Book Of Life

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ό αρχάγγελος



currently a bullet in my head courteously of NSA CIA cabbages.

Dragon T γ StarWars > Matrix 1 < Matrix 2 ∑ Assassination and Torture renditions by DEEP STATE TO ME AND THE PEOPLE OF GOD

Claude Latremouille had for over a decade promoted on a nuke event for Paris and involved an Asian power and American power.

#yeoshua #second Coming is located at the King's Chamber at ± 3,000 0 A.D. #arcMichael However, Jesus reincarnates over and over and never reveals, only rarely for hidden purposes of #freewill #reincarnation is a real thing but not scientifically observable. No instruments can detect now, only the human intuition or senses.

nephilim solved finally by science!

5.74% globally is our white white #dna race. If blacks were being eradicated, I would be black and on their side. #arcmichael #06112017ad #peace and #love. we #USA have the most per capita: #CNN march 2017 ‚ ⊂USA at 10% white race. their sources. :) 9:16 PST pm 34n 118 w general.

heavy earth activity at ~ 14.27 -92.91 chiapas for the last several days.

Plutonium waste failure systems under that 70 years of reptile scripts: Hanford nuclear reservation in Richland collapsed with Plutonium and 4,800 plus workers were told to take shelter as radioactive material warmed up planet earth like no one else's business. Seattle Times. comment: Event that shows how the radioactive material got there? “Some time in 1956 and 1957, (PUREX), Sixty eight railroad flat cars, loaded with un contained processing plant equipment and refuse, laden with, extremely high levels of Plutonium contamination were rolled into temporary earth covered storage.” So the plan was to bury the problem.  Instead it increased global warming by gazziilions of years.  Blame Bush, Clintonistas and the Obama no show job years. 2:27 am #06122017ad

They imported for 70 years the IQ people of zilch. this describes an epic failure after failure.

Festival of Bad Behavior. Fox Outnumbered 06122017ad

James Comey and Robert Mueller are brother in arms says #newyorktimes today


former CIA #2: Gina Cheri Haspel (born October 1, 1956 for torturing poor people and being banned by GOD. Preceded by David Cohen , 1,000 sc 8:52, updaed sD p,m. Trump only appointed her because of her seniority and a female. She spent most of her life torturing poor people at #niggersites or Black Sights" because Blacks gaurd and cherish torture at the hands of Jewish female commanders.


Robert Swan Mueller III b. August 7, 1944, New York City, New York, U.S. sD works for Beast and AntiChrist Obama and now a legal prosecutor of Donald Trump while sitting on his cabinet

Islam please protect Jeff Sessions: #realislam protect him, we are trying to stop the ME wars for you people . #peace and #


11:52 Hollywood homeless stabbed to death and two suspect fled. Strange because they have no money but often a love of GOD. * CIA NSA FBI are only for Judean, Afro Voodoo and Latin Child sexers. Helicopters making noise for over 30 mins, here at North Hollywood. Feel save, so far. 11:53 pm 06212017ad.

11:55 g/night §


#Islam are also people of #GOD , #Christians or should I say #FauxChristians . The Beast of Land and Sea have been hunting me and my crews for some time. when you see #chem trails all over these are for predator or drones that spot for your assassinations. At this time, these 'cut' away agencies are not on Trump's side but of da #beast #williamjclinton whose 1st Century germancia, both in Chaldean and Hebrew ∇ Caligula's #666 ⊃ reincarnation

12:22 am copters hovering about 1.5 miles away have been keeping me up. The murder of Homeless by unknowns in Los Angeles disturbs me because the #shadowgov knows history has many people of GOD hiding out. #arcmichael #bookoflife #06132017AD .

Bald eagles are Dragons in code: hook noses downward are #Antitrump and Bush profiles. Bald Eagle is the symbol for the #dragon which in the bible says it is a bad thing. Donald Trump has a strait nose, not a downward nose.

Obama Holdover Deputy DOJ Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller and both call to kill white white and Christians. They are liars and are judeans , like Rod and his buddies. They hate white white Christians.



Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣🚫

#islam if something happens to me this house is no longer protected, OK? thank you.

Richard Boehnke's daughter is physically abusing me and telling me not to tell Richard nor Sandy. Richard listens but does nothing. He certainly  does not like her attitude. But she is family. The Boehnke's gamble and take vacations. I paid into their mortgages and they have not returned that money, anout $750 and I have no support .  She is Anti White and bad  mouths Sandra all the time in my ear shot but when Sandy cannot hear. And Sandy does have a little, not much , low hearing.

06 14 2017 A.D. Open hits and threats of beating and death by Robyn and Richard Boehnke, openingly screaming. She has been bullying me and Richard knows and She is a larger Semite  brown  51 year old Fire Horse, and since she took a hose and sprayed my open head wound upon coming back from EXODUS , and Richard overheard her call me names and scream in front of the neighbors Retard, you should have killed yourself. But she  had threatened so much it is now  a hourly or daily occurrence and in front of her father. When she did this I brought up the secret that that Richard Boehnke robbed me and paid his  morgange when I was at Cal and never had an intention to pay me back claiming Sandra take care of the Bills, but they are all liars. He screams at her that she Robs Peter to Pay Paul and she screams back he has a gambling problem, losing $500 a month and he does not care about paying back a small white suppressed street Arab. She is a Semite and she  has forced me to keep quiet but I have to stand up and Do not care about police or her big family members ( wade does not like her ) and she often speaks about this is her house 9( she never paid a cent to the mortgage, Sandra and Richard have and my money is about $750.  This is not much, and why I kept quiet but I have no gas money , no money in the banks, and hiding from spooks and assassination and it is rather surreal.  Since this morning, the death threats  and beating threats are non stop and Richard is aware and can or will do nothing. I found a plastic   black thing in my coffee can and this was  a fork, plastic piece, I do not use that for my can and this came the same day she threatened to put arsenic into  her kids Lemonade because they drank too much.  They do not have money to pay me currently or will likely and I have nothing, no dates, no vacations, no home and a bullet in my skull, fragments. So I  just told them, I will fight back, stand up for myself. Period. It is a  open hit inside of 844 N. Kemp st. Burbank, CA, 91505.

Her threats about leaving the house was already the first day, about two years ago, saying this is her home and she said kill me I will do what I want. I said nothing but usually I am out of the house and this time I have zero funds.  About $10,000 of my belongings ,because of the events  of the  Matrix Day 12 are on the driveway and she just complains and compains and subtly destroys my stuff and swears ( Sandra tries to stop her, at least She prays) to everyone, and mostly her kids.  So I may be in jail or dead or the  hospital but I cannot live like this; endless years of being abused by big bodied NON white Judeans. #203 pm 06 14 2017ad

I got no cash for gas, suppressed and Yellow Judeans and antiwhite in this house I currently am at have open hits on me and robbed me of $750 dollars and police are all brown and support brown, so I Am shyte out of luck. LOLZ. fighting back. blood or death, standing up for my white race.

