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currently a bullet in my head courteously of NSA CIA cabbages.

Fakeisraelis and Pedophilia widespread at the Dragon 2:06 — 2:12 A.M. PST 18th

The Connection to Islam is in the old  Hebrew Bible and now the Christian and the  Quuran. U.S.A. Dragon Have a problem with that? Photos and depictions of paintings of some of my recent Reincarnations. 06172017AD 8:03AM NoHo. DNC tried to ban GOD, at the Convention, using Semite Latino former Mayor of Los Angeles, to do the dirties ∋ he is #LARAZA twice voted, Hillary Clinton approved. But failed to get majority votes .

" I will spend two years and hire an army of lawyers and court people and to get to the bottom of this Russian influence on your tax dollars! -- Robert Meuller, aka as #anti-American . Clinton took $44 Million from #Chinese or Asian #nuclearweapons proliferationist and Robert Mueller does nothing because Clinton is #AntiAmerican, always has been too. #arcmichael #06182017AD and #bookoflife #chinagate led to Impeachment and then dropped by #congress because they too took money form the weapon’s proliferationsits.

CONFIRMED: Robert Mueller Confirms : Steve Scalise leaked to Seth Rich and shooter was deep state Bernie Sander dude who looked like CIA  following and trying to  assassinate me.

#WashingtonPost has 5 sources that say #donaldtrump is under an Investigation, source is MSNBC, CNN, FOXNews

#RobertMueller is asking for* $50 Billion behind the scenes to investigate Me ! lolz IAM right here dude !!!!!!! #arcmichael Ch. 12 #, #Revelations #bookoflife #06182017AD you already have 12 #assassination days on me so far , #punk! #goAmericanfirst peoples. these are AntiAmericans and work for #Israel only . They hate #islam my people, reality check!

Dragon T γ StarWars > Matrix 1 < Matrix 2 ∑ Assassination and Torture renditions by DEEP STATE TO ME AND THE PEOPLE OF GOD

Happy Fathers' Day

+William Johnston sure it is not the 65,000,000 us caused #deaths #UN to #Obama #2016 September since John F Kennedy's assassination . Islam does not have that kill number, people.

#dragonUSA = #1 Terrorist 65 Million deaths US caused since CIA Bush team killed John F Kennedy (source for numbers is UN to Obama, Sept. ( prev APRIL) 2016AD

No Democrats here peoples' but #leftwing is in full control of Media, Entertainment, Military , CIA, NSA, FBI, NRO , and anti Islamic too and Democrats control 95% of the Institutions and banks and Wall street too . !!!!!!!! and they also control, academia and now the #Churches are all left wing AntiChrists ; it is a rigged system here and Bush team are leftwingers too. All know this now. #Assassination threats on me in this house and next door and down the street with the CIA FBI cabbages. wowwy, standing up is very hard to do.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #06182017AD #Mueller is getting an army he says for a two year war on us #America First people.

that is how many we killed all over earth, with our now 600 US military bases and $17 trillion dollars missing since 11 th of September 2,001 Bush, bad agent Judeans and bad agents of Sauud performed that operation. Now on film too.

how's third grade, Johnston? Like your teacher? r u a teacher's pet?

 Irene Belasco  #deepstate has computer to Nuke of NK at Aug it will get crazy , they want #donaldtrump out to steal more trillions. since 2000, a $17 trillion robbery by #deepstate understand?

top level gamma world classifieds. NSA goes through ashkaNAZI german ips, #spook

Drupal codex asian masked NSA spook codex code for international NSA Δ nsa–310


Why Empty White House and Cabinet positions for Trumpet ONE?
do not  hire liberal arts majors for  a time being. please. they have ⊕ FBICIANSA destroyed world credibility. Now they attack us Moslems in America and call themselves Pro Moslems = #CIA #NSA I am done with you people. You have been ID'd and that was my purpose. No Moslems, little to no Asians nor Indians and all Spanish afro white wasa traitors are all I saw on my 12 Days of Assassinations ( over 20 days, literally.)

