that white supremacists beat up an Antifa member at Berkeley and  the local police are looking into charges.  These white supremacists had named of Paco, Rodriguez, Sancho, Zacatecas and other yellow bellied or brown bellied human names. This is pure hate speech and lies. Most if not all Right wing groups cancelled long before these demonstrations because 10 opposition groups were granted permission by Jerry Brown to destroy businesses. He is DeepPediofamer people, in real time too. The world cannot heal with false reporting. If Amy wants to attack   the real KKK or  white supremacists, you attack Langley Virginia. You all know that is an east coast headquarters of global white  supremacy.

Amy Goodman , b. Apr 13, 1957, Bay Shore, NY, sD, edu: ba Radcliffe College (B.A.), KKK network Pacifica Radio—08292017AD 10:36 . PDT.

THIS IS #REALEVIL AND is a #yellowbelly not a white person in reality.
#democracynow leader #AmyGoodman calls white supremacist names out on the air. #paco, #Sanchez, #Rodriguez, #Zacatecas, #fillipi, #Alejandro and #Gomez. These sound like #yellowbellies to me and not whites. She is a hate monger and I believe many social media are suppressing her uprising of hate speech Pacifica hatred . Amy herself is a yellowbellie non white KKKer. They are defined as liars and haters and propogandists and many are Satanic Child rapers and sacrificers. They mask themselves good Samaritans in the public or professional domain. Behind close doors the hooves come out.

Democracy Now! is a 501(c)3 non-profit news organization and that is fine but the broadcasts are by Bias liars with social overthrow agendas. #DemocracyNow is banned on many social media. Here is why. Today, this morning Amy reported that white supremacists beat up an Antifa member at Berkeley and the local police are looking into charges. These white supremacists had named of Paco, Rodriguez, Sancho, Zacatecas and other yellow bellied or brown bellied human names. This is pure hate speech and lies. Most if not all Right wing groups cancelled long before these demonstrations because 10 opposition groups were granted permission by Jerry Brown to destroy businesses. He is DeepPediofamer people, in real time too. The world cannot heal with false reporting. If Amy wants to attack the real KKK or white supremacists, you attack Langley Virginia. You all know that is an east coast headquarters of global white supremacy.
Liberal arts college too (ba Radcliffe College (B.A.), and claims investigative journalism, Pacifica Radio

#bookoflife #arcmichael #08292017AD 11:05am NoHo

yo people it is the 100th year anniversary of the creation of the fake Judean House of SAUUD. first dude was a jew that took a Moslem name, Balflore DeepUKstate back in the last century. #arcmichael I linked it to Chiron so it will see a functional change soon.

Barack Obama: “The US Must Give Up Some of Its Freedoms to the UN” August 2017 A.D. United Nations controlled by DEEPPEDIOSTATE DRAGON

Obama's daddy was a women smuggler, got thrown out of Harvard for that very thing, (FOIA 2008 Harvard Obama files on admins of his father, not Obama's records but his  fathers) his mommy rejected close love and  that made him a psychopath. **#antichrist* also of many* .

#seconddeath Dan #Lasater b d. March 26?, 1995, rural #Arkansas , sD #Dixie #KKK —08292017AD 02:26 . PDT Roger Clinton, he and #Beast go Yale Skull&Bones drug smuggling international for #deepstate how he wins his creds for a #potus run. #arcmichael #bookoflife #08292017AD #Beast 's #DRUGLORD CAMPAGIN FUNDER


WAR FOR SATAN US Bombing Syrian Families to tear them up so they can abduct the orphans for #pediofarm

Old news, 1947AD the Deepstate was created as a Judean murder and kittie rape and drug smuggling operation. run directly out of Skull&Bones. Ask Bush sr. he runs the entire thing. He is gone to my #seconddeath one of the two first people. ( #beast #WJC) was number 2.


