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MJMJ   -- Journal 17: Los Angeles L.A.P.D. Criminal Attacks Upon Innocent Citizens

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Jounral Entries  2011

15 Dec. 2011,  Michael Johnathan McDonald, 2: 06 p.m. U.C.L.A., California, U.S.A.


The 14 th of December 2011, About 9:15 p.m., Universal City, metro parking lot, just arriving about five minuets before incident, I had my window down and a Los Angeles Police Department vehicle passed by me and about five minuets later returned. After the incident my left eye remained injured by a laser type or very, very, bright beam of light that this racist, hater, officer continue to maneuver around my hands blocking the light to escape its penetration into my left – eye.


When he approached, he his spot light on me, parking toward my driver side window. I was located at the Metro Parking lot, I use the Metro often, mainly in the day-time, and he took out this little light stick, along with this bright spot-light, and approached shinning it into my eyes. I have light sensitive eyes that can get permanently damaged. When he approached he looked into my back area of my car and questioned me why I had bedding, he knew automatically I was poor, no family representation, and he could perform whatever criminal activity he wanted upon my human rights and get away with it. I asked what was going on, I was doing absolutely nothing illegal, and have no criminal record, he said “You have a warrant for your arrest.”  I could not engage the conversation anymore as he was pointing the light-stick 4’ inches into my left eye, demanding I hand over my registration and license, and why I turned my head to open my glove compartment to retrieve my registration, he was focusing this laser or pin-light into my left eye, and I was scared because I’m not a criminal, and this last fall, Fullerton Police intentionally beat to death a mentally ill homeless man at a park, only coming to light because it was caught on video – despite the officials of L.A.P.D. and the city’s attorneys claiming that he died of natural causes to the Los Angeles and national media that believed these lies because of their distain for the unfortunate.


As I also had to reach for my wallet and pull out my driver’s license this Latin officer was directly shining this laser into my left eye. I bought my car with dark tinted back windows and has he left shining his light-stick into the back through these windows it was so bright it lighted up by entire care like daylight. This was the same stick of light he was purposely damaging my left-eye with.


When he came back, handing me my documentation, he said “You are OK, I was looking for a Mexican.” I do not look Mexican. I said, as he continued to shine again this light stick into my left-eye, “ how is my license plate show I have a warrant?   “He started to walk away, and said, No it was the information of the license plate.” He was lying, many police, me being homeless living in my car, run my license plate, and do not attack me as this racist and criminal police scum did this night. 


First, my last name is Scottish, not Latin; I do not look Latin; I had just arrived to park five minuets before the scum arrived and attacked me with his laser to my eye. I have no criminal record, perhaps this is why he did not plant illegal substances on me, because he was a true racist and criminal. This was a total abuse of my human rights. There are no diagnoses for eyesight light damage; and only doctors who can be paid money can fight for anyone – I’m too poor. I went to many state- public hospitals and was told the same thing about no being able to diagnose light-damage (it is at the molecular scale, cannot be detected by any modern ophthalmologist microscope).


How can I go complain when it came out that like the homeless man who was beaten to death, the video shows officers putting on blood protective gloves, issuing to the victim they were about to be beaten severally, and then other officers holding down the incapacitated homeless man and later in the week he died at the hospitals from his injuries. The police cover up these incidents, and making reports is useless.


The People of all the communities do not care, it is not them who are being assaulted and abused by criminal police, with racist agendas. There was absolutely no reason to shine a eye-damaging light consistently, moving it around to get past my hand-covering of my eyes, at all. This is why the world needs to be destroyed. I you are watching TV or going to a movie and are not solving these issues than you have no right to live, nor your families or nations. This type of police garbage cannot be allowed to exist in a new world – and those who ignore and say I cannot do anything about it. Well, then you need all to be destroyed. Don’t worry, I will take care of this for you. No not all Latins are racists, but the majorities are racist and even to their own poor in many L.A. communities.


When statics come out about police profiling in Los Angeles against Latinos, it is usually Latin L.A.P.D. officers who are the culprits. If these people cannot learn to respect all human rights than they need to be wiped off the map – there is no room for garbage like you.


This was by no means in my chronic homelessness, living in my car, have I been abused by the L.A.P.D. many times, beaten too.


The homeless are not the criminals these rich community people complain about. For example, later that night when I parked my car ( different city) to go to sleep and very rich black SUV, modern, costing $45,000 or more parked behind me, I could not go to sleep until it left. I was stealth, but decided to move around, this care then left to the other side of the street. I had no idea about this car but I could see that the back opened and movement and then someone’s’ silhouettes of material things from the house it was parked close too, it could have been another vehicle or something in their front yard. After movement and a few minuets, the car closed its back hatches and sped away – and five minuets later police cars shows up in front of that house, spend about five minuets and took off in the direction where that care had sped away. This was not a homeless person but some rich people that cased the police to show up at this house, early in the morning, post-2:00 a.m. The homeless are poor because they are not criminals. I first understood how the rich despise the homeless attending U. C. Berkeley. These professors and graduates and undergrads complain about Berkeley’s homeless and laugh to each other as they spit upon them. This is why the world needs to be destroyed; it is a mistake and full of biological damaged entities of evil and filth. My eye sustained some permanent light damage and no one cares because of my status. Since you do not care, I do not care about you.