9:10 p.m; 16 th NoHo


Claude Latremouille had for over a decade promoted on a nuke event for Paris and involved an Asian power and American power.

#yeoshua #second Coming is located at the King's Chamber at ± 3,000 0 A.D. #arcMichael However, Jesus reincarnates over and over and never reveals, only rarely for hidden purposes of #freewill #reincarnation is a real thing but not scientifically observable. No instruments can detect now, only the human intuition or senses.

nephilim solved finally by science!


5.74% globally is our white white #dna race. If blacks were being eradicated, I would be black and on their side. #arcmichael #06112017ad #peace and #love. we #USA have the most per capita: #CNN march 2017 ‚ ⊂USA at 10% white race. their sources. :) 9:16 PST pm 34n 118 w general.

Arc Michael comment on a pain med addiction world wide.

or I f one takes the strong doses sold on the streets like lorcat, 1M real, 1Mg synthetic AFGHANISTAN ( 10% prior 2001 invasion, now 90% production US run and UK backed) POPPIE US HEGMONEY PRODUCTION FOR PHARMA CORPO , and you become addicted, it can lead to serious side affects like death. That is a powerful pill. and subscriptions from Canada on emails, seen these for decades are not helping solve anything. I stay away from that and Tylenol is my base life pain relief.

06162017ad two years ago, Donald Trump announced his run in the Republican Primaries and no one thought he would get past the primary fields.



Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣🚫

850 N. Kemp St. Burbank, next door north of us #islam they are no longer protected. #arcmichael #bible see Youtube page. Dedicated Page Link updates also on #socialmedia | 844 Kemp st, FILE here

I kept a secret from 2008 that Sandy did not replay me. Today, after bring up this issue she denied everything and Robyn and her talk about assassinating me, 6:13 pm. #06182017ad. I pay only 25 dollars a week, and all hate me here, but she always argued to keep me here, because she does this to many people and Richard knows it and is scared of her, because she is a stubborn robber who attacks the poor ( Christians are poor or on the streets like Jesus) and she calls them scum and street trash, and then goes to church and even prays. Everyoone in this house quetions why I AM still here. So She denied it and called all and hinted that I will be in jail soon (?) She is a hard core ganster robber and even her son calls her a Liberal ( antiAmerican). She lies to me and that is all that mattered. Never had a contract for the personal loans and because She knew I was in a tough situation. If you investiate her, she has borrowed from 1,000s of people and is already in debt by 10,000 to her Daughter's boyfriend; she lives in Boston

#islam anything happens to me, pull my protection from these people yourselves. #love and #peace through strenghth.

These people have $10,000 dollars of my belongings  and  life work on their driveway. So this  is another  robbery scheme by #sandra Beohnke . Yes, she is a bad seed


update 12 51 pm 06182017AD Joe 850 N. Kemp st. has a Gun and she is working with Sandra .So I gave her a letter. to tell her who I AM. Assassination is on for me in this house 844 N.Kemp st. Burbank, CA. Los Angeles

844 N. Kemp st. Burbank, CA. 91505 living with people who rob the poor to pay off their rich friends is why I AM angry with people in this house ; and mostly the robber #sandraboehnke who had a history of stealing from street people ( Homeless food program run by me too as a co runner of it ) to pay for her fatso lazy lifestyle.

update 1:05 pm 844 N. Kemp St. Burbank, CA. Sandra returns with Robyn to pick up the a kid ( one of two) and Richard to go to planned lunch; and I give her my letter of my issues. She denied she ever borrowed any money, a typical behavior but Richard knows she does this to many throughout their marriage and I am just one victim. .as Street person needing help to go up north, I had no contracts ( She does not do them with anyone) when I deal with white people and she abuse me by telling her friends I am this or that to cover up the tracks she robes from the poor people of our community.

#bookoflife #arcmichael $750 is all she has owned me for eight years and does not pay it back . Her method is that I AM DPSS and must be crazy #liar but people who know me know I do not lie about these things, never have done so. and she is the robber who robs people to pay paul!  She is 200 lbs and Richard said he met her when she was 95lbs.