James T. #Hodgkinson a Bernie Sanders = Anti white and targeter of white deplorable got whacked by steve #scalise 's duty! Bernie Sanders is Judean and so is Hodgkinson and both are #antichristian and #antiwhite

VA bipartisan ( insert gunman targets Republican white people) James T. #Hodgkinson ( annual baseball game, practice birthdate December 12 1950 #VA gunman #DNA wasa, non pure white Italian migrated looking Mafioso, bulbous head; the same types that targeted me in #CIA #NSA =look just like him and he is 100% Anti white white scando anti noord, anti white Asian and anti white rus' and we have him in DNA as a non white. OK to call him a #Caucasian, these are yellow non whites in #science and #academia. Social Media an Antiwork and lazy welfare promoter for his lazy butt. The leftwing quickly put up a photo of him saying tax the rich. The #democrats have run DO NOT TAX THE RICH For over 70 years so we know they are all #liars and frauds. This was a NON white targeting some white people in our Government. Period. End of story. #bookoflife #arcmichael #06142017ad He may have been coaxed by #deepstate , although unconfirmed at this time

#Berniesanders volunteer after hearing #antiwhite Judean #Sanders ( latched on to #hillaryclinton 's #deplorables = target #white white people ) call out to target white #Christians; James T Hodgkinson took to his arms to fight for yellow Sanders and kill white people in the #republicanparty.

#senate floor #WASA semi judean #chuck #schumer *was almost smiling and laughing on the Floor of the US legislature when addressing this, this morning. #sadbuttrue

two officers wear plain clothed and so the Leftwing Antiwhite #Hodgkinson took to shooting feeling safe. His is a #CIA a #NSA #FBI = AntiWhite fanboy. These agencies are anti American and pro #Judean WASA. look like him too.

steve #scalise a majority whip has two details for protection with guns and if he did not show up more republicans would have been shot and slaughter .

#CNNfakenews and #rachelmaddow are the ones engaged in hate rhetoric with #Hollywood and #media and #academia = all who bad mouth white people for decades and decades and keep hating with liberal arts educations. So that hate triggered their left wing #wasa shooter and these yellow people, red people, black people and brown people on twitter on the anti white side are celebrating , laughing and Democrats are jumping for joy, behind the scenes.

#DonaldTrump #politics #bipartisan event challenged by an semi: Italian non white bulbus Caucasian.

Made death threats to Donald Trump and all of us Supporters on March 22, CNN posted his social media feed posts. No #CIA or #FBI cared because they too are Anti American and pro #antiwhite . no other discussion. #facts. They target suppressed homeless white arabs, these #CIA #NSA and #FBI groups and Hollwyooders, they hate white people in their souls .

#CNNfakenewsAntiwhite and they are the political hate machine, not us and there are over 1,000,000 Antiwhite and 'let us kill Trump supporters and Donald Trump already all over Social media.


Sessions is Christian and she is #voodoo so we see the conflict. #Sergey Kislyak meets everyone of Congress behind close doors, done so for years & voodoo gurl (1) is like low wit, dumbass

Senator Kamala Harris


Newsmax is the Clintonfoundation secret

tell him in 1990s or very very early 2000s Chris Ruddy responded to an email by me and he exposed himself as a huge Clinton fanboy. So he is a plant. get this to #donaldtrump he is a plant. imo b/c of my personal source.


part one of two

#Matrix Day 12 : 908 pm #06132017ad
#Mason #Level34++ Ante Chambre: King’s floor for Large Gizāh pyramid for entire world.
Guccifer2.o + weaponized Information
Took out two white traitors to the world = 666 and doppleganger.
Matrix Day 12 Part 1. Of 2. #Apocalypses
#2016Generalelections #beast of the land and Beast of the Sea
released to public on :
11: 55 PST p.m. Burbank, North Hollywood near the WarnerBros and Disney and NBC et al. studios . Of the City of the Angeles . #06132017AD #peace and Love for #Islam #archangelMichael #Bible #Christian & #Quuran + 1

Matrix Day 12 Buena Vista Library. While parked and I was already scoping out a few white spook low level traitor spotters and then some plates with Judeans and Mafioso, a Jersey Plate black SUV pulled up alongside but just in front and stopped, just for a few seconds and I only took notice of the license plate. Today, I know that was a turncoat for our side. It clued me off that Israel and Mafioso sent in the heavy hitters. The ones that will just walk up, take their gun out of some hiding sac and shoot my on site and walk slowly back to their vehicle ( Cops do nothing people for deep state operations) and just get away scot free. That symbol to me made the difference between life and death. By just hesitating and stopping just for a moment in front of me clued me off that the Deep State sent in their A- List lone hitters. They had about three spook vehicles but on hitter and I was filming him, as a Podesta was down the street in a normal high caliber sedan lux. Do I know that symbol was for real or they were taunting me, I do not know but it did alert me because late in the day, before sundown a black leather clad with leather hat ( beautiful Mafioso outfit peoples) and shorty man with a black tote bag, with the weight symbol of a heavy fire arm, tried to approach the benches and smoking area where I was at without me noticing. When he walked toward the entrance, but was well inside the general parking lot, my eyes locked on to the tote bag. His hand was caressing the bag and his eyes were forward not to me, but my eyes were glued to this all black clad typical television style Semite Italian Mexican which is basically a standard Hebrew.

There is a little walkway or path that keeps pedestrians away form the parking lot traffic and he was using it, and after leaving it I started to walk toward the door, thus we would meet. He turned abruptly to the benches of the smoking area, and in absolute calmness began to lay his bag on the top back portion of the bench and dig in for this weapon. That is when I rushed into the Library and grabbed my gear at my sitting place and fled back to the house and then posted I would meet both CIA and NSA for a street battle.

The reason they brought the top of the line hitters were real blood shed I caused on 06062017ad with the two black riflemen on my roof which I compromised and a street battle from 1203 to 430 ensued some masking on the local news about death , fleeing, gunman and no other information. Islam fought for me and some of my people died and so did their people.

So this was to kill me or rendition me with total LAPD ( silent they do not know) cooperation. When I left I did not warn islam where I would go, most see me take similar routs for a long time. But this time I took back alleys and kept a watch and fled to Van Nuys near an oil gas truck place near the 134 Freeway. I was compromised about 3:55 or so, and the Police did not pull me over they stopped behind me and ran my plates and then went into AAA garage to talk to the workers, who would have been witnesses if they shot me there. I fled when they got out of their suv LAPD vehicle to go inside and talk to the people[ homeless also are around, a lot of them live by freeways too keep away from citizens and police actually ok it.

So from this time, I fled to hiding spots, not my normal ones but keep getting caught and spotted and fleeing. I was at my local place on Van Nuys Blvd., where the Old Dunn & Edwards paint store used to be, now an auto dealership and then fled to Riverside by Van Nuys and parked behind cars on an off street. A helicopter spotted me and did circles and so I fled too then before the spook cars showed up and went north to Vanowen st. There I hid out for three places, nearby but all eventually compromised by sedans and lux sports cars all the while black out SUV no window super spook autos used for abduction or assassination would follow up. When I saw those, I pressed the gas.

How do you know that the CIA NSA are after you and you an be sure about this. When you pull very illegal traffic violations in front of the LAPD and they do absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. So I was breaking some road rules while at times if I saw people could be in danger I would obey the traffic laws. After a time, obeying the traffic laws meant I would die. So from small streets around Vanowen to victory and about four near misses I fled back toward Burbank and to the house I keep some of my clothes and take a shower. But do not live there, I prefer to live in my car as this place is a rowdy place . When I was fleeing the LAPD were not stopping me I started to understand this was serious business. They wanted me. So about 730ish I get to chuenga and Riverside, just down the street from where I have my clothes and take a shower, the black suv and about every other car was a spook car. While driving I took notice of who was in them so I could do my science. Italian Mexican, Jewish white and blacks were the only people I had seen chasing me so far and when I took an illegal left turn, no police stopped me, a school with children being dropped off was to my right and the spook cars just stopped in front of the school and blocked all lanes of traffic. I stopped and waited to see them set up. What were they going to do?

