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Obama signs NAZI law into power Christmas Eve

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R09 Russia DateLine


#KKK killed same amount of people 150 years as a decade of #niggers murdering at South #Chicago. feel better ape people ? #whitehouse #presser  222pst Los Angeles. Sherman Oaks.

~34n, 118 w, 5:02 pst. Jan 13 th, Friday: #israel u been caught funding, running and yes, just helping, not creating, #islamicstate #babyrape #caliphate you are going to be punished big time.  #bookoflife #arcmichael #01132017ad  


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ Google hack post 🚫 🔯 🔚

01 Friday 13th 2017ad flight 666

there are no few thoughts! & #armageddon is a color #dna war; globally & by unconscious to the walking dead:  about 99% on earth.

Niggers helped jews kick out white by long policy decision making in the 1950s, and it has worked, this is brown nigger phallace worship ' endless immigrant lands.
  #russia = #white #dna & USA = #semitic #OperationPaperclip was larger than announced, it was jew supremacy. = same dna as brown, all culture too.

#coldwar = #white #dna so #semitic #usarabia attacks to kill @whites

#russia has heavy northern @whitewhitedna populations. they have intelligence because of the white gene. That is a national security threat to the #semitic #shadowgovernment  

United Semitic Agency = USA, filthy jewcrap fucked our world to no end in sight. #history

#bigot #germanjew = #nazi = #fakenews   / Friday 13th a post

14 year-old niggah posed as a KKK adult and threatened her school classmates that are black, to try to start a race war. Perhaps her parents are bigot antiwhite pieces of filth.

Niggers violently attacking crackers again Black gay babyraper child and posed as a white cracker KKK and started to threaten black kids. 14-year-old African American female fakes being white white and then does major Federal Crimes.

Obama’s Phony War on ISIS ⇔ Obamalegacy

#Obama has #Chelsea #Manning ( ref. 17,000 classifieds) on a short list to #clemency. I hope so. #bookoflife #arcmichael second amendment was started for one reason only: to protect #whistleblowers. But the new migrants' IQ entails they believe  the 2nd amendment guarantees they can rape your child and u can do nothing, at all.  #01122017ad no really. that is true. five heavily redacted FBI documents released by wikileaks shows that FBI released dncleaks because most in the bureau believe Hillary Clinton belongs in jail. 01 11 2017ad



Gravy Trian to come to an end theme re emerges, again

The political hackery (a garbage heap that includes democrats and republicans and innumerable bureaucrats) have underestimated the next president. He may be loud and unrefined but he isn't stupid. He set a trap and the vaunted intelligence agencies and biased media walked into it. This all stems from the fact that they are terrified that the gravy train may be coming to a stop, and politicians and bureaucrats may actually be asked to produce positive results instead of getting paid for breathing. I am happier every day that Hillary lost. link


CIA pbs or Public Bull Satan released libels on #donaldtrump.And CIA and Media bought the fakereport as truth. CIA runs shadow gov murder inc with NSA Nigger Satan Assholes

the U.S. standing alone, or occasionally with Israel, Saudia Arabia or Great Britain. Andy Piascik

Trump firsts press conferencec Media is #fakenews

Trump said. –––“Your organization is terrible!” to #CNN Jim Acosta; […] “I’m not going to give you a question,” Trump responded. “I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news!”

Media wrong and continues to get things wrong,.  CIA hacked< denial of service bot attack > drudgereport like they hacked the Ukrainian power system two days ago and blamed white Russians.

USA is a bigot: Jews = #USA and Russians = #whites and Jews controlled white at EU, as Hitler complained. So Coldwar at USA was bigot war by Jews that fled England in 1917 to USA and to start jew lies. Like african slavery started 1690 at Massachusetts = #jewlie and false narratives for social construction of semitic empire of filth, global bankster illuntardis


Whites do #Democracy #nazijews do Socialism/Military hegemony system ( Current #usa system) and #Muslims " Latin Arabs"  do only dictatorships and blacks only do welfare conquests.  This applies to Asian scripts  too. the color codes are set across cultures.  #bookoflife #arcmichael #10112017ad #worldhistory #history

Fascism becomes a word during World War I. It means to 'tether' [[ together]]. things.

looking at mass-mobilizing developmental dictatorships that encompassed the revolutionary movements of the twentieth century  ."

In USA we call #Fascism Democracy because  #jews that rule, can be white, brown or very dark skin, are insane and stupid bullies.  In other words they lie. The bank bailouts ( 2006 - 2012) were #fascism at its finest.

How to spot fascism ?
empirical science says fascism can be seen in culture when the rich get richer and the poor class become 'massive'.


#obamalegacy speech: " we cannot allow this to happen , again." What. Does #antichrist mean? #trump first white Nordic since Carter. #reagan said " no more white. " #bush sissy & #beast comply. #obozo said, yesterday, #brown soon to take world. Haha, he laughed.