Azərbaycan Hava Yolları ≡ CIA weapons to Saudi Arabia ,and Arab Emirates to kill Shi’I and Yemenis. Confirmed CIA operation called I AM A Dumbass warmongering judean KKK.  Islam our KKK CIA are out to kill you and fund the jews at House of Fraudi or all  know as House of Sauud.  Source a fired journalist. Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva was recently interrogated and fired from her reporting job for her work on a story. The people that fired her called Prophet Muhammad an insane asshole.

Social Strata

The entire social network of USA populations are liars and controlled by Judean #fakenews. so right is left and left is right, and if a black rapes your daughter, it is the mother's fault for having the child. this is not a joke, it is how these animals behave.

#BLM FBI NSA CIA are all #KKK. you know what to do We will help out too. #arcmichael #bookoflife #08282017AD the media too. #FakenewsCNN is white, you know what to do. The top people too. the execs. I have called for four years to take out #fakeFoxnews by #2020AD , & we are on course. Took out Ailes and O'Reilly and the Murdoch son. SO I did my part. You #blacklivesmatter need to step up , OK?

18:15 LMT #NoHo

#Christians Cut off: they have been for  a long time #Compromised. so we go #islam and take these #KKK  out.

#projects #Christians Cut off, they have been for a long time #Compromised. so we go #islam and take these #KKK out. #Islam treat them as #eviljin


#ArcMichael #bookoflife #goIslam #08282017AD


16,070.67 Days No Citizenship California

My Mom was denied civil rights by blacks, browns and whites for 16,070.67 Days No Citizenship California

Gplus responce: 16,070.67 Days No Citizenship California  no citizenship for my mom, and 13,513 days the California and US gov has been lying to me too. I have no problem with ushering mass extinction. No one can answer me why? A Mexican or Guat or Chilean or Honduran  can walk across the San Deigo boarder and into a local CA, #DMV and get US citizenship and a drivers Lisc. immediately because it looks non Northern European. You can complain for a billion years and nothing will change. I decided to stand up and fight. the world is full of Psychopaths'.

Psychopathic US Dragonites

Michael Richard #Pence b. June 7, 1959, Columbus, IN. xD review status.

Michael Richard #Pence b. June 7, 1959, Columbus, IN. xD review status
#CIA spooking on me and so I just screamed at the car and dude inside, I AM Freaking mad. OK let's go. #MikePence best buddy in US Congress is a confirmed #Pedophile. You have a little while to expose him Mr. Pence or you lose your #soul. #arcmichael time is running out. I sD you, it is over and you cannot come out.

#lakeoffire #arcmichael My Planet and Universe is not your Child Sex playground. you fxxxking psychopaths. #arcmichael #08252017AD

( link)

added: Comment on G+ today on people still worshipping Bill O’Rielly..
Most at Fox knew from the afternoon of 11th Sept 2001 that this was Bush Sr. mil com job. He got away with JFK, Robert and son, John and 100000s of other assassination, so they laugh at us all. and play dumb. He led ratings for 17 years or so and USA fell to shit. and you worship the number one voice that spewed lies. IMO he is a criminal and his supporters too. CIA came out three months ago and called 911 a demolition, most of our elite were involved. He covers up for Deepstate. where was this is just in breaking, our own CIA FBI NSA did 911 and here is the evidence. Roger Ailes was a vital player, and they killed him recently to shut his mouth like they killed #LyndonbJohnson to shut him up too.

Establishment is making legislation to shut down all people of GOD — and to usher in the #ANTICHRIST BEAST GLOBAL SLAVE FARM.

JeffBezos purchases Whole Foods for $14 billion and he runs #WashingtonPost that leaked illegally 157 times against Americafirst. His book critics are winding up dead too.

why? 30,000 pedios are all over our Official Professional Careerist Americans and visa people. More than an epidemic. this is Satanism

Donald Trump: 3,500 Hundred Child Abusers , child sex trafficking  turned out to be  Police Officers, State officials and Firemen. It involved 23 different law enforcement operations. Dyncorp US ARMY Bush MilCom was in bed with Italian Mafioso ∫ CIA NSA at Bosnia, an episode of the March 24, 1,999AD. Kosovo war. This was run out of the Bill Clinton White House. #kosovowar . While officially the war ended in late June of 1,999AD. the US Army management never went away. United Nations has carried out a cover-up of the role played by its personnel in human trafficking and prostitution in Bosnia, source telegraph UK. Aug. 2,002AD