Neighbors behind me and to the east north started a fire to destroy our belongings in our home tonight. Done this on purpose. It is sweltering outside and we have our window's open and so they started a bonfire and smoked us out and Robyn complained and I had to tell her where the source was and she recognized it. #nothappy. that smoke destroys our house belongings and makes our house stuff and clothes smell of fire, and the entire house. See my Youtube channel for these brown bigots.

update: 850 N. Kemp St. Burbank, next door north of us and He has laser lights at our eyes and house, through the windows and light terrorized , real damaging eye LEDs, highest intensity even at Joe, Sandra and people of this house, and Al, the black dude who later left to New York. Privately Sandra does not like him but is  scared and does not want to cause trouble.

I over hear them celebrate all things Anti white or Anti American traditional.

Neighbors Semite Italian Spanish Immigrants from Texas, cannot pay rent, and party 34/7365 and are very creepy shine laser and high-tech LED into my home, not just me and our house tolerates them but we do not like them.

They promote #illegal alien and AntiAmerican view points and Sandra only tolerates them because she is scared. She voiced this privately to house, not them. Joe, Semite who told me he hates me because of my white white dna on the street when I asked why he attacks me with illegal lazars. The police are 100% pro immigrant Latino Spanish Italian so I cannot complain.

Illegal Mexican Spanish #Italian are smoking out our home because of my white white skin and we cannot call the police because they are too #Mexican Italian Anti Americans. They shine lasers to blind our white people. see my google page for their address and my M pages for their story. we have a heat wave so we have our windows open so they started a massive bonfire and smoked us out and destroyed our belongings. Nice brown people, eh? IQ low level and haters and lazy welfare queens. They have moving truck out in front but I have no clue to why? They party nonstop. Like cartellers. dude fired a gun last year around Forth of July to scare me about three feet away and to mask the sound because of Forth of July , kids blowing off M-80s and firecrackers all month long.

06172017ad about midnight, just prior.

we have white white dna in this house, three of us out of 6 currently ; the others are mixed white or just semite .

we never had curtains of blinds before they arrived about 2010 A.D. it has been a racist bigoted and Xenophobic = anti American nightmare. People in this house are terrified of PC privilege for brown bigots who use terrorism and cannot call courts or the cops over #Sanctuary City preferences. Now we are using blinds to stop this #weaponizedbigotryinvasionforce

this crap stopped my #Histories on North Korea, damnit. In the #cowboy days we just would go and kill his ass and his anti-American friends. But we have 99% Californians as AntiAmerican and pro military kill all Americans here now.

why no #mikepompeo speaking out. ? #bookoflife #06182017ad I have illegal cartellers smoking out our American house and we cannot call cops because they too are form illegal families: generations of sanctuary robbers and rapists. The 1%ers use them to kill us Americans, eh #beast Caligula = #billclinton reincarnation.


update 11: 33 pm. June 18th 2017 A.D. Sandra was confronted two days ago with owing me $750. US dollars and this revelation has angered her bully and programs to rip off the US Suppressed, Like I, and other street people because she can get away with it, knowing the social PC programs of Anti-Christian. She prays to me as others, all over the world but I keep my life secret .Stopping the Warmongering Machines killing my people ( all cultures of the people of GOD, currently their targets are my #Islam ) all over earth to make money for their super rich lifestyles is a scalar form to me . She is the problem, Not I. She robs peter to pay Paul and threatens police and to whomever. and it I to whom she prays. I cannot tolerate evils like this any longer, She has owned me this money since 2008 - 2009 , the last year I stopped begging her,. I was up at Cal, ,so she believed she could get away from it because I was away. when I moved back, I shut my mouth and lived normal to their house rules and paid weekly, something that they actually used to pay their bills or squander, albeit not much, But I never lived here when I came back from the Bay Area and never lived in a real sense here at all; just a few months for here and there why she borrowed $1,000s and paid back all but $750 dollars; she often believe she is GOD and prays to herself too: A  Bizarre mental condition. ; just took showers, rested to watch a few hours of television and take off to live in my car and she has been recently a nightmare in the last two years.