This is the first stop of three and the shortest. I was watching to see if they allowed me to pass but it is a single road both directions and the mother cars and daddy cars with kids are to my right and the #beast of land and sea are in front, behind and to the side, blocking me. I decided to make a U-turn and go south to Universal city and gong very fast but not faster than normal speedsters. When I pass the Toluca Lake Methodist Church I belonged to for over a decade I set my mind on going to the Sherman Oaks Library via the Ventura main road, misnamed Boulevard. This is the valley’s first main dirt road and Lankershim blvd is the Valleys; first main pavement road ( source my father born here and drove on the 101 and other freeways at 100 miles per hour when no one was living here and they just opened up). So #NorthHollywood as we call this place boarders Burbank and the Disney studios and warner bros. Back lots and the history of film remains located at the center right here with Fairfax, the Jewish enclave where my father was born to a Chicagoan scot who migrated from there coming here at 8 years old, my paternal grandfather. So I get to the intersection where Lankershim and Chuenga intersect right at the black buildings as they are locally called for Hollywood Universal and I am being chased by numerous spookie cars and Mafioso looking Judeans and blacks and Mexicans and white traitors. This is serious I now am aware. I have my camera and taking photos and film. I See so many spook cars and understanding they have already pulled some stop and grab attempts in front of children’s’ school I knew I had to pull some extreme crazy stuff. I stop right at the black buildings before the Universal road up to the hill and pull to a stop in the left hand lane, which is private turn by the way. I pull the keys out of my car and turn toward the interchange, looking north and see about 40 spook cars pulling toward me and they decided to pull a right turn into the first private Hollywood, gated and manned parking and entrance road and I wondered = why would they have access to this place. I remember Jennifer Aniston’s fearful face a day prior ( on youtube) as the secret is out the Beast of the Land and of the Sea has compromised hollywood’s clean character.

So I see all the cars that followed me from Van Nuys pull into here and I understand down the street they have watcher cars ready to go as the entire east valley secret has this entire operation going and the events of blood the days prior forced their hand to capture me and yet, no police car stopped me or cared about any violations’. Why” #deepstate operations people!

I relax on the hood and smoke a cigarette, yes a bad habit. After about 10 or less minuets three people come out to the sidewalk on the Universal Side directly infront of the black onerous buildings. In times past, citizens took shotguns and fired them into these buildings for their own rejection of this system and I once went to an interview when I was in my early 20s and I could have taken a job of a type of boy receptionist, personal assistant, but flinched back then. I was doing painting and construction on the streets day labor scene.

Who were these fellows’, all males. One looked like Kick Ass Mexican Italian shorty dude, with dark sunglasses and a hidden bullet proof vest under its T-shirt and one black kid , looking like black teen idol of a Disney show or a HBO show and the other looked like Gerimo of the Jimmy Kimmel )( Jew late night show). The black and Gerimo dudes were smiling, totally oblivious to the seriousness while the jacked up Mexican dude was the guard of Hollywood, the gate of hell. So the spooks sent out their top Idols of filth, and they are not traditional Americans but thuggies of a foreign flavor. Now we know why white traitors are drunk and scared out of their minds and people like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise or George Clooney are pussies and little gurls and chickens when face with real world problems. The Judean mixed race have taken control and control them by paying them off to be silent and docile and compliant lil bitches.

So Mexifilth screamed at me obscenities and demanded I cross the street to talk to him. I awaited a few moments and flipped him off and screamed, he could hear that was not going to happen. So when we’re engaged I was looking at the traffic and all were scared people. I was praying with hands clasp for someone to stop or pick me up and people were in total fear because of the spookie cares not because of my jeep , Looking worn and almost gone. They saw an outdated vehicle as the center of attention to $$$$ millions and millions of dollars of high end supercars that were paying attention to me.

What did I learn here at this moment. Only a few white people in these cares paid any attention to me and I blurted out my website and some listened. Others turned their heads and kept their eyes glued to getting quickly out of this area. I was doing this and listening to the three afreakos ( amigos – one is a afro young actor) and the Mexican bullet proof dude with a camera phone pointed at me I overhear that his real intentions was to take a baseball bat to me. That geared me off to Kickass the Marvel, scot wrote that comic, book film. These were the dirty cops but for our real world, the bad agent were Hollywood tethered directly to the Land and Sea Beast.

This will be a #key to understand what I have state for years . MEAMIC. Military Entertainment Academic Media Industrial Complex = same DINO RINO anti-white white and anti-Islam and anti-Christian and Anti GOD’s peoples Dark Energy apparatuses’. When at main challenge #2, in front of the Nigger Buildings the Cracker white Arab trash confronts about the entire Beast teams. Hillary Clinton eyed me in front of my parked car on the previous Wednesday; I had no idea until I was out of the Hospital and Exodus and heard the news she had been in town at Palos Verdes for a meetup with her funding bases. I did not make the connection when she looked through that mirror of her super back spook car; I only had noticed it was a super spook car with a older women that appeared to look like her. I have had laser damage from U.C. Berkeley Eye Center on campus and they betrayed me, took my money and lawyered up. They did the improper exam. The overseeing faculty of the grad students practicing was compromised by the Asian girl doing the exam as she spoke to him and not out of my ear shot that he was on drugs( a common white problem today). So my vision is not perfectly clear.

So that was her and she had to spot me to see what was the cause of her failure at the general election. So the police did not stop me and they had to decide what to do. I had metal in my car and the chicken lil Mexican dude who wanted to beat me with a baseball bat ( perhaps the black SUV thing was that all along and not a clean shot, that was prior and missed) was a plan. They decided to get a Universal Parking vehicle and attendant to pull up behind my car and force me out by bully practices. I was looking up at the buildings looking for riflemen. This was serious. Traffic was flowing but a stop light was there and cars stopped and I could converse with some white people who were not scared but most of the other people, people of color , perhaps immigrants were fearful and stayed away from eye contacting me. And I sat on my car and relaxed for a while. It was surreal.

Then out of the parking vehicle came a quasi-German Mexican fat Judean creepo with a bad attitude who did not want to listen to me as the three amigos were pacing up and down the sidewalk but would not approach me less then get their heads bashed in by lead. They were mocking and laughing and having a good time and at the same time, very concerned because they were not in control.

So the fatboy got out of its vehicle and I shouted it down and it got back into its car and did nothing. I awaited about less than five more minuets and decided to flee south to wherever, perhaps Ventura and go toward the west and Sherman Oaks. I drove normal with the traffic and the spook cars , again, came out from every direction and followed me but did not block me and I turned on Ventura and headed toward that direction and would stop a few times to look like I was getting coffee which I was actually trying to do but did not have the $3.50 cents for a small cup and did some things [ masked] and this will be prior to stop of the major #3 stop which is very very interesting and key because it showed e who these people are up and close and in person.

That will be for the next installment,. This part, #3 is rather epic and will go until the end where I explain about the bullet in my head.
Why is this happening. The first news conference Hillary Clinton gave publically, her first outing after her stunning defeat she ID’d the correct Social media to who actually stopped her election. Twitter & Google. Her second outing over a week later she started to make up more excuses like Russian involvement et al. and a bunch of garbage. I would later learn after the election about Seth Rich, a DNC insider and how after he is assassinated the DNCleak2 stops, just on the day he is no longer with us and but for your knowledge he is alive and wants serious revenge.