Massacre at Pakistan is Obama's doing

Official KKK eclipsed by one NIGGER decade at South Chicago

01 09 2017 A,D 6:23 uploaded 6:27 PST pm.

listen up white people. AntiChrist Obama borrowed our work today. And still this means he is correct for once in his life. Browns will take over shortly; there is nothing you can do. Get out whitey.

Obama and  Both Hillary and Bill Clinton call white people stupid for 25 years, obama for 10 years.


Comet Pizza and Cosplay Kinsters and DNCleak3 √ History

Washington DC elite used it as a cover for political campagin fronts but was just another slush fund for gambling and sex trips to Las Vegas. There are $ 1,000,000 of dollars used as a cover for political events.

#cometpingpong #pizza   owner and creator. #Mistake , turn #Prepubescent Pizza eateries  to a #elite #ny kinster politicians and cos players playground with live entertainment =  to commingle children with adult #kinksters   =  that was the connective mistake. #podestaemials this was his favorite eatery, the ambiance and sights for #crookedhillary campaign manager.

so no one came for his pizza, initial findings. according to Guy  #fieri he uses fresh ingredients rather than Canned for his toppings and sauces. but that did not  bring  the crowds. So what he did was open a back room up for adult and #Political #fundraisers #treygoudy #UCcongress found out US tax payers pay $10,000 so the elite on #washingtondc can peer at the little children while they were with adult #bondage enthusiasts.  goudy uncovered $ 1,000,000 plus  of dollars used as a cover for political events.

This then was then mis reported by the #fakenews = ABC #CBS most of #fox ( = altleft kooks) #nbc and affiliates. and some dude with semitic dna, but white skin shot  a bullet but hurt no one ; then the  owner threatened a #texas researcher and now is under an investigation by #fbi DIRECTOR #jamescomey who is a #swampperson   #obama committing his 100000th #treason ordered #Lynch to order agencies to destroy the evidence. That is criminal and death penalty  stuff for #potus44   . for, the lapgurl, Just call s/he #jamesthespinless  

#crookedhillary repeatedly says, and while on the primary campaign trial, her life's work is with children services . I am DPSS, a part of that system, and in a national general sense, yes #Children services has been led by pro child sexers. I know for a fact, personal , empirical science. too. So that is her connection and before being thrown out of the #watergate committee, #hillaryclinton defended a guilty child rapist and she later a few years afterwards had an  interview where she laughs about getting off-the-hook,  a child  rapist. That was also a part of this connection.

#beast = #sexaddict   #williamjclinton )   ; his wife likes children, campaign manager likes children eateries and  throws fundraisers with US tax payers footing the bill and then their buddies are linked to #orgyisland so what is not to connect here? Even the #lolita   plane logs have elite to the #rapeisland . #comey must have awesome child sacrifice Polaroids. , eh creepo?

First month in office, Obama creates #sexczar and issues #fisting kits for adults to use on children. So we need to destroy #AMeRICA = devil's playground of filth, horror and shame.

$100,000,000s for vacation trips. Las #Vegas trips on your tax dollar dime.

#Washington DC elite used it as a cover for political campaign fronts but was just another slush fund for gambling and sex trips to Las Vegas. There are $ 1,000,000 plus  of dollars used as a cover for political events.

More serious Pizza problems. what about #pizzaarmy ?

#isis = #usa #israel soldiers feed and help #islamicstate because #Childrape is the #semitic way
. #pizzaarmy = #dncleak3  

#IS has child rape book and I have on website , OK to rape and kill children, that is funded by #US Congress under #syrianrebels and elite kinksters that support this #inhumancrap of treating orphans like #cockroaches or #rape vehicles.  #hillaryclinton consistent reference to #childservices which I am connected too is the most #childabusive agency on planet earth. It is there fore the sale to the kink squads of #semitics   little innocent children, and all over the world for their personal kink pleasure.
 We already knew #beast swang for 18 year olds or younger, #impeachment #1998ad #bookoflife #arcmichael #10102017ad

#bookoflife #arcmichael #10102017ad



history  Красивый кот


Brian Fallon, a Hillary Clinton antinordic #Semite filth uttered from its rectos: Donald Trump is insecure «and we will destroy and make more Jew wars and more Lolita plane trips to Virgin Suicide Rape Island « —on a cable television show 01 13 2017ad


ObamaCare Insurane Fraud was just a tax break for 30,000,000 of our most wealthy individuals or families. It works like immigrant wokers and wage earners pay into national coffers when they are healthy for the very – very rich or wealthy group of Americans massive tax break, making them futher rich and you less rich & — Previously the rich white funded free healthcare for the poor ‡ U.S. citizens— but now turn to making a huge tax profit under Obamacare. Why ? The Rich New Money is brown semitic, yellow and dark brown shades and all are DNA predisposed to #antiwhite —exceptions exist of course —


People at the top paying $12,000 a year for their family's basic coverage now under Obamacare pay just $1,200 and that tips the balance-structures of all economic 'fairness' sense. ! But that is white #DNA Philosophy. We live in a #semitic #globalist empire of Filth.