Archangel Michael

15 Dec. 2011. 2:06 p.m. 



( N.Chiron sq Solar, Solar  tran, in Chiron) event.


Why Creationism Cannot Be Taught At Schools. The Hebrew Bible, making up also the Christian Bible’s first part, tells about space aliens coming down to Earth and mating with Human Women and then some getting attached to these new biological families, thus creating arguments between these alien factions. It is a good thing that Amy Maiser is a deputy of WISE, a fairly new inferred satellite that can see clocked objects in the solar system sky, while masking to peer for earth ending Asteroids and the scare of 2012.

China threatened America recently that if it helps Israel attack the Iranian Nuclear Bomb Facility it will launch an all out nuclear strike on America. Their war ships are currently on the move. I have no confidence in U.S. illegal alien president Obama because he continues day and night to make the rich, richer and that is his only purpose. His election message of Hope and Change remains qualified for the elite and rich. He hoped and change their bank accounts form a mere 2-5 million to 30-40 million dollars and still needs to make the rich richer and the poor poorer and then implement the control mechanism for global enslavement. Again, if you complain the Military Complex will identify you are some problem racists who must be destroyed. –( 17 December 2011).


Doctrine of Terrorism 1.5.2012, Journal 17


Afghanistan and Pakistan continue to oppose the Obama murder machines because Obama stop funding for the U.S. Military and relies on un-manned drones to kill innocent women and children for his sexual excitement. There are no reasons for the U.S. Military to be occupying any country when there remains no threat but made up lies for power and control by the elite corporations who lobby Obama and other administrations for avarice. It is not a mystery to why the Obama party can murder numerous innocent people and while destroying others families and lives, as long as it is not permissible for the opposition party to do the same. Obama has meddled in more countries than any other president, except Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


The problem is that the Democratic Party does take issues with funding programs for the poor while the Republican Party ends funding for poor people when they get into power (except for Bill Clinton who was a Democrat who ended funding for the poor). The Republicans claim the poor are lazy, when in fact the rich and global corporations keep the masses in perpetual poverty. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, escapes criminality by fleecing the U.S. Treasury, as long as a contribution to the poor is at an increase over the former Republican administration. This was how John Murtha (MASS), former Capital Hill representative stole billions of U.S.A. tax dollars to fund his global play-homes and all his friends and all the Democrats on Capital Hill and many Republicans knew it and never stop the thievery. The truth only came out after he died. There are mothers killing their children because the government facilities deny them food stamps, while illegal aliens get one year in hospitals and 16 operations costing tens of millions of dollars to these mothers who have to pay taxes and kill themselves and their babies because the U.S. government ignores then, but these illegal aliens coveted for their influential vote because of their rising populations and political influence. Neither Democrats nor Republicans care about changing the system – the system is correctly broken, broken to make them and their families filthy rich.


Nancy Pelosi (Rep. California, Democrat) who became the first female speaker of the house was poor when she came to Washington. She has little intelligence but knows how to pick up the phone and make insider trading, something that Washington D.C. has made legally permissible for all Capital Hill Employees, while all Americans are subject to life-imprisonment for committing such acts. Nancy Pelosi who salary is about a college professors actually made $34,000,000 (millions) in 2009-10 tax returns playing the Wall Street Market, protesting that she had done so by insider trading. She owns part of a sports team, a hotel, and her bank accounts can feed and house 100,000 humans who are poor, and she would still have enough in her bank accounts to live her life and her family too a very luxurious style.  While debt increased in the trillions of dollars under her watch as Speaker of the House, she became filthy rich, about 20+ million dollars and this does not account for paper bag- lobby incentives that Murtha was so accustomed too. In the 1990s, as I have written on Nostradamus X. LXXII, Chinese military and political money infiltrated all parties on Capital Hill, and Bill Clinton, alone, benefited to $44,000,000 where only $1.3 million was actually returned ( court testimony by James Raidy, and bank accounts by Senate Investigations).


Obama’s killing of innocent children and women by drone strikes, he orders them you know, creates money avenues to pay off the good-ol’-boys club. The media which are in bed with Obama and the Democratic Party (and when in their own interests, the Republican Party as well) will twist the story so you will believe these people are the anointed good Samaritans who guard you night and day, when all they do is make pressure that will result in a third world war while laughing all the way to the bank.