#ArcMichael #06132017ad #matrixday12 extended version. No draft yet, just raw writing. 11:18 p.m.
#bookoflife #lga1230


I estimated about $10,000,000 that day's cost just for that operation to get a street white arab trash that has been suppressed by these agents of hatred.


Stop the ISLAMIC state abuse westerners!!!!!!

+Irredeemable Deplorable 65,000,000 deaths by US Israel Deepstate UN to Obama, April & September 2016 A.D. archived on my site. That is a Demon, bitch! U seem to not care about our side of the slaughter, so #FU 2:55pst 06122017ad

#IAM Islam Archangel Michael new Ottoman Pre discourse available, and this is for the world , people! g+ worldhistory banned by some moderators, but just a share to them for their own purposes. They can remove if they choose. Link

ISLAMIC STATE do not allow anyone to call this an Islamic Empire, OK? Love you much. Original post by ME.


#2014 I point out this is of just one of many fabric tears in our universe. #sealone placement hear in #scorpius #chandraxray source scope. data. You bookites call them #portals

( googleplus post 2:30 am 13 th Link )


"The Hillary Clinton campaign did not spend their money on white workers,  and they did not spend it on people of color. They spent it on  themselves," Jones told a packed house at McCormick Place in Chicago.  "They spent it on themselves, let's be honest."

Proud to have been on gateway pundit, banned because they support Clinton n bush, idiots, when he was Czar, first month. He has a history of social activism, and not I but others took his posters and scanned them and gave them to GWP. I provided ancillary weaponized information ( Hillary Cliton's terms): ⇔ deepstate knowledge and not classified either.

But I watched Van Jones over the course of 2016 election and he is growing politically astute. and good for him and for all of us we need people like him.

#arcmichael #bookoflife #06122017ad

What is weaponized Information? Anyone who has an IQ above 140 which is Hillary Clinton’s IQ which is higher than most except Bush sr.  Bush Sr.. is 125 IQ at SAT max 129 = 96.9 Percentile, and  Harvard mean tolerance is 171 and Obama is 112 IQ and tested at 102 on another. Bill Brady has an IQ of 103.

Van Jones grows politically over the course of the 2015- 2017 Election cycle and new President cycle.
"The Hillary Clinton campaign did not spend their money on white workers,  and they did not spend it on people of color. They spent it on  themselves," Jones told a packed house at McCormick Place in Chicago.  "They spent it on themselves, let's be honest."


The aim of this work is to investigate hydroxylamine formation efficiencies in polar (water-rich) and non-polar (carbon monoxide-rich) interstellar ice analogues At #UCBerkeley secretly we are growing life in an oxygen absent lab. OK people. we already have two #trees of #life . here we are trying to combine a possible origins of life force 'elements.' for the #win #bookoflife #arcmichael #06122017AD #peace link here


2:30 am Chaos beginning and subconciousness and dark matter— 2:33 am 13 th

copters and sirens all night long here at Burbank ca; Judean zone central CIA NSA authority. They hunt Islam, poor and Christians. They are the Beast.

Plan by Bush Sr. = #Eradicate #Christians at Home and Identify the global Enemy as #Islam = NAZI BUSH GODLESS celebration. dat iz 2 say, #godless materialites engage in bestial barbaric attachments. Code in secret chambers, this is the #Judean #reptile #script. Bill Clinton took control of the financials for the Bush Military State or Empire of the Beast !

30,000,000 on earth are very wealthy and celebritized while the rest of us are tuned into television shows that force us to worship these weakling celebrities

Fais de beaux rêves

1 year and 11 months CNN, MSNBC, ABC, FOX, NPR, KPFK, and 11,000 affiliates will fantasize that white people of the USA colluded with white people of Russia to win the 2016 Election and thus deny Black skinned lady called Hillary Clinton and her black skinned Husband their Black Civil Rights to the office of the U.S. Presidency. this is 100% Proof the USA is alll over folks, the retards have been imported and the skillsetters denied agency. 5:18 pm #06132017ad


Google and Facebook people being targeted by CIA for assassination because the CIA has a low IQ collectively and a non existent skillset.

no CIA is trying to kill us or I or us because first news after election loss, Hitlery called out the two sources. Twitter ( Seth Rich who was killed, and the leaks stopped) and the weaponized #Google ( so they are killing google employees too? Perhaps, not sure, they spook me nearly 24/7 because they have $17 trillion us tax dollars, stolen). This is a part of the game to take back from the Judemons, our world. IMO, not sure how they feel, Google or even Facebook do not like intruders from the NSA, FBI or CIA or their 'cut' off teams demanding they comply with the mediocrity of the IQ of the collective Judemon agencies. #human hunting. Hollywood runs murder inc. and you worship its movies. LOLZ>


above is new

Dragon T writings below.

feel safe:8:55 pm

watching Hallmark on cable , & some weding shows a theme today while I crash and sleep because of all of this week's misadventures. ?

New Black Corolla S, New;  no plates in front of house 844 N. Kemp st. Burbank. Totally blacked out windows and inhabited. Not  just purchased. Spook SUV drive by about 8: 30 ish.  Roof ladder still there. If I die, Islam has been given authority by me for no longer America is protected.  OK, FBI. Also Judeans remain diminished. I can come back ‘around’ 2060 and wipe your butts out.  So relax, IAM immortal and  so our my team of GOD. Yes, it is a tv party night, but the neighborhood  knows we have parking issue  on Sunday and this vehicle has our  spot in front of  the House. Even though I checked with small flashlight the back seat, it could be used as a Hitter dump late at night. Blacked out read windows are non-visual even in the  Sunlight. It is legal, by the way.  Anyway keeping our eyes open, mouths shut and kicking ass and tracking through time for soul deletions;  arc Michael 06112017ad Peace and Love.

Catholic Prophecy set up 24 th March 1,999 a.d. although ICANN has it at 900pm LA March 25  th 1,999AD.
According to Fr. Frank Klauder, S.D.B., in his article "The 200 Day March: Don Bosco and the Millennium," Soul Magazine, Jan./Feb. 1998, p. 6., the chronology of this prophecy is also symbolic. One day equates to one month. Four-hundred days represents 33 years 4 months, which is the time from November, 1965 (the close of Vatican II) to March 1999.



Naphíl 12.18 feet/s² (3.71 m/s²) ~ fluctuates according to epochs.

when arriving from centaurus, we hit two fields of evolution. one is Mars and one is Earth or #EA. these have been recorded by us a long, long, time ago, .Relax, this is the #Apocalypses in real time

#science modern solves this issue finally. :)
Solved נָפִיל, Naphíl #bible #centurus to #mars = tall beings came down to mate with people on earth: easy paraphrase of BIble text .

+offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men" before the Deluge according to Genesis 6:4; the name is also used in reference to giants who inhabited Canaan at the time of the Israelite conquest of Canaan according to Numbers 13:33.

#lifeonmars a part of our collective past has gravity to body equasions to how evolutionary = science on the body over time or evolution/time = body type or ntype. OK

over time, the body will elongated or evolve taller in less gravity and the eyes are much larger due to lower Light source = distance of Sun's rays and the lowered Martian atmosphere. that is why pyramids and carvings and shale for oil fields can be seen on Mars if NASA ever allows to the public to see the high resolution tiff . files You can enlarge them and keep a relative sharpness or pixel=ratio to our eyes.