The Semitic white or as Islamic scholarship properly identifies as a White Arab starts to blur reality and tend toward fantasy and as these shades get more progressed toward the darker spectrum, the more outlandish those fantasies emerge within the human being. 12:11 am. PST 01142017ad


Special Relativitty Functions in clude conic geometry and space-time fluctuation ⊆ due to mutli stringed small force tuggs or pulls or swings, etc. see strings maths⊇.

Celestial coding

This creates space–time and conflict or friction. The concept of #life. The Cross representing all peoples is a cross section and call it just Energy.  One equation is vertical and the other is horizontal. & Place at 90 degree angels ↗ this makes an intersection where the forces meet and combine as one Ω. Here, we call this 'point / packet / our #calendar or how we understand time.

POLL ∑65% want part or all of Obamacare replaced, Poll NBC⁄ affiliate National Jan 13 th 2017 A.D.


DNC Hacks google plus post Page

Comet Ping Pong head James Alefantis is now under an investigation by #FBI James Comey who is a #swampperson. The Pizza and Kink Party player threatened a Texas researcher asking questions. That means to cover it up. James Alefantis has two restaurants and Pizza was failing so he opened up the back room and started high end entertainment .That brought Podestas and other cretins to his establishment. That is the only connection, so far. .

Arc Michael originally shared to Race:
#KKK killed same amount of people 150 years as a decade of #niggers murdering at South #Chicago. feel better ape people ? #whitehouse #presser  



The Lie

On March 12th, 2013, during a United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing, Senator Ron Wyden asked Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper the following question:

"Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?"

Director Clapper responded "No, sir."

Incredulously, Senator Wyden asked "It does not?"

Director Clapper responded "Not wittingly. There are cases where they could inadvertantly perhaps collect, but not wittingly."

On June 6th, 2013, whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed to the world that the NSA was engaged in a secret program to collect tens of millions of Americans' phone call records. Further revelations would unveil NSA programs collecting Americans' web browsing histories, chat logs, email usage and even their physical locations.

The NSA had been collecting data on hundreds of millions of innocent Americans, and continues to do so.

Finally forced to acknowledge his remarks as "erroneous", Director Clapper claimed that he "misunderstood" the question (which he had been sent a day in advance) and that he had simply "forgotten" the relevant section of the Patriot Act covering these programs.



#londonstan #sexgoldenshower #MI6 #history

The operative--identified today by the Wall Street Journal as Christopher Steele, a former Russian operations officer for Britain's MI6 intelligence agency--had worked as a consultant for the FBI's Eurasian organized crime section [… ]

Steele had been hired originally to investigate Trump by his political opponents [ John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, Geb Bush , Barack Obama, George H.W. Bush etc…], and he decided to share his information with the FBI last year. The preexisting relationship between Steele and U.S. officials is one reason the FBI took the operative's allegations seriously when he first turned over a written dossier, filled with uncorroborated "raw intelligence" about Trump, to one of the bureau's agents in Rome last summer, the sources said. yahoo original Wall Street Journal

LIBEL: Trump disliked Obama so much that he hired two Russian hookers to piss on a bed that Obama slept on in Russia.
And the liberal media ran with this!
The original story was created by 4Chan user. source #FBI

#buzzfeed is releasing #dncleaks and that is #crookedhillary so is #donaldtrump a #hillaryclinton ass licker? She will kill him if he does not pur her away first.


Buzzfeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith was given fake doc by (AZ (R) John McCain, breaking. DonaldTrump may have duped the intelligence agencies leaking. by #whitewhite people against the Semitic supremecy agencies. UK major news

John Podesta financial group, tied to DINO RINO paid for this assault many months ago. Nancy Pelosi showed the fake document to the electors before casting their votes for the 2016 Election candidates.

John McCain passed it to buzzfeed who got duped or work for #semiticmafioso

Read more:

what happened was owner was failing at Pizza; so he opened up the back room to bands, live and good ones too .It brought the New york elite kink squads and #tonypodesta and the ills like that, yep.
 they started parties, $10,000 US Congress Trey  Goudy, US Cong. committee and it is real . US pays the owner for political parties and fundraisers with the altleft Bondage kink crowds.

u get prepubescent kids ( 4 pizza dining)  and #semitic #kinsters   ( for politics and influence ) together you are going to get some problems.