The Democratic Philosophy (1933 – present): Kill leaders of oil countries and force them into extra territorial contracts for cheap energy, while refusing to extract oil and energy from its national boundaries. Obama is a continuum and fulfils this role today. When former President George W. Bush, Jr. (43 rd) invaded Iraq, he denied Halliburton from taking control of Iraqi Oil facilities and extraction locations; This prompted stake-holders such as Michael Moor and Barbara Streisand to dump their Halliburton stocks while blaming all conservatives as warmongering Oil-Thieves. However, Obama has killed leaders and invaded more countries for Oil than any president but F.D.R. The trick to truth is that Obama on the campaign circuit for his presidential nomination in 2008 claimed Bush’s Doctrine was the first instance where the U.S.A. invaded other countries to control their oil. In other words, what comes out of the false one is the opposite of reality. There is no such thing as the Bush doctrine. The doctrine of spread American democracy, as a cover for exploitation and oil-imperialism was commenced under F.D.R.’s administration and followed by both parties till the present.


Extracting pure energy from water molecules on a bed of a black-surface and a million plus stacked- chain of water molecules has been around for millennia. However, taking modern military and killing innocent persons makes the genitals aroused, so the masses of people I guess accept this as the way of the animal-carnal world. There is no such thing as a War on Terrorism, a result of 11 September 2001.  Since F.D.R.’s doctrine of spread the U.S. military all around the world for a global control, the fictitious War on Terrorism masks the Terrorists of the Doctrine.


Triangle 1998 Edgar Casey


The Floor-cord of the ascending Anno Pyramid of 70° 00’00”˛ + 26° 18’ 9.63” ˛ = 74.7785446˛; so, 2 December 1924, Anno Pyramid (D.D. & H.A.) + 74.778(5) = 1998.778 A.C.E. There was no time-change, only an arc change in direction. Thus the ascending arc of the Anno Pyramid meets the floor line and turns horizontal. Using D.D. & H.A.’s datum commencement of the autumnal equinox this places July 1999 as the modern converted calendar signature.


Edgar Casey on pyramid 1998: all refs. Casey ever gave for the year of 1998:

  • Reading: 294-151, 29 July 1932. Liberator of the World is associated to the year of 1998.

  • Reading: 387-14, given 26 September 1933, the years 58’ and 98’ (parenthetical reference to the 20th century datum) earth changes occur. Vague magnetic shift reference.

  • Reading: 3796-15 19 January 1934, the year 1998 is referred too again. the indication was if Jesus does something here it would be later known. Not many persons knew of Jesus of Nazareth when he was alive. It took centuries before Christianity became a wide and promulgated religious system. Asked if it was from Casey or the time-line in the pyramid, Casey affirmed it was the pyramid time-line and not from him.

  • Reading: 1602-3, given 22 September 1939; 1998 is referred too again, as Earth Changes.

  • Reading: 2285-1, given 24 June 1940, Casey poses the question if he or anyone of his family will reincarnate in 1998, the answer is a no.

Toxic Chemicles Sprayed Over Los Angeles Today ( 2/4/12).

Well today at Los Angeles, the U.S.A. government is spraying their sky chemicals again. Apparently a checkers design started in late morning, and about mid-afternoon, the skies which were clear today, no clouds in the forecast suddenly are now all clouded with chemicals. So many will be getting sick. The U.S.A. government admitted by forced FOIA that it sprayed toxic chemicals from planes from 1950-1965 over 206 U.S.A. cities and you or anyone cannot do a damn thing about it because the Military has no jurisdiction in this failed Democratic System of America. It is forecasted to rain later this week, so currently in the last few years this is when Ariel spraying takes place. It takes place in California more than other parts of the world because this long state has many air force bases and the wind currents go usually west to east. So those massive floods in the U.S.A. last year were preceded by spraying over California. In a democracy we are supposed to have a voice and a vote. But congress repeatedly denies any democratic process on this issue and will not let it be tabled on Capital Hill.

Update (28 Feb. 2012) Many people at Los Angeles County got sick days and the following weeks after the spraying, with some additional spraying last week.  So the undemocratic government achieved more proof they can kill for fun and not care about anyone else.

Politics of Greed and Anti-Democracy (4 Feb. 2012)

Democratic Legislators have controlled California for over 40 years, it is a very left-wing state.   They recently without a democratic vote gave free education to illegals with full paid education (The California Dream Act) but bars California and out of state students to pay full tuition. This is because they curry the Hispanic vote and in southern California, the Spanish are the dominant majority.

California is heavy in debt and news reports every day claim it will run out of money in a month. So the solution was to fire 4,700 Californian teachers and takes these savings and hire ‘7’ very expensive salaried bureaucracy positions for the leftist friends. The concept is making many poor and the few rich in the state. This model seems to be taken as Obama’s goal, as his wall street buddies are making billions in profits as he spends U.S.A. tax payers money to make them filthy rich. No unionist or ‘tethered’ interested group makes any complaints. Once the central government controls the purse-strings, you are either in or out based upon your party and voting affiliation. Since Obama will win reelection, regardless of who will run against him, we have to wait until 2016 to hopefully get an intelligent person into Washington D.C. and get rid of these ignorant –avarice pretenders to Democracy.







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