US milcom all over Ukraine lands

Today thirteen American military bio-labs operate in Ukraine, The International Mass Media Agency reports. They employ only American specialists being entirely funded from the budget of the Department of Defense. Local authorities have pledged not to interfere in their work. These military labs are reported to be mainly involved in the study and production of disease-causing agents of smallpox, anthrax and botulism. The facilities are located in the following Ukrainian cities: Odessa, Vinnytsia, Uzhgorod, Lviv (three), Kharkiv, Kyiv (four), Kherson, Ternopil.

Ukraine. The facilities were constructed under the terms of the bilateral agreement signed between the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Department of Defense in 2012.

Ronal Barnard an ex Danish Illuminati was involved in Satanism, Child rape , torture and sacrifice, and he was offed for spilling his secrets of being inside of this Cult of BAAL. Or behemoth. Or whatever.

Ronal Barnard 61 living in Seabree Florida. —08282017AD 7:26 PDT, and did a TV interview.

CCIA says no, it was an American from Florida named Ronald Bernard Fernandez = LOLLZ


psychopathy — training

Green Lake, FL, Aug 19 acting on a tip from a brother's nice who arrived to clean out a garage and staggering amounts of child porn was found. report: KRIO ch. 7 Thomas Emery and to other Emeries. They lived there since 1962AD.

source Detectives of Florida



When Ruth Bader Ginsburg and even RINOs passed SCOTUS rule that 1,000,000 people = Corpo now is equivalent to a single Contribution entity to USA democracy, the USA was long  gone.  The Antifa inform me that symbols of white disturb them so I have a plan to turn our Sun ( Shines white light) into Darkness .Stay Tuned.

#DonaldTrump needs to throw out of the USA all Top #KKK Members. They Represent Slavery and Oppressoin !+ 1




# RichardMauzeBurr

et al.

all connected to white nationalist Corpo Millionaires and billionaire KKK Collusioners.

Family & Society

Morgan Freeman, aka god talks 'supremacy' of all colors. Youtube. —“We have a more vibrant society when  we do not have a vast chasm between the haves and the have-nots – we need that middle ground, called the middle class. Do you agree? Yes, I personally do agree.”

Two “extreme” parenting styles have been linked to children becoming  criminal psychopaths in later life, a study has revealed. New York Post. For example, #homoBillClinton was raised by two herion lesbians and a cocain dealing step brother. He turned out to be #Satan incarnate like Bush Sr. whos father raped corpses and skullfucked human bones.

Arc—smaller boded type of people in barbarian societies like Feudalism, Oligarchy of Globalist elites always wins, except or when GOD wipes them out, because there is no other option. imo. Tall to large boned bodies are natural rulers. like a wide shouldered person. So there seems a disconnect to multiculturalism and naturalism both runs side-by-side in duplicity.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology interviewed high- security prisoners and found many have a history of either total parental neglect, or rigidly controlling, authoritarian parents.
A psychopath is a person who suffers from a chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.
They are defined by their lack of empathy and have a tendency to manipulate people without any guilt.

“Either they lived in a situation where no one cared, where the child is  subjected to total control and must be submissive, or the child has been  subjected to a neglectful parenting style.”


A Charlottesville eyewitness claims members of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the KKK and Nazis all arrived together on the same bus. In a live interview with Charles Patrick, the eyewitness claims that protestors on both sides were seen departing the same buses, wearing shirts bearing different hate group logos. Charles Patrick: “What color were these buses.”
Eyewitness: “They were like a dark charcoal gray. I didn’t notice any writing, but you know there was some trees and people and stuff in between us and the buses so, I mean I didn’t see any names, but I know they were all the same.
Charles Patrick: “The buses were all the same. I know you told me earlier they were like back to back, like bumper-to-bumper.”






Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars + Islam'



US Fakemedia covers up for massive childsex trafficing  and now the  reason for the 1999 war

+Rob Mosley been doing this since 1995 . and in 1997 - 2002 I downloaded declassifieds [ leaked to the public for this purpose by many in the HOR, during the pre investigation before Impeachment. ] that later Sandy Burger ( bill Clinton associate was stealing out of the national archives to destroy the evidence) I used this during the campaign ( only pay for play w/ Nuclear proliferation as the key) which got me the attention of the top doodooers. I was chased for a two week period in 1999 but I had no way to host these things so I just kept them. they backed off. That is what got me the termage: #weaponizedinformation. I did not start the child abuse stuff until one month before the election when people had really good stuff, like PODJ emails and Hildabeast. So in the last few weeks I turned to this to learn their codes. But for most of the time, I did #nuclearproliferation and the tracking of it and was contacted by Chinese and Asians back then. I also trained at UC Berkeley on NSA original docs, 1947-1950s. and knew about these things as early as 2006 and wrote class papers on them when the world did not know they even existed. Then I also learned CCCI, James 'Jesus' Angelton was the first of that type. It is like a tripleagent. Knowing the NSA codifications and CCCI, I took it personally when #JamesComey on the witness stand berated Americans because he said , You really do not know how to read classified documents. Well he may be correct for most, but not I. I still believe we can turn JamesComey. How do I know? A hunch, not facts, just a feeling. we need turn coats to help ID and drain the swamp. Currently we are only on stage one of ID them. Burbank's CIA is buzzing the house as I write this. LOLZ.
CCCI counter- counter - Central Intelligence (Agency) or CCCIA/ that is the top spook stuff.

Why did EU Fall?

EU went no military and so USA took you over. how dumb is that? This was all USA #deepstate stuff. #GHWB because he gets a satanic rush, like a drug addiction from killing and harming people. IMO—18:27 08272017AD Archangel Michael Ch.12 Revelations. SOURCE are his own inner circle people. why is he a #psychopath ? His father had sex with a corps. that is dna damage at the highest levels. and that was his daddy. Destroyed him good.

#arcmichael #bookoflife #arcmichael

George Orwell:  erase history and import foreigners for deep state take over for pediofarm planet. That is simple as it gets.— 08272107AD

Big news: Podesta Group≡ Hillary Clinton's campain Manager and Beast' buddy file DOJ back logs for pro Russian buisness connections. Meuller all over this, NOt.

G+ post source Wash exam.

#bombshell #podesta the molesta filed #DOJ briefs: his firm(S), included UK BP has more job contracts in #Russia than any other #American entity . #arcmichael #johnpodesta was out front with the #GOP #Russian hack #fakenews meme. #Meuller is all over this, NOT. #Lemule is out to kill or prosecute apple pie grannies and poor religious workers. #Satanism in full swing at the top. #GHWB is the top #evil on earth. period. end of story

Tony and John are small players. #beast and #antichrist bushites are the real linchpins. #lemule is trying himself not to be offed.

#arcmichael #08272017AD #bookoflife

Petition By Followers Demanding That Trump Pardon James Alex Fields Jr. Gains Steam From The Alt Right Factions . The Driver was an Ohio Deep Doodooer who actually chased me with other ds punks in late spring. Feilds own car was not used, either but a look alike. Stripes missing made this case that it was not him. Link to studies & Rus' Invest.

Linda Sarsour Calls for People to Rise Up Against ‘Right-Wing Zionists’
Who are these ushers in of refugees and why? They make war, scatter the orphans and then abduct them , rape them and kill them and eat them in a GODLess orgy of darkmatter = soulessness.

— 08 27 2017AD ArcMichael

Venus as the Morningstar 26 th Aug 2017 AD. click for a 2.5 or so mgp

Arc Michael
Cool. like the ones ushering in all the refugees are right wingers and right wingers , most are too dumb to put the puzzles together. #goislam, US Mainstream Christians are now pedio faggots, so they are thrown out, cut off by GOD. Check the news it is real. #satan is in the rightwing too.