900 + 9:19 pst pm updated. Don't think of GOD of the Universe as separate from humans on earth. This is just a #pedagogical way to say evolution , natural Martian disasters and stopped migration to earth over a period of a long time amounted to an evolution of disapportionate body types and sizes. Most #Martians on earth have large heads, tall bodies and sometimes, not always larger eyes due to gravitational, heat index and light indexing over a period of an #evolutionary timeframe. Marduke celebrates this at Mesopotamia & represents the Diety or god of #war and today we call this a #dragon and is represented around the world as the Bald Eagle or hook nose downward and not strait which represents linear peace scripts.

However, Dragon is a vertical script ( vertical cross section) and need ( Capitalism is one of its skillsets) to make rockets when the #demons destroy a planet's civilization. So civilization on the horizontal cross section of our Cross = democracy or everyone is involved. The #USA runs a crookedcross script with a sense of local democracy to a pay play Elite 1$er robbery outfit of Judean yellow scripts which does represent progress technologically but this ends in total destruction by opposing forces destroying the agent of #chaos

our wider scientific community around our world and joining the study of #mars have concluded such a hypothesis. To me, it not merely a #theory but a fact.

The #Genesis script was never really understood by anyone until we have our creator decode the encoded two Genesis Creation narratives. #bookoflife #arcmichael #googleplus #G+ #arcmichael

then we have the blue people of the early Vedas with flying blue people lazaring and dropping or missiling nuclear weapons as seas of glass are found at different regions, often large ones too which may be an electromagnetic Quasar pulse by me in the past. SO relax, this is just an #apok . Blue blood disease is a real affliction and today curable. It makes the skin appear blue tinged rather than our normal skin colors, fractals on the boson stringset !

Did George #Lucus imagine Star Wars, so long, long ago? Or was it a memory of a distant past we all shared. This is the code people. the gods and humans are us in reincarnational format . Kept from you for your own wishes of #freewill.

Kinda like, Been There, Done Dat! Boom!

Gen. 2 Creation story is #Mars and #genetics people OK? Relax!



New Lake of Fire member with special conditions: O'Shea Jackson Sr. (b. June 15, 1969, Los Angeles, California,  known professionally as Ice Cube, of Niggers w/Attitude, 1,000 sc charges of racism, bigotry, ignoramian, and failure to educate itself.

post G+

O'Shea Jackson Sr. (b. June 15, 1969, Los Angeles, California, known professionally as Ice Cube, of Niggers w/Attitude, 1,000 sc charges of racism, bigotry, ignoramian, and failure to educate itself. I detest Bill Maher ( also a LOF member) so this is not about it but his liberal arts failure of a mind. #mothermary my mom , in many lifetimes was denied by Blacks and browns for citizenship for 40 plus years and these Niggers said, yo cracker whore cannot get any love. So he goes to the #lakeoffire with sc conditions. so he can change if he wants too. #bookoflife #arcmichael #06102017ad

#nigger is Nigerian basterdized by blacks who sold blacks to brown Spanish Italian Portuguese slave traders, not Scot white, you lying buffoon . Niger congo is, was and still will be the black slave juncture of the black afro race on earth, the serpentine Vertical scripts. #icecube your fake Christian blacks of FBIgnorammus or CIA NSA have been trying to kill me and I compromised them and they were killed, because they attack crackers by your evil DNA codex #arcmichael

in over 2,000 years we will send you to a separate planet so no racism again happens, oK< this has been planned for a long time.

#Christian and #Moslem Bible(s) have a Liar clause and if a black lies it dies, in the #seconddeath. The majority of white #white people never had a hand or profited from slavery or its benefits. #bookofjohn 1,2 Christian text. Confirmed. Cannot be a dumy and pass judgment, You must have a clear #judgment.

you peoples, these #NWA blacks judged first my mom based on false Judean textbooks and did not discern the lies and therefore their judgments' are impure and improper.


You can tell your kids if you want too. I offer this personal real life reflection. #knowledge = power in any relative sense, but not absolute sense .

Addendum personal relevance. OK blacks or in real colors shades of brown to dark brown. Here is a part of #Matrix Day 13 . Ok, I am at Exodus, a locked down with large bodied security and CIA and FBI or LAPD officer and doctors and clinicians and staff. This place is manned by blacks at night who are very cool. On Wednesday morning the day staff arrives and most are brown Spanish Mexican or Italian Mexican or German Mexican round head and their Mexican staff and some blacks that come in and out of duty. But the browns as Mexicans which are a typology of a #semite ( middle level) ; they control by #subconsciousness and by raw numbers; #Compton area where MLK, Jr. in Willobrook where #Exodus is a part of that wider facility is now gentrified and browns of Semite and #wasa whites control with blacks on the lower security payroll.

So my Contact (1), he asked me, on my website is #919 code. He is a black black, mid heavy sized body and very shining eyes. One of the blacks who was already there when I came in at the early morning decided to ask for some pain relief. The semites ( Mexican Spanish in this case) who control the offices kept denying him and joking on him which set him off emotionally. So they locked him into a room, strapped him down and put the below freezing temperature gauge and laughed as they did this infront a white white and a black black. The bully or the subconciousness of Latin Control of Southern California is already a heavy social topic as they prefer to cross speak Latin languages. So we are sitting on our forced recliner chairs in the freezing tempertures and I was naked, only with a gown, and even when I Complained they only gave me a light, non warm blanket, #919 connected with me spiritually. HE saw that I could help him stop the abuse by a white fat women who handled his case.

Exodus is a short 72 hour hold and forced out type of facility. Gets the FBI or LAPD your psyche data for control. I volunteered 5150 status and was not charged with any crimes. I have never, also, been arrested. So black women and black men are being thrown around, arms twisted and bruised and these Semite Latino and specified Mexican Exodus controllers were having a beat down party. #919 noticed I had a spirit ( FORCE Level ) and these employees of the State were living in the Matrix, subconscious level, not knowing right from wrong. No morals. The Matrix is the Historiography of Life. IT’s the Deep State or Deep EDU. Changing texts for monetary or social economic controls. That may be above your current level so I will get back to a simple narrative. He informs Me he is a Christian and notices I too have the light in my eyes, so does he. He tells me he watches Seventh Heaven ( Television show) and pleads to me on how to stop their current abuse ( the white staff psyche doctor was bullying and lying to him) . He had a piece of glass also in his foot and no one of the Exodus staff would help him or provide some help to take it out. So I helped him and we established a code for him on my website. Here is how we took total control of Exodus and ran it from then on out .

You will see on my website for the last few years hard core hate speech ( to PC advocates , not real people) but these are masks ( Matrix) for real science data on the FORCE level. I gave him a quick education on how to shut them down and suddenly , he was in an interaction with this white bitch and he stated you do not want to help me because of my skin color! And using forceful tones. He also used it on the bully brown ( he is more black) Latin Raza nutjobs who are lying and bruising patrons all the while playing video games and having a party at work = the Mexicans normative lifestyles these days. I was next and they tried to move #919 to the ladies section ( breaking codes) because they saw a white person teaching black person how to shut down both brown and yellow and white. This is where it gets really good. I wanted to make a phone call because the police did not put my wallet into my personal belonging bag, I had no contact but message machine for a call back. And at these places they do not tell you what is going on, not fully. So one is left in suspension. So I needed to contact a place to see about my personal belongings. And the Mexican staff said they would get the number but lied and handed me a fake number and started their parties of laughs and bullying. I , after #919 then did my hate speech at the Matrix Level and FORCE level, confusing and shutting them down. This one ashkaNAZI German Spanish Italian mix dna, bold build used for crowd control or patent control was giving me the evilest of eyes because I was saying Mexicans lie to whites because it is encoded in their dna. Or that you lie to me only because of my white cracker skin, eh Sand Nigger ( I call yellowers or Judeans or arab bad yellowers, Sand Niggers) . Almost always, this would intend a persona beating and championed by the Medical staff. But, when Black and White stood up against Wasa, Latin and white German and brown Asian and the majority of Spanish Mexican female staff, together using these same hate speech methods, we ended up controlling the phone, television, and not one staff every laid a hand upon us and we were the envy of the Exodus and me and #919 were now the ones laughing and having a ball and a party as their smirks and laughs all went away permanently. At least until I left later in the day to the La Streets. So the lesson is that two individuals were being abused, verbally that is and witnessing physical abuse and torture but manage to get that black out of the freezer strap down room and shut that entire hate place down. Basically we controlled the entire place and that meant we were going to fight physically too but blame it on them for their racism. It was for #919 and I a true religious experience and 100% true.
I do not have the time to rewrite how fast and what I taught, he was a quick learner being already understanding of Christianity, the true form. The global current population density in correlation to #dna body structures is the entire key for the skillset .