⁄ Pizza 

Codepink = #code = #whitegenocide

KKK founding members quit, it was a joke. 5,000+ Black murderer in south were not KKK Š but normative amounts for 150 years in any society Ù. There have been 4,750 plus blacks murdered in the South. What does this tell us about the African Ape?. Science: This statistic is for only niggers murdering humans in one district in one city, South Chicago. KKK is nothing compared to the Nigger Supremacist Assassination organization. They killed 690 people just for the year of 2016 A.D. Niggers apes like raping, abducting and torturing, robbing, abusing, libeling, slandering and killing all Crackers for nothing but nigger pleasure .

the community of #babyrape tried to influence me to join, I was 14 years  old at #hollywoodblvd #semitics and #meryl #streep and her crew of we are all better than you , know or actually  run #child #prostitution rings and cops say they are all untouchables.  these people are professional liars.  when they tell you they care about you , they are acting, peoples. #bookoflife #arcmichael   #pizzagate so stop just looking at New York eateries the vermin scum done this for more than half of a century. Before tv the jews used to force white gurls on  #thecouch and people know that was #semitic abuse against whitey actress by bully semitic faggots that rape the homeless or wayword children at #hollywood #hollywoodpizza  

please help drain the #hollywoodswamppeople #draintheswamp  


Code #spook #codepink = #swampeople  

90% of our 17 #intel agencies are #Semitic and #antiwhite DNA. 99.5% of all #ISIS members are Semitic and antiwhite #DNA. see any connection?


90% of our 17 #intel agencies are #Semitic and #antiwhite DNA. 99.5% of all #ISIS members are Semitic and antiwhite #DNA. see any connection?

#bookoflife #arcmichael #01072017ad  







Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.


Latin Semitic Immigration Scheme

US Democrats run proxy wars in Mesoamerica and these bring masses of immigrants north to America. and they complain, have a rite, that we screwed up their country, so they are moving in to ours. But the truth is they vote in the leaders that make proxy wars at the south America, so ' they can have that special excuse.' it is a rigged system of #semitic trickery and hate.


 Anti Russian Poster
only to #white traitors and #semitics  do I upset, so I careless, You spewed #hate without and so I attack. that is my nature. :)  I just explained the  antiwhite programs by AMeRICA and these were a part of those lying false accusations. Germans went into russia 17-19th century and took control by force, faggot. That is Eu, you stupid cunt. Ur post is bigoted and bias for eu and you do not know #history.
u want real Russian history? Go to my directory, there are over 9 pages by the top and US professors/ u spew garbage.  


Ronald Reagan and Russia

Inherited Evil Empire

1985 Detente shift in policy

Ronald Reagan in inherited  Russia is an Evil Empire «Bush Mil complex ranter»  but in 1985 he switched to détente «Cooperation» between Mickial gorbachav and U.S.A.  The  Establishment Democrats and republicans bashed him as a traitor.

PAUL RYAN: ILLEGALS CAN STAY... and get $10,000 cash.  #arcmichael #bookoflife #01142017ad Paul ryan warned the GOP, do not push me to the speaker position. why? #paulryan knows he has ashkaNAZI jew crap #dna and these hate #whitewhite #dna   #Fakegop #paulryan works exclusively for jIhadisupremecy , #word   #politics #hate bigotry #shame #antidemocracy the will of the people do not want endless massive Illegal immigration but #DINO #RINO ( not #trumpsupporters ) want it so they can get more tax money and bend their minds to vote the careerist back into power. #paul Ryan is like an Alist Hollywood actor, a very very good liar. He never cared about anyone but his own interests for #usa  



#nazi +NASA's Marshall Center How racism shaped space .  by #ArchangelMichael found in the #book #spacehistory   Semitic #CIA had to steal the  white white dna Russian #lunar modal because semitic NAZIjews at NASA could not figure out how to build one. Jews be dumb by dna malfunctions. they fantasize too much; a bad policy of the human being. we need more realityites. so we need a massive #dna changed to  #semitics   or #dna mixers
  #operationpaperclip was a much larger social #semiticsupremecy program by #sissygurls at the #FBI and #blueturbanites at the #central #islamic Agency, you call it the #cia  


ISRAEL CAUGHT FIGHTING WITH ISIS against Assad, Syria. Revelations.

yesterday #israel caught on film Fighting with #ISIS against #Assad.
 Israel started and controls    #Hollywood  ; so by #RICO laws, these honchos caught funding  and supporting #Islamic State breaking. I mean all movies they make glorify #islamicstate and child molesters.  they call themselves the #coolkids which is code, we can kill, rape, rob, and murder millions by propaganda and U still must go to Oscar and worship and bow down to us.  #arcmichael " Destroy the entire #hollywoodmovies   production for all of its #fakestories which were masks for #antiwhite #semeticsupremecy #bookoflife #armichael #01142017ad  

ARC 093



sauud whore


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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