( googleplus link)


Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild , 4th Baron #Rothschild, OM GBE FBA d. 29 April 1936, United Kingdom, sD , Spouse(s) Serena Mary Dunn (m. 1961) — 08262017AD 23:22 ( 11:22). see ya would not want to be ya :)  #seconddeath

Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild, 3rd Baron Rothschild, Bt, GBE, GM, FRS[1] (31 October 1910 – 20 March 1990. sD. Rothschild was the only son of Charles Rothschild and Rozsika Rothschild (née Edle von Wertheimstein). — 08262017AD 23:30 ( 11:30 NoHo LMT). see ya would not want to be ya :)  #seconddeath

Old news Χ: but now getting traction. Michael Flynnwas surveilled by Deep PooPoo State talking openly on the phone about Pedophiles , top people who work for #WashingtonDC , some are politicians, the tops.

+eugene gregory why did idiot blacks run slavery in the south and blame it on the Whites when yellow bellied Judeans and Brown Afro Capitalists were the culprit? Forget Niggahs are always liars. eh? 12:41 p.m. 08262017AD— Arc Michael & Does Ana Navarro also pimp for #pedioState ?

In an attempt to appear neutral, US Atty Steven Wasserman was replaced by Atty Michael Marando but he's married to Joanna Wasserman! Robert Mueller was given numerous chances and yesterday was the last straw. He lost his soul.

new member to the Lake of Fire and Second Death member

Robert Swan Mueller III b.  August 7, 1944, New York City, New York, U.S. sD — 08 26 2017AD 02:48 PDT NoHo.

He made a huge mistake: In an attempt to appear neutral, US Atty Steven Wasserman was replaced by Atty Michael Marando ( New York Times, Marriage post) but he's married to Joanna Wasserman! Can't make this crap up! JoAnne Wasserman runs Holocaust lie facility. So he lost his SOUL.

Google Post

#RobertMeuller was given so many chances and made this huge mistake. #Awan brothers are linked to Debbiewasserman Shultz and this is her sister and this is the new Lawyer to represent the prosecution of Awan, #collusion #criminal conflict of Interest. So #LeMule lost his soul today. He was given over a year of  chances and failed. He was also put in immediately after #09112001AD on Sept 14 to run the #fake911commission. #GHWB controls still ( Co with #beast) the #USMilcom for #PedioPlanet. #USA was never a democracy when I was alive. 1947 three illegal armies were created: Modern FBI New NSA (  Navel #SeaBeast of the #Bible) and modern CIA, the land beast. #jeffsessions may have recused himself but he has the power to open an investigation into this #pizzaplayer for advocating fake wars for Iraq and #faketerrorist attacks because the #USConstitution proclaims we cannot star a war, unless provoked. #LEmULE also did time at #norcal and this State corrupts the weak minds of the minons. He is one of them. Tant pis.


#bookoflife #arcmichael #08262017AD

John Podesta is a retarded Cabbage poopfessor
u guys see that PODJ photo of a fish and number 14 ? It means to progress past Jesus or GOD and liberalism wins with Satan . Idiot atheists do not understand Satan or the Devil are Christian themes. These are cabbages of stupidity never seen before on planet earth. PODJ can only teach at John Hopkins because he is a loser, eh Podumpa ? #lolz


More whites apologizing for racism based on fantasies. The establishment kill history so they can make it up to control you. g+cry

yo H, the history books are false so racism is a false narrative. OK 48% slave farms in USA history were run by African blacks, Michelle Obama's family and countless others were the real facts and cases. Do you see this promoted? Nope, end my case. USA is long gone because of greedy robot followers of the pedio pedastrists .#arcmichael

source is 1860 #USCensus Lincoln complained about this and it was suppressed by our media and by our edu.

black fascist bigots

125 Scientists 75 Bankers numerous  Journalist in 20 years, either disappeared to  work on Anti American black projects or  murdered by Deep Pedio Italiano Judean Mafioso State , aka Dragonites.

David Levy Yuleee was one of the tens of thousands of Judaic slave-owners of Sephardic-Judaic descent who bought, sold or traded in black slaves in the western hemisphere.


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.