#arcmichael #bookoflife #06102017ad #rapartists or #movielovers
(1) masked name for security against the #beast of land and sea

DNA Describes social conflicts at a science level. Reincarnation describes accurate soul reincarnation second or a repeatable script for the soul.

06062017ad 4:55 am Compromised spot ( saw blond hair LAPD, Van Nuys division today, bitch white gurl ( all working the 6/10) were Spanish, many nice cops = never gave eye contact. At Exodus, Martin Luther King,jr., at Willowbrook ( near Compton, south Los Angeles, now gentrified completely. ) the blacks and whites sided together to stop being tortured by the brown Spanish that were in full control of godlessness. They beat and abuse blacks so I came to their defense and shut down the torture. More on that later. The CIA NSA teams chased me and I did crasy stuff like stop in the street but the reality is they had about 100 cars for the grab or assassination attempt and could not pull it off but it cost the tax payer about $10,000,000 which is a rigged mafioso bank robbing operation. The yellow Jew females do not care but they also use whites who look scared because the Judeans and Blacks and Italian Mexicans control them by bullying, They need to stand up and fight. Hollywood is totally involved in the NSA and they are jews and thus Jews hate Christians and Moslems so we now-now our eternal enemy for the next 2,000 years. Jews use godless brown and godless black and throw prestige and money at them to quench their bully matrix self and they do this for the lack of intelligence. The idea is that weaker and much more intelligence, yes, Lawrence coded contact #919 ( his code) is a black-black Christian who knows more about the system of State control than anyone I ever met. In fact I turned the entire crazy black and white against the browns ( Hispanic or ashkanazi, part white Spanish or Mexican) to shut down their tortures. They strapped a black man into a padded room because he wanted medication to stop his pain in his back and turned the temperature to sub zero and laughed in all of our faces. IT was cruel. This was within the first few hours of the morning of the 7 th of June. i would be there until the 8 th of June. A bullet hole enter and exist, and frags still in my head. I helped shut down this nazi Mexican Spanish dude with my DNA and social skillset. I told one black dude to use color if they abuse you as a weapon and it worked. That was just the start . By the end, when I left, that Mexican was nearly bowing to me and asking, inquisitively about the dna and social structures. whites and browns have a curious relationship with the language and social barrios. Around them are usually brown Asians too, which is a true secret. At the 6/10 Van Nuys cop department to recover my car keys, my gun confiscated and put on 5150 starting on the 7 th of June, I saw Hispanic pures and mixed race latin and in the 6/10 room, brown asians and not white asians. They do their jobs well. However the brown has eclipsed the white in the  overall workforce and the high  spook jobs remain what is left of this dying race, now taken over by Italian Yellow Mafioso mentality, bullies. Large body frames and an appetite of me first , you never get nothing.




  1. Ivanka Trump‏Verified account @IvankaTrump Jun 13

My thoughts and prayers are with Otto Warmbier and his family -- thankful that he is finally coming home.



#lakeoffire member new : Rod Jay #Rosenstein b. January 13, 1965, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S., 1,000 sc United States Attorney for the District of Maryland, under #bush #Obama and for a short time under #Trump . source #CNN commentator, he will seek obstruction of justice to #donaldtrump and target his American first supporters. #LorettaLynch on board.

Semite white Judean and banned by #GOD.


Lawrence Francis O'Donnell, Jr. b.  November 7, 1951, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. sD political & visual commentator.

Lake of Fire low level reviews and not a part of sD

this is the first level:

new #lakeoffire member 1,000 sc.
Michael Jeffrey Jordan b.February 17, 1963, #Brooklyn, New York, 1,000 sc. Basketball star and media sports mogul. You are now in the Lake of Fire. Issue. Charles #Barkley and You are cruising Los Angeles, the beautiful city. You encountered a Homeless black man and Michael you denied him financial help. Perhaps $100 dollars.
Level of suffering is white white, wasa and then blacks. Latin are next by raw numbers but most are doing fine. There are almost no Hebrew suppressed nor Italian or European semites. The issue is the Black community of Los Angeles has had their dry wall industry ( ended under Clinton's second term) taken over by Semite latin races. Not all blacks can find a job in our #jerryjihadiantiAmerican Brown governor and the compendium of Anti American politicans at the top levels = #NancyPelosi for example.

Your charge to Charles is that 'they can find a job' and this is not true. The jobs are given to foreigners, by out of control politics on the local to national levels. I was there watching you on TBN before Phil Jackson and became an advad Chicago Basketball fan, long before you started winning. You were a ball hog but Phil incorporated a team spirit and suddenly you all started to win titles after titles. I watched and it was amazing. When Dennis Rodman came aboard the your team was so good you would allow teams to beat you up until half of the third quarter and then pull off the win, you were so board with strait playing.

You have money to build your golf course so you do not need to stand or wait on a list or stand in line and have money to make communities a better place. Instead of relying on a sports franchise history and adulation, you can add on to your fame by becoming a member of our wider human community. So if you want out, you need to start helping inner cities, like Oakland, the disaffected Los Angeles blacks and south Chicagoans realize some key investment and labor jobs that our current administration of #WashingtonDC will bring once we drain the swamp.

If you fail to become engage as a world citizen you will take a final bath and be deleted in the #SecondDeath. You were given special privileged for champion 6, and yet it was a push off even if it was a tap. You had institutional power and many suppressed blacks you and Charles met on the streets or passed by in your hot rod lux autos never had a chance. Your role is to give this to them. Please work with Ben Carson. thank You. Charles is on a fast track to Heaven, and currently you are not, .

thank you.

#arcmichael #bookoflife #06142017AD

Paris France Nuke event by APN contributor.

confirmed the 1945 Nuke Events will be at 45 degrees in Axial astreology. source: plethoric NNTP-Posting-Date: 10 Aug 2013 20:07:21 GMT


Once again, Nostradamus points out that, on August 13, 2017, the American United States, acting like Barbarians, intending to shoot not at Paris but at a much too rude murderer from Asia, would cook a beautiful friend of the US.

This illustrates that Nostradamus intended his Oracle about the Paris event to be found absolutely everywhere in his published texts. As the title page from *ALL* of his books also describe the circumstances of the unintended destruction of Paris, it is quite reasonable to conclude that this is the key to his Prophecies, everything else having been published *in support of* his Oracle about Paris.