Over a week of assassination threats by Robyn , daughter of Richard , while all my belongings sit on their driveway, about $10,000 dollars’ worth.  And since they are  robbers,  they cannot tell anyone why I  AM Here, I only give them $25 a week, which nothing. They claim they do not like me and at the same time do not tell me to leave. So there is a confusion to this narrative.  In my opinion  it is because I only brought up the issue that  I paid into the mortgage ( Sandy Denies it all) and Richard knows her habit of borrowing for the mortgage , but she never paid me back.  Since being so suppressed, when I returned back here, I paid rent to them, again, and shut my mouth. But Robyn was physically attacking me and Richard knows and  and overheard us yelling  at each other and screaming we would kill eachother. She keeps saying this is not Sandy’s  house (privately ) and that I needed to move, and leave my expensive stuff here and started to hose it and my head wound. You cannot ask Sandy why I Am  a part of this house when they do not even know or life me and claim they do really do not need that $100 dollars a month.  She will not speak to me, at all and keeps calling her family members to do this or that and says privately that I will go to jail. So she is a corrupted individual who abuses the suppressed and lies and takes our money; all the while going to a church and praying to a Homeless Jesus Christ figure. Totally insanity; she is mentally ill and 200 lbs and Richard says, and I agree for the last two years she has become a witch.  She complains about money ( She spends it all on her kids, does not tell  Richard) and then tells him that  if he does work, he does not care about her. That is a mental illness , people. —6:51pm June 18th 2017AD


الوليد بن طلال بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود ‎‎ must start to employ Moslems  (  Both Shi’I and Sunni ) and not Hindus, south Deccan Asians or in general Africans as cheap labor; but do not abruptly change your worker systems. Thank you.  Do it slowly at first. Thank You.  #muhammad et al #GOD.

On UK Apt High Rise fireIslam owns Fire Safety ; started fire safety at Spain during their periods there. Created Fire retardant housing roofing ; yes, Brick or tile roofs for fire retardant purposes. That is our #islam so listen to them #middle-aged civilization #Iberia . see my pages for more. And yes, plumbing and water works they are the best because we created these systems back then. and in reincarnation, many civilizations prior. Building was dilapidated because the elites took all the infrastructure money. So a need to correct this and contribute. — Arc 134pm #06172017AD.


Ted #Leiu Democrat California, ( HOR) ban to lake of fire, yellow brown ASIAN. HE IS IN A MELTDOWN



racism charges against white people. Muhammad the Prophet was a White Arab, ME people!

1. Beast William J. Clinton sD William Jefferson Blythe IV [ most often as III], Jr. Born at Hope Hospital, Arkansas, Monday 19 August 1946, 93w35, 33n40 [ disputed time] promulgated officially as 8:51 A.M. LMT ( UT 14:51) Sid. Time 6:26:04 [ or 666] sD 06162017AD 209 pm PSY

The Beast
born on Mo., 19 August 1946
in Hope, AR (US), 93w35, 33n40
Time 8:51 a.m.
Univ.Time 14:51
Sid. Time 6:26:04 sD

George Herbert Walker Bush,b. 12 June 1924 Milton , MA. 71w04, 42e15 sD —Arc Michael 3:05am 05302017ad sd on 209 pm PST 06162016AD


#williamjeffersonclinton Blythe iii (or ii) & George Herbert Walker #Bush both are #MilitaryComplex Controllers and OK these #assassinations


Journal 171 will be giants came down to earth, and current politics


The Evergreen State College says no white professors are ever allowed back on campus or they will Nigger beat them to hell.