Don R.  Kuykendall, sD. President for Kuykendall Financial Interests Corporation, seven companies and former Stratfor Enterprises, LLC manager. Current: Commerce Street Capital, LLC — 08 24 2017AD 02:01 PDT NoHo. in PODJ emails Stratfor -  Don R.  Kuykendall straitforaustin = May 14 2009,1:59pm

"Hot Dog Fridays" flown in from Chicago, taken from bay area first too.

SB 1761 calls the people of #GOD the terrorists and 2 year old pizza lovers World citizens.

Out and About

So went out for a cig and at a place I have gone too at night and when I came out a coup type of car was there and staring  at me and saying nothing as I opened the door. So I  starred them down. Then grab my belongings and ran to my car and their car was cady- corner and I over heard them say, Yeah, this  is his car.  Then then I starred them down  again and they  and they left out the opposite driveway. Then I saw them, a girl and a guy  I think, yuppish drive out the driveway and I got into my car and went the opposite way and  there they were awaiting at the corner, and I stopped and starred them down again. They starred at me and started to accost them with language;  Do  you speak ?  and then I said what is up, is there something wrong, and they stuttered and said, Well we are trying to see if the Post Office open, it is like 15 minutes to Midnight on a Friday Night and  then I just shouted, ‘Are you C.I.A. ?”  and they did not answer, the closed their window and stayed just at the corner, not a parking spot.  And I stayed too and then they slowly turned down the street past me and onward down the  street and turned right back onto a major street. First I saw a Hillary Clinton  stickered car and some dude that looked  a John Podesta type; not sure I was trying to get his attention.  It had that evil nonchalant look and was nervous but still Satanic calm.  I saw it pull into a Subway but their were LAPD Vans there and so I kept driving . when I got to the post office a rich sports car pulled in  and parked off the side and turned its  lights off and moved to the passenger side.  I just walked up and by and starred but kept going. When  I got to  my car after this exchange it was gone.  So the spooks are peering or spotting.  So Time to put more  people into the lake of Fire, now.  These two shuddered and were not honest, a sure sign they were lying about this and no one goes to the Post office on a Friday night at Midnight to see if it is OPEN.  But then again, I AM careful now of things like this. Who knows. 00:18 08262017AD NoHo.  


Lies about US Slavery are endless.

Blacks ran southern slavery, you fxxx bastard. Source is Abraham Lincoln. white KKK Germans are not white people, they are mixed Judean creeps that lie like you. blacks run slavery out of Africa today. And do 100% no complaining. hypocrites go directly to the #lakeoffire

south was always segregated and JimCrow was that un approved law. but that does not mean Niggers did not run slavery fxxx,kng asshole people on this planet.

Most of the southern Niggers were billionaires.  BarackObama and born Michael, tranny Michelle Obama both came form Black  slave  owner families, you fucking pieces of hatred shte.

Harvey and Fake Charities

Most charities claim they gave $500,000 or a Million but in reality 15% went to relief victims  and 85% will be diverted to offshore accounts. #Hollywood are #anti-American Mafioso  clowns. just real #cabbages


Harvey Clinton and Bill Weinstein : Monica Lewinsky fires off cryptic tweet that Bill Clinton gave her $10,000 to hush up after sexual improprieties in the White House Halls . 11:23 #hypocrisy #Michael #impeachment. & Adopted daughter Malia Obama may have had a tryst with Harvey Weinstein . the FBI, if they have a shred of morality left is looking into this issue and the Obamas have not come out to say anything about this huge issue. Michelle Obama in the past has lauded Harvey as a good man. Harvey Weinstein Bundled a huge cache of money to both Obama and to Clintons over the years . Michelle Obama calls Harvey Weinstein a nice man.


Dad and Mon of Archangel Michael, nee Carter Baines McDonald. Richard and Kathy, my mom chose to use her middle name after cliaming to be  kicked out of Canada by her father


2017 the Year we began to take control of our lives against these Satanic child abusers, the global types San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles North Hollywood Burbank, Morning Star




ARC 23rd Aug 2017 A.D. archived as journal 176 on 09 02 2017





United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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