Sunday. He used front covers and other poems. Kept to this one prophecy or interpretation his whole life.


exploratory: Codex astreology celestial coding. Urn in Hyades is a match for Hiroshima and Nagasaki uranium bomb and plutonium bomb. The next event is 2029 A.D. for a urn match. Here we have a 45 degree angle and a world chart. So this could be something big.


news and current: North Korea nutball wants to shoot a nuke to celebrate grandfather's memory. but that is an exscuse. Kim Jong-un is expected to test his newest nuclear weapon to celebrate his dead grandfather’s birthday.


3100 BC  ( meso America and Egypt begin and the Mayan Calendar is set to this year ) 1,450 years is a mean cycle between relative reincarnational  behaviors. for example, Moses and Jesus are the same persons, because of the span between lives are about 1,450 years as a mean and not an absolute. The next incarnational pure ( because Jesus is one thread of one soul who has many different quality reincarnations) will be 1,500 A.D. , such As Nostradamus, a   healer and water works person and global prophecies for human management.  Celestial chart is similar.  The next 3,000, 3797  A.D.  Nostradamus’ prophetic timeline ending for this set of prophecies.  This is when we hit the King’s  chamber. However, when  one knows all of  their reincarnation , such as granite identifies on the King’s ante Chamber floor we have a multidimensional  framework. Still recovering.


#Teotihuacan and Shri Huand hui (1) have mica walls , mercury pools and so we have a match on different continents but at different times. Confirmed 06092017ad
(1) #Qin (156-210 BC) Very short lived but enormously important because it is the first to conquer all other states, achieving full supremacy by 221 BC. It imposes on all #China a non-feudal, bureaucratic centralized form of government (which lasted until 1912). ref. Shri Huand hui tomb of terracotta warriors.
Mayan Calendar begins about 3,100 BC and so does the Old, very old Egypt. Wow .

source: archeology 2017 March, Mexico for mica walls and mercury pools.
#history #ancienthistory #worldhistory #arcmichael #bookoflife #06092017ad

is it collective consciousness or cross seeding ideas, from ancient shipping. The new world, may be old world in reality?


Arc Michael fin this piece 10:19 PST pm. Burbank, #California #cityoftheangels
Spain looks clean, relatively because they are Sauud Funded at the Spanish Stock Market and also they are half Arabic dna codex ( 800 years of mixing language and dna) , meaning mixed Italian, German, or Indigenous Americas make up their insanity complex. #londonstan looks all redlit ? #terror attacks are because they do not accept them at the political level, and these refugees are the pawns of the #dragon ( #dragonites ) and in our world da beast of #CIA land and #NSA sea . They eat and drink by $1,000 = $30,000 dollar dinners and lifestyles and these are their pawns in evil. #islam has a rite to offer their side of life's views. #desperation is the #academicterm

#code = Godless #blueturbanites = every culture is tolerated but a ruling class has nearly ALL #power in economics. It is a verticalscript all the way. Islam are generally religious and love to live in non capitalist regions on earth and produce and be very loving and productive. However #dragon scripts cannot achieve such peaceful ends.

#USA patriot acts view #islam and #Christians as the world's number one terrorist outfit because they believe in Me. #IAM ; thus the terrorist attacks. Why no Christians bombing ( Timothy McVeigh did, and is a true Person of GOD's chosen). Almost all here in the U.S.A. are of the mentor class, and most fail at that too and the warrior scholar classes of Christians are not found in the USA and thus USA = #fakeChristians

So #Islam is our last and only world #hope

#bookoflife #arcmichael #06102017AD #LGA1230 #moslems are #1



Jewish and agnostic and civilization cultures:  500 years long. pre begins 1090s and civil war 1200s and state begins about 1450s and ends about 1900 A.D.



Hollywood Young Adult Shows and New Actors ( gender neutral)

Baily Madison is become a competent young actress.  Watching Hallmark tonight and she is on one of the  shows. First saw her with Mia Mitchell and of one of Jennifer Lopez’s productions, and I found this because #switched at Birth was one of my fav shows for the last few years. And of  course, the Fosters, and I do like the BTGL ( you say LGBT,  which I do not agree with)  themes but please do not overdo it as like a training. We are all different and many want or  desire vanilla family relationships even if we have been exposed in our journeys as being Orphans.  Both shows to me are an A+, even if previously I have said otherwise. #arcmichael #bookoflife Z#06112017ad
Switch at birth created by Lizzy Weiss, nice job. On the  ASL and a good cast too.  So I approve.



Nixon did not like FBI Hoover

Why was Richard Nixon not a Jay Edgar Hoover fanboy?
maybe because Hoover's role in the Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcom X assassinations . that is why Nixon despised him and did not get the mil complex handover, it went to GHWB at Watergate. He is  a black man and had the most power in all  of USA, and even Dullas was scared of him and hid during the JFK thingy.

#arc 10:36 pm #06112017ad



IAM the Light of The World.


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Daniel Dale (@ddale8) | Twitter @ GooglePlus

Implies Donald Trump has accomplished no virtuous accomplishment compared to the Democrats and Republicans of the U.S. Past. Here is my response:

#DonaldTrump built resorts and hotels and  business buildings and rentals and CIA FBI NSA have killed 65,000,000 human being globally for their personal wallets and bank accounts  ( UN to Obama, April 2016) Since killing jfk. So what is your fucking message dickwad?




Other stuff:
Lao Tzu a reincarnation of Buddha ; not Krishna of the Vishnu scripts that is associated in soul group to Confucius a white caucasian asian dnaer and to Jesus Christ

9:24 — 26 pm PST Burbank Ca. USA #06112017ad

comment on Muslim behaviors and fashion behaviors, traditional and historic:

#fakechristians and fake people of greed and bullies hate #moslems. the idea is allowing each culture to get along, and love and respect. not hate. #hillaryclinton is good at that message. Not so much Barack, he is a little confused. #lolz. On a personal level, I have had the most honest dealing with Islam people. Honest, and forthright. Because they are religious. The Fake #Christian, my opinion, are rather caught up in the capitalism godless materialism scripts or behaviors. Currently for USA, that is my observation. I have not seen a Moslem in my chases with the CIA or NSA, and that disturbs me to the bone. A fake Christian may go to church, but it is in our communities where they need to shine. 06092017ad

I remember Barack Obama when he first occupied the white house, on camera, the Jsoc told him " You do not have a problem with Killing people , do you?" paraphrase but not out of context. You should have seen his surprised eyes. I no longer believe the Drone northern Pakistan was an Obama idea, but more of an institutional Pentagon project. why? The IQ level of Pakistan is the highest in northern regions, where the drones killed about 5,000 or so humans, some patriots included. This was very disturbing. I do not believe Barack Obama was on that plan, but was hijack by Bush family.  In 2012 or 2013 a comment to this function, Obama said, “ Apparently I like killing people. “ That was a slam dunk to throw shade toward the Deep State or Bush State which receives the most money from all government agencies. Sounds like Bush teams are about robbery and making the Middle east worse than over 18 years when they started to invade the Middle East. To me, Rudi Giuliani failed, he did get the five families of New York under wraps but forgot they spread to the  deep state because of the shadow funding. The other mafiosos uses day trading to make a bundle too. so they have moved more high tech.

Donald Trump in one new sweeping bill will modernize the computer systems, and place them on a single system, tied in so we do not have so much bureaucracy or redundancy and or confusion. . That was Originally Hillary Clinton national ID card plan in 1993–4. That was shut down by Republicans. But Donald Trump is no Republican and we see him adopting the Hillary Clinton plan even if he does not understand it being a NON POLITICAN.