#nytimes = Sarah Palin Shot Gabby Giffords, newspaper #weaponizedhatespeech = #antiAmericans

Ben C. O. Grimm

Athiems G+ page with 6,700± followers when I accessed it is all about hate speech. when a Pastor dies, they goof on him or her and say "One down, more to go" or something to that regards. Here is a responce by me:

  • #fakenews & Yes some comments are hate speech. Religion of all cultures brought #civilization now that it is being suppressed we will see chaos and barbarianism spring forth to the streets of our world. Happy Agnuttists? #lollz


Mushu was 'Niki' , a Superman old style Greeko mythos ? + 1


Lake of Fire members and reviews

Reincarnations of Carter Baines McDonald 06 18 2017 A.D. started upload 2:22 pm 06 18 2017AD.

Known about my reincarnations for most of my life and beginning since May of 1987 A.D. May 2— 24 th. Visions I say was a timetravel; & I kept this a secret. How can one prove Reincarnation? Trying too.  But no science proof yet. I do have bones at Paris, south of France and other places, now yet known by me yet.

Arc Michael ( Current form and revealing my manhy reincarnations. Ch. 12 BookofRevelations
Alexander Georges  L  Bizet ( composer died early link to photo)
Michel Nostredame ( manhy things, issue of world prognostications for human management, not a prophet at all).
Prophet Muhammad ( developer of Islam, these are my people.told them not to depict me because IAM reincarnating as a white arab, our ME scholarship. Yes I kill sometimes, but for a purpose!).

Yeoshua ( 12 deciples, some worked for me and are working for me, secrely in this lifetime).  Aka Jesus Christ. – 5 bce ( astron -6) cal. Gregorian extrapolated Julian, mosh’ir analytical pre 1850AD).


Joseph : son of Jacob, Bible Hebrew
Osirus ( not sure but have a feeling, have no fleshed it out)
Annubus ( God of Judgement, pre dynastic Egypt, Ogodad, 8 winds, Egypt ancient.

CONFIRMED: Robert Mueller Confirms : Steve Scalise leaked to Seth Rich


#Russian #hacking #solved
#seth #richoviski linked to #BernieSanders #deepstate campaign helper plot to kill US Senator over Child Trafficing laws. #Sethrich #DNC #USCongress #MSNBC Same looking face that tracked me, with other CookIdiotA-wipes. #arcmichael #-stevescalise helped #sethrich the source of #dncleaks2 #twitter #robertmueller confirmed #podesta and #HillaryClinton involvement but #williamjClinton the beast is threatening all with this #bushiteclans.

Robert Mueller will take US tax dollars $50 Billion dollars for an army to kill Americans. 57 planned by Aug 13 th. 2017 A.D. ?

Key Point: June 14, 1946 is Donald Trump’s birthday.  He has a special kinship with Rep. Steve Scalise, especially because of their shared political agenda and patriotic orientation.  Just like Kathy Griffin’s beheading video was used to send an extremely threatening message to the POTUS, so was this ‘birthday present’ sent by Deep State—mafia style.  Steve was shot playing on Wednesday, June 14th.


TEXAS George Bush Miltary Complex Connection


June 15, 2017
Editor’s Note
Members of SOTN staff worked directly on the BP Gulf oil spill.  We found Steve Scalise to be one of the very few congressman who aggressively advocated for an environmentally safe oil spill response.  He expressed genuine concern for the health and welfare of the many residents on the Gulf coastline who were poisoned by the toxic, chemical dispersant—COREXIT.  Steve will always have a special place in our hearts for his awesome advocacy.
Rep. Steve Scalise Grills BP CEO Tony Hayward About the Gulf Oil Spill
N.B. The analysis delineated below reflects many of the same conclusions of an independent investigation which we have been conducting at SOTN.  We, too, strongly believe that Steve was sent to the Washington Hospital Center to expose him to the same bad actors who killed Seth Rich.

  1. Ivanka Trump‏Verified account @IvankaTrump Jun 13

My thoughts and prayers are with Otto Warmbier and his family -- thankful that he is finally coming home.


Advanced Science:

Orthodox  Christians favors women more equally in social spheres  than black culture which subjugates the women to worker roles in the social spheres while men play and lounge all day. African slave culture. #historicy ( sub historiography ).


Election 2016 A.D.

and Veronica. there are 96% court judges that voted for #HillaryClinton compared to 3.5% who voted for #donaldtrump. So we have a real issue of disloyalty to the American way. These judges are anti-American, at 100%.

James Comey had all info to charge Hillary Clinton and the DNC election primary riggers but did nothing. & all people on Earth know he allowed her to get away with 10,000 broken laws. But thanks for these updates. + 1


IAM the Light of The World.


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.



Richard W. Painter b. October 3, 1961 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, He was raised outside Philadelphia, in Kansas City, Kansas, and in Champaign, Illinois. Chief Bush Ethics Lawyer 2005–2007 sD

the chief White House ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush administration from 2005–2007
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania raised Kansas, and in Champaign, Illinois
type of level  of apptitude? mid level academia   . no where near our levels .

Jew girl is a hardcore #criminal in my views and data .
#bye bye #islam she is no longer protected and an #eviljin !
#Dianne Goldman Berman #Feinstein (née Dianne Emiel Goldman;[1] June 22, 1933, San Francisco, California, U.S. sD #SECOND #DEATH

Contacted Asian Nuclear Weapons proliferationists 1980s as Cal gov, #jiagnzemin ( Chinese domestic Leader) and moved Livermore nukes with #beast Bill Clinton to Pak, Nk and Asian businessman 1990s A.D.

In power 1992 A.d. January and while governor and a careerist hater and bigot who made my life personal hell with her sanctuary kill whitey program. She is Judean and not a Real Hebrew or person of GOD.

#arcMichael #bookoflife #06162017AD

Photo below is Feinstein's side kick, #nancypelosi who calls her self the#queen

38th Mayor of #SanFrancisco In office December 4, 1978 – January 8, 1988 She begins Contact with Jiagn Zemin, to move nuclear weapons out of #Livermore to Asiann gansters, for her husband's $10,000 business bank account. We learned she was moving nuclear weapons under an international spook program run out of the #OvalOffice by the #BEAST. FOR corpo cash and playing gods

#bookoflife #arcmichael #06162017AD


206am to 212 am June 18 TH 2017AD

+ 1,00000000000 thank you Cory. I was propositioned at 14 , when I was a run ( for #Hollywood boulevard. ) away to Venice beach and even 40+ year old women tried to seduce me or make living arrangements , really without care for my self or my past. #bookoflife #arcmichael #Judeans have been thrown out of my favor at Baal and Voodoo cultures by me at #Canaan for this and bestiality. repeated offences = #DNA problem people. #bookofjudges #Hollywood is black African, run and Judean and dark brown world type semetics that have child marriage laws on the their minds and say, why cannot I get 'fakemarriage' for one night and force myself upon an Orphan on the #Hollywood streets = say these CEO s and executives over the decades and half a century.

Hollywood is a part of my#MEAMIC = my targets.
They all know and careless and actually enjoy hurting the innocent why they flash #anneFrank, a white arab too and over and over again to shame semi white people of German heritage or mixed Saxon. CIA are blacks and browns today, run by white wasa traitors. #USA is gone folks.

Blacks and Browns are the ones of history, eventoday at central Mexico the USA child sex rings to Pelosi' districts have been historically documented. Does #jerrybrown nation know or care ? Yes, he loves that people and lifestyle There is no #GOD here at all and USA really does suppress my #ISLAM

u fxxking Beyotches!


#RobertMueller is asking for* $50 Billion behind the scenes to investigate Me ! lolz IAM right here dude !!!!!!! #arcmichael Ch. 12 #, #Revelations #bookoflife #06182017AD you already have 12 #assassination days on me so far , #punk! #goAmericanfirst peoples. these are AntiAmericans and work for #Israel only . They hate #islam my people, reality check!

O'Shea Jackson Sr. (b. June 15, 1969, Los Angeles, California,  known professionally as Ice Cube, of Niggers w/Attitude, 1,000 sc charges of racism, bigotry, ignoramian, and failure to educate itself.






United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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