“After former President Clinton met on the plane with the attorney general, I considered whether I should call for the appointment of a special counsel and decided that would be an unfair thing to do because I knew there was no case there,” Comey testified, speaking of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.–” link 1:01 am 06102017ad


James Comey says Russia attacked us and they are white people, not my Judean Spanish Italian NAZI FBIers. So the white people do not count. Now we know why he is in the lake of fire.

#carterbainesmcdonald aka white arab street trash

3:19 pm Just saw more CIA FBI NSA black Camaro hot rod watching my house about two doors down. Relentless blacks godless or #fakereligios awaiting to abduct or torture me or kill me because they are liars and they are the true bigots and true racists, not I.



$10,000,000 spent on just one white Arab trash from the street that can blog. 06062017AD.


Don Giovanni Bosco
[…] Iniquity is at an end, sin shall cease, and before two full moons shall have shone in the month of flowers,40 the rainbow of peace41 shall appear on the earth. (  low scholarship. e.g. interpretation; Klauder) Nov. 1965 ( I am born March  1966) and ends with March 1,999 A.D. when  I purchased and was not attending a re entry level junior college. At this time I was painting houses, this year by myself to just survive, at sub salary levels because the entire neighborhoods of Los Angeles always employed illegal alien painters as a badge of badass honors. Very vertical script.  To see entire story go to the link. (Mario Gregorio)  Latin early modern languages and a business man who sold his  black prized Camaro to purchase a large swath of a Nostradamus text collection.  He is of two persons that prior Identified #911 from X.72 at least 1.5 years  prior to the events of 11 th September 2,001.

However liberal arts majors rule the earth and do not listen to academics, except for monetary control purposes.  He names Bush and New York. I have the original downloaded from Feb, 1,999 A.D. Very well and a good educated guess. set up 24 th March 1,999 a.d. although ICANN has it at 900pm LA March 25  th 1,999AD. Location is North Hollywood near the 101 freeway and Riverside Dr.

According to Fr. Frank Klauder, S.D.B., in his article "The 200 Day March: Don Bosco and the Millennium," Soul Magazine, Jan./Feb. 1998, p. 6., the chronology of this prophecy is also symbolic. One day equates to one month. Four-hundred days represents 33 years 4 months, which is the time from November, 1965 (the close of Vatican II) to March 1999. LINK


CIA #2: Gina Cheri Haspel (born October 1, 1956 for torturing poor people and being banned by GOD. Preceded by David Cohen , 1,000 sc 8:52 p,m. Trump only appointed her because of her seniority and a female. She spent most of her life torturing poor people at #niggersites or Black Sights" because Blacks gaurd and cherish torture at the hands of Jewish female commanders; Kinda kinky.


US Senator out of Control

#US #Senator out of Control with #Religious intolerance and #hate

Sen. Bernie #Sanders violating Article VI of the U.S. Constitution with Judean Only Religious scripts for the test for all USA politicians’. He voted in 1999 AD budget, which included a deep financial abuse clause = the Banking scandal and Hillary Called him out and he made a dumb excuse. #HillaryClinton never voted for those junk bond, triple derivative s and et al. banking schemes that led to our 2008 financial meltdown,. That was not Hillary Clinton’s vote; &  that was Bernie Sanders and he owns that crash. Hillary Clinton won that exchange during the Democratic Party election cycle debates.

He bought his third home during the campaign ; and late in the season. I call him BenidicSanders or BenedictBernie; and he does not promote real Islam but only Judean scripts and that does not represent a multicultural social inclusion. For the record Bernie stole most of his populace ideas first from #donaldtrump or us #trumpsupporters and co-opted it as his own and claimed origin. That will not go unpunished. 10:10 pst pm #06112017ad #arcmichael #bookoflife


He[masked ] has super sigs for Aug 13 2017ad. Gedi secondi on as on biblical pro Secunda Giedi, topgamma secret  Marduk 8 domain, pagini ; cpded a ; ; l ghoul ic to geidi ( was 4’ n past__ horns_)/ w. tran biblica nodal true. Codex AMUC cccia celestial coding. #DINO #RINO .
Aug 13 2017ad  11:58 pm 06112017ad Trumpet Mil Complex Gamma classified by Michael

Kyte sets match for string fulcrum set. Interwoven personal soul conflict data matches. So I go biblical Pro kyte as our  comp biblical ∠ .05 pro goes kyte with  major signatures. Dixxple[masker]r. Wow. dhbeiooast bann ed already by me Moses, so it aligns to #fakezionists

connical light script strings for APN predicted or prognosticaotry event. #code #northkorea


#FAKENEWS ashkaNAZI stylyn[]’

update 12:49 06122017ad: #CNNfakenews = #CNN said Bush never had a face to face private meeting with James Comey . They lied of course. #wolfblitznuts

Lolzy George Bush has private one on one meetings with James Comey . 12:44 am 06122017ad Foxnews media Spotlight cable LA.

source: = #black reporter so r u going to try or kill her like you are trying to do to me, chumpystate?


we support +Asma al-Ghul


Robert Swan Mueller III b. August 7, 1944, New York City, New York, U.S. sD works for Beast and AntiChrist Obama and now a legal prosecutor of Donald Trump while sitting on his cabinet.

This person is a part of the #beast teams trying to capture and rendition me. why? IAM a white arab and poor and thus fit the #terrorist narrative of the LANDBEAST . her spook code name is linked to ashkaNAZI dna, in her and her code name is #NAZI influenced. She must love being a Nazi leader of American #deepstate

#islam she is no longer protected forever .

These people have not observed laws their entire life but force us poor to be their sacrifice. So we flip it and make them the sacrifice forever. #arcmichael

#seconddeath member ; during the chases archived Day 12 - 13 their semite latin and black at Universal City, I stopped as her #Beast of the LAND = #CIA told me they were going to take a baseball bat to me. Yeah, that is your superior #US intelligence community. No wonder Brad Pitt stays drunk as #angelajolie so correctly states. You Hollywood people are fakes and wimpos. Just a filthy murderous Bigot machine against white arabs like I ( #DNA). Medico records during last weeks of campaign, perhaps #michelleObama leaked shows #hillaryclinton as a drunk and memory loss = that is a deep state affliction. #Drunkards #Robert Swan Mueller III b. August 7, 1944, works for Beast and AntiChrist Obama and now a legal prosecutor of Donald Trump while sitting on his cabinet. sD also will face the #SecondDeath .

Charges: #Bigotry, #Racism, #Xenophobe, and she is 100% #antiIslam or she would not be attacking me. Period. All the people at my mental health facilities ( they call me but it is suppression) fire my case workers and are thus compromised. #donaldtrump we stood up for you, soon we will ask you to stand up for US. the world's people. This is an abuse machine : UN to #, April 2016 A.D. You and your people cause 65,000,000 lives destroyed on planet earth since Killing of #johnfkennedy

#NAZI = ashkaNAZI Judean dna and she has it and why she attacks people of GOD. #bookofjudges #Hebrew bible bans these #eviljin . so does #islam and so does #Christians . thus CIA FBI NSA and just the deep state members are #antiIslam at 100% and are just liars.

#bookoflife #06122017ad #LORD #allah #peacetoislam . Jon Yoo wrote the waterboarding and or torture for people of GOD scripts and Hillary Clinton said it does not work, yet #hildabeast employees these tactics against #Americans. Interesting eh?


O'Shea Jackson Sr. (b. June 15, 1969, Los Angeles, California,  known professionally as Ice Cube, of Niggers w/Attitude, 1,000 sc charges of racism, bigotry, ignoramian, and failure to educate itself.






United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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